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Archives: September 22, 2017

dirtbag Ivanka Trump faces courtroom showdown over $785 sandals

Toboni went to NC to see gerrymanderings effect on American democracy VICE on @HBO​ Friday at 7:30

GOP Leaders are Trying to Bribe An Alaska Senator to Repeal Obamacare-By Letting Her State Keep

Puerto Rico may not have power for 6 months. That will change the way

Take a giggle break ---

What we know: What Mueller knows......

All these severe storms. It's almost as if the climate is changing

Senate committee to hear @CoryBooker bill to protect Mueller from firing

Basically The Entire Health Care System Hates The New Obamacare Repeal Bill

Oops, He Did It Again - Luckovich 'toon

Steve Bannon Splits From Trump: Hilarity Ensues

Neext Week's Newsweek Cover - Insane in the Membrane


Zuckerberg vows to protect election integrity"

Senate GOP accidentally admits Obamacare is successful by offering it to Alaska as a bribe

Poll: Kid Rock trailing Dem senator by 18 points

You would think that the NFL would have a rule

S.&P. Downgrades Chinas Debt, Citing a Surge in Lending

Duckworth says now not time for Sanders' 'Medicare for All' healthcare fix

2018 US House Election-Democrats guide to a majority.

Health care CEO gets year in prison for fraud


Missouri church's book, in vault for decades, sells for record $35 million

How Repealing Obamacare Would Hurt Veterans

Bernie Sanders is going to debate Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy in a live town hall

Seoul media say North might test nuke in Pacific

Just finished Monterey Pop

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 21, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: Counter Culture Classics

Kansas Democrats fight over whether to oust a top official

So if you as a seller wanted to subliminally plant in your listing

Jury awards $630,000 in ice storm death at Little Rock retirement complex

High School Boys Make Rape Joke At Breast Cancer Awareness Football Game

I finally filed a claim with the VA

Ellen and Megyn Kelly

Subscription stockings


In sermon, central Arkansas judge says he opposes events commemorating Central High integration

Axelrod: I cried when they passed Obamacare

I wonder if that orange pos president saw the clip of the POW "loser" McCain

Rachel Rocks....

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 22, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: BBC's 100 Greatest Comedies

"We're Mexicans; we're family" said by a woman in mexico volunteering

Thank you Senator Feinstein

Joy Reid is laying ACA repeal where it belongs: at feet of wealthy GOP donors

Its Mueller Time...

The Con would sign Korans at the Barnes and Noble

Facebook has shut down more than 1000 German accounts during

Round 3 of Jimmy Kimmels Health Care Battle

Mexicans singing while cleaning up after earthquake

Dotard is my new favorite word

2018/2020 US Senate Election-Democrats guide to a majority.

Jimmy Kimmel fast becoming must-see TV

U.S. attorney general ties gang violence to immigration

Why Iran !!

well, we are back. Tetons were awesome, but Yellowstone was indescribable. link to first blog

NC GOP leaders don't want Confederate statues moved

North Korea could test hydrogen bomb over Pacific Ocean, says foreign minister

Roy Moore Boasts Of Neo-Confederate Endorsements

The only justice we will see will be at the ballot box.

Are Sean Spicer's Notes & Notebooks His Property Or Did.....

Illinois high court upholds former cop Peterson's murder conviction

Seth Meyers: Monologue - Melania Trump Debuts Halloween Costume at U.N., Duck Penises - 9/20/17

I keep watching the Vietnam War and it just makes me angry

Trump, Ghani agree U.S. can help develop Afghanistan's rare earth minerals

Seth Meyers - Republicans Can't Defend Their Cruel Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill: A Closer Look

British police release two men in Parsons Green attack probe

Seth Meyers: Obama Told Billie Jean King the Battle of the Sexes "Changed His Life"

Trump Poised to Drop Some Limits on Drone Strikes and Commando Raids

Chuck Grassley's Quote on Repealing Obamacare is Incredibly Telling

Vox: Bernie Sanders wants world peace and prosperity. But he has no idea how to get there.

Colbert offers advice to Kimmel

Lately I've been watching a lot of old legal thrillers (movies)

One of my son's friends, a conservative (rare out here) has just reached out to me

Canadian doctor schooled America at Sanders Medicare for all announcement VIDEO

The Daily Show: Hurricane Mueller Storms the Trump Administration

Giant 5.2-metre (17 foot) croc shot dead in central Queensland

What annoys me the most

How would you propose to tame the mentally deranged US dotard?

Sources: Dino Rossi to make congressional run to replace Reichert

I believe Lindsay Graham was picked to head up this bill to

Is the world ready for hologram Zappa?

I am watching McCain on Ken Burns "Vietnam" on PBS

From Media Matters. Re: Fox says Jimmy Kimmel not qualified to talk Politics

This is theft isn't it?

Facebook admits it illegally permitted a foreign country to actively meddle in democratic process

Kmmel to Kilmeade : I'll pound you the next time I see you.

Did Rachel Maddow Suggest The Democrats Could Filibuster & Run Out Clock?


Does anyone else find this as creepy as I do?

Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate unleashes most racist attack ad since Willie Horton

Oklahoma sports agent pleads guilty to federal tax charges

Pakistan, Lets Talk About Sex.

Trump Is Well On His Way To Uniting The Country......

Doctor pleads guilty to fraud

Govt. question:If the Dem senators try to slow the GOP voting via filibuster

Arkansas city removes racially charged billboard

Tillerson urging Trump to certify Iran's compliance with nuclear deal: report

Louisiana leaders cautiously optimistic about surplus; House Speaker suggests repaying rainy day ...

Hillary and Joy Reid spilling tea on AM-Joy on Saturday...

6-year prison sentence for ex-Carnival queen who owned company at center of massive Medicare fraud

Turkish President Erdogans Bodyguards Beat Up US Protesters ---- Again

Sun on the skys equator

Louisiana lawmaker to pay hefty fine after using campaign dollars to 'fund a gambling habit'

"Doesn't know anything about Graham/Cassidy, barely knows the difference between Melania & Ivanka"

Panel holds 7-hour hearing on ethics charges against Mandeville mayor

It's weird to have to say it...but "Lil' Kim" has Trump pegged.

A significant portion of the US is influenced by a "leader" who is similar to the former Jim Jones.

GOP bribing Sen. Murkowski: "Vote for our healthcare bill and Alaska can keep Obamacare."

Hillary Clinton just sold more copies of her book in one week than Trumps sold in two years

Trumps embarrassing presidency has already cost America $2.7 billion in international tourism

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell - Sep 21, 2017

The Rachel Maddow Show -Sep 21, 2017

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/21/17

Violence breaks out at Turkish president's speech in New York

Former state senator disciplined by Louisiana Supreme Court

John Conyers, Jr. - CBC Panel Video Link: Medicare For All: Because #Obamacare Alone Isnt Enough.

Medicaid directors issue warning on new ObamaCare repeal bill

New Orleans man admits spending $84,000 in federal money on items like cruise expenses

Slidell pays ACLU $25,000 over defeated panhandling law

Telia Company AB and Its Uzbek Subsidiary Enter Into a Global Foreign Bribery Resolution- Over $965M

Why Aren't any of the large Cruise Lines docking their ships next to Porto Rico?

Exclusive: Trump team drafting plan to deport more young people - Central American teens

When hurricanes destroy phone lines, the Guard enables communication

Shreveport bookkeeper accused of stealing more than $450K

Trump wants to eliminate the federal program that oversees long-term hurricane relief

Kim called trump a dotard: definition

Grassley asks FBI if Trump was warned of Russian efforts to infiltrate his campaign

Uber London licence not renewed

North Korea: Donald Trump vows to test 'madman' Kim Jong-un 'like never before'

anyone going to the Common Ground Fair this weekend?

''He's a shouty old man with a lot of good ideas.''

People Who Feared Obama Would Take Their Guns Happy to Have Trump Take Their Health Care

If by chance we went to war

Oops! FEMA mistakenly tweets number for sex line, instead of disaster relief

Republicans' new health bill would hit women hardest, experts say

Survey: Fewer black women say that the Democratic Party 'best represents' their interests

Austin attorney Adam Reposa gets six months in jail for contempt

Morning Joe devoted to bashing Bernie this AM

"...old beast lunatic..."

Trump: 'Russia hoax continues, now it's ads on Facebook'

Graham-Cassidy bill includes pork for Alaska and Wyoming.

Trump cautions GOP to pass Obamacare repeal or face the consequences

Rhode Island's Dreamers No Longer Have to Shoulder $500 in DACA Renewal Fees


She's just a daughter sharing thoughts with her dad, with an official title and West Wing office.

The origin of Super Villains: Lex Luthor

No surprise here: Ernst "leans" yes on ACA repeal

Justice Department: Trump pardon merits nullifying rulings in Arpaio case

Imagine if She got $2 BILLION of free media air time.....

Trump fires back at Kim Jong Un after UN address

Nikki Haley said 'everyone' at the U.N. was talking about Burma. Everyone but Trump.

The Coming Trump Slump

Uber stripped of London licence due to lack of corporate responsibility

David Axelrod story about the ACA......

Trump retweets that he was the most tweeted about world leader at UNGA

We ain't as slow as you think down heah!

I'm an ex-Facebook exec: don't believe what they tell you about ads : The Guardian

White House plan for tax cuts moves forward

WH staffers getting afraid that being associated with Trump makes them unemployable.

Warren Buffet seems pretty unpretentious and without affectations for a gazillionaire.

Good morning

Sessions: Many unaccompanied minors are 'wolves in sheep's clothing'

Trump publicly backs healthcare effort, privately harbors doubts

I have deliberately avoided the Bernie Wars.

Trump aides begin looking for the exits

Death toll from Maria rises to 10 in Puerto Rico: report

Hillary on 'AM Joy Show' Saturday

Paul: 'I won't be bribed or bullied on repeal vote'

Mediamatters: "When Fox News says that Jimmy Kimmel is unqualified to talk politics..."

Alabama's Roy Moore: 'Abortion, Sodomy, Sexual Perversion Sweep Our Land'

WTF? Grassley Asks FBI If It Warned Trump Campaign About Aides Russia Ties

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Dropping the Blockgrant on People

Milo's Berkeley 'Free Speech Week' Has Completely Fallen Apart and He's Refusing to Admit It

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Madman at the UN

Does this make you laugh uncontrollably?

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

PBS Vietnam War Tells Some Truths

EXCLUSIVE How a Russian Outlet Sought to Reach American Voters on Twitter

'The substance really doesn't matter'

ANALYSIS: $15 Minimum Wage

The word for 2017 is 'dotard'

Trump Praises Non-Existent Country of "Nambia"

State Dept Spox Rebuts Trump: 'Nobody Takes Issue' With Notion of Russian Election Interference

I smell rubber burning. Trump must be thinking. . . . Please come CAPTION The Donald!!!

End-of-world prediction interrupts TV broadcasts in Orange County

Band you would most like to see reunite in case, you know...they're right about Saturday

Recently appealed removal of one of my posts. When can I expect a decision? Will I

Palin, Gorka cast Alabama candidate Strange as too swampy for Senate

Nestle Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For: Bloomberg Businessweek

Religion is increasingly less of a focus for America's Jewish community. What does that mean...

There's nothing anyone can do?

Question about cybersecurity

Ex-Obama adviser: 'God save us' if Kim Jong Un mentions Clinton winning popular vote

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un and Chuggo engage in three-way freestyle insult rap battle.

How is it that it took 60 votes to pass the ACA but only 51 votes to repeal it?

Price's office defends jet use: Helps him connect to 'real American people'

In Alabama Senate debate, a noun, a verb and Donald Trump

Fuck it. Run Jimmy Kimmel in 2020.

I watched Jimmie Kimmel again last night!

Sean Spicer Is Washington's First Pariah

"Donald Trump is giving senile old men a bad name!" (Skip Fox, dotard.)

WH officials have reservations about health care bill: report

Teenager charged with Parsons Green London Tube attack

Democrats should have a plan if ACA is repealed.

Mexico earthquake: Navy official apologizes for report of trapped girl

Whoever is working to divide and disrupt

Jimmy Carter on North Korea,

Blind fingering dates are Londons latest craze

Joe: Democrats Should Ask Senator Bernie Sanders To Wait Morning Joe MSNBC

Joe: Democrats Should Ask Senator Bernie Sanders To Wait. Morning Joe MSNBC

"Here's Lindsey Graham saying he would never vote for a bill that includes bribes. Liar."


Obama-era school sexual assault policy rescinded

I hate to give that Korean madman any credit, but...

Rand Paul praises Roy Moore for opposing ObamaCare repeal effort

How single payer helps Republicans change the subject

Judge: Videographer's gay wedding ban is like a 'White Applicants Only' sign

Sen. Murphy: Dems more focused on defeating Graham-Cassidy than passing single-payer

Sebastian Gorka Gave A Classified Tirade About Radical Islam

I've determined that I love cryptic, mysterious characters in stories.

Nominee for EPA chemical safeguard program has conflicting past; helped fight against safeguards

Mueller requested phone records about Air Force One statement

Smoking Bali Volcano Forces Thousands to Evacuate

Poll: only 24% of Americans approve of Graham-Cassidy

Trump administration readies new order to replace travel ban: WSJ

Trump administration readies new order to replace travel ban: WSJ

Oh, not much. Just one of those days.

'Junk science': experts cast doubt on widely cited college free speech survey

Obama adviser schools Chuck Todd and panel on criminal justice failure (VIDEO)

A Texas Billionaire, The Stripper He Beat Up, And The Mugshot He Doesnt Want You To See

Trump is the Least Popular President Ever, even as His Approval Rating Rises

So Trump, you want a win?

Did You Know this about Japan?

Trump's Travel Ban to Be Replaced by Restrictions Tailored to Certain Countries

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

The problem is, if we're having a debate, we need people to CHAMPION the ACA.

Kremlin: Russia did not use Facebook adverts to sway U.S. election

Anyone else subscribe to the daily Federal Register?

Is it too late for a national discussion about End TImes Theology and

facebook is down. Every time that happens, I assume North Korea has nuked us

GOP senator introducing DACA fix next week

Diamonds Arent Forever: 5 Bygone Ballparks of New York

Early Mugshots from the 1860's

WH Official: 'We Really Aren't Sure What The Impact Will Be' Of Graham-Cassidy

Gallery of pixs of Mexico City earthquake

Global Warming Explained

The Purrnisher - Spooky, yet fascinating

Pic Of The Moment: Governing By Suicide Pact

KO: Why Trump is Always (Always!) the Victim--This man is a walking, talking double standard.

Floridians saved by President Obama solar panels

KO: Why Trump is Always (Always!) the Victim--This man is a walking, talking double standard.

DOWNGRADE From 11.0 - 10.3

Study: New repeal bill would leave 21 million more without insurance

New Radio Ads Pressure 5 Key GOP Senators To Oppose O'Care Repeal Bill

Stephen Colbert releases his Lawrence O'Donnell-like 'meltdown'

GRC's Ultra High Security Password Generator

Surviving Irma: Salem (MA) woman recalls harrowing experience on St. Thomas

The GrOPers are only doing Graham/Cassidy for the Koch money.

If red paint is the cheapest paint available, why are cheap pencils painted yellow?

Donald Trump's Dad Was So Racist That Woody Guthrie Wrote A Song........

Protesters disrupt James Comey's Howard University convocation speech

This married gay couple runs one of the largest alt-right fake news sites

By making people look up the word #dotard, Kim Jong Un has done more for American education than Bet

Theory vs Practice

Group Fights to Retire Massachusetts Zoos Elephants

Abortion access: "The right is storming women's clinics"

Scaramucci confirms on 'The View' that Steve Bannon has white nationalist 'tendencies'

Watch Samantha Bee Seek Free Speech Insight From Insane Clown Posse

National Museum of African American History and Culture celebrates first anniversary

I called for Christians to love gay people. Now the Catholic alt-right is taking revenge.

URGENT: How to submit a statement opposing the Graham-Cassidy Bill

Trade panel puts solar tariff decision in Trump's hands

GOP Senator Susan Collins confirms Graham-Cassidy would gut protections for pre-existing conditions

We drove through Wyoming's worst spring snowstorm in 74 years! - Road Trip Day 6 Episode 12

maternity care surcharge 17K per year. first trimester abortion w/o insurance 1k.

Did you just feel the earth tilt?

Jeff Koterba's Sept. 20 cartoon: It's alive!

Groper-in-chief's puppet rescinds school sexual assault policy, sides with rapists (MRAs)

🎶DACA Shame🎶 - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Twitter Video: Why is the latest Republican "health care" bill so immoral?

Twitter Video: Why is the latest Republican "health care" bill so immoral?

blessed mabon, happy fall equinox, happy first day of fall

Collins 'leaning against' voting for the Graham-Cassidy bill

blessed mabon, happy fall equinox, happy first day of fall

United Airlines Set To Retire Iconic Boeing 747 Fleet On Nov. 7 With Vintage Honolulu Flight

Have you ever heard of, or played the following games:

some mabon pics

WATCH LIVE as U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders discusses resisting Trumpcare and fighting for Medicare

WATCH LIVE as U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders discusses resisting Trumpcare ...


Trump bodyguard, the NY FBI, Felix Sater and Russia

With the Facebook story, don't forget "Putin's Trollmaster" Konstantin Rykov...

Verrit , a great place for liberals and Democrats. MEDIA FOR THE 65.8 MILLION

On this day in 1999:


Celebrate the Autumn Equinox 2017 with Jupiter, Moon Conjunction

Text RESIST to 50409

Even if Trumpcare does not pass...

McCain: I cannot support Graham-Cassidy

*****BREAKING ***** John McCain - I can not in good conscience vote for the new GOP health care bill

McCain just said that as "of right now as it stands he can't vote for the bill".

McCain to vote no on Obamacare Repeal

Colombias comptroller seizes anti-corruption presidential candidates assets

McCain is a NO. Breaking News alert from wapo!!

BREAKING (not really) NEWS! "Practically entire GOP supports killing millions of Americans"

John McCain will not vote for the latest version of "trump I don't care"

Today I got hatriot mail from a Trumper..wants me to chug a bottle of Draino and jump off a bridge

When you let your little brother airbrush your truck:

McCain is a NO...but he's still a liar

No food. No medicine. Now, no gas coming to Venezuela (worlds biggest oil reserves)

Strike 3!!! The Dotard goes down swinging!

I think Jimmy Kimmel killed trumpuncare!

Fox News Slammed by Legal Experts for Saying Trump Was Right About Obama Wiretap

Crazy Maine lady: I would lay down my life for Donald Trump!

A torn in Trump's side!

McCain is a NO --- BUT

Forthwith, He shall be known as the "Dotard".

How Soon After 9/30 Can Senate Rs Bring Up Another 50-vote Repeal of the ACA?

Three GOP No votes KILLS Graham-Cassidy! Keep calling and HOLD THEM TO IT! 202-224-3121

Wu-Tang clap back, dissing Martin Shkreli on new track

You have to wonder if part of McCain's reason for not voting with the GOP....

McCrory not closing door to 2020 run

The Latest: Jimmy Kimmel tweets his thanks to McCain

One of these things is not like the other. Can you tell?

John McCain on brain cancer diagnosis

Wife of Colombia senator falsely accuses airplane passenger of being FARC guerrilla

McCain won't back Graham-Cassidy bill, likely ending GOP health care push

John Fugelsang strikes again!

Flipped channels over to Fox Shameless News....

Colombias former Supreme Court chief justice arrested on corruption charges

If GOP can't lose 3 senators, why is Murkowski still being....

Wait for it!

A Lively Little Dog Interrupts a Televised Soccer Match in Argentina to Chase the Ball and Play Fetc

Dam Fails On Guajataca Lake In Puerto Rico, Evacuations Underway

A Lively Little Dog Interrupts a Televised Soccer Match in Argentina to Chase the Ball and Play Fetc

The Vietnam Syndrome: How We Lost It, Why We Need It

Why are so many freaking out

Trump Was Laughed At By World Leaders For Dissing Socialism

Come on GOP, its a Friday afternoon. Go ahead and dump the repeal bill

Playing with some cloud effects

We were promised flying cars, instead we got sucidical robots

Frida has saved 52 people so far, now working in Mexico's Earthquake

Five Guys: "Unhealthiest Fries in America"

The Coffin Industry Proudly Supports the Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill

High-Energy Cosmic Rays Come from Outside Our Galaxy

The best example for circular logic you'll ever see:

High-Energy Cosmic Rays Come from Outside Our Galaxy

LIVE NOW Link for Sen. Sanders California Nurses Convention Speech San Francisco

McCain to Trump: "Fuck You....Again"

Graham-Cassidy would start banning abortion coverage in Obamacare plans in 3 months

Novartis's $475,000 Price on Cancer Therapy Meets Resistance


Polkadot Stingray

trump going to Alabama to 'campaign' for L.Strange for Senator 9/22

Seriously he is a dotard

John McCain doing the right thing

"If you had seen what I had seen you'd want me to go full throttle"-Rep.Mike Quigley House Intel

CBS: D.C. court rules tracking phones without a warrant is unconstitutional

Has the Trump reached out to Mexico

Graham-Cassidy Bill Would Reduce Medicaid Funds to States by $713B Over the Next 10 Years

"Melania really wanted to be here"

Political group says Confederate statue worth $0

A little love from my girls, and sisters!! JinnyOops!

Is "stupid" a verb?

Does anyone have a suggestion about dealing with a stink bug infestation?

Real Time with Bill Maher guests line-up;

Associated Press: "...dashing hopes for GOP leaders..."

Shivving Repeal, McCain Tells Congress To Return To Bipartisan Obamacare Fix

What Were You Wearing?' exhibit takes aim at age-old sexual violence myth

Geno Auriemma offers to forgo pay in CT education budget battle

Back In Black: Republicans Don't Know What Insurance Is!

How Cops, Pills and Parties Inspired the Grateful Deads Truckin

CNN's Gergen: 'Strategic mistake' for Dems to have Sanders debate healthcare

We'll know for sure ACA repeal is dead when Trump calls McCain "Tumor Guy" in a tweet

Just got a scam email from Canada post. Downloaded it on my cellphone.

Facebook Blocks Cuba's Mariela Castro After Post Urging Hurricane Aid

Happy First Day of Autumn, Everybody

Bill Clinton's first novel to become a Showtime TV series in major deal

ICE detained an immigrant in a courthouse, deported him to Mexico, and he was killed 3 months later

i don't trust mccain one bit. it would be just like him to "dramatically" revert to yes

Before I thank Senator McCain...

ICE detained an immigrant in a courthouse, deported him to Mexico, and he was killed 3 months later

BS:Even with McCains opposition to the Republican health care bill, our own opposition is not over.

Repukes rewrite ethics rules to escape prosecution...

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 23, 2017 -- The Essentials - Western Greed

Theresa May urges EU to retain trade terms for two years after Brexit

The Cassidy-Graham bill probably won't become law. And more than half of America is good with that.

NEW: A Ukrainian billionaire who does biz w/ Russian oligarchs is funding Trump's legal representati

Pelosi: Democrats will 'put a stake in the heart' of ObamaCare repeal after McCain opposition

Ezra Klein Thinks Bernies Medicare-For-All Bill Was Bad Timing

70,000 folks being evacuated in Western Puerto Rico because a dam has now

Who pays $40,000 per year under Obamacare

What's for Dinner Fri., Sept. 22, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Got a Hand From Chuck Schumer in His Fight Against Obamacare Repeal

Deaf advocates say police must improve after fatal shooting

Russian hackers tried to access Washington states voting systems, officials say

Toon - Third Time's the Charm!

North Korea's Response To Donald Trump

NAACP calls to move slave auction block from city's downtown

JUST IN: Russian govt. cyber actors unsuccessfully attempted to hack 2016 election results in WI

Lawsuit filed to stop mining near Yellowstone in Montana

ACLU sues St. Louis over treatment of protesters

Those Who Dont Spend All Their Money On Jim Bakkers Food Buckets Will Answer To God

Why isn't this crook back in jail?

Ben Carson heading to the door?

Former Trump adviser: I gave the campaign 'the chance to intervene' in controversial Ukraine platfor

Americans Vastly Prefer Obamacare to Latest GOP Plan

Good God, 'He's' doing a rally in Alabama tonight...will Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III be there?

Abu Ghraib ex-inmates' lawsuit moves ahead in federal court

Your Friday afternoon laugh

Just 24% Support Graham-Cassidy Bill

Video captures California officer fatally shooting man

Over 140 years of winemaking tradition - in South Dakota

Attempt to Buy Murkowskis Vote May Be Unconstitutional

Doctor gets 32 years in prison for killing Yale physician

how to pronounce dotard

If the ACA replacement goes down (and it looks like it will)

Ex-police officer charged with giving drugs to addict-friend

Boy Scouts in the 1960's

the down and dirty on this weekend's Apocalypse:

Hurry up Kid,,,,,,,

Let's rename Cassidy-Graham to Trump_Don't _Care

Separated at birth?

Bolivias Morales, at UN, says natural resources, basic necessities must be viewed as human rights

You know what starts today???

Ukrainian born billionaire who does biz w/ Russian oligarchs is funding Trump's legal representation

Curiosity saves the cat: How tourist interest in spotting jaguars could help preserve the species

Curiosity saves the cat: How tourist interest in spotting jaguars could help preserve the species

I wonder if John McCain was watching the PBS series on the Vietnam war last night?

I would love to see something like #GOPhaveBlackHearts trend on Twitter

Should liberal states form their own health insurance system?

Just how bloody stupid is Roy Moore?

Oversight board created for Altoona-Johnstown diocese in wake of abuse cases

Safeway Supermarket Employee Beaten With Baguette by Irate Customer

Not the Craw! The Craw!

This Alabama repug senate runoff is nuts.

With all due respect David Gergin, Morning Joe and MSM, I believe this will be our finest hour

You need a Facebook Account to View CCSF Senator Bernie Sanders and Jane Kim Event:

Poor Alabama, they have Luther Strange & the other asshole, Roy Moore

This latest health care bill atrocity is Shock Doctrine technique

Takedown of the day.

I never heard of Jimmy Kimmel before that first video was posted 2 days ago..

Trump Versus his State Department

Grace Petrie-They Shall Not Pass

Katherine Johnson building opens at NASA Langley Research Center

The Equifax identity theft breach from the eyes of a former data broker-Terse comments

'West Wing' Cast Reunites 10 Years After Series Finale For Exclusive Interview (Full) TODAY

It's not too early to start asking every Republican who appears in a public forum:

Has Trump or the W.H. explained the error of "Nambia"?

Question, does the Democratic Party have a plan to improve Obamacare ?

Anybody else think this Graham- Cassidy Bill is Kabuki?

Sen. Chris Murphy - don't believe the hype that Graham-Cassidy is defeated

Quirky/cute horror movies for the Upcoming Halloween season.

Senators question whether Dragonfly hacks hit Maryland power companies.

Joe Biden to campaign for Doug Jones in Birmingham

Russia: Trump and Kim are like 'children in a kindergarten'

Joe Biden to campaign for Doug Jones in Birmingham (XP)

Pelosi: Democrats will 'put a stake in the heart' of ObamaCare repeal after McCain opposition

Aides warned Trump not to attack North Korea's leader personally before his fiery UN address.