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Archives: September 13, 2017

Hope Hicks named communications director

Harvey aftermath - let the bitching begin

ABC has a Hurricane Fundraising special

What would be "restitution" (to Americans) if the tRump regime is convicted of collusion?

Ted Cruz is fair game

Will Trump Destroy the Presidency?

What's your favorite Wyatt Earp Movie? Some HEAVY hitters

Late on posting the Atheist Experience from 9/3/2017

Undeniably awful: Lobbyists for Christian privilege issue fallacious report

"To be honest, thought you were Reince."

Hurricane aftermath

UK weather: Storm Aileen set to batter Britain with 75mph winds flying debris and high coastal waves

After Hurricane Irma, FEMA estimates 25 percent of Florida Keys homes are gone

Will Mueller's report be classified?

Porn Industry Irrevocably Damaged by Association with Ted Cruz

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Aftermath. Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

The book is so damn good. And it's so good to "hear" her voice.

Ex-Roommate Roasts Ted Cruz For Twitter Porn 'Like'

Heritage Foundation Told Trump to Keep Democrats Off Voter-Fraud Commission

What if in order to sign Medicare 4 All, he demanded on calling it "trumpcare"

Harvey, Irma could cost billions in federal aid, but GOP could balk

Favorite Line From A Song

Schumer tells Sinema he's backing her in Ariz. Senate race

LA County leaders limit travel to anti-DACA states

Catholic leaders decry Dems' questioning of judicial pick

New US-Russian Crew Launches to Space Station on Soyuz Rocket

Former DHS secretary: DACA should continue

73 year old Leonard Peltiers Health is Slipping Away

Amarillo-area colleges: 'Dreamers' welcome (TX)

3 People Die After Falling into Volcanic Crater

Utah lawyers offering free advice to DACA recipients

California leaders announce $30 million plan to help DACA recipients

Bellarmine University signs statement of support for DACA (KY)

Patient slain inside hospital by her son, authorities say

ESPN issues apology after host Jemele Hill calls Trump a white supremacist

Tucson USD Board to support DACA students

Douglas County NE Board urging Congress to extend DACA

Austin business partners sentenced to 78 months for Ponzi scheme

DACA recipients detained at border checkpoint

Congress approves measure condemning Charlottesville violence, white nationalists

Dallas Answers Questions About Future Of Statue

ACA repeal effort announced TOMORROW! This is their final chance

Florida town has 'hottest' Hurricane Irma first responders, social media fans say

House resolution urging Trump to condemn white supremacists

If only this fake news were real...

We live in a nation of people who don't know how to think.

Voter-Fraud Commission's Data Problem

In 28-point swing, Democrats just flipped another district that went big for Trump

Dictators and Despots: A Timewatch Guide

Splitting 5-4, Supreme Court Justices Put Texas Redistricting on Hold

National debt hits historic $20 trillion mark

National debt hits historic $20 trillion mark

Rachel is going to be up against The Mad Monk of the Crusades (HANNITY), INGRAHAM gets a Faux show

First "Shoe" comic strip

Hurricane Irma: Palm Beach County shortens curfew; 100 arrested

Florida GOP leader once beat female classmate with claw hammer until it broke

North Dakota.

Flames consume Robert E. Lee Elementary in Tampa Heights

Fmr Sputnik employee says Breitbart & "Right wing media ecosystem" pushes Russian Content

Why Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech By George Lakoff

StarKist to pay $6.3M in American Samoa wastewater case

Oklahoma senator booked on sexual battery charge and resigns

New Frontline: Small enough to jail

If we had spines - Sack caroon

Democrats win special election in Norman

De Blasio projected to win Democratic primary for mayor

Vermont police seek panda-costume wearing theft suspect

Colombia's Supreme Court Orders Investigation of Former President over Spying Operation

FPL's website crashes, adds to customer confusion about status of power outages

I'm sorry for your loss.

Hemingway's house and cats spared by Hurricane Irma

This Empanada-Stealing Dog Has Officially Stolen the Internet's Heart

Seth Meyers - The Check In: HUD, Ben Carson and Hurricanes

This Empanada-Stealing Dog Has Officially Stolen the Internet's Heart

On a party line vote, Supreme Court restores Texas Republican-drawn maps

3 dead, 4 hospitalized with carbon-monoxide poisoning from generator after Hurricane Irma

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 16, 2017 -- The Essentials - Backstage Stories

Kuchibhotla murder: Widow faced deportation from US after losing resident status..

well, if nothing else, hillary's book

Okay,This Was Hairy!

Ted Cruz filed brief defending Texas' ban on sex toys.

Coup anniversary marked

Coup anniversary marked September

Just how bloody selfish are Texas repukes?

Multistate Outbreak of Human Campylobacter Infections Linked to Pet Store Puppies

Up to 7 years of hormone therapy is safe for postmenopausal women, new data show

Spain Catalonia: Ballot papers for banned referendum to be seized

Updated federal driverless policy continues, and expands, hands-off approach

State Department reports more incidents of diplomats harmed in Cuba

The Daily Show - President Trump: Americas S**ttiest Miss America Contestant - 9/12/17

For US women, most dangerous ppl are not Muslims, immigrants, or refugees. It's their own husbands.

Interiors 'unusual' transfer of senior executives spurs official probe

A Stranger in Maryland, Touched by a Hurricane Story, Sends 3 Cups to Houston.

OOOOk-lahoma, where the Democratic pickups come sweeping down the plain

Cannibalism Quells Contagion Among Caterpillars

Amid Chaos of Storms, U.S. Shows It Has Improved Its Response.

Trump believes in Eugenics/Superior Genes

Texas sues three companies accused of price gouging during Harvey

I just saw "Southside with You ( 2016 )" the Barrack and Michelle Obama story

Marriott sent a rescue ship to the Caribbean after Irma and left non-guests on the dock

"A's declare Laney College preferred site for new Oakland ballpark"

Drafthouse CEO Says He'll Give Blogger Devin Faraci a "Second Chance" After Sex-Assault Claims

Protesters to State Legislators: You're Not the Founding Fathers

Whites don't understand white privilege the way that fish don't understand water.

Phoenix Man From Iraq Jailed After Alleged Death Threats to Obama on Facebook

Trump sends lawyers to to Irish court to have 14k ruling against him thrown out.

HRC was fighting a candidate she could feel, but could not see

Russia, with its horrible record on freedom of the press, demands that US respect fotp.

Arizona Supreme Court to decide on Medicaid tax

Aileen: UK's first named storm of the season

Hurricane Irma broke a bunch of meteorological records here are some of the biggest

Utility goes on offensive, accuses regulator of illegal power grab

DCOS at Special Operations Command, Pacific Sentenced for Lying about Relationship (w/ Fat Leonard)

The Saudi Trillions: the new Crown Prince, UAE influence, and Aramco, the world's largest IPO

Connecticut Real Estate Developer Admits to Defrauding Investors and Lenders out of (70)) Millions

Leader Of International Narcotics Money Laundering Business Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court

Budget extension will hurt training and readiness, Mattis warns

Former Phoenix woman who stole $2.9 million sentenced to 44 months

Third of Earth's soil is acutely degraded due to agriculture

Trump election commission head lambasted for voter fraud claims

Nevada court disbars Las Vegas lawyer who stole millions

Trump exposed for lie about sketchy business partner, Russia deal

***SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest FINALS***

***SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest FINALS*** are posted in GD

State senator Aaron Ford announces bid for Nevada attorney general

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Storm Response

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Trump and boys

Nevada panel OKs $1M to fight Yucca Mountain plans

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Don't worry. That's just the economic insecurity talking...

Environmental groups lawsuit challenges sale of oil and gas leases

I'll keep my flip phone thank you very much

I Admit I Was Wrong About tRump

In New Film, Sadistic Clown From The Gutter Terrorizes Innocent Children

Barbara Lee is in the dictionary (woke):

Bernie Sanders: Why We Need Medicare for All

Bernie Sanders: Why We Need Medicare for All

Jimmy Carter Criticizes Trumps N. Korea Response:'Treat Them With Respect'

tweeter wants congress to move fast on tax reform.....

White House Weighs Lowering Refugee Quota to Below 50,000

Twitter founder: presidency product of short attention spans

Joe Scarborough: Republican 'Bitching' For Seven Years Has Done Nothing

'Mini-Trump' Corey Stewart Loves Confederate Statues, and Jamming Up Republican Ed Gillespie

Hivemind - need some ideas for screen name Ivanka & Jared will see

Keith Olbermann on Trump and Russia: "He has lied and lied and lied and lied and lied."

De Blasio, Seeking Second Term, Wins an Easy Victory

Flynn refusing new request to speak to Hill committee

Ryan and Pelosi to huddle on Dream Act to protect DACA recipients

Trump pushes Congress to 'move fast' on tax reform

Bernie Sanders Is Still Not a Democrat. He's Just the Party's Maestro.

Twitter founder: Trump election shows social media helping to 'dumb the entire world down'

Anyone seen the movie.."IT"..? (sounds quite scary)


Pope Francis Makes Everything That Donald Trump and Steve Bannon Say Sound Stupid

I deserve to die


Obama offers a message for young leaders -- 'persevere'

Hillary Clinton: A Vox Conversation on What Happened.

Malaysian PM gets VIP treatment at Trump Hotel

Franken backs Sanders' 'Medicare for All' bill

Sanders will introduce universal health care, backed by 15 Democrats

9 Devastating Quotes That Show Hillary Clinton Still Won't Take Responsibility for Her Loss

Vandals leave graffiti message for Trump near his eighth, 10th and 13th holes

GOP senators make last-ditch bid to repeal ObamaCare

"Gerrymandering and Pennsylvania's democratic deficit"

MSNBC anchor Tur on moment Trump won: 'I can feel the bile in the back of my throat'

Poll: Majority wants Congress to establish path to citizenship for DACA recipients

Justice in North Carolina under brutal attack

Clinton views book as both 'personal and historical'

Michael Flynn 'promoted US-Russian nuclear project from White House'

I wouldn't mind if Chumpy indicted Comey.

Another attempt to repeal the ACA will be made today.

Michigan residents, call Senator Stabenaw today

Up To 50% Of FL Citrus Crop Destroyed In Some Areas; Sugarcane, Veggie Toll Unknown

America's shameful history of voter suppression

Not a fanboy or hater, but am I the only one who sees the irony?

Ted Cruz "Likes" Porn Video on Twitter, Staff Implies He Was Hacked

Nearly 500,000 Gallons Of Gasoline In Single Houston Spill; Officials Took 2 Weeks To Acknowledge It

More & More of Trump Blackmail Dossier Turns Out to Be True

The democrats should not talk with Trump about tax reform until this happens.

On 9/12 Terry Gross interviews Katy Tur on "Fresh Air" (audio only)...

Bold Action! Gary Cohn @ UN Will Discuss Climate Blahblah Informal Talks Blahblahblah Policy Blah

Donald Trump Jr. 'says' his father should have resigned at least 18 sexual abuse allegations ago

Twitter Video: I'm very proud to be introducing the Medicare for All Act today ...

On 9/12 Terry Gross interviews Katy Tur on "Fresh Air" (audio only)...

After Irma, a once-lush gem in the U.S. Virgin Islands reduced to battered wasteland

Sure Hillary Made Mistakes But The Election Was Still Fraudulent & Stolen We Damned Well Know It.

We have never let Hillary Clinton speak for herself.

Trump White House turning over documents relating to Russian investigation?

States to Trump: Leave Retirement Rule Intact or We'll Act

Those refugees SHitler wants to ban? Here's how they're vetted.

I Wonder How Many Republicans Smashed By Hurricanes Still Believe In Small Govt.

Obama to host global summit in Chicago

The Fake News Machine - Inside a Town Gearing Up for 2020

A Democrat needs to take Bernie Sanders message and put it on steroids.

Donald Trump seeks to overturn 14,095 Euro Doonbeg court order for unpaid bill in County Clare.

RT, Sputnik and Russia's New Theory of War

CNN Anderson Cooper will interview Hillary tonight.

Going through a Trump Campaign document on DJT's charitable giving and found this odd entry:

Trump to visit Florida on Thursday after Hurricane Irma

Franken backs Sanders' 'Medicare for All' bill

Not Everyone Who Prefers Flip Phones is a Luddite

Hillary Clinton Torches The Lip Service Of Ivanka Trump

Clinton calls Trump Jr.'s explanation of Russia meeting 'an absurd lie'

Chocolate industry drives rainforest disaster in Ivory Coast

This is the problem:

Obamacare Stabilization Talks Go Awry As GOPers Demand Benefits Rollbacks

America is under the greatest threat of her lifetime

Hillary Clinton sets the record straight: "I'm not actually the Anti-christ"


Five Seniors died in Broward County Nursing home

When will we learn? Bad shit happens when Republicans are in charge.

Brazil police detain JBS CEO Batista on suspicion of insider trading

White House wont commit to signing joint congressional resolution condemning white supremacists

China backs U.N. call for justice in Yemen, U.S. and Saudis don't

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa: I won't sing in public again

Trump lied to the Democrats at his dinner last night.

Cartoon: Hurricane deals!

Sept 13 at 2PM - LIVE Stream Link - Medicare for All Act

Flynn backed for-profit nuclear scheme inside Trump transition

Harvard psychiatrist Lance Dodes: "Donald Trump is a sociopath and a very sick individual"

Jimmy Carter says America is more an "oligarchy than a democracy" calls on Trump to "tell the truth"

Sandoval: Marijuana clubs are a bad idea, could jeopardize Nevada

Top Latino congressional group snubs Trump, breaking decades-long tradition

What exactly do you do all day? Is it hard to run DU?

Porsche driver who shot homeless man and left him to die was previously arrested on assault charges

Dems Flip Two More State Legislative Seats As Trump Country Proves Fertile

More fun casual sexism at work

I can't begin to say how horrible this person is

BLS report: Job openings (6.2 million), hires, and separations little changed in July

HRC on The View in 10 minutes! Called him "president of Twitter"!1

You know time has passed by when

Boise council rebukes white supremacists, Charlottesville violence

I want medicare for all. What's the best way to get there?

Total cost of botched Idaho school internet contract will likely hit $40M

Borowitz: "Election Fraud Study Finds Massive Fraud was Elected"

Wow, so there has been other stuff going on in the world!

Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton,' History Teaching Get Capitol Honor

LA to Host 2028 Olympics

nonsense tweet from you know who.....

I'll sign on for results-based pay for teachers the day Congress gets the same deal.

Locals react to reported Russian meddling in Twin Falls anti-refugee Facebook rally

Ryan says tax reform outline reflects consensus of lawmakers, administration

Bill O'Reilly: Trump 'Perhaps' Doesn't Know Enough History To Discuss Nazis

I sincerely hope this is a case of "keep your friends close, your enemies closer."

Trump takes victory lap for his "bipartisan outreach" to "Democrat Senators."

Looking For An Echo - Kenny Vance The Planotones

Trump Election Commissioner Sought to Exclude Democrats and Mainstream Republicans

@GovWalker and #Trumps Foxconn Deal May Be Worst in American History

Democrats have won 6 GOP-held seats in 2017. Republicans have won 0 Democratic seats.

Henry VIII meme

Senate Judiciary Committee holds confirmation hearing for nominees to the Sixth and Seventh Circuits

Here are my post-Irma thoughts

how much of the hatred of the obamas was ginned up in macedonia?

Wisconsin Senate approves $3 billion for Foxconn

The Amrican woman who travelled to every country in the world says Pakistan is in her top 10

Serena Williams shares picture of her new baby daughter Alexis

97.6 Percent Of Trump's U.S. Attorney Nominees Are Men

Congresss Agenda For The Upcoming Term

READ: New Brief Argues Trump Violated Constitution With Arpaio Pardon

KO:Mueller is Zeroing in on Trump's Cover Up-The outlines of the case that Robert Mueller must be

Dems to Mueller: Flynn failed to disclose trip to broker Saudi-Russian business deal

Herculean Task as Crews Race to Restore Power Cut by Irma

Exclusive: Justice Department declines Senate request to interview FBI officials over Comey firing

Hillary Clinton on The View

Stevie Wonder: Climate Change Deniers 'Must Be Blind'

Chelsea Manning, Sean Spicer Named Fellows at Harvard

How Anna Nicole Smith's Billionaire In‑Laws Secretly Lobbied the Courts

Ferguson drops charges against man after 5 years; he says they cost him his job and home

Ferguson drops charges against man after 5 years; he says they cost him his job and home

Leave No Raccoon Behind...

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Tax Plan Could Cut His Personal Taxes By $125 Million A Year

Ultra-Orthodox Israeli MP quits amid gay wedding criticism

Flying Coach Is So Cramped It Could Be a Death Trap

Medicare for all will be a long campaign

Hillary Clinton: It was "intervention by Comey"

A Marriott rescue ship left stranded tourists behind because they weren't guests of the hotel

A Marriott rescue ship left stranded tourists behind because they weren't guests of the hotel

I, for one, would like to thank all the tax cuts for helping us restore power after Irma.

Brexit: UK will 'soon regret' leaving EU argues Juncker

'Pharma bro' issues apology letter for alleged threat against Hillary Clinton

End of an Era: Sen. Pete Domenici passes away in Albuquerque

The power of a solar panel in an emergency.

Prince George's school security review after break-in

Irma reduces St. John, a once-lush gem in the U.S. Virgin Islands, to a wasteland

Our next US Senator?

As Climate Change Continues To Devastate The U.S. .....

Hurricane Irma death toll rises, 90 percent of homes damaged in Florida Keys

Hatewatch: Hate In God's Name (Part 1 Of 5)

Trump Losing Control of Forces That Elected Him

My wife and I just renewed our expired passports.

Russia reduces parking spaces at US consulates

Trump Continues to Rant About Comey

Clinton: I Urged 08 Supporters to Back Obama, Didnt Get That Respect from Sanders

For $50,000 Gene Simmons Will Come To Your House

Flynn's son now a subject of Special Counsel's probe

Mike Flynn's son is subject of federal Russia investigation

Mike Flynns Son Is Subject of Federal Russia Probe

Fisherman tried to ride out Irma on his boat. Then it started flipping over.

Plastic Bottles needed...

Ex-Daily Show correspondent dupes Trump supporters into joining 'Impeach Hillary' drive

Telethon raises $44 million for Hurricane Harvey, Irma relief

The homeless man that Katie Quackenbush shot "in self-defense" - and then went to eat breakfast

North Korea nuclear test may have been twice as strong as first thought cuts..that's what's needed now

U.S. Senate blocks bid to repeal war authorizations

An announcement from President Obama:

Trump administration sued over phone searches at U.S. borders

Trump administration sued over phone searches at U.S. borders

Customs agents seized a lawful gun owner's truck over five bullets. Now he's suing to get it back.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen Supports the Medicare for All Act

U.S. flood insurance program sees $11 billion payments for Texas flooding

The money raised for hurricane relief?

Twitter Video: American doctors are sick and tired of our inefficient, wasteful, dysfunctional ...

Six dead at Hollywood nursing home where Hurricane Irma knocked out air conditioning

Twitter Video: Sen. Merkley on Medicare for All

Twitter Video: Sen. Harris on Medicare for All

Hillary Clinton book signing stop in Denver quickly sells out

Twitter Video: Sen. Sanders explains why his universal health care plan is long overdue.

The Single-Payer Insanity

Lucia Topolansky takes office as Uruguay's first female vice president

Exclusive: Justice Department declines Senate request to interview FBI officials over Comey firing

Lucia Topolansky takes office as Uruguay's first female vice president

Taco Fest Nashville Sept 30!! Taco Trucks on Every Corner!!

If any of you have a few minutes to spare, can you.....

Public support for single payer health coverage grows, driven by Democrat

U.S. bans use of Kaspersky software in federal agencies amid concerns of Russian espionage

Gill Vine obituary--national women's register, prisoner care, activist

Gill Vine obituary--national women's register, prisoner care, activist

Just Heard The End Of A Discussion On MSNBC Of Talking Heads Discussing Bernie's Medicare For All...

San Diego begins power-washing streets with bleach - Hepatitis A

How cycling is keeping the fight for women's rights moving in Saudi Arabia

How cycling is keeping the fight for women's rights moving in Saudi Arabia

White House: Trump to dine with Schumer and Pelosi - tonight

How cycling is keeping the fight for women's rights moving in Saudi Arabia

Senate votes against repeal of 2001 authorization for use of military force

Twitter Video: Sen. Sanders explains why his universal health care plan is long overdue.

Etiquette questions for South Florida in Hurricane Irmas wake

Twitter Video: I'm very proud to be introducing the Medicare for All Act today ...

Can Democrats end their civil war over single-payer?

Today at 2 PM: Watch the live stream of the announcement of the Medicare for All Act of 2017

Today at 2 PM: Watch the live stream of the announcement of the Medicare for All Act of 2017

Dem Has Huge Lead In New Jersey Governor's Race, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

NUS president Shakira Martin: This goes way beyond tuition fees. We are talking about class

NUS president Shakira Martin: This goes way beyond tuition fees. We are talking about class

Putin spokesman: US has 'serious problems' with press freedom as Justice Department probes Russia

NUS president Shakira Martin: This goes way beyond tuition fees. We are talking about class

Democrats pick up state House seats in Oklahoma and New Hampshire districts Trump won by double digi

Trump has killed or weakened 860 regulations

Stalking, actually: why men who reject rejection are not romantic heroes

Stalking, actually: why men who reject rejection are not romantic heroes

In May 2016 Maxine Waters introduced a bill to reform Credit Reporting regulations

Hillary Clinton on the Today Show, 9/13

Twitter Video: Health Care is a Right

Hillary Clinton on The View, September 13, 2017

Stalking, actually: why men who reject rejection are not romantic heroes

Twitter Video: Health Care is a Right

It Pisses Me Off That MSNBC Cut Away From Bernie's Medicare For All Presintation...

The kindness of strangers.

Here in Texas, I nearly drowned in the flood. The turbulence and the downpour were frightening.

Empty podium on MSNBC while Dems presenting Medicare for all.

Photos: Medicare for All Intro

Trump FEMA Nominee Withdraws After NBC Questions on Falsified Records

I'm Confused...

Here's A Link To A Live Internet Feed Of Bernie's Medicare For All Kick Off....

Time stamped 2:21pm -- Sarah Huckabee is ten times worse than Spicer.

Woman charged with attempted killing of homeless man has previous arrest record

Tylenol Releases New Black Bile Gel Caps For People With Unbalanced Humors

I would prefer the Democratic party rally around a public option.

Sara Huckster Sanders says that Comey broke the law by releasing a document that was

A Second Look at the Steele Dossier Knowing What We Know Now

Bernie Sanders Medicare for All Plan Is Popular For Now

Multiple injuries reported following shooting at Spokane-area school

We Need To Call Our Senators Now - Dick Durbin & Tammy Duckworth To Support Medicare For All.....

Commodity fetishism and Apple.

Sarah Huck Sanders is an idiot. Dems the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!

FEMA Nominee Withdraws After Falsified Records Questions

Former U.S. Rep. Dave Obey endorses Randy Bryce and rips House Speaker Paul Ryan

Trump International Resort to hire more foreign workers

Need ideas for gluten-free dinner for new parents

Not 'Teflon'

How Does a Ballgown Compete with a $40 Million Bugatti?

A woman interviewed 100 convicted rapists in India. This is what she learned.

Every Dem From Every State Where Their Dem Senator Is Not A Co-Sponsor To Medicare For All....

Porn stars reveal the gross truth about Ted Cruz

Voter ID States: The Democratic Party needs an outreach program

Will they have to call a joint session to pass this?

What The 2 Deadliest Mass Shootings This Year Have In Common Huffington Post

A crew from Sault Ste. Marie waits in a staging area in Georgia for the go-ahead to go into Florida

Bernie Sanders' Bill Gets America Zero Percent Closer to Single Payer

Twitter Video: Rep. John Conyers: 'Medicare For All is now a bicameral effort!'

Shut up, slave!: A spilled Starbucks drink leads to sidewalk fight and hate-crime

#Jose has surpassed Janet (1955) and is in 2nd place for most Accumulated Cyclone Energy by Atlantic

We Can Make Health Care A Right

Video: We Can Make Health Care A Right


Paris Dennard is an annoying tool on NPRs Here&Now show.

Inhabitants of east Colombia province have 60 times more than average mercury in body

Inhabitants of east Colombia province have 60 times more than average mercury in body

US Senate defies Trump, maintains Colombia aid for 2018

Medicare for All Health Care Bill Intro Sept 13

New evidence Flynn failed to disclose Russia business deal, Mideast trip on forms

Video: Medicare for All Bill Intro Sept 13

Video: We Can Make Health Care A Right

See every time I'm tempted to give up on America I see a guy like Trevor on Local 10


Paris officially awarded 2024 Olympics, Los Angeles gets 2028 Games

Coca-Cola Sucks Wells Dry in Chiapas, Forcing Residents to Buy Water

Trump is visiting Florida tomorrow. I'll bet first stop is Mar-A-Lago, the only thing he cares about

Weird World: Titanium Spied in Giant Alien Planet's Skies

Trump FEMA Nominee Withdraws After NBC Questions on Falsified Records

1 dead, 3 injured after shooting at high school near Spokane, Wash.

Shuttered Facebook group that organized anti-Clinton, anti-immigrant rallies across Texas ...

Cleveland Indians tie all-time MLB record with 21st straight win, matching 1935 Chicago Cubs

Aw, HELL. Time to say Vaya con Dios and R.I.P. to Frank "Phil Leotardo from The Sopranos" Vincent.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 13, 2017

83-year-old pushes suspect off roof, ends police standoff

Free speech crowd is awfully silent right now.

Sessions forced Trump into his dumbest political move yet - By Jennifer Rubin

Pssssssssssst! Democrats Flip State House Seats In 2 Districts That Trump Won By Double Digits

Another city could furl Mississippi state flag

The great nutrient collapse

Jim Obergefell: Edie Windsor, my hero and my friend

Canadian doctor schooled America at Sanders' Medicare for all announcement (VIDEO)

Sure am thirsty.

Pelosi, Schumer to dine with Orange crazy dude tonight ... while he chews well done steak

That time Edie Windsor got angry -- and changed America

Mueller Probe Has Red-Hot Focus on Social Media, Officials Say

Confederate flag overshadows town hall (NC)

Sarah cuts off black reporter as she grills her over whether Trump will appoint a new black aide

White House: Trump Will 'Absolutely' Sign Joint Resolution On Charlottesville

Trumps Cowboy Allies Say All the Pretty Horses Must Die

Trump Tells Lawmakers 'We Don't Want To Forget DACA' After Ending Program

We send a report every morning to ICE: Motel 6 reportedly outing guests to immigration officials

Amazon deletes thousands of "What Happened" reviews after Clinton publisher complaint

I proudly stand with Jemele Hill

Trump Open to Tax Hike for Richest Americans in Pursuit of Dems

Malcolm Nance Says........

The Medicare-For-All Bill does not conflict with defending the ACA.


Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-13: Stop Making Insanely Good Sense Edition

What if, in stead of calling for a second New Deal, it's "Great Society, with Peace".

I proudly stand with Jemele Hill

If Kamala doesnt support single payer, some of you wont support her?

Sanders unveils single-payer bill to cheers from supporters

How Bernie Sanders would fund his Medicare for All plan

Chocolate industry drives rainforest disaster in Ivory Coast

Watch Reps. Polis & Hastings fight for our wild horses in this video of the Rules Committee Hearing

Folk song for todays event.

Why isn't an armada of thousands of boats heading to the Keys and the Caribbean?

Here I am in a new city, embarking on trying to find an Obamacare doctor.

So much for that "freedom of speech". Police investigate poster mocking Islamophobic hysteria

August 2017: Atmospheric CO2 Content 405.07 ppm; August 2016 402.25; August 2015 398.93

Exclusive: Rice told House investigators why she unmasked senior Trump officials

Exclusive: Rice told House investigators why she unmasked senior Trump officials

Trump Exposed For Lies About Fraudster Felix Sater

Trump is slowly rupturing the Republican Party, suggests yet another new poll

White House, Republican leaders plan to reveal tax cut details in two weeks

Thousands of senior citizens still stranded without electricity in blazing hot FL!!!

An apology is in order.

Media Doesnt Understand What Trump is Doing

Judge Considers Defying Trump Over Arpaio Pardon

Sen. Ted Cruz on porn Tweet: 'It was not me'

Bill Nelson on TV live taking questions re the Nursing Home deaths

Why is a Trump operative so interested in Cliven Bundy?

Two former google employees want to make the neighborhood bodega obsolete

Good thing Trump didn't have a show on a big TV network at the time; I hear this is a firing offense

47 hours no power. The fridge is nice and clean now!

White House press secretary calls for ESPN to fire Trump critic Jemele Hill

BOOM: Susan Rice says she unmasked some Trump people WHEN THEY WERE MAKING A BACKCHANNEL TO PUTIN

Single payer, Medicare for all, Affordable Care Act, keep it the way it is, whatever.

61 Senators voted to give Trump power to start new wars without consulting Congress. 13 were Dems.

Rice to House Intel: She unmasked Trump aides to learn why UAE Crown Prince secretly visited NYC

Martin Shkreli has bail revoked in New York securities fraud case, heads to jail.

What was Nunes doing the day Trump met the Prince for a backchannel to Putin?

Martin Shkreli jailed after Facebook post about Hillary Clinton

Slimy Pharma Bro bail revoked

Can someone tell me if this site is legit?

Russian Trolls Promoted Trump While Trashing Black Lives Matter On Twitter

VIDEO: Mike Flynn, Jr., son of former NSA Michael Flynn, in Moscow

Trump-or Kelly is staffing up the WH with Communication people....

Did you ever notice this about two 4 letter words that describe tRUmp to a T?

Today in RIGHTWING world

Did Facebook's Zuckerberg violate any laws by

#TrumpRussia Probe To Investigate Michael Flynns Son

Hatch: Its High Time We Talk About Marijuana

Martin Shkreli to Be Jailed for Seeking a Hair From Hillary Clinton

Right Wing Sites Spread Russian Propaganda

How to make a Origami Ball

Government drops request to bar Facebook from alerting users to searches over political communicatio

A pro-Brexit editorial written in German has a problem: It's literally gibberish.

we really need to be focused on buying people out, and building

Mattis says he is now convinced that the Pentagon must keep three ways of launching a nuclear attack

Munchin is millionaire and still requested Govt Plane for his HONEYMOON

Flynns Son Now a Target of Russia Probe

The Equifax identity theft breach from the eyes of a former data broker

The House Tells Sessions Justice Department It Will Not Stand for Civil Asset Forfeiture

Bodega, an 'unmanned pantry box,' has already become America's most hated start-up

Democrats pull off big wins in Oklahoma, New Hampshire races

Matt Bors: "This but for single-payer"

Im all for single payer if you can write a bill that makes sense, but this bill is an embarrassment

Reminder - Hillary Clinton will be interviewed by Anderson Cooper at 8:00 PM

Going to the vet wasn't bad enough?

Why did one of the U.S. Navys most advanced subs return to port with a pirate flag?

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Motel 6 is in Arizona are turning their guest lists into ICE.

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PBS NOVA tonight - Death Dive to Saturn

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I have a concern that democrats will lose on this healthcare gambit. Now hear me out.

White House Rejects Supremacist Label

The Justice Department goes out of its way to side against a gay couple

The Justice Department goes out of its way to side against a gay couple

White House Rejects Supremacist Label (Borowitz)

Can some kind person give a third grader tutorial on

Trump bars Chinese-backed firm from buying U.S. chipmaker Lattice