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Archives: September 27, 2017

Republicans To Pay For Massive Tax Cuts For The Rich By Cutting Social Security/Medicare

The news shows keep playing the clips of this orange piece of shit

Trump and former adviser loom large in Alabama Senate race

My friend Alan Howe is running for PA 11. (Wlkes-Barre area)

Somebody is insane

Bob Costas Hopes NFL National Anthem Protesting Will Not Be Confined To One Day

My friend Alan Howe is running for PA 11. (Wlkes-Barre area), he posted this last night

Democrat Taddeo flips FL State Senate seat from red to blue!

Josh Marshall is on Chris Hayes right now...

Tough road for Congress after last-ditch effort on health care fails

Trump speaking of Puerto Rico

Republicans Sadly Admit Their Dream of Keeping Poor People from Living Longer Is Over

Tweet from Charles M. Blow

Senate Republicans Commence Health Care Blame Game

A Big Thank You, America! From The Super Rich

Hillary did not use personal email

Oxford University stabber avoids jail because of her extraordinary potential

Trump fumbles 1st Amendment football

We fed our beagle/basset, Dude, some pumpkin

So...can we talk about things that wont happen now?

How Puerto Rico Is Becoming Trump's Katrina

BREAKING: Democrat Annette Tadeo flips a Florida State Senate seat from Red to Blue.

Did Maggie Haberman have a recent make over?

Beach Boys: "Add Some Music To Your Day"

i'm sorry, but i will say it again- we should be evacuating as many people

Rumor: Bob Corker will be the first Republican Senator to call for Trump's impeachment.

This may be crazy, but---

Saudi Arabia driving ban on women to be lifted

Saudi Arabia driving ban on women to be lifted

Maggie Haberman How dare Nate Silver suggest NYT EMAILS coverage was nothing but perfect

Why I Admire Anthony Weiner

Annette Taddeo victorious in hard-fought SD 40 special election

2018 TN US Senate Race

Black man goes undercover in alt-right: thought-provoking, fascinating new Ted Talk

I am at a loss for words

Trump was more concerned about his pink tie than the suffering in Puerto Rico.

The X files take a knee

In the Era of Trump, Corporations that are Monopolies don't need to do a Damn thing.

2017 AL US Senate Race- Republican Primary Runoff-How does Moore-R do in the General Election?

"Fox News Just Defied Trump, Reported the Truth about Puerto Rico."

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

OMG Twitter to expand TWEET LENGTH to 280 characters. (Don't tell Trump)

Oops - Acting Head of DEA Chuck Rosenberg resigns

Monday Night Football ratings up

Top GOP source tells me to keep an eye on @MarshaBlackburn as a potential Senate candidate since Co

The 'Goldwater Rule' be damned: Experts are discussing Trump's mental state.

The Press was essential in making Katrina, Bush's Katrina

What kind of mattress do you sleep on?

Malawian church to stop referring to Gods ass

Al-SEN: D.C. Republicans concede that Moore wins.

DHS to use social media to monitor immigrants

Politico:"Stand or Kneel" Email that just went out to Trump supporters

Trump to set refugee cap at 45,000

BREAKING: Democrat Kari Lerner flips NH State House seat from red to blue.

Bernie Sanders Just Gave His Best Speech in 2 Years

Moore wins, Trump loses - and so do we

Seth Meyers: Trump Calls for a Boycott of the NFL, Jared Kushner's Private Email Server - Monologue

Is there any hope for the Dem candidate in Alabama ?

Trying to understand the NFL boos: Do "fans" want players to be seen & not heard?

A fox news alert....

US won't waive shipping restrictions for Puerto Rico relief

Sitting at home, drinking an ale, and watching the Nats game when suddenly....

Alabama GOP

Can you say Senatuh Moore?

Two Chicago Cops Took a Knee and will be reprimanded

Roy Moore Defeats Luther Strange in Alabama Senate Race

Moore wins Republican Senate primary, dealing blow to GOP establishment

Very weird experience today

our political system is truly defective when the gop majority

Malaise...Now Orange ShitGibbons is dragging Jamaica into this..

Little Roy, Lyin' Roy, Low-Energy Roy, Rocket Roy. "...a huge blow to Trump..."

Democrats ought to invest in Doug Jones campaign against Roy Moore

Is there such a thing as a 'good' pumpkin ale/beer?

Sweet Jesus. The mayor of an AMERICAN city is on TV begging for the most basic of supplies

Seth Meyers: Hey! Puerto Rico - Larry David Joins the Late Night Writing Staff

Tonight on The Vietnam War

Democrats flip a GOP seat in Florida:

Carmen Yulin Cruz

Prices private-jet travels included visits with colleagues, lunch with son

Jeff Sessions Decries Fragile Egos At Colleges As DOJ Moves To Re-Try Woman Who Laughed At Him

Mass Exodus From Puerto Rico Feared After Hurricane and Debt Crisis

Trump suddenly focuses on Puerto Rico, promises visit, aid

Is it me, or do police unions seem to be the common denominator for a lot of Trump's excesses?

Trump to Propose Sweeping Tax Cut for Corporations and Individuals

Today, in Alabama, we saw that Trump's escaped Godzilla is alive and well.

Trump: U.S. 'Totally Prepared' for 'Devastating' Action Against N. Korea

Saw this plea for help from someone on FB..pilots/planes for hospital evacs


Speculation at the moment. Just speculation regarding Bob Corker.

"In private," Trump "admits he is engaged in culture war on behalf of his white, working-class base"

Breaking: Russian-funded Facebook ads backed Stein, Sanders and Trump

Thom Hartmann: Enough People Couldn't Vote To Give Republicans The Election, Just like they Planned

Saudi king issues decree allowing women to drive - state media

Congrats Annette Taddeo

Trump Wages War Against Protesting Athletes

So Faux/HANNITY are hosting O'REILLY, ain't that negating what his firing was about?

For those here that regularly defend The South

W H O A ! ! !

Irish abortion law: Referendum 'to be held next year'

In short tweet, Trump congratulates Moore on runoff win, gets general election date wrong

Time to spread the horribleness of Roy Moore around and get our Dem in office

U.S. Supreme Court grants stay of execution to Georgia killer

Trump defaulted on his Puerto Rico golf course, leaving the territory a $33 million debt

As I Predicted: NFL Ratings UP This Past Weekend

Trump deletes tweets backing Strange after primary loss

DECs urine vandal is on probation

Sigh....Map of Ala. election results

Statement from the Green Bay Packers players

Alabamans dont care about Roy Moores craziness

Will Humanity Survive the Next 50 Years Of Climate Change?

Vietnam series by Burns and Novick

UK Labour Party shamed by equalities watchdog after raging anti-semitism engulfs the party

State seeks input on women's suffrage centennial 'I voted' stickers

How to Help Puerto Rico: 12 Effective Ways to Donate Money

Dog question............

Pinkville and My Lai are on Vietnam series tonight.

Wanted: Ideas for the state Canal system

10 Basic Facts About Marijuana

My son aced his Latin test!!!

Scientists may have found a way to diagnose CTE in football players while they're still alive

Democratic leaders invite Warriors to the Capitol

Just a reminder--Vote absentee!

The Daily Show: All the Clinton Crimes the Trumps Have Also Committed & Making the NFL Great Again

Why Your Orange Juice Might Be From Brazil: Floridas Trees Are Dying

Why Your Orange Juice Might Be From Brazil: Floridas Trees Are Dying

Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge over Troubled Water (from The Concert in Central Park)

Gay bans and praise for Putin: the world according to Senate hopeful Roy Moore

A 2018 wave is building. But how big will it be?

fifi Rong --SAME ROAD

BREAKING: Opening for bipartisan talks for ACA reform. With thanks to Senators Alexander & Murray.

SAME ROAD --Fifi Rong

Russian 'cannibal couple' may have drugged, killed and eaten as many as 30 people, police say

GOP Tax Cut Raid On Treasury Would Blow $5 Trillion Hole In Federal Budget. Raise Taxes On Poor.

GOP Will Revive ACA Repeal Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again Ad Infinitum

Paul Horner, writer of fake news about 2016 election, found dead

What exactly is the "right way" to protest?

Moore Is The True Religious Government Candidate Ally To Pence.

Moore Will Probably Win. He Will Be A US Senator. By The Grace Of God. Snark.

A Freakishly Large New Species of Rat Has Been Discovered in the Solomon Islands

Saudi Arabia Resists Independent Inquiry on Yemen Atrocities

oh god, here we go...

Bills to Protect Mueller Are Bipartisan, but the Path Forward Is Uncertain

Bills to Protect Mueller Are Bipartisan, but the Path Forward Is Uncertain

Linda Lavin: The First Time I Sang in New York. (It Was a Bar Mitzvah.)


OH GOD, here we go...

As police layoffs loom, Raytown considers declaring Walmart a public nuisance

America was not founded on a flag or anthem.

Boston Universitys CTE Breakthrough Could Forever Change Football

Thank you all for helping to save the ACA!!!!!!

Marvel's 'Black Panther' Footage Screened at Congressional Black Caucus Conference

Pennsylvania Fire Chief "Embarrassed" He Called Mike Tomlin The N-Word On Facebook

Republicans to unveil broad tax cuts, put off tough decisions

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/26/17

'Instant' blood test for heart attacks

How Big Banks Became Our Masters

Origami butterflies with ominous message appear in Seattle parks (Very strange)

US Bombardier ruling: Theresa May 'bitterly disappointed' at Trump administration tariff decision

To Donald J. Trump - Pretend pResident

Fort McMurray fires cause air pollution spike on other side of continent

Rabbi Leads New York's Muslim Day Parade

If you are wondering whatever happened to the COVFEFE Act...

So taking a knee is disrespecting the flag? But, these aren't?

Jon Snow and Ygritte are engaged.

Gen. Michael Hayden: Put me down with Kaepernick

North Korea appears to be having a hard time figuring out Donald Trump.


Gunmen kill 14 at Mexico drug rehabilitation centre

The Comfort won't reach PR for another week

If Trump wants rich people to show some repect

Russia supported secession in Ukraine, but is now against secession-referendum of Kurdistan.

Trump deletes his tweets in support of Luther Strange

How Democrats Can Use Trumps NFL Fumble to Throw the Bums Out

Naomi Klein: Trump's like the fatberg - horrible, noxious, hard to dislodge

Fed. Judge permanently blocks Pence's grotesque abortion restrictions

US won't waive shipping restrictions for Puerto Rico relief

Jamelle Bouie: "Us" Versus "Them"

Trump backs off vow that private sector should help pay for infrastructure package

Hannity and O'Reilly explain how NFL protests are Obama's fault

Famous Fake News Writer Found Dead Near Phoenix

The morning tweet storm has begun.

GOP Anti-Establishment Wing Declares All-Out War

Old Badass Bones

Shocker! NBC Poll on Trump's Approval Rating With Millennials is Absolutely Brutal

Puerto Rico is still a victim of colonial neglect

He is still whining about 60 votes

Alexander Will Resume Bipartisan Health Care Talks

Growing list of conservative demands threatens bipartisan deal on 'dreamers'

roy moore believes in none of america's values.

Portsmouth VA votes to draft a resolution to move Confederate memorial

🐦 Oct 3 at 11AM Facebook LIVE - Bernie Sanders interviews Chuck Collins

Memphis TN sends 2nd letter asking for statue waiver

Requiem for Zeitgeist

Trump, at war with everyone, mocks McCain, McConnell

AZ: could Jefferson Davis Highway become Rose Mofford Highway?

Time for a new pledge of allegiance

Nashville: Ryman Auditorium Removes 'Confederate Gallery' Sign

Rocket Man and Dotard go bonkers in Toontown - By Kathleen Parker

Time for Republicans to accept reality - Washington Post Editorial Board

Well trump has affected me personally

Ten Confederate flag fliers found hanging in four American University buildings

Washington Post: Trump, Puerto Rico is an island and you can't drive trucks in the ocean.

Graham-Cassidy . . . . . a real attempt at repeal or just Kabuki?

How much effort should Democrats put into Alabama Senate race against Roy Moore?

Trump threatens GOP that he will make a healthcare-deal with Democrats instead.

Trump deleted tweets supporting Luther Strange. What do you think he'll try to delete next?

What a retrospective.

What I find so frustrating about the NFL players "taking a knee"

Roy Moore versus Doug Jones: Alabama Senate race will be 'ugly, exciting'

Michigan State Police director busted for Facebook post calling kneeling NFL players anti-American

Michigan State Police director busted for Facebook post calling kneeling NFL players anti-American

Bryant Gumbel: Trump's NFL attacks "energized the social conscience of the modern American athlete"

The Abbie Hoffman of the Right: Donald Trump

Trumps Racist Attack On NFL Players Is A Losing Game - Gene Lyons

Rhoid Moore

The Rude Pundit: Donald Trump: The Unaccountable Man

Donald Trump tweets that he spoke with Cowboys' Jerry Jones about anthem

Donald Trump: Roger Goodell should have suspended Colin Kaepernick for protest during anthem

Trump voters hammer his multiple failures: 'A slogan doesn't cut it for me anymore, he's had 9 month

AT&T's DirecTV Is Giving Trump Supporters Refunds on NFL Package

'A feeble no may mean yes': Indian court overturns rape conviction

Democrats flip two seats in state special elections

Volunteer, Help, Donate to Puerto Rico:

Nothing, nothing. Aid lags in hurricane-torn Puerto Rico

Trump says Republicans have the votes to pass healthcare later

Trump Deletes Strange Tweets:

What happens when two black holes collide? . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity!

Clinton pressed Trump to deploy hospital ship Comfort to Puerto Rico. Now its on the way.

Trump Runs Clinic on Lying with Statistics

Ivanka Trump ALSO Using Private Email for White House Work

Offer Still Stands

"It's really not that complicated." (toon)

Weekend Ratings Jump Undermines Trump Claim That Discreet Pregame Protests Are Destroying the NFL

Trump: WE HAVE THE VOTES FOR TRUMPCARE! Just not this week. SAD! But hey...MAGA.

"It's Time For Reporters" To Label Trump's Words "RACIST".

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 'No doubt' sexism played a role in 2016 election

A law designed to protect American ship-building is limiting aid delivery to Puerto Rico

Sessions: Senate shouldn't have punished Warren over letter she 'persisted' in reading

Looking at the longshot 2018 US Senate Races- Which Democratic nominee has a chance of winning?

George Clooney.......

I have been boycotting the NFL for years

EPA wants "relaxed" guidelines on lead paint.

Trump thinks NFL players are disrespecting the American flag

Watch the smile melt off of Kellyanne Conway's face as Fox News host reads Trump tweet on NFL

Nearly half in US unaware that Puerto Ricans are citizens

Puerto Rico gov: 'Making every effort' to prevent humanitarian disaster

What would LBJ do to pass health care reform?

Puerto Rico - The Forgotten US Territory

Puerto Rico is a desolate, desperate land

Barack Obama: Dropping Malia at college was "like open-heart surgery"

Hartford (CT) Downgraded Further Into Junk Status

Our country is being poisoned to death by its own President.

Puerto Rico Was Denied The Same Shipping Waiver Texas And Florida Got For Hurricane Relief

Why Bob Corkers retirement could shake up the Senate

Cartoon: Where's the 'free speech' Right when you need them?

What The Heck Was Mika Doing This Morning...Calling Out HRC On Puerto Rico

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Forms of Protest

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Storm Aftermath

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - Orange Disgrace

Venezuela Prepares for War With U.S.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - Deform Defeat

Scalias wisdom: Burning the U.S. flag is awful, but lawful

Supreme Court set to hear case that could end partisan gerrymandering

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5 -The rest

Armed Robber Dressed As Coke Bottle

Armed Robber Dressed As Coke Bottle

Newsweek publishes psych experts' opinion of Trump: 'The Most Dangerous Man in the World'

NO BACKBONE. AT&T's DirectTV Is Offering Refunds Over NFL Protests

Raptors players answer the absurd "these athletes are rich why are they complaining" argument:

FDR after Pearl Harbor attack. "Hawaii is an island in the middle of a big ocean."

Trump and Pence quickly embrace extremist candidate who thinks homosexuality should be a crime

Fake news writer who gained notoriety for viral stories in run-up to '16 elections found dead in bed

girl gets her scooter stolen in the middle of the day

Twitter Ridicules Trump For Deleting His Pro-Strange Tweets: 'Someone Is Embarrassed'

Obamacare Repeal Failed, but Some of the Damage Is Already Done

Here in Tennesee we just had a murder conviction based on

Mattis Targeted In Kabul Rocket Attack, Taliban Says

Why everything is upside down and everything is bullshit.

Hahaha: "Trump pissed"

Democrats Not Ready To Impeach Trump Though He Has Done 'Really Terrible Things'

Trump suggests Facebook colluded with media against him

Why does the U.S. have "territories"?

CNN Panel: IRS Records May Be The Missing Piece In Russia Investigation

DHS Wont Extend Oct. 5 Deadline For DACA Status Renewal

Like Magic, Steve Schmidt Makes The Republican Party Disappear

Secret JFK assassination papers to be revealed?

Fort Drum investigates soldier for tweets supporting Kaepernick, communism

Secret JFK assassination papers to be revealed?

What is your opinion of Democrats working with Trump?

Why we are feeling so crappy.

Army investigating West Point grads pro-communist social media posts

The protests have been hijacked by folks with an agenda.

In Al Anon, someone who is also in AA can't be group representative.

the republican party is getting ready to eat itself again over 'tax reform'

Honors student accuses school of sabotaging grades, scholarship applications over religion


And it's only Wednesday

Iraqi Kurds vote in favor of independence as crisis escalates

Bill Peduto, Rich Fitzgerald to skip Penguins' White House visit

GOP tax document reveals plan for massive tax cuts, preserves key deductions

Ron Wyden: I will be live tweeting and fact checking Trump's tax "reform" speech this afternoon.

Bill Peduto, Rich Fitzgerald to skip Penguins' White House visit

First college team I have seen get blowback over kneeling

Oversight panel to investigate Cabinet officials using private planes

Town may require horse diapers for riding on beach

Puerto Ricans still waiting for aid a week after Maria's devastation

No matter how you slice it, U.S. jurist Kennedy key vote in cake case

Harvard and Jared Kushner. WaPo opinion piece.

I cant believe i saw this on tv...

Jared Kushner Voted As a Woman, According to His Registration

The Great American Experiment

Alex Jones Goes Full Racist On NFL Protests

Call me crazy but I think trump will get a way out

Save the Millionaires

Breitbart headline: "Alabama Voter: Steve Bannon and God Spoke to Me ... I Voted for Moore'"

Trump explains why PR hurricane relief is anemic compared to TX and FL

I have a feeling the Madman didn't want to endorse Luther Strange.

And this might be why Repukes are holding on

California has a new state dinosaur

California has a new state dinosaur

Killer-Clown Cold Case Leads to Arrest of Woman at Center of Florida Love Triangle

Killer-Clown Cold Case Leads to Arrest of Woman at Center of Florida Love Triangle

Paramount Reveals First Annihilation Teaser

Cuts prevented by defeating GOP health care bill - $4 trillion

Gregg Popovich: When does "morality and decency kick in" for Trump voters?

DirectTV to Offer Sunday Ticket Refunds to NFL fans with hurt feelings.

Puerto Rico and Trump's racism

Trump infuriated after backing Alabama loser

We have been really treated very, very nicely by the governor and by everybody else, - Dotard

Which Cartoon Character Was Recolored At The Urging Of Cartoon Censors?

Albuquerque police crashes double in 2 years

Albuquerque police crashes double in 2 years

Step-by-Step / Building the U.S.A.

Is anyone familiar with Nathaniel Rateliffe and the Night Sweats?

Lee strengthens to a Category 3 hurricane: NHC

DSCC email about Alabama

Rick Pitino reportedly fired by Louisville in wake of federal corruption case

KO: We Will Not Stand for Trump -The athletes under attack by this president are American patriots.

KO: We Will Not Stand for Trump -The athletes under attack by this president are American patriots.

The racist occupant of the White House

E.W. Jackson Says Athletes Who Kneel During The National Anthem Are Traitors And Should Leave The Co

Russian 'cannibal couple' may have drugged, killed and eaten as many as 30 people: police

LeBron's Tweet Gets 752% More Support Than Trump's

Google Has 19 Browser Games Up for Its 19th Birthday

KO: Trump is Destroying Puerto Rico -This racist disregard for Americans who need help is beyond the

Heres what Trump and Stephen Miller want in exchange for a deal on Dreamers

Schumer: Trump tax plan 'wealth-fare'

Puerto Rico Needs a Massive Airlift Effort

KO:Trump is Destroying Puerto Rico -This racist disregard for Americans who need help is beyond the

FBI tracked 'fake news' believed to be from Russia on Election Day

"Free Speech" (toon)

Rep. Steve Scalise on his road to recovery after being shot

Jemele Hill on doing the right thing

Clinton pressed Trump to deploy hospital ship Comfort to Puerto Rico. Now it's preparing to go.

With the nomination of Roy Moore the Republican party is taking a hard right.

Bill Moyers On Donald Trump, NFL: 'This Is An Alien In The White House' The Last Word MSNBC

Michelle Obama: Women who voted against Clinton voted to silence their own voice

Democrat Doug Jones on Senate race: 'I think we're going to win'

Hillary Clinton: 'Quite Telling' Donald Trump Attacks Black Athletes Not Neo-Nazis All In MSNBC

Russia paid for Facebook ads promoting Jill Stein: Trust me, its not a wasted vote

The 'doubled standard deduction' in the GOP tax plan is a lie

I found my first 280 (tweet):

Pic Of The Moment: What An Incredible Coincidence

Those Fine Details....Student Loans Deductions

No, Dinesh D'Souza, that photo isn't the KKK marching to the Democratic National Convention

Trump Forgets His Wife is Next to Him: "Melania Really Wanted to Be With Us"

Who is Doug Jones, and can he defeat Roy Moore in conservative Alabama?

Trump "embarrassed and pissed" after "low-energy" Luther Strange goes down in flames

Andrew Shepard's Speech From The American President

Dogs Can Be Vaccinated Against Lyme Disease. Humans Cant.

Fox liar, Geraldo Rivera, loses his shit!

Trump bashes Facebook as "anti-Trump".

I'm pretty sure I've identified trump*'s spirit guide

Another Mooslim hater commits murder in Tulsa this time....

WNBA teams link arms, leave floor during national anthem at Game 1 of Finals

......MSNBC REPORTING........

Michelle Obama Drops Some Blunt Truth On Women Who Voted Against Hillary Clinton

Did my "Wednesday Womanly" thing today

Trump: No president has accomplished what he has in 9 months, accuses WaPo & NYT of "collusion"

Report: Rick Pitino out at as Louisville coach

Steve Bannon endorses Scott Wagner (R) for governor of PA.

How the NFL sold patriotism to the U.S. military for millions

donnie humps the flag

Rapper B.o.B Just Started A GoFundMe To Prove The Earth Is Flat

Sometimes a great notion. Question

Orthodox Jewish Men Block People From Watching an In-Flight Movie

Patient at center of Utah nurse's high-profile arrest dies

***GALLUP***Doesn't look like The Race Baiter In Chief's Politics Of Division Is A Winner

Officials: Transgender teens grisly death not a hate crime

Can You believe this freaking Man..

Coach Rick Pitino, athletic director Tom Jurich out at Louisville

Who is in the hospital? (Trump press conference)

Who is the senator in the hospital Trump is talking about?

Trump Right Now Claiming...

How could someone with a "life threatening pet allergy" ever fly?

Trump said the "NFL is in a really bad box"

Trump will be selling old Republican idea: trickle-down job growth......

A 2018 wave is building. But how big will it be? Analysis by Chris Cillizza

Don Lemon: "If you think kneeling was about the

Mystery Senator "in hospital" is Sen Cochran (R-Miss)

UPDATED: Trump on whether he'll fire Price: 'We'll see'


3 days without water; 3 weeks without food

Trump just claimed..He has votes!

National Democrats eye shot at Alabama upset

I'm Confused - Trump Says They Have The Votes For Healthcare.....

Apparently, Dotard Trump Said Some Stuff.

So long, Nigel Farage. America deserves you

Philly Unveils Its 1st Statue of an African American, Civil Rights Activist Octavius Catto

the interactive google doodle today honours google's 19th birthday--fun and games!!

I think Trump has other motivations for wanted to end the filibuster

Corruption is taking our every day freedom away?

This is why Trump won't waive the Jones Act.

Ireland to hold referendum on blasphemy law

Twitter Video: It is particularly obscene for Trump to repeal the estate tax ...

For the sake of arguing with a goofy relative

Kneeling at NFL liturgies its a little strange for a Catholic

the racism of the star-spangled banner

Puerto Rican Debt holders respond to Maria devastation by offering....more debt!

Strong. Arrogant. Incompetent. Great. Americans have choice words for President Trump.

White House is restricting lawmakers from visiting Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, aides say

Osi Umenyiora: 'No Mr Trump, you're disrespecting the flag'

A Muslim Americans Homecoming: Cowboys, Country Music, Chapatis

Conyers Says Congress Must Move on Criminal Justice Reform and Police Accountability Legislation

A breakthrough on removing Confederate Monuments in Georgia?

Hey DUers. I'm back after an extended recess

Since 2013, minorities and Americans without high school diplomas showed greatest gains in wealth...

Want to help Democrats flip another Republican-held seat in 2017? *CLICK HERE NOW*

I just heard yesterday that the big kaunas of coal

The irony

FBI has 1,000 open investigations into violent white supremacy, domestic terrorism

Now What? 5 Looming Challenges For The Affordable Care Act

Bush's response to New Orleans looks benevolent

In My Opinion - The Dems Need To Get In Front Of This Tax Reform Bill From Trump Immediately.....

CNN to host town hall with Nancy Pelosi

Family farms and the estate tax

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: We Are Witnessing The 'Unraveling Of An Informed Democracy' MSNBC

This Terry Gross interview is really really really good...and gives good context to "What Happened"

Ron Perlman Talks President Donald Trump Speech Patterns AM Joy MSNBC

Liar/source of TWITLER's lies ("paid protesters") dead in bed/probable o.d./Maricopa County

Believe It Or Not, Trump Is An Even Bigger Loser Than You Thought

Family farms and the estate tax more recent article

the Jones act was lifted for Texas and Florida....a two week waiver.

Jared Kushner registered to vote as a woman

Have you seen the Trumpy Bear commercial? OMG.

Trump in 2013 saying the President has more important issues to focus on

Mitch's Interruptus

Last night's moonset through the suspension cables of the Brooklyn Bridge

Who are they kidding? The GOP still lacks a tax bill - By Jennifer Rubin

Trumps new tax plan shows how unserious Republicans are about governing

If Cuba had attacked Puerto Rico with 1000 soldiers

The Emergency Broadcast System or EAB on the West Coast

September 27, 2017 - Trump Is Not Fit To Be President, American Voters Say, Quinnipiac University Na

Twitter Video: Dem Rep Al Green To Introduce Impeachment Legislation In House

I could be wrong but the 220% tariff on Bombardier seems insane...

Thinking about renting a room out through AirBnB? Read this:

15-year-old dead, 16-year-old wounded in NYC school stabbing

After pleas for more help, Pentagon sends one-star general to lead Puerto Rico recovery

Number One Sixty Years Ago Today

***Quinnipiac***- Majority of Americans say Trump unfit to be president *

Dems, GOPers Poised For Supreme Court Fight Over Partisan Gerrymandering

head of FEMA just issued a tweet that says the media hasn't been paying attention to PR hurricane

Steven Seagal says anyone who thinks Russia fixed election is stupid

Joy Reid Loses Her Mind In An Attempt To Attack Progressives

Does anyone else feel slightly insane today?

Senator Corrects Trump Comment: 'I'm Not Hospitalized'

Megyn Kelly Today Needs You To Forget How She Built Her Career

Trump eyes executive order on healthcare, vows another vote next year

The Trump doctrine

How Military Outsourcing Turned Toxic

Donald Trump's Approval Rating Dips After NFL Tweets

Atlantic: The Missing Pieces of Medicare For All

Bernie is not even a Democrat, so why is he ripping our party apart?

If Trump is president much longer, we're doomed.

The Lonely Dotard

Had a student (college) ask me today: What language did they speak in ancient Greece?

cats & fleas....suck bigger then

Trump Will Skip FBI Director Ceremony, Amid Bureaus Russia Probe

Betrump - To swindle or to deceive, to cheat somebody.


Carbon found in 3.95bn-year-old rocks is remnant of ancient life researchers

Democratic leaders fight Senate arbitration vote

Sonia Sotomayor's Message of Hope to Puerto Rico: 'You Are Not Alone'

We don't have to choose BETWEEN addressing voter suppression or being more progressive on economics.

Trump has started physically mocking Mitch McConnell and John McCain in private

Caro Emerald - Whatchugot

Is he extra "tan" today?

Ari Velshi (MSNBC) loves talking about tax plans and he is good!

Add This To List Of Donald's Stupid Today!

The speech he is giving now is invite only

Could someone please explain to me..

The NFL, for better or worse, is part of the fabric of American culture

Young quintet at Washington University, St. Louis plays old jazz on a fall evening.

Till Tuesday & Concrete Blonde

The "Death Tax" con job

White nationalism is as much of a threat to U.S. as ISIS, FBI's Open Investigations Show

Stephanie Ruhle refuses to let Tom Reed dodge tax reform question

Sanders Statement on Trump Tax Plan

GOP campaigns took $7.35 million from oligarch linked to Russia.

Reconciliation question doesn't it have to be deficit neutral?


Turning tail & running to the other side?

seems like the dumpster's weird "US hurricane bounce" is over - Gallup's latest graph

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 27, 2017

Kermit on the NFL discussion.

Fellow Hillary supporters - PLEASE don't adopt the behaviors you criticized

Trump's hiring freeze shrank National Weather Service staff before hurricanes hit

Pierce: Im Out of Empathy. Im Out of Pity. Im Out of Patience.

U.S. student held in North Korea died of oxygen starved brain: Ohio coroner

Billy Bush seperating from his wife of nearly 20 years....

Attention Artists: The Obama Foundation Wants You to Apply for Its New Fellowship.

Deplorables Theme Song to USA

Lawmaker: Russian trolls trying to sow discord in NFL kneeling debate

Trump In Full Salesman Mode As He Promises 'Historic Tax Relief'

Elizabeth Warren Is Getting Hillary-ed.

Exclusive: Russians Impersonated Real American Muslims to Stir Chaos on Facebook and Instagram

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-15: Diary Of A Wimpy Trump: Dotard Days Edition

Dems slam GOP tax plan as deficit-buster, risk to Medicare

Is Your Life Worth More Than Airline Profits? (w/Guest Charles Sauer)

United States Troop Ship (USTS) Empire State VI prepares to depart from New York for Puerto Rico

A helpful explanation as to why Sudan was removed from the Travel Ban...

I want a reopening of investigations into three very suspicious attacks on Americans

Naomi Klein's Speech to Labour Conference

Anyone going? From email invitation...

Fugelsang nails it...again.

Don't let that Alabama accent fool ya!

President of the USA is for sale, so what is he doing and for who?

Can the unstable GOP ever finesse the contradictions in their coalition?

All about the Jones Act, an obscure shipping law that's stalling Puerto Rico's recovery

Zealandia: Sunken 8th Continent Reveals Its Buried Secrets

KODX 96.9

Stringbean - "Crazy Vietnam War"

Zinke Seems To Carve Out Exception For Home State On Shrinking Monuments

California moves its presidential primary to March in push for electoral relevance

Your favorite line(s) from Night Shift?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 28 September 2017

Interpol approves Palestinian membership, angering Israel

Trump-Russia investigators close in on sources named in explosive dossier

Paul Horner, key distributor of fake news during 2016 election, dies at 38

More on pre-Chavez Venezuela and some post-Chavez

How Democrats Are Going To Win Red States

Win Butler From Arcade Fire: U.S. vs Canadian Health Care - Sen. Sanders

Win Butler From Arcade Fire: U.S. vs Canadian Health Care - Sen. Sanders

Photo: Sen. Sanders and Human Rights Defender from Palestine, Issa Amro

Will tRump Ever Be Able To *Shore up his base?*

A very very trivial pet peeve

Russian-bought Black Lives Matter ad on Facebook targeted Baltimore and Ferguson

When has BLACK protest EVER been deemed appropriate?

Raise your hand if you have known someone that reminds you of Roger Ailes,

Ireland August, 2017

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle repeatedly nails GOPer's butt to the wall for dodging tax question

Puerto Rico Wind and Solar power systems destroyed by Maria

Tom Price's trips on private planes paid for by taxpayers is now on network news

How past income tax rate cuts on the wealthy affected the economy

Silent Thread How We Hate This Stupid Fucking Man

The Democrats Message on Purposed Tax Cuts:

Moore's Goal More Than Even Pence Represents What The Religious Right Wants For The Country.

Arecibo Observatory 'Still Standing' After Hurricane Maria Ravaged Puerto Rico (LiveScience)

The plague of angry white men: How racism, gun culture & toxic masculinity are poisoning America

This Cat Was Buff: Saber-Toothed Kittens Were Muscly (LiveScience)

My NCAA brackets are filled out early:

Visit to Kent State moved Ken Burns to expand 'Vietnam War' segment on May 4 shootings

This is why asking Trump specific policy questions is so important so people can see he has no clue

Rand Paul is such a sleaze bucket...

Roy Moore may be too much for even Alabama to stomach

In secret memo, Manafort told Trump he'd volunteer his services and already bought a Trump Tower a

Twitter Video: Trump's tax plan is an absolute disaster. Here's why:

More Guns Do Not Stop More Crimes, Evidence Shows

Wow! Gen. Russell Honore just ripped dotard's ass on CNN.

I Think it's Time for a Little Introspective Therapy!

Trump on why they won't lift the Jones Act ( PRico). "Cuz shipping industry threw a tantrum."

The GOP is trapped in its own lies on almost every substantive policy

Would we be better off if kids pledged allegiance to the Constitution

I honestly don't care what positions Alabama Democrat Doug Jones takes on ANYTHING.

John McCain Is Pushing An Idea That Could Be A Huge Help To Puerto Rico

Russian internet trolls are taking Trumps lead by hijacking #TakeAKnee to stoke tensions in the US

Chris Matthews has been talking for much of his show tonight about how the republican party.....

For my fellow Web Designers out's a new episode of "How Clients Think."

Terrorists just tried to assassinate Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in Afghanistan

Will liberals vote 3rd party or stay home in Alabama

Trump Jr. went on Canadian hunting trip without Secret Service protection: report

Kushner registered in New York as a female voter

Exclusive: Russians Impersonated Real American Muslims to Stir Chaos on Facebook and Instagram

Gen. Honore:"SOB is riding around on Air Force One"

What scares me most about Moore: He really believes his own b.s.

Zuckerberg hits back at Trumps claim that Facebook is against him by touting sites get out the v

Jeopardy Regulars - spoiler

Exclusive: Russians Impersonated Real American Muslims to Stir Chaos on Facebook and Instagram

Does anyone remember "My Country Tis of Thee"...

Investment & Retirement Is A Myth For Future American. Tired Of Wall Street Bullshit.