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Archives: March 1, 2018

Marco Rubio slams teens as 'infected' by 'arrogance and boasting' as his approval rating plummets

Tucker Carlson, Sham Hannity issue corrections on CNN smear

I may not have my waterfowl in sequence, but it is my understanding that if one

2018 AZ-8 US House Special Election- What are Democratic Nominee Hiral Vyas Tipernini's chances?

Once again, it's only Wednesday

Getting the feeling the press is starting to smell

Note to Robert Mueller: Hope Hicks Was Part of the Cover-Up

Pagan-based white supremacy sect buys property in Tennessee

Mueller investigation examining Trump's apparent efforts to oust Sessions in July

Hope Hicks' totally ridiculous explanation for why she quit

Wash Post: Mueller investigating trump's attempt to oust Sessions as possible Obstruction

Analysis: Major Corporations Have Spent Just 6% of Tax Cut Windfall on Workers.

"What was that?"

Is Trump's announced bump stock EO a trial balloon for dictatorship?

LOL: Today in three simple words:

Feinstein's reaction when Trump says she should add assault weapons ban to Manchin-Toomey

Venezuelan poor leave corpse on Chavista mayors doorstep, can't afford burial expenses

Pierce: It's Time for 'Law-Abiding Gun Owners' to Earn Their Keep

Democratic Super PAC spends big on Pennsylvania special election

Senior White House aides are furious about a series of negative stories about frivolous spending

"You've reached the Robert Mueller plea deal office:"

"I'm fabulous, bitches!"

Scientists have detected a signal from what may be the universes first stars

Trump's approval at 11%

A major effect of the drop in stock prices is on pensions. I am a retired member of the SEIU union.

How can I boot my Windows 10 PC directly to my desktop upon startup? SOLVED! THANKS!

Venezuela extends time period to run for president in fraud election... not enough suckers applied

The Future Is Female and...

I remember someone predicted raised spirits by the end of February

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's NRA visit among several trips being questioned

March for our Lives

NRA on Trump meeting: Great TV, but 'bad policy'

Pierce: Dolly Parton Is an American Hero

Europe/UK/Ireland in the grips of the Beast from the East weather event

More Than 30 Trump Aides Lose Top Secret Clearance, Sources Say

Which Moron are we seeing today?

KRUGMAN: I do not believe that Trump would have run into that high school to stop the shooter

So the Con attacked Hicks for admitting that she lied

At 8 pm, I begin the prep for my 2nd colonoscopy of the year.

Trump repeatedly upends GOP lawmakers in gun session

If Hope Hicks tells white lies what does Sarah Huckabee Sanders tell?

Just in : Trump Calls Sessions "Mr. Magoo"

Trump refers to Sessions as 'Mr. Magoo': report

50 years after the Kerner Commission, minimal racial progress.

Who do you think is secretly collaborating with Mueller?

Trump tells senators 'You're afraid of the NRA'

Ex-CIA officer: Hicks' departure could answer 'corrupt intent' question at heart of Mueller probe

Scoop: Besieged Sessions dines with Rosenstein in show of solidarity

Mine would be "DJ Gas Station Attendant"

High, low pressure systems battle to turn Northeast and Mid-Atlantic into raging wind tunnel Friday

Honduras' former first lady arrested in graft case

Peru president signaled for taking money from Odebrecht

I'm interested in the reactions of the GOP leadership in the next few days

Trump Berated Hicks After Testimony

Hey! America . . . . .

Thomas Friedman: 'Code Red' The Last Word MSNBC

Pressing Question: Who Will Steam Trump's Pants Now?

Regarding reactions to Hope Hicks' testimony...

Scoop: Besieged Sessions dines with Rosenstein in show of solidarity

How much is Trump shielded from news outside Fox?

Nick Ackerman

The Rude Pundit: The Parkland Students Should Fill All Adults with Pride and Shame

Democratic turnout is up 90% over 2014 in Texas primary.

NRA sabotages law enforcement to protect political allies; attacks IC/Russia investigation

The GOP on Twitter just now. I don't think they read responses....

Kushners Business Got Loans from Companies After White House Meetings

White Lies Matter!

Acosta scoop: Mueller team is asking about comments made by Hope Hicks about Russian contacts to NYT

Does Hope Hicks realize that legally there is no such thing as a "white lie?"

I'll say it. Good for Trump.

Trump berated Hope Hicks for telling Congress she sometimes lies for him -- and that was her final

Fuzzy Lynx's Big Adventure

By Day, a Sunny Smile for Disney Visitors. By Night, an Uneasy Sleep in a Car.

More breaking - Kushner's family got millions in loans from companies

No Jail For Texas Teen Who Lied About Being Raped By 3 Black Men

I will never understand those people

Militia to protest in Verona - Nexus Services asks for gathering in oposition.

Nobel committee investigating possibly fake Trump nomination for Peace Prize

Mnuchin asked UCLA not to post video of speech where he was heckled

Balm to the soul: A baby chimp saved from poachers and being ever so gently flown to safety

Trump inspires no loyalty. The highest ranks leave.

Weve all been asking, what is the thing that will make the crazies turn on dump.

Aviation enthusiasts; Worlds largest aircraft completes 2nd taxi test (Stratolaunch)

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Malloy Monday!

Alex Jones, get your ass in the barrel!

Iowa Policy Project take on irresponsible Republican tax bill

Co-author Jesse Drucker of NYTimes latest Jared article is on TRMS now. nt

Death threat prompts security for Albany-based judge

I hope to live long enough to pull up to stoplight and have Kushner trot out with a

This is Ronald Reagan's view of gun control

Shorter Trump: The Real Victim Of The Parkland Tragedy Was ME!

How The Breaking News Of Kushner's Loans Reported Tonight Connects to Russia

How old can a post be and still be "kicked?"

Trump Wonders Who Will Read Classified Documents Aloud to Him Now That Jareds Gone

Schindler: Crazy news cycle will be the new normal until Mueller "fully liquidates" Trump presidency

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Organizing Million Liars March to Support Hope Hicks

This is the kind of shit that caused black men to be lynched in the past.

Women challenge Turkey traditions for right to work

ICE attacks Oakland mayor for warning residents about immigration sweeps; she stands by her actions

Mueller Zeros In on Story Put Together About Trump Tower Meeting

When is Trump going to give this up, blame the whole thing on Hillary for not winning

Without a PR person, how will tRump survive?

Watching Rachel tonight, does anyone else sense a imminent collapse in the White House?

When Trump is finally charged and is on his way out....

Seen on Twitter: March Madness is going to take on a whole new meaning this year...

"And the quid-pro-quo for that was the dropping of sanctions"

My view? The trump-nado is so much worse and bigger than Watergate - and took its time to unwind.

Anthony Bourdain wins the internet

Seth Meyers: Trump Discusses Guns; Hicks, Kushner and Carson Under Fire: A Closer Look

CNN😎: 'Surreal' Trump meeting on guns left Republicans reeling, Democrats optimistic

Brazil's Prosecutor General Requests Supreme Court to Include President Temer in Investigation

Jeezus! They way these people talk about the Hopester!

Senate Democrats' gun-violence agenda rejected by GOP

Please whatever you do...don't retweet...or forward...

Scientists Have a Crazy New Hypothesis About The Origin of The Moon

Sam Stein: Hannity just did story on WH gun control meeting that left out TRUMP's suggestions

At what point do we reach critical mass?

It figures he would eat it in an odd way...

Supreme Court Considers Voter Fashion Sense

I'm going to make an extremely not at all bold prediction here.

Hope Hicks is wearing a wire right now Mr. Trump!

Possible replacements for Hope Hicks

WH Distraction for tomorrow....not Infrastructure week but...

Rachel Maddow: "...what's going on with Jared Kushner and concerns about him in the White House"

If Jared is looking at jail time, would he flip on his Daddy in law to reduce his sentence?

Corporate America Has Entered The Horrific Business of Selling Body Parts

I just overheard a TV ad for Asskiss Toothpaste.

Seth Abramson: The Tsunami of bad news for Trump continues

New York regulator asked three banks on their relationships with Jared Kushner

A question about Mueller's pace and timing

When NRA members attend their convention, ER doctors see fewer patients with gun injuries, study say

I'm expecting Trump to schedule one of his Hitler Rallies any day now.

Trending Science: Rats may not be to blame for the Black Death

Magic mushrooms evolved hallucinogenic chemicals to stop insects eating them, say scientists

Brazil's top court approves controversial forestry law

Remember, you saw it here first.

Brazil's top court approves controversial forestry law

Oh My: Kushner's business got Half a Billion in loans after White House meetings: report

Why do dogs eat grass?

Seth Meyers - Jared Kushner's Security Clearance, Ted Cruz's Smile - Monologue - 2/27/18

Slovakia grapples with murdered journalist's last story

World's earliest figural tattoos discovered on Gebelein mummies

From Rachel Maddow's program tonight-- staggering!!

The Last Word: Trump mentioned WikiLeaks 145 times during the last month of the campaign

Scientists May Have Found The Birthplace Of Magnetic Field Reversals

Today marks the five yr anniversary of the death of one of my finest corpsman

Chile student protest leaders send support to Florida gun campaigners Four leaders of 2011 movement

Here we go: "Guntown", USA.

Latin America poised to agree world's first legal pact for nature defenders

Latin America poised to agree world's first legal pact for nature defenders

Trump actually thinks executing drug dealers would help. That's the problem.

Echolocation could help blind people learn to navigate like bats

Next they'll be dressing their guns in ball gowns and holding purity ceremonies.

Stephen Colbert....

Trump's ghost-written Billy Graham "love and hope" tweets right above his Disgraceful Jeff tweets

Common human skin bacteria could protect against cancer, say researchers Staphylococcus epidermidis

SEC Issues Subpoenas in Hunt for Fraudulent ICOs

AZ-08: Special Election Gets More Vulnerable for GOP

Roku basically told me to pound sand

Has Dump Lost Beauregard?

What we need to worry about once trump is gone.

Go Home America, You're Drunk.

Britain Presses U.S. to Avoid Death Penalty for ISIS Suspects

A conspiracy to defraud the United States of America?

Tonight's Buzz!

Scared the shit out of me but I went on Brietfart for a minute.

Nomination of Trump for Nobel Peace Prize was forged.

"From Noon till Three" - Charles Bronson

Here's what I think after tonight:

The Daily Show: Ben Carson Lives Large as the HUD Secretary

Here's a visual antidote for what ails you.

March came in like a lion!

This is another reason why we can never have nice things in this country...

Kushner loans story will bring the whole Trump enterprise down faster than anything else

About that church AR15 ceremony in rural Pennsylvania,

Ivanka's dirty secret in Panama

This is imPORtant:

New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) goes Kushner hunting

Tomorrow is Election Day in New Mexico

Sam Bee so true juxtaposition tweet:

Remember the last time we had a deranged loon running amok in the WH?

Liberal Redneck...Trae Crowder nails it!

State senator sponsors bill to move Confederate monuments (MO)

Bradley Whitford tweet:

Everything youve ever wanted to know about the NRA but were too embarrassed to ask

2 from Arvo Part: "Mirror in the Mirror" & "Summa for Strings"/

Was just treated to this: "Polonaise" by Milde, LeClair on bassoon. I'm feelin' frilly 'n' fluffy!

The Liberal Gun Club: We support Fix NICS

The Liberal Gun Club: We support Fix NICS

Comedian, political satirist and activist Barry Crimmins has died

Hundreds gather at church for blessing ceremony featuring AR-15s

President Trump bucks the Republican Party on gun control: full transcript

Dimpled slumlord's week: from bad to "why is this happening to me?"

Fire Jared Kushner

Never forget that in the Trump White House...

Jared's fall from Secretary of Everything

San Diego is supporting gun control.

Lawmakers: Did Manafort promise White House job to banker in return for loan?

Former deputy county exec, a one-time assemblyman, pleads not guilty to obstruction charges

What Trump REALLY would have done outside Parkland High.

I am so envisioning that little shit, Kushner, in White House copy room

Housing department to spend $165,000 on furniture as it faces $6.8bn budget cut

The NRA is claiming that they're being attacked...

At least 19 Buffalo priests publicly linked to sex allegations

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/28/18

Anti-Semitic incidents in New York up 90 percent in 2017

Your Favorite Hidden Figures From Black History

Did Trump refer to Hicks as stupid?

Good question...

No Choice

Serbian Orthodox Hymns: "Psalms 135, 117, 144"/The Glory of High Decani (Monastery)/

🐦 March 10 at 1PM - Senator Sanders - Lubbock Memorial Civic Center

Bomb blast that killed Queens man meant for NYPD officers, officials say

Judge bars decisions on de Blasio probe from corruption case

Question? Do Republicans plan to win many of the midterm elections with Russian help?

College dropout refuses to leave her dorm room

Pharma Bro begs for 'mercy' from judge ahead of sentencing

Putin says Russia is developing a new ICBM which cannot be intercepted and can go anywhere in world.

Michael and Gary Holcomb get six years in prison for Berjac Ponzi scheme

Report: Kushner Fears Everyone Is Out to Get Him

Iowa Senate passes bill to harm womens lives by making abortion illegal, unsafe

Stockbroker caught lying about $238G salary to snag low-rent West Side apartment

Owner of Numerous Miami-Area Home Health Agencies Sentenced- $66 Million Medicare Fraud Conspiracy

Trumps closest advisor and confidant for years Hope Hicks

Trump in 100 tweets

Two Doctors Arrested- Bogus Sleep Studies Helped 1-800-GET-THIN Fraudulently Bill Insurance Programs

Should we start practicing saying President Pence?

Vague Trump tweet plays to both ends of spectrum on school safety with no actual "solutions" offered

Simpsons' classic "Be Like Boy" bit from 1993 feels a lot like a Trump rally

Democrats woo Delta after Georgia Republicans threaten retribution over NRA benefits

In Maine, a push in Legislature could lead to a rewrite of the U.S. Constitution

"Join the NRA and fight Trump!"

Maybe These Radical RW ChurchesBelieve They Need Their Gunz To Enforce Theocracy.

The NRA Model Supports Children Owning Guns. They Want NO Lower Age Limit.

When will the madness end???

Infowars Alex Jones accused of sexual harassment, racism and anti-Semitism: report

Politicians are like diapers or maybe handwriting on the wall?

Putin claims Russia has nuclear arsenal capable of avoiding missile defenses

Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump Came to Washington Seeking Power & Glamour. They'll Leave With Neither

More Comedy Gold! College Republicans Want To Advance DOE Baker-Shultz Climate Plan

Re: Hicks. Read this thread. Read the whole thing.

Video: Pence hangs himself about the emails stolen by Russia, August 2013

Australians Turn in 57,000 Guns in Landmark National Amnesty

So Trump has found some guts to.....

Surprise, Surprise - Coastal State Republicans Not Happy W. Drilling Plan; Interior Muffles Meetings

tRump is right (I cant believe I said that), we should just take weapons away from the mentally

Colbert Refuses to Let Omarosa Laugh Off Trump Support

Watching the news lately reminds me of this old ad

Morning Joe warns Hope Hicks departure shows Mueller probe heating up

Trump Clarifies After Wild Meeting on Gun Control: 'Respect 2nd Amendment!'

Am I imagining things, or has media substituted "school shooter" for his name?

"They are coming for our GUNS, OH NO"!

Trump's abortion policy sheds light on ad hoc decision-making

I can think of only one way to effectively counter Russian hacking in support of the GOP

Run for Something rolls out fundraising effort

Marine Le Pen charged for posting violent Isis images on Twitter

Frustrated Dems demand contempt action against Bannon

Where would we be if Jeff Sessions had not recused himself from Russia investigation?

Exhibit A" for why idea of arming teachers is nightmarishly horrible

Chaffetz: Florida school shooting survivors 'need a belief in God and Jesus Christ'

Senate revives NATO observer mission after decade-long hiatus

'Pharma Bro' asks judge for leniency, saying he was a fool

How do I distinguish between an anti-Democratic Party Democrat and Russian trolls?

My neck may be red but,,,,,,,,,,

Sessions is standing his ground!

Possible weekend protest near Charlottesville, Virginia, sparks worry

Is it time for some new faces in the White House staff?

Nebraska state treasurer candidates criticize First National Bank for cutting ties with NRA

Trump, a hero in his own mind...

Idea Of Doing Nothing Until Next Mass Shooting Quickly Gaining Traction In Congress

NYT- The Kush got $500 M in loans after White House meetings

What will Hope Hicks do if she is indicted?

The Javanka marriage may soon be limited to visiting hours.

CNN- Trump compared Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to Mr. Magoo

Drunk Man Accidentally Takes $1,600 Uber To NJ After Partying With Friends In West Virginia

Cops: Teacher who fired shot in classroom once tried confess to murder

Daily News Cover: "Look At What He Wants To Snatch Now"

31% of Americans believe tRump wouldve ran into the school unarmed.

My new name for the Mueller investigation.

538 "The Midterms Could Set Trump On A Path Toward Impeachment"

Hicks Refused to Answer If Others Asked Her to Lie

Rep. Rooney: Hicks story shows Russia probe must end

So Tomorrow Is Friday.....

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Impervious to Reality

Republican governments are willing to impose government sanctions on domestic corporations for

So, Hope quit because her leader got pissed and berated her for not sufficiently

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Guns and Schools

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Security Risks

Thursday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

BTRTN: How's That Hopey-Changey Thing Working For You, Donald?

BTRTN: How's That Hopey-Changey Thing Working For You, Donald?

From 2013: How NRAs true believers converted a marksmanship group into a mighty gun lobby

Republican Massachusetts governor expresses support for national ban on assault-style weapons

Kellyanne Spins Trump's Gun Control Meeting After GOP Criticism: Meeting 'Not About Gun Control'

Jared Kushner Loses Access to Top-Secret Intelligence

NRA Refuses to Answer Questions About Funding from Russia

Like sands thru the hourglass....

Where does a mansplainer get his water?

Who will win? The Liar, or The Lie Detector.... What do you think?

Missing from the gun debate: Trump's own experience with concealed carry

If Jared Kushner leaves, and I think he will, will Ivanka go with him?

Feinstein's reaction when Trump says she should add assault weapons ban to Manchin-Toomey

When asked if she ever lied for the President, Hicks conferred with her lawyer for "5 to 10" minutes

Trump's rejection of due process for gun owners points to his disdain for the rule of law

The NRA was not amused by trump's unreality teevee show yesterday

1999 Article - Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Students React To The Shooting At Columbine

When you get sick, do you have a "sick table"?

Why Russias #MeToo moment hasnt happened

Free download replacement for Microsoft Works processor?

Hope Hicks is going to star in her own reality TV show

U.S. lawmakers question Trump ties to Panama project

The NRA is finally paying the price

Stratospheric Warming & A Failing Jet Stream - How The Polar Climate Is Disintegrating

My brain hurts.

Microsoft Works problem

Gun defenders: Assault weapons age limit doesn't belong in school safety bill

Pat Paulsen on Gun Control

Kroger won't sell guns to anyone under 21 years old

I'm at the point now

ABSURD: Church blesses AR-15 assault rifles

"I Saw My Friend's Face Shot Off Do Something" Student Survivor. On Stephanie Miller Show.

No Need For Intelligence.....

45 should have taken Ben Carson furniture shopping.

Trouble with latest Google calendar

Has the NRA denounced the gun fetishism and violent imagery from that PA "church" of violence?

Happy St. David's Day from me, Sophie Stinky Toes, Daffodils and the Dragon!

Hiral Tipirneni defeats Brianna Westbrook in Democratic Congressional District 8 primary

Super Spies?

Here in the backward world

A Little White Liar...

Cabela's website has ONE HUNDRED TWENTY ONE semi-automatic rifles!

GOP Would Likely Support Federal Law Forcing To Sell Guns To People Under 21.

Putin says he has rocket that can reach anywhere in the world!

St. David's Day--celebrating Welsh horror writer Arthur Machen

With All The Change By Dicks, Wal-Mart & Kroger And Possibly Other....

Melania Trump got green card through program for people with extraordinary ability: report

breaking my lenten silence just for a bit

Trump "indignant" over Sessions' wee, meek, dainty push-back of his "DISGRACEFUL!" tweet

Check Out the Swanky Dining Set Housing Secretary Ben Carson Dropped 30 Racks On

Fox's ​Kilmeade to NRA's Dana Loesch: "No one had it worse than you" in CNN's Parkland town hall

In Shocking Turn Of Events, Russia Now Owes Ukraine Billions

"Why do you like Trump?"

"And if we are losing, we will destroy the whole world."


Literally worshipping guns and ammo

Political appointee at Interior resigns after KFile inquiry into birther, anti-Muslim comments

Gathering to witness against hate

Breaking News: Trump is unhappy about something...

Pan-seared Bavette (our steak method)

The Palme murder. Manipulating witnesses.

Equifax discovers another 2.4 million customers hit by data breach

Flake on Trump's 'take the guns' remark: 'He misspoke'

The Repugs Have A Perfect Opportunity To Get Out From Under The NRA's....

In response to Trump budget, NASA ending separate technology plan

Chris Cillizza gets snarky on Trump guns meeting yesterday

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus i Bawb!

Pulse, Parkland school shooting survivors meet at nightclub, vow to push change

NC Democrats file candidates in all State Legislative races

Trump's BIG Trade/Tariff announcement rushed, then delayed (Bloomberg)

Russian model in Thai prison fears for life

Kelly: I didn't want to leave DHS, but 'God punished me'

Black Panther [[(spoiler question!!)]] Plot point question

Anybody wade into the Freeper cesspool

When your child resigns from Mormonism

I'm so close to Bingo, please help me out!

AL State Senator says Ten Commandments in public schools could potentially prevent school shootings

The Mooch: Intelligence Committee "dropped the dime" on Hicks for being honest about lying

CNN: WH aides have been told to decide before end of January whether they intend to leave or.....

Witness deflates Trump's claim that he stopped bat beating in 1991: 'He came at the tail end

BREAKING: Ben Carson returns his dining room set...


Trump's Military Parade!

The Late Show: Kushner is getting new ID badges to keep up with his demotions.

Cat Earth Theory

From Generation Z

The Joke's On Trump As The Washington Post Turns His Nickname For Jeff Sessions Against Him

45 years ago...March 1, 1973: Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

Happy St. David's Day!

Louder is better. Just got told to turn down my headset - in the cubefarm where I work

Why do they make garden tools with green handles?

Trump's 'head explodes' every time he reads about Jeff Sessions - he was furious AG stood up to him

Delta Pilot Refuses To Land Until Gun Control Legislation Passed


we do it for the war on drugs, we can do it for the war on child murderers.

Key Missile Defense Installation Will be Uninhabitable in Less Than 20 Years

Obama and Clinton in their wildest dreams.

Texas Wesleyan University baseball coach won't recruit from Colorado

Planned Parenthood announces $20M midterm election campaign

Ben Carson says he wants to cancel $31,000 dining room furniture order...😁

Marco Rubio speaking now....

My preferred scenario on Hope Hicks

NBC Trump attacks Sessions over inquiry into alleged FBI surveillance abuses in Russia probe


BTRTN: A Day (or Two) in the Life of the Wild, Wild West Wing

Ben Carson says he wants to cancel $31,000 dining room furniture order

Andrea Mitchell "complicit"

BTRTN: A Day (or Two) in the Life of the Wild, Wild West Wing

The White House chief calligrapher has a higher clearance than Jared Kushner

ISM manufacturing gauge hits 13-year high in February; Construction spending unchanged in January

So Trump had to know about Jeff Sessions foreign contacts that he forgot about and didn't report

These news bloopers from February will cheer you up

Senate Intelligence Leaders Say House G.O.P. Leaked a Senators Text Messages to Fox News.

Three-quarters of employees surveyed at Disneyland say they can't afford basic living expenses

Senate Intelligence Leaders Say House G.O.P. Leaked a Senator's Texts

Exxon Mobil withdraws from Russia deal due to sanctions

Spurned by U.S. and Facing Danger Back Home, Iranian Christians Fear the Worst

Mark Warner's text messages leaked to Fox News by House Committee led

How did Slovenian model Melania Trump score U.S. 'Einstein visa' for gifted academics?

Rick Scott lies again

Scaramucci Says He Fears John Kelly Will Thwart SkyBridge Sale

Massacre Free Schools a new measure of quality of life?

And God Created Woman (no, not the movie)

Spurned by U.S. and Facing Danger Back Home, Iranian Christians Fear the Worst

Devin Nunes' GOP intel members leaked text messages meant to discredit Russia probe

Speaker Ryan, get your House in order!

Pic Of The Moment: The Logical Conclusion

Your 2018 Federal Tax Estimator

Chaos! Maduro's CNE changes the date AGAIN. (but adds municipal elections to the boycott)

BREAKING NEWS: Russia reveals it has created a weapon capable of unleashing worldwide destruction.

Guy on a message board knows the *REAL* reason for crime...

Question about Cruz (Parkland shooter) and what the Police were supposed to do?

'BRAVE': Tucker Carlson Interviews College Kid Whose Peers Photoshopped His Face on a Cracker

Trump announces steel and aluminum tariffs Thursday over objections from advisers and Republicans

KU! KU! Ku!

2018 March Meme Madness!!!

Sometimes I wonder if we're just being too critical of Trump.

Major storm

Claude Taylor....

Kurt Eichenwald shares Hope Hicks "white lie" about Trump's amphetamine derivatives use in 1982

Trump is a man of faith. Who knew?

I Was Kaiser Bills Batman

Poll: Dems lead by 15 points on generic House ballot

Suffolk University/USA Today Poll Shows Voters Favoring Democrats as Midterms Approach

After a crazy 24 hours, sources close to President Trump say he is in a bad place

US ambassador to Mexico to resign, amid strained relations"

How Trump Might Replace Jeff Sessions

A Harvard professor explains why the world is actually becoming a much better place

My tax man said he has 5 clients that have personally dealt with Trump.

Democrats Promote 'Stability' Candidates

Alex Jones is accused of discrimination and sexual harassment by former InfoWars employees

A school walkout might get you suspended, but it won't keep you from getting in these universities

The potential Hope Hicks replacements

An explanation on Melania Trumps immigration history lingers.

Trump announces tariffs on Steel and Aluminum. Fear of trade wars cause Markets to tank.

Ordinarily Trump would have gotten away with his conspiracy with Russia

Bend it!

Meghan McCain tries to corner House intel dem

Paul Krugman....

Trump declares his trade war: targets steel, aluminum

Big blast brings down two giant smokestacks at a Canadian power plant on the shores of Lake Erie

Stocks sink on Trump tariff announcement

US Ambassdor to Mexico resigns amid Trump feud..

What's going on with the Dow, lost 300 points yesterday, 300 points today ?

Hope Hicks "White Lie" world..

Voters More Likely to NOT vote for NRA-backed candidate (CNN) We are winning.

Morality and the Christian God

Is anyone looking at Dow Jones?

Opening the pool today

Looking Backward Toward Creation?

Health Insurer Horizon to Invest $275M Due to New Tax Law

I don't know what anybody else thinks... Trump's corruption should be prominent issue in 2018 elections

NY Fed chief says tariffs risk 'trade war' as Trump eyes protectionist action

Voting rights could be restored to New Jersey prisoners and people on parole, probation

New Jersey Senate Shelves Vote on Nuclear Subsidy Bill

Oh NOES!!! Not my BEER!!!

Kroger-owned Fred Meyer stores won't sell guns to anyone under 21 years old

Pierogies: Love em or Loathe em?

Trumps corruption deserves to be a central issue in the 2018 midterms

Judge found guilty of trespassing at her kids' school

Russian model in Thai jail promises to spill Trump-Russia secrets

can't wait to try this!!

RE : The Markets

Democratic Gun Activists Are Killing Our Children Not Guns --- News Max.

GOP World Is Nothing But Death, Destruction, Darkness And Misery.

Trumps brain runs in perpetual bullshit mode.

She's in Immense Personal Jeopardy: Even for Hope Hicks, the West Wing Got Too Hot

A real simple question

You should know you fucked up with your tariffs when the Dow tracks w/Maryland's southern border

Jim Kelly's cancer has returned

No prison for ex-Booker advisor who stole $113K from government

MSNBC just said Trump is furious that things are in chaos in the White House

Why Democrats should call for the House Intel Committee to shut down?

Just Die Already: Movie/TV Characters That You Couldnt Wait To See Killed Off?

7,000-year-old Native American burial site found in Gulf of Mexico

If Trump named Stormy to replace Hope, at least no one could say she wasn't "experienced"! nt

Just a thought, what if it was illegal to report on a school shooting? Or mass shooting?

(Jewish Group) Antisemitism: How the Origins of Worlds Oldest Hatred Still Holds Ground

Antisemitism: How the Origins of Worlds Oldest Hatred Still Holds Ground

2 Lions Rescued From Abandoned Zoos in Syria and Iraq Head to a Sanctuary

(Jewish Group) The inescapable anti-Semitism of Western nationalists

The inescapable anti-Semitism of Western nationalists

Trump, with crises swirling around him, has been going rogue.

(Jewish Group) The Mainstreaming of Anti-Semitism in the US

Here is, What's for lunch, for me...

The Mainstreaming of Anti-Semitism in the US

Yui's Lunch today!! 美味しい

Sanders fined for accepting foreign donations in 2016 election

Where the bottom falls out of the base

Thank you @SenatorDurbin @SenWarren @CoryBooker for co-sponsoring our War Powers Resolution on Yemen

As Trump Spirals, Many Of His Staffers Are Looking To Exit

Silent generation (ages 73-90) only one in which a majority does not favor legalization of marijuana

Dow Drops More Than 500 Points on Tariff and Trade Worries.

Question for Sarah 3 Names "Hey, we saw pictures of you walking with Hope Hicks..You gonna be next?"

ABC, The Atlantic among finalists for FiveThirtyEight purchase

Fugelsang on unions . . .

Despite mass shootings, number of households owning guns is on the decline

Trump's aluminum tariffs and Russia.

Shitler f*cked up BEER today, now takes aim at VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY

Trump Regime to March 24 DC Kids March for Life Organizers: Your permit is denied!

serious question......what is it that makes his skin orange?

Mark Rufallo: Bernie Sanders forces 1st ever Senate vote to end secretive, unconstitutional war.


What's most amazing about the epidemic of mass shootings...

Another 'bomb cyclone' -- with a huge flood risk -- is aiming for the Northeast

Alisyn Camerota Loves Doing Journalism at CNN, After Doing the Opposite at Fox News

These are bleak days for gun companies

McConnell shelves gun bills for banking reform

Zelda becomes a girl (FUNNY) and (rough language)

Fox contributor freaks out as Trump sends the Dow plunging with steep new tariffs

Pierce: Jared Kushner Is Deep in It Now. What happens next?

Zelda becomes a girl (FUNNY) and (rough language)

Trump Floats New Penalties For Drug Dealers, Drug Companies at Opiate Summit.

WH's Sanders: Trump has no plans to fire Sessions 'that I know of'

He's flipped, He's making rogue statements all over the shop.

Top Dem calls for resignation of HHS official who denied abortions for undocumented minors

Woman Marries Her AR-15

At White House summit, Trump says executing drug dealers could help solve the opioid crisis

UFCW Local 655 continues historic organizing campaign at Dollar General with second union election f

Trump's tariffs are going to mostly hurt the US...

What is your oldest memory?

Where were you?

Though we see all the chaos coming from the White House .....

I am seeing something I've never seen before

Multiple school, hospital lockdowns lifted in Atlantic, Cumberland counties following threats

Do Not Pick Up the Puppies!

Jared's 'SECRET' clearance

For over 5 years now, I've had a question that has yet to been answered.

Who wants to adopt a kitty--in New York City?:

Trump's alphabet

CNN Money Dow plummets more than 500 points after Trump announces tariffs

Equifax - You had 1 job. The CFPB is going to do nothing thanks to Mulvaney.

Bird feeders

Mr. President

Georgia passes tax bill punishing Delta for NRA split

Bulletproof Vests, Security Guards Approved for House Members

The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist Review: Justice Miscarried

Twitter Observation

For those who participated in the Antiwar protests in the 60's--what advice for March For Our Lives?

White House preparing for McMaster exit as early as next month

Hope Hicks

Latest from Europe

On this day in rock history (1969), Jim Morrison allegedly exposed himself onstage

Red and Blue States Move Further Apart on Health Policy

Did I just hear that McMasters is gone by the end of the month?

Steve Schmidt just called Jared the "Towering Inferno" of the Trump administration.

Red and Blue States Move Further Apart on Health Policy

Putin Unveils New Invincible Nuclear Weapons To Counter West

Llnes from gathering on guns

Russia previewed plan to disseminate emails with Trump campaign

Most think Trump racist

How do you spell Dotard?

Putin boasts military might with animation of Florida nuke strike

Unanimous Va. Supreme Court exonerates Chesapeake man in rape of girl 41 years ago

Everybody better clap...

Prepared for Bumps, the Met Starts Charging Non-New Yorkers.

'Volatility is back': Dow closes down more than 400 points as Trump's steel tariff sends tremors...

At least 13 'copycat' school threats in Iowa since Florida shooting

CondiLIAR doesn't know if Putin wanted the Con elected

Tweets Of Trouble

Energy companies warn about effect of steel tariff on US industry

Who's next ?

Canada threatens retaliation on Trump tariffs

Live from the White House

The Dotards new clothes

The tariffs imposed today reminded me of a West Wing conversation between...

Here is info on the activities planned to support gun control

Condoleezza Rice was on MSNBC talking about bigotry.

Corey Feldman just tweeted "In 24 hours I will unviel a secret that will rock your world"

*NOT FLORIDA* Man Runs Around Shirtless On CLT Tarmac, Threatens Airport Workers

Congress punctures Trumps infrastructure and aviation plans, in one day

Liberal Redneck - The Right to Bear Harm

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

Rep. Barbara Lee‏: On the first day of #WomensHistoryMonth, I want to share one of my favorite...

Just a typical day beating the baddies

** Mueller assembling criminal charges against Russians for hacking & leaking during 16 campaign**


BREAKING: Kurt Eichenwald releases spiked NEWSWEEK story on Trump medical health, drug use...

BREAKING NEWS! Peak bloom has been predicted for March 17 - March 20, 2018!

"I Live to Put People in Jail": Here Are Trump's Nominees for the US Sentencing Commission

Mueller is readying criminal charges against Russia

Meghan McCain tries to corner House intel Dem about Trump-Russia overhype and it backfires

Alex Jones Is Accused of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment by Former InfoWars Employees.

President Donald J. Trump Announces Bipartisan Group of Nominees to the United States Sentencing Com

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Organizing Million Liars March to Support Hope Hicks

Trump's tariff war nudges Cohn toward White House exit

Favorite tractor music?

Rick Gates tells judge he's canceling Boston trip due to threat invoking Russian mafia

Rick Gates tells judge he's canceling trip due to threat invoking Russian mafia

'Javanka' should follow Hope out the door

Mueller is now going after the hackers and the email thieves...

Trump to Meet with Video Game Executives to Discuss Gun Violence

$184 million loan on Kushner-owned Loop office tower faces scrutiny

Eeew...'cause I am not touching this one.

Police: Boy who shot himself planned attack on school

March For Our Lives gun-control rally bumped from D.C.'s National Mall by talent show

Keith Olberman is on PTI - Pardon the Interruption on ESPN

Sen. Hatch calls Affordable Care Act supporters 'stupid,' 'dumbass' people

Arkansas high court lifts stays for 2 death row inmates

Kushner's future after security downgrade

A video Steven Mnuchin doesnt want you to see

Democrats Widen Lead In Generic Ballot

Dozens of Catholics arrested as they call on Congress to help Dreamers

Bizarre behavior by Georgia teacher preceded gun scare

Lawmakers seek option to alter impact of ballot initiatives

I have a question about Trump's tarriffs

When Trump is impeached, what if he refuses to leave office?

Why are the Florida students so good at this? Excellent school programs in ...

What's your favorite little-known sitcom(s)?

White House staffers are scrambling to find a way out of the Trump admin nobody wants to hire them

Young People Are Staying Liberal

Robert Mueller's prosecutors say Paul Manafort could face a prison sentence up to 30 years....

White House excludes Florida Democratic senator from meeting

Kushner's family business got 1/2 billion in loans last year.

Please sign this March For Our Lives Petition

For the first time in modern history every single state House & Senate seat will be contested in NC

A march to support Hope Hicks

Quid pro quo.....Big Con style

Md. lawmakers advance bill requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns

After Trump tensions, McMaster likely to exit White House as early as next month

Mueller considers charges against Russians who leaked emails during the 2016 election

FBI counterintel investigating Ivanka Trump business dea

Nick Confessore...

Ivanka Trump under investigation!!

Miz t. is making jambalaya and the smells coming out of the kitchen are killing me.

Seen on Facebook

Live shot from the White House

Another one bites the dust...

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 1, 2018

Knock knock.

Another one bites the dust...

Exclusive: FBI counterintel investigating Ivanka Trump business deal

Why Democrats are suddenly competitive in deep-red Texas

Knock knock

Nicolle Wallace...

If the Shoe Was on the Other Foot

"Please select one of the following options."

What Motivates Voters More Than Loyalty? Loathing

Not exempting jet fuel from state taxes to punish Delta was the right decision for the wrong reason

Genuinely funny interchange between Katy Tur & Stephanie Ruhl today...

Trump rolled back pipeline safety regulations, benefiting equity firm that loaned money to Kushner

House GOP leaders urge member accused of sex abuse to resign

Malcolm Nance retweeted Max Boot...

Dont a lot of major news stories break on Friday

Virdict in Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowshi trial

US ambassador to Mexico to resign, amid strained relations

What are the most beautiful places you ever visited?

New report shows how Russia sought to deceive and influence the fight over fracking

If Barack Obama had said that...... Who said that? 😳

Millennials were trending Republican but that has sharply reversed