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Must Read - A Quiet exodus - Why Black Worshippers are leaving White Evangelical Churches

After Pennsylvania hate-o-rama, a still-pleased Trump settles into his usual Twitter routines

CNN: Club scene bonanza for Stormy

The Grim Conclusions of the Largest-Ever Study of Fake News

If he were running this year, I might be tempted to vote for him

This photo of Joe Biden talking to a homeless man is going viral

Good for the soul. Dancing to music by Earth, Wind and Fire

You all know what's going to happen...

Helicopter crashes into East River in New York.

Laurence Tribe: Trump's lawyer threaten injunction against airing of Anderson Cooper interview

PolitiFact ‏ Mar 10 Donald Trump is wrong about wage trends, again.

Quote from Hannah Arendt. "The Origins of Totalitarianism", 1967

Trump Just Announced His Plan To Train Teachers To Use Guns As Part Of His School Safety Policy

NRA TV! Ohmigod! "Fox news on a low budget" - John Oliver Show

Louise Mensch from 10 months ago now being slowly corroborated

Only in a MadMax World....

PA-18: Trump privately slamming GOP candidate as 'weak'

Saccone spent $435,172 in taxpayer money using his expense account.

Betsy DeVos on 60 Minutes has Leslie Stahl's jaw stuck on floor.

Ron Baiman (Ph. D.): U.S. 2016 Unadjusted Exit Poll Discrepancies.... (Affadavit)

I just discovered that I love Chana Masala.

A reminder to lurking evangelicals

Saccone, is a former intelligence support consultant for the U.S. Army at the Abu Ghraib prison.

Feast for the imagination

update on rich "play cop" who killed man (Eric Harris) while serving as volunteer cop

Trump lawyers want to stop 60 Minutes from airing Stormy Daniels interview: report

Thought for sure he was going with 'Yes We Klan.'

Fun with family photos

Trump Says America Would Be Bored If He Acted Presidential

Anonymous interview in 2028.

Jessica Jones - Season 2

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 12 March 2018

Shoutout to strong women rattling the insecure insulter-in-chief

Best Movie Villians of all time..

Trump backs off call for raising minimum age to buy gun

Could Mississippi elect a Democratic senator?

A psychological analysis of Trump supporters has uncovered 5 key traits about them

How much BS can be squeezed into one speech? A lot. The 64 most outrageous lines

CREW Requests Further Investigation of Ben Carsons HUD

I just trashed the keyword....


Ex-Trump voters in coal country bring down the house for a Democrat

So Judith REGAN's recycled if-I-did-it did how many ratings tonight?!1

Dan Rather: "President Backtrack has done his usual dance. Promise big. Talk tough. And then..."

Trump is weak. We need to remember that.

Local catholic cemetery radio ad: "Eternal Life." Local jewish cemetery ad: "Memories live forever."

GOP crusader Walker reaches to center in volatile Wisconsin


Meatloaf blows everyone away with his rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner in 1994

Bernie Sanders in Phoenix: Senator encourages supporters to fight for change, riles opponents

Hundreds of Missouris 15-year-old brides may have married their rapists

Bernie Sanders in Phoenix: Senator encourages supporters to fight for change, riles opponents

Would Every Voter Have To Prove Citizenship & Register Again To Vote Under Kobach Plan?

Senator Murphy introduces Kari A. Dooley, Nominee For U.S. District Judge For The District Of CT

Instead Of Thoughts And Prayers, Oregon Passes New Gun Safety Law

FLIPPABLE: Ana-Maria Ramos for TX-HD102

FLIPPABLE: Kate Muth for PA-SD44

Based on this description of Trump, he's manic, on drugs or suffering dementia

MSD father paints We Demand A Change next to his son's wall mural

MSD, once a news headline, forever aesthetic art

I Just Heard A Radio Talk Show Host Say Trump Was Successful At The Reality Show....

The Trump "A" to "Z"

LA rally to protest tRump arrival to CA Tues.

Post Gazette endorses Saccone

Seth Abramson: The Nastya Rybka story is getting stranger

NYTimes OP-Ed : Stormy Daniels story much more than a sex scandal

The Blue Wave - Brought to You by the GOP

Rise up Aztec Nation

I have noticed that a lot of Russian people I work with will not do a DNA test.

HUGE plot hole in The Good fight tonight ( no spoilers)

Kim Jong Un Wants a Peace Treaty From Trump, Report Says

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Cryptocurrencies

CA GOP rep Rohrabacher is facing opposition

The Russians Sanctions have not been implemented. Where is the press on this?

LA protesting tRump's first visit to CA

Parkland FL: Anthony Borges Fights for Life - Took 5 Bullets

Democrats accuse Nevada's Hardy of misusing campaign funds

Clark County schools run up legal bills fighting court rulings

Bernie Sanders in Phoenix: Senator encourages supporters to fight for change, riles opponents

Bernie Sanders in Phoenix: Senator encourages supporters to fight for change, riles opponents

Kihuen faces credible claims of sexual harassment. He still has nothing to lose by running for re-

No more hugs, California legislature tells lawmaker

Lawmakers reject plan to rename Utah scenic highway after Trump

State of Texas rolls a lucky 7 on Selection Sunday

How did a pastor with a spotty business record get a $825K gig with Dallas City Hall? He knew a guy

Backs off call for raising minimum age to buy assault weapons

Tillerson cuts short Africa trip to return to Washington

Unhinged and uncensored at Pennsylvania rally

Putin: "Maybe Jews or minorities are behind US election interference..."

"My mom (who was a republican for 57 years) just got a donation request from the RNC..."

Trump wins the unpopularity contest.

Trump Blames Democrats for Lack of Appointees

85 Years Ago Today; FDR's First Fireside Chat

Mueller Weighs Putting Off Trump Obstruction Decision

APNewsBreak: Trump Jr. partners with donor who pitched gov't

The 'attention-deficit-disorder' Congress

Cable news covered the Baltimore school walkout for less than a minute

Trump Jr. has undisclosed business relationship with GOP donor

Eminem attacks NRA in awards show performance: 'They control the puppet'

Quiz: Whats the Worst Part of This Betsy DeVos Exchange?

Did you ever wonder about how people chose to eat what they eat?

Jake Tapper wants Elizabeth Warren to take a DNA test

Trump pulls back from big changes to gun laws after Florida shooting

Donald Trump's overture to Kim Jung Un was a "great distraction"...

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said the US is no longer a world leader in LGBT rights.

This is why representation matters:

The president is pushing for abstinence education in schools. Oh! The! Irony!


Qataris opted not to give info on Kushner, secret meetings to Mueller

The Philippines added a UN human rights worker to the country's 'terror hit list'

John McLaughlin on dt...

Why the UK has no guns

BTRTN: What Does Pence Know, and When Did He Know It?

BTRTN: What Does Pence Know, and When Did He Know It?

Kathmandu airport crash: At least 40 dead as US-Bangla plane veers off runway

Trump pushes for, and may get, authority to dispatch Secret Service to polling stations

Hey Martin Shkreli...Know what rhymes with "Pharma"?

Monday TOON Roundup 1 - Rocket Man and the Dotard

Monday TOON Roundup 2 - Just the Dotard

Monday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

One glorious ceiling

Could Elizabeth Warren's "heritage" problem be a sleeping winner for Dems?

Have voters changed their minds about Brexit?

You just can't make this shit up....

Some awesomeness for your morning!

What happened to "abuse of power"?

'Blessed are the shameless':Ex-Bush speechwriter rakes evangelicals over the coals for Trump support

Sergei Skripal: Theresa May set to hit back at Russia over spy attack

1968 Los Angeles school protesters see link to Parkland teens.

I wonder why we cant fund social programs

YOU THINK? DeVos: 'Maybe I Should' Visit Underperforming Schools

Joe Scarborough Slams Rowdy Marathon Trump Speech: 'Like A Mussolini Rally'

'Stay away': Pennsylvania Republican says Trump is making it harder for Rick Saccone to win

Do you ever wonder if the international criminal network is stronger than established governments?

How is this any different than being a street dealer?

White House Says Trump Would Know About Collusion

Ivanka Trump Never Cut Ties with the Trump Organization

The Song about Parkland has already been written

Independents and Our Binary Political System

don caves to NrA.....tweet

The Science of Fake News

TOON: Senator Squish & Senator Stalwart

You can't fool people with political slogans when the evidence is in their paychecks...

Happy 70th 🎂 Sweet Baby James

Fox & Friends guest: Execute drug dealers 'at a young age'

Absolutely remarkable: If you've seen the Range Rover ad driving up the "Heaven's Gate" steps, you

Suspected drug dealer who refused to poo for 46 DAYS released... on bail

Everything You Need To Know About The Pennsylvania 18th Special Election (from 538)

What's Next? How about Converting Old Prisons to Schools?

Not to brag or anything but I went into a room and

Challenge: An insane person claims to be God. Prove that he's not.

Maddow tonight: Corn, Isikoff 'Russian Roulette' book

17 crosses for victims of FL school shooting hung from Kentucky billboard advertising local gun show

Ivanka Trump Never Cut Ties with the Trump Organization

Trans men confirm our worst fears about sexism

Trump touts his gun policy - but says he'll 'watch court cases' before deciding on raising age...

FLIPPABLE: Sarah DeMerchant for TX-HD26

White House Says Trump Would Know About Collusion

Dem senator fires back at Trump over obstruction claim by listing ambassadors he hasn't nominated

FLIPPABLE: Joanna Cattanach FOR TX-HD108

Trump: "Highly trained expert teachers will be allowed to conceal carry, subject to State Law"

Dem senator: Why is Trump silent on Putin blaming Jews for election interference?

"Are you running ? "

Generation Z has twice as many atheists, research group finds

Soccer: Greek Super League suspended after PAOK Salonika president invades pitch with gun

'Look who's afraid of the NRA': Internet blasts 'coward' Trump for backpedaling on assault weapons

Trump: Not enough 'political support' to raise age for gun buys

BLS report: January jobless rates down in 6 states; payroll jobs up in 3 states, down in 1

This is how pipeline companies will seek a pass on Trump tariffs

EU slams trade 'bullies' as Trump row deepens

Latest noreaster could dump a foot or more of snow

Eminem attacks NRA in awards show performance: 'They control the puppet'

North Korea silence speaks volumes on US talks

Trump says he has "A very good brain". Will Jake Tapper ask him to

DNA Heritage Tests - Why Would E. Warren or Anybody Bother?

GOP crusader Walker reaches to center in volatile Wisconsin

Thanks to Trump, This Senator Finally Gets Her Chance to Decimate Alaskas Environmental Protections

Why Evangelicals willingly sold out their principles for power. (very, very long article)

How the baby boomers not millennials screwed America

Is there a way to block a whole forum from showing up in my "Latest Threads?"

US_Bangla Airlines catches fire at Kathmandu - over 50 feared dead

Hubert de Givenchy, French clothing designer who transformed Audrey Hepburn into a style legend, die

Anyone roast their own coffee here?

Chuck Todd Says Trump WH Set to Get Really Crazy...: 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet'

Men Legally Allowed to Finish Sex Even If Woman Revokes Consent, NC Law States

The truth that is taboo for Trump supporters and conservatives to hear?

Devos struggles in pointed '60 Minutes' interview

Parkland student mocks DeVos: 'Unfair' to ask Education Secretary education questions

2016: DHS Official Charged With Beating Wife in Arlington, Virginia

Students to march 50 miles to Ryan's hometown to demand gun control

I didn't listen to Trump at his campaign rally for the Pennsylvania Congressman, but what I...

"The Death of Stalin" - Movie trailer/looks like it might be worthwhile

Fox News launching new ad campaign: 'Real news. Real honest opinion'

Looking for some rather unique swear words - Classical Dictionary 1788

Revealed: White House officials watched in dismay as Betsy DeVos went down in flames on 60 Min

Stormy Daniels offers to pay back $130G for freedom to talk Trump

Happy birthday to Sir William Henry Perkin, accidental discoverer of purple dye!

Should I - Yes-No-Yes-No - Oh, the hell with it

Trump threatens to tax European auto imports


Which albums have you owned the most? For yourself or gifts - hell I bought some records 10 tmes

The Memo: Moment of truth for Trump in Pennsylvania

Cory Gardner doesnt deny blocking a bipartisan effort to improve gun-purchase background checks

Kevin McCarthy defends Trump calling Chuck Todd 'son of a bitch'

Stormy Daniels Offers to Return Payment to End Deal for Her Silence

Outrage as Ugandan MP says 'beat your wife'

President Barack Obama visited troops in a combat zone his 1st year in office

Conor Lamb has a great ground game here in SW PA...

Trump's Lawyers Seem to be Getting Desperate

Hundreds of Missouri's 15-year-old brides may have married their rapists

Hundreds of Missouris 15-year-old brides may have married their rapists

Florida divorce question...


Putin Says He Gave Order to Shoot Down Plane in 2014

the google doodle for today celebrates william henry perkins, discoverer of synthetic purple

The Hill: Qatar refuses to give Mueller info on Kushner secret meeting

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Won't Help Teachers Buy Books, Will Help Them Shoot Guns

The Dicktator holds ultra-fascist rally in PA

Cramer: Larry Kudlow is leading contender to replace Gary Cohn as Trump's top economic advisor

In WInston Churchill - Hollywood rewards a mass murderer

To all my friends @ DU please be strong this is my last post ever ....

Adam Rippon: 'My mom would kill me' if I talked to women the way Trump does

2018 - March Meme Madness - Game 24

2018 - March Meme Madness - Game 23

2018 - March Meme Madness - Game 22

2018 - March Meme Madness - Game 21

2018 - March Meme Madness - Game 20

2018 - March Meme Madness - Game 19

2018 - March Meme Madness - Game 18

2018 - March Meme Madness - Game 17

2018 - March Meme Madness - Start of Round 2

Quite the story here on Felix Sater

There really is a "NATIONAL GUN DAY" (Well, sorta) Look at this, will ya....

Colombia election: Farc fails to win support in first national vote

Poll: Most small business owners say they will not hire, give raises because of new tax law

Stormy Daniels Offers to Return $130K

Missouri is the Destination for Child Weddings

GOP Gloom Sets In As Dems Aim For House Pickup Deep In Trump Country

Mueller can weaken Dump but only votes can really save us

Canaries in the coal mine: GOP growing anxious about Dem victories as midterms near

LIVE: Houston Astros visit the White House

The Kobach Voting Rights Trial: Live Updates

Dems to Trump: Push for extradition of Russians accused of U.S. election meddling

The backfire effect

"Black-Ish" Episode Shelved Over Creative & Political Differences

Anybody watching the HBO doc on Rolling Stone Magazine?

North Korea Remains Tight-Lipped On Trump-Kim Jong Un Summit Meeting

Four Years After Declaring War on Pollution, China Is Winning.

If Trump blocks Stormy Daniels....

Would you prefer that Trump's dose of Karma comes via Robert Mueller or Stormy Daniels?

6th Grader Writes Heartbreaking Will In Case Of School Shooting

Breaking: Lamb leads by SIX points in final poll, breaks 50 percent mark, 51-45


Are PA voters voting for the "person" over the "Party"?

Now this is going a tad far isnt it?? Bruno Mars is not Black enough to

Trump Reportedly Called Fox & Friends Host to Talk VA Bill...During Meeting With VA Secretary

Lamb Takes the Lead In Pennsylvanias 18th

so--I am wondering why betsy devos is suddenly everywhere. we have (mercifully)

Commerce secretary to push EU to lower tariffs: Trump

Why did Rolling Stone and other music publications all but ignore RAP & Hip Hop

Dem leads by 6 points in Pa. special election: poll

BREAKING: Nerve agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal linked to Russia by Prime Minister

John Oliver - International Women's Day

Howard Dean: Trump's Cabinet full of 'incompetent doofuses'

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Is On Hiatus This Week

Chicago area gardeners (esp tomato lovers!) - I will be at Morton Arb next Saturday

Fact Check. Was a Roanoke City Department of Social Services Worker Fired Over a Gun Permit?

Line holders at the polls--Is it legal?

NPR Audio Link: Sen. Sanders - ''Back To Banking As Usual?''

Highly likely Moscow behind attack, says Theresa May (Novichok agent it is!)

RNC Builds an Army for November Elections

Written in Blood: Trump Appointee Reverses Lessons of Deepwater Horizon

melania knew--Charles Blow NYT

Manhunt for Thugs in North Carolina who Burned 76-Year-Old Woman Alice

Democratic master plan: Goad Dump into holding a rally in every election that is close

Anyone you see making our TWO PARTY choice out as NEGATIVE, i.e. more or less stating that while one

Stormy Daniels Wants To Return The $130,000 She Was Paid To "Silence Her" So She Can Speak Out

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Studying for finals (Trump!)

ok du. my sister is running. help us over the finish line. pretty please.

Another Trump and women story

The Latest: 2nd Explosion Badly Injures Woman in Austin

Happy 25th anniversary, the "Storm of the Century"

"Kiss My Rump, Donald Trump"--Sandy and Richard Riccardi

For Stormy Daniels, swatting away Twitter trolls is a work of art

"Disrespectful"--Sandy and Richard Riccardi (NSFW)

Nuclears talks...

The USS Whitehouse. The sinking ship!

Uranium industry asks Supreme Court to review Grand Canyon mining ban

Toys R Us may go out of business next week, close all U.S. stores: reports

Republicans on House Intelligence Committee move to end Russia probe ahead of midterm losses: report

Targeted Advertising & Trump

US still 'not heard directly back' from Norea Korea: Tillerson

Republican vileness and evil know no bounds. How dare she.

Trump Nobel peace prize ? We made him think he was going to pick up his prize...

Do you love onions? I do.

Ireland's Openly-Gay Prime Minister to Meet With Mike Pence and Press Him on LGBT Rights

"Lamb the Sham?" That doesn't even make sense.

The Russians Know Our Secret.....

Black families are being targetted and bombed..

Feinstein: Trump 'completely caved' to gun lobby

Hey! These old guys and gals are still with us

Oyster Shooters: Give me 😋 or Gag me 🤢?

Bush speechwriter utterly destroys Evangelicals in lengthy essay

CNN's Jim Acosta: The Trump Trolls Who Want Me Dead

Progressives: We reflect the population at large and must cleanse from within

Loudspeakers blaring anti Conor Lamb message in Greensburg, PA today

Bill Maher: Evangelical/GOP hypocrisy to help Democrats find a spine? (VIDEO)

Trump Jr. campaigns in Pa.: Republicans 'can't take winning for granted'

Georgia Republicans pushing bill to reduce voting hours in Atlanta only

Stormy arrives at the Solid Gold in South FL

Republicans wage 11th-hour blitz in Pa. special election

DC residents threaten to boycott distillery over DeVos investment

One of my many favorite Stormy related tweets, so far, today

With over 29,000 homicides, 2017 was Mexico's most violent year on record

This was a favorite of mine growing up:

And another "family values" Republican bites the dust.

Church of Scientology to launch TV channel

I'll take Bill Graham over Billy Graham any day...old hippie from CA

Penn GOP chair doing damage control, says PA-18 that went 20 points Trump is a "Democrat district"

On Deepwater Horizon, and the flawed logic of "teachable moments."

WOW. Let's hope this Monmouth poll is right, but still GOTV in PA-18!

This needs to be the Democrats' theme song for the 2020 election.

Which candidate brings the whole package....

Is The Stormy Story More Damaging Than We Thought?

Sarah's Book of Lies...

Iowa Senate leader Bill Dix resigns after video of him kissing woman in Des Moines bar is posted

TOON: a British take on centrism:

The Message!

Why Cats Knock Everything Over

Top Arab spy and prince's conduit to Kremlin were at Seychelles meeting between Trump donor Prince


Pierce: Trump's Latest Voter Suppression Plan Smells Dictatorial

Kratu the dog does what he feels like doing:

Grossman: Candidates must stand up to rising anti-Semitism

Remember when?

Dog has fun at L.A. Kings game

Breaking: Bill Dix resigns

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

"The 64 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's untethered Pennsylvania speech"

Iowa Breaking: Bill Dix resigns

Questions for Ecommerce business owners

Trump's 'Shithole' Remark Comes Back To Haunt Him In New Immigration Lawsuit

This is the danger of campaigning at a candy factory.

Maine candidate calls Florida teen activist a skinhead lesbian

In Totally Unhinged Speech, Trump Slobbers Over Foreign Despots, America's Free Press

White House insists Trump not 'chickening out' on NRA

FEINSTEIN: "President Trump has completely caved to the gun lobby...Shame on you, Mr. President.

US proposes new Ghouta ceasefire at UN and signals readiness to act on its own

Is The Stormy Story More Damaging Than We Thought? - By Josh Marshall

Trump: "Cowards will only go where there is no deterrent!" No irony here, folks...just move on.

Japan: Shinzo Abe's political future in doubt as wife linked to cronyism scandal

Here is one way Benedict Donald has helped me:

Questions for TSA after reports of laptop and phone searches on domestic flights

Questions for TSA after reports of laptop and phone searches on domestic flights

Package bombs in Austin appear connected

Clinton says Americans don't deserve Trump as president

Package Bombings in Austin

A violent, unforeseen trend is developing in Marin/Sonoma counties: home invasions in search of pot

Buzzfeed reports Felix Sater burned as source by two FBI agents- has been for many years?

Trump is now utterly irrelevant to policymaking

Donald Trump Jr., Rick Saccone and plenty of chocolate: The final day of campaigning in Pennsylvania

Oskar Groening, the 'Bookkeeper of Auschwitz', Dies Aged 96

I was listening to Hannity...

Pi Day is coming up, in 3.14159 units of something. How are you celebrating?

Trump Administration Ethical Transgressions - Hillary Did It

Forest service imposes emergency closure along Mountain Valley Pipeline route

Forest service imposes emergency closure along Mountain Valley Pipeline route

David Frum: Britain Accuses Russia of Poisoning-Trump Won't Agree

Will tomorrow's Nor'easter affect the PA 18 election? If so, how? nt

Rogue traffic signs in Asheville NC

How two of President John Tyler's grandsons are still alive, 174 years later

Trump's tariff gambit doesn't seem to have done much for the Pennsylvania special election

Older Duers...who in your 20th century pantheon is still with us...?

Hillary Clinton says follow the money in the Trump-Putin relationship

Using Trump's own "logic":

What Losing The Brooklyn Dodgers Taught Bernie Sanders

Cody Johnson is back with S**e News

Reality Winner Jailed Day 283: No Miranda - No Bail

Call for action to prevent gun violence

While the rest of the nation has moved on...

The Radical Left Wing Polices Most Americans Want Right Now

Tennessee 'Natural' Burial Ground Will Offer A Simpler Farewell Casket Optional

The pic Trump doesn't want you to see...

****BREAKING**** Lamb 51% Saccone 45% *

PA-18: Inside the DCCCs stealth effort to help Conor Lamb

Students to march 50 miles to Ryan's hometown to demand gun control!!

History in the making

Texas notary's failure to sign Stormy Daniels' hush agreement is under investigation

Caesars contesting $50M fee for 2 Indiana casino licenses

Dad, what is "failing" ?

Trump Abandons Brief Gun Control Promise

Waist deep in the Big Muddy

Luckovich - Hand Warmer

Lamb Takes the Lead In Pennsylvanias 18th

Well, we got rid of one republican weasel in Iowa

USDA withdraws animal welfare rule

Oh, Christ. Numnuts on msnbc live. Because once wasn't enough.

UPDATE: Republicans find no evidence of collusion or Russian preference for Trump

Students to march 50 miles to Ryan's hometown to demand gun control!!

Are they all crooks?Japan: Shinzo Abe's political future in doubt as wife linked to cronyism scandal

Jeff Bezos And Elon Musk Are Ramping Up Their Space Race

I think Stormy took the money because she didn't think trump* would end up in the White House

Nicely done, PeePOTUS...

For the RICH Republican Narcissist Who loves Money so very much

Lets just call the Republican House Intelligence Committee

Industry: $10B will be bet on March Madness, most illegally

With a little help from Trump...

IMHO: Avenatti (porn star's lawyer) brilliantly trolling 45 on Ari. 45's gonna take the bait.

Sam Nunberg about to be live on Ari Melberg's show on MSNBC

Republicans Finds Trump Innocent

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 12, 2018

I dare you not to laugh...

Teachers struggle with new 'default mindset' after Florida shooting - NBC News

Mark Hamill named as St Patricks Day Festival Inaugural International Guest of Honour in Dublin

Pierce: There's a Lot of News Right Now. Don't Ignore What's Happening in Texas.

#Enough: Almost 3,000 School Walkouts and Counting for March 14th, 2018 nationwide walkout

Police say wave of package explosions in Austin, Texas, could be linked

Sharron Angle formalizes bid to unseat Rep. Amodei in NV GOP primary

Conservative commentator Kudlow a contender to replace Cohn: source

"rich, white, and dumber than a bag of hammers."

Saccone unhinged: "the other side has hatred for the president, the country & God."

Sarah Sanders refuses to blame or even mention Russia in UK poisoning which she calls indiscrimin


Please, I'm not the only one that needs help.

Seahawks player abused for kneeling for anthem ... despite not kneeling for anthem

Obituary: Trevor Baylis Inventor whose wind-up radio brought information to Africa's rural poor

Fed Court: EPA broke law with smog rule delay

Trump blocks Broadcom's $117 billion bid for Qualcomm out of national security concerns, a highly u

Trump's governance shows why he's a serial bankrupt

Let's be clear about what Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are doing here.

Iowa State Senate leader resigns after release of video that shows him kissing lobbyist

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Former Navy intelligence chief took lavish meals and gifts from 'Fat Leonard' but is cleared of cons

Republicans on House Intell Committee - READ THIS!

We have a russian mole as our 'president' and a congress that is willing to destroy the rule of law

I'm Glad The Cons Shut Down Their Intelligence Committee

Judge rules mystery Powerball winner can keep name private

Just a pretty cat lookin' at you

Happy Birthday Pisces!

Morgan Spurlock documentary about Bundys and "patriot" movement:

What Is a "Refugee"? The Jews from Morocco versus the Palestinians from Israel

Trump Blocks Broadcoms Bid for Qualcomm.

Trump Blocks Broadcoms Bid for Qualcomm.

Republican staff had already drafted a final report on Trump-Russia-- Not consult Dems

Help me write 5 questions to ask trump that ANY business owner would know the answers to.

800,000 GBP to Tories from Russian oligarchs?

It seems that the gun debate right now is centered on school safety.

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney (FL) announced on Monday that he will not seek re-election later this year.

The Judas Priest Website has a "name generator" where you can create your name in their font

Anyone else feeling just disgusted and fed up? Today especially?

MEANWHILE, in Iceland...

R.I.P. Nokie Edwards

SCHIFF: "If Russians have leverage over the President-GOP has decided that it would rather not know"

Nunberg to be interviewed by Anderson Cooper next on AC 360.

The House GOP is even more of a joke than I had imagined.

A real genius, very humble...

If you have a Republican House member and/or senators....

Republicans END House probe into Russian collusion saying there is NO EVIDENCE Putin meddled to help

Erik Prince in the news lately -- here's something I almost forgot

Chris Matthews never lets any of his guests finish a sentence.

What would you call "A tragedy" ?

Trump to raise $5 million in California for re-election bid

Good Lord. Matthews is nuts tonight

'Snowbirds' may have to pay California income tax

Nunes does not want to investigate himself....

Say what?