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Archives: September 21, 2017

I got a flyer, in the mail, about a bible study course to learn how to unlock Revelation

Private jet owned by Manafort financier Deripaska [BANNED from US] was parked 25 min from Trump's NJ

Mark Wahlburg is a bit of a shit.

St. Louis police probe claim that officer called BLM 'domestic terrorists' in Facebook post

Tarps covering Confederate statues are being ripped down

Grinding Teeth at Night

Recent mutterings from my local Trump chumps:

So let's say Mueller issues a damming report of impeachable offensives and the GOP Congress

Happy 6th anniversary, end of DADT

Attorney General Sessions says marijuana still illegal

GOP takes heavy fire over pre-existing conditions

Washington state sues over $1/day wages paid to immigrant detainees


Cassidy-Graham tRumpcare is dangerous


The best coverage of the Mexico disaster is coming from a banned DU legend ..

The Splainer: Will the world end on Saturday?

The victory speech Hillary never gave....

Even Brokaw is questioning Price and ReTHUG ethics

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Next One. Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Donnie Two Scoops loves guns...except...

Good news: Vanderbilt ties racial justice to religion in new program

I like people who don't need health care, OK?

Does anyone know where ashling has gone? Well I have the answer!

Bernie Sanders Sets His Sights On The Foreign Policy Establishment

Lawrence O'Donnell's Epic Tizzy Fit

I went to the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) this weekend. Unbelieveable!!!

Sinclair challenges Fox to most misinformation

Bernie Sanders Sets His Sights On The Foreign Policy Establishment

Still Getting It Wrong: How Media Pundits Keep Steering Democrats into the Shoals

2017 Virginia Governors and 2018/2020 Virginia US Senate Election.

There is an arrogance in the Trump administration that is incredible..

Are you watching Rachel? Bombshells coming right up. More Russia dot connecting.

Burlington teachers union, school board end strike

Lawfully Awful

On health care, the GOP literally doesnt know what its doing

Facebook adds human reviewers after 'Jew haters' ad scandal

Preet Bharara joins CNN as senior legal analyst.

Bernie Sanders: The War on Terror Has Been a Disaster for the American People

'100 % of Puerto Rico is without light.

Put that coffee down!

Bernie Sanders: The War on Terror Has Been a Disaster for the American People

Kimmel, not Cassidy, is right on health care, analysts say

Is Melania Trump really fluent in five languages?

The Cassidy/Graham Healthcare bill would be very successfull at:

Hoping for that Milwaukee-Minnesota world series

and here they are, the worlds richest bastards that own it all......the top .5% ers.

So Sunday this little ditty crawled though my head

Puerto Rico appears to be the worst combination

If the current President of NK is Rocket Man then the current President of the US is Tiny Dancer.

THOSE EYES - Too Damn cute for a Rotten Wed. night

Manafort working on Kurdish Independence Referendum opposed to US Government

So has Trump sent humanitarian aid to Mexico for the earthquake yet?

Manafort Working on Kurdish Referendum Opposed by U.S.

I sent this to Saint Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson in response to the article linked below.

By the way - a 6.1-magnitude earthquake has struck Japan 175 miles from the Fukushima

Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer wins Americas Got Talent and $1m

just in case you thought he did, trump tweets bill cassidy doesn't lie

Shumlin blames single-payer failure on timing, costs, Republicans, himself

Spanish researchers discover 30,000 year-old cave paintings

The media should ask Republican US Senators that support a Replacement to the ACA if they support

How Teotihuacans urban design was lost and found

Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction by 2100

How Teotihuacans urban design was lost and found

Serious question - if the Russians were promoting pro-Con rallies on Facebook

I have no idea how McCain will vote when repeal comes back to the floor, but I'm sure of one thing.

A despicable liar is vouching for the credibility of another despicable liar

New research suggests Mercurys poles are icier than scientists thought

New Minoan Tombs Unearthed at Sitia


The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

Ancient British stone circles were used for Neolithic parties, study finds

How Have These Hurricanes Impacted The Cruise Industry?....

Here is an interesting hour long movie with a realistic quote:

Thinking about experimenting with the Hugelkultur method of gardening

Hubble spots a strange new type of celestial object

Report: 32 million will lose health care under Graham-Cassidy

With Respect To Repugs Attempt To Repeal/Replace ACA Any Protests Scheduled .....

THAT was then - THIS is NOW

Koch network 'piggy banks' closed until Republicans pass health and tax reform.

Voter Fraud? A Trump Nominee Looks as if He Cast an Illegal Ballot

Corey Lewandowski: If Paul Manafort, Roger Stone colluded to influence 2016 election, 'I hope they g

White Ivy League Student Arrested, Fraternity Chapter Closed After Racially-Charged Attack

Trump makes a comeback in the polls

New Moosewood Cookbook Coming Out

Vox - How Venezuela (America?) went from a rich democracy to a dictatorship on the brink of collapse

Bernie Casey, Football Star Turned Actor, Poet and Painter, Dies at 78

Bernie Casey, Football Star Turned Actor, Poet and Painter, Dies at 78

Bernie Casey, Football Star Turned Actor, Poet and Painter, Dies at 78

Paul Manafort and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Special Counsel Investigation

Jimmy Kimmel!

Seth Meyers - The Check In: Who the Hell is Dana Rohrabacher?

'Over the past few days, I have had to abandon one of my most deeply held political beliefs:

Seth Meyers - Trump Addresses the U.N., Pumpkin Spice Pizza - Monologue 9/19/17

Robert Mueller's Big Thirteen Inquiry Demands -- Thanks To America's Great Free Press

The Daily Show: Back in Black - Republicans Don't Know What Insurance Is

Fox News Just May Save Your Life

Robert Redford on Donald Trump

Can't believe I haven't come across these monsters before.

Trump blocks woman with stage 4 cancer on Twitter after she criticized his latest health care plan

The Trillion-Dollar Loophole

Jimmy Kimmel response to hypocritical republicans

So prexisting conditions will mean a huge increase in healthcare costs

Far From the Texas Coast, Hurricane Harvey Hits Oil Refiners

Moving up our primary date

Oh Covfefe, Trump makes Anderson Cooper's #TheRidiculist

AARP Report on Graham Cassidy


Undersea earthquake, Bali volcano may disrupt holiday plans

I Ate It On My Bicycle Today

Mojave evening

A conservative-leaning court just issued a surprise ruling on climate change and coal mining


Unusual coincidences: Russian planes landing in U.S. recently. Yes, Oleg Deripaska's is one of them.

Hymns of the Eastern Orthodox Church

Jim Jeffries is brilliant

Happy New Year, 5778! L'Shana Tova! (Happy Rosh Hashana!)

Paul Manafort is a Russian mole.

Les "souchiens"

Iowa Legislature avoids special session; $13 million to be borrowed from reserves

Hymns of the Eastern Orthodox Church


Arvo Part/"Triodion" (not Eastern Orthodox liturgical, but lovely nontheless.)

Ex-Trump campaign manager hopes Roger Stone and Paul Manafort go to jail if they colluded with Rus

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/20/17

Fed to start reducing $4.5 trillion balance sheet

San Diego Finance Executive and Real Estate Broker Charged with $50 Million Fraud

Forfeits in Iowa high school football continue: What's the answer?

Hubbell: Iowa property tax law isn't working

De Pere Businessman Indicted for $9 Million Green Energy Fraud

Glasson 'all in' on campaign for governor

Navy issues new sleep and watch schedule rules for the surface fleet

State Senator Raoul to run for Illinois attorney general in 2018

Only 30 % of democrats want Sanders to run again

TPM: We're missing a big part of Facebook story

University of Illinois at Chicago to create $100M complex

Ex-CIA Chief stuns Nicole Wallace:Its absolutely possible Russia sent Manafort to Trump campaign.

Cops start harassment-campaign against pizzeria-owner insufficiently supportive of them.

Sioux City nursing home fined by state over food service

yogurt flavor warning: oikos "banana creme" tastes like Circus Peanuts

Russian pollster uses trick-question to reveal Fuehrer-mentality of russian voters.

CCleaner Malware second payload discovered (9.21.17)

JoeScum and Mica are calling out ReTHUGs on their health care LIES

Iran pushes back on Trump's UN attack

Jimmy Kimmel: "Whenever I see Brian Kilmeade, he kisses my ass like a little boy meeting Batman"

Republican lawmaker loses job for saying running over protesters 'is a movement we can all support'

Florida GOP rep Ross Spano "likes" football, Jesus, and porn clips from "Goddess Lesbian."

3 Pinocchios FOR Sen. Cassidy's rebuttal to Jimmy Kimmel: 'More people will have coverage'

Preet Bharara joins CNN as senior legal analyst..

Maine woman ordered by city to take down "I love Trump" & "He Won, Get over it" signs

45 blocks woman with Stage 4 cancer who tweeted opposition to Graham Cassidy

Preet Bharara: That Time President Trump Fired Me

Preet Bharrara's new podcast That Time President Trump Fired Me

New USDA Appointees: A Truck Driver, A Candle Company Owner, A Cabana Attendant

Nicaragua Joins Paris Accord, Leaving Trump Alone With Syria

Twitter Says It Will Meet With Senate Intel Committee Next Week

The "Hitler Oath"

North Korea Minister Calls Trump's Threat 'Sound Of Dog Barking'

Populist Victories Won In This Conservative Colorado Town

Warren Buffett's Favorite Market Indicator Says Stocks Are in Trouble

Hurricane Maria Will Prove To Be 'Historic Event' For Puerto Rico

Is DU still relevant?

Joe Scarborough Says 'It Hurts So Much' Watching His Friends 'Lying Every Day' About Health Care

Insurers Come Out Swinging Against New Health Bill

Trump Leaning Toward Decertifying Iran Nuclear Deal, Sources Say

With Germany's Election Around The Corner, What's Putin's Play?

Something a Trump has never done

Trump: GOP health bill short of votes before deadline

Florida anti-porn GOP lawmaker Ross Spano liked porno on Twitter

New GOP health care bill: unkind, un-gentle - by the Boston Globe Editors

Trump team's battle with North Korea has a glaring omission on the front lines

Baseball playoffs coming long as Satan or Satan West don't win it all

Word For The Day:

Calling senator scumbag toomey over graham Cassidy serial killer health bill

Insurers are scrambling to keep up with ObamaCare drama

hey ron johnson, just because you're talking real fast, doesn't make it any truer

The Great Partisan Divide

Republicans tweak Sanders over health care, but Cassidy-Graham could open a path for his bill

Some provisions in Wisconsin's Foxconn law could be unconstitutional

Far away from any witnesses, my small town is being poisoned by fracking waste

Blue states will clean out the red republican congressmen after this senate vote.


This is why we need to be careful working with Trump. We normalize him.

Luckovich draws Melania

Interesting... The Simpsons weren't the first to predict the Trump Junta?

What is up with advertisers notions of "winning" these days?

Trump should have let him see the Pope.

Spicer: I Never 'Knowingly' Lied During Time at White House

Keeping a campaign promise to repeal #ACA is more important than taking care of people in need!!

I wish they would just get it over with.

LMFAO - Kimmel rips into Fox & Friends Killmeade

Republican lawmaker loses job for saying running over protesters is a movement we can all support

North Korea's foreign minister calls Trump's U.N. address 'sound of dog barking'

Happy Equinox! Heres how quickly the days are getting shorter where you live.

And yet no one questions Trump's judgement in hiring these cretins.

Trump shows 'America First' is utterly incoherent - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

The White House's preposterous policy analysis on refugees - WaPo Editorial Board

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli must go through psychiatric exam

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli must go through psychiatric exam :NYDN

Beta Trump? He Apologized To ERDOGAN for Bodyguard Brawl?

SHOCK: Trump Using Campaign Cash to Pay Russia Scandal Legal Fees

'BILLIONAIRE' don trump is using RNC donations to pay his legal bills

Ann Coulter has gone full-on Nazi...

The 3 types of single-payer 'concern trolls' & they all want to undermine universal health care

Today is the International Day of Peace...

Brownback's privatization moved tax workers from secured building; one just got shot at new office

I know this isn't important

From The 5 Stupidest People On The Planet (Are All Donald Trump)

Packaging, bagging and waste. We can and should do better.

LIVE-Stream Link to Sen Sanders' Westminster College Foreign Policy Speech - Sept 21 at 11AM CT

The unlikely group who brought Obamacare repeal back to life

Go Kimmel. It's Time For In Your Face Merciless & Even Personal Vicious Counter Attack.

Trump hires campaign workers instead of farm experts at USDA

Rex Tillerson was startled that Trump told reporters he had made up his mind on Iran deal

Trump vs. Bannon In 'Bama

So Robert Menedez in on trial for somethimng Trump's Cabinet

Bharara: Trump would have asked for something 'inappropriate'

Coming out to straight spouse

The latest Obamacare repeal bill is modeled after welfare reform. That was a failure.

Are earthquakes and hurricanes related?

Pence: We Can Address Any Funding Issues With Obamacare Repeal Later

Chicken Rillette recipe! (a rustic pate)

ACLU Sues Michigan For Barring Same-Sex Couples From Fostering Or Adopting

Jimmy Kimmel eviscerates GOP, Fox News host with fiery health care bill takedown

Dems Request Thorough Review Of HHS Secretary Price's Travel Expenditures

With every wish comes a curse-How Democrats Gave the GOP One More Chance to Repeal Obamacare

Someone Made a Fake Equifax Site. Then Equifax Linked to It.--NY Times

Poll: Kid Rock trailing Stabenow by almost 20 points

Stephen Colbert: Obama's Assessment Of The Graham-Cassidy Bill

Sally Yates joins Georgetown Law

Hatch Introduces Medical Marijuana Research Bill. And how...

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Wants To Renegotiate Iran Deal, Will Ask His Friends For Help

Manafort used Trump campaign account to email Ukrainian operative


Movies in Movies that should be Movies?🎞🎟🍿

McMaster: I have not been contacted by Mueller's team

Christie undermines LG's campaign to succeed him

UPDATED: Trump vows more sanctions on North Korea

Entire island of Puerto Rico loses power

Ellen saying she wouldn't have Trump on her show

Equal Protection

mike pence is out there working his ass off to deny americans healthcare....

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Health Care Destruction Plan

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Weird Citrus Golem

Manafort, Trump, Stone go way back to 1980 & Sater to 2002

Trump campaign bodyguard linked to ex-con whos key in Russia probes

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Hurricanes may be God's way of telling folks to move, says GOP Texas congressman

This year is chock-full of rapidly intensifying hurricanes - Jeff Masters

I reluctantly agree with pizzaeagle

The FBI says as many as 39 states had their voting systems scanned or targeted by Russia.

You think this Healthcare bill is bad, just wait for Tax "Reform"

Firebombing of N Korea was so intense it even sickened Gen. MacArthur

Trump campaign bodyguard linked to ex-con who is key in Russia probes

Median income grew 15% Clinton, 10% Reagan, 6% Obama & fell 2% Bush. Poverty fell 20% Cl, 7% Ob,

asking for your expertise

Another potential Mueller honey pot: Spicer's notebooks

Exclusive: Trump team drafting plan to deport more young people -- Central American teens

"Better to fail again trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act then not to try at all."

The media's biggest 2016 mistake: over-certainty about the data.

Push to unseal the draft Whitewater indictment against Hillary Clinton gets court date

ACLU moves from defense to offense, starting in Kris Kobach's home state

Don't be fooled by the Clinton-Sanders feud, Dems are united


Donald Trump blocks stage 4 cancer patient who criticised his healthcare plans on Twitter

Making public college free

Foo Fighters Carpool Karaoke

Highlights from 2017 Nat. Geo. Wildlife Photographer of year

Ed Dept.: DeVos Uses Private Jet To Tour Schools At 'Zero Cost To Taxpayers'

Areas that depend on aquifers for their water supply, including, but not limited to, KS, what

New Report: Graham-Cassidy Punishes Medicaid Expansion States

Virginia Republican's ad ties opponent to MS-13. Democrats compare it to 'Willie Horton'

Serena answers Sharapova et al in a fabulous letter to her mother

Trump to visit hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico

I wish we had a POTUS who would fast-track the development of autonomous cars.

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Declines to Extend September Retreat

Hehehehe Mica and JoeScum are on the View n/t

Does anyone have a good recipe for Clam Bisque?

please explain some of the shortcut nomenclature I see here

Russia's geopolitical long game and what Russia actually wants:

Understanding the corporate media

Manafort spokesman says investigations 'entirely politically motivated'

Charlatan Trump, meet former S. Vietnam leader, Charlatan Ky.

Just gotta brag for a moment - I'm featured in a ad!

Got encryption? Lead-bottom GOP does nothing during the Equifax crisis.

This Week In Trump....Rocket Man parody...Classic

Moderate Blue Dogs see new influence over Dem recruitment

Florida Nursing Home Listed Dead Resident as Resting in Bed, State Says. (med.records updated late)

Memory of the Shoah

Watch every video in VR with the Opera (browser) Developer 49 (aka a beta build)

In States Which Like Gun Violence, They Also Like Trump.

Roy Moore disrupts Alabama Senate race -- and prepares for new level of defiance in Washington

Is the Equifax website okay now?

Dr. Trumpcare

Hurricane Maria's devastation of Puerto Rico, in pictures

R.I.P. Bernie "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" Casey, 78

A question please, for someone smarter than me. Re: Trumpcare.

What is so different in this bill

@SenSanders receives an honorary Doctor of Political Science degree from Westminster College.

I better not hear a damn thing about any damn wall, while Mexico is going thru

Equifax data breach victim? The fight for your identity will last years

Michigan doctor believes US ready for first Muslim governor

Sociologist Rodney Stark gets cranky about religion

Baby whose mother chose giving birth over chemo has died

GOP Meme - ACA Repeal Will Kill Only Unwanted Mexicans, Blacks Costly Sick & Disabled Anyway. NBD.

If you have a vagina

Trump Stacks Labor Department with Friends of Big Business

Whatever happened to Sid Dithers?

Power of Earthquakes - New Zealand 2016

Gay Republican who attacked Obamacare nonstop turns to crowdfunding for medical bills

Ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame raises eyebrows after sharing article blaming Americas Jews for US war

Manafort planning to leave US as Muellers team prepares to indict him in Russia probe

The only way IMO to make a republican senator at least pause before voting

Ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame raises eyebrows after sharing article blaming Americas Jews for US war

Does Body Language Tell Us If GOP Has the Votes?

*****'s National Labor Relations Board Pick Litigated Reagan's 'Watershed' Air Traffic Case

He doesn't even know the basics Scathing New Parody Site Rips Mask Off 'Zombie Neoliberalism'

GOP Bill Has No Support from the Health Care Industry

Cuteness Overload for Thurs. Afternoon - Mom and her coalition of cubs

Senate candidate Roy Moore in 2005: 'Homosexual conduct should be illegal'

Spicer's Notebooks Could Be a 'Honey Pot' for Mueller

Roy Moore in 2005 with Bill Press. Roy Moore on homosexual activity.

Despite Rising Seas and Bigger Storms, Floridas Land Rush Endures

McMaster: Trump Will Take A More 'Holistic' Approach To Iran

Hurricane bounce wearing off ? Chump going back down on Gallup

Nutmeg the cat age 32

Lawrence O'Donnell Channels Bill O'Reilly (Warning - explicit language)

Leaked EPA Memo Mandates Anti-Leak Training

Shameless plug for a friend...

Most Evil Republican Of The Week? Senator John 'Butcher' Barasso

Is this guy locked up yet?

And not one fucking word from the WH about Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

So are Republicans really going to fuck us on healthcare?

Brian Kilmeade Whines Jimmy Kimmel Attacked Me After Being Called Phony Little Creep

How strong has job growth been on Donald Trump's watch?

Anyone Here Ever Make a Checkerboard Cake....

How do I keep my rubber gasket on my blender container

Jane Sanders and California Nurses LIVE-Stream twitter links

Abuser of girls "gifted" by their ex-Amish parents sentenced to prison

Sanders rips Trump in foreign policy speech, defends Iran deal

15 dead and 20 missing on Dominica after Hurricane Maria

A message to my flooded neighbors in my very Conservative town

We all have a pre-existing condition. Everyone of us will eventually get sick and die.

Rethugs continue to be just disgusting, vile excuses for human beings.


Who would be a Republican having to vote on this health-care bill?

Poll: Support drops for border wall, deporting Dreamers

Pence to push tax reform in Indiana with Democrat Donnelly in tow

More Republicans endorse ISIS tactics to deal with opposition

iPhone for Tracfone at Target

Dems call for extended ObamaCare open enrollment in wake of storms

Dem to join mental health group advocating Trump's removal

Valerie Plame tweets story blaming 'America's Jews' for foreign wars

Federal employees ordered to attend anti-leaking classes

For the first time, the Marine Corps expects to have a female infantry officer among its ranks

Someone suggested I do my own web show about how much I love Wall Street.

DNR or DNT (Do Not Treat) Medical Orders Should Be Inserted Into GOP Senators' Medical Files.


Boutonnieres that may make bachelors feel like they dodged a bullet.

Very Likely Congress Will Be Exempt From This Bill.

Roy, Utah, Eagles selling building to pay for severe workplace injury lawsuit

Rush Limbaugh thinks entire Russian scandal is based on nothing more than the Steele dossier...

My TV just got interrupted by an alarm

The Trump Administration & Cabinet Like Putting A Pedophile In Charge Of A Day Care Center.

Per MSNBC: There may be FIVE kids still alive under that granite table! RE Mexican earthquake

When being cheap goes wrong, Nepal lady unloads on British Tourist...

StLouis cops terrorize restaurant owner

CSI rodeo athlete pushes forward after being paralyzed at Twin Falls County Fair

Manafort planning to leave US as Muellers team prepares to indict him in Russia probe

How Rick Santorum Got A Haircut And Revived The GOP's Obamacare Repeal Effort.

Sunday's A Concert for Charlottesville to be livestreamed

Republicans attempt to buy Murkowski's vote in new draft of health care bill

Updating Donnie 2 Scoops. Donnie 4C

Hey Fellow DUers from UTAH -I'm traveling to your great state

Valerie Plame..tweets about an article that she did not read completely..then apologizes: The Hill

Democrats Like Both Clinton And Sanders, But Dont Want Either To Seek Presidency Again

Can't wait til we end illegal immigration, Americans can finally start paying 40 bucks for a salad.

The Privatized VA & Veterans Will Be Put Under Future GOP Health Care Plans.

Hurricane Hotline Numbers for Puerto Rico to call and check on Family and Friends.

The Discussionist? Can someone please explain for this newbie?

GOP Goal - Kill Health Care From Any Government Completely And Permanently.

Facebook to release to Congress Russian-purchased ads linked to 2016 election

Completely unprompted, Mike Pence declares he was not aware of collusion with Russia

Bernie Sanders Just Gave the Progressive Foreign-Policy Speech We've Been Waiting For

Bernie Sanders Just Gave the Progressive Foreign-Policy Speech We've Been Waiting For

What would the ideal Democratic candidate look like?

Roy Moore disrupts Alabama Senate race and prepares for new level of defiance in Washington

Trump to Let Congress Decide Fate of Iran Deal, Like Everything Else: Report

Skadden, Big New York Law Firm, Faces Questions on Work With Manafort

"You know, I could maybe give you 10 reasons why this bill shouldn't be considered"--Chuck Grassley

Found this question on a Facebook page today:

Mexican authorities conclude no child trapped in collapsed school

Mexican authorities conclude no child trapped in collapsed school

Help! All hands on deck to defeat Graham Cassidy! Things you can do....

SEC reveals it was hacked, information may have been used for illegal stock trades

Report: DOJ Asks Law Firm For Info About Ukraine Strategy Manafort Worked On

Did anyone take on Gypsy on Netflix?

Most people who post here, are far more qualified to be President of U.S.A. than Trump..

A heartfelt plea

Anti-Abortion Lobby Pushes for Quick Approval of Graham-Cassidy

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

LIVE on Politics Done Right: Will hurricanes Harvey & Irma end Conservatives wish to kill government

Preet Bharara interviews himself:

Resources to deal with hog confinement building coming in next door?

Aaron Hernandez Found to Have Severe CTE

Divide and Conquer VICE on HBO (Trailer)

$70,000 Per Annum Long Term Care Cost For Families W/End Of Medicaid.

AARP: Older Americans to pay $16K more under GOP ObamaCare repeal

Number One 🎶 Fifty Years Ago Today 📺📻

Mueller requested phone records about Air Force One statement (from Trump, on the Don Jr. meeting)

'Repeal and Go Fuck Yourself' Is in Full Effect

Ok, so Trump seems to always praise another

The Nation: Bernie Sanders Just Gave the Progressive Foreign-Policy Speech Weve Been Waiting For

Just counted up my preexisting conditions.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 21, 2017

Missouri's legal-expense fund failed to track $67M in payouts the past five years, auditor finds

Aaron Hernandez lawyer: Brain showed 'severe' case of CTE

Dear Lord... I have a new food obsession

CNN to host town hall debate Monday with Graham, Cassidy, Sanders and Klobuchar

Manafort/Pence connection (from October 30, 2016)

Bernie Sanders: Saudi Arabia is 'not an ally' and the U.S. Should 'rethink' its approach to Iran

Federal Judge Halts Missouri's Abortion Expansion, Leaving Three Clinics in Limbo

Source for non-mega-farm pork?

Arecibo Observatory Remains Offline After Being Buffeted by Hurricane Maria

Arecibo Observatory Remains Offline After Being Buffeted by Hurricane Maria

Whatever happened about getting the transcripts???

🐦 Sept 25 at 9PM - Sanders, Klobuchar, Graham, Cassidy Debate CNN Town Hall

Fossil-Footprint Thief Couldn't Outrun the Law

16 Desserts for Apple Season

Check out the rescued 'cow':

Does Trump even know what he hates about the Iran nuclear deal?

America First??

The G.O.P. Bill Forces States to Build Health Systems From Scratch. That's Hard.

Republicans point out the solid base of their health-care plan

First time in over 50 years caffeinated sodas heading to Brigham Young campus

POLITICO-Harvard poll: Tax reform lags other issues on list of voters' concerns

call the senate finance committee to oppose graham cassidy

Need something to text to boyfriend about doing something by himself but with my support

Given What We Know Now, Some Of The Steele Dossier's Claims Aren't So Crazy

KC Catholic school responds after girls pose with swastika made up of beer pong cups

Mr. President, do you view health care as

Trump Praises Erdogan, Ignores Question On Beaten Peaceful Protesters

Puerto Rico: What's next?

China launches world's fastest bullet trains, zipping from Shanghai to Beijing at 350 km/h

Ellen DeGeneres tells that phony Megyn Kelly what's what:

Prosecutors say Texas lawmaker spent $51K on online psychic

Sanders and Klobuchar will debate Graham and Cassidy on CNN on healthcare - Monday

Russia threatens retaliatory strikes against U.S. troops and their allies in Syria

Behind the Senate GOP's high-stakes health-care gamble: Unrelenting criticism back home

Pennsylvania high school golfer has 2 holes-in-one in round

Trump is assembling the most male-dominated government in decades

Trump Campaign Had a Direct Connection to Facebook

Bona fide exchange with a drooling Trump moron

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 22 September 2017

Mueller requested phone records about Air Force One statement

KB Home slashes CEO's bonus after vulgar Kathy Griffin rant

MTP Daily Just now on MSNBC

Nicaragua to Sign Paris Agreement, Leaving Trump Alone With Syria.

University of Missouri official enrollment figures show expected decline

Maria Cantwell On The 2020 Ticket? Thoughts For And Against?

Kansas sanctions Missouri doctor over 13-year-old's abortion

AARP: Older Americans to pay $16K more under GOP ObamaCare repeal

A tenth person who was at that so called nursing home

Jellyfish Don't Have Brains, But They Do Sleep

After Massive Data Breach, Equifax Directed Customers To Fake Site

Op-Ed There are 3 types of single-payer 'concern trolls' and they all want to undermine universal

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit by Minn. wedding videographers who sued to refuse same-sex customers

Count The Provisional Ballots & Hillary Won By Any Stretch Of The Imaginations.

Graham-Cassidy would start banning abortion coverage in Obamacare plans in 3 months

Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE; daughter sues NFL, Pats

Trump hires campaign workers instead of farm experts at USDA

****BREAKING**** Kim Jong Un calls Trump 'deranged,' says he will 'pay dearly' for his threats

Lead in Flint water increased fetal deaths, lowered fertility, study says

CNN to host town hall debate Monday with Graham, Cassidy, Sanders and Klobuchar

Do you agree or disagree with this general statement about where U.S. foreign policy should go?

Alt Right Figure "Baked Alaska" Wants His Old Friends Back

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

Bill Cassidy relies on confusion to pass his healthcare bill

Citing SCOTUS Obergefell Case, AZ Supreme Court Rules That Parental Rights Extend to Gay Spouses

U.S. safety board says train crash engineers had undiagnosed sleep disorder

There is meddling in Germany's election not by Russia, but by U.S. right wing

Who is the woman who is standing in for Ari Mueller (sp)

They're still finding people alive in Mexico

Video: Prophets Of Rage - "Hail To The Chief"

North Korean leader responds to Trump: 'I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged...

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses 'next steps in protecting election integrity'

Time for a soothing cup of Nambian Covefe


Five indicted for allegedly defrauding Dolly Parton's foundation

So Aaron Hernandez had Stage III CTE

Woman asked to leave Texas high school football game over KKK shirt

$9 billion highway project would widen 3 major Maryland roadways with toll lanes, Hogan says

Pierce: A Shameless Bill Deserves a Shameless Pitchman

If you have nothing nice to say about someone,

Canada's Trudeau issues rallying cry for climate fight and takes a dig at the US

Why is the GOP desperate to pass this terrible healthcare bill? The Koch brothers threatened them

Mason Jar Iced Tea

Man charged with attempted murder of Kansas tax agent

Who could possibly vote for this POS ?

Trump's Wall May Put Arizona's Rare Jaguars At Risk

If Trump understood....

NASA's Osiris-Rex Spacecraft Is Headed for a Flyby With Earth

Yes - The Repugs Campaigned On Repealing & Replacing ACA.....

For the first time, the Marine Corps plans to have a female infantry officer among its ranks

Utah Rep. Chris Stewart tweets, then deletes post about liberals wetting their pants over Trump spee

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