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Archives: September 11, 2017

Interesting legal angle on Miami crane collapses-11th Cir blocked local regs: No public safety issue

GODDAMNED Republicans Announce Plans For Drastic Cuts To Social Security, Raise Retirement Age

"OK, in THIS photo, we're going for "serious." Pretend you care. Great! Hold...perfect shot!"

Australian researchers find two ways to stop melanoma from spreading and killing patients

Here's one about "Late Breaking News".

I think it may fortunate that Irma took that late turn north

Letter received by Texas A&M coach after loss to UCLA

It's pretty much self-evident that Hillary haters are either Russian trolls...

Sessions mulling lie detector test for entire NSC staff: report

My birthday trip pics:

2017 the first year on record with two Cat 4+ U.S. Atlantic hurricane landfalls

45's "Social Media Director" Scavino tweeted out fake Miami disaster video

I really needed to see this right about now ........

Steve Bannon is right

Need help from Duers

Mar-a-lago has flood insurance thru controversial Fed program

Hey Republicans, STFU About The Mainstream Media!

New Hope - We can live and survive WITHOUT a prez

Richard Painter is spot on again...

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog covers the inauguration

Never mind

Hurricane Irma is so strong it's pulling water from Tampa Bay's shores

Prosecutors and tech company embroiled in battle over info from anti-Trump website

TyronePOWER/LindaDARNELL/BloodnSand on TCM - wow.

Some so called 53 year old Army General who is stationed (so he said) in

A manatee needs rescuing...

Election 2016 Memoirs: A Tale of Two Standards

They have to remind people to not call 911 for power outages

Missing from the hurricane coverage ---

Baby squirrels rescued from Irma.

A festival in St. Petersburg Oct. 15?

Funny ad with Aaron Rodgers,and Clay Matthews!

Massive Power Outage Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Tamaulipas y Chihuahua Mexico

Melissa McCarthy Wins Emmy for Her Portrayal of Sean Spicer

Netanyahu says he 's meeting with 45 in NY next week...White House mum

Drone captures aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Naples, Florida

16 years removed and I can still feel the horror and frightening thoughts

Media Matters: 60 Minutes didn't ask Bannon a single question about his ties to the Mercer empire

Trump is dismantling our gov't - and he's consolidating authoritative power (authoritarianism)

Dolt45 hires Micheal Jackson impersonator to distract from the crap

C-USA rejected Liberty University's generous offer to join the league ... but the Flames ended up as

"Bannon needs an exorcism, a 12 step program, a new liver, a facial, a new soul, & a large enema..."

Politics Done Right: Political malpractice is killing our country and we can stop it (VIDEO)

In emergency meeting, Virginia elections board votes to scrap all touch-screen voting machines

Pups 4 weeks

Gubernatorial candidates talk about children's health at policy forum

First-Ever Tropical Storm Warning Issued in Atlanta as Georgia Braces for Irma

As The Natural World Crumbles, We Seek Solace In Animatronic Moose

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 13: MPTF (Motion Picture and Television Fund)

As US Climate Policy Stumbles Past Farce, Nothing Will Pierce The Denial Bubble. Nothing.

I will be so happy when this hurricane passes, if I hear "Hunkering Down"

More hurricane stupidity...

The Hemingway House cats are safe!

Songs that used to be big hits, but now are so obscure even YOU forgot them!

Why isn't 45 opening his resorts as shelters?

What is going on in northern Colorado? My whole dad's side and my brother turned into Trump lovers

I guess Miss Texas will not be getting an invite to WH anytime soon..

Shooting leaves 8 dead in Texas, police say

I just switched internet from AT&T to Comcast. I had a email. Now I cannot get into

I was channel surfing and saw that guy Joel Osteen for the 1st time ever...


You should see the other guy...Pope is sporting a black eye..

Trump has spent his whole presidency making Democrats stronger

Sperm Talk

A Nobel Peace Prize Winners Shame

Mass shooting... Plano, TX. 7 killed in one house.

History repeating itself lesson

Wagner was unequivocally one of the most hateful, unpleasant people who ever walked the Earth.

Book by an Ohio Congressman published in 1903

Sane days.

9/11: Too gruesome to ever forget

CNN just showed a reporter in Daytona Beach being


Some of my "witching hour" tunes while drinking hot tea and pondering dust bunnies.

Carly Fiorina says she won't challenge Sen. Tim Kaine in 2018

Gillespie rejects 'alt-right' label for Nazis and Klansmen in Charlottesville

UN: Myanmar's treatment of Rohingya 'textbook example of ethnic cleansing'

Antisemitic robbers target Jewish family near Paris

(JEWISH GROUP) Swastikas and Silence

(JEWISH GROUP) Human Rights Watch Tweet Exposes Decades-Old Anti Israel Bias

(JEWISH GROUP) Netanyahu's son sparks outrage after posting antisemitic-themed meme

Challenge to $225M Exxon settlement to be heard in court

(JEWISH GROUP) Netanyahu depicted as Hitler in Argentina posters ahead of key visit

Cooper administration files to move Confederate monuments from Capitol

Army Pt types personalities

Trump Claims Vote Fraud in New Hampshire. His Commission Is Going There

New UNC system board proposes surprise, radical changes

Duke, Dominion ask feds to fast-track Atlantic Coast Pipeline application this month

Giant pork producer asks federal court to reinterpret new and controversial NC law, nullify existing

Groundwater contaminated near Chemours plant; DEQ issues Notice of Violation

Man opens fire in Huntersville hospital. Police confront gunman, kill him


Trumps Signals to White Supremacists Arent Dog Whistles. Theyre Flares.

Bannon: Trump firing of Comey was the biggest mistake in modern political history

there were no lottery drawings last nite

For all of our friends out there in Trumpansistan:

I think I'll take up a collection to gather

Germany putting turkish spy on trial. Spy claims Turkey wants to assassinate german politician.

Atlanta under Tropical Storm warning. First time ever.

Jacksonville: flooding occurring

Why Republicans Can't Govern

"This is the worst of us destroying the lives of the best of us,"

Toles: "Trump riding the storm"

"Why Every Terrible Person Thinks Theyre A Hero"

Photos: Bernie's Birthday Celebration

Christian teen in Pakistan beat to death by classmates after drinking from same glass as Muslim boy

Muted backlash to Trump's bipartisanship signals warning for GOP

Violence Erupts on Desperate Caribbean Islands: All the Food Is Gone

Sputnik, the Russian news agency, is under investigation by the FBI

For locals and travelers to Key Largo who remember Snapper's,

North Korea threatens 'pain and suffering' ahead of UN sanctions vote

Why Robert Mueller May Have to Give Donald Trump Immunity

Bannon declares war with Republican leadership in Congress

Bannon plotting primaries against slate of GOP incumbents

Senators take fire over questions for Catholic judicial nominee

GOP senator expected to meet Trump to discuss race issues

The Wet-Bulb Bottleneck; No, We Won't "Adapt", And Neither Will Lot Of Other Life Forms

Aransas Pass, TX; Schools Closed Through 2017, 20 Miles To The Nearest Hospital

Uncontacted Tribe Allegedly Killed By Gold Miners In Brazil

Pres. Shitstain Blocked MTR Health Study Hours Before Results 2B Released; He "Cares" About Miners

Ironically, Some People Actually Believe This

Sessions considers lie detector tests entire National Security

Trump has spent his whole presidency making Democrats stronger - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Rewatching the news 9 11 2001 news, it's easy to see.,,

Failed South Carolina nuclear project was years and millions of hours away from completion

Trump's travel ban may expire before it reaches the Supreme Court - WaPo Editorial Board

As a simple person, I am bound to a simple theory

As Germans prepare to vote, a mystery grows: Where are the Russians?

Company Town: 'quiet tragedy' of an Arkansas community vs the Kochs

US commemorates 9/11; thousands expected at ground zero

Pascoe battles against indicted Sen. John Courson's bid to dismiss S.C. Statehouse corruption charge

My Submission for a Border Wall Design. Hope I get the Contract.

Remember Trump Bragging About the Size of his... building ... after 9/11?

MSNBCs Kerry Sanders Helps Rescue Dolphin in Florida

Republican Sen. Bob Corker weighs whether to retire in 2018

23 days since Bannon firing. His greatest accomplishment is still being able to **** his own ****.

Miami Airport Corrects WH Social Media Director's Fake Post About Irma

We made it through that horrible storm

The Rubble And Recovery Of U.S. Virgin Islands: 'Will We Survive The Aftermath?'

Trump and first lady lead moment of silence on 9/11 anniversary

John Oliver: Joe Arpaio

Must not be any Poor Folk in Fl,,,

Toon - Nothing Burger

For real: A shark photographed on I-75 just outside of Naples, FL

Comedy Gold: Spiritual adviser Paula White says Trump is a man of repentance

Toon - Trump Stakes

So Charlie Rose actually called Bannon out:

Man got new identity as Florida GOP secretary after attacking a girl with a hammer

From Putin's perspective, things in the US couldn't be going much better.

Groups like Amway are trying again...

Jim Merrill's cooperation in Statehouse corruption probe a boon for prosecutors, experts say

16 years on, and I can't help but wonder if we've learned anything at all

Seriously... Motherfuck the Trump era and everyone who enabled it...

Two Reasons Why Democrats Should Smile About Trump's Weakness

"The big hand stands for me!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald's Moment of Silence for 9/11 Victims!

I can't listen to the orange maggot talk about 9-11. He has ZERO idea what sacrifice means.

Tip for fact-checking images before posting them on DU


Kris Kobach and His 5,313 Fraudulent Voters - NYT Editorial Board

Special Forces In 1960's Were Trained To Position Mini Nuke Back Packs.

the asshole-in-chief talking at the 9/11 ceremony is sickening....

Pope Francis: If Trump is 'pro-life' he wouldn't end DACA

An update on my Mom who fell outside Germain Arena Saturday morning.

Fox News Host Likens 9/11 Memorial For Flight 93 To Confederate Statues

Racist Whites Do Not Accept Universal Care If Blacks, Hispanics Or Brown Skinned Get It.

Trump Budget Wants To Cut FEMA Disaster Relief/Coast Guard. Give Tax Cuts.

Note to BANNON/GORKA & hopefully-soon TWITLER: Nobody cares what you say, just glad you're gone!1

JFKs Granddaughter, Tatiana Kennedy Schlossberg, Gets Married

European leaders step up Irma relief effort in Caribbean

About Those Cookies...

The Problem Is That There Is No Conceivable Bottom To The Depravity Of Trump & GOP.

China to U.S.: Please stop sending us your junk

Now Trump is an "independent" president? Give us a break

Venezuela has 30% of all malaria cases in Americas. Chavismo FTW!

Many Trump voters are NOT a lost cause...

NFL Rookies have Memoriable Opening Day

Shooting leaves 8 dead in Texas, police say

Ten people died in Cuba during Irma's devastating fury

The 2017 9/11 Memorial Film Festival

Russia's 9/11 Gift to America - The Teardrop Memorial

Introducing a new dog.

If you're not doing anything in NYC on Thursday...

Are parts of Texas still under water?

The Creep Factor in the Twitler family is strong

Great thread on the attacks on Hillary

Trump's History of Controversial 9/11 Remarks

Thanks to all the DUERS who helped us make it through Irma

Message from my brother

Message from my brother

Irma News from Cape Coral, Florida

DAMN Firefox's stupid "reopen last session" option ! I turned it off, it is now back on !

Good news! Key Deer survivors!

Trump promised not to work with foreign entities. His company just did

Senate report slams Trump foreign policy as 'apparent doctrine of retreat'

Solar power installations grows 8 percent

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Exclusive: Mitt Romney planning to run for Senate if Orrin Hatch retires

it's time to call the republican party what it is -- the white supremacist party

Senate Dems demand Trump take action on opioids

Another swing district Republican bails out...

Trump vows to 'keep our people safe' in 9/11 speech

Lots of misinformation regarding Iraq Resolution vote

Trump promised not to work with foreign entities. His company just did.


Hurricane information

Not sure how to reply

Joe Arpaio: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver tore into the president over his DACA repeal.

Huge boost for UK renewables as offshore windfarm costs fall to record low

Bannon: Hill Republicans said Obamacare would be replaced by Easter

Story of a Soldier Saved By a Cat

The (D) should not stand for defeatist. It should stand for determined.

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Weekend

Florida & Georgia Loungers check in please.

Florida & Georgia & Alabama DUer pls check in.

Trump takes travel-ban exemption fight back to SCOTUS

Rep. Dave Trott Announces Retirement -- Third Swing-District Republican This Week

Stirring Up The Dust At Ground Zero

New and returning TV shows, whaddaya think?

The Feinberg-story is rattling Russia / RT / Sputnik News. It's easy to tell:

Idiots are driving through blinking red four way intersectiions.

What Betsy DeVos Title IX Review Reminds Us About White Womens Enabling Of Toxic White Masculinity

Not buying the new conventional wisdom

other events on 11 september in history

11 september 1857--mormon mountain meadow massacre (mormons murdered settlers)

Bizarre quotes about September 11

mormon mountain meadow massacre--11 sept 1857 (mormons murdered settlers)

The RNC is already running political ads for the re-election of Donald Trump

1973 Chilean coup d'tat (cia backed)

Covert United States involvement in regime change

Quiz: Who Should Narrate Your Life Story?

Une pensee aux victimes du 11 septembre

11 sept 1962-- "Love, Love Me Do", and "PS, I Love You" cut

Representative Dave Trott retiring (Michigan's 11th district)

Kevin Sumlin to press charges against person who sent racist mail

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Scholar, Attorney, Educator, Activist, and Pioneer.

Hurricane Irma - the path of destruction

Activist, Bubbles, shot to death in San Francisco

More from my drone

Activist, Bubbles, shot to death in San Francisco

The Hemingway Museum (FL Keys), its curator, staff, and all 56 cats made it through Irma.

"Negative waves"


Cold Region 'Tipping Point' Now Inevitable

Hillary Clinton Says She Will Never Run for Office Again

Hurricane Jose Watch begins

Philosophie de comptoir

Trump Effect: Biracial 8-year-old boy lynched by teenagers in New Hampshire

A an old school and FB friend is pissed at me!

Trumps 9/11 Bull

Safe and sound! Checking in from South Florida

Just got back from the annual graveside service for Fr. Mychal Judge


Hurricane Irma Linked to Climate Change? For Some, a Very Insensitive Question.

"Sitting out the election is half a vote for the party you dislike the most"


Bombshell report says FBI looking at Russia's Sputnik news agency: Theres a direct line to Trump

On TV, Russian politician brags they stole the US Presidency

Booker signs on to Sanders's 'Medicare-for-all' bill

Corker says he's undecided on seeking re-election

Robert Jeffress Met With Trump To Discuss Judicial Appointments

Death toll now at 90 as aftershocks rattle southern Mexico

Sputnik, The Russian News Agency, Is Under Investigation By The FBI

Unfortunately for climate change denying Milo Yiannopolous, he now has a sad

Man In Motion!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Argentina

Michigan Republican announces retirement, opening up pickup for Dems

Michigan Republican announces retirement, opening up pickup for Dems

Booker signs on to Sanders's 'Medicare-for-all' bill

"Grovel," as defined by Donald J. Trump.

Booker signs on to Sanders's 'Medicare-for-all' bill

Miss America Contestants Take on Trump Over Paris Climate Accord, Charlottesville

Trails Close for Elk Mating...

Trump company hires Chinese government-owned firm despite promise: report

Friends Driving Up North To Nashville From Talahassee Yesterday Said That They Saw....

I've never heard disaster briefings...

Can't Afford the Dentist? You're Not Alone - USA News

Is Chicago good for your mental health ?

Off to Yellowstone and Tetons - first time! - share any "must see" lists..

Georgia DU'ers, check in please

Bernie Sanders' unconventional healthcare plan is getting backing from a lot of big-name Democrats

Sen. Jeff Merkley is joining the Dems' forthcoming single payer bill:

Trump company hires Chinese government-owned firm despite promise: report

🐦 Sept 22 at 1PM PT- Bernie Sanders - San Francisco, California

"Let's start the lie detectors with the Nazi elf"

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 11, 2017

I saw my congressional representative at a memorial service today.

Russian politician says on live TV that Russia stole U.S. presidency

Russian pol: US intel missed 'Russian Inteligence' stealing the 'President of the US'.

who here wears white after Labor day and why the fuck for?

Cop Takes Guy's Money For Selling Hotdogs Without Permit

I am okay!

A quote for our times . . .

According to Sarah, Trump apparently has more "very clear positions" than the Kama Sutra.

Romney May Run For Senate? Why Can't We Get Rid Of These Dicks. Why Don't They Die Off Or Something

Booker co-sponsoring Bernie Sanders health care bill

What Should Be Done With All the Empty Confederate Monument Plinths?

No sitting on the fence over Confederate monuments

Senator Sanders: Remembering 9/11

LOL: Trump is being covertly drugged and slurring his words by 6 or 7 p.m.

Any word on the condition of Mar-a-Lago?

BRILLIANT ESSAY.....When I was three years old, my parents moved our family

I have tears in my eyes while I am looking at my "I Love NY" sticker from 1980.

Anyone else remember the Gore Commission report on Airline Security?

South Park Premier Takes On White Nationalist Movement

At least 1 dead in Georgia as Irma crosses Southeast

Sanders: Bannon likes to speak in 'the most extreme measures'

Legal group moves to challenge Trump's Arpaio pardon

My post was banned for personal attack or flaming.

detergent dispenser in 13 yr old Kenmore dishwasher isn't opening

Supreme Court temporarily lifts restrictions on Trump travel ban

For The First Time In History, North Carolina Has 6 Black Female Police Chiefs

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand will co-sponsor Bernie Sanders Medicare-for-all bill

The Great McGonigle

Black Girls Are 7 Times More Likely To Be Suspended Than White Girls: Report

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand will co-sponsor Bernie Sanders Medicare-for-all bill

The Justice Department Is Supporting Joe Arpaio's Bid To Get His Conviction Dismissed

Beth Mowins Set To Go Where No Woman Has Gone Before In The NFL

Obama honors 9/11 victims: 'No act of terror will ever change who we are'

Hillary Probably The Most Vilified Candidate In History Outside Of Obama.

Limbaugh slams media 'lies and misstatements' over Irma

Trump? Have You Considered...

Ladysmith Black Mambazo/Mint Juleps "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Anyone out there from the Tallahassee/Monticello area?

WH Pushes Back On Bannon, Says Trump 'Was Right In Firing' Comey As FBI Head

I think I may need an intervention!

Does anyone on DU know of evidence of dirty Russian money going to McConnell, Ryan

The Keys got hammered.

The birthers were Trump's brownshirts

Does Bannon believe Mueller could bring down Trump? By Paul Waldman

CBS Criticized for Airing Graphic Horror Program Without Viewer Advisory

Car dealership parks whole inventory in FSU garage opened as public hurricane shelter

More poignant than ever: Praise for the immigrant workers of 9/11

Toddler At That Cute Age Where Anything Can Be Projected On Them

Fox and Friends equated victims on 9/11 to Confederate soldiers

EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he'll "never" apologize to Latinos

search suggestions pop up

The Great Flood

We know it's coming so I will ask ahead of time...

Warning: Ignore Trump's character flaws, Fear his policy catastrophe

just a first nudge. my sister is running for county board.

Trump administration signals plans to defang retirement rule

Minn. regulators recommend against $6.5B pipeline project

The Only Problem in American Politics Is the Republican Party - By Jonathan Chait

We're the Only Plane in the Sky

"What REALLY Happened: This Is Way Bigger Than Just Hillary and Trump and Russia"

Gun violence to rival Irma

Kieu Hoang Donates $5 Million to Hurricane Harvey Relief in Houston

5...FIVE....Houston Texans suffered concussions yesterday. There are 53 players on the roster - 10%

The dam is breaking on Democrats embrace of single-payer

Silence isn't an option, for us... but also for them

The time has come.

Florida DUers -Why is Orlando flooding like this?

Has Trump donated the $1 million yet?? ........... just asking

Lest we forget: donald trump's vivid memory of september 11, 2001

Republican attempt to deflect Trump-Russia probes could backfire: sources

How would Obamacare be an improvement over a single-payer healthcare system?

Here is a good one!

Clear Concise How-To Advice: Glenn Haege Dies

I've felt this building inside me for some time, and I just have to let it out:

When is it not too soon to talk about

In Free-Range Trump, Many See Potential for a Third Party

Who is Your Favorite Lawyer??

Conspiracies, Corruption and Climate

The Sun Has Gone Wrong And Scientists Don't Know Why

Genius Detective Kris Kobach Looks For Voter Fraud, Finds Something Even Worse: COLLEGE STUDENTS

Elizabeth Warren is for single payer, sort of. And against healthcare profiteering...sort of.

True Story

California Sues Trump Administration Over DACA Elimination

Trump election commissioner believes voter turnout is far higher with poll taxes and literacy tes

MSNBC Feed - Trump's WH lawyer hires own lawyer for Russia probe

Decatur marchers push for the removal of monument

Supreme Court asked to consider Mississippis use of Confederate image

There she blows - Irma

Despite Risk, Medical Student Defends DACA

Senators unveil bipartisan effort to block Trump's transgender ban

Repeal of DACA cruel, based on baloney

Panicked Bannon reached out to SNL to find out how he'd be portrayed after watching McCarthy...

Philly raising money to help DACA recipients

After U.S. Compromise, Security Council Strengthens North Korea Sanctions

Is there any recourse for someone who is blocked in a particular group and then....

Yes, On 9/11, Trump Bragged About How Tall His Building Was

Economic Argument Against Immigration Is Wrong

Today in imagine if any other president did this

Steve Bannon Is Going To War But He Doesn't Have Any Troops.

What Ending DACA Means for Tech and the American Dream

Pro-charter school group pays state's largest campaign finance penalty

A Pizza Hut told Irma-fleeing employees they could be punished for skipping shifts (WP)

Kobach commish will consider background checks before voting

GRRRRR! "Make America First Again" A Bold Faced Racist Lie.

9/11 - the rightwing's wargasm

Well, back to abnormal.

Justice Department charges ex-Deutsche Bank subprime trader with civil fraud

Reflections on a weekend in the Midwest

Freethought of the Day

Brazil judge suspends J&F leniency, asset sales in limbo

Didn't Trump say (about 9/11) ...

U.S. to unveil streamlined autonomous vehicle guidelines Tuesday

Just a little factoid here .... 800,000 Dreamers are less than 0.24% of US population.

Graphic radar image from the Blue Ridge Escarpment (SC/NC mountains)

430,000 without power in metro Atlanta.

What do we give up for the Dream Act?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Hillary coming to Austin for a book-signing, Friday 11-17-2017.

Justice Dept. supports Arpaios bid to have guilty finding thrown out