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Hillary Clinton told the truth: Trump's voters are backwards and stuck in the worst parts of America

Sater on Chris Hayes in a moment n/t

Time to again post Richard Engel from Election Night, 2016.

If you work for a large American corporation you've heard this story many times...

Rocky Theme - A deguello Musical similarity

Irish American Comedian Des Bishop

Everything that's wrong with TRUMPRAVDA, er Fox News, in one video.

Stephen Hawking VS Donald Trump:

Haberman: Michael Cohen & team trying to move Stormy Daniels lawsuit from CA state to federal court

Felix Sater is so full of shit!

Pam Keith: Another solid Dem candidate trying to flip FL18 to blue

Anti-Abortion Group Endorses Democrat Dan Lipinski In Illinois Primary

Caterpillar's latest restructuring move could cut 880 jobs (Thanks Trump!)

*Sigh* Okay, Hannity...YOU BROUGHT IT UP This Time....

Great sign from the National School Walkout

Has anyone heard or read anything about Ivanka meeting with South Korea's leaders in place of

Daniels had former bodyguard Schiller's personal cell number...that's how she contacted Trump

Mother Love Bone!

Fox News Accidentally Publishes Draft Report on McCabe Firing (He Has Not Been Fired Yet)

Stormy Daniels Faces $20 Million in Damages in Trump Lawsuit

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Port in the Storm!

Toon- The Bowling Ball Test

More Inspiring Signs from National Student Walkout


God damned Georgia GOP OPPOSE Souls To The Polls.......

Snowflake conservative republicans whining about inaccurate media coverage over Russia report

Trump atty accuses Daniels of violating nondisclosure agreement 20 X, claims right to seek $20m

Friday Talking Points (476) -- "Everybody Fears The Perp Walk"

More Norm MacDonald

Fuckin Shitass

Stormy Daniels Interview on 60 Minutes on March 25th

ELTON JOHN Captures LA and SoCAL

Real Time with Bill Maher guests tonight:

Facebook to suspend Cambridge Analytica

ProLeft Podcast Ep 432: The Uncivil Rights Movement

Bridge designer left state voice mail about cracks days before FIU bridge collapsed

Lets be clear, being fired, in any fashion, by tRump is not a humiliation inflicted upon the

Drones Are Watching: Railroad Irks Workers With Unmanned Aircraft

If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough!

Stormy Daniels' lawyer on Trump's latest legal move: "#notwellthoughtout #sloppy #checkmate"

STATEMENT FROM FACEBOOK: Suspending Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group

Missouri defends 241-year prison sentence for 16-year-old

The real reason current generations learned to embrace technology.

Kroger wades deeper into the gun-control debate

ELTON JOHN Captures LA and SoCAL

Cramer on 2008 crisis: It could happen again

OPEN Republican held Congressional Districts that are less the +11R PVI

Stormy's lawyer responds to Trump lawsuit threat!

Andrew McCabe fired by the cowards.

The Hill-Retired four-star Army general: Trump 'serious threat to US national security'

My Irish brothers and sisters ,Sound off! Let us know you're here!

trump/Sessions just fired McCabe.

Sessions fired McCabe. Breaking MSNBC. n/t

OMG Sessions fired McCabe.

Barry McCaffrey - The Con is a serious threat to US National Security - on Lawrence now

They did it. They just fired McCabe (Breaking on MSNBC as I type)

Andrew McCabe, a Target of Trumps F.B.I. Scorn, Is Fired Over Candor Questions

Mae Beavers to run for Wilson County mayor

This crap from Sessions/Trump firing McCabe tonight.......

Friday Night news is dumping like crazy. Have we reached the last straw yet?

So Sessions is recused from all Hillary Clinton related matters

Anyone watching Beto O'Rourke on Real Time?

In Bid To SLAPP Stormy Daniels, Trump Admits He Fucked Her

In this life or the next, Karma will caught up with Jefferson Beauregard Sessions!

This administration is like watching a circus in hell during an acid trip. n/t

McCABE Not Going Quietly: "This is part of an effort to discredit me as a witness."

For the Styx fans out there

Legislation Addressing Sexual Harassment in Music Business Has Been Killed


Andrew Mccabe fired

Rick Wilson: If you aren't seeing the echoes of 1974, you're not paying attention.

Interesting Tweet on Vanessa Trump's divorce

New Mayor Trantalis of Ft. Laud., Largest City in FL & South with Gay Mayor

The Republican Party needs to be annihilated

Gosh, I remember way back when!

McCabe may be high profile, but at the end of the day he's just another working stiff

No matter how much Trump lashes out and abuses his power, he is going to be taken down

Remember this Trump tweet? Re: McCabe

McCabe Firing A PURGE Message. Swear Loyalty To Trump & Agenda Leave Or Be Fired.

When will the FBI have had enough?

New Mayor Trantalis of Ft. Laud., Largest City in FL & South with Gay Mayor

Dump would have been much better off letting McCabe retire

CNN: McCabe learned from a press release that he had been fired

Sessions will now be fired

Kinda looks like Trump kept Sessions around

I'd seen the "fire him 26 hours before his pension kicks in" behavior first-hand in the workplace.

Spite and retribution.

How does it feel, America, to be ruled by the Mafia...?

why is the freakin right saying Mccabe firing spells trouble for Obama

"Billy, you just tell them and they believe it..."

Crowdfund McCabe's retirement

20 years of service and now no pension

McCabe's Replacement????

I hope McCabe, along with Comey fight back!

Venus semi finals......

Steve Schmidt's tweets about McCabe tonight: much longer?

Tribe: Tonight's cruel and unwarranted firing of McCabe will boomerang against its evil architects.

John Schindler: Confederate Elf not gonna like it now that McCabe can say what he really thinks.

how many fucking lives does rump have to fuck up before the

A legal screw-up by Michael Cohen should give Stormy Daniels the right to tell her story

"I love this tweet. Why? Because this two years ago this Friday (3/16/16), I was humbled and.....

Swalwell nails both Trump and Sessions for McCabe firing

LOTS of details in Federal retirement issues, example:

John Kelly: Rex Tillerson Was on the Toilet When I Told Him He'd Be Getting Fired

Walter Shaub on Mr. McCabe:

Can the next sane POTUS pardon McCabe

Prof. Stephen Hawking & Prof. Brian Cox & Monty Python

There is a certain irony to all the celebrating on the right when Comey and McCabe get fired.

10 out of 16 members of Trump's "Wildlife Conservation Council" are affiliated w/ Safari Club Int'l

'People are going bankrupt.' Caregivers say Kentucky unfairly denying foster payments.

Former Bush official says John Bolton was 'by far the most dangerous man we had in the entire eight

Nancy Sinatra wins the Internet today with her tweet regarding McCabe

Candidate Leslie Gibson, who called student activist, "Skinhead Lesbian" just dropped out of race

A cheaper way to get glasses and contacts online could be blocked by Kentucky optometrists

Jailhouse video shows deputies watching as inmate dies

33 Go Fund Me accounts already set up for Andrew McCabe

Sobering Barry McCaffery tweet. How long is the Republican leadership going to allow this

McCabe is a lifelong Republican

Reminder that AG Sessions is supposedly recused from all matters involving the 2016 campaign, and in

I just found myself agreeing with something Bill Kristol said.

Trivia! The Virginia Cavaliers are the answer

History has been made

I can't take much more. That mother fucker needs to be gone. There won't be an America

The Trump presidency is too bizarre for a movie or a tv miniseries.

Seth Meyers - Trump's Lies, Spirit Airlines - Monologue - 3/15/18

Peek a BOO...

R you kidding me? UMBC!

We should make the GOP start to feel our wrath!

The Daily Show: Junot Diaz - Learning to Inhabit Multiple Worlds in "Islandborn"

Kentucky regulators slap Louisville Gas and Elec. with highest-ever natural gas pipeline safety fine

AG's office: University of Louisville broke open records laws denying Courier Journal requests

Painter: McCabe "can head up the federal Bureau of Prisons when we have some new inmates arrive."

'I don't see a lot of hope for it': Kentucky's pension reform bill is unlikely to pass

Don Lemon just signed off for the night with................

Leaked email: NC GOP worried about losing control of Statehouse after Pa. special election

John Kelly said $31,000 isnt all that much for a table if you think about it, according to report

Anybody see a path that this ends well???????

Andrew McCabe: "...he says he will be silent no more ..."

MAGAT defined

Flynn keeps his pension after admitting to committing crimes in office.

Karma train1 Skeevy Republican 0

Now it's up to Bevin: Limit on underage marriage in Kentucky wins legislative approval

Emergency 28 percent rate hike ordered to prevent collapse of Kentucky water district

Bharara: Once I thought Alberto Gonzales the weakest, most craven AG in modern times. I was wrong.

The TV pundits are missing the point about Twitlers firing practices.

Doctor in Kentucky case convicted of illegally dispensing 300,000-plus pain pill

Trump Supporters Likely Want US To Crash.

McCabe: I was fired to undermine Mueller

Vicious new Trump tweet attacking both McCabe and "sanctimonious" Comey

There will be no mercy for trump

El Paso woman convicted in Muslim-shame kidnap case

Trump takes victory lap on McCabe firing: 'A great day for democracy'

Would June 14th (tRump's b-day) be a good day for a national protest?

In another thread the question was more or less asked "What's a good setup for long distance bird

For me this isn't about McCabe's pension

Maine state candidate who called Parkland student 'skinhead lesbian' drops out of race

Joe Kennedy III, Conor Lamb, Beto O'Rourke

communing with the sunset....

George Clinton - Atomic Dog (VIDEO)

Dem: Trump presidency 'very serious security threat' for US

84 human rights leaders were killed in Colombia last year

Five Manhattan Doctors Indicted For Accepting Bribes And Kickbacks (re Fentanyl prescriptions)

Took a drive up valley today.

Make Trump Tweets Eight Again

Joy Reid: Trump wants to be free to wreck the world.

Illegal Alien Sentenced to More than 7 Years in Prison for $20M Stolen Identity Refund Fraud Scheme

General McCaffrey: Trump is serious threat to U.S. national security! (The Hill)

Protests erupt in north Colombia over rape tour for child sex tourists

New McCaffrey tweet: Putin has for some reason controlling sway over the President. Peril.

could it be that sessions fired mccabe because he knew if he didn't, he himself would be fired?

McCabe: He brought up my wife everytime

More than 800 businesses in Colombia tied to death squads: report

McCabe says Republicans 'mischaracterized' testimony to bolster Nunes memo

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 3/16/18

Tejano singer Joe Lopez released from prison

Preet Bharara, re Trump's gloating tweet tonight: This is lawsuit Exhibit A. Also: Butt out.

EU prepares revenue-based tax on US tech giants

Friday Night Vodka-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Secretive religious charity run by top US housing officials raises questions

To Stay In Power Trump/GOP Would Let Russians Hack US. Take Down Systems.

The reason Putin and Trump are on a tear is ABSOLUTELY the Republicans

Arkansas judge considers effort to halt marijuana license

Court backs Texas activist who challenged county gun ban

Guide to which staffer is getting fired next

Preet Bharara on Trump's tweet about McCabe - "this is lawsuit Exhibit A"

Lawmakers end special session

Hutchinson calls for cut in agencies reporting to him

Hello Obstruction,my old friend (sing to the tune of Simon & Garfunkel's the sound of silence)

East Texas fugitive known as "Stinky Butt" captured in Jacksonville

Who's old enough to remember these?

Judge upholds Mississippi mandate on doctors who do abortion

The part of the mobster film when everyone's just shooting randomly, no longer sure who's on which s

Marx Bro's Guide to Stormy and The Don's NDA

Kelly: Tillerson was on the can when I told him he got canned

Eric Holder: Analyze McCabe firing on two levels: the substance and the timing

Far-right democrat running for congress?

When McCabe is abandoned by the GOP, will he wake up and switch parties?

The "establishment"

All About That California Teacher-Cop Whose Gun Went Off in Gun Safety Class

California Governor's Race Heats up Ahead of Primary

I have about as much sympathy for McCabe as I have for Comey

DA O'Malley Took $10K From Fremont Police Union Before Clearing Fremont Cops in Killing of Pregnant

Do MSNBC hosts ever shut up? I'm watching the replay of Chris Hayes' show and...

Very cool time lapse: 30 days onboard a container ship in 10 minutes

Russia to expel 23 British diplomats, closes British Council.

Georgia GOP pushes elimination of Sunday voting to suppress black turnout

18-year-old Steve Jobs' job application sells for more than $170,000

Academy President John Bailey Under Investigation for Sexual Harassment (EXCLUSIVE)

Couple gets $2.5 million settlement for kidnapping that police dismissed as 'Gone Girl' hoax

Is it true that Rex Tillerson got fired by the dolt?

Russia Orders the Expulsion of 23 British Diplomats in Retaliation

Historic San Francisco LGBT group takes a pass on endorsing gay-marriage trailblazer Gavin Newsom

Trump firing McCabe is sending a message to all career government employees. I'm Trump and I'll get

Serious Question: Whats the next disgusting step for Trumpy

Winning in November may require quick wit, thick skin, and short memory

UCSD professor devises way to recycle lithium-ion batteries

Oh yeah...keep tweeting...

Macedonia prepares to unveil new Holocaust memorial museum

Coming soon : "The Escape"

No, Gov. Brown isn't invoking Sharia law via 'Arabic numbers.' Satiric photo fools some

Trump Celebrates Andrew McCabes Firing on Twitter: A Great Day For Democracy!

Travel ban in California hurting college sports, lawmaker says

Can Sessions fire anyone Trump wants him too??

Undocumented immigrant appointed to state post in California

Like he didnt exist: Texas paper edits grieving gay son out of moms obituary because its...

Just a reminder, as if we really needed one.

United Airlines flight to STL diverted after a pet was mistakenly loaded onto the flight

Across America, white supremacists are using banners to promote their ideology

This vile, vindictive, despicable, deplorable,

Greedy Republicans Are Seriously Going For A Second Round Of Billionaire Tax Cuts

Is America's President A Russian Asset?

Shreds post on drive in movies a ramble fond memories of my youth

$1 Trillion in 14 months.....

This is genius....

Trump tweets victory lap for McCabe firing, then it's off to Log-o-Merde for golf. #MAGA!

So, where is Mike Pence?

David Corn, Mother Jones, Oct. 19, 2016: "Donald Trump Is Completely Obsessed With Revenge"

It's Obama's Economic Recovery, Stupid

1990: Analyst Who Criticized Trump Casino Is Ousted

Hillary Clinton fractures wrist in India hotel bathroom

Facebook suspends Trump-affiliated data firm over privacy concerns

Flashback of the Day - you're "the one with the retarded dad!"

Ye Olde English Medieval Enacten

Exclusive: AIDS researcher favored to be next CDC chief

Trump viewed by Germans as a greater threat than Putin. And there you have it.

Did anyone watch Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) on CNN just now?

Rep. Eric Swalwell SWATS Trump: "Gloat now, but you will be fired soon"

Bitcoin: a little help here please

Engineer on FL bridge project called state 2 days before deadly collapse to report crack, state says

Happy Birthday Stormy!!

Trump wants to get the U.S. out of Syria's war, so he asked the Saudi king for $4 billion

Not in Florida-- Woman Orders Egg Sandwich At Jail's Security Booth...

Speaking of lies: Trump has lied five times that McCabe received money from Hillary Clinton

Ranting Who here would take it to the streets as veterans

John Brennan, former CIA Director

The old tea party may be over, but the new one is at peak power

5 NYC doctors took over $800,000 in bribes from drug maker to prescribe opioid

Well, it's finally happened. A 16 seed beats a 1 seed....

Unique Irish Blessing time... Add your own.

Maeve Ryan singing "Danny Boy" last episode of "Ryan's Hope".

Ex-CIA director slams Trump after McCabe firing: You'll be remembered as a 'disgraced demagogue'

The thing about the FBI is this.........They defend their own........

Preet Bharara suggests Sessions is 'the weakest and most craven Attorney General in modern times'

Trump campaign stole user data to influence American voters. Your Facebook data was used against you

Today's working women honor their courageous foremothers

Does McCabe have vacation time accrued?

Has anyone else noticed how quiet the press has been re: Nunes report 'no collusion'?

If Trump Fires Mueller:

READ: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's statement on his firing

Anyone else here experimenting with cryptocurrency?

"The FBI Office that handles discipline" (McCabe firing)

"Who's got more guts? Andrew McCabe or me?" . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!

Monty Python's Gilliam: 'Conman' Trump is funnier than us

Toon: "RatPutin & the Trump"

Russians want us to be divided and they're causing division. Except no, they're not causing it.

Eric Holder: McCabe firing is 'dangerous' attempt to please 'increasingly erratic president'

Republicans Want To Cut Food Stamp Rolls By 20 Percent Say House Democrats

Trump Today

Democrat calls for 'open hearings' on Trump administration after McCabe firing

Presidential historian: McCabe firing will be known as 'Friday Night Slaughter'

Repubs shaking in their boots? Bullshit!

US probes 4 deaths in Hyundai-Kia cars when air bags failed

Luckovich - Veggie Him

Irish White Bean and Cabbage Soup

Dem lawmaker: Trump is vandalizing our democracy

If the Dems take the House in November...

Man Sues after New Orleans Demands He Take Down Anti-Trump Mural

Preet Bharara tweet:

Katie Johnson Dropped Trump Rape Lawsuit - Due to Threats

Eva Cassidy - Danny Boy

Hillary Clinton fractures hand on India trip

Andrew McCabe reveals Trump was obsessed with his wife

Can Andrew McCabe sue to recover his pension ?

Trumps new Int'l Wildlife Conservation Council's most famous member killed Cecil The Lion

Happy St. Pat's from New Mexico

Trump's Lawyer: It's Time to Fire Robert Mueller

John Dowd, Trump's lawyer calls for Deputy Attorney General to shut down Mueller probe..

Watch the video: Blogger says LePage shoved her; he says she was chewing in his face

AM JOY on now....

White House, Sen. Tom Cotton blast Rand Paul for opposing CIA pick

This administration is an Enemy of the State

Trump Launched Campaign to Discredit Potential FBI Witnesses..

McCabe reveals Trump was obsessed with his wife - bringing her up 'every time I ever spoke to him'

Should Robert Mueller preempt Trump and go with what he has to act before he is fired?

Breaking on Joy Reid


Are y'all watching AMJOY?????

Wow, Trump was SLAMMED on a TV show!

Muppets Danny Boy! Happy St. Patrick's Day.

19 indictments and convictions so far - Mueller aint shutting down sh**.

drumph is completely nuts and has been assured he is protected by Putin and the GOP

Donald Trump Is a Weak, Vengeful Man

I remember reading the Dowd Report about Pete Rose and being shocked and dismayed.

How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions

Have Any Prominent Repugs Weighed In On The McCabe Firing Yet?.....

As a first step: I am ending any show of respect for the U.S. flag, effective immediately.

Emmett Cahill (former Celtic Thunder) When Irish Eyes...

The Population Bomb Has Been Defused

My boys making soda bread I turned tv off

Faux Nooz is talking about Hillary right now

Trump lawyer demands: Fire Mueller following Sessions' "brilliant and courageous" purge of McCabe

Guardian: Secretive "religious" charity run by top HUD officials raises quesions

Me Irish brothers and sisters, sound off! Let us know you're here!

"Trump's Lawyer: It's Time to Fire Robert Mueller" headline, could this be done tonight..??

How stupid were we not to take out Putin long ago?

It's Not Just Trump: It's the Whole FUCKING GOP!

Lack of candor? Tenet and Cheney lied to the world to start a war with no consequences.

Trump's Administration - Insults Democracy and Our System of Justice.

Happy St. Paddy's Day from F Troop and the "Wee People".

Heads up! Stormy Daniels' lawyer will be on AM Joy in a few minutes. (At 11 EDT)

Do you think John Dowd, Trump consigliere, is a man of honor ?

"My Life as a Terrorist Money Launderer

"... FBI OPR Assistant Dir has at times considered unwritten information she received outside the

BTRTN: Changing of the Guard? More Like a Dismantling of the Guard Rails

Not Worried Enough Yet? Well, The Dominionists are Coming!

BTRTN: Changing of the Guard? More Like a Dismantling of the Guard Rails

John Fugelsang on Trump, Jr., divorce:

Walsh: Dowd statement is Trump calling for investigation to be shut down. If it is, impeach Trump.

While You Weren't Looking, This Was Happening in the Christian Right

Is there a chance that our imaginations are wilder than what actually happened with Stormy?

How far will the bully take it before he runs like the coward he is.

Pressure builds on Sessions for second special counsel

"Don't tell me what cases you won. Tell me who you beaten."

Wake up, Mitch !! You sleepy son of a bitch!

Trump Lawyer Now Claims He Was Not Speaking for POTUS in Calling for End to Mueller Probe

Richard Painter says we can't wait for 2020. He isn't sure Trump's planning to have an election then

Nicolle Wallace: Trump now at war with the last three men to run the FBI - Mueller, McCabe and Comey

Hannity Invites James Comey for a Full Hour On His Show: 'That's the Best Deal You're Gonna Get!'

Sorry; blood is boiling this AM!

Eichenwald: DT's a criminal & former drug addict who's unworthy to lick the dirt off McCabe's shoes

Billy Bush recalls Trump told him the strategy that gets people to believe everything he says

The lawyer that killed Gawker is now part of Trump's Stormy legal team

Dem lawmaker offers to hire McCabe to help him qualify for his pension

Dem offers to hire McCabe to help him qualify for his pension

Something to remember in light of Brennan's tweet today

Are there any Trump supporters who are speaking out against him?

Twitter user offers a heartfelt and patriotic reply to Trump's "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" tweet.

Nowledge is power. n/t

I'm back after a long, long absence

Would you want the entire FBI pissed off at you

Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Lawyers Up

Weekend Meme and Toon Roundup 1 - illegitimate

Let this sink in. This is who Don Donald is.

I do not respect anyone that can say they support Dotard Trump.

It's been a good news/bad news week...

Weekend Meme and Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

It ain't Danny Boy

Too Old to Work (The Social Security Song)

Trump lawyer demands Rosenstein fire Mueller following Sessions brilliant and courageous purge

Hannity's so stupid he thinks he's copying Wittes's "tick tick" by writing "tick tock"

The firing of McCabe, with the potential subsequent loss of his federal pension,

Whew, I made it to 70!

Holder: McCabe firing is 'dangerous' attempt to please 'increasingly erratic president'

Now that Sessions has fired McCabe, he's next.

Maddow sounds the alarm on State Department deputy being fired to cover up a Trump White House lie

House Intel Dem to Trump: 'Gloat now, but you will be fired soon'

An Appeal to the Democratic Minds for Democracy's Truths (My Introduction to DU)

DID the Russians Alter The Results of the Election?

Stormy Daniels faced alleged physical threats.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez unleashes blistering assault on Trump administration 'horror show'

Trump/GOP Intend To Close VA & PROFITIZE It According To Alternate Article.

Cat smacks dog, causing it to spin on it's ass

Economic Anxiety!!!

Eric Swallwell tweet:

Ryan & McConnell Fully Support Trump. You Can Tell By Their Silence.

Trumps new economic adviser is really bad at economics. Here are the receipts.

Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach

Its Mogilevich, yall

House Republican blasts McCabe firing, says Trumps conduct doesnt bode well for GOP

Blumenthal: McCabe firing is 'added evidence of obstruction of justice'

Bill Gates to meet with Trump: 'I dont agree with the American-first rhetoric'

104-year-old Holocaust survivor recalls the Anschluss

Putin has done to American democracy what Osama Bin Laden did to NYC

Holocaust museum stands tall as tide of anti-Semitism laps again around its walls

'Take your place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history': Ex-CIA director Brennan rips

Beto O'Rourke on Real Time with Bill Maher

Prediction: Trump's week of being an asshole - Rasmussen will soon have him back up to 50%

Bernie Sanders Interview on Inequality in America

Bernie Sanders Interview on Inequality in America

I said this to a Trump voter at work and his face turned red with embarrassment.

Trump Thinks He Is Louis XIV:

America's 'Retail Apocalypse' Is Really Just Beginning

Trump As PRESIDENT Is The Biggest Blunder In Our History. May Well Prove Our Undoing.

"Thank you, President Trump"

A toast for St Patrick's Day

JUST IN: Trump's lawyer is calling for an end to the Mueller investigation

Fux Noise is still obsessed with Hillary

Schiff: 'Condemn this flagrant abuse of power or stop pretending devotion to duty'

Blumenthal: McCabe firing... Added evidence of obstruction

Seth Abramson: Sessions was and is a Trump co-conspirator

Michael Avenatti is a good attorney

FBI agents after McCabe firing: 'Personnel decisions should never be politicized'

Rep. Charlie Dent: McCabe's firing 'looks like retribution and a bit vindictive'

Andrew McCabe has lawyered up

McCabe kept contemporaneous memos of conversations w POTUS & events surrounding Comey firing

The Heart Sutra

Breaking: AP learns McCabe kept memos regarding Trump

When the Democrats retake power I don't want to here this bullshit.

☘️Liam, Paddy, and Mick are having a pint at their local. Suddenly Liam says:☘️

I really cannot stand Comey or McCabe due to their actions against Hillary. However,

The thing about Trump supporters is

"Wait, youre the one with the retarded dad!"

There are no good reasons for voting for Trump because of this very simple fact.

On heels of McCabe firing, Trump lawyer calls for end of Mueller probe

Anyone know the latest on the Stormy Daniels lawsuit?

*****BREAKING***** McCabe has memos !!!


Q & R - From Trump's ABC Book

Statement from Andrew McCabes attorney. Bromwich served as the DOJs Inspector General for 6 years.

Rugby ! 24-15 to Ireland We won !!!! 3rd Grand Slam in 140 years, on Paddy's Day !!!

Ex-CIA Director Needs to Tell Us How He Really Feels About McCabe Firing

Sessions Firing of McCabe Violated His Promise to Recuse

Dismal donnie on a tweet roll:

Trump tweets more evidence for Mueller...

Dem Congressman Offers to Hire McCabe So He Can Qualify for Pension

Comey : Mr. President, the American people will hear my story very soon.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) looks into the Karma Crysal Ball and gives Trump a peek at his future

... and then sometimes it just hits me. Oh my God, Donald Trump is president

COMEY: Americans will hear my story soon & They can judge for themselves who is honest & who is NOT

You have to read McCabe's full statement on his firing

Donald Trump is not a president that needs to be impeached....

Mass AG : investigation will be launched into data company Cambridge Analytica and Facebook

Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach

KEY DEFENSE: Shelley Mayer for NY-SD37 (Special Election)

How did Cambridge Analytica abuse Facebook users? Helpful Video inside.

Sorry For Mis Steps/Errors. About To Lose Dear Friend Of 40 Years Who Is In Hospice.

Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Reacts To President Donald Trump Lawsuit

Malcolm Nance...

A Designers Healthy Answer to Bacon, Egg and Cheese

In my opinion, Trump is not as worried about Stormy Daniels as he is about subpoena for......

Trump, very agitated, calls out Comey, McCabe's wife, "Terry M," "Crooked H" in new rant. #NotInsane

Trump is trying to take attention away from news of McCabe memos.

Comey Tweets Cryptic Message to Trump: People Will 'Hear My Story Very Soon'

GOP Is A Direct Threat To National Security. Not Just Trump. These Bastards Are Russian Agents Too.

James Comey Twitter trolling Trump.

How Guilty Must Trump Be For Him To Be Acting So Much More....

A point worth noting:

Fox & Friends host Hegseth (possible VA Sec) says McCabe firing is getting "a piece of America back"

John O. Brennan...

All of Donald Trump's lawyer's emails are sent in the Comic Sans font and they're purple colored

White House "not happy" with Trump lawyer Dowd's disastrous statement on dumping Mueller

Legal questions about McCabe firing

Best buddies..

Trump and his family are going to be completely ruined. I have no doubt.

Ireland wins the Six Nations Rugby Championship on St. Patrick's Day. How cool n/t

Illegitimi non carborundum

So, I'm reading Stevie Nick's latest biography and sought out their(band) first TV appearance

Massachusetts says to probe Facebook, Cambridge Analytica

McCabe confirms Nunes and House Republicans lied in infamous memo. No surprise.

Raw Story: Mueller already in possession of McCabe's bombshell private memos on Trump meetings: WSJ

Does Trump think he has adequately discredited the FBI and Justice Department?

"Pardon moi, but do you have any Grey Poupon?"

This is the truth about Trump voters.

This is a very interesting op ed...

I'm convinced that Hillary has become Emmanuel Goldstein

Yes, Adults Can Have Chocolate for Breakfast. Really.

This is a very interesting op ed...(contunued)

Bradley Whitford tweet:

Superstore chain Fred Meyer to stop selling guns, ammunition

Proposed HOTEL Act would ban officials from staying at Trump properties

Gotta love it! "Call me"

To Trump's Principal Opponents: Take Good Care!

Trump Venue Change - Is the concern Trump appoints judges, or that he can rain hell down upon them?

monster trucks

Your move, Mueller...

In Jan, Leahy asked Grassley for a hearing on "the escalating politicized attacks on the JD and FBI

Rep. Mark Pocan (D) Wisconsin offers McCabe employment

Beto O'Rourke agrees with Bill Maher: Ted Cruz is a 'giant a--hole'

I predict Trump will fire Rosenstein & Sessions and appoint Pruitt to fire Mueller either:

Would it be possible to start a Go Fund Me page for McCabe?

Best comment on Don Jr.'s upcoming divorce.....

Facebook knew Cambridge Analytica was misusing users' data 3 years ago and only banned it this week

This is a tweet that really has aged well

Mueller has McCabe memos documenting conversations with Trump

BREAKING: White House receives NEW letter from 9-year-old Dylan, whose nickname is "Pickle."

What if Stormy has a sex tape with David Dennison ?

When the debate is lost...

Hey Donnie, Jr. Or any of your trolls:

Interesting insight on Trump Jr divorce via John Fugelsang

I really need a nap, but...

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Trying--and not succeeding--at posting an image from GIPHY

Verizon Wireless Plans to Lay Off Thousands of U.S. Workers

Verizon Wireless Plans to Lay Off Thousands of U.S. Workers

Explosive devices discovered in Florida man's pickup truck at Sonny's BBQ

Cambridge Analytica presentation to Russian Lukoil in 2014 "focused on election disruption"

Whistleblower: The Cambridge Analytica Files I created Steve Bannons psychological warfare tool

Tweet from Adam Schiff, America's Congressman:

Sticking the landing done right...

Next week's "New Yorker," making heads explode for body shaming the Body Shamer In Chief


A premonitory tweet from Sarah Huckabee Sanders... 3 november 2016

Guardian: The Cambridge Analytica Files I created Steve Bannons psychological warfare tool

Court dismisses Empower Texans' lawsuit

some of you might find this interesting...

Statement from McCabe's lawyer (a former DOJ Inspector General, himself)

Is the Trump House of Cards about to collapse?

A new movement to speak truth to identity politics is our best hope against regressive thinking

Just came out of the Moroccan desert after two days off the grid...

White House weighs rehiring fired Trump aide McEntee

Trying to muddy the waters

My prediction for next Sunday morning

Cicero, 2 millenniums ago...

Fox & Friends swipes at Andrea Mitchell, others in mainstream media, for "advocacy" and "narratives"

Anybody think of a reason why the Supreme court has NOT decided the PA map issue?

Today, St Paddy's Day, is also Kurt Russell's birthday - Your favorite Kurt Russell movie?

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you, Irish or otherwise!

words of wisdom...

whooooo hooooo

Snug knows how to spend his Caturday.

FBI piqued by Russia sex spy story

Joy Reid : GOP source to me just now: The McCabe Memos are the new Pentagon Papers.

My annual "St. Patrick's Day Sheep Dog Trials" posting.

Trump can brag that the 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels had the most viewers in TV history!

General of Trumpistan Republic

Facebook suspends data firm tied to Trump campaign, Trump admin is tracking you

In California's rural, conservative north, there are big dreams for cleaving the state

An enginerd speculates on the FIU bridge collapse

Where were California GOP candidates Tuesday? Not with Trump

"Did you feel something?"

University education makes students more agreeable, conscientiousness

Could the timing of Fredo's divorce be in anticipation of an asset freeze?

Polls have opened in Russia's Far East for the presidential election in which Vladimir Putin seeks

What's for Dinner Sat., Mar. 17, 2018

Russia investigation may turn to Ivanka Trump (The Guardian)

The absence of ants: Entomologist confirms first Saharan farming 10,000 years ago

White House 'not happy' with Trump lawyer Dowd's disastrous statement on dumping Mueller

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

Hire McCabe for a couple days?

Happy St Paddy's Day! Question

As AG, Pruitt or ANY political associate of Trump must recuse (DOJ Conflicts Rule, 28 CFR 45. 2).

Schumer: 'Severe consequences' if Trump moves to shut down Mueller probe

If You Want to Understand Trump, Understand This: Revenge Is What He Cares About Most

From McCabe's spokesperson: No crowdfunding has been set up yet (don't get scammed):

We all do it, but many posts have the same basic flaw: they try to

Judiciary Dem calls for hearing on Trump's FBI attacks

Mike Pence, St. Paddy's Day Parade, Art, and Protest

Are the articles of impeachment already drafted and just waiting for the Dem

Trump Tweets '#DrainTheSwamp' After McCabe Firing: 'Tremendous Leaking, Lying and Corruption'

How Alicia Vikander Got Ripped For Tomb Raider

Dem rebuts Trump on House panel finding: 'The committee reached no such conclusion'

(Russian) Talking Point Du Jour: Trump Is Too Stupid To Be Dangerous

White House staffer left email passwords on official stationery at bus stop: report

More than 1 in 4 Americans show some support for authoritarianism

Michael Flynn Comes Out of Hiding to Stump for Far-Right Congressional Candidate

Top officials scramble to make Trump-Kim summit a reality

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #2

Are we ready for a revenge war between....

Waikiki police substation evacuated after possible explosives dropped off

Vatican bans archbishop, accused of pedophilia, from returning to Guam

Betsy DeVos Is Now Fighting the Union at the Education Department

Remember when?

Petition Facebook/Cambridge Analytica

Forensic Analysis of One of the Earliest Weapons Grade Plutonium Samples Ever Prepared.

Hawaii Medical Aid In Dying Bill Passes Key Senate Panel

Original Rail Budget Included Bogus Numbers For Station Designs

Feds Say UH Manoa Overcharged Disabled Dorm Residents

If Mueller gets fired and he turns the cases to the State Courts....,

Cambridge Analytica harvested data from millions of unsuspecting Facebook users

After last night's firing and the stunning College Basketball upset

The spotlight should now be turned on a complicit Congress

John Doan: "The Lamentation of Turlough O'Carolan" & Turlough O'Carolan: "Planxty Irwin"/

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

10 Signs Youre Way More Intelligent Than You Realize

Big difference between Fox, MSNBC, and CNN:

Trump is perfecting the art of the Big Lie

Trump Draws (Twitter)

A new Irish Blessing......#resist

Guam Speaker Benjamin Cruz: Increase 'sin' taxes, tax on real property improvements

Mostly status quo even with new sales tax law in Guam

Biden: Trump 'dumbs down' American values

How to Cook Salmon

Staff claim Cambridge Analytica ignored US ban on foreigners working on elections

GOP immigration bill stirs tension among Hispanic conservatives

Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) says Trump is trying to be Putin

Jessie.J - My Heart Will Go On

What America's gun fanatics won't tell you

Cinderella Story? Its True for U.M.B.C. in Academics, Too.

Trumps Personal Lawyer Is Now Calling For End To Russia Probe

Luck of the Irish - John Belushi

McCabe's Firing: Vindictiveness and Obstruction of Justice

Guam and American Samoa still on EU tax haven blacklist

Serious Question: whats going to happen before the Stormy Dainels Interview

Were not sure why McCabe was fired. But Trumps tweet suggests the worst.

Harvard to host Florida shooting survivors for panel on guns

Harvard to host Florida shooting survivors for panel on guns

Moody's changes outlook for GovGuam & Guam Waterworks Authority to "negative"

Trump's lawyers have no power to stop an independent investigation by Fed. Gov

Mike Huckabee Celebrates Firing Of Former FBI Deputy Director By Making Dead Dog Joke

Russia & Stormy!

This is the Tweet of the decade...

Stormy Daniels legal fundraiser

who would buy this thing?

Trump nickname thread.

'Immeasurable pain of his loss' - Former Guam Democratic Party Chairman murdered in Philippines

Moses Lake H.S. student, Angelica Mansfield, gives an impromptu passionate speech to her peers

Mueller has interviewed McCabe

Go Loyola Chicago!

When it's 5am at an Irish wedding!

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Suite

Students must say #Enough to voter apathy

Data Firm Tied to Trump Campaign Talked Business With Russians

Muellers Calculated Strike Against the Trump Org Shows His Strategy Is Working

Trump averaged 4.9 lies per day at start of presidency. now averaging 6 per day

Russian oligarch(s) met with Cambridge Analytica & asked about political targeting. Kushner & Bannon

Banned by the BBC in '72 - Give Ireland Back to the Irish

parcel addressed "a farm, situated up a long driveway with cows, opposite a pub or thereabouts"

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes' wife alleges widespread abuse in petition for restraining order

Tim Walz offers a McCabe a job

Interesting show on 70s sports and drugs

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Commentary: Donald Trump is faithless to commitments and individuals. How can believers...

Sessions Firing of McCabe Violated His Promise to Recuse

After his family died, he threatened to kill himself. So the police took his guns.

Stephen King nails it

And now (quiet, please)....and now, for some synchronized swimming

I think the problem Trump is always going to have...

Doctors are warning people not to put this glitter capsule up their vaginas

Are you going to vote for the democrat if they