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Archives: September 14, 2017

Just a reminder: 13 Democratic senators voted no on prescription drug price legislation

Pssssssssssssssst there was a school shooting today

Equifax CEO to testify before House panel on hack

Treasury Sec Steve Mnuchin's wife Louise Linton and Katie Quackenbush looks like the same person!


Link to Full Text of Bernie's Medicare-for-All bill

The relatively quick acceptance of the ACA shows why Medicare for All will win.

It is enough already with criticizing Our President and his friends!

Senate Intel Interested In Russian Ops On Facebook

Anyone see/remember the 1981 move Absence of Malice?

What those young racist thugs did to this kid- Police Slow to Probe Biracial Boy's Hanging in New

US Virgin Islands getting aid, but still reeling from Irma

Tuvan xo"o"mei singers coming back to UAH -- Alash Ensemble 9/21

Why is Roger Stone campaigning to convince Trump to pardon the Bundys?

Tuvan xoomei singers coming back to UAH -- Alash Ensemble 9/21 (XP)

Much ado about nothing: ancient Indian text contains earliest zero symbol

Hey Mitch: No taxes cuts unless we get single payer health care

Potential 2020 Democratic Nominees Are Lining Up Behind New Single-Payer Health Care Bill

Trumps tweets indicate an emotionally unstable innovator prone to mental illness: scientists

Keith Olbermann #121

Coca-Cola Email Chain Shows Exactly How Food Industry "Science" Works To Deceive Everyone

I don't understand Bernie's Medicare for all

Is there anywhere in America where people actually vote for dogcatchers?

Irma Storm Surge Provides Floridians With A Preview Of Their Inescapable Future

"This is the homeless man Katie Quackenbush shot x2"

NY Supreme Court Dumps On Exxon's Claims Of "Privilged" Records In 1-Sentence Ruling

Freethought of the Day

Warmer Winters Present Bleak Future For Georgia Peaches, Peach Growers

A Stranger in Maryland, Touched by a Hurricane Story, Sends 3 Cups to Houston

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Aftermath. Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Does anyone else identify with this picture?

Cryptic article about submarines and pirate flags

Watch Hillary on Anderson Cooper. I so miss her. She's so smart. She's so

Missouri lawmaker censured over Trump assassination post

What Hillary Clinton really thinks

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin requested government jet for European honeymoon

What I learned from Hurricane Irma

Once again I am being asked, "How did you know this already?"

The Genius of Bernies Gradualism

Homeless man asked woman to move Porsche so he could sleep. Then she shot him, police say.

Now go home and get your * shinebox

Free Parking 9/13

The Murphy Arts District aims to make Arkansas's original boomtown boom again

Mark Warner on Rachel talking if FB can be compelled to testify

Two letters to the Editor today in my rural Indiana paper. This is real.

Hillary Clinton: It's Time To Abolish The Electoral College

Amazon defends deleting one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton's new book

WH Rejects Supremacist Label: No One Has Done More Than Trump to Prove White People Aren't Superior

Schumer & Pelosi say they convinced Trump to support deal that enshrines DACA into law & includes bo

*****BREAKING***** We agreed with Trump agreed to enshrine DACA protections into law. *

Katy Tur

Schumer, Pelosi, Trump 'agree' to fix DACA, border security 'excluding' wall

i just watched Ted Cruz talk about consenting adults in bedrooms and i was completely turnedd

What if Chump tells Ryan to abandon the Hastert Rule and allow a DACA vote?

Frank Vincent, Sopranos and Goodfellas actor, dies at 78

Frank Vincent, Sopranos and Goodfellas actor, dies at 78

When your kid is a "Whovian"

At the going down of the sun

Trump says rich might pay more in taxes, talks with Democrats

The misogyny of the much of the Dark Side is a given, but it is still sickening.

What if we can get a judge like Sandra Day O'Connor or Anthony Kennedy out of Chump?

Bikini Baristas Sue Everett, Say Dress Code Unfair

Trump administration sued over phone searches at U.S. borders

White House spokesperson: There was no deal with Pelosi and Schumer.

Sean Spicer and Chelsea Manning Join Harvard as Visiting Fellows.

I have to credit Schumer & Pelosi

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 14 September 2017

****Trump- Schumer- Pelosi Dinner Update ****

He's Tweeting About Crooked HRC Again

What's up with the Racism is As American Sign @Fenway?

A 58-story skyscraper in San Francisco is tilting and sinking making their apartments worthless

Sanders offers possible tax hikes that could pay for universal Medicare

Trump ethics watchdog moves to allow anonymous gifts to legal defense funds

Seth Meyers - Mueller Goes for the Kill, Trump Pushes Tax Cuts: A Closer Look

*****Civil War On The Right - Breitbart- Amnesty Don Report: Trump Caves on DACA*****

Martin Shkreli sent to jail for posting online bounty on Clinton's hair

Seth Meyers: Monologue - Ted Cruz's Twitter Likes a Porno, Eric Trump's Wife Gives Birth - 9/12/17

It's only Wednesday

Remember, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a Godly Christian Woman

One student dead, three in hospital after classmate opens fire at Freeman High School

The NFL Is Seriously Concerned With Empty Stadiums

Ted Cruz is Not Wanking to This Blog Post...OR IS HE?!?

City Council President Bruce Harrell becomes Seattle's 54th mayor; Ed Murray steps down

Sara Huckabee Sanders' theme music:

Oh, Ted...

So is the media going to start rewriting the history of the 2016 debates?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls For Journalist To Be Fired

Dear Donald...

Idaho Sen. Crapo wants to make switchblades legal in interstate commerce

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reminds Me Of The Person Demanding....

King County fined $361,000 over West Point treatment-plant failure

Donald tweets and so do I

"The search is on for this man."

Gender X option may be coming to Washington birth certificates

Sheku Kanneh-Mason - Winner BBC Young Musician 2016 - Shostakovich Cello Concerto No 1

Pluto Features Given First Official Names by the International Astronomical Union...

Kushner Cos. hemorrhaging money at NYCs 666 5th Avenue because of his relationship to Trump: rep

FTC demands endorsement info from Instagram 'influencers'

Had Hillary Won

Is New Yorks Best Pizza in New Jersey?

Is New Yorks Best Pizza in New Jersey?

Scientists hope to restore extinct Galapagos tortoise (AP/ABC)

Trump spokeswoman's claims about Comey don't make legal sense.

Anyone else looking forward to seeing this?

The Daily Show - Violent Buddhists Target Muslims in Myanmar - 9/13/17

Headlines at Breitbart now

His base must be shitting bricks (DACA deal)

Oregon workers comp rates to drop for fifth straight year

PERS panel close to finishing

Trump shuts down Lattice Semiconductor's $1.3 billion sale to Chinese investors

White House Rejects Supremacist Label: No One Has Done More Than Trump to Prove White People Are Not

The Real Obstacle to Single-Payer

Motel 6 Admits Arizona Sites Were Reporting Guests To ICE Without Chains Approval

Amazing 30 days at sea in time-lapse

Wyden renews call for Congress to fix wildfire funding

"Can you spell deportation?" NC McDonalds manager fired after encounter caught on video

What you need to know about Texas' battle over gerrymandering allegations

Doctor Convicted of $50 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme Sentenced to 200 Months in Federal Prison

Let's slide into the 90s Radiohead sound for a few minutes.

Hauntingly Beautiful Chinese sounding music from the GAME #Warframe

University of Houston student says 'neo-Nazi propaganda' posters found on campus

BBC special: "Our Saturn Years" ((lots of pics and history))

Obama-era solar power program reaches goal early

Cat in downtown Tulsa lends a helping paw to area homeless

Equifax had 'admin' as login and password in Argentina

Without googling...At a four-way stop, if 2 cars reach the intersection simultaneously,

North Korea threatens to sink Japan and turn US to 'ashes and darkness'

Serendipity at 3 am

Purple Heart Marine arrested at pro-Confederate rally is being kicked out of the Corps

Tyler Perry showed up in San Antonio, left 1,850 percent restaurant tip

Howard E. Butt Jr., oldest son of Texas H-E-B family, dies at 89

While bashing US for harming freedom of the press, Russia proposes reducing it.

But poor people, in my experience, are exactly like rich people, except they have no money.

Catholic Hospitals Are Making It Harder for Men To Obtain Vasectomies

Thank you so much!

A look back at politics

All but two Southeast Texas refineries restarting

Early days but pay attention

Post-Harvey, Houston officials hope Congress is up for funding Ike Dike

On a party line vote, Supreme Court restores Texas Republican-drawn maps

Houston Church Allegedly Fires Hurricane Harvey Volunteer For Being Gay, Jewish

Something to keep in mind, folks.

Shuttered Facebook group was linked to Russia

VINGN sets up WIFI hotspot on St. John

VI WAPA warns residents as lines are energized

Mapp Announces Change In Curfew Hours, Chastises VI Residents Not Pleased With Speed Of Recovery

R.I.P. Frank Vincent

U.S. Senate OKs Puerto Rico Investment Bill

Let us rise and view issues through a larger lens.

Caribbean Residents Fend Off Looters After Irma; Branson Urges Marshall Plan

Facebook appears not to be updating for me. Should I call 911?

Blue Cross Blue Shield hit with $8 million penalty by insurance department

Husker Du drummer Grant Hart has passed away at 56

How the CIA Forgot the Art of Spying

New Harvard admissions criterion: What would Fox "News" say?


Clapper says Rice unmasking was "legitimate and responsible"...

Birmingham-Southern Cutting Tuition by More Than Half

Does the US Government have enough revenues to operate efficently and sufficiently?

State Superintendent Michael Sentance Resigns

White House wont commit to signing joint congressional resolution condemning white supremacists

Claims of Rampant Voter Fraud, Trump Election Commission Lays the Groundwork for New Restrictions

Venezuela's 'Plan Rabbit' encounters 'cultural problem'

New effort to help with poverty in Appalachia

What Trump and His Team Have Wrecked So Far

Rural Alabama community to buy its own hospital

UPDATED: Anthony Weiner Blames Legal Woes on Untreated Addiction, Victim

Trump's Reported DACA Deal Greeted With Scorn by His Base

Last nite the Pa. House approved budget plan (surprise! Saves gas drillers)

Eye Floaters information request

Investigators blast Salt Lake City police officers for violent arrest of nurse

BAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA (REDUX) Trump is Getting Roasted By His Fellow Deplorables For DACA

President Trump Tweets Massive Damage Control After Alleged DACA Deal

Freethought of the Day: Margaret Sanger

MAGA Twitter Turns on Trump Over Alleged DACA Deal With Dems: 'Who DOESN'T Want Trump Impeached?'

GOP Freaks After Trump 'Deal' With Dems on Immigration

Military Personnel Carrying Guns Off Base

Jemele Hill Stands By Comments, But Apologizes to ESPN For Painting Them 'In an Unfair Light'

Just Like Heroin And It's Legal: DEA Taking Closer Look At Kratom

Trump ethics "watchdog" moves to allow anonymous gifts to legal defense funds

U.S. Sen Jones: It could happen

Just Like Heroin And It's Legal: DEA Taking Closer Look At Kratom

So it's okay for Trump to call a private citizen (Hillary) "crooked"

Alabama Supreme Court halts refunds to public education employees

Dems: Trump's tweets 'not inconsistent' with DACA agreement

Trump's Base Want A Cultural, Religious, Economic and Political Apartheid.

University of Alabama sees record-breaking enrollment

FBI reveals broader use of grand jury subpoenas in Clinton email probe

Trump- you wanna deal on DACA and The Wall

How last night's dinner with Trump, Pelosi and Schumer went down

See The World As Trump Voters See It -- Tom Tomorrow

'The wall will come later': Trump says he's 'fairly close' to deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pe

Katy Tur Talks With Chuck Todd About 'Unbelievable'

Trump's die-hard supporters are fuming after an apparent about-face on 'dreamers'

NPR Audio: Sen. Merkley Picks 'Medicare For All' Over Affordable Care Act

Oh noooes! Hannity haz sad.

Woman works to become historian in prison, is released, gets accepted to Harvard -- then rejected.

As a Two-Party-System, you maybe don't understand the Trump-R-D love-triangle. I'll explain:

At last, people whose birth really was influenced by the movement of the planets

SFPD officers gun stolen during car break-in, used in homicide

No one is getting betrayed by Trump more than Sessions, who said DACA stole jobs and endangered live

Someone needs to record their meeting with Trump

Trump's voter-fraud propagandist cooks up extremely fuzzy math - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

NBC Reporter: Trump Gave Me Unwanted Kiss During Campaign

SHOCK? House Passes Amendment to Restrict Asset Forfeiture

BTW, Trump said 92% of Americans favor letting the DREAMERS stay.

Trump's fickleness frightens his base -- and could doom tax reform - By Jennifer Rubin

#neverforget--Remember #dontheCon is a habitual liar!!. Trump and 9/11....

Protesters shroud Jefferson statue, decry UVa response to rallies

Ivankas reasons for not publicly disagreeing with her dad

Is it wrong to call Hitler a Fascist or Stalin a Communist?

Joe Biden: Reclaiming America's Values

Can Doug Jones be the Guy Hunt of Democrats? (John Archibald/

UK's May stressed importance of Iran nuclear deal to Tillerson: spokesman

Maybe Alabama voters will finally say, ethics matter more than party (Roy Johnson/

Our simple Apricot Jam recipe!

Why Do People Still Believe Limbaugh About Climate -- Or Anything? - By Gene Lyons

Hey vets having a few beers with former cobra driver


Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Storm Consequences

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - Dealin' Don and the Hounds

GOP lawmaker taunts House conservatives: Trump's base is not 'small faction of obstructionists'

Equifax proves why we need consumer protection (Clete Wetli/

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Shuttered Facebook group that organized anti-Clinton, anti-immigrant rallies across Texas was linked

"Amnesty Don." So, Just Who Wants to Get Rid of Nancy Pelosi?

Kushner owns the Mark of the Beast?

White House Strategy to Deal With Leaks Has Been Leaked

UVa to repay KKK's donation by helping cover costs for rally's injured

"Boy have I got a story to tell!" . . . Please come CAPTION Mike Flynn!!!

Hannity and his diverse panel on racism:

How a notorious Klansman is responsible for the awful political ads you see on TV (Whitmire/

40 high-risk prisoners escaped in British Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma, according to Cabinet

High Cholesterol

Clinton Jabs McConnell Over Unpatriotic Threats During 2016

Jessi Zazu of Those Darlins has passed away at 28 due to cervical cancer

Face-reading AI will be able to detect your politics and IQ, professor says

Alabama senate candidate appeared with pastor who preaches penalty for homosexuality is death

She's Baaaaack! Palin to stump for Moore in Alabama

Let Hillary Clinton roar

Alabama senate candidate appeared with pastor who preaches penalty for homosexuality is death (XP)

Autocar to build $120M truck assembly plant in Birmingham

The new 10 note featuring novelist Jane Austen

Two Fl. Men arrested - Their Ambition exceeded their Grasp

Does anyone actually trust this snake at his word for anything? Anyone at all? Show of hands.

Biden: Trump undermining America's standing in the world

Fox News LOOTING! Blake and Walter get busted stealing a utility pole

LOL -- some history on one of our Repug Senate candidates (not really political)

"The wall will have jacuzzis and tennis courts." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

How a new generation of left-wing podcasters are dethroning Rush Limbaugh and right-wing talk radio

Ivanka Trump: Many have 'unrealistic expectations' of my influence with father

Impeachment anthem

Trumpty Dumpty. 'The Wall Will Come Later,' Trump Says On DACA Deal With Congress

Big Bang Theory is not funny and never has been.

Trump 2.0: Theyre Sending Their Best! - Josh Marshall


The Current Medicare for All Proposal Is Merely a Discussion Starter.

Dom Dimaggio

Little Boats Of Hope - A Voyage Through Grief

Harlem Lacrosse quits using *****'s clubs for fundraisers

'A new strategy' for Trump? Democrats cautious but encouraged by fresh outreach.

McConnell wants to end practice of allowing senators to block appeals court judges

Autopsy finds Lafayette College student died from head injury

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Base Reacts To DACA Deal: The Reviews Are In

About long speeches....Did you ever hear of Edward Everett??..not likely..

Draft Richmond to D.C. rail study out, but controversy remains on route near Ashland, Virginia

Draft Richmond to D.C. rail study out, but controversy remains on route near Ashland

Trumps Voter Registration History for those repugs who deny he is a Republican

Porn Stars hate Ted Cruz

Has anyone else watched Ozark on Netflix?

So concerning DACA, how can that even work?

This is way too much fun

White House: 'There will be no amnesty' under Trump ... It's now called Covfefenisty

10 MB hard disk from the 1960s

Hillary Clinton interviews!!

I don't buy Cruz's story.

Takeover of Jackson Schools Moves on to State School Board

Who Is Your House Rep? Who Are Your Senators?

Trumps budget director was asked this question today.

Anyone else a bit queasy about leadership working with tRump??

Mayor anticipates Meridian addressing flag issue

Trump Adviser Issues Threat: Politicians Who Support Impeachment Are Endangering Their Lives

Clinton: It's time to abolish the Electoral College

BREAKING! It's not real AND it's Obama's fault!!!!

Legislative Democrats to host budget hearing in Tupelo

Trump encourages Rick Scott to run for Senate


House votes to crack down on deporting gang members

So the "master dealmaker" caved after a meal with Pelosi and Schumer?

Trump: I'm Not Interested In 'Amnesty,' Just Letting DACA Recipients Stay

Two men in Florida arrested for stealing a power pole..yes,....a power pole..

Coulter Rails Against Trump Again, This Time For Reports Of DACA Deal

Bin Ladens Son Is Poised to Unify Terrorists Worldwide

Jackson residents win push for public access gates

KO:The Media Doesn't Understand What Trump is Doing-He's not pivoting. He's not changing. He's just

LIVE Now: The Bernie Sanders Show with Dr. Danielle Martin

KO:The Media Doesn't Understand What Trump is Doing-He's not pivoting. He's not changing. He's just

Trump's Immigration Czar

Top Senate Republican on tax says 'Big Six' won't dictate tax reform

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushners China visit was cancelled amid questions over suitability

Pelosi and Schumer are WORKING Trump!

Lessons from Missouri: the Cost of Eliminating Background Checks

like bats?

Colbert: The Leaked Note Obama Left For Trump

McConnell: 'We look forward' to Trump's immigration proposal

Bernie, Co-Sponsors Introduce Medicare for All Bill

39 of the residents of that Hollywood Hills Nursing Home were admitted to hospital

Charles P. Pierce: A Few Words on Bernie, and the Democrats, and Figuring This Thing Out

Samantha Bee Goes Full Homeland To Fight Right-Wing Extremists

Drudge labels Trump, Pelosi 'Dream Team'

After New Times Story, Motel 6 Says It Will Stop Sharing Guest Lists With ICE

Could we all go and "Like" Trumps post about the Dreamers

Argg - Upcoming Hillary Clinton Downtown Austin Book-Signing Sold Out

Sept 14 - The Bernie Sanders Show with Dr. Danielle Martin

Samantha Bee: What'd We Miss: Tuggin' Ted, Hurricanes & Humanity

Schiff: House won't issue interim report on Russian hacking

Schumer: We Have To Put 'Meat On The Bones' Of DACA Agreement With Trump

Good News: Ted Cruz Says Its Okay To Masturbate

For IBS sufferers: How the Low FODMAP Diet Changed My Life

Greeley to DIA hyperloop moves forward

Hillary trolls Trump about her book...that's my girl

Trump's 'Betrayal' Sends Anti-Immigration Hardliner Over The Edge

Scottish Court overturns man's conviction for wearing a bra in his own home

The Trump administration is based on the book " I, Claudius ".

Trump to visit Puerto Rico to see Irma damage

I wonder how much of the "New Trump" is a function of his abysmal polling numbers

Marco Rubio cringes when Donald Trump touches him and says Gov. Rick Scott should run for Senate


Clinton swings back at Trump after late-night Twitter attack

Indictments: Officials stole nearly $300,000 to buy guns

Bernie Sanders's Medicare-for-All plan is only a start. But it's the right start.

Bernie Sanders's Medicare-for-All plan is only a start. But it's the right start.

Dems Have Weaponized Trumps Mental Instability

Pelosi says she trusts Trump's sincerity on protecting Dreamers

How can you change the mind of a person who believes climate change is a "hoax"

Equifax, software maker blame each other for opening door to hackers

Mississippi Power: Kemper plant was, will remain asset to state

Mount Rushmore EPIC FAIL - Road Trip Day 5 Episode 11

On Becoming Outraged at the Behavior of Others

Eat those eggs - 2 to 3 per day are now recommended

Christians vs. Christians at Starkville Second Baptist

Candidates For Governor Promise Heavy Spending On Tennessee's Technical Colleges

Democrats Make Pitch To Expand Pre-K At Nashville Gubernatorial Forum

They call him, "Tom Scott."

Climate Change. Climate Change.Climate Change. Write it. Shout it.

Tennessee Floated as Location for Unite the Right Rally

Global Warming

The IT department.


How to Restart the Democratic Party in Shelby County

It's always a "size" thing isn't it?

Former CIA official resigns from Harvard after Chelsea Manning hiring

Chuck Todds Medicare for all interview shows hes a corporate shill (VIDEO)

Breakdown of Democratic Senators' support for Sanders' Medicare-for-all Bill

White Giraffes

Big Six remain divided over basic elements of tax reform

Special operations forces injured in explosion at Fort Bragg

They put bows on them: Venezuelan plan to encourage rabbit-eating amid food shortages goes awry

Anti-Clinton, anti-immigrant, Texit rallies across TX linked to Russia

Inviting Bribes' as Legal Fees Soar, Trump Ethics Office Lifts Anonymous Gift Ban

Universal healthcare in America? Not a taboo now, thanks to Bernie Sanders

In Month After Charlottesville, Papers Spent as Much Time Condemning Anti-Nazis as Nazis

Ya'll better watch the fuck out.

Houston Humane Society said they got a check from trump

Only one US city makes the list in the top 15 "least stressed out cities" in the world.

David Clarke: "Racism is thrown around so much. it doesn't even have any meaning anymore"

Trump is sui generis. He is a Trumplicanocrat at heart.

Nancy Pelosi's Record.

Warning Letter to Harvey and Irma Survivors from Katrina Survivor

The administration's Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI must go

HHS slashes funding to some ACA navigator groups by up to 85 percent

How to Read Donald Trump--On Burning Books But Not Ideas

More advice for healthy eating

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' remarks RE: ESPN could qualify for a fine, 15 years in prison, or both

Eggs Are Worse Than Cigarettes?

Double attack in southern Iraq kills more than 80

Ted Cruzs Twitter and the mainstream appeal of incest porn

An artistic statment?: Junipero Serra statue beheaded, splashed with red paint in Central California

Who has read FANTASYLAND by Kurt Anderson?

Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest Stays in Capitol, but Brownlow Still Banished

15 Marines injured when vehicle ignites on California base

Golovkin vs Alvarez

School Lunch Program

Florida Man was not washed away by Irma...

Please overrule the jury decision on this right wing talking point:

Tennessee Americans for Prosperity Chief challenging Corker in GOP Senate primary

1000s fleeing Hurricane Irma while wearing pro Trump Apparrel


Its Now Time for Medicare for All

Google Sued by Women Workers Claiming Gender Discrimination

Democrats Introduce the Child Care for Working Families Act

I'm sorry, but all this talk of a "deal" or an "agreement" with Trump is ludicrous.

The New York times has a nice listing of Democratic Senators who support Medicare for all

Arrr, mateys, she's a-comin' up:

New Revelations Deepen NSA Mike Flynn Legal Jeopardy

Ryan: 'There is no agreement' on DACA

Yes, America, PBS's 'The Vietnam War' is required viewing -- all 18 hours of it

The administration's Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI must go

WOW! Speech by Jerry Springer in Ohio kind of hints at Gov. Run

Hillary Clinton's new book on track to sell at least 3 million more copies than The Art Of The Deal

Gov. Matt Bevin's plan for budget cuts illegal, Attorney General Andy Beshear says

Yet another trove of sensitive US voter records has leaked

Trump ethics watchdog moves to allow anonymous gifts to legal defense funds

A U.S. Marine is getting the boot after he was arrested for hanging a white supremacist banner

Urge Louisiana Gov. John Bell Edwards to Help Tony the Tiger

Clinton Says McConnell Suppressed Russian Hacking

'He's dead': Ex-Tea Party congressman loses it at Trump over 'devastating' DACA deal

Convict in cell next to Martin Shkreli opens package. Huge hank of hair and a note..

Trump complains hands are too big and rips off food service gloves while feeding Irma victims

Tools available to help you talk, write & post about the new #ChildCare4All legislation

As mahatmakanejeeves has pointed out "Talk Like a Pirate Day" is coming up! What other "Talk Like"

Roger Stone will testify before House Intl Cmte

Nobody has to threaten us: Colombia in response to Trump

Nobody has to threaten us: Colombia in response to Trump

Dem holdouts on "Medicare For All" have received twice as much insurance industry cash as sponsors

Trump Humiliated Sessions After Mueller Appointment

Local governments to pay more into pension system

Legislative sex harassment case spurs call for change in Kentucky's ethics law

Candice Bergen once went on a date with Donald Trump

Steve Bannon was in meeting where Russian backchannel was attempted

It is a MAN'S world. Last night 11 people, ALL men except Pelosi

Bevin: Cut college programs that don't pay off

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Do you see the light? Single-Payer Medicare for All is possible if

Man says he served as lookout as friend shot Tennessee woman

Union County's Judge/Executive Charged With Scheming To Defraud The Citizens Of Union County

Bank employee in northeastern Kentucky charged in $1 million forgery scheme

Furious Trump attacked 'idiot' Sessions and told him to quit over Mueller -- then rejected...

Sen. Charles Schumer on hot mic: Trump likes me

UVA to donate money in symbolic repayment of KKK pledge

Deplorable Trump Revives 'Crooked Hillary' Title In Tweets

I am getting the impression from some DU'ers that Senator Sanders is weak and very fragile.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 14, 2017

SpaceX's Explosive Rocket Landing Blooper Reel

Seth Meyers - Monologue - 9/13/17

Stockley ruling may be imminent; National Guard on standby

Richard Cordray & Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Today Schumer spoke about their dinner last night with a hot mic...

Trump vows to veto Sanders' single-payer healthcare plan: 'A curse on the U.S. and its people'

Police: Pregnant woman's killer was engaged to another woman

After the Equifax Hack, LifeLock Sign-ups Jump Tenfold

Carlin: ⚾️vs🏉

Man convicted in fatal crash while high on computer cleaner

Trump Re-Ups "Many Sides" Talk About Charlottesville

Sheriff pardoned by Trump goes on comeback speaking tour

How do I post something from a past DU post that includes

Shaping opinions

This Is Terribly Damaging For Trump

Videos show suspect in school shooting playing with guns

The voting commission is a fraud itself. Shut it down.

Senator asks for CBO score of Sanders single payer bill

Report: Officer lost control before arresting Utah nurse

Keep'em coming Hillary !! We want more !! Do NOT "shut up" !!

South Dakota court rejects law aimed at online sales taxes

The Latest: 'Yes' campaign for Catalan secession kicks off


Trump Humiliated Jeff Sessions After Mueller Appointment


Max strengthens to hurricane as it approaches Mexican coast

Utah man charged with soliciting sex from teen ...

Utah man charged with soliciting sex from teen ...

Trump blames poor cell reception for delayed call to Mexican president

Fox news covering for trump on daca

I hope that "Medicare for all" will not become a "litmus test" for Democrats in coming elections



Mayor of New Orleans: 3 aggressive squirrels 'have been apprehended'

Trump Humiliated Jeff Sessions After Mueller Appointment

A McDonalds cashier allegedly tried to flush her newborn baby down a toilet

Internal affairs investigation finds police officers who arrested nurse violated department policy

A McDonalds cashier allegedly tried to flush her newborn baby down a toilet

Trump defended 'Both Sides' remarks again...

Grenfell Fire Inquiry Opens Amid 'Sense of Anger and Betrayal'

Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach 'Jew Haters'

Senate candidate Roy Moore this year suggested 9/11 might have been punishment for US turning away..

How would Estonia and its NATO allies respond should the small Baltic state be invaded by Russia?

China Bitcoin Exchange to Stop Trading Virtual Currencies Amid Crackdown

How would Estonia and its NATO allies respond should the small Baltic state be invaded by Russia?

U.S. Military: American Fighting for ISIS 'Surrenders'

Tomb of early classic Maya ruler found in Guatemala

Tomb of early classic Maya ruler found in Guatemala

Ann Coulter on Trump: I Bet on a Loser

Pups 4.5 weeks Warning: lots of pics

truth or fiction?


'Press secretaries don't get to make that call': Gowdy hammers White House for attacks on Comey


Trump dispenses hoagies, handshakes in hurricane zone

Trump dispenses hoagies, handshakes in hurricane zone

BREAKING NEWS: Trump blames "driving through a three-day tunnel" for failure to contact Pres. Nieto.

U.S. judge presses Trump administration on Dreamer deadlines

Dan Rather on the current state of affairs in D.C.

Trump condemns Rice's unmasking: 'What she did was wrong'

ProPublica Article: FaceBook marketed Ads to antiSemites

Detroit Lions fan gives up season tickets after posting racist message

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 15 September 2017

The Equifax Three

Know any songs that were stolen?

"The Tin Foil Hat" - Todd Rundgren and Donald Fagen.

New Bird Site

The Japanese government says North Korea appears to have fired at least one ballistic missile.

Manafort spokesman to testify before grand jury Friday

'Slaves 4 Sale'

NAFTA partners shoot down U.S. flirtation with 'sunset' proposal

'Slaves 4 Sale'

Trump on climate change: 'We've had bigger storms'

Hillary's proposal to end the Electoral College and the MFA bill are BIG IDEAS.

BBC: N Korea 'fires missile from Pyongyang'

Theresa May Takes Her Darkest, Most Desperate Turn Yet

Senator asks for CBO score of Sanders's single-payer bill

Its Now Dawned on Trump: People Hate Him The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

Trump has two new friends, but wait?

Suppressing Racist, Bigoted, Ugly Speech Violation Of 1st Amendment. GOP Meme.

Windows could not connect to the system event notification service

Mnuchin just responded to criticism that he requested a government jet for his European honeymoon

Joe Walsh (R-IL): "No amnesty. Build the damn wall! If he betrays that promise, hes dead."

Democrats Bullish on Bernie Sanders and Single-Payer Health Care

Four whitetail does just ran across or back yard.

in Madison, Wisconsin for the FFRF convention

To the untrained eye, it may look like Trump is walking down Pennsylvania Ave with his shinebox

Furious Trump attacked idiot Sessions and told him to quit over Mueller then rejected his resign

North Korea Launched Missile Over Japan Into Pacific Ocean

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Clinton was very politic in her book about the Obama Administration's failure to...

John Kellys White House controls draw ire of Trump supporters

Would you ever consider bringing back the meta-discussion forum?

Pope Saw Female, Jewish Psychoanalyst Weekly At 42 To Clarify Some Things

Just Be Honest And Say You Want Black People To Suffer In Silence

Cat finds the perfect box to sit in.

So if Chuck and Nancy pull this off, can we stop with the calls to "dump Nancy"?

What are those spinny, flashy things on buildings lately?

Solid and liquid cats, didgeridoos and cheese disgust scoop Ig Nobel awards

Maple syrup mecca owned by LePage ally applies for $1.2 million in conservation aid

My new Woodworking / Craft / etc Magazine Site..

Maybe I am mistaken, but I believe that, in addition to proposing his Medicare

The poster LayDeeBug

Trolling Trumpanzees

Trump says recent antifa violence justifies his condemnation of both sides in Charlottesville

Anthony Bourdain on Ted Cruz