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Florida Gov. Scotts office deleted all 4 calls for help from nursing home where 11 died after Irma

5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time, and

Interesting body language contrast with First Ladies and Prince Harry

Governor signals possible veto of disability-pensions bill

Exclusive: Trump, GOP to cut top rate to 35 percent

Domestic-abusers lose gun rights, private-sector workers get paid sick leave

Mexicans Pause in the Street to Greet IDF Soldiers Who Left Rosh Hashanah Behind to Aid Earthquake R

Who is this grinning asshole Jack Kingston on MSNBC who...

Sheila Jackson Lee just nailed Trump

Sanders health plan is 50-56 plans: for each state, territory. Lower efficiency and productivity

Jury awards $40 million to North Providence man in malpractice suit against R.I. Hospital

Sessions: Some undocumented minors are 'wolves in sheep clothing'

Which is the worst?

Sessions: Some undocumented minors are 'wolves in sheep clothing'

Mexicans Pause in the Street to Greet IDF Soldiers Who Left Rosh Hashanah Behind to Aid Earthquake R

Marc Lamont Hill just said on CNN that this whole anti player free speech

🐦 Sept 30 3PM - Sen. Sanders - Saint Philips AME Church - Atlanta Rally for Sen. Vincent Fort

LeBron James tweet calling Trump a bum already has over 1 million likes & half a million retweets

HRC was interviewed live on C-SPAN Monday night ...

KC Star columnist: Trump's NFL tirade shows the nation who he really is: A white supremacist

Governor Continues Campaign Against Republican Budget

Is there a hidden agenda behind today's Trump Tweets?

Trump has taught me that I can despise someone more than I despise Dick Cheney!!

dictator don's latest tweet on the NFL.....ASSHOLE extraordinaire

Seattle Seahawks' Doug Baldwin on "dehumanized" and "ignorant" Trump's "hate and negativity"

Facebook's Ad Scandal Isn't a 'Fail,' It's a Feature

It's obvious what the Dotard In Chief is doing.

San Francisco 49ers CEO: Trump comments 'contrary' to what US stands for

Rerun of Dave Chappelle hosting SNL tonight

I proudly stand for the National Anthem...

The US Flag Code - A Handy Guide to Its Mysteries for Conservatives

Tweet From The Miami Dolphins

I never thought I could learn more about the Vietnam war until the PBS documentary

"If a player wants the privilege ...

Connecticut Supreme Court to hear landmark education case

Apparently there is a moth in the kitchen...2 1/2 intent cats

Is The Dotard in Chief our most racist president of the modern era ?

Stanley Rother, Oklahoma-born priest killed during Guatemala's civil war, is set to be beatified

Stanley Rother, Oklahoma-born priest killed during Guatemala's civil war, is set to be beatified

Question???.."Will tomorrow be a day of. "kneeling" in the NFL?

Chicago Bulls player: Soon Trump won't be able to visit the White House either

Y'know, for people so incensed about stuff "rammed down their throat"...

The epitome of disrespect for the American flag

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Malloy: GOP Health Care Bill Costs Connecticut Nearly $7 Billion Through 2026

45 manipulating what people are focused on by insulting sports stars

Here are some nice songs, along with a slide show created by Jeffersons Ghost, long ago

Patriots "release" statement

The Only Sport Left For Donald Dotard Is NASCAR...

Straus draws an opponent in bid for 6th term as House speaker

Steph Curry responds with class

At a local grocery store (Albertson's) WTF??

My sister gave me a treasure today...

DPS identifies 2 arrested at anti-fascism protest at Capitol

A's Bruce Maxwell first MLB player to kneel for anthem

Were on the verge of learning who assassinated JFK

Jim Harbaugh tells Donald Trump 'check the Constitution' after NFL protest comments

Beto O'Rourke doesn't want Nancy Pelosi to stump for him for Senate

Dotard in Chief just dissed McCain. How long do you think he would have lasted in the Hanoi Hilton

Sat. Nite Cuteness Overload - Kitten Tucked in for his Nap

First baseball player taking a knee during anthem

Set your DVR, vhs recorder, betamax

Take a Knee

Trump and Natural Disasters: He himself is one!

Courage on the battlefield speaks for itself.

Trump fallout: Bucs' DeSean Jackson to make 'statement' Sunday

didn't tinyparts have some dissagreement with the NFL a few years ago?

Every NFL owner is a one percenter.

When does the country get fed up with things?

Dump is making the NFL great again....

Giants owners call Dotard in Chief's comments inappropriate, offensive and divisive

Admirable humans among us: BOURDAIN, Joy REID, Rachel ... (add on... )

well, as rapture days go, this one wasn't all that.

Who still smokes cigarettes? I've been doing great trying to quit...but this week

Listen - I need to revise my numbers for tomorrow.

Falcons' owner Arthur Blank Tells Potard in Chief NFL has been a strong catalyst for change

Actual disrespect of the flag

Fmr. Astronaut and NFL player Leland Melvin"s open letter to 45....must read!

World Champions Golden State Warriors Respond To Dotard In Chief


Seahawks' Sherman, Bennett respond to Trump's rants against NFL player protests

A commercial led me to this song, yes commercial. Sia, "Chandelier"

How long before Trump advocates breaking the buck ?

Stevie Wonder taking a knee

Because if there's anyone who should be telling a pro football league how to run its business....

I Really Liked Trump, Kinda Sad About His Racism...

Trump versus Trump example 12,453

An MLB first!

"Trump just made his race problem so much worse"

Twin Peaks expenses mounting

Give it up, one last time, for Mr. Charles Bradley

Doug Stanhope on nationalism

Trump's madness continues - new tweet (about 11:08 pm Eastern time).

Clean Elections Minnesota

Will Fox Sports Even Show The Kneelers Protests Tomorrow...

There is a "method" to Trump's madness. He's trying to distract attention away from something.

The GOP is working 24/7 to kill the ACA and millions of Americans.

Right-wing firebrand plans to hold rally at UC Berkeley

Stanhope On... Why Atheists Have Better Morals

Man so furious that woman parked outside his house he wrapped her car in cling film.

Trump calling nfl players Son of a B***

Hey Mensh and Taylor

Congregation Set to Unveil Torah Transcribed by Woman

So, the potus just started a twitter war with the nba?

Imagine if the majority of the crowd

Please God make it stop.

Ontario signs agreement to join Quebec, California on carbon cap-and-trade

SNL (rerun) cold open with Kate McKinnon doing Halleluia as HRC . . . . .

The Worlds Largest Book Club

It is telling to me that conservatives and the far right equate the National Anthem and the flag

CNN and Jake Tapper on Monday will have an ACA discussion/town hall.

Psychic Cringe Fails

So would I

Special Session promising to be more of same BS from Republican majority

Trump's Madness: A Question.

As we used to say in college fifty years ago:

This health bill that the GOP keeps bringing up, is like acid reflex! When it comes up.....

49ers York: Dotard In Chiefs comments callous and offensive

Agreeing with David Gergen?

Racism vs, misogyny

I've been told that if the ACA is not overturned by Sept 30

Trump - There's nothing to be afraid of for Halloween...

'Warriors should go to Obama's house'

So now we listen to David Gergen?

Obama responds to Trump...

The inability to understand science and math does not invalidate it.

North Carolina mens basketball team announces they will not go to White House

First Dotard, now President Evil

I have lost count of how many times she was right

We need to get back to calling him President Grab Em By The Pussy

I wonder tomorrow, will the fans leave?

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin vows to veto any proposal to cut agency budgets

Deep challenges for Trump from North Korea to the home front (POLL)

Maybe if the NFL combined the ACA Repeal with their media exposure

I'd rather be a 'son of a bitch' than one of those 'very fine people' any day ...

Oklahoma Democrats eyeing statewide vote to raise oil, gas tax rate

Mounds police chief says he will stop posting religious messages on department's Facebook page

Seahawks President Peter McLoughlin response to Trump

Help Puerto Rico.

Plastic-degrading fungus found in Pakistan rubbish dump

'I need to be disturbed': Sex assaults around campus prompt Tulsa U president to 'make things right'

Criticality safety event occurred at LANLs plutonium facility

Fired Tulsa banker committed fraud to pay his bookie nearly $200,000, feds say

Indicted ex-senator sought sexual contact from young males through Craigslist, FBI says

Considered Bumper Sticker - "Save The Planet - Get Fixed". But Realized ---------

The republicans need to look up the phrase "beating a dead horse".

I never thought that I was intelligent enough to be President of the United States.

Shit like this will take 100 years to fix.

Hillary Clinton on guns in What Happened - Hitting Sanders hard on his pro NRA voting

Biden rips Trump over race in South Carolina return - another old male politician.

Trump under fire for plans to scrap Obama-era restrictions on drone strikes

North Korea triggers 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics security scare

MLK Moving Final Speech - Right to Protest

Just a reminder, Trump owned a pro football team and it went bankrupt

Affidavit: Ex-mayor and former Enid bank officer took out $265K in loans in another man's name

Spokeswoman: Bob Dole Hospitalized for Low Blood Pressure

KU unveils $350M campaign to renovate Memorial Stadium, other facilities

The Hare PCL:SV Psychopathy Checklist: Trump Screening 32 of 40 points (in March)

Ouster petition aimed at Kansas Democratic Party official exposes raw internal conflicts

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Sheep Number Edition

Former Kansas commerce secretary Soave embroiled in lawsuit claiming financial misconduct

Something that has been said over and over again is that

Stevie Wonder Kneels in Solidarity With NFL Players at New York Concert

Trump tweeting again - NFL attendance and ratings are WAY DOWN. Boring games yes,

Fox news is more sickening than EVER today

Trump demands NFL teams 'fire or suspend' players or risk fan boycott

The MSNBC crew letting their hair down (video tweet):

Poll: Far more trust generals than Trump on N. Korea, while two-thirds oppose preemptive strike

'president' is up & tweeting....

Right-Wing 'Free Speech' Weeks Are Just Free Publicity For Milo Yiannopoulos

Republicans continue Obamacare repeal work despite opposition

The Racial Demagoguery of Trump's Assaults on Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry

Why Murkowski's Vote Probably Can't Be Bought

Biden rips Trump over race in South Carolina return

Do you believe Trump will start a movement to repeal the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments ?

Warriors coach: 'Far-fetched' to expect civil discourse with Trump

Former top CIA official: US 'running out of options' on NK

I thought this was an interesting read: The New US Sanctions: Moving From Sanctions to Economic War

Trump call the mother of an NFL player a bitсh who never even said a word in public, he then ...

Joe Biden's Platform for 2020: Anti-Populism

text RESIST to 50409 to send ( so far unlimited) faxes to your...

Aid begins to flow to hurricane-hit Puerto Rico

In the Wake of Trumps NFL Tweets, Stevie Wonder Took a Knee Before Performing

Is The Potard In Chief A Racial Arsonist ?

Fake Tea Party Twitter account linked to Russia and followed by Gorka

I'm wondering if we have a bobcat around

If the Potard In Chief was a cop on the beat do you think he would accord black people respect?

Manafort role in 2006 attack on US Marines in Ukraine examined

Mr. Trump Squanders the World's Trust - By the NYT Editorial Board

how many of u remember this?

A Chinese Robot Has Performed the World's First Automated Dental Implant

Will Mark Zuckerberg 'Like' This Column? - Maureen Dowd

Why, why did we have to

N. Korea releases propaganda photos of U.S. bomber, supercarrier under attack

30 rare photos of life inside North Korea (pic heavy)

#TakeTheKnee is about racism & police brutality. It has nothing to do with the flag or the military.

Donald Trump's long, stormy and unrequited romance with the NFL

So what happens today in the NFL ?

Graham is 'pressing on' with the health-care bill. Other GOP senators signal they're moving on.

Can you imagine the outrage in white America if Barack Obama had referred to

"... I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag"

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Dead Ahead

Sunday's Doonesbury - Feminism

49ers York: President Trumps comments callous and offensive

'If anyone can hear us help.' Puerto Rico's mayors describe widespread devastation from...Maria

"Those people"...

So much for the party of fiscal responsibility - By the Washington Post Editorial Board

Trump's racist war on the NFL is going over like a lead balloon ... big shocker

Why do players take a knee?

Birds Are Changing Their Migration Patterns to Eat Out of Landfills

Trump says if NFL fans 'stay away' due to kneeling players 'you will see change fast'

Thoughts on the American flag.

Trumps Tweet about NFL Players kneeing got 100,000+ likes: LeBron James reply to it got 1.2+ Million

For the first time this season I'll be watching the NFL

'Cowgirls of Color' break barriers to compete in typically white, male rodeo

Remember when we discussed thoughtful opinion pieces instead of tweets

Why is Trump trying to start a war between owners and players and using black people as foils?

A good David Frum tweet about the Trump/NFL issue:

LeBron responds to Trump's attempts at using sports to divide the nation in two minute video.

Most Americans Think Trump Lacks Courage, Poll Shows

Senator Collins: Hard to imagine backing latest GOP health bill

"You know what else is disrespectful to our flag? Racism.

Joe Walsh is a POS...

How would Trump's chumps respond if, instead of simply "taking a knee..."

jake tapper just showed the NFL game from London...most players on one knee

At Trump's bully pulpit, it's 'us' vs. 'them,' with race often used as a device to polarize

I saw a brief commercial on CNN for the upcoming townhall, and they are advertising it like some

Did Trump violate his oath of office with his football comments?

T r u t h

***WOW*** The most powerful Patriot in the land admonishes the Potard In Chief.

Right now at Ravens v Jaguars game at Wembley Stadium in London, many many NFL players taking a knee

Some people are still confused about Oswald and the three shots he fired.

Ed Asner: I am taking a knee on Sunday. I might need someone to help me up.

Twitter Reacts to Oakland A's Bruce Maxwell Kneeling During Anthem: 'What Patriotism Looks Like'

Trump, re: appropriate kneeling...

The JFK Assassination Is What Set Us On This Downward Spiral. Add MLK & Bobby.

One of those days.

XLNT Statement from Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin.

Uniting Against Ugliness: Donald Trump's Rhetoric Re-Energizing NFL Movement

Jaguars, Ravens players kneel during anthem in response to Trump's criticism (VIDEO)

If the lsos wants millionaires to show a little patriotism

Trump wants everyone distracted by football instead of alarmed by his illegitimate election.

Interesting photo to analyze of Rubio, Carson, trump* and Cruz during the National Anthem

Nina Turner on CNN Jake Tapper

Today is election-day in Germany. Here's how elections are done in Germany:

The New Distress Mode Flying The Flag. Upside Down Masted From The Stripes. Blue Field Lower Right.

Opinion of the Republican Party falls to a new low.

Mnuchin: No absolute tax cut for upper class 'was never a pledge'

Every Day New Revelations Show How Rigged 2016 Was.

Oh this is too rich

DC Mayor welcomes Warriors

So fans do we remain seated

Mnuchin: NFL players 'can do free speech on their own time'

NFL players take a knee following Trump criticism

On now: ESPN Countdown discussion of kneeling

Graham pushes back on working with Democrats on health care reform

New quake shakes traumatized Mexico City

Daily Beast interview with Geo Clooney

Ted Lieu to Mnuchin: You are stupid as a rock.

Killer whales join in on Norway surfing competition

We Californians lose big-time with Graham-Cassidy

How about a balanced and diverse 2020 Democratic Presidential Ticket ?

Taking a knee is the latest distraction from tRump

Peter Daou on what it REALLY means to disrespect the American flag

Bharara: Mueller will look at everything including obstruction of justice

Knee kneel kneeling...

Can't believe this was made in 2000

A Question For DU Military Veterans

Who will enforce these 1st Amendment violations?

Statement from Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft

Jaguars owner who locked arms with players donated $1 million to Trump inauguration

Humor for the morning.

What's more disrespectful to the flag and our service personnel? Kneeling for the anthem or...

Could Trump's Tactics Be A Way To Prepare Us For War?

***WOW*** Jaguars owner joins players during anthem protest in first game since Trumps NFL remarks

"Real patriotism, Mr. Trump, isn't how you treat a flag. It's how you treat Americans" (Kendzior)

The Coffin Industry Proudly Supports the Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill

I love Joy Reid!

I have to wonder when Melania met with Prince Harry

Why IT projects still fail

Top Iranian diplomat: US 'is proving that it is unreliable'

Schwartz: "There is something called evil. It is grounded in lack of conscience. Trump embodies it."

Universal health care "concern trolls" . .

*** SO MANY WOWS *** Rex Ryan, Former Trump Booster, Takes the Potard In Chief to The Woodshed

Will Rogers never met Donald Trump

GERMANS ARE VOTING.... Polls at about noon EDT

Karl Rove Hits Trump Over NFL Protests: 'He's Walking Away from This a Loser'

Sunday Meme n Toon roundup

There is hope....

memes mocking dotard

GOP senator: Repealing ObamaCare 'has nothing to do with politics'

What would Trump say if rich white athletes knelt to protest their taxes?

Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers post messages of 'unity' as unprecedented NFL Sunday dawns

Analyzing Bernie Sanders' Healthcare Bill

The pResident is pissed

Kneeling is a mark of respect

Cruz: ObamaCare repeal bill doesn't have my support yet

"You are stupid as a rock: Ted Lieu‏ burns down Steve Mnuchin for denying NFL players right

Steelers forgo anthem altogether?

Dotard should covfefe himself!

What would the GOP do if Trump publicly uttered the N-Word in anger in public ?

"I would rather kneel with Colin Kaepernick"

Germany heads to the polls

David Corn: Today is the day Donald Trump finally became roadkill for the NFL.

Pelosi: I hope Trump will stop feeding 'red meat to his base'

Mike Tomlin: Steelers will stay in locker room during anthem

Schiff: Impact of Russian social media manipulation on election 'hard to say'

Racism, sexism, bigotry, and taking away people's healthcare doesn't seem to move people as much as

I've never met anyone in life that makes a perpetual ass of themselves like Trump, especially at

Glad to see all you worthless souls survived the Rapture yesterday

This I Believe.....

They should play the Hendrix (Woodstock) version of the national anthem at all games today.

'I'm pissed off, I supported Donald Trump': Ex-NFL coach Rex Ryan hammers president...

I Heard Some Talking Head Say College Football Coaches Are Bullying Their Black Athletes....

It's reckless for progressives to dismiss concerns over funding single payer as 'trolling'...

Exclusive: NFL airing unity ad in prime time on Sunday

If NFL Players take a knee ...

No NFL owner would hire Colin

Pittsburgh Penguins announce they will visit President Trump, attend WH Stanley Cup Celebration

Sports reporter Vic Tafur predicts Kaepernick gets signed in next 10 days thanks to Trump's comments

Lady Liberty has her own take on #takeaknee --and Trump...........

Huckabee Wishes NFL Players 'Would Get on Both Knees and Thank God They Live' in the USA

"I didn't dodge the draft just so some son of a bitch could take a knee during the National Anthem."

Steve Kerr on how the president doesn't satisfy a basic requirement of the job of basketball coach:

Statement from Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy in support of players and #takeAknee........

NFL owners, CEOs respond to Trump comments (

Fox TV pregame

No, Prince Harry did not make the sign of the devil when meeting Melania.

Please note: Steelers aren't "boycotting" the anthem. They're merely avoiding the controversy.

Colin Kaepernicks mom responds to Trumps attack against the quarterback

I stand with Hillary

Trump successfully plays media with Kaepernick attack & they admit to it (VIDEO)

The Puppies of Chernobyl

German elections 2017: Angela Merkel wins fourth term but AfD makes gains, exit poll says

Wow! Just wow! (Is this true?)

Terry Bradshaw: Not Sure Trump Understands 'Every American Has the Right to Speak Out' and Protest

The progressive liberal way or nothing, bipartisan health care is not health care "concern trolls"

Madam President:

Time for a laugh! Animals who do not like drumpf!

Trump's hit list.

Edits after an alert has been sent... what takes priority?

Trump is Uniting the Country

Goober gormet

Remember, if the NFL owners actually stood in solidarity with their players:

Former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner 'disappointed' by President Trump's comments

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 26: Star of the Month: Jennifer Jones

Solipsistic Reality. There is a book coming out very soon about Trumps mental health.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 27: MPTF (Motion Picture and Television Fund)

Trump Is Trying to Distract from His Big Losses

Aaron Rodgers responds to Donald Trump's NFL comments-takes a knee with other GB players

Hillary: Trump should send Navy to Puerto Rico

Bunch of games starting in a few minutes. Should we keep tally? nt

Fox NFL Sunday, Terry Bradshaw: "I'm not sure our president understands those rights" of free speech

Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints

Recalling Muhammad Alis Vietnam War Resistance in the Age of Trump

i'm confused. i've watched game of thrones. shouldn't trump *insist* his subjects bend the knee?

Karl Rove Hits Trump Over NFL Protests: Hes Walking Away from This a Loser

Today is a historic day as the NFL sends a FU to Drumpf!

We Also Have A Trump Despicable Problem Too. They Are As Crazy & Hateful As He Is.

Trump doesn't understand the meaning of, or respect the flag -and should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY !!

Zuker: Shrinking minority of Americans supporting Trump deserves same respect Trump gives minorities

I'm Another One That Won't Be Taking A Knee Today

What are you reading this week of September 24, 2017?

London mayor says Britain should not host President Trump on state visit

We Have Malevolent Criminal Scum In The House & The Cabinet.

CNN showing lots of NFL players taking a knee - multiple games and teams

When trump tweets pics of empty seats

some dude on msnbc is going ballistic over #takeaknee ...

Bruce Levell, trumps National Director for Diversity a fucking idiot

Did you guys see this??! Love it!!

What Is With Republicans And Spelling?

The NFL Erupted With Protests Around The League Against Donald Trump Prior To Sundays Games

German election 2017 was basically US election 2016.

Us Senate Boosts Israel's Missile Defense Program

Breaking News: Official: At least 6 people injured in Tennessee church shooting

From what I'm reading on some conservative forums,

Nashville Fire: 8 wounded in Antioch church shooting, including shooter

Here Are Some Ways People Disrespect The Flag On Flag Code. Taking a knee is not one of them

There appear to be 4 primary parties in the battle for America's soul.

'To Donald Trump,' by Leland Melvin, former NASA Astronaut and NFL Player

LMAO - A Good Magic trick is ALWAYS appreciated

At Least 8 Injured In Antioch Church Shooting

Wonder If Any Denver Broncos Will Kneel. Elway Is A Hard Core GOPPER.

Trump Tweet Scorecard 9/20-24: 1 on Puerto Rico, 4 anti-McCain, 5 anti-NFL, 1 Melania is incredible

So I saw Hamilton last night.

Article 25 this crazy s.o.b. already!

Why is the military of any kind associated with sports?

Tenn. Church Shooting update..

Bundy wants to fire attorney

O'Malley: 'Good for Steph Curry. DT is free to be a racist jackass if he likes'

This is why we take a knee

US strikes Libya

Travel ban expires Sunday; new restrictions expected

Fed judge dismisses lawsuit by wedding videographers who sued to refuse same-sex customers

Live discussion of German election by Merkel, Shulz, et al

Merkel heading for solid victory and a 4th term

Angela Merkel Is Headed for German Election Victory as Far Right Enters Parliament

Response from a disabled veteran regarding the flag controversy...

Football stadiums packed.

Trump will win kneeling controversy

Which US Senators we need to defeat Graham/Cassidy?

It is URGENT that we find out what drugs the pResident is using!

London mayor says Britain should not host Trump

Trump has lost Terry Bradshaw:

Bill Clinton's pollster doesn't think much of the race Hillary Clinton ran

Rooftop Solar PV

Rubens' Duke of Buckingham 'found' after 400 years

Most think Trump dividing the nation

My first experience with Niacin

Isn't it a coincidence that kids grades started to plummet 40 years ago when trickle down economics

Im Sorry, Dave. Im Afraid I Cant Do That

Can't handle North Korea responsibly, most say

On Twitter, Feb. 13, 2013, Trump shared a George Washington quote about "freedom."

Biden hits Trump on race: There is no place in America for hate groups

Twitler responds saying "Kneeling unacceptable"

Damnit All! Not Even Hockey Is Safe from Dotard!

CNN Poll: Opinion of the Republican Party falls to all-time low

Fox Sports anchor blasts Trump for attacking NFL players

given that Graham Cassidy is a zombie AND a vampire bill..

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 25 September 2017

CNN Poll: Opinion of Republican Party falls to all-time low - 29% hold a favorable view

Trump allies see vindication in reports on Manafort wiretapping

Isn't Standing With Arms Locked A Dis To Trump?.....

Trump comments condemned across NFL

Republicans struggle to keep ObamaCare repeal alive

Arkansas (probably most of the South) illogical logic.

Disrespecting the Flag

Detroit Lions - singer of National Anthem Takes a Knee

What We Need Is A Blackout/Brownout In This Country....

CNN - Sen. Susan Collins: it's ''difficult to envision a scenario'' where I vote for bill

Rescue Dogs At Work After Mexico's Earthquakes

Went to the grocery today.

Entire healthcare sector--1/6 of U.S. economy--rejects Graham Cassidy in joint statement

The normalization of hate, lying and racism has deeply saddened me

Nebraska could bid for Tyson chicken plant after Kansas squawking stalls project

I am going to learn Lucifer Sam by (Syd Barrett) Pink Floyd on GTR today.

ABC This Week: Lindsey Graham, Bill Cassidy, Bernard Tyson

'We're running out of time:' One woman's quest to save Baltimore television history

Mnuchin says use of costly gov't jet was necessary for 'secure communications'

Molley Ivins

America is taking a knee today Mr. President. (photo heavy) I don't think he knows how big this got.

But,But Her Emails...Kushner used private email to conduct White House business..

Uh Oh; Twitler is upset and on a tweeting frenzy!

Kushner used private email to conduct White House business

I have a dream

It looks like Dotard Groper Don the Con has

Just had someone honk at me for what felt like 30 seconds

OH gawd

Russian link to Trump and UK murder

Seahawks/Titans Anthem singer takes a knee!


Watchdog says Nebraska should spend less on tax incentives

Trump Proclaims 9/24/17 as Gold Star Mother's & Family's Day (apology to Khans not included)

The 'Flag', the 'Pledge', the 'Anthem' - I really don't care.

The White House Resident is too ignorant to know that members of the

After the War: A Southern Tour - May 1, 1865 to May 1, 1866

i have a question about The Roy Rogers Show...

NFL has message for Dotard Trump!

HOLY SHIT, Ted Cruz can't support Graham Cassidy!!!!!!!!!

Black lawmakers ponder Trump agenda at annual gathering

Hillary Clinton on universal healthcare and Obamacare (Joy Reid interview on MSNBC)

George Takei's TakeAKnee tweet taunts President Pussygrabber LMAO

Adolf Hitler Underpants Auctioned for $6,737

Crap, they joined our Packer game in progress

NASCAR owners say they wouldnt tolerate national anthem protests at races

But her emails...

OK crazy uncle - let me see if I have this right.....

I Think The Dam Has Broken

They aren't kneeling against the flag

FB post about Universal Healthcare in CA

Ken Burns' Vietnam series on PBS

Quick question about a dream.

Disappointed? or Rex Ryan saying l didnt sign up for this? Well, yes you did . . . so did Kraft

Philippines ... Sing National Anthem With Spirit or Face Prison Time

Trump must have super glued his Twitter to his hand! He's going nuts over the NFL!

My one and only comment on "taking the knee".

Ted Cruz: Right now, they don't have my vote (CNN)

Lurking Deplorables Why did Trump get five deferments and say dealing with STDs was his own Vietnam

4:20 nt

The tweet where trump* absolutely crossed the line.

Sorry, but I get tired of the idea we (the country) want to be "united"

Where is Kushner? Has he been hidden. Seems like he used to appear every few days on MSM. n/t

Eight Lessons from Germany's Elections

California could be hit by an 8.2 mega-earthquake, and it would be catastrophic

Stephen A. Smith Points Out NFL's Paid Patriotism Problem.

At least 100 LGBTI people rounded up, tortured and humiliated in Azerbaijan

"What so Proudly we Hail" (a must watch)

Uh Oh; Kushner used private email for White House work: report

Attention, this is a DISTRACTION. Fasten your seat belts.

Nats getting ready for the Cubs:

2018 US House and Senate Elections-Democrats gain seats in House but lose seats in Senate.

Vox - The women fighting for white male supremacy

OMG, our local Knoxville NBC station

Trump warns North Korea 'won't be around much longer' if threats continue to escalate

Cruz-TX is not the latest Republican US Senator to say he opposes Graham-Cassidy bill -Lee-UT is.

NASCAR weighs in on KneeGate ("Anybody that don't stand up for that ought to be out of the country")

The National Anthem during professional sports games

Episode Six Things Fall Apart (January 1968-July 1968)

Take the knee

I'm hoping the ACA debate airs the white elephant: profiting from capatalist healthcare is WRONG

How the hell does this fugging pussygrabbing draftdodger have the nerve to discuss

This is a riot. "The benefits of petting a dog":

Could Trump's Failed bid for Buffalo Bills be the Reason for his NFL Implosion?

Maybe it's because I am a child of the sixties

Football legend Terry Bradshaw RIPS into Trump

Seahawks: "As a team, we have decided we will not participate in the National Anthem"

You realize that all of us will be going to Church/Synagogue/Mosque or Temple weekly for 5 years if

JK Rowling: Privilege.' Some people don't get given millions by Daddy, Donnie. They actually earn it

Angela Merkel wins 4th term as chancellor of Germany

Sen. Mark Warner needs statements re: Healthcare by tomorrow (9/25) 9:00 am ET

Chelsea Handler trolls Trump on NFL Bad Ratings

NBC starts coverage of the NFL game discussing the Con versus the players

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