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Archives: September 7, 2017

I didn't know it was possible to elect a House Speaker who's not serving in the House

Las Vegas police to investigate accusations from Hawks' Michael Bennett

Rahm Emanuel taking a few hits curtesy of an excellent stand up comedian and real president.

Sen Feinstein says DACA an EO," That's why we need to pass a law & we should do it"

Jeff Sessions' Rationale for Ending DACA Is a Gigantic Bucket of Horseshit

GOP Rep Steve King: Dreamers Can 'Live in the Shadows' After DACA Ends

Unfortunately I think Roger will lose tonight

Deadly Hurricane Exposes Dangers of Being LGBTQ and Homeless

Hillary Clinton schoolmate claims she gave him

Look I know that I've been annoyingly strident on several threads since Monday

So Chris Hayes is coming up with a segment on the Repubicans that are trying to

Candidate for Charlotte mayor puts 'white' among qualifications

Sherrod Brown for 2020? Sounds like he hasn't ruled it out.

There will be four American women in the US Open

Toys"R"Us taps law firm to weigh restructuring options: source

Trump's 'Bad Hombres' Remark Among Many in States' DACA Suit

So GOP, About the Next Democratic President

Can't someone in the UK please just leak the Steel Dossier?

She is gone.

Democratic leader calls for scrutiny of Trump's mine safety nominee

How can we win Medicare for all?

Christian Bale to portray Cheney in upcoming movie

Who said they were going to Georgia to run from Irma?

So who helped the Russians in targeting certain groups of people in their facebook ads .....

Don't look now but Tucker Fucking Carlson is calling out the SPLC

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! DACA Debacle. Live Uncensored & a new

MOSTLY FALSE: Sessions says Obamas policy known as DACA "contributed to a surge of minors at the so

Feds: Menendez sold Senate office 'for a life of luxury he couldn't afford'

Heads up! Eric Schneiderman on Rachel tonight- DACA lawsuit, other Trump corruption legal stuff

Guess who is NOT a co-sponsor of S.1615 - Dream Act of 2017?

Ex-WIP host Craig Carton charged with investment fraud in $5.6 million ticket scam

Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller Has A White Nationalist Problem

SEPTA warns state GOP budget proposal could gut public transit

Weather Underground: The Southeastern US is fucked.

So now Facebook admits to treason in presidential election. Hmmm, wonder how that's feeling

NOAA Flight Director: IRMA "Actually Getting Stronger"

2018 US House Election-open Republican held seats in Democratic leaning Congressional districts.

Congressman Tim Murphy issues statement on extramarital affair

Anyone still think DU was crashed on election night by some random 400 lb hacker?

*Eric Schneiderman, NY State Attorney General, on Rachel show NOW.

Key Figure Behind Trump Dossier Stonewalled Senate Investigators

Ok! I am confused!

An unwelcome, unusual sight for sure in the Atlantic and Gulf

Bernie was mean to Hillary and Hillary was mean to Bernie

Today at the White House, in one picture:

Pennsylvania asks for REAL ID extension

No, the Clinton Foundation is not charging $7 per water bottle sent to Houston

Latest, very detailed discussion of Irma's possible US impacts, including storm surge estimates

Hurricane Irma - Eyewitnesses ABS Television w/ Prime Minister After Storm (Barbuda)

Vox - How Trumps tax cuts could wind up hurting most Americans

'I was punched in the face for being gay'

Jeff Masters: Hurricane Irma an Extreme Storm Surge Threat to the U.S. and Bahamas

I notice the media is silent about two Governors hit by massive storms

Buying a house with an underground pool. Is it worth it?

Nunes vents anger at Sessions over subpoena, threatens to hold AG, FBI chief in contempt


Watchgate - this isn't being appreciated enough at .

It occurs to me: Change new dog's name to "C'mere"

Not even he knows what he is doing

Arrest of alleged neo-Nazis in British army shows U.K. is 'waking up to the threat of the far right'

Hunters Sour On Interior Secretary

slate - "Meteorologists Have Never Seen a Storm Like Irma"

Trump, Democrats deal shifts outlook in DC, possibly Vermont

Can our system handle Trumps self-dealing?

Ivanka interrupted White House meeting

I don't understand the winning by Schumer and Pelosi

We are not complete monsters - Sack cartoon

He's peddling snake oil

Eyes Wide Shut - Luckovich 'toon

Seth Meyers: Hey! Hillary Clinton's Bernie Sanders Comments

"Hold my beer"

Explosion at East Chicago post office injures 1

They just showed a clip of the Oval meeting with Congressional leaders

Japan upgrades the estimated size of North Korea's 6th nuclear nuclear test to 160 kilotons

"This is condign punishment for a Party that has allowed itself to be rented by him."

Triple threat....3 Hurricanes at once in Atlantic, 1st time in 7yrs..

How to Decipher Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Gibberish

NJ lawmaker has Confederate flag tattoo

The Democratic party is an absolute failure.

The Pelosi-Schumer-Trump Congress - (unhappy) WSJ editorial

"Squeeze a nickel til the buffalo s***s"

These Storms Have NOTHING To Do With Climate Change. That IS All. Trump Administration.

Truth may be subjective, but reality is fact based

DNC Chair ,Tom Perez, to teach at Brown

Pope Francis arrives for Colombia's first papal visit since 1986

Pope Francis arrives for Colombia's first papal visit since 1986

Sherrod Brown, imho, is one of our most consistently down-to-earth yet thoughtful

Russians Flock to Trump Properties to Give Birth to U.S. Citizens

Taliban attacks US Afghan base in retaliation for US leaflets

The Daily Show - Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, the "Dealmaker President" Finally Makes a Deal

Public dumps on Trump plan to reconsider automobile fuel economy standards

In defense of DACA

WaPo: Rush Limbaughs dangerous suggestion that Hurricane Irma is fake news

Defiant Chicago Mayor: 'Chicago ... will be a Trump Free Zone' (VIDEO)

Hurricane Irma destroys 90 percent of structures, vehicles on Barbuda

How to charge a phone in an emergency -- video just retweeted by Laurence Tribe

Palm Beach County says not enough gas to evacuate, Shelter in Place.

What about a Facebook BOYCOTT? After watching Rachel

At a hearing, a hint that lawmakers could reach some bipartisan agreement on Obamacare improvements

Pablo Sandoval is hitless in his last 38 at-bats, setting San Francisco Giants record

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 7, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: Werner Herzog

Record-breaking Hurricane Irma wreaks havoc across Caribbean: 'It's apocalyptic'

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 8, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: Cab Drivers

McCain considers a new Obamacare repeal bill, and activists scramble to stop it

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 9, 2017 -- The Essentials - Directed by Peter Yates

Harvey in the Strange New Climate Emergency -- Radio Ecoshock podcast

Feds bust shoplifting ring they say pilfered $20 million from U.S. clothing retailers

Just curious

Did the internet go down for anybody else?

Pa. Health Department official fired over $800K mistake can't have her job back

Trump-Russia investigators probe Jared Kushner-run digital operation

Gasoline shortages, price hikes likely to ease by next week

Airlines cap prices for Hurricane Irma evacuees

Christie administration pushes on in labor dispute over public worker pay increases

Irma heading straight for me.

Heres where to get gas, groceries when Irma is gone but the power is out

Potentially catastrophic storm surge for Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina

Murphy slams Guadagno's 'deafening silence' on Confederate flag photo

Trumps punishment for a party that has allowed itself to be rented by him (VIDEO)

2017 NJ Democratic Conference: September 14th &15th in Atlantic City at the Borgata

Trenton Mayor Jacksons nonprofit loses tax-exempt status after submitting no returns to IRS for ...

Stephen Colbert Monologue - 9/6/17

So they're going after the ADA now

Since the GOP is angry with 45 for dealing with the Dems,

Israel reportedly bombs Syrian chemical weapons facility

Hurricane Irma Causes Damage Across the Caribbean

DACA Dreamers vow to fight

America Keeps Getting Less White & Less Christian According To A New Public Religion Survey TIME

Everytime I see Daffy Trump I can't help but thinking...

Shoplifting suspect steals police car and leads cops on a high-speed chase

Criminal investigation into Oregon's Eagle Creek fire focuses on teen suspect

Ethical? Lobbyists get Trump access by paying golf memberships.

Toys 'R' Us said to be weighing bankruptcy as an option

I have a gathering in Charleston, SC over New Year's. I hope it will still be there.

What do we know about North Koreas Kim Jong-un? BBC Newsnight BBC Newsnight BBC Newsnight

Britain to restrict immigration to highest-skilled EU workers

Legal challenge over Australian same-sex marriage vote

Large fireball meteor lights up night sky in Canada

Founder Of $50 Million Mail Fraud Scheme Arrested In Florida

(Turks and Iranians) Charged With Conspiring To Evade U.S. Sanctions Against Iran And Other Offenses

I know it's popular to knock down Bernie Sanders BUT

New Jerseyans write signs for Trump to see

Israeli air force jets kill two in rare targeting of Syrian chemical facility

The goal is to get something done.

San Diego School Superintendent announced it would not allow ICE

House defeats conservative effort to defund Amtrak

of fires and golf courses..

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Hey! Hillary Clinton's Bernie Sanders Comments

You're speaking immigrant: Oklahoma man goes on berserk rant caught on video by Hispanic woman

Rubio, after opposing Sandy relief, now wants federal help for Irma victims, which they'll get

Two serious questions for downtown Miami

As Bernie Sanders said: "Let's look forward..."

Russian Operatives Bought U.S. Political Ads on Facebook. Heres Why Thats a Big Deal.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Went on 'The View' Today. It Didn't Go Well. (Video)

Recession took toll on health of rural young blacks

Hundreds of EPA Workers Leave in Recent Days

Feminist Icon and Author Kate Millett Dies

Why the sudden up tick in re-fighting 2016?

Lot's of celebrating with Agent Orange stabbing his own party in the back, but...

Tom Cole on Morning Joe just as I wake up

Oh, JARED. Don't "friend" Russian operatives on Facebook, and don't help them buy targeted ads.

Which in training

The debt trap: how the student loan industry betrays young Americans

"Trump would not have won without Facebook" - BBC Stories

House Democrats Seek Committee to Combat White Supremacy

Breaking: Trump pledges to claim that he'll donate $1M for Irma recovery

Speech At Harvard By Charles Murray, Author Who Sees Race-Intelligence Link, Sparks Protests

Nuclear crisis intensifies as China's military practices over sea near Korea

Gun store bill aimed for Gov. Browns desk

Trump Jr. Set To Meet With Senate Judiciary Committee Investigators


Minnesota set for pivotal House battles

Battle for Bernie voters backfires in Illinois

Starblazers question (spoilers)

DeVos Will Detail Changes To Policy On How Colleges Handle Sexual Assault

Is it asking too much for DUers to please hit PREVIEW

From 2016 but worth a look

WAPO: Facebook discovers it sold $100K of ad space to Russian propaganda outfit

Imagine a judge who believes that her personal opinion overrides oath, settled law and constitution.

Hurricane Irma Skirts Puerto Rico, Leaves 1 Million Without Power

Reselling tickets - How low would you go?

FEMA Is Nearly Out of Cash, Just as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Strike

Bob Marley Keyboardist Wailer 'Wya' Lindo dies

200K Kids Could Lose Their Parents if DREAMers Are Deported

No Sessions, No KKK, no racist USA! DACA Activists Topple Statute of Jeff Sessions. room in American society for racists?

Facebook Reportedly Turns Over Election Ad Data To Special Counsel Mueller

Russia is so desperate for immigrants, it's giving away land for free.

How do you want us to deal with HRC's book! We know she is proud to be a DEMOCRAT!

Trump Not Likely to Pick Cohn for Fed Chairman

**SUMMER Seasonal Contest Submissions will close on 9/9 midnight Pacific**

Intelligence committees investigating whether Jared's digital campaign coordinated

One day after deal with Dems, Trump campaign ad says Pelosi, Schumer 'trying to stop him'

Charlie Pierce: "Chuck and Nancy Just Played Don Like a Fiddle Nicely done."

Inside Trump's head-scratching deal with "Chuck and Nancy"

hey gary cohn, you're either with the nazis or your not!!!

Good Kid.

Kushner Frantically Searching Desk Drawer For Bold Solutions To Todays Most Pressing Issues

How We Talk About Guns and Suicide

Amazon wants to open a $5 billion second HQ in North America

McConnell introduces bill doubling hurricane aid package, extending federal borrowing limit

we all know LOSER 45 is insane, guess who is responsible?????

Nightmare on Mar-a-Lago

SHOCK: Trump Didn't Know What Scrapping DACA Meant Before Scrapping It

Trump To Hurricane Victim: "Have a Good Time," Puts Bucket IN WINDOW

He's not "siding with Democrats." He's giving the finger to McTurtle.

Man,I feel for the Haitians.

I hate it when I post a real zinger in a thread that's subsequently locked.

Trump offers us a glimpse behind the curtain. There's nothing there. By E.J. Dionne Jr.

This Sounds Reasonable

Ryan Said Trump Wanted to Avoid Partisan Fight in Wake of Hurricanes

Video: Bernie Sanders SLAMS Trump For Ending DACA - Sept 6

Bernie Sanders SLAMS Trump For Ending DACA

China will back fresh U.N. measures on North Korea over nuclear tests

FB, YouTube, Twitter, Cambridge Analytica, Russia, the GOP & Trump.

Should have listened to Hillary's warning three months ago about Russian's Facebook ad-buy

In North Dakota, Trump calls embattled Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp a 'good woman'

Does Trump Have Dementia or is He A Genius?

Massacre at Tula Toli: Rohingya villagers recall horror of Myanmar army attack

DNC tech chief tests staff with simulated phishing attack

TBT: Hillary Clinton Told Us All About Russian Targeted Facebook Ad Buy Three Months Ago

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Bernie's Medicare for All Bill

HELP! - Who the Hell is playing Jumanji in Houston

Warren co-sponsoring Sanders's 'Medicare for all bill'

Trump to Dreamers: You have nothing to worry about

Former Clinton aide: Trump has never 'paid the price' for his actions

DUers have you seen this - some islands in BVI - 'Nuclear bomb devastation'

"This is condign punishment for a Party that has allowed itself to be rented by him." Which Party?

Senate Banking panel approves Trump's Fed, comptroller nominees

If there is a God, I have one prayer re. Irma.

A friend posted this today.

Obamacare still in danger, McCain says he backs block grants to States

Bannon: Catholic churches 'need illegal aliens'

Bernie Hillary Blah, blah, blah

50,000 Haitians living in the US. No full Haiti recovery from Matthew. Here comes Irma, and Trump.

That awkward moment

Hillary Democrats are the heart and conscience of America.

Trump does not make us feel great about our country - By Jennifer Rubin

Steve Bannon: "I'm a street fighter"

CNN weather guy just said the European Model predicts "worst case scenario" for Irma

Pelosi Works The Don Again

This Ta-Nehisi-Coats one for the ages.

The Klavern Gazette

🎂 September 8 - Happy Birthday Bernie Sanders 🏀

***** inaugural committee promised to give millions in unspent money to charity. Where's the money?

There are not multiple types of Democrats, really.

Mnuchin: 'We're very happy' to have debt, Harvey deal

Sky News Special Report: Russia: The Insiders

Feinstein faces growing storm on the left

New York Times: The Ivanka Trump Guarantee

Breitbart uses photo of gang members in El Salvador to smear DACA recipients

The unprecedented drought that's crippling Montana and North Dakota

Government ill-equipped to monitor industrial plants damaged by Hurricane Harvey

Another Statue Debate in Mississippi

Buying a lair with subterranean volcanic vents and a shark pool. Is it worth it?

Pelosi asked Trump to issue tweet reassuring DACA recipients

Russians Flock to Trump Properties to Give Birth to U.S. Citizens

Wildfires and forest creatures:

Time magazine cover, September 18

Jobless claims surge after Hurricane Harvey

Emails show clash between Trump appointees and Facebook over Zuckerberg glacier visit

Seth Rogan: 'CIA is going to be so pissed'

Republicans Can't Keep Their Story Straight On Trump's Debt Ceiling Knifing

Trump Names Coal Executive to Head MSHA

Great summary

The Austin bureau just got this in the mail, addressed to the @HoustonChron. 💙

Mike Luckovich: Eyes wide shut

Student invents clothes that 'grow' as babies do.

Interesting observation about Trumpies still on board

BLS report: Productivity rises 1.5% in 2nd quarter 2017 (annual rate); unit labor costs rise 0.2%

Ta Nehisi Coates has a new article out in The Atlantic October 2017. It's online.

Warren co-sponsoring Sanders's 'Medicare for All bill'

Warren co-sponsoring Sanders's 'Medicare for All bill'

Blankenship Sponsors Nauseating, Error-ridden Commercial


Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Killing a Dream

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Storm's a Comin'

Trump unveils seventh wave of nominees to fill judicial vacancies

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

I am LMAO at the people who wanted Nancy Pelosi to go.

How aggressive are overturned hides being addressed

Ty Cobb's Hilarious Emails And What They Say About Biglaw

Hurricane watch issued for Florida Peninsula from Jupiter south

MSNBC: Mayor of Hollywood FL tells people to,,,,

Traffic Cams for Key West FL. Almost deserted.

Naturally fermented Dill Pickle recipe!

House Speaker Ryan expects tax plan this fall: NYT interview

"Youre a f*cking idiot": InfoWars reporter stunned after he's brutally mocked by young girl

Hillary Clinton Is An Amazingly Brave Woman

Ivanka will apparently be making champagne popsicles with GROVER NORQUIST. Yeah! GROVER! WHOO!

Change the Name of Hurricane Irma to Hurricane Ivanka

Trump: "Dreamers have nothing to worry about. For the next six months."

The First White President - Masterfully Written Article In The Atlantic By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Trump Jr. Says He Wanted Russian Dirt to Determine Clinton's 'Fitness' for Office

Mueller must be having a field day with fools like this

Well, that's rather - excuse me - interesting

Spain to charge Catalan MPs over plans for independence vote

BREAKING: Don Jr. wanted Russian "dirt" on Clinton

Do you hear that sound?

I have used the Block and Trash features to block

seems leah vukmir is running against tammy

Democracy in Chains..

The war against the Southern Poverty Law Center

So are the black Democratic candidates/politicians the next Stein/Putin/KGB target?

Does anyone notice something strange in this picture (saw this on MJ today)?

Time has pretty much run out for evacuation from South Florida

UPDATED - Trump suggested scrapping future debt ceiling votes to congressional leaders

Exclusive: Concerns raised over safety of US Navy's Pacific fleet

It sounds easy to say to Floridians "Just get out" before Irma. But it isn't easy at all.

U.S. Border Guards keeping an wary eye on possible Wall Jumper

Ryan: Six months is enough time to find a DACA solution

Hurricane Irma: At least 9 people have been confirmed killed - BBC News

Florida traffic and for those trying to get out.

What do we make out of Rick Scott's misreadings?

Portage doctor doesn't accept insurance, charges patients a monthly subscription fee for unlimited v

Bernie Sanders: Stand Up and Fight Back

Pic Of The Moment: An Explanation Of Trump's Thought Processes

JetBlue cuts prices to help Hurricane Irma evacuees

Pelosi: Trump says that he would sign the DREAM Act if it passed

Hard-Won Advice in Books on Aging and Elder Care

Atlanta Motor Speedway equipped to take in thousands of Irma evacuees

"Get out of Florida" posts

Whoopi tears Mike Huckabee a new one over his claims of an "irrational hatred of Trump"

Hey Rush Limbaugh!

Zuckerberg has to answer for this

KO: Why We Must Talk About Trump's Mental Health-A majority of Americans now think he's 'unstable"

Upbeat Trump raves to Schumer, Pelosi about news coverage of their deal

KO:Why We Must Talk About Trump's Mental Health-A majority of Americans now think he's "unstable."

Leslie Van Houten

The Resegregation of Jefferson County

Sadly, probably still extinct, 81 years after the last known Thylacine died, on this day in 1936.

Battle for Bernie voters backfires in Illinois

Facebooks role in Trumps win is clear. No matter what Mark Zuckerberg says.

Multnomah Falls lives on!

New Blood Needed

President Trump Said DACA Recipients 'Have Nothing to Worry About.' That's Not Exactly True

Opened an email from DSCC just now re: McCain according

Key conservatives oppose Trump debt ceiling deal

Playing Trump

Opioid Use Explains 20% of Drop in American Men From Labor Force

Every day, kind'a like "Groundhog Day"

It was the National Guard, not the Coast Guard, Mr Resident!

Graydon Carter Stepping Down as Vanity Fair Editor

My site with bad roommate stories was hacked

May Donald J. Trump Be the Last White Male President!?

Texas churches suing FEMA, they want that taxpayer provided money.

Hurricane Emergency Net - 14.325mHz on the 20-meter HAM band

I have a question about DACA......

Taylor Swift lawsuit: let's talk about violence against women

Trump cozies up to Dems - Reminds me of....

Taylor Swift lawsuit: let's talk about violence against women

Gov Deal in Georgia just declared mandatory evacuation for all of Ga East of I-95

Taylor Swift lawsuit: let's talk about violence against women

Florida sure could use high speed rail couldn't they?

You have to wonder what Trumps motive is?

How many books have you read so far in 2017?

Gotta Love Samantha Bee LOL

Limbaugh's dismissal of Irma 'panic' riles forecasters

Oktoberfest beer mugs. Isn't palming them instead of using the handle defeating the purpose?!1

Florida Evacuations Proves Houston Residents Did Not Have Time To Leave.

Easy Choices

Milbank: Sessions is laughable; the end of DACA isnt

It's beginning to rain indictments in the Southern District of NY

I'm white so I'm speeecial

"Cara Mia" then and now--jay black

Begala: Why Trump caved to Pelosi and Schumer

Israel hits Syrian site said to be linked to chemical weapons

These spaghetti models are confusing

Comcast making wifi hotspots available to all during Hurricane Irma

Alabama Republican Rep. Rogers DESTROYED Key Hurricane Monitoring Satellite(article title)

Deporting Dreamers may hit home health care especially hard

Amtrak Florida service suspended

Flamingos In The Men's Room: How Zoos And Aquariums Handle Hurricanes

"little darlin" the diamonds

See, the problem is that we know too much about the weather.

Hurricane Irma boosts downloads of walkie-talkie app Zello

Whats in the path of Hurricane Irma

When everyone tires of refighting the 2016 primaries, what's your choice next old topic to debate?

Congressman Admits to Extramarital Affair

Steve Bannon blasts the Catholic Church over its DACA position.

As a Pastafarian, I find the constant references to "spaghetti models" highly offensive. Any

Does the name "James Comey" ring a bell??

An Irish Joke ( I Love them all)

Method to save your gas if in gridlock

MSNBC Reverts to Campaign-style Coverage of "Good for ratings" tRump

Pic of SHUMER schooling TWITLER on "negotiating".

"Mondo Cane" 🎟 CAUTION Some Disturbing Images

Where's Rex? Secretary of State Tillerson missing in action

First time in recorded history two hurricanes Category 4 or higher hit the U.S. in a single season.

Trump sounds like a kid reading someone elses book report.

Steve Bannon says Catholic Church wants 'illegal aliens to fill the churches'

Ministers reject fines for parties missing women MP targets

History of church-state separation worth considering before U.S. Senate election (J. Ragosta/

Senate has approved $15.25 billion in disaster aid in deal to extend debt limit and keep government

The Spaghetti Models Are Converging...

The flooded landscape of 21st century capitalism

Kate Millett, Influential Feminist Writer, Is Dead at 82

Put a spotlight on a 2018 House candidate

Kate Millett, Influential Feminist Writer, Is Dead at 82

Kate Millett, Influential Feminist Writer, Is Dead at 82

I Bet Paul Ryan's Sick of Frankenstein References By Now

Illinois governor agrees to sell bonds to pay off bills

Alabama has the right approach to election security (Shaffer/

NBC's "To Catch A Predator," special Collusion Edition starring Donald Trump Jr.

Uh Oh,Trump Jr. tells senators 'no collusion' with Russians

Mic drop. 'The First White President' - Ta-Nehisi Coates. (some explicit language may offend)

Trumpy likes it

2017/2018 school year : new history-geography program

House Democrat Urges His Party To Stop Working With Trump And Start Protecting Dreamers

Whole Woman's Health Is Offering Free Abortions to Women Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Readers rave about cheap eats outside of Roanoke

House Republican Budget Continues War on Worker Safety

At what point do you buy all new underwear and get rid of the old ones?

Tori Amos..............Up the Creek

Tori Amos: 'Menopause is the hardest teacher I've met. Harder than fame'

FBI director sees no evidence of interference in Russia probe

Twitter to brief Congress on possible Russia-backed ads: U.S. senator

"We dealt in good faith with the President..."

A LOT Of People Will Not Be Able To Get Out. Good Luck To All Left In Storm Zone.

Commissioner: Officer who shot man in the back will be fired

"The Hippopotamus". Excellent British Mystery.

Here's How Atheists Are Helping People in Houston After Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane skirts Puerto Rico...(Puerto Rico Spared Direct Hit) NBC News.

Bernie Sanders - The gift, that keeps on giving.. ;)

After boy found in concrete, ex-Wichita mayor seeks answers

I think this belomngs here as well..

The 2100 Climate Warming/Change Scenarios Just Projections. Consequences Could Come A Lot Sooner.

Suspect in 1975 killing of Lyon sisters poised to plead guilty

Suspect in 1975 killing of Lyon sisters poised to plead guilty

Report: More video found in child abuse case against surgeon

Suspect in 1975 killing of Lyon sisters poised to plead guilty

Lawmakers want to banish Confederate statues from US Capitol

I wrote this letter to my Congresspeople about DACA

Blew off some steam earlier, so now then,

Church fight: Court eyes worship houses' use of public funds

First responders sue Arkema for $1 million following explosions at Crosby plant

Ex-cop sentenced to prison for torching supervisor's home

Is Donald Trump Jr. Trying to Con Congress on the Russia Scandal?

Trump spent 85 million on Social network ads

OK, so now BOTH Twitter AND Facebook are going to be questioned

Big Oil must pay for climate change. Now we can calculate how much

Trump may have pushed Mexico into the arms of China's Alibaba

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Political malpractice is killing our country and we can stop it

Russians Flock to Trump Properties to Give Birth to U.S. Citizens

Markets Overview

Paul Ryan says he doesnt know if the Trump Organization is an LLC

Paul Ryan says he doesnt know if the Trump Organization is an LLC

LePage Loses Battle To Call Medicaid Expansion Welfare On November Ballot

Exclusive: Mueller seeks interviews with WH staff over Trump Tower meeting statement

Trump: 'There Are A Lot Of Good Reasons' To Eliminate The Debt Ceiling

That Train Is Never Late

So cool! Doctors without Borders using modern technology in poor countries

New Mexico sues opioid drug manufacturers, distributors

18 Chicken Recipes From Around the World

Thousands of fake Facebook and Twitter accounts that were used to influence the 2016 election have..


No, Donald Trump Is Not a Moderate Now - By Jonathan Chait

Let's see... Trump has how many properties in Florida? Dude, you love everybody! Then

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 7, 2017


Miami-Dade expands Irma evacuation orders

Its Brutal to Get to the Oceans Depths. This Minisub Will Take You There

Chicken Basque Style with peas.

Gingrich or Santorum as speaker? House conservatives plot mischief for the fall

Police Block Paraguay's Campesino March Leading to Clashes

Sessions DACA Announcement In His Native Tongue


In Eight Days the space craft Cassini-Huygens: Exploring Saturn's System will

Another thing Trump stripped from 'Dreamers': A loophole that helped 40,000 of them get green cards

Breaking: Disaster Comb of Uncertainty

A top Republican challenged a professor on the border debate. It did not go well.

First responders sue Arkema for $1 million following explosions at Crosby plant

El Salvador Cops Allegedly Formed a Death Squad

Equifax data leak could involve 143 million consumers

Hurricane Irma's death toll rises as it tears through Caribbean


For "Game of Thrones" fans, the Mountain and the Hound together!!

Detective: Cousins went for cheesesteaks after 4 men killed

DU Is Not Unique. Every Discussion Forum on Every Topic

The hurricane and suggestions of taking your photo albums because they are

Equifax Says Cyber Attack May Have Hit 143 Million Customers

So what's worse?

Koch Brothers Will Push Congress to Protect DREAMers

Window washer shot outside Milwaukee newspaper building

Yup....gas prices suddenly went way up.

Wife of Trump Organization Ethics Lawyer Arrested After Alleged Tryst With Inmate

Hawaii tour operator gets rare fine for harassing dolphins

Here is what i think, again

Comcast Xfinity is stepping up in Florida, and opening internet to all

Exclusive: Mueller seeks interviews with WH staff over Trump Tower meeting statement

Palm Beach County: mandatory evacuation for 123k, advised for another 138k

Did you catch the new shift in the winds?

"Come on up, honey. She's so good. She said "Daddy, can I go with you?" I like that, right?"

Study Details Why Climate 'Criminals' Like Exxon Should Pay for Hurricane Destruction

We Should Save People More Often

Pinellas issues Hurricane Irma evacuation orders

Mueller Wants to Interview White House Staff

Sen Coons sends out statute re: false statements to Congress after Trump Jr interview with Senate

Fellow Floridians, let's post accurate info here

To all coastal SC DU Members

Bannon: Catholic Church Opposes DACAs End Because It Needs Illegal Aliens To Fill The Churches

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 8 September 2017

Flamingos In The Men's Room: How Zoos And Aquariums Handle Hurricanes.


Floridians check in here if you are staying and then check back in after the storm.

Want to spice up the sunflower seed on your salad?

My family has gotten some more bad news again today.

LIVE Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Super Stream. 6 cameras

Hey folks in Irma's path

Irma and Jose...When it rains, it Pours....

Sen Kamala Harris on Ari now

License plate I saw -- JOIN DU

Trump education secretary Betsy DeVos tears up Obama's rules on campus sex assault investigations

Trump education secretary Betsy DeVos tears up Obama's rules on campus sex assault investigations

Just read the Hillary people (I'm hoping I did this right) tis is who we are

How old are the nuclear power plants in South Florida?

Officer Payne -- who arrested the nurse -- was just hung out to dry.

Good luck to the Florida folks.

Whether you voted for Hillary, or not ......

Oregon's governor says the Trump administration refused request for help combating wildfires

Sanders Statement on DeVos Title IX Announcement

The GOP may have a worse problem for 2018 than Trump.

Kid Rock Gives Political Speech At Concert

Is Wikileaks aware that movies aren't real??

Cardinal Dolan slams Steve Bannon

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