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Archives: September 3, 2017

Jim Bridenstine to Be Nominated by Trump to Lead NASA

Did Trump bring his check to Houston today?

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Woodward Stakes

President Pelosi?

Drumpt interrupts Harvey visit to discuss the size of his hands.

North Korea says it has developed more-advanced hydrogen bomb: KCNA

So now Judaism is highlighted in the violence of AntiFA

Just a nice song from days gone by.

This was Harvey - Radar loop of seven days of the storm showing its path

So happy - just bought Shin Godzilla!!!!

Per CNN.

Obstruction of justice case may be shaping up

Faces hurdles as Congress returns

Just thinking what would the reaction be from the KKK and other

tRUMP's Houston Visit Do-Over

Humor for the day.

Why the Left needs to stop attacking unions

Just got home so did Mrs. High Heels return to Houston or hide in D.C.

From Katrina to Harvey: Honore' reunites with twins saved 12 years ago

NASA Juno Probe Makes 7th Close Flyby of Jupiter

Is that *all* he ever thinks about???!!!

URGENT: San Francisco hospitals calling for volunteers for assistance ASAP

@EPAScottPruitt has severely restricted Employee movement in the agencys headquarters; employees r

Bannons entry into Alabama race adds to Republican headaches

Joel Osteen's church passed around collection plates during a service with Harvey victims

Ah..Monster Movies?...Best Monster Movie (any kind) ever...

What I saw at Big Lots Wednesday...

Revisiting "2001", getting oddysied again

Our president said today about this catostrophic event..

Reporter flew with Coast Guard, responds to Trump's claim that reporters won't fly with Coast Guard

Dictionary definition: "dog" (equals) joie de vivre. That is all.

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 John C Mabee Stakes

Let's Help Poor Donny Move On

GOP senator blasts Trump's '18th-century views of trade'

Blind football player - USC *BIG TIME* football

Cyber experts blocked in push to patch voting systems in 2016; their recommendations still derailed

NBC says this is a pic of flooded chemical plant explosion. Whadda you think?

I think that nurse will regret not filing a lawsuit

*All the President's Men on HBO now.

Ancient Greeks Had Names For Each Types Of Love

Blind football

Pix of Spoonbill in a tree branch in New Zealand

Long List of Top Democrats Have 2020, and Money, on Their Minds

Author George RR Martin has a big open thread on his blog site about....the upcoming NFL season!!!!

We were literally on the helicopter: Journo who flew with Coast Guard owns Trump over anti-press j

I am losing my shit. I need to stay off Twitter and FB before I go nuts and punch

Beaverton Police not searching for grape-munching giraffe

Trump Administration Announces New $20 Bill Design Honoring Harriet Tubmans Owners

Record-breaking US astronaut and crew back on Earth

Two Officers Put on Leave After Utah Nurse Confrontation

Hurricane Irma on the way.

TPM - Josh Marshall re Trump "He Can't Even Fake It"

Now, isn't this the damned truth.

look at the shit the 'president' retweeted....

Vox: Its the citys third 500-year flood in the past three years.

Old Tech: What's the best (free) tool to clone a WinXP HD to SSD ?

Do you see this movie clip as stalking?


Religion is constant part of Elizabeth Warren's life

Back in 2000 with the hanging chad and the uncertainty

Quick update of where we're at right now...

Houston mayor issues mandatory evacuation of west Houston homes

5.6 earthquake, 10km deep, recorded in North Korea...Did they just conduct a Nuclear Test?

Pro-immigrant rally in Austin

No, really. He DID say at the shelter, "Have a good time, everybody." Here is the clip:

Downsizes black college conference

The Fonz: Trump lives on applause

Difficult Choice: If you saw this looming at you, would you...

788,000 DACA youth are awaiting their fate this weekend

North Korea: Tremor detected in sign of possible nuclear test

A Dunce of the Confederacy

Virginia Tech concern over Confederate namesakes

NJ lawmaker unapologetic for Confederate flag post

Fort Mill SC Confederate monument to slaves

Anyone know which liberals have donated to Houston

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders skewered by comedienne Fortune Feimster

N.M. voters rolls purged 85,000 people

N.M. voters rolls purged 85,000 people

The Chemical Industry That Lobbied For Lower Regulations Is Now Poisoning Houston

Follow CNN's Will Ripley for the latest on NK

had to buy a new pc for the hubby

North Korea to make an announcement at 2:30 AM on tonight's nuclear

China detected two earthquakes in NK. The first, an explosion. The second a collapse.

Got my eye on you...

Just saw the dog and pony show the president and his wife put on.

Japan Says Tremors In North Korea Were 10 Times As Powerful As Previous Nuclear Test

So this is his strategy?

N Korea confirmed a nuclear test. Fire and fury?


Trump got his wish, North Korea respects us

Nasa record breaker back on Earth after logging 665 days in space

"Confounds The Science" Trump parody

Putin claims leading development in weaponized AI will soon be the key to world domination

Thousands of Rohingya flee Myanmar amid tales of ethnic cleansing

Firefighters continue battling largest fire in Los Angeles history

Found a relic from the Cold War at a garage sale.

Protecting Earth from an asteroid strike - what can we do?

Henderson: Kid Rock opener at Little Caesars Arena is middle finger to Detroiters

Mexican president says country will not compromise its 'dignity' when dealing with the U.S.

Mexican president says country will not compromise its 'dignity' when dealing with the U.S.

Tropical Storm Lidia leaves seven dead in Mexico's Baja California peninsula

Tropical Storm Lidia leaves seven dead in Mexico's Baja California peninsula

Monitoring agency: Nuclear test had a yield of 120 kilotons, 10x more powerful than previous tests.

If theres a peace party, its very well hidden

If theres a peace party, its very well hidden

Rhode Island ends budget year with $63.9M surplus

Frankfurt residents evacuated after second world war bomb found

Cambodia's strongman PM digs in with arrest of opposition leader

Raimondo, Moffit release details of 2016 tax returns

Al Franken: 'I don't think that this president is equipped to handle the job'

In These Turbulent Times I Am Thankful My Fellow Americans Chose A Stable Helmsman

In case you're wondering what a 120 kiloton blast can do to your hometown.

Murphy Backs Plan For Free College

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Don't Ask Edition

Silver Plan Rates Set To Increase If Federal Subsidies Disappear

Republican Lawmakers, State Election Regulators Spar During Hearing

Democratic Lawmakers Begin Posturing On Budget Vote

The US economy recorded a sharp fall in job creation in August,...................

Malloy Says He's Not Leaving Early Despite Rumors

'I dont know why you wouldnt be scared': Former Vice President Walter Mondale...

Could You Just Imagine? If Obama

One way to cool off

On A Scale Of 0-10 How Confident Are You That President Trump Can Handle The Korean Crisis?

So who is going to be making all those beds, furniture

UPDATED: Trump: North Korea's words, actions 'hostile and dangerous' to US

S. Korea calls for 'strongest possible' response to N. Korea hydrogen bomb test

Obama team's 2020 signals spark chatter among Dems

Trump is provoking N Korea on Twitter right now (and insulting S Korea)

I'm thinking of cooking Cioppino

China's Xi: Only dialogue can extinguish 'flame of war'

The next Kennedy weighs his next move

Food banks fight against food stamp cuts

Prosecutors deny probing Schock's sexuality

Lifting the Veil on Another Batch of Shadowy Trump Appointees

Police: Veterinarian shouted anti-Semitic slurs in drunken tirade

Let's make a deal !

Renown Cartoonist Konopacki Leaves WI; leaves cold confederate state for a warm confederate state...

OK who is helping N. Korea?

The Tick

Trump is banging the "North Korea only understands one thing" war drums on Twitter

We can be "HEREOS"...just for one day. Trump's spell check fails once again.

Songs for Labor Day

Russia condemns N. Korea's latest nuclear test

Trump has changed my world view in a profound way.

"You have a choice Houston, starve to death...or eat vegan."

Despite Trumps Dig, The Media Did Go Into The Winds Of Hurricane Harvey

The IRONY of a "President" who has stiffed legions of workers making a "Labor Day Statement"

GOP/Trump Working At Labeling Protesters Terrorists In Public Eye.

One thing all Americans knew with 100% certainty about Trump's visit to Houston

Trump's 2nd Vist Was Just Plain Show & Bullshit. We Know He Does Not Give A SHIT.

Exclusive: Read the Inauguration Day letter Obama left for Trump

Walter Becker of Steely Dan dead. RIP

'Impeach Trump' Billboard Erected Outside Mar-a-Lago

This is a reporter from the Houston station that was flooded while on air.

EPA says Superfund sites around Houston aren't accessible to its personnel. AP got to seven of them.

Sunday's Doonesbury - The Tweets of Roland Hedley Jr.

I have a bad feeling about the latest with North Korea.

Vultures for Trump...

Questions swirl around El Paso ISD's $1,500-a-day consultant

if all DonnieJohn watches is faux news then we have to change...

Former state Rep. Paul Moreno, 'true servant' of El Paso, dies at 86

Exclusive: Read the Inauguration Day letter Obama left for Trump

Trump NASA Nominee Professional Background: Running The Tulsa Air & Space Museum

San Patricio County leaders say cleanup to Hurricane Harvey could take up to six months

Obama teams 2020 signals spark chatter among Dems

Bay Of Bengal SST 3C Above 3-Decade Avg.; All That Heat Powering Record Nepal & India Flooding

"I am going to come like a servile puppy dog"

Google: Trump and Jong-Un backchannel

Expect Temps Up To 115F In Bay Area, Points Inland- San Jose, Gilroy, Santa Rosa

Friday 9/1 SF Temperature Of 106F Crushes All-Time High By 3F, Record For Date By 16F

Bertrand Russell prophesizes:

TX Subsidized Burning Chemical Plant's Owners W. Millions In Taxpayer $, Fought & Crushed Regulation

Why the hell is Rick Scrotorum

President Shitstain Eliminating Arctic, Climate Special Envoys At State Department

Malcolm Nance is rocking it on AM Joy

Mnuchin says he'll draft new sanctions after North Korea test


New Yorker On President Shitstain's Farcical Texas Fly-By

Dem Rep.: Trump's 'Twitter Shouting Match' On North Korea Is Not 'Helpful'

Omg what a day to see fox news bang the war drums

Do you believe Trump's faux tough guy bluster is helping the situation in Korea?

Trumps Big-Data Gurus Worked On The Kenyan Election, Kenya's Supreme Court annul the elections

We have entered...The Twilight Zone

Caps, beautiful caps !

Why hasn't Trump come up with a demeaning sobriquet for Kim Jong-un ?

Racist Twitter Trolls Pose as Houston Looters

Kids are told they can be anything they want, even president

Ali Velshi just ripped some right wing anti-DACA woman a new one!

"And I'm going to come like a bull in rut!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

I am watch on youtube a video of the flooding in Houston and a lot expensive houses flooded out.

Walter Becker, Steely Dan Co-Founder, Dead at 67

Where are the NRA followers?

Time to play another EXCITING round of "What's In Trump's Box?"

Almost prophetic...

Climate change?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 5: Star of the Month: Jennifer Jones

Conway: Trump will 'unify' country by helping the hurricane victims who didn't vote for him

I would have never thought Trump's macho posturing would fail to intimidate Kim.

Pro-Russian Bots Sharpen Online Attacks for 2018 U.S. Vote

Triple Threat: New Pneumonia Is Drug-Resistant, Deadly And Contagious

So lemme get this straight

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 6: Women Directors, MPTF (Motion Picture and Television Fund)

EPA delayed Obama-era rule on chemical storage after industry objected

Dan Rather regarding the Korean crisis


One of our most vulnerable Senate seats appears to be safe

He's BAAAAAACK: Vicente Fox once again deliciously taunts Dolt 45 on Twitter.

Humor for the Day

Trump The Ineloquent Sociopath

Brazil Junta Sells Country Like Real Estate: Lula

Hooter's "Special" service

Trumps economy is doing (slightly) worse than Obamas

Trump can dodge federal crimes with pardons but not state law

Behind a $13 shirt, a $6-an-hour worker

I've been thinking about something, after seeing another report from Houston...

Trump has absolutely no understanding of Kim or North Korea

Another hurricane is brewing

Get ready for the next round in the battle over the Vietnam War

Labor unions are trying to take back politics in the Midwest

Simple, really. It's about "the deal."

Lawrence Tribe imagines the letter trump would leave next president

A win for majority rule on local finances

Trump drawn by Oguz Gurel, a Turkish cartoonist

We may never see his like again.

In the face of the Texas horror -I have a question for you Republican conservatives

Well...they are white after all

LA TIMES: Sen. Feinstein called for 'patience' with Trump. Now she faces a liberal backlash

Joy Reid panel mocks GOPer's plan to use Assange as a Trump character witness

The only thing I admire about Alex Witt

'Are you on drugs?': Top Trump lawyer Ty Cobb slams 'rabid' press in lengthy response to questions o

So, someone posts a video of a spider dangling from the car door handle,

Outlook for Hurricane Irma -- It could be bad.

Trump is a stupid fool, Obama is smarter than he is and he doesn't know it. Saying

Trump's Response to Whether He Plans to Attack North Korea: 'We'll See'

Lawrence Ferlinghetti: ... Pity the nation whose leaders are liars ...

Ali Velshi trounces conservative for completely bungling Canadian immigration facts

How many think Vladimir Putin is behind the North Korean provocations?

Working Women Read "Women Who Work" by Ivanka Trump

FIRE MAP -- See NW wildfires - 900+ active fires now.

Russian Foreign Ministry spox hints Trump might not finish term, says she doesn't mean impeachment

ABC News: Trump resistance groups look beyond Washington for victories

Here in Europe, we love so much Trump...

'You're going to get millions killed: Internet aghast at Trump's glib 'We'll see' reply about...

An important point about North Korea's Nueclear Test

Trump: US considering 'stopping all trade' with countries doing business with N. Korea

When Texans seek insurance for their restored homes...

Is Trump golfing today?

Well see, Trump says on potentially attacking North Korea over its nuclear test

'I was born in poverty in Appalachia. Hillbilly Elegy doesnt speak for me.'

The Martyring of Colin Kaepernick

UPDATE: Westminster draws Bernie Sanders for prestigious lecture

Twitler likes retweeting jabs at Hil/OBAMA: Can somebody tweet this pic to him, please?

The Troubling Sheriffs Movement That Sheriff Joe Arpaio Supports

What are you reading this week of September 3, 2017?

1961: president says we will go to the moon.

Trump Wants to Re-Militarize the Police. Montana Is Having None of It

11 possible tracks for Irma. 9 are on the east coast. 9/3/17

Trump Threatens Korea After Nuclear Test

To Understand Rising Inequality, Consider the Janitors at Two Top Companies, Then and Now.

Well-Aged: Oldest Traces of Italian Wine Discovered

"The best part is when he puts the box in the CAB of the truck bc he's never done a day of real work

Labor Day 2017. My ex-boss died this morning.

Tweet of they Day, or why S. Korea is in danger with Trump as U.S. president.

Let's Look at all All the Trade Threats Trump has Made this Week

Idiotic Trump supporting Tweet of the Day

The Early Deaths of Appalachians

Halting all trade?

Voter arrested at GOPers town hall for asking how he'd feel if his daughter was abducted by ICE

Public school funding issue far from being settled

Ex-coal executive to lead nation's top mine safety agency

Manchin leads Republican challengers by double-digits in new poll

An excellent guitarist great songwriter: Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker dead at 67

A scene from the Twilight Zone

I was speaking with a lawyer friend of mine

STEELY DAN - Reelin in the Years (1973)

Mnuchin: Debt limit should be tied to Harvey funding

Trump's push to quit South Korea trade pact would mark latest swerve in region on edge

Voter arrested at GOPers town hall for asking how hed feel if his daughter was abducted by ICE

Another WTF??... "Thank you"

Obama warned Trump not to undermine 'international order', new letter reveals

Foreign policy expert: This is no time to lecture South Korea

Pollution levels in Bolivia plummet on nationwide car-free day

Pollution levels in Bolivia plummet on nationwide car-free day

Rikki Don't Lose That Number.. intro and feel was borrowed/stolen from Horace Silver

Mattis becomes Trump clarifier

There's something about gold......

McCain: Despite doubt created by Trump, US still committed to allies

Blues & Rock Ballads

Hidden hopper: Time for a crazy-making game of 'spot the toad'

Hidden hopper: Time for a crazy-making game of 'spot the toad'

Trump threatens to halt China trade

Donald Trump, Facing a Need to Put a Small Nail in the Wall to Hang a Picture,

FEMA tells U.S. states to improve their own disaster relief efforts

Police: Huge WWII-era bomb successfully defused in Frankfurt

is there anything left to say about the orange asshole? We've been on repeat for over 200 days.

Suicide in the Trenches

Texas governor says Harvey damage could climb to $180 billion

Far-right German candidate promises to get rid of Arabic numerals (this is NOT satire)

Utah police reveal patient defended by heroic nurse was a cop

Iran says jailed U.S. student, dual nationals lose spying appeal

Scientists harnessing power from Hawaiis waves

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Prayer Day, eh? Here's mine: Psalm 109:8 King James Version

Tens of Thousands of Idaho Residents Startled by More Than 40 Earthquakes Overnight

How To Piss Off Your republican Friends

Mattis: "we are not looking for the total annihilation of North Korea" (statement by Mattis right

Trump Cabinet member's daughter tells

Proposed Moscow Tower shows Trump dishonest

Did you see the incredible response to Bernie's tweet ?

Donald "Fucking" Trump is about to decide if America's sons

Pick for NASA raises brows

Shouting match with North Korea escalated tensions

Steely Dan's Donald Fagen remembers Walter Becker in thoughtful note

Appeals primarily to dwindling base

Hillary Clinton will be appearing at Riverside Church on Thursday!!

In Texas, Called Out Media and Assured Us His Hands Are Big

Mattis warns of 'massive military response' if North Korea threatens attack

Hymn of the Eastern Orthodox Church

Are you rusty, fellow heathens? Need some assistance praying today?

Mike Pence Broke A Lot Of Laws Lying About Comey's Firing And That's What's Going To Cook His Goose

Lashed out at Kelly amid rising tension in White House

Need help with a word

Two Very Highly Rated Charities for Houston Flood Relief.

Sweden got strange warning from administration

Hidden pockets of turbulent gas fuel stars in far-off galaxies

This is absolutely disgusting!

What is your favorite song by Rick Astley?

Hidden pockets of turbulent gas fuel stars in far-off galaxies

Hidden pockets of turbulent gas fuel stars in far-off galaxies

Irma - latest (GFS) Us and European model tracks - neither good

Toon - Antifa!

Republicans are going to get people killed.

GOP Shariah

Toon - "Here Kitty Kitty"

Chronic complainers who have it made

Wondering why Anarchists are

Jill Stein lies through her teeth about her Putin dinner in Moscow.

Police union boycotts Browns flag ceremony after players' anthem protest

What is the proper etiquette, when one is placing one's order at a fast food establishment....

Video; The GOP on Climate Change during Harvey

REAL Fake News - Conservative News Site Posts Photo of BLM Protest

Eastern Orthodox Hymn

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125

Wrong Forum I know....Buuuttttt!

A Flying Cowboy Rides to Rescue Cattle Stranded in Harveys Floods.

Good news, Twitler's national day of prayer worked!

Natural Disasters on the Rise

Eastern Orthodox Hymns/some in Arabic, Serbian, Slavonic and English

Am I the Only One Who Thinks It's Ominously Significant...

For Labor Day

I have an unwanted superpower.

September Apocalypso

Just made pasta e fagioli. mmmm mmmm mmmm

Eastern Orthodox Hymns. One entitled "God is With Us". Somewhere in here. This one's Greek.

Eastern Orthodox Hymns, cont'd...

Eastern Orthodox Hymns, cont'd...

Funny Parody: Real Fake News - Operetta vs. Trump (They nail KAC too)

Incredible new gift ideas from America's favorite store!

Eastern Orthodox Hymns, cont'd...

Another explosion at the Arkema plant. (Video)

Yet Another Great Protest Sign

Trump GUTTED the advertising/PSA budget for ACA/Obamacare-HELP SPREAD THE WORD-Open Enrollment

Minnesota Finds a Way to Slow Soaring Health Premiums.

Know your Evil Billionaires: Robert Mercer

A Psychology Joke

An Accidentally Creamier, Fluffier Potato Salad

I love odd celebrity back stories/connections. Becker-Fagen's drummer in college was .....

Just as "There are no atheists in a fox hole" it turns out that...

What the hell is wrong with these people, Sunnyside Queens, NY

Tweet Archive Reminds You How tRump Feels About Us Losers and Haters.

Arkema ignites remaining containers at Crosby chemical plant

Of All The Conservatives That Can't Stand tRump

When two disasters saved Earth from a worse one: Pinatubo, Hydrogen Chloride and CFCs

Time to repeal and replace Trump

We Persist

Well, Here's Something I'll Have No Problem Boycotting

Let's Make America Great Again - By Returning to Eisenhower Tax Rates! (w/Guest Ryan Girdusky)

Does Trump have a role in N. Korea's military threats?

Fucking OSTEEN, that pompadoured prick. NO, God did NOT pay Houston a "compliment."

my favorite song

Is ANY form of govenrment workable?

Gov. Jerry Brown declares state of emergency in Los Angeles County as fire continues to rage in Verd

Verdugo mountain fire near LA.

Long List of Democrats Have 2020 on Their Minds

It was a cold winter night in Anchorage.

Nice win Venus

"...this is the greatest statewide heat wave ever recorded in California,WU weather historian

Trump ramblings

After Harvey, the Trump administration reconsiders flood rules it just rolled back

Introducing Verrit: Media for the 65.8 Million

dancing in the kitchen on a Sunday night to the blues. Yes!

........, But People Are Sharing A False Story About About BLM Blocking Relief Efforts

Saw Lady Gaga at Fenway last night.

After North Korea Nuclear Test, Trump Saves Harshest Words for South Korea

Gross. Apparently Milo Yiannopulous Is Speaking At Cal State Fullerton Next Month.