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What Dating An Alpha Girl Is Like [GEN WHY]

Ku Klux Klown bis

Festival Latino Lexington, Ky

Colbert *tonight*!1 (Emmys)

Sean Spicer just did a cameo on the Emmy Awards...

Corker pressed as reelection challenges mount

Friendly Reminder.

Weird or what?

Kate McKinnon won Emmy for BSA in Comedy for SNL

CNN: Venezuela's Dreams Are Dying

Key swamp tree faces extinction by beetle; guacamole, root beer supply at risk (

New Poll 70% of Californians Support CA Medicare for All Bill providing universal single-payer

Bonus Quote of the Day

Countdown timer to when Trump leaves office ...

Is this the first GOP to Dem flip this year?

Pence-led voter suppression commission caught breaking federal law for use of private emails

Some major letdowns at RB this week

Politifact backs up Sanders numbers on Single Payer. It would save families $5,800 each year

Sonequa Martin Green resurrects tonight!

Dear DU brothers & sisters, think of the following if you doubt what difference ONE vote can make.

Dolores Huerta: The Civil Rights Icon Who Showed Farmworkers 'Si Se Puede'

Cannabis forever!

Trump retweeted someone who said to get rid of the jews ?

Schiff: Trump Has No Ideology Except His Own Personal Interests

Cat concentrating on a fly on the wall

Alec Baldwin: "I suppose I should say at long last Mr. President, here is your Emmy."

Boom! on a Sunday night.

NEW: Want to see how Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal transfers money around & impacts your state by 2026?

Feds admit harassing small Butte meat plant, but take no action

Politico: Five Things Trump Did This Week While You Werent't Looking

Jemele Hill vs. David Duke

Topical humor (40+ years ago...)

Alec Baldwin Wins Emmy for SNL: 'At Long Last, Mr. President, Here Is Your Emmy'

Spicer at the Emmys, nice audience reaction shots of Melissa...

SO very TRUE....

But Hillary needs to shut up??

In Alaskas Far-Flung Villages, Happiness Is a Cake Mix.

In Alaskas Far-Flung Villages, Happiness Is a Cake Mix.

Did Stephen King pick THIS moment in time to re-release 'It" ??


Keith Olbermann, on the other hand, did not enjoy the Sean Spicer Emmys cameo.

Trump Will Campaign in Alabama Ahead of Messy Republican Runoff That Threatens to Divide GOP

Watched the first installment of Ken Burns' The Vietnam War

A train with a hat

bet his twitter finger is twitching....

A GOP Dictatorship Is The Ultimate Goal. No Doubt About It.

Tribal leaders urge Yellowstone Park name changes

Book Review explaining Trump: "Fantasyland," by Kurt Andersen

Shrink at least 4 national monuments and modify a half-dozen others, Zinke tells Trump

Heads Up!

R.I.P. Harry Dean Stanton

Edie Falco at the Emmys:


Is Ferret Head threatening to shut down the interwebs?

State claims Vermont Yankee buyer would use explosives

Equifax credit reports not available online (to me, at least).

Judge says businesses can discriminate so long as they write about it on Facebook

Drunk n hungry

Trump flip-flops

Before tackling single-payer, save Obamacare

The Trump Administration Plans to End a Refugee Program for Children

Trump Lawyers Clash Over How Much to Cooperate With Russia Inquiry

Sorry Human Race, It may be too late to save yourself. --Neil deGrass Tyson

Senate GOP fast-tracks last-ditch ACA repeal

Anyone here use Photoscape as an editor?


The Oldest Curry Recipe "1774" The Oldest Butter Chicken Recipe - Steven Heap

White People Explain Why They Feel Oppressed

The New Front in the Gerrymandering Wars: Democracy vs. Math

Undermining Wisconsin's Future

Rightwingers flooding Dolly Parton FB page

A great Spanish cartoonist : Pedripol - Powerful drawings

Senate passes $76 billion biennial budget 19-14

Rolling Stone, Once a Counterculture Bible, Will Be Put Up for Sale

For Sen. Amy Klobuchar, the road to the presidency runs through the Midwest

Right Wingers Are Terrorists, RW Is Terrorist. They Are Public Enemy Number 1.

Former Sheriff David Clarke told to revise master's thesis or lose degree

UN Rodeo

Orphaned skunks, kittens, a raccoon and fawn all play together at 'world's cutest petting zoo'

No, 60 Minutes Didnt Purposely Make Steve Bannon Look Like A Bleary-Eyed Drunk

$4M for airport to benefit Scott Walker donor slipped into budget

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel spent $83,000 on promotional swag

The Next Big Renewable Fuel? Accountants

IMO, If employers required to pay health insurance is raised from 50 to 500???

U.S. Department of Justice halts ongoing review of Milwaukee Police Department

Equifax had patch 2 months before hack and didnt install it, security group says

Industrial barrel investigation goes national; Wisconsin plants hit with 16 violations, fines

Stephen Colbert opening monologue - 69th Emmy Awards Sep 17, 2017

Gov. Walker to sign Foxconn bill Monday in Sturtevant

Scott Walker, Tony Evers clash over plan to comply with federal education law

White House officials suspect each other of wearing wires for Mueller

Lawsuit claims Schneider wrecked $13M supercomputer

Lockheed Martin to invest in Submaran S10 submersible drone

More than 80 arrested as riot police break up St. Louis protest over officer's acquittal

Preet Bharara is gonna have a radio show from WNYC

Hackers compromised free CCleaner software, Avast's Piriform says

New Hampshire's marijuana decriminalization law goes into effect

Killings of two black men in Louisiana believed to be racially-motivated, police say

Police are out of control in MO. General Assembly member shares vid of the violence last night

Firefighters rescue curious kitten trapped inside car engine

Maria forecast to intensify to Category 4 'dangerous major hurricane'

Sen. Gillibrand said Bernie when she was asked who was the leader of the Democratic Party

Guess WHAT? Reuters has a FEVER, and the only prescription is more NIKKI.

What about an apology for the golf ball tweet?

National Hurricane Center forecast: Hurricane Maria could hit Puerto Rico as a Cat 4...

Trump's divisive presidency reshapes a key part of his private business

House Democrats Break Campaign Fundraising Record

UK Will Phase Out Remaining Coal Power Plants By 2025, Potentially Sooner

Don Lemon Says ESPN Should Apologize To Trump, After Trump Apologizes To Obama

Shocked, Shocked! Daily Mail Retracts Phony Story Of Falsification By NOAA Researchers

Memo to Trump Fans: Conman-in-Chief Will Betray You All - Rick Wilson

Cable News Begins Mush-Mouthed, Halting Acknowledgement Of Climate-Hurricane Links

Exclusive: Facebook Silences Rohingya Reports of Ethnic Cleansing


Rep. Chris Collins Defends President Trump's Tweets: 'He's Just a Fun Guy!'

China Promises Faster Climate Action; No One In Shitstain Admin Appears To Know WTF Is Going On

Holy Cow - can't believe JLD won again. I have only watched Veep

Iceland sets snap election for Oct. 28: president

Sheriff's Deputy Tells Students 'Faggots Will Burn in Hell' as Gay Teen Boards Bus He is Driving

Do you support a pre-emptive strike on North Korea ?

"They got plucked and polished and waxed and some of them didn't eat for two months."

There is one good thing that will come out of Trump's Presidency. One.

I will never get used to seeing LAR and LAC on the NFL scoreboard

North Korea says more sanctions will spur it to hasten nuclear plans

After single payer failed, Vermont embarks on a big health care experiment

Trump's "election integrity" commission is an assault on the right to vote.

"Love & marriage go together like a horse & sewage." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald and Melania!!!

Legal defense fund set up for Michael Flynn

nicki haley is just fine 'kicking' north korea over to mattis....meaning...war.

It's Oktoberfest time!

Abe in NYT: I support America's 'all options' stance on North Korea

Mueller wants to question the WH counsel about Trump's lies.

Monday Toon Roundup

The Rare, Potent Fuel Powering North Korea's Weapons

Twitter Man vs. Rocket Man

Mueller's strategy: specific charges with overwhelming evidence

Complacency Could Kill Health Care - Paul Krugman

How to Read Bob Mueller's Hand

Chelsea Manning defends her conduct

Majority of Scots say they are 'not religious'

Nicolas Hulot's climate plan

McCain: I Fumbled My Inquiry During Comey Hearing Because Of Graham

The Number Of Sick Twisted A-Holes Still On Public Stage Reveal How Sick The Country Is.

Health Advocacy Groups Hit The Panic Button On GOP's Last-Ditch Repeal Effort

Monarch watchers: I saw three Monarchs on my zinnias yesterday!

Trump's team gunning for potential 2020 reelection rivals

Zinke Purges Staff at Interior Department

Refugees stay in Trump's childhood home

House Democrats Break Campaign Fundraising Record

Hillary Clinton Fought Back Tears Watching Kate McKinnon On SNL After Election Loss

Trump lawyers spill beans, thanks to terrible choice of restaurant next door to the New York Times

WH officials fear colleagues are wearing a wire for Mueller: report

What stupid shit do you think Chump will say at the U.N. today?

Casualties Mr President

Canadian doctor to U.S.: Try single-payer health care instead of trashing it

Trump mocks Clinton, Kim Jong Un in tweetstorm

How Graham-Cassidy redistributes federal money

Hillary and the media: Dreadful coverage of 2016 had echoes of the past

North Carolina fair worker tried to rescue boys from Ferris wheel

A pavement-concrete that can prevent floodings:

The Day Atheism Saved My Life

Teen girl dies in hotel freezer

Florida Keys residents return to ruins

Reaction to Spicers Emmys appearance: Please dont normalize him

Navy relieves 2 more top officers following deadly ship collisions

Mike Pence Up To His Neck In Russia Scandal, Losing Press Secretary Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Pope admits Vatican has 2000-case backlog of sexual abuse cases

Trump prepares to deliver 1st United Nations address

Harvard study: Breitbart dominated 2016 immigration coverage

Caribbean braces again as Maria becomes hurricane

Neil deGrasse Tyson scolds cherry picking climate science

The Trump Administration is just one big colossal Potemkin

NYTimes: Using the E.P.A. to Prop Up Big Coal

NASA shows off Kennedy Space Center's damage from Hurricane Irma

Stanislav Petrov, Soviet Officer Who Helped Avert Nuclear War, Is Dead at 77

I don't mind obeying traffic signs...

Is Trump a White Supremacist?

Trump flirts with a new age of American timidity - WaPo Editorial Board

Before tackling single-payer, save Obamacare - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Conway slams 'sameness' of Trump criticism at Emmys

Conway: New Obamacare repeal effort 'gaining in support and steam'

Breitbart (take it with a grain of salt): Moore leads AL-Sen runoff 50-37...

In First Words To UN, Trump Praises Trump-Branded Condo Next Door

Juan Williams: Momentum builds against gerrymandering

EXCLUSIVE: Ad Campaign Slams Heller For Backing New Obamacare Repeal Bill

The Emmys made Spicer ridicule both the Con and himself

Fox Host: Trump Wall Is Just 'A Catchier Way' Of Talking About Border Security

Trump lawyers spill beans, thanks to terrible choice of restaurant

So will the Madman's performance at the UN be better or worse than how it was at NATO?

Election Hackers: Why Voting Technology Has to Stay Primitive

Russian psyops possibly being deployed in the United States.

A message to my flooded neighbors in my very Conservative town

Koch Brother Will Have to Produce Records for Railroads

Trump 2037

New science shows killer heat waves will sweep the world...

Maybe Ty Cobb Just Doesn't Get This Whole 'Client Confidentiality' Thing

paranoid White House staffers now fear their colleagues are wearing wires

NYT Uncovers Russia's 21st Century Propaganda Machine

U.S. Flies Powerful War Planes Over Korean Peninsula To Showcase Strength

'It Was All About Lying About Voter Fraud'

Why Didn't FPL (Florida Power & Light) Do More to Prepare for Irma?

Why does the US government have people abroad? To make it safe for the Trump Organization to operate

Queen Sugar

Rapture this Sat.- All the Signs are there - Get Yourselves Ready

Rapture this Sat.- All the signs are there- Get yourselves Ready

Robert Mueller's Probe Shifting To Criminal Investigation

Ex protege disclosing AILES's paranoia & Faux's being "a brand not a news outlet"

Now this is art

"Elegy for the Sunshine State"

White supremacist who allegedly harassed black man is tracked down - and punched out

Duke Energy in Florida is running a completely dishonest PR campaign.

Neo-Nazi gets an attitude adjustment...

Trump's team gunning for potential 2020 reelection rivals

March of Dimes, American Heart Association oppose new Senate repeal-and-replace bill

Cohn: Trump still planning to withdraw from Paris climate accord

Best sites for Euro forecast re: hurricanes?

DACA recipients file suit over Trump's move to end program

Trump will surprise UN climate ministers by withdrawing from Paris Climate Agreement at meeting

Republicans being dicks -- again -- still

Happy National Cheeseburger Day! 🍔🍺

Has The CBO Weighed In On THe Graham/Cassidy Bill Yet?

Yarmuth, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders ask @uscbo for full report on Graham-Cassidy before vote

I just had a nauseating thought!

Yarmuth, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders ask @uscbo for full report on Graham-Cassidy before vote

Glenn Thrush to give up his Twitter account

The audacity of state WI Sen. Leah Vukmir--who will be opposing Sen. Tammy Baldwin.......

Tea Pot Dome, Watergate, Trump: Crime, Cover-up and Curious Death Comparisons

"called for an end to the petty divisiveness among progressive among Hillary Clinton and Bernie...

Biker who pulled wheelies on the M6 is jailed

German architect Albert Speer Junior dies

The whole Ty Cobb, John Dowd restaurant argument sounds staged

Hey just a heads up that I'm gonna take a nap

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Imagine Rs winning on a level playing field; no gerrymandering; no voter suppression tactics;

You could grow roses in the steaming pile known as "The Michael Flynn Legal Defense Fund" Website.

Fearing revolt from businesses, D.C. to shift focus away from worker protections

To all Labrador retriever owners why their always hungry

so trump and netanyahu are having a photo-op at the UN


I am a Democrat

Twentieth charity could cancel on Mar-a-Lago

Reaction to Spicer's Emmys appearance: Please don't normalize him

white male privilege and HRC

Lifting 5.5 lbs. the "hard" way - A true dumbbell

Is anybody stupid enough to believe North Korea is going to nuke anybody out of the blue ?

How Trump's advisers schooled him on globalism

No, We Cannot Shoot Down North Korea's Missiles

the curious rise of Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met Team Trump

New Repeal Effort Still Doesn't Have the 50th Vote

the curious rise of Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met Team Trump

Updating the thread of contests and names of winners

UC Berkeley faculty calls for boycott when conservatives speak

Biden rejects universal basic income idea popular in Silicon Valley

109-Year-Old Veteran and His Secrets to Life Will Make You Smile

The Key Question at the U.N.: What Does North Korea Want?

The biggest problem we have in this country right now.

Trump's 4 minutes at the UN. "Not seeing results" and "protect whistleblowers "

Is this 'dreamer protest orchestrated by the right? Just seems

Hoover's Ben Abercrombie suffers major neck injury in Harvard football debut

Were those "dreamers" attacking Pelosi the real thing?

white male privielge and HRC

For Christ's sake, McCain says he will take direction from his lying R Gov for his vote

****BREAKING**** Di-Fi to Chump "Grow up."

Trump to Embarrass America at the U.N.

Not only should cannabis be legalized, it should also be forcibly administered to Congress.

Rolling tray

Burning Times with lyrics

Burning Times with lyrics

Pentagon releases interim guidance on military transgender policy

Senate GOP tries one last time to repeal Obamacare

Soviet soldier credited with averting nuclear war dies

Bannon got a 60 Minutes feature & Spicer got Emmy cameo, but Hillary Clinton needs to "shut up"

NPR/Ipsos Poll: Half Of Americans Don't Trust Trump On North Korea

Hurricane Maria strengthens to Category 3 hours before landfall

Dreamers chase Nancy Pelosi out of her own press conference

Mueller Rents Giant Warehouse to Store Evidence Against Trump

a trilogy from Starhawk: Goddess Remembered, The Burning Times, Full Circle

Thanks for the info ESPN

Kirsten Gillibrand cites Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as leaders of The Democratic Party.

Ruin a Band's Name by Replacing One Letter

sign in my supermarket: 43 million people going hungry in US, including 13 million children

Evergreen professor at center of protests resigns; college will pay $500,000

More Than A Dozen Medical Groups Blast Obamacare Repeal Effort

MSNBC just announced that McCain will vote to repeal the ACA

Report: No 'Obvious Signs' Of Trump Claim 'Long Gas Lines Forming' In NK

Trump On Withdrawing From Iran Nuclear Deal: 'You Will See Very Soon'

Lawsuit: Columbus police use excessive force against blacks

AGs want health insurers to review policies in opioid fight

GOP CongressCreep defends Drumpf's Tweets: "He's Just A Fun Guy"

The Latest: Friend talks about killing of homeless man

Democratic leaders want full CBO analysis of ObamaCare repeal bill

Snot-Nosed Rich Kids

Senate Dem: Graham-Cassidy is an 'intellectual and moral garbage truck fire'

German resistance hero inspires anti-Trump street art

Northrop Grumman to acquire Dulles-based Orbital ATK for $9.2B

Katy Tur on MSNBC's AM Joy discussing "Unbelievable" her book on the Trump campaign (10+ minutes)

Colonial Lives Matter

Did I just see Trumpy kissing Nikki Haley on the lips?

Fox announces Laura Ingraham will take over 10 PM slot...Hannity moves back to 9 PM vs Maddow

Young immigrants shout down Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi

Is Reality a Simulation (Quantum Gravity Research: Weird, but not Woo)

Racism Is as American as Baseball - Banner Unfurled at Fenway Park

I haven't seen a plate spinner for a long, long time.


WV congressmen vote to cut MSHA budget

Hey, we're going to have a 4th of July military parade.

Trump Administration Wants to IncreaseCIADrone Strikes

Your job is to lie! Conservative View host offers baffling defense of Sean Spicer

Mueller Rents Giant Warehouse to Store Evidence Against Trump

I love a Parade...

In honor of Laura Ingraham getting her new show

Nearly Every Week, a Body is Found in a Portland River. This is Not Normal.

Politicians believe nonprofits can help the poor but Americans don't

Tom Brady blasts big food companies, GMOs in new self-help book

White supremacist finally served for terror campaign targeting Jewish woman after five months in

Bill Cassidy, the Former Moderate Leading the Last Gasp to Repeal Obamacare

Republican candidate uses racial slur when trying to criticise racism

Sean Spicer Says He Regrets Berating Reporters Over Inauguration Crowds

In aggressive move, federal agency overrules New York on pipeline permit

Questions surround Trumps $25 million inaugural concert

The ones who swagger dont last as long: Jane Goodall doubles down on Trump-chimp comparison

Hillary Clinton just floated the possibility of contesting the 2016 election

St. Louis Police Chant Whose Streets? Our Streets! While Arresting Protesters

Short Term Memory Loss is Epidemic on DU

Hurricane name trivia.


Sec. Ryan Zinke Recommends Shrinking Four National Monuments To Make Way For Mining And Logging

GOP Senate front-runner calls Native Americans & Asians reds & yellows (VIDEO)

Inspired by French, Trump considering July 4 military parade in Washington

Building a sex is harder than most people imagine

Is Trump Running Out Of The Good Things That Obama Did So He Can Undo?.....

People Do WHAT to Their Whiskey to Make it Taste Better?

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 18, 2017

McCAIN on Graham-Cassidy: "I am not supportive of the bill yet." He emphasizes he wants regular ord

Trump smugly boasts of success of Trump Tower in speech to United Nations

Spell to Bind Trump tonight! Don't forget (midnight east coast, 9:00 pacific)

Here's a blast from the past in honor of Laura Ingraham getting her own show on Fox...

How About A New Country In The Middle East?

NYT: McCain not a lost cause yet...

Investigators Chase New Theories Over US Diplomats Head Injuries In Cuba

Aides to Trump: America Needs to Police the World to Protect Corporate Interests

Investigators Chase New Theories Over US Diplomats Head Injuries In Cuba

DC: Stop Trumpcare Emergency Rally is on 9/19

The Pollinator

New 'Superconductive' Skin Allows Robots to Have Sense of Touch

Sept 18 - Thousands of union workers marching across the Brooklyn Bridge #spectrumstrike

The Erasing of Hillary Clinton by Bernie Supporters is beginning

Ex-Clinton campaign chief Podesta speaks with Senate Intelligence

CBO to release limited analysis of ObamaCare repeal bill next week

Corrupt Brazilian tycoon among applicants for Portugal's golden visas

20% of homes in the Keys are now unlivable - that's about

Hillary should question the legitimacy of this election!

If Trump leaves Iran Nuclear Deal alone it's because Putin told him to

How to Read Bob Muellers Hand

Schumer threatens to slow down Senate over ObamaCare repeal

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Intensifying Hurricane Maria is a severe threat to the Caribbean and Puerto Rico; Jose to scrape...

Trump pushes reform in United Nations debut, calls for 'changing business as usual'

Water is life (CAFOs in Wisconsin)

My maniac daughter crashed her motorcycle doing 35 on a 15 mph curve. Mild concussion, torn

L'imbecilite des simplettisants est vraiment internationale !

What virus protection software do you use? I have Kaspersky, but I expect to be

Kushner, Bannon, Flynn Pushed Huge Nuclear Power Deal in Middle East for Profit, In Secret

McCain: I'm not there yet on latest Obamacare repeal bill

This week's Atheist Experience

Jerry Brown compares Trump supporters to cave dwellers

Freethought of the Day, Sept. 17, 2017: Stephen Pinker

CBO: We're not saying you can't vote on Graham-Cassidy, we're just saying we won't know dick about..

"Wait, did you think nobody would notice the obnoxious double standard?"

Hey! Look at this news link, it's this group :)

Race for Virginia Governor May Be Close

O'Reilly Team Shopped Negative Story on Bill's Accuser; Wash Po Refused to Publish

Trump Wants Military Parade on July 4th

Ari said the 2 dingbat lawyers Vogel caught blabbing were drinking $3,000 wine....

"Your McCain Praise Was Probably Wasted"

In an effort to stop misinformation about single payer health care

Hillary's quote was taken out of context

NY Gov. Cuomo supports Sander's Medicare For All Bill

Trumps Popularity Has Dipped Most In Red States

How the FEC Turned a Blind Eye to Foreign Meddling

The GOP Frontrunner for Alabama's US Senate Seat Just Called Native Americans and Asians 'Reds and

The GOPs on the verge of passing a bill that will phase out Medicaid in its entirety

Tennis Legend Says if Australia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage 'There Will Be No Christmas'

I love this German Law-3 bank customers in Germany fined for ignoring collapsed man

Trump is most certainly going to Prison. Haley's former CoS Joins Trump's Legal Team

If Dems aren't prepared to shut the govt down to fight

Thread w/ all CBPP analyses & estimates of the highly damaging Cassidy-Graham bill in one place....

Top Trump advisers tutor the president in globalism

Will Jose mash up the Con's NYC plans tomorrow?

These 14 Scientists Are Opposing Anti-Science Conservatives in the Next Election

Trump's lawyers argue over "how much" information to release to Mueller investigation?

🐦 Sept 19 at 10:30 AM - Pickup Tour Rally with Bernie Sanders - Dirksen Senate Office Building

The GOPs on the verge of passing a bill that will phase out Medicaid in its entirety

Meanwhile in the bible belt the ACLU is fighting a city's ban on drag shows.

Fuck you Republicans

In July, John McCain Saved Obamacare. In September, Hes Poised To Kill It.

Trump supporter tries to get undocumented classmate deported, gets expelled from college

The Graham-Cassidy Bill: A Last-Ditch GOP Effort To Deprive Millions Of Health Care

Exclusive: US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman

Domestic Violence Statistics Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.

Lindsay Graham embraces Breitbart

Stop Calling Them rEpublicans: End Their Narrative

Did you know this?

Breaking - NYT says Mannafort to be indicted

National Geographic: See the Wild Places That May Lose Protections as National Monuments

NYT, today: Mueller's FBI uses "shock and awe" -- and PICKED THE LOCK on Manafort's door.

I believe it is correct to criticize Bernie when he disrespects my party.

Conservative commentator Scottie Nell Hughes: I was raped by Charles Payne and again by Fox News

With Friends Like These ...... (Luckovich 'toon)

The 150th anniversary of the publication of Capital

With a Picked Lock and a Threatened Indictment, Muellers Inquiry Sets a Tone

Storm update: Maria strengthens to Cat. 4. Boston Globe email:


Officer in nurse arrest was reprimanded for sex harassment

Bald eagle who suffered electrical burn on his head released into wild

@LindseyGrahamSC went to a Nazi media outlet to try to get his horrendous bill passed. #GrahamCass

It's Mueller Time

Anybody watching "Get Shorty" on Epix?

Can someone help me with a computer problem? I can't see the address bar on Safari.

'Extremely dangerous' Hurricane Maria heading for Dominica, Puerto Rico

From Poland to Lithuania: A Writers Search for Her Jewish Past

From Poland to Lithuania: A Writers Search for Her Jewish Past

Notre Dame law prof, former Fed prosecutor on Mueller: This is how you'd go after an organized crime

Please defend torture, Chavistas

does anyone know what old political buttons are worth?

Should Bernie have coordinated his Single payer proposal to a time in a few

Hurricane Maria update. Likely CAT 5 at 8pm advisory