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South Korea tries to ignore Trumps criticism: They worry hes kind of nuts.

How artificial intelligence conquered democracy

How to Protest Neo-Nazis Without Adding to the Violence

Los Angeles's 'largest fire in history' **Crickets from the POS POTUS

Dems prep for major fight over Trump USDA science pick

Why Hasn't Trump Come to the Defense of the Utah Cop Who Roughed Up a Nurse?

It's official: The Habilitation Center's annual luncheon is exiting the Mar-a-Lago Club. "We want to

Here's my 2017 fair cake. Won best decorated item.

Flake: 'Nobody' Should Support Trump's Pledges On Wall, Ending DACA Program

Didn't President Obama deliver a weekly address? Via online?

Gas Prices Gouging Report Check in Here

White House threatened with subpoena over draft letter from Trump to Comey

Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay

Dear South Korea: You're right.

On his self-imposed NATIONAL DAY of PRAYER, PRESIDENT SHITSTAIN has decided to END DACA

Sen. Feinstein on DACA #HereToStay

Thank a union if you like weekends...

From NOAA - Hurricane watches up for Leeward Islands

Chelsea speaks for me!

'American Space Ninja' Back On Earth After Record-Breaking Flight


Stacy Lewis wins LPGA Tourney in Portland, Donates Entire Winnings to Houston

For Labor Day: 15 things everyone would know if there actually WAS a liberal media.


Trump to announce end of DACA protection

So Is This Six Month Delay Just To Satisfy His Base.....

Trump's ending DACA

788,000 people who grew up in American now have to leave

OK u beloved DU/Lounge CAT lovers, why ain't the feral orange cat killing *2* rats?!1

I didn't realize that Tyler Perry was such a jerk

Because we are on HER side.

How do I write strike through text

For those with Game of Thrones withdrawl:

Inslee declares State of Emergency due to fire danger

My existential angst over the death of the earth somewhat alleviated.

Keith Olbermann responds to "Christian Conservative, Pastor, Unifier" Mark Burns RE: DACA


A heartbreaking epic betrayal....

And just like that, 800,000 people who were able to work and go to school here legally

Bernie Sanders Discussing Immigration Work Authorization Programs With Lou Dobbs

(toon) When is a pillow not a pillow?

Maybe trump got overwhelmed having to deal with real people in Houston, and that's

On the verge of another breakdown

Undocumented Dream Rossy Evelin Lima TEDxMcAllen

Racist Motherfuckers Gotta Be Racist Motherfuckers

So on this National Day of Prayer, what asshole deity told him to deport 800,000 young Americans?

Trump's Gallup disapproval rating drops 3 pts, approval rises 2 pts. Amazing the political mileage

The DACA issue has immense consequences for so many people here.

Oh Joy!

Seoul worried hes nuts

Latest on Irma - 11 PM update - this one will demand attention

Senator Bernie Sanders on Trump's DACA decision:

Now we know what the trip to Houston was about.

Found an interesting book.

Workers will catch on to con

Trump's base could get us into a nuclear war

This talk on the astrology of the recent eclipse, given back in July,

EPA attacks reporter in personal terms

Surrogates say ending DACA good for workers

Miami under-the-gun.

Amazing. Houston is drowning. LA on fire. Montana burning. Irma heading to the East coast.

Bernie Sanders co-sponsor of the DREAM act on the Senate floor in 2013:

Hillary: we've got to fight with everything to defend DACA

Trump trying to look like he knows how to pack a truck

If dreamers were made a promise and Donnie broke it,

Yes, Virginia, Trump is planning to kill the CSB

Latest aggregate of models for Hurricane Irma...

DACA Dreamer died trying to rescue Harvey victims

that slimy piece of shit

Sen. Bernie Sanders: ending DACA "one of the ugliest and cruelest decisions ever made"

Sen. Bernie Sanders: ending DACA "one of the ugliest and cruelest decisions ever made"

Steely Dan's FM

Obama Denies Wiretapping Trump: Like Id Want to Hear More from That Fool?

Dear God, how long are we going to continue to let this monster */rant mode on/*

Don't forget, a condition of DACA was that you had to identify yourself to USCIS.

Mexico to send supplies to Texas

Buh-Bye Schiller, You F-ng Goon. Don't Let The Door Knob Hit You In The...hamstring, I Guess.

Bee Gees music over North Korean marching

Canada demands U.S. end right to work laws as part of NAFTA talks.

40 Creative Acts of Resistance Since Inauguration Day

In light of tRumps decision to end DACA

Participation is exhausting! I may just go back to being a spectator. nt

Can John Bel Edwards Teach Democrats How to Win in the South?

This is on the Republican Party

Which Democrat is going to stand up?

For the police, accountability is a one-way-street:

North Korea preparing to launch missile, South Korea believes after holding live-fire drill

EPA blasts Associated Press journalist over report about Houston superfund sites

Trump was asked what he had in common with his daughter: SEX

At least now, hopefully people will understand that Crude Oil and Gasoline

"Dreamers" knock doors

Well, Trump has opened a can of worms...

Anyone available to adopt a Dreamer? (DACA)

Threats Belie Limits on His Options

Monument in Lakeland FL draws protest

Charlottesville to decide fate of statues Tuesday

Confederate monuments fight clouds future of Nevadas Jeff Davis Peak

Arkansas schools with confederate names discuss next steps

Video: Sanders returning to NH on Labor Day

South Padre leaders feel they dodged a bullet with Harvey

Kentucky's last abortion clinic to face off against governor

North Korea preparing more missile launches, says South

New camera can see through human body

Twin Peaks jury panel sent home after recusal motion

"This is the greatest statewide heat wave ever recorded in California. Records set from Bay Area t

The Latest: China urges North Korea not to launch missile

"The Full Vermonty: Vermont in the Age of Trump"

All his behavior suggests he knows he is going down

U.S. Rep. Bill Flores: Postal service should have been better prepared for disaster

mea culpa, sincere apologies

I couldn't sleep last night. Awake from 2 am until 4 am.

my sincere mea culpa for a lounge post

Do We Know The Numbers Of The Stockpile Of Rockets & Bombs.....

In Defense of the Truth - by Charles M. Blow

President Obama To Donald Trump On DACA: Think 'Long And Hard' On Endangering Dreamers

Hackers target fact-checking site after Clinton endorses it


I Have a Legal Argument for Dreamers

Britains royal family announces third pregnancy for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

I wonder if Canada will offer Dreamers sanctuary.

A #DACA recipient was killed trying to rescue others during #Harvey, his body was recovered earlier

Filmmakers to give signal boost to long-shot Texas Democrats

Stocks boost state retirement systems

With brutal Sept. to-do list, GOP already clashing over Harvey relief, debt limit

Texas-based health system to pay $12 million in suit

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Trump and goons

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Best Fire Pit Ever!

UPDATED: Texas DACA Recipient Dies Rescuing Flood Victims

Some of the hardest working people on the @BernieSanders campaign were DACA recipients.

The Insane Gifts Saudi Arabia Gave President Trump

Before Labor Unions... (post your memes here)

Former Houston Mayor Jokes About Her Superpowers After Coulter Blames Her for Hurricane Harvey

I suspect the real reason to end DACA is tRump needs a foil

"They want him to act Presidential. They want him to pivot but he's 71. He's not going to pivot."

The floods are the damn lesbian's fault - Graphic Warning!

If GPS navigation was Southern:

Rising gas prices after Harvey threaten Trump economy

Dem senator to Republicans: 'Your moment has come' to save DACA

For All who didn't support Hillary Clinton in the general...who complained about her on various

DACA to become Dachau? This reeks of rounding up Jews in the 1940's...

This Labor Day, Remember That Martin Luther King's Last Campaign Was For Workers' Rights

Obama to speak out if Trump ends DACA

Kim Has Repeatedly Punked Trump. Do You Think Trump Will Start A Nuclear War To Salvage His Pride ?

Russia probes kick into high gear

It might be time to stop honoring Columbus

Schiff: 'Probably Past Time' For House Intel Panel To Subpoena White House

The United States Senator who fought for affordable health care for decades:

Finally watching GOT. Just got to season 3, episode 9. WTF

Merkel ally cites thousands of cyber attacks from Russian IP addresses

Trump's Infrastructure Plan Is Actually Pence's -- And It's All About Privatization

'Its the gospel of Ayn Rand': Son of evangelist eviscerates Joel Osteens prosperity gospel greed

Republican Party Autopsy Author Goes Off On GOP As Trump's DACA Decision Nears

Senator Sanders: This Labor Day the Struggle Continues

Morning Joe panel says Trump voters are finally getting sick of the drama

Russia wants to ban Bitcoin-mining. For the most bonkers reason ever.

Photos of Garden Produce, Flowers

PINO Trump Desperately Looks for a Sensible Move

'F*ck you, I hope you end up in prison': Furious backlash greets report of Trump's DACA repeal

Senator Sanders: This Labor Day the Struggle Continues

Power surge knocked out a ceiling fan. Can it be repaired?

Trump : endless subject for cartoonists

GOP rep: Delaying the end of DACA is 'Republican suicide'

George W. Bush killed the republican party, Trump is burying the corpse.

Did anybody believe Trump's threats of "fire and fury' will deter Kim

Obama to speak out if Trump ends DACA

Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast May Improve Mental Performance And Alertness.

A DACA recipient died trying to rescue people in Harvey

Swamp Diary Week 15: A Hard Rain Falls on Trump Tower

To the people who did not vote for HRC & still bragging about it. You are not an ally!. THREAD:

It's America's FAVORITE game show, "What He Said, What He Meant," featuring Speaker Ryan.

South Korea's defense minister raises the idea of bringing back tactical U.S. nuclear weapons

WPA Depression Art

Charlottesville Circuit Court considers extending injunction on Lee statue removal

Just watched Lion on Netflix

"Joel Osteen" -- Roy Zimmerman

Ending DACA would be Trumps most evil act - By Jennifer Rubin

"Joel Osteen" -- Roy Zimmerman

The Chemical Industry That Lobbied For Lower Regulations Is Now Poisoning Houston

President Trump said he'd deal with DACA with heart. It was a lie.

Myanmar blocks all UN aid to civilians at heart of Rohingya crisis

The GOP deserves not defense but extinction (WP)

Hosted LIVE Stream Link: Labor Day Celebrations with Bernie Sanders - Concord, NH

Art to make a point: Trousers-down minister statue protest

Hosted LIVE Stream Link: Labor Day Celebrations with Bernie Sanders - White River Junction, VT

Stolen from the Weather Underground Comments- "Ermahgerd, it's Irmageddon!"

Haley at UN: North Korea is "begging for war"

Hosted LIVE Stream Link: Labor Day Celebrations with Bernie Sanders - Middlebury Town Green, VT

Republicans won't stand up to tRump re: DACA

March of the Clowns

As waters rise in Texas, SPN & Koch Bros aim "mortal blow" at public sector workers

Godwin of Godwin's Law: 'By All Means, Compare These Shitheads to the Nazis'

Trump's bodyguard becomes his long lost pal

Bernie Sanders at the New Hampshire AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast

A temporary gas hike might be some good news to seniors

Trump's wonderfully terrible decision on DACA...

The next immigration battle

So it turns out TWITLER's "heart" about DACA translates into a 6 months' expiration date

Royal baby: Duchess of Cambridge expecting third child

Was Reading The Sept 8th Issue Of "The Week" And Found This About 2018 Elections....

I just found out that the "gender reveal" party is a thing.

No tweets for almost 24 hours!!! What happened?

FLASHBACK: Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr. argue over who can be kinder to undocumented children

Who here knows people who didn't bother to vote in November, 2016?

Did Dutch 'terrorist hunter' cause Rotterdam attack alert?

Congress is coming back: McCain set to return, Menendez sets for trial

If You Think Trump's Summer Was a Bummer, Wait 'Til Fall Starts - Rick Wilson

Spin class with Kellyanne Conway: How to BS your way out of anything

Please excuse my cynicism

How to make homemade deer repellent (recipe)

Chinese Ambassador: China 'will never allow chaos and war' on the Korean Peninsula

Trump pens op-ed: We need to fix 'self-destructive tax code'


To make America great again:

How to make homemade deer repellent (recipe)

Carwyn Jones on Brexit: Some way to go before we can back repeal bill

Where the border fence meets the sea, a strange beach scene contrasting the U.S. and Mexico

As The Beatles Said - All You Need is Love

Do we know anything about Dr. Kathie Allen, Dem running in Utah???

Voluntary buyout program for Houston flood victims

Nation in Peril? Hooray for finger traps! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3 in D Minor, Op. 30

Charles Pierce: The absurd reality of the DACA decision in Texas right now

Computational Screening of 670,000 Materials For Optimal Separation of Krypton From Xenon.

All Lives Matter

Deporting kids who grew up in America back to a country they dont even know...

Labor Day 2017

Republicans 'deserve the reckoning' for backing Trump

Srara Netanyahu (PM's Wife) Faces Indictment

James Mattis on North Korea

From Walter Becker

What tRump has undone

Dreamers are taking away jobs that should go to Whites etc #DACA

China will not allow .."....chaos and war on the Korean Peninsula"

Breaking nuclear taboo has always been thinkable for US right

"Everyone's a Socialist during a natural disaster".

Hurricane warnings posted for eastern Caribbean; South Florida preparing

In memory of Walter Becker - vote - your favorite Steely Dan album

5 days & Trump still hasn't made his $1 million donation.

Issues. I Have Issues That Are Extremely Important to Me.

Something is seriously off about this president - By Jennifer Rubin

No Madonna. No Geena Davis. But Still in a League of Their Own.

Nominee for USDA's Chief Scientist Not a Scientist

Walter Becker dead at 67

Pups 25 days

Bitcoin Tumbles as PBOC Declares Initial Coin Offerings Illegal

Police: Driver intentionally ran over 3 homeless people in Tulsa, killing one

Get Off The Couch Baby Boomers, Or You May Not Be Able To Later.

WTO reverses Boeing 777X tax credit ruling in blow to EU

who leaked the DACA policy before tomorrows announcement and why isn't 'he' upset about it?

Single seniors should marry DACA kids

Long-rumored midsized black hole may be hiding out in the Milky Way

This Is What's Up

Orlando Sentinel: Hurricane Irma forecast to be in Florida on Friday

DACA elimination hurts millions, and yet NY Times spins for Trump (Haberman, Thrush)

Now is the time for Democrats to offer a plan for Immigration Reform

Photos: Bernie Sanders arrives in Concord for the second of two stops today in New Hampshire #nhpoli

Colombias anti-corruption corruption case implicates more than 20 politicians, judges: report

Labor Day

'The black fist of our time': The story behind a viral Colin Kaepernick cartoon

New Brazil graft charge may be tougher for Temer to stop: Maia

Colombia, ELN rebels agree ceasefire ahead of Pope's visit

Who Was Alonso Guillen? The DACA Recipient Died Rescuing Hurricane Harvey Victims

Who Was Alonso Guillen? The DACA Recipient Died Rescuing Hurricane Harvey Victims

DACA MARCHES - LA Now, tomorrow NYC Midtown Shutdown, more .... STOP Trump's hatred.

Officer who told driver we only kill black people will be fired

Here are some questions to ponder on this Labor Day:

Vocabulary word for the day: osteentatious

House To Take Up Harvey Relief Bill On Wednesday

"My statement on #DACA"

Trump Trackdown (or The End of the World) was a 1957 episode (verified in IMDB)

Wingnut WORKS of charity (hurricane) won't save their souls, as if they HAVE souls

The Dispossessed

I will not be surprised if the market will tank tomorrow

Rs don't want poors to buy lottery tickets, wine, or be able to vote....

DACA Works!

For your conservative friends & family, an appeal on behalf of DACA based on economic costs

This Labor Day the Struggle Continues - by Bernie Sanders

Voluntary buyout program for Houstonians in the flood plain

Bizarre white nationalist/ sexist AF Tweet from Assange....

The US could end up crippling the world's largest banks as it takes on North Korea

I have no sympathy for these kids. Their parents broke the law

OH,DAMN - Irma Comin' My Way???

I know. Let's keep the almost 800,000 DACA Dreamers,

Rep. Joe Kennedy III on DACA: "It's a cruel hand that extends the American dream

Who does not appreciate Our President's steady hand at the helm?

Win with LA-GOV Edwards (expanded Medicaid, min. wage, etc) or lose with a pro-choice, anti-gun dem?

Kentucky's last abortion clinic to face off against governor

China pushes back after Trump trade threat over North Korea

Trump's narcissism is poisoning America

Basically every problem in the US economy is because companies have too much power.

Israeli PM sheds statesmanlike persona as scandals mount

Trump picks a climate change denying, nonscientist as head of NASA

Guatemala request to lift president's immunity to proceed

Anyone else notice the fake DU sites?

How to treat those with Trumpocalypse derangement syndrome

New York's governor and AG say the state will sue if Trump ends DACA.We

How Regime Change Wars Led to Korea Crisis

Dreamers say end of DACA will jump start immigrant rights movement

How to Read a News Story About an Investigation

"We love the dreamers. We love everybody."

Donald Trump's EPA Is Now Attacking Journalists

3 Oldest trump kids were born before

Congressional Republicans Signal Break With Trump Over DACA

Interesting Fact About Google Earth

Floods in Africa in August killed 25 times more people than Hurricane Harvey did

My little "The Tide is Turning" story.

It took these monkeys just 13 years to learn how to crack nuts

Meet the boy genius changing the way driverless cars see

Tivoli, the Town that Saved Itself

TRump to appoint (finally) Ambassador to South Korea (and we are doomed)

Man commits suicide after fatally shooting person by accident, police say

Burning Man attendee dies after running into....Burning Man

1968 Olympics/The Black Power Salute (full doc, have to view on YouTube)

When people started registering under DACA

EPA slams reporter over story on flooded toxic waste sites in Houston

BROTHERS ON THE LINE - Official Trailer

President Bachelet of Chile is the last woman standing in the Americas

President Bachelet of Chile is the last woman standing in the Americas

A neat ad on bathrooms by Gangster Cats. Wish all ads were this cool.

Washington AG Ferguson vows to fight Trump over DACA

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson Vows to Sue Trump if He Ends DACA

The First Adhesive Was Invented by Neanderthals 200,000 Years Ago

Pelosi: Trump ending DACA a 'cruel act of political cowardice'

Sends chilling message on police arsenals (Las Vegas Sun)

Puerto Rico governor declares state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Irma

Sen Sherrod Brown statement on DACA

Jackfruit? Have you tried it? If so, please enlighten.

Trump, Labor Day and the American worker

Business leaders call to protect DACA

Video 2 Parts: Bernie Sanders Labor Day Speech in Concord, NH

'He's a liar': Trump diversity council member blasts president's claim he 'loves' Dreamers

Let's start with Melania shall we?

Human Connectedness and the Disconnected Power Elite of America

Facebook Video Link: Bernie Sanders Labor Day Speech at White River Junction

We don't say we "got gypped" anymore when we got cheated. Because we're better than we used to be.

The Media on Venezuela: Double Standards and First Impressions

"I'm in a union. Youre welcome". How having strong labor unions helps everyone who works earn more

On RNC donations and Russia - Remember the FBI raid on the "Strategic Campaign Group"?

What Have Unions Ever Done For You?

The Political Dilemma on DACA for Trump

Union Maid

Video: Senator Sanders New Hampshire AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast 2017

Lindsey Graham will support Trump plan to reportedly end DACA

Trump's Bubble

Michelle Obama, Serena Williams Channel Beyonce For Birthday Surprise

How the ancient Amazonians built earthworks to communicate with animals, departed spirits and stars

How the ancient Amazonians built earthworks to communicate with animals, departed spirits and stars

Florida Governor Rick Scott Declares State Of Emergency (in response to Hurricane Irma)

Dear Irma.....

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 4, 2017

Andrew Cuomo on twitter (DACA)

Makes you wonder what the private quarters in the White House might look like after they leave...

Unsocial Media: Tracking Twitter Abuse against Women MPs

More of an American than Trump will ever be.

Great video parody of Joel Osteen

Dunce Caps?

You brought race in here: Judge refuses to recuse himself from trial of white cop shooting unarmed

"Eat me"

Showing the system is rigged

Hurricane Irma intensifies to a Category 4

Why is Chuck Tool interviewing Mike Rowe on MSNBC?

Sooooooo women cant be women if theres no man around???

Russia probes kick into high gear

'A liar' if he ends DACA

CNN NEWS ALERT: Irma upgraded to Category 4 hurricane

On MSNBC just now,Mike Rowe and Chuck Todd blamed unemployment on people not being willing to travel

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Three Days in the Swamp of Fox News' 'Trumpman Show'

Was there any "Right to Exploit" commentary in your newspaper today?

Girl, 7, finds 4ft SWORD in same lake where King Arthur was said to have hurled Excalibur

So, question about Mike Rowe

On the side of "My Subscriptions", it still says "My People" are "Coming Soon"

Travis Park's Confederate Monument in San Antonio Has Been Removed

Labor Day on the screened deck for two indoor kitties

"Let's hit Trump with our Kompromat!" Russian Host: "Do we have it?" "Of course we have it!"

Vicente Fox: "@realDonaldTrump are you hearing this? The world demonizes your actions."

A letter left behind, but evidently never read?

Grease & Salt

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Hopeful Stakes

I am glad I ate supper

The apocalypse will be televised....and announced by a DPRK lady in pink hanbok

Cambodia Daily Newspaper To Close (Gov't crackdown on free speech and dissent) NPR


Shirt, by Robert Pinsky

Landlords demand rent on flooded Houston homes

All 2018 and 2020 hopefuls: Word to the Wise

A Most American Terrorist: The Making of Dylann Roof

Tony Schwartz: "What no one wants to say: Trump's remaining support is grounded in..."

How much does it cost to become a US citizen?

FFS can we PLEASE get some new Dem candidates for CA Senate in 2018?

I don't approve of people voting third-party in 2016 any more than anyone else here.

After the flood:Smithsonian/FEMA guide to salvaging family heirlooms

Looking for hotel recommendations in Northern AZ

Looking for hotel recommendations in Southern Utah

Joel Osteen??!!??!!: Fabricate new idiotic names for billionaire preachers: Ovid Littlesnod.

Americans Take Day Off From Looking For Work

BBC reporter Paul Wood says there's new evidence that the Pee-tape -- and worse -- exists.

SECOND intentional hit and run of homeless person in Tulsa today

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 5 September 2017

8 PM update from NOAA - Irma is quite the monster storm

If Irma hits Mar-a-lago wouldn't that be funny.

...Then they came for the DREAMers, and I did not speak out...

New depth of foolishness in Korean crisis

Go back. We F*cked up.