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King Log vs. King Stork Trump vs. Pence?

Jeffrey Wright sums up the Take a Knee controversy

American Horror Story is really going downhill.

happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me

Obama tried to give Zuckerberg a wake-up call over fake news on Facebook

Trump Says His Criticism Of NFL Has Nothing To Do With Race

Dear President Carter

Photos: Sen. Sanders at CNA/NNOC Convention 2017

There's only one reason to say players taking a knee are disrespecting the flag or the anthem:

Alt-right Catholics are getting faith leaders disinvited from speaking at colleges

Trump administration announces new travel ban restrictions...adds Chad

Virginia Woman Recovering from Copperhead Bite at Restaurant

From the NY Post: Donald Trump attacked what makes America great

I finally realized where locking arms came from

Obama tried to give Zuckerberg a wake-up call over fake news on Facebook

Whoa! Double whoa!:

I trust most members of this group were not raptured

GOP health bill in major peril as resistance hardens among key senators

Why is Oprah on "60 Minutes?"

GOP leaders circulating plan that could end as massive tax cut for the wealthy

Dean Heller (R-NV) is also a co-sponsor of the Obamacare Repeal. This means he is toast in 2018.

North Dakota drivers license offices temporarily closing

Trump's Iran decision could shake up North Korea stand-off

Bannon to conservatives: Fear 'corrupt' GOP establishment

Bree Newsome: You Dont Own BlackPeople

Since when is kneeling a sign of disrespect? If anything it's a sign of hyper respect.

Statement from Seahawks wide receiver, Doug Baldwin.

You could pee on the American flag, light it on fire and

New Order Bars Almost All Travel From Seven Countries.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: "Peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy."

Stevie Wonder "Takes A Knee" At The Global Citizen Festival

Just thinking that if the right would have just ignored Kaepernick

My post on my FaceBook "friends" accounts who are angry with players

Watching Burn's Viet Nam. Will I always feel like my heart was

I need a new dishwasher. Any suggestions?

Ken Burns, Vietnam. We are half way through episode 5. My wife and I are at a loss for words.


Just finished tonight's episode of The Vietnam War. 1968.

Trump might have just helped the NFL boost their ratings

Ex-Baylor president: Some women 'willingly' make themselves victims of sexual assault

Milo visited "free speech" Berkeley to DOZENS!

Fueled by Trumps Tweets, Anthem Protests Grow to a Nationwide Rebuke

Prominent names get behind Democrat in race to take on Sen. Burton

A president of all the people would make a prime time address and try to bind the nation's wounds

Federal auditors say US nuclear dump running out of room

Federal auditors say US nuclear dump running out of room

Still planting sunflower seed for sprouts here in Upper Michigan

Grizzly Kills Cattle Near Dupuyer

New version of health-care bill will help Alaska and Maine - home of two holdout senators

New version of health-care bill will help Alaska and Maine - home of two holdout senators

Intolerance Of Racism & Bigotry Is A Violation Of Free Speech. Just Ask White Supremacists.

Just Go Ahead & Pass A Euthanasia Bill For The Sick, Disabled, and Infirm. And Get Over It.

Stuck working retail because I would be under employed in my area of expertise

Defense attorney for Oklahoma City bomber dead at 57

Trump Egging Supporters To Attack Protesters To Silence Them.

Here's one...

**PSA** NFL rules on the flag

Univ. of North Texas faculty express 'shock, dismay and embarrassment' for upcoming Trump Jr. speech

Jesse Ventura Salutes Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest! "I Served My Country So That You

Six Feet Under "Rapture" death

Texas jury rules against Talisman in $100M Eagle Ford fraud case

If you are watching Vietnam by Burns and Novick then you must watch

Has Donald Trump pushed for legislation prohibiting flag burning or other "disrespect" to the flag?

Pro-Russia social media in overdrive to stoke outrage about NFL kneeling

Pittsburgh Steeler And Former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva Stands For Anthem By Himself

nytimes: Is Trump All Talk on North Korea? The Uncertainty Sends a Shiver

I originally supported Sanders but voted enthusiastically for Hillary a month early

Jeffrey Correa nails it

What the stunning success of AfD means for Germany and Europe

Near the end of tonight's NFL game, Michaels began edging into edgy territory, to me

If you haven't had a chance to watch the premiere of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY...

Is anyone watching The Vietnam War series on PBS?. This film is why America should never,

Portuguese children to crowdfund European climate change case

When will the dotard do something for Puerto Rico??

I hope Donald Trump wakes up everyday miserable


Trump plays his base again.

Sunday-Night Wine-Buzz.

Here's the new Graham-Cassidy bill

If you are watching Vietnam on PBS can you name the tunes in 3 notes or less?

Puerto Rico, Trump's Katrina?

How Is Kneeling During The National Anthem More Disrespectful Than This?

Haberman (NYT) gives Kushner a pass on using personal email for gov't business

Want Geniuses? Welcome Immigrants by Frank Bruni at the N.Y. Times

Looking to move to Europe

My family did not use wealth, power and influence so I could avoid the draft 5 times

GOP Health Push Hits More Snags


Aint It Cool News Founder Harry Knowles Accused of Sexual Assault

Question about...

West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Corporate Consolidation (HBO)

Chiefs QB: Why is Trump condemning football players more harshly than white supremacists?

Neither party seems to be "fundraising" on the NFL issue

Anti-Gay Activists Just Got Burned by a Pizza Parlor

How proud are you of the NFL Today

Video: Bernie Sanders urges GetUp members to join global 'resistance'

Bernie Sanders urges GetUp members to join global 'resistance'

Bernie Sanders: Time is ripe for Medicare for all

Bernie Sanders: Time is ripe for Medicare for all

Congress needs to convene an emergency session to question the mental

So, while we watch NFL kneel, Donnie & GrOPers drop another GC bill w/bribes, and new travel ban

The alt-reich fiasco that cost Berkeley $1 million

Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act: comprehensive universal coverage

Japan's PM Shinzo Abe calls snap election

Florida governors office deleted critical emails related to post-hurricane nursing home deaths

AfD leader quits party hours after German election breakthrough

Anti-AfD protests break out in Germany

How one trumpkins justified trumps remarks on the NFL players

Lakes of mercury and human sacrifices after 1,800 years, Teotihuacan reveals its treasures

The civil rights and Vietnam protests changed America.

Chen powers way to gold in return to Salt Lake City

Trump: "So proud of NASCAR and its supporters and fans."

Seven ways the latest Republican health-care effort is impulsive and chaotic

Mark Cuban chimes in on Trump and #TakeTheKnee: 'Don't accept donations from athletes'

Worst band ever ...

Worst band ever ...

Bitter Right-Wingers Dont Like Black Stars Making Millions

Flag memes on Facebook

Junior proves the idiot tweeter doesn't fall far from the tree.

Houston Housing Authority sued by residents of senior apartment building

Two Buddhists fined 15,000 for releasing crustaceans into sea

Puerto Rico's governor calls for greater federal response to Maria

The Streets Are 'Not Safe' -- San Juan Is Forgotten By the U.S.

Poll: Majority disapprove of Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bill

BTRTN: Not Yet Tired of Winning

BTRTN: Not Yet Tired of Winning

Nearly 50,000 flee amid fears of Bali volcanic eruption

What kind of cognitive dissonance exists when a draft dodging asshole tries to lecture the nation

trump doesn't have a clue what the 'knee' protests are about....not a fucking clue

Tom Brady on K&C: 'I certainly disagree with what [Donald Trump] said'

White House stonewalls Capitol Hill over records in Russia probe

"Those kids have every right to protest."

Pilots With Terrorist Ties Are Still Licensed to Fly in U.S.

Countdown to Trump's new nickname for Tom Brady...

Just saw Trump referred to as "Sharp Cheddar Stalin"

Dale Earnhardt Jr

As GOP's repeal bill struggles, Democrats ask whether they gave it life

Trump: Fans who booed kneeling NFL players are demanding 'respect for our flag'

Why is it now that Trump has an issue with the NFL and the players?

Rep. Louie Gohmert Says Arizona Should 'Recall' McCain Over Health Care Vote and Cancer Diagnosis

"I think our (Potard In Chief * ) should concentrate on serious issues like North Korea."

Trump Claims 'Many People Booed' NFL Players Who Knelt For National Anthem

'Do you buy what the president says, that his statements are not about race?' ...of course, not.

After the Potard In Chief's latest shenanigans our party should stand in 100% opposition

Sunday Talk Shows Ignore Catastrophe In Puerto Rico

"He was a fattish but active man of paralyzing stupidity,

Too bad Conald Rump does not have the tiny squared orange mustache.

What Gives This Guy the Right to Lecture Anyone About Respect??!

Trump calling for players to be fired was illegal. Ethics complaint has been filed.

Trump's Shocking Recklessness

Authorities arrest person with guns near White House

someone needs to tell trump that Puerto Rico is an American territory.

Air-Wanking . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald Trump believes that kneeling is only appropriate for having $ex.

Dan Rather comments about Drumpf and NFL

The purpose of "free speech" is to protect the minority...

These Women Are Leading the Resistance in Texas

Is Donald Trump a Potard or Pretard?

Erdogan was nicer to ISIS than he is now to the Kurds.

hey in america, we are free to disrespect anyfuckingthing we like...including you.

Now Its Medicare Under the Knife

Twitter user "Wendy" has the BEST response to Trump's "#StandForOurAnthem" tweet.

McCain Snipes at Trump on 60 Minutes: He's About Business, I'm About 'Duty, Honor, and Country'

During the February 4 2018 Superbowl-both football teams should kneel during the National Anthem.

Forget football, Mr. president, what's going on with

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Orange Dotard

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Racing star Dale Earnhardt Jr. defies NASCAR owners to show solidarity with NFL protesters

Jalan Rose is ripping the Potard In Chief a new face on Mike and Mike (ESPN) now.

Why RepubliKKKans Keep RAMMING ACA Repeal: BILLIONAIRE DONORS (NOT voters)

Big huge football fan but cant watch football anymore because it brings tears to her eyes,

Convo b/w Maggie Habberman & others where she minimizes Kushner's private emails Part 1

How will history judge the NFL players and Trump?

Survey finds strong support for 'dreamers'

The divisiveness is toxic and dangerous.

Bernie Sanders Says He Would Consider Cutting U.S. Military Aid to Israel, Improve Ties With Iran

My US citizen daughter was denied entry to the UK on Saturday.

IMO, it's is odd that football is on the way to the dust bin of history why

Sen. John McCain: Doctors gave me 'poor prognosis' on cancer fight

Edible art: Bakers want Supreme Court to acknowledge there's more to a cake than baking.

Mueller close to figuring out who in Trump campaign not a Russian spy.

Cover of today's NY Post: "KNEE THE PEOPLE"

Trump-allied nonprofit tells supporters: Turn off the NFL

The South loses its mind today

a friend posted on FB

the honesty of republican politicians and heathcare....just a sampling

If Bernie attacks the democrats in any way this evening

NFL Protests vs. Puerto Rico Disaster: Trump Is a Massive Loser

This is what the flag stands for, Mr. President - The Washington Post Editorial Board

Ouch - Tom Brady turns back on Trump amid national anthem protests

Hot, isolated, and running out of supplies, parts of Puerto Rico near desperation

GOP thinks flag protests are a winning issue for them

"It's about race.

Can college players protest???

donnie has *not* called for the firing of nfl players who have: abused dogs, driven drunk,

The Madman is retweeting the image of Pat Tillman this morning.

(UPDATED) Kinda surprised Faux News is even running this positive article ?!?

2:00 CSPAN2 - Senate Finance Cmte hearing Graham/Cassidy

A Football Game Is Not a Patriotic Event

Be proud, America... This is YOUR goddamned president:

NFL whiners vs. confederate statue advocates.

Let's elect it President.

This is the lie tRump wants us to believe

Once again, I experienced zero problems with the TSA.

NFL spokesman NAILS potus

Tom Brady: Potard In Chief 's attacks on NFL players 'just divisive'

Breaking: Bannon "plan to infiltrate Facebook's hiring process" & flood FB with right wing candidate

My country

Bars turning off the NFL

' taking the knee'. Some thoughts

Sadly We Still Have Over 3 More Years Of This Crap Unless Trump Keels Over Or Resigns.

The Daily 202: Why the divider in chief embraces culture wars

From Louis Armstrong to the N.F.L.: Ungrateful as the New Uppity

The Kushner email scandal should be the biggest story

It Is All About Creating Racial Tension & War. Base Wants Brown Et Al People Out Of The Country.

NFL and NBA to Trump: You're a bum - By Jennifer Rubin

Las Cruces, Texas ?

Weiner sentenced to 21 months.

Las Cruces, Texas ?

Police: FBI Data Show Crime, Murder Rates Still at Historic Lows

One Flag, Two Americas.

Escalating tension has experts simulating a new Korean War, and the scenarios are sobering

WAPO: It's not Obamacare anymore. It's our national health-care system.

The Latest: Anthony Weiner must report to prison by Nov. 6

The threat of war grows. North Korea believes Trump has declared war on them.

Well, well, well! trump did it again didn't he?

Weiner gets 21 months!

BREAKING: Former Congressman Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison

The physical and symbolic act of kneeling from an athlete, sports mom, and member of the clergy.

In radio interview, Trump slams McCain, dings McConnell and botches a Senate candidates name

This, explains a lot.

Strange in trouble in Alabama, White House and GOP fear

simulating a new Korean War, and the scenarios are sobering

74% of the NBA is black, 68% of the NFL is black. The dolt is a racist.

'sons of bitches' vs. 'many fine people'

Gotta give Tim credit where credit is due

Trump claims he doesn't know much about 'Ray' Moore

A little humor for the day, you're looking cute, Mr. President.

Lock them up!

Report: Steve Bannon Looked to Plant a Facebook Mole

NASCAR Owners WILL fire flag Protesters

Russia blames US after ISIS killed a russian general in Syria with a mortar-attack.

could there be a miracle in Alabama

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) opposes the revised version of the Cassidy-Graham health-care bill

Why the hell are we divided over race?

We Need to Reckon With the Story What Happened Tells

The wealthy owes you. Break the indoctrination of worth and demand payment

1775 statement from a British writer that sums up Trump...

So tRump calls NFL players "S.O.Bs", but Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville "many nice people"

North Korea's foreign minister: Trump's words are 'clearly a declaration of war'

Twitter Photo - Eric Holder: Taking a knee is not without precedent Mr. President.

How do move a lion from one place to another? So obvious...

So the wall will be invisible and they are get some samples?

GOP lawmaker calls for stripping $400 million from New Orleans Saints to punish players for protests

Twitter Photo: Hundreds of activists already lining hall outside of Graham-Cassidy hearing

Donald Trump Fought the NFL Once Before. He Got Crushed. (9-24-17 Fortune Mag)

Dead on Revival : 'toon about the recurring repeal attempts

Pic Of The Moment: Just In Case It Still Isn't Obvious That The President Is A Racist

Travelers swamp Puerto Rico's main airport; dam on verge of collapse

Trump is now openly inciting violence against expressions of dissent by black football players

Trump pessimistic on ObamaCare repeal: 'That's the end of that'

The Trumpy Bear

Lin-Manuel Miranda to Trump: There will be 'American deaths on your watch' if you wait on PR

Let's think about the October contest --- please vote in the poll and share your thoughts

Graham-Cassidy now guts Obamacare even more

McCain May Have Saved House Republicans A World Of Pain Over Obamacare Repeal

Where did this whole Tweet originate from?

I wonder if the Republicans regret coining the term "Obamacare" for the ACA.

A class act turns 90.

North Korea accuses Trump of declaring war

A sincere message for those that support or supported Trump. You may be accidental racists, because

North Korea says Trump has 'declared war'


A Brief History of Loving or Leaving America

Jewish New Year begins in Wisconsin with swastikas spray-painted on Madison synagogue:

Clueless about major issues

Trump says he groped Melania in public, Ivanka looks down on him, in newly released recordings

all of us here - all decent people, really - have been taking a daily "mental knee" on this idiot

Charles P. Pierce: It's Bigger Than Trump. It's Bigger Than Kaepernick.

Why Restricted Visas From Chad? Experts Puzzled

The only Venezuelan terrorist I ever heard about was the one who

Word business owners use to describe Trump's management style

The flag?

FFS - North Korea asserts a right to shoot down U.S. bombers

Ignored White House aides ahead of U.N. speech

GOP senators to unveil new Dreamers bill

Rusty Lintballs has a big sad-huge.

Says he groped Melania in public, Ivanka looks down on him, in recordings

Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings, friendly fire edition

Will Puerto Rico Turn Out To Be Trump's Nola/Katrina

This was a sign for a Yard Sale in Everson, Pennsylvania this past weekend..

Sad. "Matt Light Ashamed To Be A Patriot After Seeing National Anthem Protests"

Just a few pictures of how long this shit has been going on, mostly to no good outcome.

White House stonewalls Capitol Hill over records in Russia probe

The Sports Arena-& theater Has Always Been A Venue For Protest

Rep. RWNJ (Guess Who?): Recall, replace John McCain over health care vote

TPM Marshall "Trump and the Weaponization of Military Sacrifice (important read)

Charles Barkley on Trump's words in Alabama

Republican health care bill revised to target key votes

The Anacreon Song (c. 1770)

US boosts surveillance amid Russian threats in Syria


Bill Moyers talks to co-author Robert Jay Lifton about the complications of diagnosing the president

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Via Twitter

#FYI -- The NFL Is A PRIVATE EMPLOYER.....That....

How do you think trump would have responded to

John Oliver - NFL Anthem Protest

State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout running for governor

To semi quote a certain US resident.

Huntsman: No question Russia interfered in US election

my neighbor knocked on my door, clutched his chest, and fell to his knees and begged me to call 911

Push to end sulfide mining moratorium in Wisconsin

21 months! that's it

Schtroumpf's First Nine Months In One Cartoon:

if the NFL owners were sincere (1%ers all) then Colin Kaepernick

Fight a bear for your steak?

NFL owners donated big money to Trump

From my local cupcake shop...

The rights new hero Alejandro Villanueva

We got our share of $700 million

Secret Service arrests man with guns near White House on Sunday

Mega game-day parties packed with puking, peeing Nebraska fans have police seeing red

A draft dodger questioning other people's patriotism

Ex-HSBC currency chief's motives debated as U.S. fraud trial starts

Wall St. falls on North Korea warnings, tech selloff

Trump blocks cancer patient on Twitter

Turnout high as Iraqi Kurds defy threats to hold independence vote

To All Those Trump Supporting Right Wingers Who Abhor Political Correctness

'It's like the end of the world' inside San Juan's steaming airport

"In 2017, the cavalry doesn't ride on horses. It rides on wheelchairs."

The NFL is neither a publicly traded company or a government entity.

The VA conducts gruesome experiments on dogs, then kills them. Investigation draws outrage

msnbc showing-saying arrests being made ourside ACA hearing. Activists angry such a small

Target raises minimum hourly wage to $11, pledges $15 by end of 2020

Dangerous Posturing Inside A Strange And Unsurvivable Bubble.

Chaos On Capitol Hill For Healthcare Bill Hearing....

Samantha Bee: Types of acceptable protest...

Push for Gender Equality in Tech? Some Men Say Its Gone Too Far

The civil rights and Vietnam protests changed America. Today, they might be illegal.

The civil rights and Vietnam protests changed America. Today, they might be illegal.

North Dakota's bill rises for oil pipeline protest costs

Hatch just recessed Obamacare repeal hearing so they can arrest protestors

The Supreme Court canceled a hearing on the previous Trump travel ban, asking both parties to file

McConnell had protesters in wheelchairs arrested on live tv Monday.

My neighbor

A Visit to Italian Villages That Inspired the Term Riviera

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Huckabee called Trump President Terp

the huckabee kid is exceptionally surly today....didn't think that was possible

Hoop Earrings and Hate

Shannon Sharpe NFL Protests

As a veteran who fought and died for us, I love the protests

When Community College Is Free

More American citizens live in Puerto Rico than:

** Breaking**NK says Trump declared war

cspan2 is carrying Johnson's ACA hearing-the ONLY hearing for the Repeal bill.

SHS: "I think its always appropriate of the president" to call NFL players sons of bitches

Trump is not going to do anything about Puerto Rico

Solving the Puzzle of Eggplant Parmesan

"Its Gods plan": North Carolina church helped members commit unemployment fraud so they could keep

No cost to taxpayers as county sues opioid manufacturers

The GOP Health Care Bill Is Near Collapse With Rand Paul Still Opposed

The March of the Women (Shoulder to Shoulder)" (one of the first linked arm protests)

When is congress going to get some guts to do something about Trump?

"March of the Women (Shoulder to Shoulder)" (one of the first linked-arm protests)

Texas can implement key provision of sanctuary cities law


When's the last time a U.S. president went to Alabama and called a Black Man a 'son of a bitch'....

"March of the Women (Shoulder to Shoulder)" (one of the first of the linked-arm protests)

I wonder what John Kelly is thinking right now?

Trump Invites Russian National Basketball Team to White House

Suffragette Emily Davison Killed - 100th Anniversary

According to huckabee-sanders at press conference, trump puts flag & anthem over u.s. constitution.

Suffragette Emily Davison Killed - 100th Anniversary

One mans take on the atheletes protesting

America Has Never Truly Atoned For Slavery. John Conyers Has Pressed the Issue for Nearly 30 Years.

Roy Moores secret, powerful constituency

GOP facing likely failure on ObamaCare repeal

Michael Jordan releases statements about Trump's comments

Heres a visual guide of some world leaders who insisted their own people should be punished for...

I have never in my lifetime seen such chaos of a President...

Guinness: The Cowboys of Compton

Prince Harry goes public with his bi-racial GF..First public event..

Who chose Sanders and Klobuchar for the debate tonight?

Poll reveals Americans' attitudes on GOP health care bill

Yellow Aphids!!!

Trump associates to talk to House panel in Russia probe

Do republicans really think that with their version of 'healthcare', premiums will NOT go up?

The GOP can't quit Obamacare repeal because of their donors

what a surprise - Cassidy didn't mention Jimmy Kimmel once in his

Trump praises NASCAR -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. responds

Aaron Judge Sets MLB Record With 2 Homers - His 50 Homers A Rookie Record

Millions Of Lives Are On The Line

Pierce: It's Bigger Than Trump. It's Bigger Than Kaepernick.

The US currently has 8 Wasp-class and 2 America-class amphibious assault carriers on active duty

Jimmy Kimmel's wife Molly McNearney shuts down Twitter trolls:

Leland Melvin, fmr. astronaut and NFL player, to Trump: "You are supposed to be a unifier..."

Im sitting in my living room waiting for my neighbor to die....

Margaret and Helen: You know whats really dispectful to the American flag? A Confederate flag.#Ta

Trump is so stupid that he might try to curtail travel

Velcro lawyers take their brand "seriously"

Protests break out at Senate health care hearing

Ivanka Trump conducted government business using personal email account

Report: Washington hospitals stingy with charity care, with language barrier an issue

Target to raise minimum wage to $11 per hour, $15 by 2020

Trump went after the athletes to distract from Jarods emails.

LeBron James: Trump is trying to use sports to divide us

LOCK HER UP: Ivanka Trump used a personal email account to conduct govt biz..

Alex Jones: Candy-Ass White Globalists Are Using NFL Protests To Make America Racist

Ignoring Puerto Rico

All five living former presidents are raising money for Puerto Rico

Does Donald Trump Believe Black Lives Matter ?

Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Rico now. Th

Oversight Dem investigating Kushner's use of private email account

CALL 202-224-3121!! tell your Senators vote NO on #Grahamcassidy #SaveACA 🚨🚨☎️📞☎️📞☎️📞☎️📞☎?

SO...has Fox News started calling the NFL a Gay Muslim Communist conspiracy yet?

No, you crawl, asshole. (Twitter time-outs)

The cancer patient Trump blocked on Twitter last week will join Ari Melber on MSNBC at 6 ET.

David Attenborough on the scourge of the oceans

NFL Players Protesting The Flag

Alabama's Roy Moore would be the most extreme senator - with huge consequences for Congress

Ivan(ka) also uses private email for gov biz

Almost no North Koreans travel to the U.S., so why ban them?

Experts Wrote a Book About Donald Trumps Mental Health and the Controversy Has Just Begun

So are both Liberals and Conservatives boycotting the NFL now?


Target gave a raise, Here is what 19 other major retailers pay: CNBC

Trump in 2013: POTUS not be telling Redskins to change name-our country has far bigger problems

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 25, 2017

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity." -MLK

Atheist experience for 9/24/2017 or shorter one from super bowl Sunday

Trump Jr "liked a tweet featuring a pair of scissors, two peanuts and a clown's face in makeup"

Can someone fly a load of tiki torches and LoserFlags to Puerto Rico?

Kid Rock trails U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow by 18 points in new poll

Interesting fact I found today

The wrong president to claim the high ground on patriotism

5 Deferment Drumpt disparages a kneeling protest after he attacked

Disabled Protesters Halt Health Care Committee Hearing

Emmett Mueller and Ernie Koy

Houston mayor: state should tap Rainy Day Fund for Harvey recovery

If you could play one character in a movie who would it be?

60,000 year old Ancient Underwater Forest off Alabama Coast

Iran is pissed, Puerto Rico's in ruins, North Korea's on the brink of war with us, so for Gods sake

Before Cameras are banned again, images from the healthcare repeal protest today

Toon -Practice what you preach, Trump

Buenos Aires students and scientists stage sit-ins to protest unpaid internships, cutbacks

Buenos Aires students and scientists stage sit-ins to protest unpaid internships, cutbacks

Russian operatives used Facebook ads to exploit divisions over black political activism and Muslims

So NASCAR tells it members that they are not American citizens and may not exercise their rights

Organizations that support vs oppose the Graham-Cassidy atrocity

Kasich is as big of a shit as our Gov Walker..except he pretends folksy charm.....

How is racism alive and well in 2017? It is all about the money? WHAT?

Have a question about the federal gift tax.

Investigator on Trump/Russia: "If you'd seen what I had seen you'd want me to go full throttle"

Hatch: "If you want a hearing, you better SHUT UP." Meanwhile, Grassley chuckles at protesters.

We Know a Lot About What Robert Mueller Is Doing. We Also Know Nothing at All.

"First U.S. president to systematically and willfully terrorize his own populace daily"

Donald Trump, White Supremacy, and the Discourse of Panic

Jeff Weaver on Trumpcare: People in this country are gonna die (VIDEO)

Russian operatives used Facebook ads to exploit divisions over black political activism and Muslims

Was the Iranian Ballistic Missile Test a Fake? From The Hill:

We Will Not Stand for Trump The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

Op-Ed Will the Supreme Court strike down extreme partisan gerrymandering?

Trump Genocide? Puerto Rico:"No drinking water. No food. No medicine. No dialysis. No insulin...

The Rude One: " Maria would be Trump's Katrina, except very few people seem to give a damn."

I was sitting in my garden on this 90 degree September day, watching the butterflies visiting

Asking conservatives to explain how kneeling for a flag is disrespectful is about as futile as....

Marriage equality support rebounds and yes side leads in voting - Guardian Essential poll

Puerto Rico needs help now! If Trump won't act then Congress needs to.

Shannon Sharpe: Thoughts On Protests About Injustice/Inequality

On Jared Kushner's emails, the real problem is the media's hypocrisy

Protest are always unpopular

Democrats Are Coming For Jared Kushner As Investigation Launched Into His Use Of Private Email

35 Photos from Puerto Rico

Air traffic slowly returns to Puerto Rico, but dire conditions continue after Maria

So let me get this straight, an employer can FORCE you to be subjected to the National

Those Were The Days 🍷🍷

Gregg Popovich says the US has become 'an embarrassment to the world' in speech slamming Trump and w

Chelsea Manning says she has been barred from entering Canada

What is Chris Hayes thinking? He's having HRC on opposite the season premier of the Big Bang Theory.

How Reagan, W Bush, and Trump destroyed this country

BREAKING: Susan Collins to vote no. n/t

Collins is a NO

BREAKING.... Susan Collins is a NO vote on Graham- Cassidy

Sen. Collins a "NO" on GOP Health Care Bill

Be Kind To Yourselves And Others. It Is Going To Be AREALLY Stressful Week For America.

Every white Republican on Facebook has found the one black person in the country on their side

Report: Russian Facebook ads sought to stress racial divisions

U.S. appeals court allows part of Texas law targeting 'sanctuary cities'

Two men

BREAKING NEWS: Congressional Budget Office says new GOP bill repealing Obama health law would reduce

Voters Can Be Purged If Miss Even One Off Off Year Election.

Does anyone remember all the complaining about the Louisiana Purchase? The Cornhusker Kickback?

House of Representatives to vote on FAA extension, hurricane tax relief


Patterson, New Jersey mayor resigns after admitting corruption charge

The CBO Just Crushed What Little Hope Republicans Had Left For Repealing Obamacare

Susan Collins is officially voting NO on Trumpcare bill after seeing CBO estimates. CNN n/t

Time to take a break from here

Opinion: Upset About NFL Players Protest? You Cant See The Forest For The Trees

Senate Republicans admit defeat on health bill as Collins declares her opposition

Chelsea Manning says she was denied entry to Canada

CBO finds 'millions' will lose coverage from repeal bill

A question that I'd like to see asked of the anti-protest folks

Susan Collins (R-ME) is a no vote on Trumpcare after CBO Report

Steelers player: I 'unintentionally' made my team look bad by appearing for anthem

CEOs, hedge fund managers, and bankers are allowed to use $$$ and their voices in politics.

Protests erupt ahead of Graham-Cassidy health care hearing

Cassidy: If We Can't Win Over Susan Collins, My Repeal Bill Is Dead

It Isnt Your Imagination. America Really Does Despise The Republican Party.

San Antonio Spurs Coach Greg Popovich called out Richard Petty & NASCAR:

John McCain Thinks Trump More Interested in Making Money Than Serving Country

Take a bear in a sidecar for a ride in traffic?

Kushner's Private E-mail Used For White House Business

So I'm assuming Trump is about to send the FBI in to arrest and jail GWB.

White House: Absurd To Say We're At War With North Korea

A Walk Through Dominica, Hours After Hurricane Maria

Timeline Of Accusations Of Russian Medd

When Roy Moore wins tomorrow, some folks here will complain that DNC not making an effort to win

The amusing thing about NASCAR and "patriotism"

North Korea says Trump declared war--- Los Angeles Times

White House: There's 'Very Limited' Use Of Private Email By Trump Administration

On health care, let's do the impossible

I'm glad Susan Collins is doing the right thing. I STILL hope she's replaced by a Dem in 2020.

Hurricane Harvey's leftover mould poses danger-- Al Jazeera English

Japan's prime minister calls snap elections

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Senate Obamacare Repeal Hearing Overwhelmed by Protests

NASA Honors Famed African American Mathematician Katherine Johnson NBC BLK NBC News

just for the record - a broken record - fuck you, trump. and...lock them ALL up.

ESA releases film of Aurora Borealis shot from ISS

Hillary Clinton will be appearing on "All In with Chris Hayes" at 8 PM tonight!

Trump Is Ignoring Puerto Rico's Suffering

Trying to Save the Corals of the Great Barrier Reef in 360

I don't ever want this lady to go away...

Do you give a shit that John Kelly agrees with Donald Trump ?

Thank you, Susan Collins, for saving the ACA

Isn't tonight the Bernie healthcare debate?

Pets You Should NEVER Release In The Wild!

As I read my Facebook page, I'm astonished by all the things ...

So, is the bill officially killed?

COBRA & Medicare

Senate Republicans admit defeat on health care bill as Collins declares her opposition

Dark Side of Indonesia's new tourism hotspot Part1/Part2

Star Trek Discovery

What is your opinion of Senator Collins?

on the one hand, i'm obviously thrill that aca repeal is dead. on the other hand, i'm really pissed

U.S. appeals court agrees that University of Cincinnati can't suspend student accused of sex assault

How the Republicans win by losing?

My "WTF?" of the day, "That ain't Hillary!"

We are at war with North Korea

Five Days and Fifty Tweets Ago.....

Is there any need for tonight's debate?

The man who had people worried about a Sept. 23 apocalypse is peddling a new doomsday date

Gowdy joins Democrats in probing Trump administration's use of personal email

Gowdy joins Democrats in probing Trump administration's use of personal email

I would like to thank all of the Senate *Democrats* who have held strong in this battle over the ACA

Suddenly, Trump wants to spend millions of dollars on STEM in public schools

Sounds like a dystopian situation in Puerto Rico.

Would Lamar Alexander (R) TN vote for the Graham/Cassidy bill?

Text RESIST to 50409 and thank your Senator

So is the debate off tonight?

Puerto Ricos Agriculture and Farmers Decimated by Maria

It's not the flag or the country

A lighthearted break. Maybe.

Maybe if some football players flew over to Puerto Rico and started kneeling...

What if McCain and Collins and the other "moderate Republicans" are really acting for McConnell?

Sen Joe Manchin (D)on CNN: I would stand, its blown out of propotions, players on a contract

The Lamps are Going Out in Asia