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Archives: September 5, 2017

South Korea-U.S. Partnership Faces Strains as North Korea Raises Threat

Norquist wants Raygun on Mt. Rushmore.

I appeal to all non Atheist DUers, "Please NO more Osteen posts!"

The death toll from Harvey rises to at least 60

George Carlin saw all of this coming. Seriously.

Republicans Signal Break Over DACA

Pessimism abounds on Trump tax reform effort

Sweden to Deport 106-Year-Old Afghan Refugee

Officials weigh gang label after Berkeley brawls

The New York Daily News Is Said to Be Nearing Sale

A stiletto toon from a few days ago...

It's always important to be polite...

Unhinged Rant about Harvey

Why the f*#? is CNN using a quote from Richard Spencer???

Hurricane Irma Public Advisory Number 22A

Our Lady of the Underground

Can One Believe in a god and Reject That god??

John Bel Edwards is likely not able to be replicated

LPGA golfer Stacy Lewis donates $195k tournament prize to Houston relief

9PM CNN " The Reagan Show" tonight. See the acting and the stagecraft.

Puerto Rico Prepares For Category 4 Hurricane Irma

Google search "Where does Aquaman poop?".

In NAFTA Talks, Canada Demands US Drop Anti-Union 'Right to Work' Laws

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Laborious. Live Uncensored & a Kitteh gif

In Texas, Distrust of Washington Collides with Need for Federal Aid

A Beautiful Moment of Socialism. But Now Killer Capitalism Resumes

Labor Day parade in LA Harbor Area

Maddow giving some history of White Nationalists (Alt-right). Richard Spencer etc

Can I get a quick opinion before sale ends?

Looks like 1st wife Ivana is a grifter too

"you know you are a Trump's supporter when"?

Putting OutKast on a Confederate Monument

Oklahoma City to discuss schools links to Confederate figures

Madison Officials Weigh Fate of Confederate Monument

How to move a 14-ton Confederate monument

North Carolina school takes down Confederate-Lincoln art

This is a candlelight vigil outside Jared Kushner and ivanka Trump's homes by DACA recipients

tee hee...

Melania Trump wasn't a dreamer brought to America by her parents

Crazy Florida couple blame the black man

Spy Magazine vs Trump

Harvey clean up - HEB is giving FREE tetanus shots

POWERFUL Rachel segment on.

Syrian army, allies thrust east to break siege in Deir al-Zor city

Aspiring Pastor blames cold medicine for stabbing death of his wife in his sleep..

"Can Dems count on humdrum Cordray to win over Trump's Ohio?" - Headline in Cincinnati Enquirer

Sorry, but does anyone else feel the coverage of the US Open sucks???

None of the 800,000 people brought here as kids he's deporting lied to Congress-as Jeff Sessions did

USC president Nikias has sent a letter to all students, faculty and staff pledging support for DACA

Trump to let Sessions make DACA announcement tomorrow

If Kenya can redo a tainted election?

Houston's Homeless Shrug Off Riding Out Harvey On Streets

One good deed that Donald Trump has done...

Three American women are into the Quarters......

Does anyone remember the old commercial, "Look for the union lable when you are buying

Oklahoma's 2018 ballot will include state questions

Travelling with relatives/friends

Wow! I know the woman excoriating 45 on Lawrence!

Rep. Frank Lucas receives backlash from residents at town hall

Republicans will know they've been in a fight, new Tulsa Co. Dem. Party Chair Kimberly Fobbs says

Where did NK get this technology?

*All the President's Men Revisited, on MSNBC now.

J.D. Martinez hits 4 home runs in a single game against the Dodgers.

Things that keep me up at night...

Dolt45 up tweeting...eager to cut DACA

History and Hamilton fans: The Hurricane letter was written Sept 6, 1772.

So is the DACA 6-mos thing a ploy - to make Congress pass a "fix" (as bad as whatever)?

Excerpts from Hilary's book are being posted on Twitter.

KC McDonald's worker who almost bled to death at work strikes for '$15 and a Union'

Utah hospital bars police contact with nurses after "appalling" arrest

Latest probability cone for Irma

All Houston ISD students will receive 3 free meals a day for the year

My next door neighbor overdosed on H

Senator says Trump promised him no cuts to program aiding Kansas farmers

People on the east coast stocking up already for the hurricane.

Medicaid expansion may hinge on Kansas governor's race

My MIL was talking about a work acquaintance who refused to get Obamacare and paid the penalty...

Politicians denounce Gov. Brownback at Working Kansas Alliance's Labor Day picnic

Chaos Formula

Another magnificent YUGE thread from Seth Abramson: Trump Tower @ Heart of Russia Scandal

Omaha area employers say tight labor market is pushing up wages

I'm in a quandry. I use the Firefox browser and they're recently attached a video newscast to lt.

Amid free speech firestorm, NU grapples with keeping debate robust but respectful

AP: Trump's options on North Korea going from bad to worse

Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

Business Insider (2016): DONALD TRUMP: Here's how I'd handle that 'madman' in North Korea

Union Pacific Railroad makes position cuts in Omaha

Oh. North Korea is also making meth. Again. Or still.

New trial ordered in suit that saw $1M award for ex-student

Summer Purge: 3% of South Dakota Voters Disappear

LOL! I haven't seen a movie in years -- but scenes like this might make it worth it ...

Omg! Today's Google Doodle is trololo man animated!!

I kinda wish the press stays home tomorrow

Neo-Nazis and Three Percent Militia unite to terrorize small Ohio town

Azerbaijan 'operated secret $3bn secret slush fund'

President Carters 1977 Presidential labor day address

Judge Viken Boots Another Frivolous White-Supremacist Stanko Lawsuit

Holocaust survivor celebrates bar mitzvah in Israel, 80 years later

(JEWISH GROUP) Holocaust survivor celebrates bar mitzvah in Israel, 80 years later

Bjorkman wants to win election to U.S. House of Representatives

Casino owned by Kevin Costner closes in South Dakota

Trumps Scariest Tweet Yet

My prediction regarding DACA

Woman gets $3.2M utility bill from Rapid City

Donald Trump tax tour heads to friendly turf in North Dakota

Fast-food workers strike in St. Paul for $15 minimum wage

North Dakota union leader opposes presentation from labor attorneys at state conference

Heitkamp: I'm ready to get to work on the Farm Bill

How come all the famous scientists never talked about climate-change?

Union membership stabilizing in North Dakota, Minnesota

Photos: Bernie Sanders and family at Lake Champlain

Lindsey Graham says he supports Trump's cancellation with a six-month delay as it allows Congress to

When Trump denounces the fake media his anti-Semitic fans hear Jewish media

Yellowstone's hidden secret: Rare plant only grows in park

Impeach Trump Billboard Goes Up a Mile From Presidents Mar-a-Lago

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Turning a dream into a nightmare

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

President Trumps Disastrous Summerand Potentially Cataclysmic Autumn

Irma Potential to be Cat 5

another question about a possible fad

North Korea nuclear crisis: Putin calls sanctions useless

Terror supporting cleric who called Holocaust a fairy tale denied entry to UK

Teachers check in if you're dreading student questions about fRump, Charlottesville, Russia,

Irma is 150mph and moving West as it approaches the Leewards

Gastone Moschin who played Don Fanucci of Godfather Part 2, dies at 88

Teacher tells 2 students wearing Make America Great Again shirts to leave her class

How John Lennons deportation battle inspired Obamas policy for Dreamers

Sept. 5, 2017 6:08 AM - Hurricane Irma - Earliest Reasonable Arrival of Time of Tropical Force Winds

No sympathy for these kids. Their parents broke the law. They don't have jobs.

So. Did Rosenstein read the original "excuse" letter?

Wisconsin Sees Large Increase In Reported Syphilis Cases

The evolution of Trump - A crystal clear explanation

WI #ACA 'Navigator' Agency Stunned As #Trump #sabotage Funding Cuts Are Announced

Pete Gallego passes on second bid to reclaim old seat in Congress from Will Hurd


'We don't have anything': landlords demand rent on flooded Houston homes

Sweden, Abba and Trump

Photo of 'angry' cat in Harvey floodwaters sparks memes, controversy

Irma hits Category 5 strength with 175 Mph winds

Sept. 5, 2017 6:08 AM - Hurricane Irma - Earliest Reasonable Arrival of Time of Tropical Force Winds

What's the nastiest thing one can say to a #fakepresident cult follower?

Hurricane Irma now powerful Category 5 storm, Florida declares state of emergency

Donald Trump is 'not my bride, and I'm not his groom', says Vladimir Putin

There is another hurricane forming to the ESE of Irma.

Roses are red, tacos are enjoyable...

A Trump-friendly life form

50 radio and TV stations taken off Venezuela airwaves this year. AND COUNTING

Trump Reportedly Asked Aides For 'Way Out' Of Campaign Pledge To End DACA

Check out this site of the Shadow Government

Tronc acquires New York Daily News

Sessions, Not Trump, Will Make DACA Announcement Tuesday Morning

Now that Putin and Kim are openly mocking Chump...

"Of course we have it!": Russian lawmaker pushes Putin to reveal the pee tape

Trump shifting blame...

Irma intensifies to an 'extremely dangerous' Category 5 hurricane on its track toward the U.S.

We Are Stuck With Trump/Pence No Matter What. GOP Will NEVER NEVER Do A Damned Thing.

Is It Possible That Worse Effects Of Global Warming Won't Wait Until 2100?

LOL: potus: "Mitch? Are you there?"

Trump's Legislative Agenda Is In a Complete Shambles

'Of course we have it!': Russian lawmaker pushes Putin to reveal the pee tape

Bill de Blasio, the Best Democratic Choice for Mayor - NYT Editorial Board

One cartoon captured 67% of the country. Every. F'ing. Day.

Reddit:The old testament, new testamant, and the Koran all have passages

Hillary Throws Shade at Bernie: 'Fundamentally Wrong' About Democratic Party

I am sure other generations have felt this, but I am 52

Metallica's James Hetfield takes unexpected fall on stage, continues performance

Winning Coalition ?

One Sobering Note. Military Planners Believe Most Youngsters Could NOT Pass Basic Training.

Abbott: $8 billion in federal relief only a 'down payment' to recovery

Buried lede: Mueller may be investigating the suspicious death of GOP operative Peter Smith, who

White person to white supremacist person: "What is wrong with you?"

On My FB Feed This Morning

The Russian Company That Is a Danger to Our Security - By Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

Intensifying Russia probes could pit Hill against Mueller

jefferson beaureguard sessions lll will be delivering the death blow to DACA

Man charged with pepper-spraying transgender woman at 'Stand Against Hate' rally

Just exactly how high did you get over Labor Day weekend?

Conservative publisher wants nothing more to do with Times

Police Shoot Man For Recording Them With Phone, They Feared For Their Lives

Nearly 70 Texas Shelter Dogs Flown to Pittsburgh After Storm

Morning Joe Mocks Trump For Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

Breaking from tech giants, Democrats consider becoming an anti monopoly party

Caption time!

If you can explain...

Monitoring NeoNazis On the "Discord" Online Chat Forum

President Trump Announces Increased Sale of Military Equipment to Japan, South Korea

Category 5 Hurricane Irma Brings 175-MPH Winds To Bear On Caribbean Islands

4 neo-Nazi group members in British Army arrested on terror charges

New York Daily News Bought by Tronic for $1.00

Pastors who stood by Trump after Charlottesville plead for him to show heart for 'dreamer...

Letter Obama wrote to 45 on Inauguration day...

MAGA ? Make America human again

EPA now requires political aide's sign-off for agency awards, grant applications

BTRTN: Time for a New Bill of Rights

Ya Know.. Congress could get a BUTT LOAD of stuff done,

BTRTN: Time for a New Bill of Rights

The back cover of Hillary's new book "What Happened"

The Arizona Diamondbacks are the the only MLB franchise to have:

HLN is the consolation prize for MSM anchors who didn't make the cut!

The Daily 202: DACA decision highlights chasm between Trumps compassionate rhetoric and reality

Why do Nazis think they own the rights to free speech?

What about the 'dreamers' who serve us? - By Leon E. Panetta

Very therapeutic

The Bannon Factor: Trumps Tax Plan Just Got More Complicated

Donald Trump Prepares To Deport Our Best, Keep The Nazis

We shouldn't judge a book by it's back cover! (But I will anyway!) :-D

Australia's strange vote on same-sex marriage

How soon before tRump has to pardon someone to exempt them from his DACA ruling?

Ivanka Trump has learned well from her father's cons - By Catherine Rampell

Kobach is a disgusting piece of filth.

I miss George

Breaking: David Clarke NOT going to Trump Admin...(NYT)

Trump Confirms Suspicion That He's Passing The Buck To Congress On DACA

Hawaii considers country's first Universal Basic Income

Pssssssssssssssssst - Irma has company

Finally FEMA invades Texas!

Hillary says follow @verrit.

Report: McConnell Would Give Trump Silent Treatment To Keep Him On Topic

Dont be fooled by the scam that Trump will pull today on DACA...

Toon: "Assessing the damage"

Carlos Martinez put it all together last night

Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce CEO: I'd Resign From WH Council Over DACA

When I mentioned that I had put Red Cross on auto-pay, everyone pounced...

Mueller pushes Congress to hold public Russia hearings - because he doesn't trust GOP to share info

We already know this....

Two likely scenarios for Democrats regaining control of the US Senate after 2018.

Dem senator pushes for govt-wide ban of Russian cyber firm

i understand fully, Hilary's premise that Sen Sanders hurt her candidacy.

100,000 people displaced by floods in Nigeria...1000 dead in Sierra Leone

South Dakota GOP secretary of state purges voters as she runs for Congress most of them Democrats

Irma - cat 5 - 11 AM update - 180 MPH winds. 931 mb (27.50") pressure. Unprecedented.

dear dreamers, this man will be delivering your fate....

House panel to consider measure seeking Comey firing documents

Tropical Storm Jose Public Advisory

Sessions rescinds DACA

Donald Trump is no saint, but I know why evangelicals love him

Since The Election My TV Habits Have Changed Drastically

we live in a country that is being ruled for 35% of the population.

Trump administration announces end of immigration protection program for dreamers

The difference between "complete" and "finished" (humor)

Kobach willing to keep families of Dreamers together - by deporting them all

Kobach: 'Who Knows' What Trump Remarks On DACA Recipients Meant

For up-to-date hurricane info, go to the National Hurricane Center ...

Tweet of the Day

'Obama circumvented congress' as trump does on a daily basis....

Perjurer General Sessions now on TV talking about the rule of law

Begging for war

Key pipeline returns to service after Harvey shutdown

Jeff Sessions spews shit about DACA

Sessions can go to hell. These are my fellow citizens that know no other home.

**THIS** is why nobody likes cats:

as sessions did his dirty work the 'president' was nowhere to be found

Key Trump Aide's Departure Rattles Presidents Allies

National Hurricane Center NOAA Updated

LGBT groups want Trump civil rights nominee blocked

Chickens%$* Drumpf sent General Beauregard Sessions to make an

Six months from now....

Congressional leaders push back on withdrawal from S. Korea trade deal

Have a hat

Dream Stealer

Republican hypocrisy knows no limits

Animation on Temp. Changes

the Eviller Elf's happy little face and joyous, triumphant little celebration dance

Ths is the kind of craziness we are battling with Trump supporters...

I just can't get over Walter Becker...

According to NYT, Trump may not understand what he just did to DACA.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

i hate them so much.

White House Wants to Shut Down Chemical Safety Investigators

I'd really love to hear what DUers think about this.

This doesn't just affect the Dreamers alone!

Giddy-looking Jeff Sessions calls deporting children the compassionate thing to do

Ryan: Trump's Termination Of DACA Program 'Fulfills A Promise' He Made

LGBT groups want Trump civil rights nominee blocked

Rep. Curbelo: 'Fringe' GOPers Obsessed With Making Immigrants Scapegoats

God Is Not Mocked: Jim Bakker Says Hurricane Harvey Is Gods Judgment On America

MAHA: Make America Human Again - credit goes to syringis

Irma now Cat5 and on collision course with Florida. (I live here!!!)

Didn't Sessions Lie under Oath ?

would it have been so hard to phase in the daca reversal?


President Trump rescinds DACA mostly on false pretenses that are obvious (VIDEO)

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Ends DACA, Doesn't Even Have The Balls To Make The Announcement Himself

Why CEOs are turning on Donald Trump

Hey, here's a hat.

People are desperate for an outlet for their desperation. And, yes, I said it that way on purpose.

Irma now 180 MPH is the strongest storm ever in our hemisphere

How did we survive before Photoshop???

Jose coming!

Its about race: Paul Krugman goes on epic rant against Trump killing DACA

Trump Wishes Dreamers Luck as He Tosses Them Out of the Plane - Josh Marshall

Training tape for the gullible.

Just a pic. of Lake Solitude in the Grand Tetons

This was posted on Twitter to Susan Sarandon..

I could watch this over and over and over and......

Read this reply from the Dishonorable Senator Tom Cotton about DACA.

This should be our mantra moving forward.....

Trump had illegal Polish workers working on his Trump Tower and he didn't pay too.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Is On Hiatus This Week

Aide says Trump is insane

Karen lovely Molotov cocktail

trump pardons arpaio and sentences dreamers...that is his legacy.

It may seem obvious

An insight into why joining the D party actually takes some thinking.

Donnie the Vulgarian's decision on DACA does not protect those currently serving in military

"Give me your tired, your poor..."

DeVos ends agreement to work on student loan fraud

Read Trump statement on DACA

DACA "they have jobs" "many have served"

Pelosi: Speaker must bring the DREAM Act to the floor

Hispanic CEO resigns from Trump council, rips Dreamer decision

CEOs from Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks sign letter supporting 'Dreamers' program

Justice Department drops appeal to save Obama overtime rule

Are the markets figuring out the Trump economic boom is a chimera ?

Tax cuts for rich the same; only the pitch changes

Not sure how to get this picture on DU...but pretty funny...

McCain Opposes Ending DACA, Says He Will Work On Comprehensive Reform

New Clinton book blasts Sanders for lasting damage in 2016 race

A human chain on yesterday's CBS Sunday morning segment made me think

Protest signs from DREAMers (courtesy of Daniel Dale)

Javier Palomarez resigns from Trump's WH National Diversity Council

Rubio Tells Trump To 'Clearly Outline' What Kind Of Immigration Bill He'd Sign

Woman up you snowflake bobble head.

US Catholic Bishops: We'll fight for Dreamers

Hillary Clinton Speaking Tour Planned To Promote Her New Book, 'What Happened' Los Angeles Times

To defeat North Korea, Trump (and his team) need to quit making empty threats

Obama Cruelly Taunted Trump in Letter Riddled with Multisyllabic Words

I hope all the Latinos who voted For Trump

How to Be an Ineffective President

Robert E. Lee descendant and denouncer quits N.C. pastor post over hurtful reaction to VMAs sp

California on fire, southeast Texas flooded, Cat 5 hurricane

If we can wait 9 months

Who is planing to leave, and when are you going?

Bannon Plots with House Freedom Caucus

Call to action: Call Congress to support S-1615 ( save DACA).

Trump's Tax Plan Just Got More Complicated

Calling Nurse A 'Hero,' Utah Hospital Bars Police From Patient-Care Areas

"There is no difference between the two"

'What is your problem?' MSNBC's Hallie Jackson spanks DACA opponent Kobach for lying about Dreamers

Time for an hurricane supply list

Because I understand

Russian politician says 'let's hit Trump with our Kompromat' on state TV

Whoopsie. It appears that Putin just dumped his sweetheart, Twitler, in a very public way.

Construction firms hoping Trump will give them a 'wink and a nod' so they can hire immigrants...

There ain't such thing as global warming-any conservative Republican will tell you that

Cutting immigration in half as Trump/KKK want is a HUGE backdoor cut to Social Security

After the rain, eviction notices for many

Emanuel declares Chicago 'a Trump-free zone' after DACA decision

WaPo Rubin: And Trump didnt have the nerve to make the announcement himself

Pastor's 'forced' resignation illustrates evil within Evangelical Church (VIDEO)

I am 100% for juries, checked willing, but NEVER get on a jury, can you help me

How/Can fed govt pay for another hurricane??

Humor for the Day.

why isn't 'he' tweeting about the stock market today? if you own it going up, you own it going down

Obama Cruelly Taunted Trump in Letter Riddled with Multisyllabic Words (Borowitz)

"Joel Osteen" to the tune "Jolene"

Hookworm, a disease of extreme poverty, is thriving in the US south. Why?

Movies to watch while waiting for the hurricane

Coming up in moments...Sarah Huckabee Sanders to address Trump's DACA shitstorm.

"Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli offers $5000 bounty for somebody to assault Hillary Clinton.

From The Young Center on Immigrant Children's Rights - DACA - what you can do to help

Cahaba Alabama

Trump's voter suppression efforts must be defeated. Here's one thing we can do Russ Feingold

What's the next name up?

Why does Huckabee always lick her lips after she talks? It's disgusting!

Which do you prefer for a university? Truth (Chicago) or Social Justice (Brown)??

Most Native Americans live in cities, not reservations. Here are their stories

Senior journalist Gauri Lankesh shot dead at her residence in Bengaluru, India

Links to info on Irma below - now at 185 mph and getting stronger (2 PM update). Florida watch out!

Biden: Trump's Decision To End DACA 'Cruel' And 'Not America'

Taco Vampiro! 🌮🍺😋

Maps: Tracking the Path of Hurricane Irma

Imagine a World Without Hate

West failing to tackle Russian hacking and fake news, says Latvia

Rahm Emanuel declares Chicago a "Trump-free zone" after DACA decision

SPLC Statement On DACA

Eric Holder: Only 'extremists' want to see DACA end

Denver students march out of schools in protest of decision to rescind DACA

I found this picture of Irma to be a scary unspoken comment on Man vs. Nature.

Former Sheriff David Clarke joins pro-Trump PAC

Pants Medals?

Weekend travel plans...

Category 5 Hurricane Irma is now officially the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded.

FEMA's Harvey funding down to $541M

Shouldn't the world be afraid of our nuclear weapons ?

Trump just handed the fate of 'dreamers' over to an extraordinarily dysfunctional Congress


Just another Tuesday at the White House...

Friendly hurricane tips as seen on FB

We need immigrants

Three GOP dodges on DACA no one should fall for - By Jennifer Rubin

Why the Supreme Court May Review the S.E.C.s In-House Judges

OMG I laughed so hard I almost pee'd myself, which is kind of ironic if you read it

The biggest insult I ever received was, "That's something tRump would do".

Markets down.

Secret Hitler, a Game That Simulates Fascisms Rise, Becomes a Hit

What is your problem? MSNBCs Hallie Jackson spanks DACA opponent Kris Kobach

WH Won't Say If Trump Would Extend DACA If Congress Can't Pass A Solution

Good news: Former atheist and post-evangelical dives into a Blue Ocean Faith

Still waiting for Melania's 'presser'

The Problem with American Management Explained

Hajj pilgrimage offers US traveler a reset

Tech Firms Lead Afternoon Slide in US Stocks; Oil Rises.

President Obama's statement on DACA via Facebook:

Decades ago Manafort had a leading role in a pioneering op to funnel foreign money into our politics

NOAA should start naming hurricanes after the unhinged climate change deniers in Washington.

Statement: Obama on Trump ending DACA for Dreamers

Goateed dirtbag has a new job. At least no one ever died in a Super PAC. Ride 'em, fake cowboy.

Florida officials begin ordering evacuations as Hurricane Irma intensifies to a Category 5 storm

EPA now requires political aide's sign-off for agency awards, grant applications

Trump's Immigration Plan Is Obamacare Repeal All Over - By Jonathan Chait

Trump's empty trade threats weaken U.S. hand over North Korea

4 lies Jeff Sessions told to justify ending DACA (Vox)

"Ah don't think the President's been shah about the fact that he wants a wall"

Deep Purple-Child in Time

Ok, so here's the deal...

We need ALL of us...we need the voters who backed BOTH primary candidates.

Franken opposes Trump judicial nominee, setting up procedural clash

Microsoft says protections for Dreamers more important than tax reform

As in all parts of DU, interest in threads in the Religion Group

President Obama responds to Trumps cowardly act on DACA

Trump Wants To Tax Your Retirement Account To Pay For Tax Cuts For The Rich and Corporations

"Illegal is illegal"

Microsoft Says It Will Pay for Dreamer Employees' Legal Fees to Fight Deportation

Texas Wind turbines went right on Turning under Harveys impact, as Refineries Shut Down

With DACA, Jeff Sessions bent Trump to his will -- again

Eagle Creek Wildfire-Destroying the Columbia River Gorge as we speak-multiple towns evac'd

President @BarackObama's statement on Trump's decision to end #DACA

Jimmy Carter says he was a Bernie Sanders supporter

Majority of Trump voters approved of DACA

Markets tumble as Dow closes more than 200 points lower

After Oil Refinery Is Damaged by Harvey, Benzene Is Detected in Houston Area

A man walks into a psychiatrist's office

So, let me get this straight. A Dreamer joins the military and protects

Stressing out Americans to increase rating for his cable news reality TV shitshow

Officer shoots Ohio newspaper photographer after confusing his tripod and camera for a gun (WP)

Reading Literary Fiction Improves Empathy (poll)

I know it is just a movie (1981), but this guy would have 50 rounds in him today.

Debt, sanctions and disrepair: Venezuela's oil sector in agony

Ronald Reagan

Why can I not find regular popcorn salt any more?

Three monks walk into a cave

TO FLORIDA DU'ERS AND FRIENDS: Friday is too late. TOO LATE. Head by THURSDAY to high ground.

Atlantic, Caribbean, water temps.

Republicans are so void of compassion they fail to see DACA's Constitutionality

Seems to me the DACA kids are being used as hostages in a bizarre game

So if Irma destroys Mar-a-Lago...

Pirate walks into a bar with


What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 5, 2017

"There's nothing to be done unless you treat North Korea as a nuclear power."

Trump says he has 'great love' for Dreamers

Merkel speaking in the German parliament (Bundestag): "My time is as good as over."

How strong is Hurricane Irma? Its registering on earthquake-detecting seismometers

Agreeing with Nicole Wallace (derp)

There are 140 DACA students in my college.

The Trump Administration Now Has Tons Of DACA Data And Is Poised To Weaponize It

Obama was not "damaged" by Reverend Wright. Nor by having Farrakhan pinned on him.

Reunion Time

Sheriff Clarke Was In Talks for a Trump White House Job--Then John Kelly Killed It

When it rains, it pours...

John Kelly is running a tight ship

Whoa! Red Sox caught stealing signs!

Trump Claims He Has Love For DACA Recipients After Ending The Program

"I turned it on, and my friend called me up saying 'Gondor calls for aid?' "

Put a straight DACA protection bill on Trump's desk. Make Trump veto it.

The Blog Site is Finally Live/Some thoughts on Snowflakes...

Proud of our Community Colleges' Chancellor's statement about DACA:

MEANWHILE, in Ireland....

Memory test - how long ago were Repubs convinced to scream at bus loads of CHILDREN?

Mark Morford: Trump is a most shameful and cruel old man

More than just Trump,

Poll: 76 percent of voters say 'Dreamers' should be allowed to stay

Trump Administration Ends DACA but Plan May Cost Nation Billions

Make sure everybody you know understands this:

So how does Trump make money out of ending DACA?

Ex-Virginia attorney general Cucinelli schooled on constitutionality of DACA by CNN panel

Don't like NYT 'new' format, nor today's results:

RWW: Satan's Frequency Is Altering People's DNA To Make Them Hate Trump

Trump's Sketchy Election Panel Uses Personal Email For Official Business

Trump: Tax reform can create 'millions of jobs'

Jeff Sessions' Rationale for Ending DACA Is a Gigantic Bucket of Horseshit

Memphis prepares to remove Confederate statues

Trump cancels Texas fundraisers

S. Miller: Grand Jury, Mueller and Obstruction of Justice

FL Judge denies request for injunction preventing move of monument

Relative of Confederate Lee quits NC church

Protesters plan march on memorial in Decatur GA

Donald Trump is wrong.

Twitter Video: Trump's decision on DACA is the ugliest and most cruel decision ever made ...

My son is in the smoke from the fires. He sent this pic this am.

Is it wrong to wish Zika Virus on John McCain?

Action Alert: Protect TRICARE Benefits for Military Retirees

For those who have traveled a lot. Have you noticed how poorly US infrastructure is maintained?...

Paper: Photographer shot by cop who mistook camera for gun

Teenager Codes

A suggestion for those who are going to flee the storm w/o a place to flee.

Should we boycott Keebler cookies ...

Mayor criticizes cop union head over 'rabid animals' comment

Well, this is making me upset...guy on Ari says Cheeto will fire Mueller..

DACA End Is Just Beginning Of KKK White Supremacist Purge.

Oklahoma police: Man arrested in hit-and-runs in Tulsa

Our President leads with leadership!

The Republican Party Is Building The Electorate That Will Keep It In Power

Is Trump getting ready to spring the trap?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Full Moon and a Cat5 Hurricane

Bannon Plots with House Freedom Caucus

Trump's National Diversity Coalition CEO shares his thoughts on DACA and hurricanes.

The sky made me smile, tonight

Hurricane Irma, Live Tracking

That's right. Kitteh straight up jacked your toy plushy tiger. What are you gonna do about it?

Protection order named mother of boy found dead in concrete

Public Service Announcement: Lawrence O'Donnell will have Senator Kamala Harris on his show........

Brutality returns to Argentina's streets as police moves in on peaceful demonstrators

Brutality returns to Argentina's streets as police moves in on peaceful demonstrators

Be prepared for storm strike

Palestinian authorities arrest activist in growing free speech crackdown

I've Got A New Crush.

Heh! Belicheat has been running the Roid Sox for many years...

DU - I have something to apologize for

Admin memo: DACA recipients should prepare for 'departure from the United States'

Son of ex-Honduran president gets 24 years for U.S. drug charge

"You may say I'm a dreamer..." by John Lennon

Wisconsin's sweetheart deal of 3 billion dollars to Foxconn is about to get even sweeter.

They Know They Cant Win; They Just Want Black and Brown People to Lose Too

Post something that's mesmerizing, jaw-dropping, terrifying...

Club "Rush" Week on my campus: The campus Star Wars fan club is called "The Dark Side"

Garrison Keillor asks: "How is being struck by a hurricane so different from being hit by cancer?"

My son lives in Florida. I told him don't be stupid like a republican, get the hell out of there.

Any 'Rick and Morty' fans?

How can this be four years old?

8 PM 916 millibars. Irma is still strengthening. This is insane- Leeward Islands under the gun first

Labor unions are trying to take back politics in the Midwest

Melania Trump's Immigration Lawyer Backs DACA