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Tom Price's final act

Friday night bombshells are alive and shocking!

Attention Chris Matthews

Want to hear a joke about potassium?

New study eviscerates Trumps claim that his tax cuts dont benefit the wealthy

Evangelicals take-over of Air Force Academy

The Gerasimov Doctrine

John Elway put a stop to the Broncos players protesting

Has Biff Kushner solved the Israel/Palestine issue yet?

Trump Isn't Hiding His Racism After Suggesting It's Too Expensive To Rebuild Puerto Rico

Be sure to share this on Facebook. This is how our President SHOULD be acting right now

Study: Twitter users shared more 'junk news' than real stories during the 2016 election

Hmmm...what does Trump intend to do with 3.5 million people

Somebody needs to ask Michael J Fox if his Family Ties character Alex P. Keaton would support Trump.

Who knew Puerto Rico was an island surrounded by big water

A loosely-organized hybrid gang

trump supporters don't see it.


The US Navy closed the last naval base in Puerto Rico in 2004

Puerto Rico is facing a humanitarian crisis

Trump tax cut- 80 Percent of it goes to Top 1 Percent, super-rich end up getting $1 million a year.

Imagine if this guy were still on the job. FEMA would be VERY different

Perry proposes law to force Americans to buy dirtier, costlier power

How do you cut taxes when you have a $20 trillion debt? SS and Medicare both

Is it possible to start a new Group related to Trump News only?

Lost weekend: How Trump's time at his golf club hurt the response to Maria

GOP tax plan would provide major gains for richest 1%, uneven benefits for the middle class, report

Why American Democracy Has Descended Into Collective Hysteria - William Greider

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Psychopath Live Uncensored & a new Pallas

Jeff Sessions Former Senate Seat Could Turn Blue As First Poll Shows Close Race In Alabama

Would Archie Bunker be a trumper (inspired by the Alex P. Keaton thread)

Boo Who?

Bad Job - Why corporate America is so much more awful than it used to be.

Never get bad headlines for the boss

Oklahoma blames administration for higher premiums

Anyone With Half a Freaking Brain...

Not Serena Rachel

'He's a racist president': Mainland Puerto Ricans are furious over Donald Trump's debt talk amid

David Corn: "Now watch this drive."

Rachel....Serena Williams Was Not At Wimbledon This Year

Time at golf club hurt response to Maria

EPA Director Scott Pruitt is building a $25000 sound proof

IF ONLY there were some organization that specialized in construction and building, and were

NSA warned White House against using personal email

A really strange place

Seth Meyers: Arby's Limited-Edition Milkshake, Woman Marries Herself - Monologue 9/28/17

Price Resigns After Private Plane Use

The Mayor of San Juan is tearing me apart. On Rachel.

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Just

Mayor of San Juan live on Rachel. She is extraordinary. PLeading for the world to help save

Mayor of San Juan coming up on Rachel Maddow

Price's jet is 'outrageous example of arrogance'

Oklahoma blames Trump admin for higher premiums

Question...Did anyone see the new Star Trek Series?

'Another Fantastic Week: Tom Prices Celebratory Travelogues

Puerto Rico is devastated, people dying, & Cheeto is tweeting & RTing about stock market & Hannity

Lost weekend: How Trump's time at his golf club hurt the response to Maria

VA chief took in Wimbledon, river cruise on European work trip; wifes expenses covered by taxpayers

Gen. Russell Honore: Trump Doesn't Care About People of Color

Fed Ex and Houston Astros have sent 150,000 lbs of food/water/medical supplies

Colombias opposition to call referendum in attempt to end peace process

Are the AL US Senators-Richard Shelby and Luther Strange going to endorse Roy Moore?

Friday Talking Points (455) -- Price Break!

Little girl sneaking Prince Harry's popcorn

Trump said he knew the "best people".

Colombias former VP pulls support for transitional justice system: report

Poll: Majority wish Obama were president, as Trump labeled 'mentally unstable'

Joy Reid in for Lawrence O'Donnell tonight!

Post a song that prominently features "lime" and/or "coconut" in the lyrics. I'll go first.

US judge orders extradition of Colombias convicted former Agriculture minister

US judge orders extradition of Colombias convicted former Agriculture minister

Finished Katy Tur's book. WOW

Trump once won a lawsuit against the NFL but the result was an embarrassment

Is your sausage in a wine glass?

Feeding 8,000 ppl a day; Chef Jos Andrs, has become the face of US disaster relief

If AL US Senator Elect Roy Moore were to seek the 2020 Republican Nomination for POTUS,

Just wondering.

Can we just call it what it is...genocide.

San Juan mayor Cuz warns of "something close to genocide".

Trying to pretend Trump cares, WH schedules several 10-min-or-less calls for him tomorrow

Body Count: Candidate Trump's vow to hire "top, top people...only the best and most serious people"

"I am feeling a theme here.."

Elway Sends Letter of Support for Gorsuch on Bronco Letterhead

White nationalist threatens lawsuit against Ohio colleges

Hey, Trump, Lookie Here!

Hey! It's a NEW, topical "Peanuts" cartoon, just in time for the Halloween season!

"This is an island, surrounded by water" - tRump

Maher just did a brilliant connect-the-Trump-Russia-dots rant on New Rules tonight!

Illinois officials deny release for parole-eligible killer

how many think trump is purposefully letting Puerto Rico

This Bill Kristol tweet is pretty surprising. Not used to seeing any truth from him.

I have racked my brain all day and I still can't think of an island

Velshi & Ruhle BRILLIANTLY Destroy Trump Lackey on Trump's Tax Plan

Provision buried in new Senate budget resolution is a major blow to transparency

Colin Kaepernick vs Tom Price...who's disrespectful

Perry proposes law to force Americans to buy dirtier, costlier power

I've watched the Vietnam war for two weeks. The military sent supplies and troops in precision

Republicans enlist lone black senator to push their tax plan with jive and regrettable hashtag

Michigan mom says she could face jail time for not vaccinating her son

Michigan mom says she could face jail time for not vaccinating her son

Senate Republicans just sent a message about oil drilling in Arctic wildlife refuge

I'm giving Bill Kristol no quarter

Black Lives Matter cannot be sued by Louisiana police officer, federal judge rules

Please send prayers, good thoughts, and hope my way. (Updated - see below. Good News)

**Trump To Release Two Documentaries **...

Trump rushes to gut regulations at the expense of worker safety

Here are some EPA programs that Scott Pruitts $900,000 taxpayer-funded expenses could pay for

Trump kids' ski vacation incurs over $300,000 in security costs to US taxpayers

Harvard students disrupt Betsy DeVos speech with banners, raised fists

Friday Night Wine-Buzz.

National GOP Groups Spent $81K To Defend Prices House Seat For Every Day In Cabinet

GOP Tax Plan Would Massively Benefit Trump Family

(Jewish Group) Avinu Malkeinu Barbara Streisand.

coming out in November, I can't wait to try this...

Lauren Baer announces for CD 18.

"This Island is surrounded by Water.. big water.. Ocean Water."

Carmen Yulin Cruz?

Where is the discussion

The man is without a clue. Clip of trump just on saying he has to speak with the government of PR.

White nationalist fliers removed from university campus

Separate marches on racial justice set to unify

UPDATE-- No injuries, no active shooter at USAFA

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 9/29/17

It's Time We STOP !! HEY !!

Bill Maher New Rule

Bill Maher: The Kremlin Connection..

Jim's U.K. Police Ride-Along

'Be in the meow' with kitten yoga

Friday Night Bud Buzz...

Why didn't they send an Army Transportation Battalion to P.R.? Wouldn't this be better practice

U.S. energy head seeks help for coal, nuclear power plants

The future of wind turbines could be bladeless

ok, let me get this straight...

Puerto Ricans: Trump's relief efforts are a 'disaster'

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/29/17

Stephen Colbert: Guest Jerry Seinfeld

Hulu users...

Theresa May: Tories were not prepared for snap election

Arpaio plans to continue 'investigation' into Obama birth certificate

El Paso Attorney Sentenced in Connection with a Multi-Million Dollar Fraud/Money Laundering Scheme

USNS Comfort Departs for Puerto Rico

What the hospital ship USNS Comfort did during the relief effort for Haiti in 2010

$600 billion a year on the military we can't get more than 5000 troops/50 helicopters to Puerto Rico

45 shouldn't have fired Price

SNL debuts tonite

The reviews are in for

People in Puerto Rico were told to register

They said, "Give him a chance!"

what's going to happen on Nov 4th

The Twit tweets: Complete Asshole Edition

Trump: Mayor of San Juan "has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump."

Demonstrators unveil "Stop Killing Us" banner at St. Louis baseball game

How long does John Kelly have to stay to get a good book deal?

Trump attacks nasty San Juan mayor and accuses Puerto Rico workers of being lazy in vicious tweet

Dogs that failed their movie auditions.

Donald Trump has exposed a great flaw in our system of government.

Trump is A VILE SACK OF SHIT. Again Blaming Puerto Rico and the Mayor of San Juan!

Do we have a criminal family in charge of our government?

What is the best link to Puerto Rican relief organization?

Note to Trump: Keep tweeting



The Economy is Doing Very Well, Because it's Still the Obama Economy

Trumps Base Still Thinks He Is Still Doing A Great Job. Just Watch The Next Rally.

Those Racist Puerto Ricans Need To Know Their Place. Getting Too Uppity. GOP OK With Situation.

Trump and his team do a heckuva job in Puerto Rico - The Washington Post Editorial Board

A Beautiful Review Article on the Total Synthesis of Vancomycin.

White House to Cabinet: No private air travel without Kelly's approval

True or False? Trump's base will never change.

If You Havent Slept Well Since November

Think trump will cancel his trip to Puerto Rico?

He is abandoning our fellow US citizens

Trump's Cabinet of Princesses

No Tax cuts for ,,,,,,

The Kremlin Crafted #TakeAKnee Memes for More Than a Year

Ex-HHS head Price delayed rule fining Big Pharma for price gouging before resigning: report

Michigan mom says she could face jail time for not vaccinating her son

Report shows GOP tax plan would help the rich as party struggles for unity

GOP Believes Disasters Are Local Problems. They Want To Send Everything Back To States.

Cult45ers aren't usually funny, especially before I've finished my first cup o' joe,

San Juan Mayor stays above Trump's bullying stinking swamp in her Response to Trump:

UPDATED: Tillerson: U.S. is in direct contact with North Korea over nuclear tests

What was Russia's goal??

Tillerson: U.S. is in direct contact with North Korea over nuclear tests

Meet Don Wright, Trump's Pick to Succeed Tom Price

Looking forward to Joy Reid on MSNBC this morning.

Regarding Trump's tweets to San Juan mayor this morning.

Doug Jones, Alabama Democratic Senate hopeful, wouldn't support 20-week abortion ban

Do you think Trump will punish our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico because the mayor criticized him

The swamp rises around the Trump administration that promised to drain it

Betsy DeVos faces absolutely stunning 'silent' protest at Harvard

Why is the Governor of Puerto Rico tripping over his genitals

The Iran deal is working. Here's how we know. - By John F. Kerry

US citizen convicted in 2009 suicide attack in Afghanistan

Herbert Kalmbach, 'most mysterious figure' in the Watergate scandal, dies at 95

Trump is the amalgamation of all the worst people we can all imagine or have met...

"What Bush did was gross negligence. But what Trump is doing is cold-hearted, racist antagonism"

Curt Schilling Rips Govt. Response to PR: They're 'Afraid Somebody Will Get Blamed'

Ten Most Radioactive Places on Earth Mapped Out [GRAPHIC]

2017 AL US Senate Race -A narrow loss or narrow victory for Doug Jones improves

Remember all those times when President Obama whined when people were not nice to him?

Trump says PR leaders "want everything done for them;" here's what we've seen:

Could the 2017 AL US Senate Race and the 2018 TN US Senate Race be the Macaca race?

Twitter Goes Off on Trump's Puerto Rico Tweets: 'You're Going Straight to Hell'

Are there other countries helping Puerto Rico?

'Get out of your golf course cocoon': NYC lawmaker shreds Trump for 'despicable' attack on San Juan

He's doubling down on Twitter

"American citizens, my ass!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Lin-Manuel Miranda slams Trump for Puerto Rico attacks: 'You're going straight to hell'

Joy Reid has Mayor of San Juan on MSNBC

Trump lashes out at Puerto Rico officials 'They want everything to be done for them'

Global warming speeds up due to Pacific 'flip'

Fun Friday: Your "Alien" EDC Kit hosted by the NRA, oh boy paranoia at its finest

First same-sex marriage in Germany set to take place

Trump to unleash more global arms sales

The Early Bird

Is it true that Moore won with only a 12% turn-out?

This isn't leadership

Biodegradable Hydrogels for Glucose Sensitive Insulin Delivery to Treat Diabetics.

Prayer vs. Human Action

Obama says U.S. relationship with Canada 'not radically changed' under Trump

Trump attacks 'nasty' San Juan mayor and accuses Puerto Rico workers of being lazy in vicious tweet

After Political Failures, Trump Diverts To Race Issues

Let's hope Mueller finds TRUMP too lazy to help HIMSELF

Trump has shown his playbook for a War

When will enough be enough for the Republicans to impeach trump?

People in Puerto Rico are dying as the US news media focuses on the national anthem

Hillary Clinton warns Canadians 'democracy is under attack'

The Real Reason Tom Price Resigned

Nearly Half of Americans Dont Know Puerto Ricans Are Fellow Citizens

Robert Mueller Subpoenas An Associate Of The Man Who Hired Michael Flynn As A Lobbyist

Taking A Knee is a powerful way to protest.

Thanks to Sen. Murkowski

Trump on govt's Sandy response 2012: "No excuse why people don't have electricity or fuel yet."

David Henneberry, unlikely hero who discovered Boston Marathon bomber in his boat, dies at 70

Pattern Of Abuse Of Taxpayer Money By Wealthy Trump Staff

"Miss these guys yet? You betcha."

Right now, I just have one question for tRUMP...

Blacked-out information reveals secret world of drug prices (Canada News)

We need a President like this down in Puerto Rico:

Democracy Now -- Full Interview: Michael Moore

Trump officials delay price-gouging rule for drug companies

GOP - Grifting Old Party. The Entire GOP Is A Party Of Grifters.

A Knight's Tale

Drumpt golfs while Puerto Rico suffers. Nero would be ashamed.

As long as tRUMP is in office, this is how the term POTUS should always be written....

WH official suggested San Juan mayor "too busy doing TV" to visit FEMA command center, help


Universal pharmacare would save Canadians $4.2B a year, parliamentary budget officer says

Finland's First Female President on Women's Rights, Healthcare & Rise of Far Right in Europe

To be clear, this is the mayor of San Juan who he insulted. She's using a bullhorn to find people.

Scarborough to Trump: 'Poor leadership' is golfing while Americans die

The monster has given us a permanent and valuable campaign catchphrase

I'm curious why my article was blocked.

Dems rip Trump for criticizing Puerto Rico official from golf club

Conservatives keep watering down MLKs message for their own agendas

General Defends San Juan Mayor: She's 'Living on a Cot...Hope the President Has a Good Day at Golf'

San Juan mayor: Relief effort not about Trump's 'petty comments'

The New Divas: Maxine, Kamala, Hillary, and the Women of Washington

Top Trump responses to drowning person:

Lin-Manuel Miranda To Trump: Youre Going Straight To Hell For Blasting San Juan Mayor

Revealed: Johnson & Johnson's 'irresponsible' actions over vaginal mesh implant

Do you approve of Donald Trump's handling of the Puerto Rican cleaning and rebuilding effort?

Hillary Clinton Awarded For Work In Human Rights As Trump Threatens to Take Them Away

Cnn showing the devastation in #PuertoRico and knocking Trump for his vile comments right now.

Garbage complains that Puerto Ricans are lazy, won't help themselves,

Meet Carmen Yulin Cruz, Who's Fighting The Trump Administration for Puerto Rico

October Premieres and Returns

Didn't San Juan's Mayor go door to door walking down flooded streets pulling a boat looking ....

After initial Twitter response condemning Trump's attack on mayor, now seeing flood of deplorables

White House press secretary: Trump getting daily updates on Puerto Rico

If the Republicans are willing to let the Trumpshit Show continue

That Awkward Moment when Republicans stop being 'pro-life'

Government jobs sprouting as legal pot looms in California

How many middle class morons will support the GOP "tax cut" give away to billionaires?

Pigs at the Trough

The Mayor is living on a cot

This list should be pinned somewhere on DU:

Anyone surprised??? Republican Tax Cut Would Benefit Wealthy and Corporations Most, Report Finds

No one should be surprised Trump attacked the mayor - she committed

While he shits on golden toilets

Donald Trump is Still Golfing while

Calm down pix - Deer in the woods

What's the average state of discourse in the US right now in the Trump era?

Why isn't Trump rushing to help Puerto Rico's U.S. citizens? Political payback

"So mad I could spit": a former disaster relief official on Trump's response to Puerto Rico

Video shows former Las Vegas police officer shoving woman into car hood

The Mayor vs Dump

Lashing out at San Juans mayor

JOY doing segment on Hefner and civil rights...and YES he was an activist

Time To Start Attacking/Shaming Trump Voters For Who They Are. Screw The Niceties/Civility.

New National album has a song - Turtleneck - based on their response to you know who

Trump Could Be A Two Term President Per Michael Moore On Democracy Now.

Republican "Tax Reform" is Merely Code for More Redistribution of Wealth Upward

Mind-bogglingly bad

'Poor leadership' is golfing while Americans die

When the body count rises in PR

Relief effort not about Trump's 'petty comments'

'Not enough' troops, equipment in Puerto Rico, says... GENERAL IN CHARGE OF RELIEF !!!

Trump's War With PR Mayor Plays To His Base. They Likely Support Doing Nothing.

Criticizing Puerto Rico official from golf club

Why to you think the orange shit gibbon (trump) let Puerto Rico twist in the wind?

Forty ways to oppose "40 Days for Life"


Apathy about Puerto Rico reflected in where hes spending his weekend

"The President lied again today about his..."

List of actions taken by Trump to destroy-#sabotoge the #ACA....

Rev. Barber on GOP factions: The difference is more style than substance (VIDEO)

The Forgotten Hillary Clinton Voter: A Profile Of The Not-So-Silent Majority

Wow. Maria Cardona on CNN just now: Trump needs to shut the F up until he's doing as much as mayor

Taking a Knee...on PINO

Just a reminder.....

I just watched Morgan Freeman playing the POTUS in "Impact" and am convinced he would be a far

Dan Rather's Response to Trump's Tweet Attacking Mayor of San Juan

His Former Commander Exposes Ryan Zinkes Navy SEAL Career and Defective Moral Make-up

Is there anything congressional Democrats can do to mobilize resources for Puerto Rico?

#TrumpRussia: Mueller begins interviewing White House staff

Maybe I've missed something, but...

Cabinet secretaries fleecing taxpayers

LOL #BotFail.

Trump Administration Says Employers Can Fire People For Being Gay

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Tiny Hands

It's all on Mueller. 100%. Trump's going to keep shooting people on 5th Avenue until he stops him.

William LeGate tweets to suggest people call Trump's golf club to demand action

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

So, MEdia Pundies, has he pivoted yet?

I serendipitously came across this guy's facebook page.

Router security

Quote that Dotard has likely never heard

What's more important than Twitter and golf?

Trump's Not Crazy Like A Fox, 'He's Just Crazy'

Great RealTime piece on the Groper's web of connections


Chump has fallen and can't get back up.

Has Congress passed a disaster bill for Puerto Rico?

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Let's listen to and help Trump voter realize Trump is screwing them

Jose Andres‏ Update from PuertoRico --(He is a food angel. Trump sued him.)

Hey Mika

The numbers are in: Trump's tax plan is a bonanza for the rich, not the middle class

Here's where Trump is spending his weekend: And how the San Juan mayor is spending her weekend.


Closed Puerto Rico factories are the sole source of some critical drugs

How many paid shills will Trumpass fly into Puerto Rico?

Bob Cesca: I'll be tracking real estate purchases in Puerto Rico & USVI. Specifically by Trump

Trump would have to crawl upwards a zillion miles just to reach a snake's belly.

I wonder if when Drumpt visits PR the mayor

There He Goes Again: Trump's Demented, Racist Saturday Morning Puerto Rico Tweetstorm - By Joy Reid

bush didn't even say this about Katrina victims, but donald went there

Egypt "hunting down" gays, conducting forced anal exams - Amnesty

Mahna Mahna!

White House: San Juan mayor 'might be too busy doing TV' to meet with Trump

Trump shooed all out from Comey meeting, Priebus poked his head back in through the doorway.

'Ego before country': Dan Rather blasts Trump's 'bumbling Puerto Rico tantrum tweet' storm

AM Joy panel unloads on Trump's lazy Puerto Ricans Smear

The dubious friends of Donald Trump part 3: The billion dollar fraud.

Question about the phone on the Tardis

Trump made the Puerto Rican crisis about himself

Schiff Mocks Price: He Committed 'Unpardonable Sin' Of Not Owning Jet

Spanish Police Close Polling Stations To Stop Voters

Dipshit is trying to blame his PR failings on the media and the Dems

Ichiro wants to play in MLB until he's at least 50. Any chance?

Who is the man with the British accent that is anchoring MSNBC right now?

All those threads about favorite songs from different years made me wonder

He can't stop

Puerto Rico's Exodus Begins with a Trickle Into Orlando

Trump, just has to inject hostilities and hatefulness into every damn thing he does.

Teachers union gets restraining order against O'Keefe video venture

Lin-Manuel Miranda writes a song to Donnie

When Trump goes to Puerto Rico, will the San Juan mayor not be invited?

Anyone want to bet he finds a way to not go to Puerto Rico?

Dallas TX Task Force Recommendations on Confederate Monuments

I agree, Carl, I agree.

Tom Price Seated Between Two Screaming Babies on First-Ever Commercial Flight

Puerto Rico, USA reliability, MAGA...

All of the falsehoods in Ryan Zinkes leaked national monuments report-at least 30 so far........

Teen dies in gun play

Teen dies in gun play

Trumps Demented, Racist Saturday Morning Puerto Rico Tweetstorm (Joy-Ann Reid)

'Hang the Tories' banner on Salford bridge is widely condemned by MPs ahead of Conservative conferen

2000 Rigged Elections - Clinton Curtis' Video Sworn Testimony. Asked by Florida Speaker of the House

Tom Price Seated Between Two Screaming Babies on First-Ever Commercial Flight

Harrowing drone footage shows a neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico, in aftermath of Hurricane Ma

Trump reg czar says administration ahead of schedule

Luckovich: Disrespecting the Flag

Mormon leader reaffirms faith's opposition to gay marriage

Dildon'ts of Bluetooth: Pen test boffins sniff out Berlin's smart butt plugs

August 2016: Trump has some harsh words about what Obama should have done instead of golfing.

Do you think trump will actually go to Puerto Rico?

'Not appropriate,' envoy tells Britain's Boris over Kipling poem in Myanmar

Outbreaks Begin in Puerto Rico While Trump Tweets 'Amazing Job'

95 Minutes Over Jupiter

Irish abortion law: Tens of thousands march for change

Tipping point reached? Start a drumbeat for impeachment / 25th with a statement & memes like ...

Ashes of Texas oceanographer who founded animal rehab center to be carried to sea on turtle's back

Milk Street Cookbook & Magazine

I'm tired of read , hearing , smelling anything trump and I wish

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Korea? - Randy Rainbow

"The man on the left is attacking the woman on the right for lacking leadership."

I've seen lots of discussion about what the Gov't should be doing sbout regulating Facebook,Twitter,

This song goes out to Pumpkin Twitler

I hope the people of Guam are taking note of failure of WH admin

Twitter Photos: Sen. Sanders - Atlanta GA

It's 3:30 here, is it too early to start drinking

'Another Fantastic Week': Tom Prices Celebratory Travelogues

Twitter Photo: Sen. Sanders taking in a little sportsball before heading down to ATL

Gillespie wins key backing after vowing to oppose transgender bathroom bills

Facebook LIVE - Atlanta Rally

Can't get supplies from Fl to PR

If trump goes to Puerto Rico on Tuesday

Ca ne lui arrive jamais de ne pas en rater une ??

Gen. Honore: 'The mayor's living on a cot, and I hope the President has a good day at golf'

How to become a true legend ?

As donny is golfing .....

Mayor of San Juan is wading through sewage, searching for people

Trump talking about a man possibly dying in front of him.

Looks like Kelly or a staffer grabbed of Dotard's phone

Trump picks risky Puerto Rico fight

Can the UN step in?

Elaine Chao's turn

Trump vs. the Mayor of San Juan:

Trump issues stern warning to "the people of Puerto Rico"..."Do not believe the #FakeNews!"

Yes, let's reach out to them

Eric Idle - "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" - STEREO HQ

Keith explains the many scandals that Mueller is investigating.

Justice Gorsuch Under Fire For Trump Hotel Speech

2011 Japan Tsunami Sent a Million Sea Creatures Across Pacific Ocean on Plastic and Other Nonbiodegr

NBA Reminds Players, Coaches Of Rule About Standing During National Anthem

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 30 2017

He can't stop bashing Mayor Cruz

Bank teller competes with upper management.

Nelson Rosario's Dad in Puerto Rico wants him to share one fact.

Another reason why the coward in chief fled to NJ this weekend...

GOP insurgency plans for a civil war in next years midterm elections

As a non Alabama resident-I made a 12 dollar contribution to the Doug Jones US Senate campaign.

For every insult Trump makes to Carmen Cruz, we should contribute to Ted Cruz's defeat.

Trumps Puerto Rico Response Is Rich White Male Arrogant Privilege Defined

The RW is attempting to disparage Mayor Cruz

Last minute Friday meeting

San Juan Puerto Ricos Mayor responds to Trumps offensive tweets (VIDEO)

Hungry donkey tries to eat carrot-coloured McLaren supercar

So, you racist POTUS SOB, worried about Spanish speaking brown folk coming to the USA?

Let's face facts - They want everything to be done for them

This is Trump's 4th tweet today attacking the Mayor of San Juan, others in Puerto Rico.

It, almost certainly, is about to get worse.

Far-right, anti-fascist protesters temporarily shut Quebec border crossing

Hurricane Harvey-Related Diseases Have Increased, Health Officials Warn

Rosario Dawson is awfully quiet. Not a peep. Not a word. Nothing.

The Cruelest Storm: A Statement for Puerto Rico echoing larger sentiment of #PRScholars #PuertoRic

He's too preoccupied

White supremacist summit convenes in Tennessee today

Puerto Rico's idiot president

2020 US Senate Election-If Doug Jones-AL gets elected to the US Senate on December 12, 2017,

Rosie Perez "I Go To Sleep Crying, I Wake Up Angry"

Your weekends consist of stiffing taxpayers for your groteque life of leisure while.....

The more I hate Trump, the more I also hate evangelicals.

How Trumps Business Venture in the Caribbean involved Russian dirty money..

Ok, where are they?

New Jersey doomsday prepper about to lose his house donates all his supplies to Puerto Rico.

Sheriff: Las Vegas police had reasonable suspicion to stop Michael Bennett

Sad and funny:Harvey victim's Halloween display shows dark humor after floods

Trump to the people of Puerto Rico - Trust me, everything is just fine, fantastic even.

RIP, Monty Hall.

Not only is he a dick, he goes out of his way to be a dick.

Trump is America's Abusive Ex-Husband!

Photo: Bernie Chihuahua

2nd challenge filed against generator requirement

Photo: Bernie Sanders having dinner in our restaurant.

Who wants everything done for them?

Which protests are acceptable

Gill v. Whitford, the case that can determine "gerrymendering"

A kid walked into a GameStop wearing a Kaepernick jersey. Two NFL players bought him an Xbox.

What's the matter trumpy wumpy, was the mean old woman Nasty to you?

Puerto Rico: "There's a medical center down here & everyone that was in the ICU, died. Everyone"

PBS: Trump's Puerto Rico visit

He's trying way too hard

Fundy "christians" causing trouble in Oshkosh...

GOP Insurgency Plans for Civil War in 2018 Midterms

And YES, he took a break from his defensive P.R. tweets to demand that NFL players STAND tomorrow.

Your favorite line(s) from Bad Santa?

Anyone have the stat on the frump latino 2016 vote?

Howard Dean on Twitter: Oh Shut Up!

Everyone hates Trumps godawful tax plan except the GOP donor class

"American Odyssey"

Can't argue with's true

Robert Mueller Is Using The Foreign Agents Registration Act To Take Down Trumps Russia Crew

Trump to pivot to deregulation

Tweet from the President: "We're expanding our efforts to help Puerto Rico & the USVI..."

Just got hit with a supernatural wave of complete sadness.

This idiot's just boooorrred, man -

GOP creates illusion of middle-class benefits in tax plan

Our Rabbi took Trump on at Yom Kippur Kol Nidre services last night

P.R. Relief Effort UPDATE: Trump says Luther Strange got a poll bump after he endorsed him.

People are dying today in Puerto Rico as a result of the 2016 elections.

Rockies in the Playoffs!

Dissing the flag

Soledad O'Brien lays smackdown on deplorable

It does make you wonder

Thom Hartmann: The Role Of Political Satire In Progressive Politics (w/Guest Will Durst)

Just walked out of "American Made," a revisionist anti-ClintonPOS

Puerto Rico is Just Like Katrina, Only With Tons More Presidential Golf and Whining

Saturday Night Live season opener tonight with Ryan Gosling and Jay Z

Germany's first same-sex 'I do''s as marriage equality dawns

Chinas New Electric Car Rules Are Amazingly Aggressive