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Maine Democrats field candidates for all legislative races

Tweety - has your memory failed you

Malcolm Nance details how Trump is mimicking Putin's rise to power

Very proud Grandma moment here! ❤️

Updated: It is reported that at Jason Kessler's perjury trial he was abruptly discharged.

Facebook Forces NYT to Quietly Delete Unflattering Reference to Sheryl Sandberg

Scott Dworkin: Steve Bannon didn't get paid by Trump, but his company did.

Lobbyist says he was nearly killed by man he hired to investigate Seth Rich's death

He is a toxic person and is poisoning everyone who comes into contact.

Stephanie Ruhle...s

Do you think he believes ???

Creepy just got creepier....

Devin Nunes trolled by protesters yesterday & today in California

This will be an interesting story in @thetimes tomorrow.

Chris Hayes gets so excited, he blocks what the guests are saying.


A Day for Iraq War Hawks to Say They're Sorry

Without Cambridge Analytica, tRUmp was unelectable.

Malcolm Nance....

"The last guy who pointed at me I tagged him for 454 Million dollars."

Lawrence Tribe...

the "Fake News!" charges by Trump were the tell: they themselves were pumping out Fake News

DeVos keeps her title!!!!!

The billionaires win again....

03/20 Mike Luckovich: Facecrook.

New Investigations Into Facebook Add New Pressures


Illinois Primary Open Thread

New explosion in Texas. Up next on AC 360, CNN, 8:38 PM Reports of new

Treason is on the table...

Breaking: Another explosion in Austin Texas

GOP Candidates Can't Rely on Trump's Base

Eugene Robinson...

Anderson Cooper....LOL

Austin bombings: Police respond to report of new explosion

Remember the anthrax attacks in 2001?

Ex-worker explains how FB handles user data, calling its practices 'utterly shocking and horrifying'

Trump keeps up 'low IQ' attack on Maxine Waters

You have to give Trump credit for one thing.

I double dare you!

Does Trump have a secret private line to Vladimir Putin?

Bannon oversaw Cambridge Analytica's collection of Facebook data, according to former employee

I can't believe I actually agree with a member of the Reagan Administration:

I was just listening to the progressive channel on sattelite radio...

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Doomsday!

A student called his congressman to ask for gun control and was suspended for cursing

A Seder Feast in Provence, With Roots in Ancient Rome

A Seder Feast in Provence, With Roots in Ancient Rome

Democrats Tell DeVos Her Head Is in the Sand on Racial Bias

Walter Shaub says he can get behind Lindsey Graham's "congratulations" to Putin

What is a Incendiary Device????

Cambridge Analytica: Next, Their Links to RussianPropaganda

JB Pritzker wins Democratic primary for IL Governor

BREAKING: @ChuyForCongress is the projected winner of the #ILprimary to replace @RepGutierrez

If you missed the clash on AC360 between Stormy Daniels' lawyer and Michael Cohen's lawyer...

Cambridge Analytica targeted Sanders Supporters to dissuade them from voting for Clinton

The media is telling us how Cambridge A

I haven't reached optimistic yet,

Is Donald getting close to Ted Nugent territory?

Donald tRump is a Domestic Enemy of the USA

Fuck me: Breaking News: Reports of a car fire near the goodwill store

They literally tested Nazism on their focus groups and decided it was a winning message.

Faux News guy quits - calls it a propaganda machine

Hannity blaming mueller for boston bombings

Posted without comment.

Just wanted to say hi

UK Channel 4: "Have you met Mr. Trump?" Alexander Nix, Cambridge Analytica: "Many times."

I've found my Evil Lair Chair.

Tons of food went to waste in Puerto Rico as stores' pleas to FEMA went unanswered

Goodwill is the same bomber

Trump's briefing materials said DO NOT CONGRATULATE, in all caps. He did it anyway

Remember the affluenza arse??? Hes getting out on April 2nd.

Texas billboard.

2-year-old girl dies after parents treat her pneumonia with prayers and anointing oil instead of med

Guardian reveiw of "Russian Roulette": As Joe Biden said, "If this is true, it's treason"

Rachel just announced she'll be interviewing Comey live on Aprisl 19

Sam Cooke reincarnated....

OH MY...

Michael Avenatti coming up on MSNBC.

From time to time, we hear supposedly knowledgable people warning us not to underestimate

Speaking of Sam Cooke.....

Stranger Things themed birthday party

Channel 4 News asks Hillary: How did Russians know how to target their messages

Dramatic Change in Illinois 3rd District

List of all candidates in each new CD

Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come!

RNC still bankrolling the guy Stormy allegedly called when she wanted alleged sex with Trump

Holocaust denier is officially the GOP nominee in Chicago-area House race

Contortionist at the Apollo.

my sister is winning!

It's Mueller time!

In Brazil, President Temer Wants Distance Education to Make up 40% of High School Curriculums

Porn star who David Dennison invited to have a menage a trois with him and Stormy is on CNN

One major benefit of

Stormy Daniels Gets New Judge After Claiming Old One Was Biased

Trump billboards

I honest to God thought this was Otis Redding half assing through sound check.

Nighttime Tornadic Storms Are Dangerous, Not 'Good Sleeping Weather'

Kudos to John Oliver

Where is Linda Tripp when you need her??

National Park Service warned lease sale Tuesday could harm national monument in Utah

The Austin Goodwill incendiary device was something like a replica vintage ordinance

so Goodwill WAS just a accident

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 22, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Great Movie Endings

BREAKING: Neo-Nazi wins Illinois GOP congressional primary

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 23, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Great Movie Endings

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 24, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Neil Simon

Soil and Satellites Are Telling a New Story About Ancient Civilizations in the Amazon

Soil and Satellites Are Telling a New Story About Ancient Civilizations in the Amazon

$ paid to Cambridge Analytica, 2016 election cycle:

Drillers snap up federal leases near Utah's wilderness monuments

Had a hard day at work. And the bottle let me down!

Whie House staffer left email passwords on official stationary at a bus stop

12 Incredible New Images of Galaxies and Nebulae from the Hubble Telescope

Sure the experts in our Nat Security community wrote 3" X 5" cards saying: "DO NOT CONGRATULATE" but

Celebrating first day of spring in Raleigh with a thunder sleet storm!

Seth Meyers - Putin Wins Russia's Election, Cynthia Nixon 2018 - Monologue - 3/19/18

Considering what Trump said to Putin in today's phone call...

In light of new revelations about CA does the meeting between Farage and Assange have new meaning?


Cigarettes & Coffee

Seth Meyers - The Check In: U.S. Cybersecurity

We've reached the point where it's safe to say that if the Trumps get away with conspiracy/treason

Quick question about credit card reward points

Just some fun Michael Avenatti twitters:

See how hard we hafta work to eat? Man, we gotta work hard!

David Corn's perfect response to a joke question about why his book party wasn't at Trump hotel

Today is World Frog Day.

Rock n roll hall of fame inductee... Sister Rosetta Tharpe

introducing Mr Brinks Big Easy and Mr Wildcat

The Saudis demanded this power business meeting...Mueller,Mueller,Mueller

Soothe Me!

Texas Democrat: Our blue wave in Texas will be like the first Star Wars

Berrios concedes in topsy-turvy assessors race

Green Onions babies!

"Russian Roulette"

Want a home in Venezuela? Then you need the Chavista Loyalty Card!

How To Reverse "Desertification" Listen Up California!

US to send $2.5 million in humanitarian aid to Colombia to aid Venezuelan refugees

It breaks my heart a boy that young going bad. Blues Brothers & Ray Charles

...Aaaahhh....The Progressive Dream Team

J.B. Pritzker runs away with Democratic nomination for governor

The US Is Now An International Embarrassment. Reputation Since End WWII Squandered.

The Daily Show: Trump Takes on the Opioid Crisis; Cars Don't Drive Themselves

Jubilant 'Chuy' Garcia cruises to victory in race to succeed Gutierrez

Probably the sickest guitar tone evah!

President Obama sings the blues!

Hughey is being chased and batted about by Twilight tonight. That is

Investors sue Facebook following data harvesting scandal

"So I think it's about time you shut up and we have Howlin Wolf on stage!"

I thought Dotard couldn't get any lower

NV-SEN: Rosen leads Heller in new poll.

What's with the tie?

Etta... One of the best vocal performances in history.

1st Known Interstellar Visitor Gets Weirder: 'Oumuamua Likely Had 2 Stars

A Hungry Black Hole Devoured a Star, and Its 'Burp' Reveals How It Chowed Down

Ancient Oceans on Mars May Have Been Older and Shallower Than Thought

A simple graphical explanation of the tRump "phenomena"

Spring Will Light Up the Night Sky with Dazzling 1st-Magnitude Stars

I'm binge watching Longmire

Goodnight DU!

When Nigel Farage met Julian Assange

Report shows missing Argentine sub had been sent on a Falklands patrol mission

Oh crap. I stood up....

Report: Farenthold considers resigning before term ends

Cambridge Analytica and the digital war in Africa

Vandalized Arizona Mosque Flooded With Support From Interfaith Allies

51 year old murder on Long Island might be solved...

Bannon oversaw Cambridge Analytica's collection of Facebook data

Greitens attorneys: No evidence photo was transmitted

Irish regulator has questions

Thanking all of you

US professor taking on Cambridge Analytica in the UK courts

Hawley's office: 'Not unusual' that Greitens' lawyer monitored staff's Confide interviews

Face-To-Face With Alexander Nix

Trump warns of dire consequences if Democrats take House

Taking our country back

Sarah Sanders actually said this:

Blunt's among campaigns that employed controversial data firm Cambridge Analytica

"We Aren't Going to Mars"

Did I Hear Right That 'Drain The Swamp', 'Build The Wall' & 'Crooked Hillary' All....

Kansas chemist Syed Jamal freed from jail pending his deportation case

Cutest Kitten Video Compilation of 2017

Federal judge scolds Kobach for violating her trust at contempt hearing

Rep. Lipinski of Illinois narrowly wins Democratic primary

A little late night early morning music...Lake Street Dive...Good Kisser

no one shows up at kid's cool "Stranger Things" themed birthday party

BMW searched over suspicious emissions software

Feds in the DC area closed today

Unarmed black man shot to death in own backyard after police mistake cell phone for weapon

Malaysian flag mistaken for ISIS symbol at Kansas lake leads to discrimination suit

Illinois: Today's Democratic primary turnout TRIPLED over 2014 and 30% than 2010

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/20/18

Study recommending $2 billion for Kansas schools not 'of much value,' lawmaker says

Man shot in vicinity of latest Austin incident

Missouri is a destination wedding spot for 15-year-old brides

Iranian National Arrested For Scheme To Evade U.S. Economic Sanctions (More Than $115 Million)

Austin bombings suspect dead: Report

RNC PR BS doubts claims about Cambridge Analytica's importance to Trump campaign

Cambridge Analytica's Kenya election role 'must be investigated'

Per MSNBC: Suspected Austin serial bomber dead/ blew himself up

Cambridge Analytica Parent Company Banned By Facebook Has Contract With State Department

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower agrees to testify before House Intel Committee

Illinois primary election: anti-abortion Democrat wins close congressional fight

Denounced by His Party as a Nazi, Arthur Jones Wins Illinois G.O.P. Congressional Primary

"Where's Waldo?" (toon)

Billionaire Pritzker, incumbent Rauner to face off in Illinois governor's race

N.I.H. to Investigate Outreach to Alcohol Companies

Approval rating below Gerald Ford

I am being used as scapegoat - academic who mined Facebook data

New documents show nearly $68,000 in recent premium flights, hotel stays for EPA's Pruitt

Under statute signed by Bill Clinton, drug dealers can be executed

'Affluenza' Texan, who killed four while driving drunk, to be freed from jail

Israel admits bombing suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, warns Iran

Insurers' new business: "active shooter" policies for U.S. schools

U.S. high court skeptical toward California law on anti-abortion centers

Did the Austin Bomber get caught by posting on Reddit?

A message from the boog the chocolate lab

Breaking: Austin Bombing Suspect Dead

Trump praises U.S. military sales to Saudi as he welcomes crown prince

Ex-New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver loses bid to avoid retrial

Senate rejects bid to end U.S. support for Saudi campaign in Yemen

Senate rejects bid to end U.S. support for Saudi campaign in Yemen

The Best Cannabis Edibles for 2018

KVUE TV Austin has a lot of good info on the bomber.

Court denies appeal in ex-Arkansas legislator's corruption case

Former Arkansas legislator's name surfaces in graft case

Cambridge Analytica execs boast of role in getting Trump elected

GOP lawmakers seek to impeach judges over congressional map

'Christianity as default is gone': the rise of a non-Christian Europe

Arkansas advised to widen base for sales taxes

Will red tide flood Arkansas' county races?

With FOX, it's not what they report, it's what they don't report.

Oklahoma's state employment relying on low-wage workforce

GOP confronts another failed tax experiment in Oklahoma

Obama in New Zealand for meetings, golf, but no public talks

The Latest: Cambridge Analytica links to Blackwater founder

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica worked side by side at a Trump campaign office in San Antonio

1,000 rescued mutts live the life at Costa Rica's 'Land of the Strays'

'Catastrophe' as France's bird population collapses due to pesticides

The White House and West Wing are in complete turmoil and are on psychiatric watch this morning...

Many Trump Voters DO NOT Support Democracy, Some Support Military Rule. - Salon

So long, Jesus

White tiger born in Texas gets a 'Star Wars' name

Trump NOT lying! Brings Back Thousands of Mining Jobs.

The Country Is In Deeper Trouble Than Anyone Realizes. GOP Sabotaging The Country.

CA Judge Demands Climate Liars (Monckton, Soon, Lindzen) Say Who Pays Them After Last-Minute Briefs

Shitstain's EPA Sued To Force It To Turn Over Communications With Heartland Institute

How to mess with your cat by drawing a square

I just reject the idea that only progressive ideas have to be paid for."

Trump tweeting an attack on the "Special Council" this morning (quoting Dershowitz)

This cat has mad skillz!

Former Exec For Bankrupt MT Mine Slammed Under "Bad Actor" Law; State Spent $32M On Cleanup So Far

Trump calls out Mueller again, calls him "Special Council," and cites Dershowitz.

CA CEO with star of Robert Mueller's indictments Russian Ambassador Yakavenko.

Remember Dorothea in Middlemarch?

Don't challenge her to a cotton candy eating contest.

Ukip on brink of bankruptcy after 175,000 legal bill

"When Republicans send their leaders . . . "

'Peace-loving' North Korea claims credit for thaw with US

Deputy suspended for sleeping on duty at site of Florida school mass murder

Rethugs won't critize Trump..

Trump's N.Korea summit has no agenda, no strategy, and no diplomatic team. What could go wrong?

Brennan on Trump's Congratulatory Call to Putin: Russia 'May Have Things' They Can Use Against POTUS

A Wine Fountain

John Fubgelsang on trump*'s obstruction

So how is Fox News treating Trump's congratulatory call to Putin??

Conservative Democrat Dan Lipinski Survives Primary Challenge From The Left

ICE ignores pleas from family and doctor, deports Nevada dad with incurable heart condition

How to delete, disable, or limit your Facebook account -- PC World instructions

Kelly furious over leak of warning to Trump to not congratulate Putin

The Cajun Democrat who could shake up the 2020 field

Trump: Saccone 'didn't quite make it'

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Sham President

Are DUers in the path ready for Nor'easter #4?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Fbook

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Lenders say executives didn't talk loans with Jared Kushner during White House meetings

Fox News Analyst Quits, Calling Network a Propaganda Machine

Any bets as to who will blame Obama/Deep State/Jews/Illuminati/whoever first for the Texas guy?

Are Trump Supporters functionally equivalent to the Nazis

What the FB/Cambridge Analytica Expos says about Trump Voters: Many Are Gullible Sheeple

Oops! Antarctica's France-Sized Totten Glacier Afloat; Melting From Below @ 10 Vertical Meters/Year

Breitbarts readership plunges

Hazing deaths: Colleges, others could face civil penalties under bill that clears legislative hurdle

Kabul Sakhi shrine: 'Dozens dead' in New Year attack

Trump criticizes DOJ for not pushing SCOTUS on Arizona drivers license case

Test yourself with Cambridge Analytics!

Trump campaign sprints away from Cambridge Analytica

It's Special Counsel, you freaking moron !!!


Wonder if Cambridge Analytica used subliminal messaging

Convicted Criminal Don Blankenship, Responsible For 29 Deaths, Tied For GOP Senate Primary Lead

Zuckerberg . . . . .

Trump furious over leak of warning to not congratulate Putin...

A Univ. of Wisconsin campus pushes plan to drop 13 majors including English, history and philosop

Dershowitz op-ed: SUSPEND Mueller investigation, have Congress appoint "nonpartisan" commission

Incompetence Can Be A Good Thing: Of 14 Top EPA Positions, Shitstain Still Hasn't Filled 8

Older Pupils Also Abused Students at German Catholic Choir School: Report

Republican National Committee spent big at Trump properties in February, filings show

Guitars have no place in the Catholic Mass. Here's why.

Tribe: DT should go back to bed, read the Constitution and the Special Counsel regs, learn to spell

Hey, hey, my, my! March 21, 1952

To Trump Supporters - Would it be okay?

"...Trump could kill and eat a live baby on the South Lawn of the White House lawn..."

Spring has arrived in Venezuela. BLACKOUT season! It's "dying time" again!

BREAKING NEWS: Several boxes of Dunkin' Donuts pastries arrive at the Kremlin.

Omnibus to include $641M in funding for non-concrete border barrier

Feds in New Orleans charge man accused of threatening to kill judge, ex-wife

Is there even one person in prison yet due to Mueller investigation

Suspected Texas bomber kills self as police close in-officials

Oops: Jeff Sessions Commits Perjury AGAIN?!

Trump Consultants Caught Using Prostitutes, Blackmail, Fake News

Tear gas released in Kosovo parliament by opposition party in bid to stop vote

Mark Anthony Conditt named as the 24 year old suspected Austin bomber

Trump furious over leak of warning to not congratulate Putin

American Nazi Arthur Jones.....GOP nominee for Congress in Illinois.....

Getting Up Every Morning To All This GOP/Trump Crap Is So Depressing.

Trump Is Entering a Dangerous New Phase of His War with Mueller

Tom Benson's estranged family members invited to private viewing of his body, source says

Stephanie Ruhle: holy moly!!

8 indicted in white supremacist gang member's killing

Stephen Hawking, John Lennon and Atheism's Fear of Eternity

gotta give it to her.......although the Green Party is somewhat of a hindrance.

Curious that Ryan wants Mueller

We're In For A Wild Ride This Weekend.....

Rep. Swalwell to Trump: "You Will Be Fired Soon"

Mark Zuckerberg Is No James Madison

Judge Tosses Carter Page Defamation Suit Against Yahoo Parent Company

Bipartisan Support For Election Protection Bill Could Derail Trumps Plan To Rig 2020

Is this the 2012 blog of Austin bombing suspect Mark Conditt?

Bizarre third-person tweet from Tweeto

Lawyers For Stormy Daniels And Michael Cohen Battle On CNN

We as Democratic Party Members must always define ourselves and maintain our narrative

How police tracked down the suspected Austin serial bomber Mark Anthony Conditt

Powerful video about "meat."

BREAKING NEWS: Trump to convene Special Council to organize Space Force.

Rick Perry has a plan for Russia's grid attacks. Some lawmakers worry it's not enough

are class action lawsuits still legal? Can a class action be brought against Facebook

Melania Trump Wants to End Online Bullying. Her Husband Doesnt Help.

Hmmmmmm possible new name for Democratic POTUS for 2020???

Republicans focus on the leak, not on the call from Trump to Putin to congratulate him for his "win"

We have to prepare our kids to prevent their own deaths at school because Paul Ryan wont allow a vo

Lawmakers zero in on Zuckerberg

An Incredible World Map That Plots the Literal Translation of Every Country Name In the World

If firing Mueller is impeachable, what about Trump's other acts of interference?

Picked up from Stephanie Miller Show: hysterical Bob Ceska tweet

At Republican Conference, Trump Slams Clinton For Recent Statement On Women

NY Times Ben Carson Defends Buying $31,000 Dining Set to Congress: I Left It to My Wife

Too bad the House Intel Committee decided to shut down...

Bredesen with early lead in TN (+5)

welcoming sign for tRump lmao

Bomber mailed package wearing wig and latex gloves

Angrychair decided to write this OP

Facebook shares plummet - why aren't Democratic lawmakers ensuring Trump plummets too?

Breaking: Re the Putin call - Grassley says he would never have spoken with

Senate Intel chairman: Need for U.S. election security 'urgent'

We are about to witness the Detrumpification of America.

Mark Zuckerberg is a traitor to his country!

Geraldo Rivera explains why Austin bomber is probably a conservative

Russia, if you're listening

If Obama had called for a military parade, every Republican and Fox news mouth piece would have...

Michael Steele calls out GOP cowards who 'whisper' about Trump's ties to Russia - but won't say it..

Susan Collins slams DHS chief on elections: 'When I listen to your testimony, I hear no sense...

Ex-Evangelical explains why Evangelicals support Trump:

Snow in Washington DC..3/21/18...predicted 10 inches of snow???

Poll: More view NRA negatively than positively for first time since before 2000

Zuckerberg has sold more Facebook stock in the last 3 months than any insider at any other company

Russia secretly helped Venezuela launch cryptocurrency to evade US sanctions

Thinking of deleting Facebook but dont want to lose your photos?

It's official: Louise Slaughter will have Rochester train station named after her

Mark Anthony Conditt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know / Austin bomber was a conservative.

General Barry McCaffrey calls Trump a danger to America (VIDEO)

Robert Reich: The Menace of a Mad King

Austin bombing suspect identified as Mark Anthony Conditt of Pflugerville

Parkland Students Bring Their Message On Guns To Harvard

Russia Secretly Helped Venezuela Launch The Petro

The GOP Affordable Care Act Stabilization Sham is coming to a head

Austin Bomber Mark Conditt Described Himself as a "Conservatve" and Anti-Gay in 2012 Blog

Hoping to start another hot thread!!

Arizona is one of the 21 state(s) where more people are killed with guns than in car accidents.

Biden Would Have Beat the Hell Out of Trump In School

Who is watching Ali Velshi

Mulvaney, Acosta Override Regulatory Office to Hide Tips Rule Data

Cambridge Analytica Looked to Pounce on Russian Hacks, Email Shows

Why didn't someone mention - IT'S SPRING

Pic Of The Moment: Cambridge Analytica? Never Heard Of 'Em!

Trump deletes tweet with 5 typos this morn. Retweets with typos

I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election ...if I win

Lipinski wins disappointing. Ah well it is either him or a Republican Nazi.

So Stormy Daniels Passed The Polygraph Test..

Interesting August 2016 article from The Daily Beast

Former Director of the Program for the Americas of the Carter Center: Venezuela vote fraud


For Visuals you can't get better than the STORMY DC

Mark Conditt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Federal judge scolds Kobach for violating her trust at contempt hearing

And now, here's Donald Trump with the wether.

Cambridge Analytica Looked to Pounce on Russian Hacks, Email Shows

Anyone here know if this is true? Just talked to Sen. Tillis staffer,

A GOP senator's remarkable admission about Trump and Mueller

Did Trump Pay for Stormy Daniels' Abortion?

Biden says he would have 'beat the hell out' of Trump in high school for disrespecting women

Youre far more likely to die from a drug overdose if you live in these KY counties

Is there any truth to the Repug. meme that Obama congratulated Putin as well?

Propaganda is a slow growing cancer. We are not immune.

Emerdata: Rebekah Mercer joined Mar. 16, Nix is a director,

Trump Is About to Get a Dose of Due Process From Summer Zervos

Comedy Gold...some of the fox 'news' website headlines this am

So the Russians and American nutcase billionaires worked thru CA to drag Trump into the White House?

That's "SIR RINGO STARR" to you now

We need to talk, Brit Parliamentary committee tells Mark Zuckerberg

What the GOP is not afraid of: Fake 45. What are they afraid of?

'Utterly horrifying': ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 3

Sessions issues memo on use of death penalty in drug-related cases

Addicts of Facebook and pals are easy prey for manipulative scumbags

Impeach now -- President Ryan. Convict trump/pence then impeach after midterms -- President Pelosi.

Getting Sick Can Be Really Expensive

Spending deal is imminent, leaders say

The Real problem with Groper Don the Con

Pennsylvania GOP Moves To Impeach Supreme Court Democrats For Gerrymandering Ruling

Dane's are happiest people in the world because of hygge

Would you eat something made with cricket flour?

Jeh Johnson: Media focused on 'Access Hollywood' tape instead of Russian meddling ahead of election

New Vision, Dental Plans Coming to Military Families and Retirees

Holocaust denier is officially the GOP nominee in Chicago-area House race

Money trail leads to Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce By Dave Zweifel

The power players behind Cambridge Analytica have set up a mysterious new data company

Stephen Hawking's ashes to sit near graves of Newton and Darwin

The power players behind Cambridge Analytica have set up a mysterious new data company

Google Chrome and Flash, what a PAIN

Woman arrested by Border Patrol in front of her children released by judge

GOP Senator: Republican voters no longer care about issues, only loyalty to Trump.

Funny stuff on Reddit - IF Trump was a car, what kind would he be?

20,000 Republicans just voted for an actual Nazi

Grassley on Trump calling Putin: 'I wouldn't have a conversation with a criminal'

I have a question for President Trump. One teeny-tiny question.

House Dem: Plot To Oust Broadcast Board CEO 'Our Worst Nightmare'

John Dean: "Stormy is not going to pay a cent"

President Donald Trump Hires New Lawyer To Combat Robert Mueller Investigation MSNBC

Study: 23 Percent Of Trump Supporters Show Skepticism Of Democracy

Mudslide-devastated California towns brace for downpour

Stormy Daniels' friend: Girls like me disappear all the tim

It didnt take long for the U.S. to rack up another trillion dollars of debt

White House: Leaking Trump briefing materials a 'fireable offense'

Police fired at unarmed Black man 20 times because he was holding a cell phone

Whisper in his ear heard around the world

Addicted to Facebook? Do You Play Candy Crush?

Making a splash: Japan's floating solar panels

Sanders was NOT invited to the protest on the 14th. Students "surprised and upset at his actions"

Hispanic Caucus lashes out at Gohmert over Cesar Chavez comments

Who leaked the Putin 'congratulations'?

Sudan, world's last male northern white rhino dies

A Needed Paradigm Shift

This again ...Congress is coming down to the wire on keeping the government open

White House opposed Republican picked to replace Cochran

Garcetti edges toward presidential run with trip to Iowa

Ice Apocalypse - MULTIPLE METERS SEA LEVEL RISEs last male northern white rhino dies

But but Obama did it too!

Zuckerberg to speak publicly about Cambridge Analytica firestorm

Donald Trump: I congratulated Putin on his Victory - BBC News

Newley elected Doug Jones from Alabama giving his maiden speech

Documents: Scott administration had long-running role in collapsed FIU bridge

Man suspected of Texas bombings killed himself in police showdown

Mississippi agriculture official appointed to US Senate seat

Rice, Coming Off the Sidelines, Becomes a Centerpiece.

Read the UK parliaments snarky letter requesting Mark Zuckerbergs testimony

The WTF era

Why I just CAN. NOT. eat meat. (WARNING: GRAPHIC - TRIGGER - don't watch if sensitive)

Desperate Venezuelans flood northern Brazil

No, Obama Didn't Employ the Same Strategies as Cambridge Analytica

Obamas send handwritten note to Parkland students: 'We will be there for you'

Obamas to Parkland students: "You've helped awaken the conscience of the nation"

Muddy Waters I'm a Man, M-A-N

Quick! Someone toss Louie Gohmert a Snausage. He's been a good puppy and deserves a treat.

Trump doesn't bother to hide his submissiveness to Putin anymore

With all the news about Cambridge Analytic, Steve Bannon, the Mercers.....

Cambridge Analytica claims it supported political campaign in Colombia

Senator Doug Jones (D-AL): ""We don't need guns in the hands of schoolteachers."

Podesta: Wikileaks dumps done to divert Fox News's attention from 'Access Hollywood' tape

The Latest: Peru lawmakers to investigate presidents allies

Truth endure,,,,

Congress ideology

All In with Chris Hayes - Senator Sanders: Trump firing Mueller would be 'impeachable offense'

Racial slurs, assault reported at girls' soccer game

Racial slurs, assault reported at girls' soccer game

One more seat, ONE. One more representative with a D instead of an R, ONE, just ONE!

WH tries new spin on Trump's Putin call: The president doesn't bother reading his briefing memos

All In with Chris Hayes - Senator Sanders: Trump firing Mueller would be 'impeachable offense'

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Promise They'll Do Something if Trump Fires Mueller. But They Won't.

Are these guys for fucking real? MSNBC reports that Kelly says WH leak verges on Treason!

Facebook is Working With ISPs to Kill California Privacy Rules

Mahmoud Abbas: US ambassador to Israel is a 'son of a dog'

What were they thinking?: Switched on Jesus edition!

Heavy snow is over, but it is still SNOWING! Tenacious Topper Shutt.

How Cambridge Analytica Used Big Sleaze To Mine Big Data

Every HOUR, not day, this TRAITOR and his enabling group of traitors is in power

I think the WH leakers are patriots

Fed Raises Interest Rates for Sixth Time Since Financial Crisis

Feds just increased the interest rates a quarter of a point

Mitch Landrieu, a 'Cajun Democrat,' could shake up national politics

Science nerd warning: Track China's Taingong degrading orbit in real-time .

Screw Facebook! Anyone up to head back to MySpace?

Academic in Facebook storm worked on Russian 'dark' personality project

Is it unusual to have multiple nor'easters in one season?

I will never get over how many Americans were tricked into hating

Anti-Semitic posters surface at University of Minnesota

Zinke brought security team to vacation in Turkey and Greece, records show

Mysterious new 'twilight zone' full of previously unknown colourful fish is found 1,000ft below the

"DON'T CONGRATULATE" story leaked from highest level

Nearly 70 percent say Trump is a bad role model for children: poll

Mysterious new twilight zone full of previously unknown colourful fish is found 1,000ft below the

Mark Anthony Conditt's blog. (austin bomber)

Check in if you will attend a MARCH FOR OUR LIVES event and WHERE: (DU: 39 states + DC represented)*

Ben Carson: Homeless Transgender People Make Others Uncomfortable

U.S. Navy rejects "Humanist" chaplain; GOP influenced decision, according to report

Devin Nunes Probed by FEC for Possible Campaign-Finance Violations

So, Who is Jennifer and why do people keep calling her on my

10 things threatening the peace in Colombia

Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth proud to wear F RATING from nra

GOP Candidate Tweets He Wants to Use Democratic Lawmaker for Target Practice Can't Believe How Up

How to Protect Yourself From an Online Dating Scam

Brazil's Department of Federal Revenue Approves Land Border Duty Free Shops

Doug Jones D-AL first floor speech is about stemming gun violence.

Idaho joins other red states with 'abortion reversal' law

Counterpart - a pleasant surprise.

U.S. Supreme Court revives Texas death row inmate's funding claim

Suspended Cambridge Analytica CEO reportedly used the N-word in an email to describe potential

Devin Nunes Probed by FEC for Possible Campaign-Finance Violations

Itzhak Perlman Beethoven violin concerto

Mark Anthony Conditt was quiet and home-schooled & sold DeVos SCAMWAY!

Pssssssssssssst - which of the Con's female accusers will be interviewed on TV

"Seven Neurotic Styles of Management"

a most unusual scam! I just received a cellphone call from...MYSELF!

NYTimes Editorial: Trumps Bluster on the Opioid Epidemic It was Mr. Trump playing his greatest law

GUNS: Both Sides Now (Betty Bowers)

The house is on fire, Republican style...

Are Colombias FARC dissidents moving into Ecuador?

Who Is Mark Conditt, the Suspected Austin Bomber?

Colombia rings alarm over infectious diseases from Venezuela

We should never, ever forget this October 17, 2015 Donald Trump tweet.

$70M makeover of Town and Country hotel (San Diego) gets council OK

In new tweets, Trump practically swears allegiance to Putin

MoD granted 'List X' status to Cambridge Analytica parent company

Trump rage-tweets over DO-NOT-CONGRATULATE-Gate: " They are wrong!"

NYU: Join us on April 12 for a Debate on Medicaid

Role of Judges in Hiding Trump Activities Helped Pave the Way for Eventual Victory

Perfect response to Trump's current rage tweets worshiping Putin:

Scary read from New York Magazine re:Trump the Unrestrained

Is she daring the Orange Doofus to go after her next?

"The mood inside Facebook HQ is somber, disillusioned, confused"

BREAKING: Cambridge Analytica worked w/ hackers who stole emails from 2 current heads of state

JUST IN: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg releases statement amid Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Sometimes it almost feels like....

Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming Nick Hanauer

Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigns

Don't gun shows circumvent having to use a straw purchase if you're not

Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigns

UPDATE: Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will audit thousands of apps after breach of trust

"Nice People, Lovely People", circa 1930's

Zuckerberg on CNN at 9:00 EST pm with Laurie Segall

Tbe Leaker Is A Patriot...

Why Your Water Bill Is Rising Much Faster Than Inflation

Mark Zuckerberg Addresses Cambridge Analytica Incident As Facebook Fumbles

The pressure on Donald Trump is reaching crushing proportions

EXCLUSIVE: Fired FBI official (McCabe) authorized criminal probe of Sessions, sources say

EXCLUSIVE: Fired FBI official authorized criminal probe of Sessions, sources say

Special Counsel studies Trump campaign ties to Cambridge Analytics, sources say

Trump Economist Wants to Give Rich People Another Tax Break, Without a Vote in Congress

The War on Straws Is Coming to a Bar Near You

Zuckerbergs response reminds me of

Breaking ABC : Mueller's team has interest in the relationship between Campaign, CA and RNC

Make America, America Again...

Thank you Al Franken!

ABC : Breaking : McCabe oversaw federal criminal investigation into Sessions lying to Congress

The stuff of nightmares! 😢

Electrical blackouts brings violence, looting to Venezuela

Special Counsel studies Trump campaign ties to Cambridge Analytics, sources say

Sham elections: multiple votes by same Russian voters...caught on camera

Dems add CDC research on gun violence to Omnibus bill

The Deep-State witch hunt . . .

Special Counsel studies Trump campaign ties to Cambridge Analytics

Can someone make a gif/graphic that says

You just have to love Ana Navarro, conservative or not. On Jake Tapper's show...

Luckovich on Facebook and Zuckerberg Do NOT CONGRATULATE

Could it be that Trump is trying to get himself impeached?

Has the nation run plum out of criminal attorneys yet?

Women are paying attention to the president behind the curtain ('toon) - By Tom Toles

RIP young Draylen Mason, killed March 12 when bomb detonated in his kitchen

"Puppy Love", Husky style.

"Puppy Love", Husky style.

graphic of default facebook privacy settings over time...stops in 2010

who started Cambridge Analytical?

ABC: several digital experts who worked in support of Trumps bid in 2016 have met with Mueller

Make America Majestic Again #MAMA

Just for shit's and giggles here. Would ALL (i mean everything Mueller's done) Just stop? IF

Delcy, of the All Chavista Bolivarian ANC won't cede power even if Maduro loses

How big is Trump's debt? that if Russian called in all their loans

Felix Mendelssohn Hebrides Overture

my sister won! some thoughts from a purple county.

Argentina's Macri linked to Cambridge Analytica

The extraordinary number of kids who have endured school shootings since Columbine

In the time it takes to read this image

In the time it takes to read this image

Robby Mook says the obvious....Zuckerberg knew in 2015, but said law enforcement

Anyone know about a 3rd type of flu going round?

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 21, 2018

Robo calls

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #4-10: The Trumper Games: You're Fired! Edition

I was feeling pretty smug

Steel and Glass

Arizona House Democrats: Strong statement just released...

Cambridge Analytica Looked to Pounce on Russian Hacks

Massive spending deal clinched despite Trump's misgivings

Zuckerberg called Facebook users dumb fucks for trusting him.

Speaking of phone scams,....

Leak Stuns White House

St. Louis Post-Dispatch with a front page that prompts those "what if Obama..." kinds of questions.

EPA chief's trip to Italy cost taxpayers $120,000

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

I want my country back

Devin Nunes is being investigated by the FEC for possible campaign-finance violations

Devin Nunes Probed by FEC for Possible Campaign-Finance Violations

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is leadership.

NRA favorability drops lowest in 18 years

For your levity tennis

"Peace Through Strength" Scares The Crap Out Of Me

If this were all a novel...who would be the author...?

Authorities clear Austin bombing suspect's home of explosives

Good Rebuttal to the new conservative meme on Cambridge Analytica that the Obama campaign did it too

New kitty T shirt:

Tallahassee white supremacist taken away in handcuffs after FBI search

Nader, key witness in special counsel Mueller's Russia probe, has reportedly fled USA--Headed To UAE

Johann Sebastian Bach Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (from Cantata #147)

Pierce: 15 Years. More Than 1 Million Dead. No One Held Responsible.

Federal judge rips Kobach at contempt hearing (ACLU trial - Kansas Motor Voter)

Trump Golf Course Near NYC Seeks More Foreign Workers

Intensifying systemic risks

Republicans Say Their Campaigns Were Also Cambridge Analytica's Victims

Wanna have some fun? Go somewhere you know there are Democratic party haters.

CNN Headline: "Michelle Obama Too Popular"

Married 26 years today and still wish I had eloped!

I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping LGBTQ DUers can help me with.

DEBATE: Should Drug Dealers Face Capital Punishment?

The Saudi crown prince has bragged that Jared Kushner is "in his pocket," Jared sold intel to Saudis

Bald eagle sticks to nest near Hanover as snow buries it

Africa agrees deal for Continental Free Trade Area

NYT FAIL: Exhibit A: a serial bombing terrorist. Exhibit B: an innocent child.

Interest rates are going up!

Senators Challenge Trump Administration Claim That Its Working Hard to Stop Russian Hacking

Should I tell An0maly (a.k.a. Political Chuggo) or should you?

Candidates accuse Democrats of treating black women as 'mules of the party'

Kellyanne Conway Edges Toward Accepting the Job of Communications Director...

I wasted all morning chasing ghosts on Facebook. Facebook is not the enemy, folks. Google is.

Fox Host Calls Network "Propaganda Machine" And Quits

March for Our Lives email:

It looks like Mark Conditt (Austin Bomber) was at one point possibly a Freeper.

Mueller team so far has indicated 4 main areas it wants to ask the President about

Professional Right Wing Troll Mike Cernovich Belives In Something Called "Gorilla Mindset"

4 topics Mueller wants to talk to Trump about:

If I had $1000.00 for every scandal that Trump or his staffers are involved in?

***BREAKING NEWS*** Mueller wants to ask David Dennison about Jr.'s meeting with Russian cutout

Imagine this, Hillary Clinton is president & the world is as normal as it can be

Facebook, Uber and the end of the Great American Tech Delusion

March 22nd 2018 Qualifications for White House Staff Job: 1. Beating heart.

It looks like a fish, but its not. Meet the robot built to spy on ocean life

Zuckerberg is "damn near presidential."

In the company of famous slip and falls this week - Free Parking

My nephew's friend was shot to death in Denver, Colorado

How do we develop javelin throwers?

Who is this guy on Melber? n/t

where do they dig up these people?

DO NOT CONGRATULATE: Patriotic anonymous sources continue their stellar work

YouTube bans firearm sales and how-to videos, prompting backlash

Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on?

Holocaust denier, former American Nazi Party member, wins GOP congressional primary in Illinois

Nader (in Special Counsel Investigation) has been granted immunity.

A bad role model for children

My online purchases appear as ads in my email provider instantly. Duh!? I already bought it!

Don't forget Sunday night:

Austin police: Conditt made 25-minute recording and confessed to bombings; no motive

Per KXAN News in Austin just now:

Mark Zuckerbergs scandal response is doomed, because Facebook is about feelings

Behind the scenes: Fox News analyst's stunning note hit network 'like a bombshell'

Bomber used name "Kelly Killmore" to send packages

I wonder if the Austin Bomber...

Round up of articles on #deletefacebook. Many are surprisingly snarky about it

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 22 March 2018

Cambridge Analytica was offered politicians' hacked emails, say witnesses

Seth Meyers - First Day of Spring, the Queen's Tinder Profile - Monologue - 3/20/18

Not sure if this is accurate or not, but we can but hope.

Intensification of agriculture and social hierarchies evolve together, study finds

Trump is under Putin's commands!

Seth Meyers: Guest John Oliver on His Children's Book About VP Pence's Gay Bunny, Marlon Bundo

I thought Paul Ryan was going to retire

Illegal coordination between a candidate and a Super Pac can be prosecuted as a criminal violation--

Ben Sasse: "Putin is not a friend, Putin is a despot that aims to make Soviet tyranny great again"

Republican Rick Saccone concedes Pennsylvania congressional race to Democrat Conor Lamb.

Rick Saccone Concedes to Conor Lamb!