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Archives: March 10, 2018

Media Whore MSNBC special tonite Sex and the Lawrence, darn them...

GOP making up Justice Kennedy retiring to boost their 2018 election

2018 and 2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 60 seats.

So, Trump kids, how do you feel about your father's affair with Stormy Daniels?

A gay politician trolled Republicans so hard they gave up trying to name a road

An idea to cancel Trump's Parade...

NRA sues Florida to block new gun law.

Weakened, Kushner goes it alone in Mexico

Best song of all time? Pop/Rock

New series coming to Netflix...

Notorious Von Spakovsky Email On Voter Fraud Commission Entered As Evidence

Pro-Trump pastor says "thou shall not have sex with a porn star" - but the president can.

I'm sorry. I have to ask.

Native Indigenous: United States Plots Purge of Blood Lines

On average, spring has warmed a little more than 2F in the U.S. since 1970...

Gowdy Blasts White House Response On Rob Porter As 'Inadequate,' Silent On Subpoenas

WATCH: Colbert on Trump meeting Kim Jong Un: "We'll finally figure out who has a bigger button"

Malcolm Nance: the Kremlin 'knew all about' Trump's sexcapades & his 'pattern of paying people off'

Trump says he's working with Australia on tariff exemption

help Conor Lamb... make some calls!

Bush says Trump makes me look pretty good by comparison: report

The greatest single live rock n roll performance ever.

Cohen dismisses claims of email as proof Trump knew about payment to porn star to buy her silence

Somebody else that feels like I do ......

Andy Borowitz: Kim Jong Un Reveals He Is Just Using Trump to Meet Stormy Daniels

Trump is Liberated to Act on His Impulses

Trump Org Donates $151,000 in Foreign Profits to U.S. Treasury

When was the last time America could legitimately claim to be a democratic republic?

Legacy of the 115th Congress: failing on Russia

Twitter Video Clip: Bernie in the house at Blue Star Arts Complex

White House: Never Mind the North Korea Meeting, Trump Was Just Babbling

NRA Lawsuit Against Florida Means Want No Restrictions On Any Kind Of Gun Anywhere In US.

KIDS! A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Gordo's chimichangas again available Tucson

Why does Trump get such an easy pass?

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 11 - Doris Day and Rock Hudson

VA-7th Just got back from a in-house meetup with Abigail Sparnberger WOW!

TCM Schedule for Monday March 12 - Star of the Month: Elizabeth Taylor

Oregon Democrats recruit candidates for every State Senate seat up for election.

Scoop: Netanyahu told Trump he's concerned about U.S.-Saudi nuclear deal

Just finished Bernal Diaz' The True History of the Conquest of New Spain

Big Oil Knew

Why Is There Now a Bovine Influenza?

Trump on North Korean meeting: A deal is 'very much in the making'

Purrthday Cake (A 10th Birthday Special) - Simon's Cat

St. Patricks Day Recipes

Tomorrow is Election Day in Tennessee

2018 US Senate Elections vs 2020 US Senate Elections- vulnerable Democratic/Republican seats

Kentucky Democrats recruit the most State House candidates since 1984.

The Doors - The End (original)

Tomorrow is Election Day in Florida

Washington Voting Rights Act passes legislature

129k in Payments to Trump Org Properties One Day Before Bank Emailed Cohen About 130k Payment

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Losing Hope!

NRA Lawsuit against Florida

Maddow:Mueller has personal letter from Trump to Putin

This sweet and savory chicken coating gets a citrusy punch from the aromatic grass.

Trump wrote Putin to personally invite him to 2013 Miss Universe Pageant: report

Two questions

Lewiston mayor says letter to new voters wasnt intimidation

Wow. Look at the eyes on the (very cute) daughter of Dwayne (the Rock)Johnson:

Dozens Of Other Countries That Interfered In 2016 Election Annoyed Russia Getting All The Credit

Energy Secretary Rick Perry says moving from fossil fuels to renewables is immoral

White house is money laundering central.

Stormy Daniels should run against Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020...

Friday Talking Points (475) -- Stormy Weather

This is the nervous face of a feller that just sold his mentor Roger Stone up the river

So, a commercial for Daniel Biss

Bernie urges respect for Trump supporters

America has a billion-dollar drunk shopping problem


I just received an e-mail from a Russian, ask me anything!

Kim Jong Un Reveals He Is Just Using Trump to Meet Stormy Daniels

RiViNi / Resistance Music Video

See your new yacht

VF Breaking: TRUMP IS GOING FOR A CLEAN RESET Kelly, McMaster, Jivanka all out

Trump is a national security risk

Martin Shkreli is going to jail for defrauding rich people. If we jailed him for exploiting the poor

George Takei tweets the schadenfreude Shkreli-zinger of the day !!

Trump will get the military parade he wanted -- just not the tanks

Do you think Putin and Kim Jong-un remind Trump of his father?

Robert Jeffress

Colombia arrests healthcare executive over $105B heist

Stormy Daniels attorney releases new email where Michael Cohen admits he's speaking for Trump

Trumphffff Flaunts Pardon Power


Been doing some research for a buddy on the "Beverly Hillbillies..."

In Texas' Zavala and Foard counties, no Republicans voted in primaries

Ironies ain't a new thing: Here's a Border Patrol Hispanic's book about chasing his own down

I get a feeling that I never never had before


PA race...Dem Lamb leads puke Saccone by 4


Friday Night No-Wine Non-Buzz. I'm on call. Ask me anything.


Three women, gunman dead after hostage standoff at veterans home in Yountville, California

Late GOP entries shake up congressional races as California filing deadline looms

Sorry if this has been posted before - I just really needed a laugh

Group holding bulk of Gibson' s debt willing to restructure if CEO Henry Juszkiewicz steps down

John Scalzi: "The Other Large Thing"

I'm going to meet my granddaughter tomorrow!

When an adventurous skater bends thin ice, this frozen lake sings

Meet Nature's Strange, Self-Rolling Snow Doughnuts

Putin 'couldn't care less' about US election interference

NASA scientists propose plan to NUKE incoming asteroids to avoid deadly impacts with Earth

What Really Happens to Our Brains When We're Sleep Deprived? A Neurologist Explains

Exclusive: Rare, Mysterious Whales Filmed Professionally for the First Time

Here's Why People Are Resorting to Wrapping a Glacier in Blankets

Kathy Griffin Thanks Bill Maher for Being One of the Only People Who Publicly Supported Her

Seth Meyers - International Women's Day, Trump's Leeches - Monologue - 3/8/18

Seth Meyers: Guest New Yorker Editor David Remnick Reflects on the Rise of Authoritarian Populism

American Dynasties: The Kennedys Review: A Striving in the Blood, on CNN

Florida school shooting response caught on radio traffic

Gunman, three hostages found dead at Yountville veterans facility, ending standoff

Trump Spoke to a Russian Activist About Ending Sanctions - Just Weeks After Launching His Campaign

In Case You Missed It - 4 Dead In Shooting At Largest Veterans Home In U.S.

Steve Bannon Is Done Wrecking the American Establishment. Now He Wants to Destroy Europe's.

Texas A&M spent more than a $250K to draw attention from Richard Spencer's 2016 visit to campus

This Robot Can Solve a Rubik's Cube in Less Than Half a Second

Tweet on NRA hypocrisy:

What swamp? Lobbyists get ethics waivers to work for Trump

Meet the Mueller team

Lawmaker gets restraining order against another lawmaker

Heres Why Republicans Stopped Talking About a Uranium One Whistleblower

Hannah Overton to receive more than $500K restitution for seven years spent in prison

Something light to give you a chuckle.

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 3/9/18

Go to Google Images. Do a key word search for 'gothic novel covers'.

Valley woman pleads guilty to federal conspiracy charge

Somebody please explain the Dennis Rodman - Kim Jung-Un connection

New evidence the Stormy Daniels payment may have violated election law

Trump Org Donates $151,000 in Foreign Profits to U.S. Treasury

Sen. Bernie Sanders and CNN's Jake Tapper cover lots of political ground in SXSW 2018 talk

Suit seeks to split Texas 38 electoral votes as part of national fight

How do I retrive my Apple password?

Trump to tout tax cuts at Boeing in St. Louis before Wednesday fundraiser for Hawley

We're winging it I don't know how other people do it

New York governor requests to exclude state from offshore drilling program

NRA Gave $7 Million to 100s of Schools: CA, FL Broward Co, CO, NM, AK, More.

Someone needs to intervene with some Buddhists and teach them

Rachel Maddow looks at a bizarre corruption scandal connected to a Donald Trump fundraiser

Governor says he'll call special session

Arkansas lawmakers approve $5.6B budget

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/9/18


Bill Kristol, Trump, trade wars and a stopped clock

Let's Hear It For Teachers In Red, and a State Budget In the Black

San Diego Communications Company Pays More Than $12 Million to Settle False Claim Act Allegations

Young people traveling all over Europe, really common?

Former Starkey President And Business Associate Guilty Of Massive Fraud Perpetrated Against Starkey

California Genetic Testing Service Pays $11 Million To Resolve False Claims Allegations

Quick tutorial on posting Twitter links from a phone

Jennifer Rubin-- Damage control at White House to reverse Trumps stunning blunder

Trump administration studies seeking the death penalty for drug dealers

Dallas father, son convicted in $17 million health care fraud targeting American Airlines employees

Science Has Confirmed How Fake News Spreads Faster Than Truth on Twitter

Former Cocoa Company Executives Plead Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Defrauding Lenders $400M

Father and Son Convicted Following Trial in $16.7 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

Trump official under fire after granting broad access to mining and oil firms

House panel gives blessing to 'God enriches' bill

Video: Jake Tapper & Bernie Sanders SXSW 2018

Jake Tapper & Bernie Sanders SXSW 2018

House Republicans take another crack at control of local elections; bill passes 34-22

Leader in Bundy standoff mounting campaign for Nevada governor

Nevadans sue drug companies for causing 'compulsive gambling' problem

Lawmaker apologizes for Kotex-pillow delivery gone awry

Andrews electrician sentenced to prison for failing to file taxes, mail fraud

The Four People Who Know What Stormy Daniels Has on Trump

Outbreak Of Syphilis And HIV In Milwaukee Affecting Babies, Teens

Tillerson in Africa: US diplomat 'feeling unwell', cancels Kenya plans

Whatever comes next, North Korea's Kim Jong Un can claim a win against Trump

ProLeft Podcast Ep 431 - No chaos. No chaos. Youre the chaos.

Update trooper at benning he is fine and bitching

Ivanka Complained Kelly Was Embarrassing Jared: Report

Philippines' Duterte needs psychiatric evaluation, says U.N. official

Sanders rallies his supporters, urging continued commitment to getting out the vote

Obama in Talks to Provide Shows for Netflix

"Let's throw a summit together to salvage a corrupt regime!"

The powers of the American presidency must be downgraded

James Brown's To-Do List:

White House gearing up for Trump midterms blitz

Trump: The North Korea "deal" will be very good...IF COMPLETED, but it's very much in the making

If Obama paid off a porn star...

Trump lawyer's payment to porn star draws comparisons to John Edwards case

Wash. Post - The military keeps encountering UFOs. Why doesnt the Pentagon care?

Open letter to NRA: Dear Dana, "You are contemptible-You don't scare me & neither do your sick fans"

How hiring John Bolton would once again prove Trump's campaign rhetoric to be total merde

Since Trump took office, Democrats have flipped 39 legislative seats from red to blue.

Florida passes bill to ban marriage of anyone under 17

Trumpster: "One thing: it hasn't been boring"

Trump Gets His Military Parade (Without Tanks)

"You can still hear him noisily devouring a Filet O'Fish & tweeting Fox & Friends"

Pro-Trump pastor: Stormy Daniels allegations 'totally irrelevant' to evangelical support for Trump

April 3: Spring Election Endorsements for Supreme Court Rebecca Dallet & LOCAL union endorsements ..

Trump Spoke to a Russian Activist About Ending Sanctions-Just Weeks After Launching His Campaign

dt has lifted elephant hunting ban again....

Question, is there a sporting , hunting , gun safety group

Kroger partners with hospital to offer employees joint and spine surgeries

Approved Guns For Teachers

Bad News/ Good News. Bad News: trump is getting his military parade Nov 11

Re: Bernie: Lets try to be constructive. Talk about issues

Happy 78th 🎂 Dean!

A Quiet Exodus: Why Black Worshipers Are Leaving White Evangelical Churches

Chicago rock radio WLUP is now Christian programming, signed off with AC/DC. Maiden, and Motley Crue

It is all about WHO Has The BIGGEST Button

Cat video (It's not what you think)...

573 Civil Rights Groups Urge Carson To Keep Anti-Discrimination Language In HUD Mission Statement

Trump Defender: "Kennedy had orgies. Now, Trump is not having orgies in the WH, is he?"

Trump: 'Deeply saddened' by deadly standoff at California veterans home

One of the most suspicious dates for me

Trump's ex-aide Bannon to address National Front congress in France

Louisiana pastor who erected third-largest cross in US busted for possession of meth

Utah GOP lawmaker behind bill to rename highway after Trump to retire

Trade Is An Identity Issue, And Trump Knows It

SDSU Aztec men's basketball play for the MWC championship today

Why do people gripe about Comey not saying they were investigating the trump campaign

I want my own little plastic Obama doll

Port of Brownsville officials quietly hopeful of landing $1.5 billion steel mill

Trump wants new authority over polling places. Top election officials say no

Trade War Prospect Shakes Part of Trump Base: Midwest Farmers

Voters already got everything they could get out of the Republicans

Former Trump aide speaks to Mueller, believes Russia probe is 'not a witch hunt'

Jake Tapper & Bernie Sanders (full interview)

Trump administration takes first step to ban bump stocks

Violent Video Games: Mental Illness: Frequent School Shootings

Fascinating Mother Jones piece about Russians fueling support for NRA and Trump

Republican candidate Rick Saccone's North Korea experience may not be all he claims

Putin says Jews with Russian citizenship could be behind U.S. election meddling

In Decline, Offshore Drillers Find a Champion in the Trump Administration

How is Trump, with no knowledge of Foriegn policy

Fill in the blank: You know you are drunk when _______________ !

Weekend Toon Roundup

I threw out books.

Democrats delay change to convention superdelegates

Trump: China appreciates me meeting Kim over 'ominous alternative'

So did Cheeto issue a statement of support for the UK

It is entirely possible votes were tampered with!"

Victims in Napa, California shooting identified.

Controlled Madness: The Weeks Best Classical Music Moments on YouTube

Bob Henson at Weather Underground agrees with you

Read the NRA lawsuit aiming to shut down gun control law

Russian Orthodox Choral Music - Long Video

Trump Spoke to a Russian Activist About Ending SanctionsJust Weeks After Launching His Campaign

Ok, I still love Will and Grace......

Stormy's atty reveals 10 donors have offered to pay million $ damage fines of she spills the beans

The U.N. finds growing numbers of Americans are living in the most impoverished circumstances.

GREEK TRAGEDY - What would a Jared Kushner musical entail? David Byrne explores the idea

Greek Orthodox Religious Choral Music

Making of a shrine - Obama table and chairs he sat on in May, 2016 - Vietnam

"The Imaginarium of John Wilhelm"

BTRTN: Storm and Grunge

BTRTN: Storm and Grunge

Anyone remember "cigarette commercials?...I remember just one..

The Garfield Assassination Altered American History, But Is Woefully Forgotten Today (Smithsonian)

Erdogan vows to press Syria offensive to key Kurdish-held towns

Live in So. FL & looking to march? Students and teachers from South Florida are marching today

This waitress was just quietly doing the right thing. A viral pic rewarded her in the best way.

so...when do you think we will hear about the eventual "love child" (or children) trump has spawned?

Trump's infrastructure push hits wall in Congress

Why is Trump treating Daniels differently than 18 other women who brought claims against him

The CDC wants you to know that trimming cannabis leaves may cause carpal tunnel

And what did the US Government do to the Rosenbergs who sold out America to Russia (Soviet Union)?

Hi folks, Im new. My young adult son is having a rough go. How do you get off SSRIs?

Seth Abramson: Twenty times Trump colluded with the Russians

Question: advice needed on very old cat

Bach's Last Masterpiece is His Mass in B minor.

Do you mind if I whine?

Is this turning into the largest investigation in history? Its incredible.

Five of the Russians named in US list as Putin's cronies who have links to Britain

Just for today.

Say, "Frommage."

Putin: Jews Might Have Been Behind U.S. Election Interference

Stormy Daniels Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

Many Think Trump's Meeting with Kim Won't Happen

Mueller vs Trump; The movie The Final Conflict.

Poland marks 50 years since 1968 anti-Semitic purge

Karma, meet Pharma Bro. Pharma Bro, meet Karma.

Michael Cohen Lashes Out at Media Again: Ignoring Jobs Numbers to Focus on My Emails

Anti-Semitism is on the march across Europe

MIT prof: We're now 3rd World.

NYT: Kelly Shut Down EPA Plan To Hold Debates Over Climate Science

PharmaBro (sort of) takes responsibility for his crimes.

Trump steel tariffs may leave these U.S. steelworkers jobless

US prosecutors won't take on small-time pot cases, Attorney General Jeff Sessions says

Timeless: Obama speaking at Howard. If you're feeling down, watch this.

Pennsylvania Republican Defends 'Right-To-Work' Laws Before Vote In Union-Heavy District

I dont care if Trump had an affair. I care about the hush money.

Either way, we WIN! AM Joy legal panel split between Jared and Don Jr as next Mueller target

Jeff Sessions Is Suing California, and I Feel Fine

Selling American foreign policy for personal profit

When rich 'bros' like Martin Shkreli get sent to prison, they call these wise guys first

Tell me what you'd like to have for your last meal.

The full Trump, unrestrained

Clinton warns of diplomatic 'danger' in N. Korea talks

Twitter Video Clip: @SenSanders on the streets of San Antonio with the people!

I have said this before and it upsets some people because it is scary.

Boeing vows to fight micro union drive at South Carolina Dreamliner plant

Malcolm Nance on Malaysia....

Facebook LIVE Our Revolution Texas: Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, Jim Hightower, Lubbock Rally

Boeing vows to fight micro union drive at South Carolina Dreamliner plant

Pulse Survivor Blasts 'Years Late' Scott for Signing Gun Bill 'Now That He Wants Another Job'

Stormy Daniels Interview?

Steyer video about tRump money...

Re Joe Biden, character matters:

UPDATED: Bannon tells French far-right: 'history is on our side'

Clinton warns of 'diplomatic danger' in N. Korea talks

Need suggestions with MARCH FOR OUR LIVES sign slogans.

Regional levels of fear associated with Trump and Brexit votes, psychology study shows

This story sounds like BS to me. Debunking appreciated

Waymo self-driving trucks are hauling gear for Google data centers

UK police probe stack of evidence in Russian spy attack

Could the Pastor of Your Church Be an Atheist?

Whoa! Cohen not licensed in California?:

Sports question

Kinda hard to deny climate change when it is staring you in the face like THIS:

(Jewish Group) Holocaust Deniers and Other Anti-Semites Making Inroads into Mainstream U.S. Politics


The Benefits of Opioids

Steve Bannon: Racist Label Is a Badge of Honor

Bill to legalize CBD oil in Indiana suddenly transformed into gun bill instead

Winter navigation in the Arctic without an icebreaker

Facebook LIVE PART 2 - Lubbock Rally - Bernie Sanders

Trump's "Big Military Parade" will include "period uniforms." Twitter reacts.

The Whitewashing of Kings Assassination

Motherjones: Very strange case of 2 Russian gun lovers, the NRA, and Trump

Kim Jong Un Reveals He Is Just Using Trump to Meet Stormy Daniels

Indy 500 tickets arrived in today's mail.

The GOP's messages dont seem to be working in Pennsylvania. Is that a warning sign?

Carter Page and @JackKingston are both in for some serious Mueller Time - and @DevinNunes

David Cay Johnston on CSPAN Book TV talking about why US media refuses to talk about

I made beer come out my friend's nose . . .

Miami Beach Nightclub Shut Down After Pair Rides Live Horse Onto Crowded Dance Floor

Signed, sealed, and delivered!

Pizza dog...

Sixth grader writes his will "just in case" there's a shooting at school

Background check: Every GOP State House hopeful in Minnesota 15B has a misdemeanor

Cohen could be disbarred over Stormy payment, says Northwestern Law professor

What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 10, 2018

Pennsylvania lawmaker claims colleague pulled gun on her, threatened to kill her

Florida Lawmaker Tells House Not to Let Parkland 'Children' Write Gun Control Legislation

Twitter Photos: Lubbock Rally

Broidy more corrupt than Manafort

A Sanders-Warren ticket could win big in 2020

PA-18: GOP candidate in PA special election exaggerated his work as diplomat in North Korea:

The US ambassador to Panama quit. Here's why:

PA-18: Conor Lamb spends final weekend of campaign KNOCKING ON DOORS

How many PA 18 Repubs are the kind to be energized by a tRump visit? nt

Trump Talks With Clinton Impeachment Lawyer About Aiding in Mueller Response

Will Lamb live in the new district after November? nt

Woman says she was injured by drag queen's breast, sues Hamburger Mary's in Tampa

Costco says extra profit from tax cuts will be shared with employees

Photo: Bernie on the plane with Ari Rabin-Havt

Trump privately trashes GOP #PA18 candidate after his own endorsement fails to boost him

R.I.P. Gary Burden, album artist for Neil Young's "Goldrush," CSNY's "Deja Vu," and many more

When the Leader of the Free World Is an Ugly American

Stockman on Trump's Tariffs: Dumbest Thing He's Has Done Yet

Anybody planning on reading Russian Roulette

What would happen if we treated every school shooting like an airplane crash

Out of Public View, Trumps and Kushners Are Talking Business

Trump threatens Europe with more tariffs

Trumps Unpredictability on Trade and North Korea Opens a Door for China

Watchdog: Social Security acting head hasn't been authorized to serve for months

Russian spy: Traces of nerve agent 'found at Zizzi' Restaurant

Let them call you racists: Steve Bannon delivers fighting speech to Frances National Front

Trump to rally for endangered Republican in Pennsylvania

Trump Talks With Clinton Impeachment Lawyer About Aiding in Mueller Response

Baltimore park where Confederate statue once stood is rededicated to Harriet Tubman

Could a Californian Be the Next President?


Ivanka Backed Flynn & Manafort. She Discussed Firing Comey. How Has She Evaded Mueller...?

Trump In Talks with Clinton Impeachment Lawyer

Bannon says he's mulling purchase of outlet like Newsweek

Sessions says judges' rulings blocking Trump policies are 'unconstitutional'

Message from God....

Great moment and photo of Joe Biden

Bob Mueller's theme...

Inspired by the Obama portraits living wall? Not so fast.

Of the following choices, who would you pick to run against Trump/Pence in 2020 and why?

Report: Ivanka Trump complained Jared Kushner was being embarrassed by John Kelly

Not sure why, but this is an actual thing.

"The Rise of Terrorism" on my local Sinclair station

It's a rainy night in Georgia

Once-homeless pup may become Washington state's first-ever deaf K-9

Northeast of Rainier

To those who support the DNC dropping Superdelegates, ask yourselves the following...

West Virginia State Senate Candidate, a Veteran, Brutally Beaten

30 year Disney employee can only afford cheese and crackers for dinner

You Gotta Believe


A felon pleaded his case on 'Fox & Friends.' Days later, Trump pardoned him.

From writer David Brin on Facebook about tRump and NK

When someone works to get people not to vote or vote 3rd party,