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Archives: September 16, 2017

Coltrane....on the anniversary of the 16th Ave Baptist Church bombing

Hurricane Jose Spins North, With East Coast Watching Warily.

need advice on indoor growing....

"We smelled a lot of pot THEY want to get themselves in the mood"

DOJ rolls back program intended to identify problems in police departments

Keith Olbermann

interesting that the trump supporters lose faith in him...

Experts Say the Use of Private Email by Trumps Voter Fraud Commission Isnt Legal

Yep we're saturated but Jose Headed Towards New England; 96L a Concern for Eastern Caribbean

Trump administration withholds almost all Mar-a-Lago visitor logs

In Stunning New Deal with Democrats, Trump Agrees to Be Impeached

How Facebook, Google, and Youtube helped get 45 elected. Must see video.

Take the fruit I give you, says the bending tree;

Memphis Mayor Wants Statues Down By April

I just finished UNBELIEVABLE by Katy Tur.

FEMA auctioned disaster trailers as Harvey made landfall

FEMA auctioned disaster trailers as Harvey made landfall

Still no charity money from leftover Trump inaugural funds

American Vandal

Trump moves to dismiss congressional Emoluments Clause lawsuit

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Wrong Thing Right Then (VIDEO)

"I threw a ball ..."

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF Aftermath. Live Uncensored & a new Kittehs gif

We'll fly you and a friend out to meet @BarackObama ✈️ Enter now for your chance to win by 9/17

Heard a terrible review of the film "Mother" on the radio. Jennifer Lawrence, et Al.

The Strongest Evidence Yet Donald Trump Is Violating Constitutional Anti-Corruption Clauses

Jeffrey Sandusky pleads guilty to 14 counts of child sexual abuser

Rachel going for Pence

Republicans make new push to repeal Obamacare...this is really awful.

Alaska political corruption probe produced 67 banker boxes of seized evidence. Should it be public?

University of Alaska considers tuition hikes for the next 2 years

very interesting article about how Facebook ad buys work

Friday Talking Points (453) -- Deal? Or No Deal?

Data firm tied to Democrats acknowledges Alaska voter data was exposed online

Florida Nursing Home Residents Died Because Rick Scott Ignored Their Calls

Did you catch this in Rachel's interview with Hillary last night? It really struck me.

Pro-Russia GOPer Pitched WikiLeaks Pardon To White House

Returns on state retirement accounts rebound from loss last year

Dan Rather: "If you don't like it, don't buy the book or turn the channel when she's on."

You Are Just Saying That Because You Hate Trump

North Pole lawmaker reprimanded by ethics subcommittee

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Chris Hayes this evening

pResident Bone Spur

Holding hands :) Juju and Yui

State Republican Party short of money, removes 2 staffers from payroll

Missed patch caused Equifax data breach

I don't recall the trees losing their leaves like this in past storms.

Remember when Harry Dean Stanton starred in that Bob Dylan music video?

Anthem to re-enter individual health insurance market, restoring coverage for 70,000 Virginians

News Bloopers of the Week #2 (September 2017)

The Trump administration has auctioned off acres of habitat for the sage-grouse

U.S. Army: Brown people need not apply.

Sen Tammy Baldwin: It's an honor to receive the @NatlWomansParty's Voice for Women Award. Thank yo

Soran Bushi -Which do you like best?

Stop eating that gross honey cake and try this apple cake!

Transgender troops will be allowed to re-enlist for now: report

House Democrats want more information on Trump administration's threats over Murkowski's health care

Superman saved undocumented workers from a racist and conservative media is mad about it

I got a present in the mail today : Katy Tur AND madame President (should be ) choices hum

Soran Bushi Old and New, WHICH do you like better??

CNN reporting on live protests in St. Louis over not guilty verdict

Judge sentences sisters convicted of Savoonga embezzlement

Bar Wars: Alcohol board bans distilleries from selling cocktails

Anyone see "Wind River"? Very good film. N/t

Regents award UA prez $50K bonus. He immediately donates it back to school.

WSJ: Pro-Russia GOPer Pitched WikiLeaks Pardon Deal To White House

The House just passed a bill that could politicize churches

2018 US Senate Election-The likely number of seats Democrats will have after 2018 is

Schatz, Warren introduce Freedom of Equifax Exploitation Act

Proud to support Onward Together!

18-month sentence for ex-Navy commander in bribery scandal

Seth Meyers: Monologue - Ted Cruz Responds to Porno Tweet, Sad Drake Cookies - 9/14/17

Trump moving toward energy exploration in Arctic wildlife refuge: report

Family of Hawaii girl who died from strep granted $850,000

The Daily Show: Between the Scenes - Ivanka and Don Jr.'s Daddy Excuse

Honolulu Rail Board: What Do You Do With A $2.4 Billion Bailout?

Pension Spiking Costs Taxpayers Millions Now The Push Is On To Stop It

Book of Mike (Pence)

The Fight Over Abortion In Hawaii

Honduras police fire tear gas at protest against president

StarKist 5 week shutdown will cost the Samoan government millions

One officer left standing after indictments of Baltimore Gun Trace Task Force members

North Korea/China/Russia's Joint Goal Regarding NK Missile Tests...

Guam Federation of Teachers votes on proposed teachers' contract

Cocktail before dinner, wine with the entree, and my son-in-law couldn't finish his beer. So I did.

General lack of concern over the latest GOP ACA senate repeal

People who abandoned pets during Irma face felony charges

We obtained the Conservatives internal strategy on Trudeaus tax changes. Heres whats wrong with

Guam lawmakers to vote on budget override

Hillary had a nice interview on PBS NewsHour with Judy Woodruff

It's a sad day when Americans have to be protected from their own President

Don Siegelman documentary to be shown at Montgomery theater.

Time to re-share this:

Bill Maher: New Rules

Armed neo-Confederates descend on Virginia to defend statue at all cost'

Festus gas station clerk gifted winning lottery ticket

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 9/15/17

Arizona man tries to eat rattlesnake; snake bites back

First it's a "ban" then it isn't...

Teacher on leave after boy is forced to stand during Pledge

Bill Maher on Amnesty Don

Now that we're finally purging America of the Confederacy's toxic remnants.....

Advise on diet for kitty with kidney disease?

California Assembly approves presidential primary in March

What meal did your family serve when you were a kid

Alleged SF killer had been released from jail despite request for immigration hold

Owner of Brooklyn Medical Clinics Sentenced for Her Role in $55 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

Fearful of Trump's America, asylum seekers from across the globe stream into Canada

Former Mobile Phone Industry Employee Sentenced For Role In Multimillion-Dollar Consumer Fraud Schem

Long Island Investment Fund Manager Sentenced to 12 Years Imprisonment For $96 Million Ponzi Scheme

Should Facebook have to register under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act)?

VA to make beds available to non-veterans in hurricane's aftermath

Kathy Griffin's Sister Passed Away Last Night

St. Louis: Protests erupt after white officer acquitted in fatal shooting of black man

The Robert E. Lee statue is gone from a Dallas park. Now what?

Group will pay for at least 74 women affected by Harvey to have abortions

The "I stand with all Democrats" thread.

With special guest @HillaryClinton, @maddow was the most-watched non-sports program on cable

Insured losses from Harvey to top Ike, Insurance Council of Texas says

As NK tests nukes, Tillerson says his No. 1 priority is shrinking the State Department.

Yes, Bernie Sanderss plan moves America closer to single-payer

Trooper fired for Sandra Bland stop: "My safety was in jeopardy."

Democratic Party chief: Joaquin Castro hasn't shut door on governor run

UT-Austin changes automatic admissions threshold from 7 to 6 percent

Bob Young is an idiot

Felony charges against Rep. Dawnna Dukes reportedly on hold

U.S. Army kills contracts for hundreds of immigrant recruits. Some face deportation.

***SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest WINNERS!***

***SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest WINNERS*** Thread has been posted in GD

Texas draws criticism for insisting applications for disaster food stamps be filed in home counties

Bill Maher: 25 things you didn't know about Melania Trump

Barges are not coming to Port Arthur

'Santa Claus' pleads guilty to marijuana-growing charges

James Ehlers supports Bernie Sanders Medicare for All proposal

Looks like the melt season is over

Rusty, I'm home!

Trump wanted to hurt the Obamacare markets. The CBO says he's a success.

Elizabeth Warren Stunned By Giant Health Insurer's Greed

British police arrest 18-year-old man in connection with London subway attack

Mattis orders military leaders to allow transgender troops to re-enlist

Build that wall!

Hillary Clinton's Powerful Tribute To Edie Windsor Was Only One Part Of Her Amazing, Moving Funeral

Morality Is Negotiable for Mr. Trump - NYT Editorial Board

Trump Gives Conservatives Their Just Comeuppance - by Bret Stephens

PBS NewsHour: Dissecting the election, Hillary Clinton sees dangers for democracy

California Assembly calls on Congress to censure Trump

U.S. demands Iraqi Kurds cancel vote on independence

Shields and Brooks on Hillary Clintons election candor, Trumps dealing with Democrats

Massachusetts town to consider changing Board of Selectmen to Selectwomen

District Judge: Sessions can't deny grant money for sanctuary cities

Judge denies speedy trial motion in Clendennen Twin Peaks case

Waco man accused of exposing himself in Chick-fil-A drive-thru

Another prosecutor joins Trump-Russia probe

From the White House to Harvard, America's norms are being shredded

Smoking gun?: Maddow pinpoints a massive missing link in the flurry of Trump firings and resignation

Donated clothing piles up in Rockport, but tools, tarps and cleaning supplies are needed

Ohio fireman suspended-said he would rescue a dog from a burning building before saving a n*gger'

Dallas Cowboys' Prescott on the verge of history

Trump Gives Conservatives Their Just Comeuppance *

Defiant North Korean leader says he will complete nuke program

Trump Declines to Release List of His Visitors at Mar-a-Lago

Hillary Clinton demonstrates "alternative nostril breathing" during interview promoting her new book

Perry touts importance of oil stockpiles

Just read this interview by Bill Moyers of one of the authors of a new book coming out in early

In Amish Country, the Future Is Calling

How many out there actually wanted to hear from Hillary the other night?

Fireman suspended for saying he would rescue a dog from a burning building before saving a n*gger

the next time a trump supporter confronts you with the "both sides have bad dudes" argument..

My name is Wafer! I'm not sick...

Never Trumpers to voters: We told you so

I hope nobody loses their lives: Armed neo-Confederates descend on Virginia to defend statue at

Rush Limbaugh's Erectile Dysfunction advertisement

Wal-Mart to build new headquarters near downtown Bentonville

New charge is added to ex-lawmaker's bribery case

Trump Warns North Korea Of 'Overwhelming' Options

Dallas investor gets year in federal prison over land scheme

John McCain Apparently Has Decided To Appear Concerned About Climate Once Again

When Trump says "the other side", which side is he speaking from?

$6 Billion "Clean Coal" Fiasco In MS "An Asset"; Workforce Going From 285 To 40 W. NG Conversion

Worry about the spies, not thieves, who may have breached Equifax

This was asked back on July 1, it may have fallen through the cracks of a busy summer:

Five American Ash Species On Criticially Endangered IUCN Red List; Emerald Ash Borer Wiping Them Out

The Science Museum And The Natural History Museum Are Fighting On Twitter, And It's Amazing

West Virginia Supreme Court overturns ruling that blocks right-to-work law

I caught a few seconds of HRC on TV this morning

Former Massey Energy CEO Blankenship again urges Supreme Court to hear appeal of his conviction

Nikki Haley lays out Trump's first U.N. speech. I fail to see how anything could possibly go wrong.

Ethics, Legality and Morality - Which Is the Superior Standard?

I have a feeling we'll be singing this chorus in a few days

These Three Advertising Networks Are Powering Fake News

Please add JulieRB to the In Memorian page. Thanks.

Ethics Complaints Filed On Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Explosion in Salford was caused by 'device packed with nails and screws'

In Stunning New Deal with Democrats, Trump Agrees to Be Impeached

Former Trump aide liquidated childrens college fund to pay for Russia defense: report

West Virginia Will Not See Latest Federal Grant to Combat Opioid Crisis

Prince Charles spoke to Queen and said your man must go

WI has trailed the nation in job creation every single quarter. since Walker took over budget

Lindsey Graham a must read on Health Care

In Stunning New Deal with Democrats, Trump Agrees to Be Impeached

Boy! How things have evolved over the past 5 decades?

About six pro-Confederate protesters being confronted by more than 100 counterprotesters

I'm an Art lover - but this stretches it -200 gal. of piss

Malcolm Nance needs his own show...dedicated to Russian discussion...

Email from WI Rep.Sargent WI budget, ACA DACA etc...

Questioning the NEED for additional insurance with Medicare

Republican lawmaker vows to run over protesters who block highways

Cassini last images of Saturn from NASA and Reuters

"Neo-Nazis are exactly like you and me. They're just newer." Come CAPTION Fox's Pete Hegseth!!!

Internet access while travelling & cell-phone-internet, an inquiry

Suicide of teen who made sex video shows dilemma for schools

Life After Hate - Samantha Bee

WATCH: Paul McCartney brings Bruce Springsteen on MSG stage to play 'I Saw Her Standing There'

Hundreds march to oppose new Confederate group

World's first tuition-free, online University "University of the People"

Pence Up To His Neck In Russia Scandal

Felony Charges Dropped Against Two RNC Flag Burners

Ken Burns: How Vietnam War sowed the seeds of a divided America

SLCPD detective who arrested nurse had been disciplined for alleged sexual harassment and other viol

Trump voters make a shocking discovery.

I'm Afraid It's Gonna Get Ugly In St. Louis This Weekend

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Terrible Don

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Having a little fun here with Kentucky's tourist trap...I mean "Ark Encounter."

Agency Payments to Mar-A-Lago and Trump Hotels Provide Evidence for Impeachment

The US First Lady introduces her husband on stage -He thanks her with a handshake....

There is a double standard on DU.

Most Americans can't answer these 5 basic money questions

Wisconsin girl found mentally ill in Slender Man stabbing case

Wisconsin girl found mentally ill in Slender Man stabbing case

Most Americans can't answer these 5 basic money questions

Clinton: Trump Is A Clear And Present Danger

Reform to Ohio wind farm law proposed in a cornfield while turbines go up

The people who lied on their security clearance will be charged with a felony.

With shadow of Springer, Cordray looming, Dem governor hopefuls take to the debate stage

Jerry Pournelle, Science Fiction Novelist and Computer Guide, Dies at 84

Jerry Pournelle, Science Fiction Novelist and Computer Guide, Dies at 84

President Trump wanted to hurt the Obamacare markets. The CBO says he's a success.

New prosecutor, who had worked on DOJ's "highest-profile money laundering case," joins Team Mueller

"You block my road, I rock your life!" . . . Please come CAPTION Aaron Bernstine (R-PA)!!!

U-Va. board votes to remove Confederate plaques, ban open flames

McCain joins effort to challenge Trump's transgender troops ban

60th day of golf since becoming President.

Betsy DeVos got an education at Kansas City

People in Switzerland Want to Know Who Is Clogging Their Toilets With Wads of Cash

California bill to wean power sector off fossil fuels dies for this year

Path of Irma and river flooding - Fascinating

Toys 'R' Us mulls bankruptcy filing: Wall Street Journal

Renowned psychiatrist Robert Lifton to Bill Moyers: 'Trump is the most dangerous man in the world'

Clinton sees dangers for democracy

Zanzibar arrests 20 over homosexuality

REPUBLICANS to Dissolve the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

U2 Cancels St. Louis Concert Amid Protests Over Police Officers Acquittal On Murder Charge

Never Caught: The Washingtons' Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge.......

New furniture for YOUR living room !!

Toledo abortion clinic case heard by Ohio Supreme Court

News that Mueller got a search warrant for FB content is the biggest news since the Manafort raid

Hillary Clinton's full interview with Anderson Cooper

Singaporeans protest against uncontested presidential election

The Cassidy/Graham bill was announced for Monday ahead of time. So WHY did Bernie announce

I want to send out a big,,,,

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Single-payer Medicare for All must be a litmus test for Democrats

Democrats excellent fundraising month

Saturday, and it's MST3K's "Outlaw of Gor" on Chromecast, via YouTube, via Shout Factory.

Beware of the Bashware: A New Method for Any Malware to Bypass Security Solutions

Laurence Tribe (Harvard Law): This could well be a sign that Mueller is farther along

Mueller is going to give America an enema.

Sherrod Brown criticizes possible GOP tax plans in pre-emptive strike

Kitty entertainment

London Tube attack latest: Arrest made as terror threat raised to 'critical'

The mother of all rallies , LMAO

Post fraud gang member flees in confrontation with BBC reporter

why isnt bernie's medicare for all paid for w corporate taxes?

Kasich-backed plan to fix Obamacare still stands a chance

U.S. Regions with Stricter Gun Laws Have Lower Rates of Pediatric Injuries Due to Firearms

Hilliard area husband and wife sentenced for Medicaid fraud, money laundering

One House, 22 Floods: Repeated Claims Drain Federal Insurance Program

🐦 SUNDAY on #MTP: @ChuckTodd interviews @SenSanders

This Tiny Country Feeds the World

Trump Is Ready to Sell Out His Base

Puppy photo op, 5 weeks

Anonymous donor gives Kenyon College $75 million

Donald Trump's "LESS is MOAR Rally" with a turnout the size of his 'whatever!"

Tropical Depression Fifteen Has Formed And May Threaten Lesser Antilles Early Next Week

El Helicoide: From Venezuelan architectural symbol of hope to Chavista torture chamber

I think I know one way that someone was fishing on Facebook.

MSM: Driving me Fucking Nuts!

Maduro Drops All Pretense, Vows to Become a Dictator to Ensure Economic Peace in Venezuela

Brawls, pepper spray and police patrols: A high school football game turns ugly

Ohio fireman suspended for saying he would rescue a dog from a burning building before saving a n..

Bill Moyers: The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

'It's time for us to be the moral defibrillators that revive the heart of this country'

Forgive mom who killed disabled child?

Lansing fiddles while Michigan's public schools go to hell

Jack's back: new movie coming up for Jack Nicholson!

Fonda and Tomlin speak out on fair wages for restaurant workers

People who believe what they WANT to believe.

if you were to run for a local office in a purple area, how much

Superman saves undocumented workers from white supremacist in latest comic, angering right-wing comm

*****GALLUP***** No DACA or Hurricane Bump For Chump

Facebook handed Russia-linked ads over to Mueller under search warrant

Key Thoughts on the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson ACA Repeal Plan

How is Medicare-For-All politically feasible right now?

Fact: Sanders has been in the Senate nine years and has sponsored only one bill that pass.

I want a "Do the women get to talk?" mug to take to meetings

Philippines' Duterte asks head of human rights agency: 'Are you a pedophile?'

Bill allowing unlimited political spending by corporations, unions passes state Senate

Scientists Find Brain Area Linked to Hearing Voices in Schizophrenics

Orlando is one of the worst cities to live for millennials, says study

Watch atheists narrate hilarious tour of Kentucky's Ark Encounter

Vanity Fair: Will Zuckerberg or Dorsey face Mueller's wrath?

GOP sees fresh opening with Dems' single payer embrace

The senators and congressmen knew all week about the ACA Repeal attempt

BIG pro-Confederate protest group in Richmond Va got in their truck and left

Instagram video of Queens students singing popular song with racial slur causes controversy

Mueller just obtained a warrant that could change the entire nature of the Russia investigation

House sets aside Trump's biggest budget cuts

Congressional Black Caucus rips DOJ decision on police program

Pontiac biz owner gets backlash over racist post

Lions fan no longer season ticket holder after racist post goes viral

White House: Months later, Stephen Miller's gifts of homemade date nut bread remain uneaten

Per capita cost annually for US Healthcare is over $10,000

Trump Biographer David Cay Johnston: The President Is the Embodiment of Being a Racist

Occasionally, when the traditional extreme right wing of the GOP is at war with

Michigan board may declare LGBT discrimination unlawful

Alex Jones offers to pay for genital surgery /acid attacks on women

NJ police release body-cam video of GOP lawmaker calling them "f*cking assh*les" during DWI bust

Georgia's disruptively warm winter caused the loss of an estimated 85 percent of the peach crop.

Ex-Gov. Blanchard endorses Whitmer, says Schuette is 'going negative'

Live shots from the pro-Trump "Mother of All Rallies" ..Turns out bots can't rally.

Sign language interpreter used gibberish, warned of bears, monsters during Hurricane Irma update

The GOP is Plowing Ahead with an Audacious Effort to Hijack the Vote and Rig Elections

MSNBC is airing some live coverage of the Pro-Trump rally in DC

Farmer banned at East Lansing city market over gay marriage stance has day in court

Humor for the day.

Four years ago, the EIA expected world coal use to grow 39% by 2040. Now it expects just 1%.

Police: Person of interest wanted in sexual assault case on Metro platform in DC

A Polly Arnold Review on the Organometallic Chemistry of Neptunium.

Foster parents would keep gun rights under new bill

Trump administration backs bill to halt aid to Palestinians

Okemos woman gets 10 years in prison after filing $4.5M in false tax returns

(UVA) Board of Visitors votes to remove Confederate plaques from Rotunda

Twyla Tharps Back Pages, With Chapters to Come

Flood insurance and Health insurance for all

Life of Service Versus Life of Serving Oneself: Virginia Voters Have Clear Choice This November

Body of missing filmmaker Twyla Roscovich found on Vancouver Island

Trump bans any outreach by Govt Agencies to the public FOR WHOM THEY WORK.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 16, 2017

*****BREAKING***** WSJ- U.S. Won't Withdraw From Paris Climate Accord - Already backtracking

Where can I donate $$ to Hurricane Irma's relief fund for animals and have it doubled?

An-tee-fa? MY Dad in 1945:

"Has not agreed to terms of service" ??

Real Time

Potential cougar spotting in Oakland

Our Constitution Wasnt Built for This.

EPA head Scott Pruitt paves way for chemical plant explosions from Harvey

Why Chinas green ambitions will make it the next world leader

MSNBC cuts off man telling them they were misrepresenting Trump rally as benign (VIDEO)

Trump Effect: CNN guest only cares about the First Amendment and boobs (VIDEO)

Conservative slams GOP piousness, would vote Clinton over most Republicans (VIDEO)

A still-legendary Neil Young performance of "Down By The River" from Austin City Limits

The historic support for Bernie Sanders' healthcare bill shows single payer is becoming mainstream

Toys 'R' Us preparing for possible bankruptcy filing - sources

Bernie V Hillary threads

Marine accused of trespassing during rally to be discharged

Lonesome, ornery, mean, rootin' tootin' gun-slingin' outlaw cowpokes don't re-write term papers.

The millions of us who had ancestors who arrived here via Canada are probably descended

Porsche plows into spectators at Idaho car show; 8 hurt

Location scout for Netflix's 'Narcos' found shot to death in Mexico

ICE agents dressed in plainclothes staked out a courthouse in Brooklyn and refused to identify thems

Effectiveness of the spitball.

Why Protecting a Shark Nursery in the Patagonia Sea Is Crucial

Tropical Storm Maria threatens Caribbean; Lee forms in Atlantic

Why Protecting a Shark Nursery in the Patagonia Sea Is Crucial

Hillary Clinton Book-Signing Draws More Than 1,000 To Brookfield Costco

Caribbean under hurricane watch again. Tropical Storm Maria following Irma's track.

The American left has its own Tea Party, and its coming for Donald Trump

Weather Update (9/16). Hurricane, Typhoon, Tropical Storms projection

Knockouts - Darling Lorraine (Live)

White House denies US is planning to remain in Paris climate accord

I never liked Lester Diamond. I never liked that guy.

U.S. lawmakers want retaliation for sonic attacks in Cuba

Fort Lauderdale reporting in



What's tour favorite line or scene from Animal House?

Boy vs Garbage

A breathing earth

More former classmates of Mnuchin call on him to resign


In message of defiance to Trump, lawmakers vote to make California a sanctuary state

In message of defiance to Trump, lawmakers vote to make California a sanctuary state

NC churches training to offer refuge to immigrants facing deportation

Resistance begins at the local level. Bin Qamruzzaman for Mayor of Novi, MI

Ted Cruz does speak Spanish

So on Facebook today,

DOJ Wont Investigate Killing Of Black Man By White Policeman In St. Louis


This May Be The Most Awkward Donald & Melania Trump Moment Yet

Voting for my first republican.

The best lesson I learned from Irma in Florida is the importance

Florida sign language "interpreter" signed gibberish on tv during Irma warnings

Juggalos Journey to D.C. in Protest of FBIs Gang Classification

HuffPo - Calling Out White Supremacy Comes With Consequences For Black Folks

'America has done a terrible job of telling the truth about racism'

Introducing...Tropical Storm LEE

Any fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm here?

Mexican teacher barred from traveling to US to collect Internet Society award

Mexican teacher barred from traveling to US to collect Internet Society award

Ecuador president accuses predecessor of planting spy camera

When Depression Can't Be Cured.

Half of Canada's monitored wildlife is in decline, major study finds

Why we will never start school at a decent time (and why our politics will always be fucked)

The Criminology Textbook Using Brock Turner's Case As An Example Of Rape Has Been Addressed By Its P

Republican congressman who opposed Harvey relief funding now in charge of recovery effort