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Archives: September 2, 2017

So Trump is going to end DACA ?

Evidence of Russian Election-Data Tampering Mounts as Urgency to Investigate It Does Not

Of course Sheriff Clarke is going to go work for Trumpy, he ❤️s Russia too..

Judge Rescinds President Temer's Decree and Federal Prosecutor Criticizes End of Amazon Reserve

Donald Trump Jr giving speech at Univ of North Texas for $100,000

White House walks back promise about Trump donating his personal money to Harvey victims

Had to turn Kornacki off. If I want to listen to apologies, excuses and justifications for the

Why do we subsidize flood insurance?

SNL weekend update Alec Baldwin trump cold open

I'm That Jew

The Memo: Ending DACA a risky move for Trump

Arkema chemical plant fire

Matt Damon: Directors had to write Trump a part to shoot movies in his buildings


No Money...

Good explanation of the prospects for Hurricane Irma

Old Man Gloom bites the dust,

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Bob Kincaid. Live Uncensored & a Kittehs gif

Trump Energy appointee steps down after claiming bigoted social media posts were from hackers

GA officer caught saying cops "only kill black people" to be fired, Cops killing black people not so

TCM Schedule for Monday September 4 - TCM Remembers: Jerry Lewis

Talk of Assange pardon

Rachel: Joy talking about how they stole the election by hacking voter reg databases and keeping

40-year campaign to exhume baby's body produces empty coffin

Labor Day!!!!

Friday Talking Points (451) -- Riders On The Storm

Canada has been running a covert operation to remove lgbtq chechens

Polls Show Trump, The Least Popular President Ever, Has Seen His Approval Rating Plunge

Jr $100,000 speech sponsored by GOP donors company

After Harvey, the Trump administration reconsiders flood rules it just rolled back

11 wonderful websites that (will) keep you happy for hours

92 in San Francisco right now ! Feels like being in So Cal,

NY Times: In Election Interference, Its What Reporters Didn't Find That Matters

Exclusive: Fire Spotted at Russian Diplomatic Building in DC

Is it or isn't it?

Trump's ambassador to Israel refers to 'alleged occupation' of Palestinian territories

The Russian Consulate in SF closing.....I think there is more to it.

in 2018 when we get control will we

I finally remembered of whom Sebastian Screwloose Gorka reminds me

So Don, you said you're under IRS audit. Not so, bud. NOW you're under IRS audit.

Aide Who Delivered Letter Firing Comey Plans to Quit

I get dizzy when I think about president

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.

Economy is doing worse

Court orders EPA to meet Texas haze deadline, calls out Scott Pruitts stall tactics

US to auction drilling rights near national monument in Utah

Blunting the Far Right, Merkel Gains as German Election Nears.

Trump is his own picture of Dorian Gray

What next?

It looks like we can add 750K Dreamers to the price tag of maintaining the purity of the Stein-crowd

Joel Osteen

Fog catching in Peru

Salon: Trump to push new immigration rollback Sanders once supported

What about the members of Joel Osteen's congregation?

Texas fire from chemical plant

Rick Scott calls on Congress to protect 'Dreamers'

Nope, Scotty's not getting the highway bailout from DC that he wanted

First, San Francisco. Now, the Russians are apparently burning something in D.C.

So 12 Weeks Ago...

My incredible new favorite classic pianist.

I am going to vent some more!

My Trump-Loving Aunt Just Posted Some BS. Help Me Smack It Down.

Rare Yellow Lobster Joins New England Aquarium's 'Rainbow' Collection

San Francisco sets all-time heat record downtown at 106 degrees during hottest recorded summer

Hydration Packs

Minneapolis bar closes after performers and employees protest owner's donation to ex-KKK leader

Trump To Under Go Surgery For Helium Valves For His Head And Hands..

I know I shouldn't say this.....but, what is with Maria's face????

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything...

Afroman's "Because I Got High" - Trump Edition!

An interesting thesis on the utility of MAX phases in the manufacture of turbine blades.

Brotherhood Without Banjos, more music from the Game of Thrones cast

John Kelly Pushing Out Omarosa for Triggering Trump

Thinking of Joel Olstean I watched Dr. Phil today and he gave a plug for the Red Cross

Happy anniversary

I'm moving over here from the Cancer group

Brazilian prosecutors want Lula absolved in corruption case

Brazilian prosecutors want Lula absolved in corruption case

I'm drunk, and proud to have lived in the Obama Era.

To avoid impeachment, dump will...

Dem pushes to defund Trumps voter fraud commission

Men of sleet: The snowflakes behind Trumps macho-man act

Fixer in Chief

Vermont Tax Department Sends Letters Seeking Unpaid Sales Tax

Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquake Swarm Now One Of Biggest On Record, With Over 2,300 Tremors

Port Aransas ferries damaged by Harvey

State investigates 1 million gallon sewage spill in Rutland

Hawaii lawmakers take big step to aid rail line

Trump "loves" Dreamers.. So he says..

A Paramedic With DACA Status Rescues Harvey Victims As Trump Decides His Fate

Proof that Jill Stein is a VIP for Putin: he seated her beside one of his most trusted aides,

"Blow Me" was sung by Todd Rundgren and dedicated to Jill Stein

Election-law lawsuit by New Hampshire Democratic party to become federal case

How would Trump react if his whole Cabinet quit?

Reverend Barber on White Supremacy

Daycare centers step up opposition to proposed regulations

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center and CHRISTUS Health to Pay $12.24 M (re Medicaid)

Things you should never buy at Trump's garage sale?

where's his tweet?

Gov Wolf vs GOP state legislature

depression is like a background app that drains your battery

Trump officials don't want to work with Boris Johnson 'because they think he's a joke'

Cannabis Control Commission 'does not reflect the Massachusetts electorate,' pro-marijuana group say

Grace Slick Wants to Give Trump LSD: This Nut-Job Goofball

US Rep. Joe Kennedy criticizes shifting rhetoric from White House on North Korea

He was wearing a mask of metal, glass, and plastic

8 bat-shit examples for Russia's Fuhrer-cult about Putin.

To Help Houston

Oopsie. VP Pence may already have his very own impeachable offense.

Science 101

'I Needed to Clarify Things.' Pope Francis on When He Used to See a Therapist

The lawyer of the Crying Nazi is bad at his job. Really, really bad.

BREAKING: Trump orders W.H. Chef to serve only alphabet soup, with letters spelling out "DJT ROCKS"

John Kelly is completely full of crap. If you "won't abide" Trump's abuse, get out or shut up.

How Russian & Alt-Right Twitter Accounts Worked Together to Make #Antifa and #Berkeley Hot Topics

Neal Gabler - The Conversation We Should Be Having

OK, all of you callous DOUBTERS, you wanted PROOF of Trump's $1 million Harvey donation?

The good news re Major Hurricanes forming East of 35.0W

'Praying for People in Texas'

Forceful Chief of Staff Grates on Trump, and the Feeling Is Mutual

IMHO, it should be mandatory in high school...

My Best Friend is a Trump Supporter

Feinstein: "Trump is honest and I look forward to working with him."

the self-congratulatory a tweet

Trump to tap Rep. Tom Marino as 'drug czar'

Trump to Nominate Fox News Commentator Richard Grenell as Ambassador to Germany

Trump to visit storm-damaged Texas and Louisiana on Saturday

Gillibrand slams Army for 'empty promises' following general's suspension

Soldiers Fight Pentagon for Promised Citizenship

Trump complained he's reading fewer articles from right-wing sites: report

Don't F**K With PPact...

White House aide Omarosa being forced out by Kelly for getting Trump worked up over negative press

Mulvaney Introduces Himself as a 'Right-Wing Nutjob'

All-time US record-holder, Cmdr. Peggy Whitson, returns from space tonight (watch LIVE 9:22 ET)

IS convoy stranded in Syria desert after US bombing

Cons claim they voted down the Sandy relief bill because it was filled with pork. Don't believe them

US, South Korea set to revise bilateral missile treaty

Resistance Versus Collaboration

Millions of Time Warner Cable Customer Records Exposed in Third-Party Data Leak

What if the Dems run in 2018 on removing Trump from office?

Best org for Harvey donations?

This is, hands down, the most unintentionally hilarious window sticker, EVER!

Bannon's right-hand woman remains in the White House

Michael Moore slams Utah nurse arrest as 'Trump's America'

Moment of truth arrives for Obamacare repeal

A $1,000 per month cash handout would grow the economy by $2.5 trillion, new study says

Trump administration downsizes HBCU conference

What is honesty?

Ku Klux Klown

If you searching for an appropriate, well-run group that could really make a difference

Countdown to seeing what shoes Melodrama wears to tour Houston!

Fox and friends warns viewers

Disaster relief donations that dont bring relief

Charlotte NC couple fined $7000 by homeowners association because their roof is too nice

Roy Moore owes apology to Trump, Luther Strange says

Osteen using armed guards to block survivors' access to donations

Gator shows up for dinner-

To nominate GOP Rep. Bridenstine for NASA

Progressive group launches first ad campaign against Dem

Trump lost His elderly base

DSB's Eleventh Commandment For All Progressives

Impeach Trump or Else: Top Dem Pays Price for Urging 'Patience' With the President

Ooooo Lawd this is good

Is Ted Cruz human? An investigation

DANGER----- Cuteness Attack

So the Trump Foundation cannot donate anything

A new idea for Eid from French singer and vegan Keezy R.

The Reality TV President Groper Don the Con

In the past few weeks we've seen a white woman murdered with a high powered automobile...

Weekend Toon Roundup

Christianity Today's weak article on Houston churches and Harvey

John Bolton wants us to punish Iran for 9/11

Debit card cloned, 10k gone, bank denying claim. Advice?

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Chelmsford Stakes(AUS)

Stupid Watergate.

After Harvey, the Trump administration reconsiders flood rules it just rolled back

I'm joining Harry and giving up on muggle newspapers

NC: Last-minute GenX ambush, standard operating procedure for legislature

Evacuations ordered in Burbank neighborhood as La Tuna Fire continues raging

September 2017 Grapevine focus is Young&Sober

IMO, tRump Campaign Never Thought They Would Win

1. Take a statement or off-the-cuff comment from some Democratic elected official.

"And that, Mr President is a tree. Say it; tree. T.R.E.E.

A European look at Trump #round 15

Post-Harvey problems plague Texas as funerals for dead begin

A map showing Hurricane Irma on a path to hit Houston is fake news

Harvey changes the equation as do-little Congress returns

No-cost abortion care for those affected by Hurricane Harvey all September

An exhaustive list of all the things Donald Trump has done to "Make America Great Again " -Click

Diesel Trucks vs Hurricane Harvey, Houston Texas

You are able to travel to 1977 for 10 minutes.

Retail U.S. gasoline prices surge on Harvey supply disruptions

"Key" Repubs urge Chump to keep DACA in place.

Next will be the roaming pissoir so you never have to get up to pee...

Flashback 2012: Pres. Obama Presents His Deferred Action Program for Young, Undocumented Immigrants

Am I Buying Fuel Oil From a David Duke Supporter in LI?

Apologies from officials

What Trump and His Team Have Wrecked So Far

MSNBC cut off reporter as he tells climate change and oil industry truth? (VIDEO)

Reality of Evangelicals Trump vs Obama hypocrisy exposed clearly

Flashback 2012: Pres. Obamas deferred action immigration policy begins making 'dreams' come true

DACA Protest Tomorrow Sunday in Chicago:

Is Conway attending today's Bowling Green massacre?

Trump Jr.s $100,000 speaking gig bankrolled by corporate tax lobbyists

Thoughts on GoFundMe?

Make America Great Again on eBay

Democrats target Trump on trade

Women lead the Democratic resistance just look at Virginia

As the GOP looks to cut taxes, your 401k may bear the cost

Dawn of the Superego: Liverpools Coutinho Stance Shifts Transfer Market Balance

Trump's summer of discontent bleeds into high-stakes fall

It's all about the children...

Stocking up for the big flood...

House Republican hopes Congress will be grown-up upon return next week

Trump made it to Houston!

Electricity production : when enzymes rival platinum

The separation of samarium, europium and neodymium from other lanthanides by distillation.

North Korea/South Korea (Lithuanian world traveler Jacob Laukaitis visits both)

Collecting my thoughts

LOL! Did Trump Assist Rescuers in Pulling Harvey Victims from Floodwaters?

The greatest act of betrayal since the civil war. The american peoples response was unimaginable.

Human Toll of Harvey Comes Into View as Waters Recede

Every word out of his mouth (or on Twitter) on Harvey has been self-congratulatory.

Paramedic (DACA Dreamer) worked 6 days straight rescuing flood victims, now Trump may deport him

Lightning strike! Too close for comfort...

I have no radio in my truck today! Did stupid land in Texas and making a idiot of himself?

Joel Osteen's Lakewood church passes around collection plates to Hurricane evacuees

What are his DACA choices?

It just warms my heart to see my president and FLOTUS so touchy feely this past week. NOT!!!!!!

Hurricane Irma remains potential threat to the East Coast, possibly matching Harveys wind strength

Asked Again About 2020, Sanders Denounces Media Obsession with "Never-Ending Campaigns"

I happened onto a baby picture of me on Ebay yesterday

So after a few photo ops with minority flood victims..

Would this song be acceptable today?

Trump faking empathy in Texas

Harvey Wont Be The Last Thousand-Year Storm

Trump is putting on a fake show at this very moment. Everyone is falling for it again.

About the billion dollar federal recovery for Texas and lessons learned.

Highest Paid TV personality is.........?????

Video: Utah Cop Mugs Nurse Blocking Cop Stealing Blood

Harvey Discussion with MAGA co-worker

S.O.S. Harvey

Trump Wants to Shift Infrastructure Decisions to States

"Have a good time everybody "

Whole Woman's Health: No cost abortions for the month of September

When will it stop? Trump get all the attention no matter what. Pre-election to now. Constantly on TV

If Trump had been on the first flight to the moon in July 1969, he'd have tried

Trump became President today

VP Pence a witness, also a misprision of a felony charge possible.

Trump preparing withdrawal from South Korea trade deal

Make your donation really count. Use this site to determine if a charity is legit.

Contradicting Trump, DOJ Admits There Is No Evidence Of Trump Tower Wiretaps

Hurricane Harvey makes NASA reroute space station video to Alabama (


As a condition for the aid to Harvey Victims all

Houston Shrugs As Trump Comes a Second Time

'They are 91 percent employed!': Joy Reid annihilates guest comparing Dreamers to welfare recipients

Bee Gees Staying Alive music over the N Korean Army Marching

Trump meets with Hurricane Harvey survivors in Houston

Harvey's financial toll: $80 billion so far in damage, second only to Katrina

Rep. Pittenger, a Trump backer, hosted constituents. Boos and catcalls followed.

Colorado GOP Blocks Nation's First Well-mapping Requirement

So fake and staged....

16 Most WTF Back To School Sales {pics}

100 Common Myths & Misconceptions: The world's most widespread falsehoods - debunked

Help!!!! Smoke alarm chirp driving my neighbor nuts!!!!

It just has to be said ...

It is 102 degrees here on the central coast of CA today. Yesterday we

PETA has arrived in Houston

OMG, it gets worse. Now Cruz is on stage with it and Melonia

The Fall of Trump's Alpha Males

Report: Houston's Toxic Waste Sites Are Flooded

MSNBC. Its official Trump is amazing. He really cares. BARF.

I wonder if public education made it mandatory to have a course in government

Trump pitches in at shelter for Harvey victims

Russian diplomats & oligarchs are actively promoting the organization of militarized

Countdown to Trump Un-Presidentialing himself in 3, 2, 1...

This pisses me off - what would you do?

SURE, the DOJ concluded Obama didn't "tapp" Trump, with NO mention of MICROWAVES.

My New Favorite Country Song Cover

C'mon, tell me he didn't say this

King Donald the Clueless

Take a load off with Aretha and Duane "The Weight"

I would like to dedicate this song to Donald John Trump.

Philly Police Union President Calls Black Lives Matter Activists A Pack Of Rabid Animals

Trump Cites Happiness At Texas Shelter As Harvey Death Toll Climbs

I keep hearing about the USA/45 cap trump is wearing during the flood coverage

Remember this while watching Trump

There Is Not One Thing Right With This

CNN Website front page

Hands-Phil Ochs(recorded live at the Village Gate, 1964)

Stop the Latest Sneak Attack on Social Security (PETITION)

Trump's visit..C-..How he could have gotten an A

A tiny home community rises in Detroit

Milt Pappas

Why hydrogen fuel will never happen in TWO WORDS:

The bar is now set below ground level

If you pick up a child, do you...

If only Dump would have hugged victims on first trip

Nature: Cassini's 13 Years of Stunning Saturn Science - in Pictures.

We must help the victims

The pResident Visits The Disaster Area...

Wind River

Pups 23 days

Heatwave Day Two: 100 Degrees in Downtown San Francisco

John Kelly Can Serve His Country Now

Oh! No! Another Bowling Green massacre

A Taste of Indian Nostalgia Finds an Eager Audience.

My rant for the day (probably nothing new for any of you)

Will the costs of the "empathy" lessons, flights, be included in the Relief budget?!1 Plus, SESSONS

White House Aides Admit That Uninformed Trump Gets His Information From Fox News

A Taste of Indian Nostalgia Finds an Eager Audience.

CNN has created a gif (bless their hearts) of the 'president' being kind to children.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 2, 2017

question about opposition to the founding of the NHS

US Deputy Attorney General Warns About Right Wing Terror Threat Trump Ignores

Temps in triple digits today, damn, its freaking HOT!!!

Can this South Dakota shelter heal the centuries-long trauma of Native women?

Italy's Fabio Fognini suspended from US Open for calling female umpire a 'whore'

Jill Stein looped into widening investigation of Russia and Trump Jr. connections

Another triple digit day in California !!! Its freaking hot!!

It's not true that Trump doesn't want African-American tenants.

We must support Our President as he brings to Houston his empathy!

Trump Administration Announces New $20 Bill Design Honoring Harriet Tubmans Owners

So The media is supposed to perform the job of Coast Guards?

Trump today in Texas..."Its been beautiful"

The holidays are looming

I feel like the media is fawning over a toddler who just took his first step

On A Lighter Note - An Unplanned Rescue

He knows shaking hands negates the food protecting gloves, right?

Deadline to Repeal Obamacare Approaches

Largest fire in Los Angeles histroy- now at 8000 acres

Trump wants to cut billions from FEMA, National Flood Insurance program and the Coastguard

Stream the full "new" Neil Young album on NPR.

No Flood Bump For Chump . He's In An Inexorable Slump - Gallup 34/61*

Law prof explains legal reasoning why Trumps new memo puts Mike Pence in legal jeopardy for impea

Meaning of Antifa

DU check in with your location and area temperatures

I have been off the grid for a couple weeks anything else I need to know besides this?

'Rules' info, please.

Attorney General Jeff Sessionss claim that a violent crime wave is sweeping the nation

**BREAKING** OF COURSE CHUMP LIED- Justice Department: No evidence Obama wiretapped Trump Tower


Trump defacing public property?

Trump with a flood victim.

Right-wingers attack Womens March co-organizer for posting link to help Harvey victims

Last Friday I filled up and paid 2.19 per gallon

Istead of Ryan's proposal that very sick people go into their own healthcare pool, why not

Voter arrested at GOPers town hall for asking how hed feel if his daughter was abducted by ICE l

Trump interrupts Harvey relief mission to snipe at press about the size of his hands

Where do 'Alt Right' groups get their money?

Americas Worst Columnist Still Convinced Trump Is Innocent

Right-wingers attack Womens March co-organizer for posting link to help Harvey victims

Doesn't Know How to Read Breitbart Without Someone Printing It Out

How to Survive a Rip Current: First, Dont Fight It.

Ghostwriter says President will not pay $1m promised

Two top Trump advisers asked why they dont quit

Woman happy to meet Trump and his wife Ivanka

Trump Hotel Lease Under New Review

who the fuck is Chris Prudhome?

I got up early this morning

Have a good time, everybody! (To survivors at shelter)

Gaslighting the Western World

Dump bashing the media now

All laid bare: Trump/Russia collusion started in 2013, continued for years

North Korea claims to have more advanced hydrogen bomb

Have a good time everybody!

No more trump signs on route 68 from Morgantown WV to rocky Gap Casino MD,

Time to party!!!

Oblivious 45 set to withdraw from S Korea trade deal as tensions with N Korea rise.

I'm way more concerned about this one than Irma

Toaster oven or microwave?

DACA: Some stories by/from the DACA/Dreamer Americans...