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How Food Waste Turned A Barren Landscape In Costa Rica Into A Lush Forest

How Food Waste Turned A Barren Landscape In Costa Rica Into A Lush Forest

i get it

Why Bernie Sanders' single-payer push is great policy and even better politics

Why Bernie Sanders' single-payer push is great policy and even better politics

Trump's Tiny Mother Of All Rallies Upstaged By Clowns

Have you been through Basic Training in the Army?

50 websites for introverts

Mueller is coming for the Trump syndicate



I'll be off-line for a week.

To make their tax plan work, Republicans eye a favorite blue-state break

ICP FANS Draw Bigger Crowd On The National Mall Than PRO-TRUMP Rally !!

Facebook under fire over Russian ads in election

Who voted for Trump?

With Facebook in the news with their ads. Don't forget DU was down during the election.


People, don't fall for divisive posts.

Sports funnies from my brother

Here's every weapon in the US Nuclear Arsenal:

Barton voted against Harvey aid. Now hes heading a relief task force

Teacher sings to Betsy DeVos

Ethics panel forever bans state government employee who hired aunt, sister, stepdaughter

Wonderful news! China Banning Non-Electric Cars!

WH: US staying out of climate accord

HuffPo - Firefighter Says Saving One Dog Is More Important Than A Million Black People

Hillary Clinton blames herself at least 35 times in What Happene

2018 US Senate Election-If 2018 is like 2002-Democrats will lose IN and MO and pick up AZ and NV.

Manfred Fines Red Sox Over Stealing Signs and Issues Warning to All 30 Teams

Another Prosecutor Joins Trump-Russia Probe

Venezuela publishes oil prices in Chinese currency to shun U.S. dollar

Hill Republicans Are Losing Their Influence


its SUCKS to be TRUMP right now...

Big insurer Anthem agrees to sell Obamacare plans in part of Virginia, ending risk of 'bare counties

Pics from the pro Trump rally in DC..from Twitter post

The 4 big Russia-Trump stories that flew under the radar this week

Is it insulting Bernie when we require him to fight for ACA instead of pushing progressive dreams ?

Chuck Schumer‏: Cassidy says Cassidy-Graham healthcare bill is close to having 50 votes. We can't r

Got power back last night in Fl. Still no Rachel M.

Can anyone point me to the list of states that would be most harmed under the Cassidy/Graham bill?

Are the Senate and House Intel Committees still investigating the "Russian connection"?

2017 AL US Senate Race-Moore defeats Strange in the Republican primary runnoff.

Kushner, Bannon, Flynn Pushed Huge Nuclear Power Deal In Middle East For Profit, In Secret

Anti-Abortion Protesters Storm The Waiting Rooms Of At Least 2 Clinics..............

Legislators Mull Solutions To Indiana's Rural Broadband Problem

Our toolkit to pressure Senators is back. Target list, phone numbers, graphics. Let's go !

I'm fascinated with Tangier Island, and hope to visit there soon

Magic 8-ball, am I stupid?

Legal question...not looking for absolute free advice, but wondering if I should...

How is Trump spending this weekend?

Attorney General Lisa Madigan will not run for re-election

The House just passed a giant 2018 spending bill. Just SOME of the disastrous provisions in it...

Former primary challenger's lawsuit against Speaker Madigan can proceed

Governor vetoes bill to allow service credit transfer for police/fire pension funds

Saturday Night Fever Dream

MOTHER OF ALL RALLYS, Russian Bots Not Included!!!

Trump voters think he saved cats during Harvey


Excellent essay by Amber Tamblyn

Looks like Putin forget to run those Facebook ad for the "Mother of all Rallies"..

This broke my heart.

How a shifting definition of white helped shape U.S. immigration policy.

Did You Ever Want To Eat A Cat?

An excellent evauluation of what the republicans are trying to do to repeal the ACA again

Bill Maher F**ing fees

'Put the Panic Back in Hispanic' Sign Stirs Controversy

Jesse Owens, Hitler reaction

This is ugly America

Charlie Hebdo cover

Establishment gears up for Steve Bannons war on the GOP leadership

Parsons Green tube bomb: police arrest second man

Phasing Out US Coal Plants Could Save Consumers $10 Billion Per Year

Pro-Trump Mother Of All Rallies On D.C.s National Mall Sees Laughable Turnout

St. Louis protest turns violent after peaceful rallies against police acquittal

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Breakfast Club Edition

Former Lincoln-Way chief Wyllie could lose $321,000 annual pension if convicted

'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli's life in jail: 'He's not a popular person'

This is my dog's reaction to an animal chase scene on tv :)

Barbara Flynn Currie, Illinois House's second-ranking Democrat, won't run for re-election

California lawmakers approve sanctuary bill

J.B. Pritzker firms got over $1.9M in state tax credits in four years

The Nuclear Football: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

CA wants to move to head of class in primaries. See ya Iowa....Kind of love this.

Winston-Salem's monument remains controversial

Mississippi's choice: Confederate past or new flag and future

This one's on Mattis and it's a bad one

Texas church forbid Harvey-volunteer from helping victims because she's jewish.

'Put the panic back in Hispanic': Alabama high school student, racist sign 'not meant in racial way'

Twice Saved From Houston Floods but Still, Mysteriously, a Victim

No, Hillary Clinton, the First Woman to Win a Major-Party Presidential Nomination, - HRC Group

Tax cuts quiet once-deafening GOP call for fiscal discipline

Happy Constitution Day, everybody!!

From Lucifer's Hammer' to Newt's Moon Base to Donald's Wall--The Sci-Fi Roots of the Far Right

Trump backs Michigan AG in governor's race

Trump dubs North Korean leader 'Rocket Man'

Sunday's Doonesbury Toon - Addressing

Clock ticking down on children's health funding

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Science is a Tyrant

Trump's social media chief polls Twitter on whether president should follow Clinton

Poll: Globalization supporters in US outnumber opponents by nearly 2:1 margin

The Twit tweets: Rocket Man edition

With little to lose, Democrats cautiously share the driver's seat with Trump

Neighbor: Targets of KKK flyer hoax have moved out of house

Tomato House (fruit-fly free storage)

Mentally ill misogynist piece of shit in chief retweets still more disturbing anti-Hillary content

Increasingly, foreign students are choosing Canada over US

So what will fix the ACA according to our congresspeople?

Danville schools' food director accused of stealing thousands from district

Yet the gelatinous orange blob squeals like a pig when he's attacked

Brooke Baldwin Cuts Clay Travis Segment Once He Mentioned '' BOOBS ''

Serbia's leader to attend gay pride march for first time

Interior Dept. Opens Up More Federal Land to Hunting, Fishing

How Russia Is Using LinkedIn as a Tool of War Against Its U.S. Enemies

Twitter Links: Meet the Press - Bernie Sanders - Sept 17

Statehouse Insider: AFSCME contract suit may not be heard until next year

Post from a friend on Facebook. Worth the read.

Urban Institute response to attacks on their analysis of the Sanders Single Payer plan

Did a rabid badger take over the Madman's Twitter account this morning?

Will be offline for a few days......Trump aide liquidated childrens college fund

Developer proposes multimillion-dollar solar farm near Marengo

McMaster: Travel ban is 'a first step'

Trump leaves CNN panel dumbfounded after he tweets video of him hitting Hillary with a golfball

Haley: If diplomacy doesn't work, Mattis will 'take care of' North Korea

Putin-linked lawyer Veselnitskaya can somehow afford luxury real-estate on 5-figure-salary.

A friend on FB just posted this:

Twitter Goes Off After Trump RTs Hillary Golf GIF: 'Thinks Hitting Women Is Funny'

Trump regrets putting ObamaCare repeal on top of agenda, blames Ryan: report

President Trump Retweets Fan GIF of Him Hitting Golf Ball at Hillary Clinton

What are the odds that Carrot Top is at that rally in Richmond?

Fox doc attacks Bernies 'Medicare fo All' by citing Canada 20-week surgery wait; but its only 48 hrs

'A committee of crackpots': Howard Dean blasts Trump and Kobach's 'racist' electoral commission

The twit tweets again! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Chump is the kind of malignant clown who would think throwing a rock at a blind person is funny.

Top Senate Dem: We're going forward with understanding we can work with White House on DACA

What do you think is the IQ of your average Trump supporter?

GOPs Audacious Scheme To Hijack Voting And Rig Elections Moving Forward

Happy Birthday to SalmonChantedEvening

Woman Fired For Having A Period At Work--Now The ACLU Is Taking On Her Case

"Your move, Rastafarians"

Hillary Making Medea Rounds

War For the Planet of the Apes

Sunday Toon Roundup 1 - Build a Wall Around Trump

Sunday Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

California tears into Trump

GOP eying 'blue slip' break to help Trump fill the courts

Sunday Chill - A dad sings at his daughter's wedding

Former Senator Ricky Man-on-Dog Von SweaterVest silent and squirming as Trump is discussed on CNN

Widespread attempts to close or limit public access to government records and meetings. AP

I ordered Hillary's book today from Amazan...getting it in a few days so I am surprised.

McMaster: Trump Open To Reentering Paris Accord To Advance US 'Prosperity'

Fight over electoral district boundaries heads to top U.S. court

Video: Bernie Sanders on Meet the Press, Sept 17th 2017

Bob Weir to be appointed United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Goodwill Ambassador

Two posting peeves: Pics of TWITLER's face. And swastikas.

How To Write Good


Checking in from Fort Myers FL

Question for DUers on Twitter

Bernie Sanders Tax And Healthcare Plans: Think Tanks That Released Critical Study Receive Funding

Daily Weather Update (9/17). Hurricane, Typhoon, Tropical Storm projections - No way Jose!

Bernie Sanders - saving ACA is first priority

She's baaaack......Sarah Palin Heading to Alabama To Campaign for Roy Moore


My husband and I are moron magnets.

This is what happens when there is FreeDumb to be unregulated:

Just heard on Joy Reid's show

McMaster: Trump "Rocket Man" tweet "appears to be" about North Korea

Haley ahead of Trump's speech: 'It is a new day at the UN'

Can Decent People Be Republican Anymore?

The big unanswered question concerning Trump.

4 U.S. women attacked with acid in Marseille train station

Sign language interpreter used gibberish, warned of bears, monsters during Hurricane Irma update

As former First Lady Hillary still has Secret Service protection.

Could use some help ... I'm about to start on my disaster relief this afternoon.

Bernie Sanders: The Current Model of the Democratic Party Obviously Is Not Working

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 19: Star of the Month: Jennifer Jones

Conservatives are outraged by this cute potato ad

I posted a thread from AP News

What's new and good on Netflix these days? Other tv viewing options out there?

Bernie Sanders: 'The Current Model of the Democratic Party Obviously Is Not Working'

The biggest problem when it comes to medicare for all.

He Refuses to Work: Franken Mocks Trump

Its Now Dawned on Trump: People Hate Him

Well, here's the latest outrage from the juvenile in the WH

Cannabis Forever

"mother!" gets a grade. NOW I have to see it!

Could Mueller be broadening scope to go after individual Russians not just Americans?

The president of the United States just retweeted this person.

Has anyone seen or heard from "The Ferret" lately?

Bernie Sanders dismissed Chuck Todd snark & schools him on Medicare for all (VIDEO)

apparently I am a Juggalette....suprise!

OMG Here's who POTUS retweeted this morning!

Game of Thrones: History of Seven Kingdoms before Game of Thrones begins

Well said, Senator Booker!

I have high cholesterol :(

Eisenhower had it right.

What are you reading this week of September 17, 2017?

3 Reasons Trump Is 'Extra Crazy' on Twitter Today

OMG! The GOP Just Learned Something (and Got it Wrong)

Grimm Will Run for His Old Seat

Amazing! The GOP just learned a word - but got it wrong.

Trump Will Hold Rally for Strange

Why Tax Reform Won't Be Quick

'Art of the Deal' ghostwriter: Trump would send his kids to prison to protect himself

Bad judging is still a problem boxing can't afford

Trump Jr. To Testify Before Judiciary Committee In Fall

Final Image from the Juggalo March

Huge Aztec win over Stanford!

I want to write this screenplay, and I thought I would throw the idea out here

Coulter rips Trump for Wall Street bankers in administration

I Agree With tRump!

Tom Brady must go

Defend Our Online Communities: Stop SESTA. It's named to be a "Think of the Children" act.

Dem lawmaker: Trump sharing Clinton golf ball GIF 'below the standards of even this president'

WH: "No One Has Done More Than Trump to Prove White People Are Not Superior"

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 20: MPTF (Motion Picture and Television Fund)

Cenk Uygur Predicts: Trump Will Resign In Disgrace Soon

Do you think Trump and Deplorables will ever be domesticated?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 18 September 2017

I think Trumps retweet of his response to Brits subway attack was a slap in the face to May/Britian.

You lost with 3,5 Million votes. And now you say our party model is not working. Shame on you

Howard Dean opens a can of worms re Trump:

Feinstein on reelection bid: 'We will see'

Is it too much to ask...

Trumpcares back, and now it will let insurers jack up premiums as soon as you get sick

Trumps Base? "Hes one of Us"

I was going to write a goof piece on the "leaked transcript from Trump's U.N. speech"...

20 years in, Kid Rock, Eminem and ICP are politically relevant and culturally divided

#ImStillWithHer : This Twitter thread explains the Hillary thing.

Republicans are the real terrorists

How about re-framing the label "whisleblower"

COURT:religious preferences don't necessarily have to follow laws. Your move, Rastafarians.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Faced A Fake News Tsunami - now urging Sanders to run in 2020

States trying to block access to public records

Add: One bumbling fool in White House

The kittens have just discovered that there Ferals in the backyard.

Dear God, Why is this 6 year old video still relevant? Shame on us.

President Trump Slammed Bernie Sanders And Bernie Just Fired Back Hard

Built for bottleneck: Is Florida growing too fast to evacuate before monster storms?

30 Days Timelapse at Sea 4K Through Thunderstorms, Torrential Rain & Busy Traffic

It's official: We have a 6th grade boy as President of the USA!

You might be a racist, if...

Three Planets Will Slide Behind the Moon in an Occultation.

It's not so much what Democrats have done wrong, but what the GOP has done right

BREAKING: Guitarist Elvin Bishop once reportedly fooled around, but did not fall in love

Headline of the year............

In honor of Trump's tweet - Stewie sings "Rocket Man"

How Big Business Got Brazil Hooked on Junk Food

2016 Election hackers altered voter rolls, stole private information (


Elderberry Experiment: Update #3

Dig a little deeper on the "Hillary" re-tweet from Trump, and there's Anti-Semitic dirt underneath.

Don't Bring A Knife (Sally Pipes and Richard Burr) To A Gunfight On Single Payer Healthcare

The Tea Party has a longstanding love affair with Putin. I wonder if Russia

Some agencies now suing citizens, journalists who seek public records (AP/Columbus Dispatch)

Protesters smash windows in second violent night near St. Louis

Trump Beach Resort Wants More Foreign Guest Workers...

Trump considering closing US embassy in Cuba, Tillerson says

Trump considering closing US embassy in Cuba, Tillerson says

United Nations is "about a mile away from" Trump Tower, but...

Request denied: States try to block access to public records

USA in 2030 (I hope not)

AZ Sen. Jeff Flake pathetic incumbent

I'm Sick and Tired of Overcrowded Parks and Monuments!

Qatar to buy 24 Typhoon jets from UK's BAE Systems

***RED ALERT*** on Graham-Cassidy #ACA Repeal from Ben Winkler - Managing Dir of

Byron York: unrepentant liar who corrodes US public debate

Medicare for All and cost controls.

Britain's Boris Johnson accused of Brexit 'backseat driving'

U.N. chief: Northern Iraq vote would detract from Islamic State fight

I agree with Stephen King

U.S. Ambassador Haley: U.N. has exhausted options on North Korea

Tornado warning near Denver

Penny Chenery, First Lady of Racing, Dies at 95

Are Dame Judi's rapping skills 'Dench'?

2018 US Senate Election-Who is the most vulnerable incumbent in the 2018 General Election?

Sanders Campaign Manager: THIS Is The Political Revolution. Sounds like purity test for 2020

Six Argentines sentenced to life for 'Dirty War' role

Dinosaurs Thinking...

****** BREAKING******Trump Administration Seeks to Avoid Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 17, 2017

Pirate Bay 'borrows' visitor CPUs to mine virtual coins

i voted for them both.

Monarch Butterfly Good News

Disability backlog tops 1 million; thousands die on waitlist

Georgia Tech Student-Activist Shot Dead by Campus Police

Facial recognition

A look at Presidential re-tweets...from a year ago, Barack Obama. From today, Donald Trump.

Nobody should say that people are picketing Hillary's book signings when that isn't the case.

Singel Payer a fantasy. Require State tax increases that cant be enforced.#Constitution we love

Celiac disease issue:

Knew pharmaceutical companies were unethical, but just plain crooked?

Consigliere Tom, I mean "Michael Cohen" say "SAYS WHO" to Senate on Tuesday

Need anecdotal stories about teen depression/anxiety from social media

Thread about misogyny

Maria, Now a Hurricane, Promises More Damage for the Caribbean

Brexit's Irish Question

This is really Deja vu as well as mental cruelty...

Brexit's Irish Question

Ken Burns Vietnam is on tonight, Sunday

What ended in 1896?


Chief Inspector Murphy keeps the food supply safe

If Donnie's happy with a video of him hitting hillary with a golf ball,

66 percent of California residents are opposed to single-payer health care.

One minute, 10 sec, ..Trumps retweet of golfball hitting Clinton: CNN

Come on with us, Mr. Precedent!

Boise State has a dog who retrieves the tee after Kickoffs...

Hillary Clintons coal gaffe is a microcosm of her twisted treatment by the media

Got a call from a woman who was on the fence last year but loathes and despises DT now.

Why cats are smarter than humans

Another benefit from single payer government run health care I don't see

Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, DeForest Kelly and James Doohan at the unveiling of the shuttle...

David Corn says Cohen will probably lie to Senate and protect his boss

Why haven't Republican leaders responded to golf ball hitting Hillary?..

Is racism too inherent to abolish?

8:53 a.m. A man with googley eyes in camouflage was walking toward the park.

The Critic Who Refuted Trumps World View in 1916

Trumpcare is back (Graham-Cassidy). Call your Senate like you have never called before.

I just read that Maria could be 140mph by the time it reaches

Pro wrestling legend Bobby "The Brain" Heenan has passed away.

December 12, 2017 AL US Senate Election is going to decide whether Democrats regain control of

Can anyone help me identify this butterfly on my fig tree?

War with NK will be inevitable.

Headsup - Colbert is hosting the Emmys

Charleston Gazette editorial: Is it time for health care for all yet?