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Archives: September 9, 2017

Hurricane Irma live-streams

Our President has supported us. And now it is the time for us to support him.

Fire from Biden on DeVos' Title IX announcement: "Tell this admin that we refuse to go backwards."

Best Buy has stopped selling security software from Russian firm

BREAKING: Virginia Board of Elections Votes Unamimously to Remove All Paperless Voting Machines

Baldwin County, Alabama opens shelter for Florida evacuees

Some thug woman! Alex Jones goes ballistic on young girl who mocked his Infowars reporter

Senate GOP accepting defeat on Obamacare repeal

Texas stepmom who made boys lick dirty toilet, throw up stolen food gets 45 years in prison

World Affairs Council to honor Nowitzki for his commitment to kids around the globe

Mueller gives White House names of 6 aides he expects to question in Russia probe

Asia's Reckoning: The Future Of U.S. Power In The Pacific (W/guest Richard McGregor)

Damn Don Williams has passed

These GOP lawmakers voted against Harvey aid, debt limit extension

'Pharma Bro' Lashes Out at Move to Revoke Bail Over Hillary 'Threat'

Kirk Cameron says God sent hurricanes to teach us 'humility'

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! DACA Debacle. Live Uncensored & a new

Leaked Docs Show Waco Police Knew 'Potential For Violence' Ahead Of Twin Peaks Shootout Was 'Very Hi

Here are 8 dire warnings proving nowhere will be safe once Irma makes landfall in South Florida

Movies for grownups - Wind River

Florida folks, Will Sanibel and Captiva suvive IRMA?

Now you know why Houston did not evac during Harvey.

Friday Talking Points (452) -- The Art Of The Steal

Humor for the day.

Ugh......done watching Nadal, wanted Del Porto to win...

I hope that the evacuation in Florida goes well

If you don't know why Rachel Maddow is #1

Doesn't seem like a good decision for Chris Hayes to stay in Florida beyond tonight.

How can I search for a post?

Have you noticed people interrupting more?

2 Florida nuclear plants likely to shut down if Irma continues path

Former Ruby Tequila's employees file class action lawsuit for back wages

Bolling to run for Senate, may or may not continue to "allegedly" text pics of his unit if elected

Whitehouse and McCain file brief with Scotus on gerrymandering

Craig Cobb: "I wanted to join the other 63 million Nazis,"

Benton County (AR) officials back new voting machines

Hurricane Irma is bouncing around like a pinball!

Real Time with Bill Maher live stream

Argentina: Campaign grows for Santiago Maldonados reappearance with life

Barack Obama Back to School

Trump and the dreamers

Has anyone tried freezing their credit due to the Equifax Debacle? I'm breaking out in a cold sweat

You can buy the Texas town called Mustang for $4 million

Could Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Be Mexicos Jeremy Corbyn?

Officials found list of targets with 5,000 names in east German raid: media

North Central Cuba is taking a serious beating

Who is this woman?:

MSNBC needs to do more reporting

Peru marines on trial over 1986 prison massacre

I am going to say it now, SHUT THE FUCK UP S.E. Cupp on Real Time

RIP Don Williams

Official Juggalo March on Washington DC Infomercial

White supremacists and fake news purveyors are spreading lies about cause of Heather Heyer's death.

Songs So Sad They Made You Wanna Cry

Charges detail extensive poaching ring in Washington, Oregon

Orlando Airport closes at 5 PM tomorrow; Delta sending it's retired 747 back for one more evacuation

The White House tried to calm furious House Republicans. It didn't go well.

Why would anyone stay in The Keys?

Trump says churches should get FEMA funds for hurricane relief


The World Is Running Out of Sand

Giant portrait of toddler peers over US-Mexico border wall

Giant portrait of toddler peers over US-Mexico border wall

Messaging at White House reaches Biblical Proportions

Why aren't we hearing or seeing what IRMA

Joe Biden Considering Running For President In 2020 According To His Daughter

Irma now a category 5 again.

Some of the Facebook Russian ads found?

Seth's Favorite Jokes of the Week: Super Mario's New Job, Trump's Hurricane Tweets

Don Williams-I Believe In Love(In Memoriam)

Friday Night Wine Buzz. How is everyone doing tonight?

Seth Meyers: Guest Seth MacFarlane

I finally got around to watching the BBC's "King Charles III". AMAZING!

CT councilman may have resigned due to being a "furry."

Equifax Lobbied To Kill Rule Protecting Victims Of Data Breaches; Beware Of Asking For Their Help...

EXCLUSIVE: Why should I resign (Republican)

Hurricane Jose: storm 'almost category five' as it follows Irma's destructive path

OMG, I can't take much more of Maher's liberal bashing.

Equipment, Manpower Delay Dallas Statue Removal

I didn't see anyone calling rich white guys 'stupid' for having drinks in Miami tonight

Trial concludes in Kentucky abortion clinic case

GM Exec Luntz "I bought a house in the keys, it was supposed to be underwater"

I just learned on Twitter that Hurricane Irma doesn't exist.

So...what exactly counts as "bashing the party" or "attacking Democrats" these days?

Has anyone seen the new "It" yet?

Abilene residents protest DACA

China's 'Javanka' fanatics dismayed as first daughter cancels visit

'There is no way for me just to become legal'

US murder rate may fall in 2017, contradicting Jeff Sessions' warnings

Florida-bound Hurricane Irma strengthens back to a Category 5 as it makes landfall in Cuba

Found this picture and thought it was either "Catberet", or "A Clawwork Orange".

Quiros filing: Bid to collect $3M in legal fees 'improper,' 'frivolous'

At least 60 dead, over 200 injured after magnitude-8.1 earthquake rocks Mexico

At least 60 dead, over 200 injured after magnitude-8.1 earthquake rocks Mexico

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 9/8/17

DHS Seeks Designs for See-Through Wall

Jackass blues

Kris Kobach's leap of logic on voter fraud in New Hampshire should be disqualifying

Did lesbians cause Hurricanes Irma and Harvey? God knows.

Martin Shkreli seeks to overturn part of his conviction

Best Buy stops sale of Russia-based Kaspersky products

Best Buy stops sale of Russia-based Kaspersky products

Virginia halts use of voting machines considered vulnerable to hacking

North Korea-U.S. tensions are not Mexico's business: diplomat

So this liberal redneck is really pissed!

South Korea braces for possible new missile test to mark North's founding day

New Russian envoy describes 'warm' meeting with Trump: agencies

Senate panel rejects Trump's 'doctrine of retreat' on foreign policy

Senate panel rejects Trump's 'doctrine of retreat' on foreign policy

Florida nuclear plants to shut ahead of Hurricane Irma

Jamie Dimon ventures beyond Wall Street to have a say in Washington

Tampa is looking screwed.

Trump Rally on Miami Beach Sunday, 10 AM. Don't believe the scientists, there's no climate change.

Einstein's statements have never been more relevant

Artificial Intelligence Can Probably Tell If You're Gay

Man seeking to marry his computer sues Alabama over gay marriage

Federal child porn-related charges filed against former state Sen. Ralph Shortey

What sexist double-standards in the media look like - Sanders vs. Hillary Book tours

Has there been any discussion of Trump possibly changing political party (again) ?

Stephen Colbert Monologue - Midnight Confessions - Week in Review - Opening - 9/8/17

Conservative Analyst Mocks Paul Ryan for Allowing Trump to Constantly Humiliate Him

Bitcoin tumbles on report China to shutter digital currency exchanges

Texas issues first medical marijuana license

Best storm tracker I've seen yet. Real time.

Egypt announces discovery of 3,500-years old tomb in Luxor

The Latest: Katia begins stalling over Mexico mountain range

Latest NHC Irma Discusssion

Disaster prep---securing important personal papers and property

As the hurricane predictions swing from east to west across Florida...

So Scumbaugh RUSHED...Says Hurricane Irma Is Conspiracy, Evacuates Anyway

Trump - Vandalism

Jamaica's airspace is closed -Irma associated lightning strike

"The Statue Of Bigotry"

Hurricane Irma: Florida evacuates millions as superstorm batters Cuba - latest updates

30 Batsh*t Crazy, Mostly Racist Facebook Memes the Russians Used to Corrupt Your Mind

See Hurricane Irma Crackle with Lightning in Electrifying Satellite Video

See Hurricane Irma Crackle with Lightning in Electrifying Satellite Video

Hurricane Irma: Florida evacuates millions as superstorm batters Cuba - latest updates

What's Going to Happen When the Trumpists Realize the America They Yearn for Is Gone? - Joy-Ann Reid

Size comparison of Andrew 92 and Irma 2017. Both Cat 5 Hurricanes

THE MEMO: Trump puts the GOP on notice

Hey Grits


No question: my Virginia town's 'slave block' should be removed from our sight

Any news out of Cuba?

Republicans Chew Gum. Walk? Not So Much. - by Gail Collins

Can Trump shovel enough red meat to keep his presidency alive?

FEMA deadlines and tips for Texas and Florida!

I'm deleting my Facebook account

For everyone deleting their Facebook (and Twitter) accounts

Hillary Clinton ran a great campaign and I can prove it

Hillary Clinton ran a great campaign and I can prove it (HC GP)

Why are Republicans going unchallenged by the media and still talking about

Irma, what makes it turn north??

ASL interpreter in Sarasota Presser facial expressions...

The pitfalls of trying to get in with the male left

Florida gun owners encouraged to 'shoot the storm' and fire their guns at Hurricane Irma

Trump to Monitor Hurricane as His Cabinet Descends on Camp David

For those travelers who are in need of shelter from the storm

WaPo: Trump tortured Spicer and Priebus. Now they get to tell investigators about Trump

Twittler Box

My wife's sister and her husband live in Cape Coral, FL

Trump's global warming hoax

Thousands rally in central London to protest Brexit plan

Russia berates German defense minister for war games remarks

"We're not intimidated by hatefulness," Jagmeet Singh responds to heckler

Liberal bumper stickers triggered Ozarks man, so he flashed a gun, police say

trump wants fema money to go to churches.....tweet

Mexico earthquake: Rescue efforts continue as death toll rises

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Storms and Climate Change

Alternet: How Canadian Mounties Will Come to the Rescue of American Workers

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - Go Home?

Weekend Toon Roundup 3 - Blowhard

Delta flight races against Irma, becomes Twitter hero

Weekend Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Automate This! How A.I. technology could disrupt nearly half of all jobs - and international politic

$7.59 Mondavi Woodbridge Chardonnay gets high marks from Wash Post columnist

IMPORTANT: DON'T misinterpret the Hurricane Irma track maps...

God is TRYING to reach the WH - "It may take a mandatory evacuation order"

Always thought golfers were a little strange

'We just need to go home,' says American woman trapped in St. Martin after Irma

CNN lines for shelter

seed saving- how to keep bugs out of seed.

Does anyone know if there is any organization that take the eggs from Turtle nests

finalement, une facon de taper les accents correctement avec mon mac et reapprendre ma langue natale

The Hollow Courage of Bill Maher

Have You Noticed

Just saw two Florida men fishing

Why People Should NEVER Mess with Tween Girls - Really!

So how exactly did things get THIS bad for Democrats?

Tax the rich to help pay for Texas/Florida recovery.

A tribute to a great artist

After a tumultuous 7 months in office-it finally dawns on potus: "People really [email protected]&@ing hate me."

Right now on MSNBC..the obligatory idiots wind-surfing in the water off the Florida coast

Warning: Salt grains may be needed

Any ideas on printing a schematic in pdf to an old pen plotter?

...Oh look, there's President Obama, kite-surfing on Miami Beach

I'm pretty new to telephone caller ID - what does an 11 digit phone number mean?

Florida Live Web Cams. Miami, Ft Lauderdale

A B S O L U T E L Y.

Being told that my OP on HRC's campaign being alerted a lot & for all kinds of reasons!

Biden: Trump's WH 'Does Not Speak For The American People' On Sexual Assault

Report: Trump Is Refusing To Make Eye Contact With Gary Cohn

Florida Live Web Cams. Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Ft Myers

WH: There Was 'Not A Meeting' Between Trump And New Russian Ambassador

White House communications director Hope Hicks retains lawyer in Russia probe

Most popular surname by state

65-foot toddler photo placed along border wall

The United States of Suckers. Here is my list of those suckered by Trump.

"If you loot, we shoot"

Some questions for those who know sign language???

Fuji TV: Trump calls President Moon a "beggar" during phone call with Japanese PM

Anyone doing any "storm" cooking?

Trump review leans toward proposing mini-nuke

GOP struggles to control its own agenda

It's okay, they're 'Murkan

Trump Rattles His Party

Will the New Trump Stick?

Slovak Village Prospers in Partnership With Roma Residents It Once Shunned.

Legal defense fund could be set up for WH staffers in Mueller probe: report

Trump stacks administration with climate change skeptics

Tomi Lahren's Ancestor Tried To Forge U.S. Citizenship Papers, And People Cant Stop Laughing

A tug on the heart strings!

Four Texas House Members Voted Against Harvey Relief...for Texas

Soros and Reptilians Controlling the World: Yair Netanyahu Posts Meme Rife With anti-Semitic Themes

CNN exclusive: Joe Paterno may have known of earlier Jerry Sandusky abuse claim police report reveal

Max Baucus, Architect of the ACA, backs Medicare for All

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Bobby Rodrigo discusses Hurricanes, social services and more.

#DonnaTrump: Worst Russian twitterbot ever

Yes, it's really this simple: Donald Trump is a cranky, obsessive racist

A Huge New Telescope In Canada Is Tracking The History Of The Universe's Expansion

Sleeping With Your Dog Can Give Better Night Rest: Mayo Study

"Oh hi Ivanka": Finally, we know the least essential White House employee's real role

Anyone recommend an OCR software for MAC?

More White, More Male, More Jesus: Pompeo Is Quietly Killing the Agencys Diversity Mandate

Andrew vs. Irma

Live radar of Irma - watch it regain its form as it pulls off the Cuba shore - and storm surge blog

A stunning new study shows that Fox News is more powerful than we ever imagined

U.S. Calls for UN Vote Monday on Fresh North Korea Sanctions

Evacuating Florida

Why Hurricane Categories Make a Difference

Senator Whitehouse addressing the Senator with the snowball

Don experiences hurricane Irma first hand

I am not a Democrat

Evacuation Line in Naples/Tampa area.

Isolated reports Eric Bolling's 19 yr old son has died, possibly suicide

Irma Weather radar loops, maps - lots to click on this page

Viking warrior found in Sweden was a woman, researchers confirm

Photos: The Story Behind The 4,000 World War II-Inspired Posters Around D.C.

Sometin' to cheer you all up on this stressful day- Be Happy

As Irma closes in, Republican mayor of Miami blasts Trump for ignoring climate change

Irma coverage

Climate Change Researcher Describes Challenge Of Pulling Off Worldwide Global Warming Conspiracy

Researchers Identify Gene for Awfulness (Borowitz)

Oh don't hold back, George

Prominent conservatives are becoming hurricane truthers

Trump's Irma Photo-op

Irma appears to be stalled, just off Cuba.

To bad so sad......first daughter and hubby NOT going to China........

Simeon Wright, Witness to Abduction of Emmett Till, Dies at 74

Prince George

On Netflix... Watched for first time all seasons of Walking Dead...

Some Memes on Trump keeping Track of Irma

The CNN "gunshow"

When It Comes to Charitable Giving, Jesus Is Supposed to

Trump's Congressional Allies Are Trying to Manipulate the Steele Dossier to Undercut the Russia...

Zuckerberg/2020 and Facebook/Russia. The appalling vista is

Think immigrants are taking our jobs? Try picking strawberries for a day

The World Black Pudding Throwing Championships is back! Here's what you need to know

Sad to say but this link now seems to be needed to stop some hair on fire incidents.

The top 15 possible 2020 Democratic nominees, ranked

George Carlin - NIMBY (Not in my back yard) (Dealing with homelessness)

Has anyone else watched Disjointed?

Democracy Sausage ? How about Presidential Pizza !

Florida webcams--three from Key West

My latest Free Parking Column - Betrayal and Treason (Revised)

Thus, I've had this oven with micorwave above it for 8 years now

2 Moons Orbit Giant Asteroid That Buzzed Earth (Video)

A look at the tax-exempt groups working to block government efforts regarding climate change

5 things to do right now if you're worried about the Equifax hack

Well, I have decided to try out a new photo hosting site:

What were the results of the Senate vote on the Harvey and debt ceiling?

The Islands have not recovered from Irma, now being hit by Jose...

A toast, to General Zaragoza

Recently ousted Fox News host's son found dead in apparent suicide

Menashe, the movie

People that are in Lee & collier counties

WOW! China to Ban Sale of Fossil Fuel Cars in Electric Vehicle Push

NBC2 Live Coverage of Hurricane Irma from Ft. Myers

WOOOOT! Goodbye touchscreen voting machines in NC!

Irma eye wall in Saint Martin a few days ago

Joy Reid Throws it DOWN!!!!!!!!!

Tragedy: Eric Bolling Son Dies

Can I hunker down in here?

Senate report blasts Trump's foreign policy

CNN: Irma is making the turn North NOW. nt.

Spanish police raids aim to halt Catalan independence vote

Pope: Church isn't a custom's post, its doors are open

Bad art - Jon McNaughton

Evacuated. Returned Home. Hunkering Down.

Pope: Church isn't a custom's post, its doors are open

Pray For Trump

Human Rights Group Prepares Report on Police Violence in Rio

Photo essay: They call you boy until you 50 or 54

Mexico: dozens dead in earthquake

I'm not a Rick Scott fan, but I think he's doing a damn good job with Irma! n/t

Excellent NYT article on how to handle the Equifax breach, other than "free" protection from Equifax

New Zealand's Labour Party Candidate is in the Lead! - Jacinda Ardern for Prime Minister

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 9, 2017

Before I sign off this evening.

Ladies US Open Final - spoiler

Still breathing in Fort Lauderdale...

Former Dem senator Max Baucus, architect of the ACA, is now supporting

Proud of my daughter and my sister.

Unearthed near Hadrians Wall: lost secrets of first Roman soldiers to fight the Picts

Shelters that accept pets in Florida during Hurricane Irma

Live feed from Key West at the southern most marker....

Spose I should mention, spoiler......

Tornado on the ground Lazy lake near Fort Lauderdale MOVING WEST

Large, dangerous tornado on the ground in Ft. Lauderdale.

A tale of two leaders of the left: New books by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

My Florida. house will probably be gone tomorrow from Irma

Hey Floridians, be sure to check out the Florida Forum.

Long range forecast for Jose - VentuSky Sept. 18-19

A tale of rich and poor underlines the scramble to flee Irma in Florida

Whatups ,,,,,

New Rule: F**k Fees!!!!

The closest saw shop was about 35 miles away

Ontario man describes harrowing scenes from hurricane-battered U.S. Virgin Islands

Uhhh guys. I don't think we can rule out Irma heading into the Gulf.

The ocean is missing...!!

More than 50 animals found tethered to trees in Palm Beach County as Irma approaches.

How Russia Created the Most Popular Texas Secession Page on Facebook. Plus Calexit, remember!

Parrots seeking shelter from the storm.

Tom T. Hall speaks of Estes Kefauver and the Democratic Convention in Miami...

Should saying "all asexuals should be killed" be considered Hate Speech?

pretty bad storm when even dolphins have to be evacuated..

2018 Colorado Governors Race and 2020 Colorado US Senate Race-Jared Polis.

Not To Make Light Of The Disaster...

Land grab in Amazon jungle threatens dispossession, violence and murder

Our President understands where our good jobs are going

Just look at Irma's outerbands