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Officer who arrested U of U nurse fired as part-time paramedic

U.S. Colleges Slip in Global Rankings

Idea for all Dreamers

Photo: Moving moment during @SenSanders Labor Day speech in Middlebury VT

Sessions pic from today.

Cornyn says Senate will add debt hike to Harvey aid

Nearly 80 Percent Of Americans Oppose Trumps Effort To Deport 800,000 Dreamers

NRA threatens legal action over Virgin Islands firearm confiscation order

Eight Hundred Thousand People with Dreams to Be Deported by One with Delusions

How Do Hurricanes Affect Birds?

Hurricane Irma is heading straight for Trumps Caribbean mansion

9/5 8:00 AST Irma 85 Miles E Antigua; Max Sustained 185 MPH Moving W 15 Mph 916 Mb


Lawyers Group: Sketchy Election Panel Using Personal Email For Official Biz

Americans Are Confronting an Alarming Question: Are Many of Our Fellow Citizens Nazis?

Trump does love immigrants...

Dreamers face long odds with GOP Congress

Sheriff Clarke Was In Talks for a Trump White House JobThen John Kelly Killed It

Paul Ryan praises Trump for repealing DACA, four days after urging him not to repeal it

In ending DACA, Trump is catering to people like Steve "cantaloupe calves" King

Can we stop being surprised that his policies are primarily racist in origin?

A poem from my peeps

Southeastern Texas overrun with mosquitoes in aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Lenovo Settles FTC Charges it Harmed Consumers With Preinstalled Software on its Laptops that Compro

Lenovo Settles FTC Charges it Harmed Consumers With Preinstalled Software on its Laptops that Compro


Let's call this a plot idea for a spy novel.

And Derry will live to tell the tale.

Lance Wallnau: The Religious Right Has Never Had This Level Of Access To The White House

A two-decade crusade by conservative charities fueled Trumps exit from Paris climate accord

Now that Malaria is FLOTUS, are her immigration records obtainable via FOIA?

Part of world's last flock of rare New Zealand sheep stolen and butchered

Lesbian Ex-Mayor Has Perfect Response To Ann Coulter's Hurricane Nonsense

Saw a suggestion on FB

'Cocaine king of Milan' arrested in Uruguay after 23 years on the run

TWC - Category 1-5 simulation. 1:51.

He chose hatred and cruelty instead

Robert E. Lee 'descendant' - and denouncer - quits N.C. pastor post over 'hurtful' reaction to VMAs

California officers accused of 'sadistic and terrorizing acts' against prisoners

Police officer who arrested Utah nurse fired from medic job

Dem lawmaker: Kelly is a 'disgrace to uniform'

YOU CAN'T FIRE ME - I QUIT !!! - Luckovich 'toon

We must find a way to start massive protests

Sarcastic motherfucker

So did Trump change his mind when he realized what a mess he made?

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Laborious. Live Uncensored & a new Kittehs gif

Racism is here to stay

Received word that the National Immigration Law Center has filed a lawsuit in NYC against the DACA

Did Connecticut Just Enact Another Gun Law Without Taking A Vote?

Sonic Attack on the U.S. Embassy Likely Psychological

Sonic Attack on the U.S. Embassy Likely Psychological

Trump Says Congress Has 6 Months To 'Legalize' DACA, Adds He Will 'Revisit' The Issue If That Fails

Tropical Storm Jose Becomes the 10th Named Storm of the Hurricane Season

Trump Likes to Create Chaos So He Feels Like He's in Control

Ironic: Kelly kept away the people who might have prevented the DACA repeal repeal.

Best kitty dad ever:

My obvious rhetorical question to 45

Rubio: Trump should 'clearly outline' what he wants on DACA

Did anyone watch the American Spanish TV network Univision tonight?

We truly have a shameful past regarding immigration.

Old Man in Time

Laurence Tribe just nailed it again: "Trump has no clue what he's doing or why."

Dozens arrested at DACA protest at Trump Tower

'Suicidal' Danish submarine owner says journalist killed by hatch cover


If Hurricane Irma flattens Mar a Lago

Sen. Kamala Harris joins Lawrence to speak out against Trump's decision to rescind DACA

Four jokes

Giddy-looking Sessions calls deporting children the "compassionate thing to do"

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on This Fresh Wanton DACA Fuckery

Communities Should Not Need Teams of Lawyers to Have Clean Air and Water(w/guest Leila Conners)

Cousin who saw Emmett Till being kidnapped dies at age 74

Military Tools to Fight Terrorists are being Used by Cops to Fight Us (w/guest Inge Fryklund, Ph.D)

Hurricane Irma is heading straight for Trump's Caribbean mansion

Does Dolt45 have hurricane insurance? Because two are headed for his properties.

Are there any mainstream protest songs being recorded

Congrats, GOP - You Must Be SO PROUD!!!

First photo of actor Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in upcoming biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Cheers to 40 Years! Voyagers 1 and 2 going strong

House committee subpoenas FBI, Justice over Trump dossier

Greek charged with kidney trafficking in Costa Rica

Wow what a match Venus

Stephen Colbert got this right.

Former President Martinelli Tries to Avoid his Extradition to Panama

Opposition group rises in effort to slow Dallas City Council vote on Robert E. Lee statue

'Potentially catastrophic' Hurricane Irma nears eastern Caribbean islands

Kamala Harris will be on TheLastWord

Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals

Latest ECMWF model follows Charlie's path across Florida (shifting east now)

😐 sorry

The Weaselville Blowhard-Gasbag News

Seth Meyers: Trump Ends DACA, Responds to Hurricane Harvey: A Closer Look

The Real Reason Why Some Republicans Are Upset With Trump's DACA Decision

Trump and his little hand puppet, Sessions call the Dreamers law breaking citizens?

House Intel subpoenas FBI, DOJ over Trump dossier

Dear Jeff Sessions: Mow Your Own Lawn, Clean Your Own House , But Most Importantly.....

Is there a US map of areas with natural disasters now?

House Republican subpoenas Justice and FBI seeking dossier information


Something small that I noticed about Trump.

To all those in the path of Irma.....

Government faces suit over Addicks and Barker dam releases

El Salvador Celebrates Traditional Fire Battle Game

(in km/hr) Why even a record-breaking hurricane can't hit Category 6

Anyone know Sessions' own personal ancestry? Wondering who "his people" are.

Harris DA Kim Ogg says Harvey damage will force her office to relocate

Two right-wing judges reinstate Republican-backed voter suppression law

New report confirms what Hillary said in her memoir about Sanders:

We are America: DACA recipients, supporters say they are not going anywhere

Who is looking forward to reading Hillary's book?


Irma's path???

Colleyville man sentenced to seven years in prison for mail fraud

Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals

Any other DUers love MaxMayfield like me

Hurricane Irma is most powerful ever in Atlantic as it hits Caribbean islands

Hurricane Irma as seen from the Int'l Space Station

and right on que.....X sherif of now on Hannety's BS program....eom.

It's a trainwreck

The massacre at the Munich Olympic Games was 45 years ago Sep 5th-6th.

HURRICANE Tolls on Florida roadways will be suspended starting at 5 p.m. Tuesday

This marks a dramatic change in tone from the Dems on the intel committees. Bolder, more certain

Florida highway conditions

Al Franken On DACA: We Are Going To Find The Votes For This

Hillary Clinton is right about Bernie Sanders

Interesting twitter thread on trump repaying campaign donor with DACA

"Trump Boys Gather Rations Of Comic Books, Candy Bars For Night Hiding From Special Prosecutors In

Media literacy organization in the US worried Trump may stop funding

Joke of the day

Ivanka Trump liked herself on fan Instagram photos as Trump moved to end DACA

Tweet of the Day

Which issues should we be calling, etc., our congress critters about in the next few weeks?

Obama on Dreamers: "They Have Done Nothing Wrong"

Dump never disappoints...sadly

Donald Trump's Cowardice on 'Dreamers'

Seattle University Won't Rescind Dreamer Students' Financial Aid

Seattle University Won't Rescind Dreamer Students' Financial Aid

Feel terrible for the American Male tennis player.......

Saffir Simpson scale: the damage that correlates to each hurricane level (1 to 5)

California lawmakers act to name stretch of 134 Freeway in honor of former President Obama

NYTimes: Donald Trumps Cowardice on Dreamers

Still at 185 mph? How often do they fly in?

The Daily Show - Trump Has No Idea How to Handle North Korea

Minneapolis bar closes after performers and employees protest owner's donation to David Duke

Brazil's police find cash in home used by associate of president Michel Temer

Pentagon Diverts 2 Warships, Marine Expeditionary Unit For Hurricane Irma Relief

Vote for me, I'm white.

Multnomah Falls Engulfed in Flames by Out-of-Control Wildfire

Quote of the day

Difficulties with Chrome only...

Eight Hundred Thousand People with Dreams to Be Deported by One with Delusions

Coast Guardsmen Share Emotional Reunion With Kids They Saved During Harvel

Hookworm, a disease of extreme poverty, is thriving in the US south. Why?

National City Sues Bernie Sanders for Unpaid Bill

Hurricane Irma is so strong it's registering on devices designed to detect earthquakes

This was on Rachel Maddow related to the dossier

ROFL - dog bios

My Favorite Things

Like Germany prior to WWII

Federal court says Texas can use new voter ID law for November elections

Trey GOWDY again is a creep.

LOL! Ron Perlman:

Can I just say

Irma radar showing direct hit on Barbuda (Leewards), heading for Anguila

Tropical Storm Jose coming right up behind Irma.

Sanders tanked Clinton.

Does anyone else want to fly through a hurricane?

Weather Underground Intensity forecast for Irma

Trump names unrepentant climate science denier with no scientific credentials to run NASA

OREGON and WASHINGTON FOREST FIRES,... where is all smoke coming from

De Blasio Housing Plan Seeks Land Promised as Yankees Replacement Park

When the tax reform issue comes up, Dems should expand on the concept of corporations are people.

Thousands of New Yorkers Demonstrate Against DACA Repeal, Several Arrested

Any DU'ers playing the launch of Destiny 2 tonight??

Ari Berman: This is White Supremacy...

Vicente Fox trolls Trump on DACA...

US Navy to evacuate 5,000 as military preps for Hurricane Irma

League of Women Voters accused of being unfair over Saratoga Springs charter forum

Remember When Susan Sarandon Doubled Down on Her "Revolution" Comments In April?

Sunday Profile: Alec Baldwin

DACA announcement sparks protests nationwide, dozens arrested at Trump Tower

UK Guardian has a live report link up for Hurricane Irma

Focusing on Bernie Sanders as an individual is a harmful distraction

*passes out your favorite beverage or chemical to my fellow Floridians*

Mighty Hurricane Irma makes first landfall

Mount Vernon Bookkeeper Charged With Stealing Nearly $150K From Employer

DACA Protests? You Know GOP/Trump/Supporters Don't GIVE A SHIT. In Fact They Are Delirious.

Stephen Colbert Monologue - 9/5/17 - He's back!

Sunnyside neo-nationalist condo property manager charged with harassment and stalking: NYPD

Boo freaking hoo... be careful for what you wish for.

(IRMA) Live Webcam St-Barth - Port de Gustavia (don't know how much longer it will stay up)

Gov. Cuomo Backs Keeping Columbus Statue in NYC

Novo Nordisk Agrees to Pay $58 Million For Failure to Comply With FDA-Mandated Risk Program

Trump says he will 'revisit' DACA if Congress does not act.

Amherst Town Board backs off tough restrictions on drug clinics

If you are going to head north on I95,

Record-breaking astronaut back on Earth

Rare Triceratops Fossil Discovered by Construction Crew National Geographic

New species discovered in Amazon

I hope Mueller had the FBI raid Mar-a-lago other properties

Indian journalist critical of Hindu extremists is shot dead in Bangalore

Would y'all please stop fighting about the last primaries

TS Katia Forms in Gulf of Mexico

Trump so beloved of...

Woman trapped in window trying to retrieve poo after Tinder date

Good Irma info:Mike's Weather Page

Live beach cam in Sint

Heads up East Coast- Irma MIGHT follow Matthew's path

John Steinbecks Stepdaughter Awarded $13 Million in Court Battle Over Film Rights

House flippers triggered the US housing market crash, not poor subprime borrowers

Drumpf will revisit DACA right before the 2018 election in order

The committee probing Collins: an investigative lamb, not a lion

45: Merely the figurehead of Obama haters. But a single-issue correllation with his base.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Nightmare on America's Street

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Fire ants

I'm trying to find a cartoon that was posted here very recently.

Still beloved...

Bernie Sanders still towers above Trump

Refuse Fascism mobilizing to demand removal of Trump, Pence

Trump supporters really are just stupid ignorant dumber than bag of hammers

DACA is illegal

Aung San Suu Kyi says 'terrorists' are misinforming world about Myanmar violence

Police 'terrified' by red 'It' balloons tied to sewer grates

EU court dismisses complaints by Hungary and Slovakia over refugee quotas

Pharma Bro selling his $2M Wu Tang Clan album on eBay

Senate Judiciary's meeting with Trump Jr. scheduled for Thursday

republican lies on climate change are dangerous for America

Kentucky trial could make state first in U.S. with no abortion clinic

Irma in St. Marteen live feed and videos

Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals

Hurricane Irma track shifts; now heading to Florida

DACA to be used for tax cuts?

Trump hiring prostitutes to pee on beds of CEOs who fund Republicans. WHAT could POSSIBLY go WRONG?

Not so much a question, really, as a comment --

Prominent Republicans Urge Supreme Court to End Gerrymandering

To newsreader TOM BROKAW

Hackers Gain 'Switch-Flipping' Access to US Power Grid Control Systems

Toothless, ruthless, clueless, racist Oklahoma guy just wants English spoken in his thrift store.

Holger Czukay, bassist with Can, dies aged 79

American Horror Story: Cults Shocking Trump Election Opener Is Brilliant

WH Memo Breaks With Trump, Urges DACA Recipients To Prep For Deportation

Bribery trial for U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez to open

Republican strategy on debt ceiling takes shape

Dem lawmaker on Clinton criticizing Sanders in new book: 'Don't go there'

Dem lawmaker on Clinton criticizing Sanders in new book: 'Don't go there'

Has anyone used the app that turns a phone into a walkie-talkie?

2 men found guilty in brutal slaying of Aboriginal woman

New Dolores Huerta documentary

Just one question...

Antigua Spared The Worst By Hurricane Irma

Rights group finds 'assembly line' of torture in Egypt

Fear of Islamic health clinic stirs debate in Northeast Philly

Charlottesville council votes to move 2nd Confederate statue

Penn State signals possible suit against Sandusky charity

Trump gets millions from golf members

"I love you, Dreamers, I really do. Now get the hell out!" Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

US apologizes for Afghanistan leaflets that offended Muslims

One man should not be allowed to destroy the United States. The presidency has too much

Trump 'wasn't aware what scrapping DACA would mean' before deciding fate of 800,000 people

Opening the SUMMER Seasonal Contest for a second entry by photographers if they wish.

Thank You America

Indian journalist gunned down outside her home

Jeff Sessions Once Said Restrictions on Jewish and Italian Immigration Were "Good for America"

China wants to Fight with Ecuador Against Sea Wildlife Trafficking

Some want kowtowing to a minority of people who refused to vote for clinton.

China wants to Fight with Ecuador Against Sea Wildlife Trafficking

Hurricane Harvey: Mexican volunteers cross Texas border to bring aid to victims of Houston flooding

'May God protect us all': Puerto Rico, tiny islands in Irma's path fear for the worst

Hurricane Harvey: Mexican volunteers cross Texas border to bring aid to victims of Houston flooding

Fading white evangelicals have made a desperate end-of-life bargain with Trump

The Daily 202: DACA reaction shows how immigration has become a litmus test for Democrats

Democrats launch super PAC to win back statehouses

Breitbart using Getty photo of MS-13 members in El Salvador to talk about DACA recipients in USA

Repubs will tie the wall to DACA

Committee for Un American activities

Democrats Assail Trump Over DACA

The "Eye Of Irma"

How legalization caused the price of marijuana to collapse

Guatemalan President is Facing Impeachment for Illegal Political Financing

Hookworm, a disease of extreme poverty, is thriving in the US south. Why?

Some things simply cannot be "normalized"...

potus, please take this chart to ND today when you claim US is most highly-taxed country in world

A man has been arrested for asking Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey a very bad question at a town hall:

Power Pop Remedy: Dwight Twilley - I'm On Fire

Donald Trump Jr to go before Senate Judiciary tomorrow...

Russians Have Hacked Dozens Of US Energy Companies, Researchers Say


I came to this country 41 years ago. Now Trump is making me feel like I dont belong here - Max Boot

The Ivanka Trump Guarantee

House to vote on $7.9B Harvey relief bill

FYI Right in line for Hurricane Irma

Mass. political leaders vow to protect DACA recipients

Dan Rather: "The norms of our democracy are being shattered at a blinding pace."

Trump North Korea/China Idea Confirms He's Clueless

Uh-Oh: Manafort Notes From Russian Meeting Mention "Contributions"

NOT my president.

Can someone explain what is going on with Senator Menendez of New Jersey?

Donald Trump's Cowardice on 'Dreamers' - NYT Editorial Board

I feel like I'm losing my mind with still more Hillary vs. Bernie

Hurricane Irma pictures show first scenes of devastation after hitting Caribbean

The Ivanka Trump Guarantee - Lindy West

House GOP group puts staff in six new districts

Pay to play...CEOs with govt contracts, lobbyists swarm 45's golf resorts, buy access

A recording accidentally attached to an email is the latest twist in the Brazil's corruption scandal

Scarborough Slams Paul Ryan on DACA: He 'Should Go Into a Dark Basement in Janesville and Tweet'

Krebs: Who Is Marcus Hutchins?

You Need To Stop

A Prague church that defied Nazi rule

Hurricane Irma could damage Donald Trump's Caribbean mansion

Dozens Arrested Defending DACA Outside Trump Tower

Antidepressants found in Great Lakes fish

Two senators aim to challenge Trump's transgender troops order in defense bill

See the last few minutes in the life of a St Maarten webcam.

Is it possible to alert on a post more than once?

Go, New York State!

Trump and Republicans face 'a defining moment' on immigration

Irma shifts slightly east, puts South Florida dead in her sights.

Dozens of lobbyists are members of Trumps golf clubs ... big shocker

Personally, I Thought This Was Pretty Funny

Trumpanzees are already blaming Democrats for GOPrs failure to pass immigration fixes six months off

Syrian government dropped sarin on Khan Sheikoun - UN

A favor to ask of those who are not potentially impacted by Irma.

Dont Be Fooled By The Rights Faux Concern For Venezuela

St. Martin airport runway damaged and unuseable.

A student of The Osteen Method of No-Cost Direct Product Marketing demonstrates his case study.

The four "most solid" buildings on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin have been destroyed as

LIVE STREAM: Protect DREAMers Press Conference with Senate & House Democrats

GOP Has a White Supremacy Problem. Dems Don't Have an Antifa Problem.

Schumer and Pelosi offer support for Harvey aid and debt limit boost

How We Killed Expertise (And why we need it back.)

All DU Floridians, please check in here....

Poll: Obama-Trump voters drifting away from the president


Trump tells U.K.'s May 'now is not the time to talk' to North Korea


Momma got her kid a Notebook - By Using a Gun

Steve Jobs gave us President Trump

paul ryan can't believe politicians would 'play politics' with the debt ceiling....

Melting permafrost in the Arctic is unlocking diseases and warping the landscape

I need some new expressions!

Nunes vents anger at Sessions over subpoena, threatens to hold AG, FBI chief in contempt

Hurricanes the Fault of All You Sinners, Shame-Shame on you

Kasich offers home for Dreamers in Ohio

my current jam to calm me down :)


Melania Trump: May we see your papers, please?

Quite a striking photo of Sessions as he prepared to announce the end of DACA from the Times.

Pic Of The Moment: Trump To Dreamers: Things Will Work Out "Very Well"

The Memo: GOP fears damage from Trump's move on DACA

Jolene. (slowed down version)

CEO defends $300,000-per-year cost for a drug for a rare form of muscular dystrophy

Schumer threatens add Dream Act to all bills that move this fall

Malcolm Nance gave DU a shout out

Kitten rescued from Massachusetts highway tunnel

Graham: Jeff Sessions 'is wrong' on Dreamers taking jobs from Americans

I thought there was supposed to be calm at the eye of a storm.

Capitol Hill clueless on Dreamers fix

Calm during the storm

Irma 11.00am update

It's not about infighting for me

BREAKING: Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer to resign next month for 'personal reasons'

We need to get away from executive orders (DACA)...

Hurricane Irma: Storm Causes Major Damage in Eastern Caribbean

Trump administration officials try to clarify president's 'revisit' DACA tweet

By the Way Jose is now 70mph and expected to be a hurricane

I am willing to mediate the dispute between the Bernie and Hillary factions.

Trump phanboi is getting crazier and crazier...

Chocolate manufacturer Mars promises $1B to fight climate change

David Gergen on Trump: If you're not white you're not especially welcome (VIDEO)

UPDATED - Senators introduce resolution condemning white supremacist groups

Staggering Proof that the Whole World Knows Trump is a Bull Shitter

GOP chairman: 'Timing is a challenge' on stabilizing ObamaCare markets

Bern Return: Sanders' New Hampshire Homecoming

War Plan White-Nuke The Moon-Invade Canada / War Plans

Whatcha gonna do now Donnie? Sue hurricanes?

Trump Reacts To Hurricane Irma: 'No Rest For The Weary!'

Oklahoma man freaks out over someone "speaking immigrant."

New Storm update,,,,,

Hurricane ham radio discussion from the region

Microsoft President To Trump: To Deport A DREAMER, You'll Have To Go Through Us

Reminder to people preparing for hurricane: Your tap water is most likely very drinkable.

Sanders brushes off Clinton criticism: 'Look forward and not backward'

Sanders brushes off Clinton criticism: 'Look forward and not backward'


Dear World:

LMFAO - Irish Edition of Getting a Bat out of the House

Trump's Decision On DACA Is Ugly And Cruel - Senator Sanders

Trump gets millions from golf members. CEOs and lobbyists get access to president

Into the eye of the hurricane...

Way to go, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd to help calm people during a hurricane.

DISGUSTING: How one Florida County Sheriff's office is preparing for Irma

Latest Irma spaghetti models showing first US landfall in the Charleston area.

What good are life vests if it's a

Mother Nature Is Now The World's Biggest Terrorist

Highest taxes??

Terrifying footage shows Hurricane Irma destroying a beach in St. Martin

How about this obituary photo?

ko:Trump's DACA Decision is a Grim Turning Point--The opportunists in the GOP who enable these racis

KO:Trump's DACA Decision is a Grim Turning Point--The opportunists in the GOP who enable these racis

Former U.S. President Barack Obama to Speak in Toronto

I know you guys don't watch the VIEW....but Uncle Sugar and his daughter Sarah 3 names were on...

What could POSSIBLY go wrong.....

Fun article, but then...

'Huge Damage' From Hurricane Irma Already Ravaging St. Martin

Have you ever been burned by a refurbished computer part or computer ?

Weather Channel Video: Why Hurricane Categories Make a Difference

DACA Shame (Randy Rainbow)

NPR and Center for Immigration Studies

Hurricane Irma: Polk sheriff warns IDs will be checked at evacuation shelters

Republicans Want A DACA Fix, But Not Without Democratic Concessions

Mars counters Trump's climate stance with $1bn sustainability plan

Comrades - you must stop silly resistance to re-fighting again the primary...

The demographic change fueling the angst of Trump's base - By Jennifer Rubin

BREAKING: Hurricane Irma expected to exceed theoretical maximum rating...

Overnight time lapse #EagleCreekFire in Oregon

here's a typical heartless republican....king speaks for many

Senate resolution to force Trump's hand on condemning Charlottesville hate groups

Trump, McConnell meet after monthlong standoff

a response to those who say they will pray for us:

Trump: Congress may not be able to deliver on ambitious agenda

Democrats launch super PAC to win back statehouses

Why does the GOP still care about children?

Former attorney general Eric Holder: The Trump administration's deep misunderstanding of DACA

BLS report: County Employment and Wages Summary

Live radar loop showing Irma's approach to Puerto Rico

WFAN's Craig Carton Charged in Ticket Ponzi Scheme to Pay Debts

Looking for an iPad tripod attachment

Amazing: From age 12 to wedding day - every single day

Trump lawyer in leaked email exchange: 'Me and Kelly' are the 'adults in the room'

I know that the "Unite the Right" atrocity was a few weeks ago now, but...

U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert says he wont run for re-election

Trump is exposing the big lie at the core of Trumpism - By Greg Sargent

'very unhealthy' Portland vs. Beijing air quality PDX 271 vs. PEK 93

Remember the Iran hostage crisis?

Washington National Cathedral to remove stained glass windows honoring Robert E. Lee, Stonewall...

Anyone else like pasta e fagioli?

Man accused of killing wife in cough medicine-induced stupor was aspiring preacher

DACA flip-flops remarkable even for him

Clinton Book: Now that the (not so much) sensational selected excerpts have come out.....

Re: those Friday evening alcohol buzz posts. Wouldn't this be faster?

Number One 🎶 September 6, 1964! 📻

House overwhelmingly passes $7.9 billion Harvey aid bill

Democrats threaten logjam without stand-alone vote on DACA

Kobach On DACA Recipients: 'Deport The Whole Family'

Trump Has 'No Second Thoughts' On Decision To End DACA

Touching off a Republican civil war

OOOPS! Sarah tells Whoopie that Trump's not a liar. Whoopie schools Sarah on "birtherism."

Craig Carton, 'Boomer & Carton' host, nabbed by FBI in $5.6M scam

Clinton Reveals The Decision She 'Regrets The Most' In New Memoir

A recording accidentally attached to an email is latest twist in world's biggest corruption scandal

Wooooo! People in NE SC not playing.

Gov. Wolf: 'Pennsylvanians are going to get hurt'

Trump agrees to raise debt ceiling, keep government funded through mid-December

If you need computer, cell phone or electronics help, check out Computer Help and Support forum

FAKE MEWS! Cat Check: Here Are Two Pussies Donald Trump Definitely Didnt Grab

Prominent Republicans Urge Supreme Court to End Gerrymandering

Photo of Garland/Rowlett, Texas after an EF4 tornado blew through in 2015.

Dave Reichert Won't Run for Re-Election in 2018

BREAKING: Trump agrees to Debt Limit extension...

Russia to probe Canada for saving 31 gay men from Chechnya

A Second Look at the Steele Dossier -- Knowing What We Know Now

Kushner Frantically Searching Desk Drawer For Bold Solutions To Todays Most Pressing Issues

House approves Harvey aid as debt wrangling begins

A Gadfly in the Ointment

Vivaldi (browser CEO) Says Google Abuses Its Monopoly Power

An Evening with Bernie Sanders: Riverside Church, NYC 8/28/17

A Second Look at the Steele DossierKnowing What We Know Now

Joe Kennedy III perfect Spanish - another plus

Weird, huh?

Three flights attempted to make a landing in San Juan ahead of Irma...they gave up.

anybody have a list handy of the gulf coast pukes who voted harvey relief, but voted NO

FEMA Is Running Out of Money

Slate - "Why are FEMA's Flood Maps so Horribly Flawed"

Microsofts Next Windows Variant Must Be the Modern Thin Client

John Kelly Doesnt Like Donald Trump, According to Closest Ally Keith Schiller: Report

Hurricane Irma Already Hit Trumps Caribbean Property, And Mar-A-Lago Estate May Be Next

Do you receive money from the Federal Government?

Eye of Hurricane Irma heading straight for San Juan...population 2,000,000

Where will FEMA be in a few months?

OK now. God is punishing Texas and Florida because they voted for Trump in the election?

Republicans Lower Their Senate Expectations

I helped a disabled friend file for liheap they released the money 3 months ago and nothing

Dave Matthews Band to host free 'Concert for Charlottesville'

Majority Think Immigration Strengthens the U.S.

Real Time With Bill Maher Renewed For Two More Seasons Through 2020 On HBO

whaaaaat just happened????

Trump wants one last Senate push on Obamacare repeal

Photo of Trump addressing Harvey refugees

what are the results of trashing a thread

Dave Reichert will retire...

* New Randy Rainbow * DACA Shame!

Trump Fixated on 15% Corporate Tax Rate

Washington state AG Bob Ferguson says states to sue Trump over DACA

John Morgan, may run for FL Gov sez:

Some people dream.

The Problem WASN'T Hillary Actually.It Was The Racist, Bigoted, Misogynistic Bone Heads In Our Midst

Sorry Gun-Fetish Freaks, But This Does Not Qualify As "A Well Regulated Militia."

I'm eager to read the new book, Fantasyland, by Kurt Andersen

Seahawks' Michael Bennett claims Vegas police held him at gunpoint for being a black man

Clinton shares how it felt calling Trump to concede

ALERT: McCain has flipped on ACA repeal

Will Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands get fair treatment?

'Bluffed their way into total victory': GOP 'furious' as Trump caves to Dem debt ceiling demands

How the US should handle North Korea nuclear crisis

Terrifying picture - island of Barbuda in the eye of Irma last night - radar image

2 Irma spaghetti models from earlier today. Better news for Florida.

He's a regular Einstein

Question for environmental consultants . . .

What Are The Odds That Dreamers Will Start To Be Deported Soon?

I'm going to see Hillary Clinton!

As a young child my grand aunt often told me stories about her youth. She was in her seventies at

LOOK: 73 Kids Recreate Last Supper Scene in Epic Lego Display

Now that Twitler is re-arming LEO w/military weapons, this will only get worse.

Book by Hillary Clinton's Pastor Will Be Pulled from Shelves Due to Plagiarism

There'll always be an England...

Is it possible to create a Mueller forum or group?

Though there is a noise element, the dump's approval ratings show two things

Our FRiends are on the horns of a dilemma over the Debt Limit deal...

Hurricane Irma just slammed into Trumps Caribbean estate

Nurses suspended for checking out size of corpse's genitals

15 states, DC sue Trump administration over ending DACA

Now THAT's a photo!

Breaking: Macron Says There Will Be Deaths In French Caribbean Territories After Hurricane Irma

Incidentally, there's been no communication from Barbuda for several hours

US Seeks To Cut Off Oil To North Korea, Blacklist Kim Jong-Un

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 6, 2017

Trump getting punked by Schumer?:

***BREAKING*** Trump bucks GOP leadership, backs Democratic deal on debt ceiling, funding government

Dallas Council Votes To Remove Confederate Statue In Lee Park

Trump claims US is the most taxed country. Actually it's 28th.

Where's the anti-Pelosi faction today?

Just curious: What exactly does a libertarian's version of disaster relief look like?

Dimash - 23 Yr old Kazakhstan sings Confessa + The Diva Dance

Feds should put Confederate monuments in museums

Justin Roiland Prank Calls Joel Osteen's Mega Church

Cant Hide From His DACA Decision

The Republicans are upset about the debt ceiling and harvey relief?

Trump's Early Christmas Gift to Democrats

Michael Bennett: Cops drew guns on me for 'being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time'

Hillary's book is really pressing people's buttons isn't it?

So THAT's what his saber rattling re: N. Korea was for!

CNN review of "What Happened"

Limbaugh Suggests Hurricane Irma is a Liberal Hoax

Yes, Antifa Is Very Dangerous -- But Not To Fascists - by Gene Lyons

The state of the declining union (just one woman's opinion)

I'm taking a brief vacation from DU

GOP and McCain are after ACA again. Time to LIGHT UP the damn phones once more!

Sale of Brooklyn Housing Complex Would Benefit Trump

For ONLY...I said ONLY, dammit...$45, YOU can purchase a BRONZE Trump "Presidential Medal."

Trump DACA flip-flop - 2011 Fox News Interview

Facebook says it sold political ads to Russian company during 2016 election

Hillary interview with Jane Pauley

Hurricane Irma: This Delta flight flew right into the stormthen had minutes to escape

Looks like St. Maarten could get a second hurricane on Saturday...

Facebook says it sold political ads to Russian company during 2016 election

My fellow conservatives should protect medical marijuana from the government (Rohrbacher/WaPo)

What part of "get to a shelter" do people not understand?

Today's flip flop from 45 presented in hilarious Twitter meme form

No experience required for Trump nominees (Wetli/

Sen. Menendez Trial

A few pics of stMartins, which got hit by Irma....

300 MPH Hurricane Winds Featured On 1950's Science Fiction Theater.

United will not face fines after passenger dragging incident: official

Trump touts manufacturing jobs with video of workers making coins with his face.

A Ben Wittes tick, tick, BOOM

Hillary will join the co-hosts of The View LIVE next Wed.

Lego to cut 1,400 jobs as sales slide (BBC)

To clarify...when I posted the clip of the song "The Party Is Always Right"...

Killing Obamacare - here's the best explanation I've found on what's happening.

Americas Shifting Religious Makeup Could Spell Trouble For Both Parties

So, David Dukes sends me an email ... (Roy Johnson/

Tiger Loose on Georgia Streets Attacks Dog, Killed by Police

There are NO seats on Amtrak trains out of Florida tomorrow...

Summary from PM: Barbuda is "totally demolished". Over 90% of structures and roads gone.

Gen. Robert E. Lee descendant leaves pulpit after backlash (CNN)

Sad: Abandoned States: Places In Idyllic 1960s Postcards Have Transformed Into Scenes Of Abandonment

Twitter Link: Bernie - 'I want to hear your personal health care experiences ... '

Democrats Take Cautious Victory Lap After Rolling Trump On Short-Term Debt Deal

The latest Presidential speech...

Photo: 'In Washington DC with @BernieSanders in a talk about the new anti-emigrant laws ... '

Figured it out!!Trump, minions, GOP strategy

'Daddy, can I go with you?' (video tweet about Ivanka)

UPDATED: Heavy Rain, 185-MPH Winds From Hurricane Irma Hit Puerto Rico

Chicago...trump free zone

This won't just impact Florida.

Simple oven roasted vegetable bake

Come on! Come on!

White House Names Charities Receiving Trumps Hurricane Harvey Donations

14-year-old escapes home where she says she was held for weeks, beaten, strangled, raped

They Pandered & Appeased & Look Where It Got Them

The simple reason why Trump sided with the Democrats on debt-ceiling.

Plan B. Nope! Planet.

Drumpf is 'The buck stops there' president

Iowa high school tight-lipped after armed students caught burning a cross in KKK hoods

"By not rejecting DT, GOP has accepted racism & treason." - Rob Reiner

MAGA hats and shirts

My friend, mother, and her aunt are on their way from Florida.

Spain: Catalonia parliament approves independence referendum

Hypocritical PA Congressman Tim Murphy issued a statement about an extramarital affair today.

45 taps hack with pattern of violations to head Mine Safety and Health Admin

WPTZ News - Bernie Sanders speaks against Trump, defends DACA

Trump: Drought-stricken Dakotas better off than Harvey flood victims

Vicente Fox: "Trump, you have failed America."

Hurricane Jose forms in the Atlantic, east of powerful Hurricane Irma

Republicans Furious Trump Caved to Democrats

We Need MORE Taxes in the USA!!!

Facebook Sold Ads to Russian Company During Election

Jim Bakker is selling Doomsday Food Buckets again

The Explosion of Bullshit Jobs

Republicans Lower Their Senate Expectations

Republicans are scared shitless that Whites are about to become a minority in the great ole US of A.

Year later, corpses Hurricane Matthew unearthed still not reinterred

Humor for the day

AP vs. EPA: Trumps war on fake news has infiltrated the government

Chuck and Nancy Just Played Don Like a Fiddle

Facebook says it sold political ads to Russian company during 2016 election

So depending on the track, Irma will hit somewhere in the US either Sunday or Monday.

U2 - Youre The Best Thing About Me (Lyric Video)

There are three hurricanes out there

Every one of dump's bad decisions have to be linked to someone getting rich

Senate Dems live on Facebook regarding DACA.

Jill Stein, Susan Sarandon and Ralph Nader walked into a bar...

Ex-CIA official explains why Trump's "pee tape" escapades are probably real

Is there any interest in a Mueller Group or forum?

The real size of Trump's Phoenix rally recorded by someone who was there

Almost all homes destroyed in Barbuda

Lawmakers try to expedite Foxconn ruling to state high court

Al Roker shames Limbaugh for dismissal of Hurricane Irma 'panic'

Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten granted parole by California board

MSNBC stumps .. Kayleigh McEnany: Why does Joe Arpaio deserve leniency, but not innocent Dreamers

This is what it looks like when 2 hurricanes marry:

I expect Christians to not lie

Top Republican close to leadership: "Dems bluffed their way into total victory"

California GOP Representatives vulnerable in Midterms

3,500 more U.S. troops headed to Afghanistan, officials say

Hell on earth...pic

Viagra is Gov't Funded ($46.6 mil/per year)

West Virginia case: It's still lawful to pose a question to a government official

West Virginia case: It's still lawful to pose a question to a government official

An abrupt DACA history lesson!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 7 September 2017

😎Republican leaders in the room 'shell-shocked' following Trump deal with Democrats😎

Dimash - SOS D'UN TERRIEN EN DETRESSE "SOS of an Earthly Being in Distress"

Sen. Feinstein Agrees DACA On Shaky Legal Ground

Trump Jr. to testify privately to U.S. Senate committee Thursday - aides

Chris Matthews just reported on Hardball...

Futurama's Billy West Reads Donald Trump Quotes As Zapp Brannagin

Daughter of Diplomat Stabs Boy at British International School of Washington D.C.

Is Mother Nature Trying to Tell Us Something ?

What would you do with an influx of money you didnt expect?

Cases, laws that are NOW on "shaky legal grounds"

Trump touts plan for 'major, major tax cuts' and praises Democrat in North Dakota

What's Tweety going to say that he's wanted to say for a long time?

My dog rescue friend, with 11 Great Danes and a 3 year old grandson she is raising, has no place to