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Cuteness overload...Getting a new pup..

Is God punishing Texas & Florida for the governments they elected or ?

September Drama

Here is the fact: Corporate Tax Cuts Boost dont boost jobs just CEO Pay

I keep hearing about candidates the party will run but realty is those who want to run

Trying to prevent these disasters is good for humankind. Reacting to them is good for

I'm a New Yorker and I wasn't a Hero on 9/11

Officer Arrested Utah Nurse After He Was Told Not To

George Clooney Disses Steve Bannon as a 'Failed Screenwriter'

I'm a New Yorker and I wasn't a Hero on 9/11

NPR looked at the registered address of Rinat Akhmetshin's 'adoption charity' & found no one works

🐦 Sunday Sept 10 - Sen. Bernie Sanders on NBC's "Meet the Press"

The problems are bigger than Bernie, bigger than Hillary, bigger than any set of policies either one

Check out this quote from Joseph Kennedy lll. He could be our next nominee...

Undocumented Immigrants Are Too Afraid to Seek Shelter From Hurricane Irma...

I just got back from a family reunion

some webcams from Florida that are still up

*Hidden Figures on HBO now! EDIT

Self-directed Roths and a potential loophole for the IRS to look into.

He Saw It Coming. Why Didn't We?

They really screwed up on this Hurricane here in Fl and SW Florida. No rooms in shelters and turning

Bill Nelson is on M$NBComcast right now

Researchers Identify Gene for Awfulness

broken: Liberal family weeps as loving member turns into hatemonger and rising star of the alt-righ

Florida Residents: check in with your local news for curfews.

Live streams for Hurricane Irma

IMO, if you're putting together your Xmas list don't forget welding equipment for the

Twitter is Trending #ExpressiveAsians Because Its Tired of Hollywoods BS Casting

"The current model and strategy of the Sanders wing of the Democratic party is an absolute failure."

MSNBC interview with curator of Hemingway home/museum this evening


Live stream SW Florida news - link below. Lots of weather breaks and updates.

NWS Key West staff stayed on the island. Twitter link:

This is a test!

Only in America could "Bless your heart" become code for "fuck you."

On Irma Exodus & vacation in Chicago.....

I just murdered four people. A stranger at the door, a terrible crime

Irma Damage in BVI,Tortola

A word about the thousands stuck outside a huge shelter in Fort Myers

Water Molecules May Survive on the Moon's Surface All Day Long By Charles Q. Choi, Contrib

Wind map

Le Grand Aioli Brings Everyone to the Table.

A legal defense fund is reportedly in progress to pay for Trump team lawyers

Climate Change Could Kill A Third of Parasite Species by 2070

Florida residents facing Irma demand Trump open Mar-a-Lago as a shelter

Eric Bolling's 19-year-old son dies hours after Fox announced departure

HARVEYABLES: a group of theater friends make the best of a horrible situation.

Dexter Pottinger RIP

Anybody hear the meteorological reason?

very impressed with MSNBC coverage of Irma.....

TRUMP IS AN EVIL MAN. Trump tells cabinet Hurricane Irma means wealthy need their tax cuts faster.

Trump Looking at Deploying Mini-Nukes

BBC News anchor gets completely lost in the studio

Am I the only one thinking..

Hundreds of abandoned vehicles line highway coming out of Key West.


Chris Hayes on Hillary Clinton's book

News Bloopers of the Week #1 (September 2017)

Breaking: Irma Returns to Cat. 4 strength

Article on Sanders-Trump voters

Hurricane DACA

Hillary Democrats Are the Heart and Conscience of America

Is It Possible GOP/Trump Would Tie Tax Cuts or ACA Repeal To Harvey/Irma Aid?.

good live internet IRMA broadcast from Ft Myers NBC/ABC network stations

Two songs for Florida

Rail Runner facing $50M safety system deadline, possible service cuts

Teen accused of deadly Clovis library shooting to be tried as an adult

3rd and goal for Louisiana Tech...

Texas 'dirt bandit' fesses up but refuses to pay

Trump: 'get out' of Hurricane Irma's way

Zoo Miami shelters animals before Hurricane Irma Miami Herald Miami Herald

US: Mandatory evacuations under way in Florida and Georgia

Volunteers help Miami residents preparing for Hurricane Irma

South Korea farmers fear toxic effects of anti-missile defence system

New Mexico Democrats push feds to limit drilling near Chaco

Social media footage gives glimpse of Hurricane Irma damage euronews (in English) euronews (in Engl

The Wall Street Journal's Trump problem

Ancient tomb discovery in Egypt adds to treasure trove in Luxor

Hurricane Irma makes its way through the Bahamas

Mass evacuations as Florida braces for Hurricane Irma

Vandals hit Taos monuments; banner says 'Remember 1680'

2 Florida Republicans voted against hurricane relief bill.

How the solar flare is affecting Earth Science News 11 video

Rep. Pearce asks Ryan to solve DACA problem and Sessions to investigate ABQ abortion provider

ISS passes over Hurricane Irma

The mysterious Voynich manuscript has finally been decoded

To clarify, DO NOT shoot weapons @ #Irma.

State paid over $100K to settle whistleblower lawsuit

Man returns fish to water after Hurricane Harvey

Enrollment slumping at most New Mexico universities

10 Republican Carolina lawmakers refuse Texas hurricane aid they're about to need themselves

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Scare-A-Mouse Edition

President Trump's War on Science- THE NYTimes EDITORIAL BOARD SEPT. 9, 2017

Pueblo, Teller Counties face ACLU suit for jailing man six weeks without a court date

****SUMMER Photo Contest--Preliminary Thread 1****

****SUMMER Photo Contest--Preliminary Thread 2****

***SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest PRELIMS are posted in GD***

Civil Rights Leaders Slam Colorado GOP For Bizarre SPLC Attack

Everybody And Their Mother Endorses Jared Polis

Still here... made it through the night. UPDATE.

Havana flooded and 5,000 tourists evacuated from coast as Irma hits Cuba

Key West is about to face some serious storm surge

CBS News: Eye of Irma will pass over Naples.

Here is a Twitter thread (Russia, bots, Facebook, etc) that I think is relevant:

How Silicon Valley is disrupting politics - the potential to manipulate people....great info!

Ken Buck Preparing to Announce Run for Attorney General

Some phone numbers re: Irma I don't remember seeing.

Some phone numbers re: Irma I don't remember seeing.

Storage tanks failed during Harvey, spilling at least 145,000 gallons of fuel and releasing toxic...

Australia same-sex marriage vote: PM comes out for Yes

Irma: Florida residents call on Trump to open Mar-a-Lago as a shelter for hurricane victims

TV Alert... HRC on Sunday Morning Show/CBS for whole program

Do people really believe that shooting guns at a hurricane will deter it?

Ft. Myers (W coast FL) Real-time Live video (no news commentary).

Feds approve expansion of West Elk Mine in western Colorado against environmental group objections

Democratic candidate for governor talks health and taxes in Colorado Springs

Did you guys catch that....Ali Velshi...."You and I are never going to get blown like that"

who will KNOW??

'I Smell Cash': How the A.T.F. Spent Millions Unchecked

Reporters standing outside in the middle of a raging storm,

Miami live-cam, no reporters, real time.

update on Majik

Interesting come-to-science conversation from Governor Rick Scott.


FT. MYERS FL (sw fl) real-time live cam, as Irma approaches.

Some kind of Metaphor?

Some models now have Jose hitting New York City on the 18th or Bangor Maine on the 19th

Wonder if I should call home economics teacher The evolution of a pastery batter our two chefs

We are all Kevin Anderson fans now

LIVE: Hurricane Irma 10/9 SLAMS Florida, Landfall, Storm Surge VIDEO footage latest updates

Why can't conservatives spell?

When Sanders says 'one last time,' he means it

Bound to No Party, Trump Upends 150 Years of Two-Party Rule

'The New Washington': How Schumer's Power Play Led to a Deal With Trump

Latest advisory, Cat 4 Irma moving north, northwest

Florida sheriff warns citizens: Don't shoot at Hurricane Irma

How Is President Trump's Business Doing? Check the Electoral College

Mormons are still younger and more conservative than other believers, but they're having fewer kids

The Trump Fever Never Breaks - by Katy Tur

In new book, Hillary Clinton compares Utah's Jason Chaffetz to villain from Les Miserables

'Trump betrays everyone': The president has a long record as an unpredictable ally

Trump approves Puerto Rico disaster declaration

Toon - His Head Is Hard

Yum! 😋

GOP rep: Trump did not make a 'good deal' on debt ceiling



Netanyahu's son posts classic anti-Semitic meme, drawing praise from neo-Nazis

Ex-teen Bride Wins $16 Million Case Against Polygamous Group

Forget about trump.Forget about Hillary, forget about Bernie.

When Ignorant Hater try to Stop Jagmeet Singh NDP Federal Leadership Candidate

ITS still unbelievable...

One last flight out of Florida...

I'd like to hear from those Texas secessionists now....

After Medicaid mess, don't trust GOP to fund public schools

How California could jolt the 2020 presidential race

I'm Watching Hillary On CBS Sunday Morning. I'm Sorry...

Takei to Trump: Here, hold my covfefe.

Tropical Storm Warning for Atlanta, Georgia

Black man righteously shames white cop who pulls him over

GOP fears House retirements could set off a wave

In Florida, officials ban term 'climate change'

"Nobody knows how much we spend. You're the only person I ever said those numbers to out loud"

Enjoying the Wind

The wisdom of Ali Velshi this AM

"Not even the staff's family!" . . . Please come CAPTION Mar a Lago!!!

NBC: A construction crane has collapsed in Miami...

Who's a pretty... wet... Bird???

Miami Beach streets starting to flood...90 minutes until high tide.

Dear non-Floridians

Wow - Atlanta is now under a Tropical Storm Warning

Shift to wind energy could alter fortunes on Wyoming's map

WHAT??? No live webcam of Mar-a-lago...

Irma: Tropical storm warning, flash flood watch for metro Atlanta

"Downtown Miami Underwater..".

Uranium mine spill one of the largest recorded in U.S.; officials say it does not pose a threat

"You say 'tomato' and I say 'testicular cancer.'" Come CAPTION The Trumpets, Donald and Melania!!!

Cameco cleared to resume transport of radioactive material after last year's leaks

That hug: Stephens-Keys postmatch emotion steals the show

I can't bear to watch, but I can't bear not to watch.

Economist said Wyoming tax structure a reason it lacks economic diversity

Hurricane Irma forecast predictions through Tuesday

State cuts could mean bigger tuition hikes at MSU, UM

A site to follow Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Jose

Donald Trump Jr. testifies before Senate committee, Steve Bannon vs. Gary Cohn

Trump Waffles on DACA, Responds to Hurricane Irma: A Closer Look

Fire danger increasing in southwestern Montana, Yellowstone

China to Ban Sale of Fossil Fuel Cars in Electric Vehicle Push.

Hilton Beach Fort Lauderdale webcam

Tomorrow - Our normal 9/11 programming will be interrupted with other death and destruction

As hurricanes and wildfires rage, US climate politics enters the realm of farce

HILLARY CLINTON: "I'm done with being a candidate"

Ah, Florida, My Florida -

State could eliminate hundreds of jobs under latest proposed cuts

Central Montana under Red Flag Warning as weather could fan flames

Montana agencies turn in 10 percent budget cut plans

Florida man's car catches fire before he can evacuate for Hurricane Irma

A tale of two Irmas: rich Miami ready for tumult as poor Miami waits and hopes

How does one define the term "progressive candidate"?

Buoys near Irma

Your favorite hurricane phrase?

Florida Man takes wife up on bet to protect his "vintage" Datsun 240Z

Since "Sharknado" worked, how long until SciFi comes out with "Gatorcane?

Fenenbock officially announces bid for Congress

MSNBC showing water GONE from Tampa Bay! UPDATE

J-Pop Summit offers Japanese extravaganza

Fema has a list of $$$ and services that all the federal agencies have provided.

Hurricanes in Tampa Bay are very rare.

People driving around in Miami

Trump Administration- These Storms HAVE NOTHING To Do With Climate Change.

Mariana Atencio ! (MSNBC)

What we need is tens of thousands of wind turbines in the Caribbean to...

Who Will Save These Dying Italian Towns?

A hoax?

Where is Trump???

Rand Paul and Kamala Harris Team Up to Reform Bail Practices

I'm sorry. Brian Williams is a weird guy


Is there a surprise still left in Hurricane Irma??

Trumps Congressional Allies Trying to Manipulate Steele Dossier to Undercut the Russia Investgation

Water being pulled out of Tampa Bay as Irma approaches...

Two Hurricanes Have Given Donald Trump Shelter

What's going on with Jose?

Coastal flooding, "dangerous" rip currents in Nueces, Kleberg counties due to Hurricane Irma

Fatalities in Florida

Jones, Dallas Cowboys players speak against flag protests

Storm surge question. Let's say someone's house is 20 feet above sea level in the storm area, and

Irma Shifting Forecasts: Its All a Matter of Probability.

Irma evacuees stopped at Georgia visitors center unsure where to go

This interpreter

What the hell??!!?? "60 Minutes" doing nothing but Steve Bannon stories tonight?

I haven't been hearing of any asinine tweets lately, and Trump is rather quiet.

The best climate change graphic ever

Sassy Little Girl is not a fan of airport security

Alabama schools closing ahead of Hurricane Irma (

Hillary Clinton speaks

Wind/water swirling among buildings/streets in Miami

What are you reading this week of September 10, 2017?

Texarkana hotel owner sues hotel company, makes allegations of fraud

Roy Moore's twisted history: Islam and Buddhism don't have First Amendment protection, chief justice

2018 US House Election-seats Democrats need to win to regain control of the US House.

Indictment probe grips state Capitol

Serious question, is it all right to watch the movie Key Largo.


KKK photo of teammates shocks black quarterback

Hurricane Irma Starts Raking Miami

43 people arrested breaking curfew

Tornado warning at Ft. Lauderdale Airport

Sitting here on the dirty side of Irma

Billions and billions of damage

The predictable Wingnut Week to come: HRC's many appearances. Plus NYT's TWITLER approval

NBC reporting a second crane collapse in Miami...

Tribute: Hillary Clinton: The Woman in the Arena

Early forecasts for Hurricane Jose: Off NYC/East Coast by September 18-19...

Judge will allow tapes of former state senator Woods' talking about grant scheme

Homemade biscuits

I'm in Atlanta and am logged on to my work laptop. We will be closed tomorrow.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 12: Star of the Month: Jennifer Jones

Why Silencers Arent Golden

Florida sheriff's office warns people not to shoot at Hurricane Irma

Red Flag Warnings issued for Montana as wildfires burn across the West

Two-headed rattlesnake found by electrical worker

Company Town: 'quiet tragedy' of an Arkansas community vs the Kochs

Harvey's wrath may force rural Texas' most desperate to leave town for good

Looters arrested by Fort Lauderdale police

Progressivism: A Platform for the United States

Slightly injured pope ends Colombia tour with human rights appeal

Slightly injured pope ends Colombia tour with human rights appeal

A lovely excerpt from Hillary's book: I excerpted a part about her marriage

Ex-Georgian leader Saakashvili barges across Ukraine border

John Sharp, the State's Fixer in Chief, Comes to the Rescue After Harvey

Anybody know why 7 F-15s are circling me?

Iraq holding 1,400 foreign wives, children of suspected ISIS fighters

Second tower crane has collapsed into a building under construction

U.S. denies Iran report of confrontation with U.S. vessel

Not to late to pray for those who were hit by Irma .....

Chaz Bono proves he's Cher's kid

North Korea's Kim Jong Un fetes nuclear scientists, holds celebration bash

Dallas Protest Organizer Dominique Alexander Arrested on Felony Theft Charges

Brazilian billionaire Joesley Batista surrenders to police

Sway to the timeless cowbell and kazoo sound of Decca and the Dectones!

U.S. Senator McCain says facing 'very vicious form of cancer'

Anyone see how Key West fared now that the eye has passed them?

Hello from Naples - Hurricane Central

I Really Admire This Pope

No talk of ousting U.S. House Speaker Ryan, says key conservative

When will Democratic party leaders stop treating FOX as if . .

This doesn't look good...(Miami)

You have one coin left!

Trump has 'great concern' about Irma, wants to travel there soon: Pence

If you believe there is no difference between Republicants and Democrats you're an imbecile.

#BREAKING: #HurricaneIrma makes second landfall just south of Naples, Florida, as Category 3 storm

Norway goes to the polls with the future of its oil and gas industry in play

Anyone have a current Irma path chart? Is she varying from the path projected

Any news channel without some fool broadcasting in the wind and rain?

Bonita Springs is next.

Official Packers - Seahawks game thread

What do you see nurses? What do you see?

Groper Don the Con is a fugging semi-literate

WH is tweeting out Fake News about IRMA....

So, is Netanyahu's son really a self-loathing, alt-right supporter?

Link to fantastic interactive weather map.

I wish CNN# Chad Myers would tell Chris to get the hell off that balcony

I fully expect to see a reporter blown away by the hurricane on camera.

The surge on Summerland Key

Hurricane Irma live streams/webcams

This Is How Icelanders have the HIGHEST life expectancy in the world

From Comments at Cat6 (Weather Underground)

National Catholic Reporter: DACA is not enough. We need comprehensive immigration reform.

How do I get my dog to potty during the hurricane. She is unhappily still going outside

Tribute: Hillary Clinton: The Woman in the Arena

Did anybody see the Wizard Of Lies ?

Pope Francis Shifts Power From Rome With 'Hugely Important' Liturgical Reform

Can women be misogynists?

John Kelly blisters Ann Coulter

What is the "hard left"?

Nats clinch NL East behind the great Stephen Strasburg!

Trump: Hurricanes are helping the Coast Guard improve its 'brand'

Congratulations, President Trump. You have brought back the lynching of black people.

How Did Marco Island Do Thru This Hurricane?....

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 10, 2017

The hurricane that lasted forever...

Saw that Irma is heading toward KY and TN (eventually)

Dumb Stuff Said On TV About Irma thread. I'll start:

Brevard County, FL Update

BULLSHIT to 60 minutes - Republicans support and protect The President at every turn.

Irma made Havana look like Houston.

When Trump goes to Florida to survey the damage.....

Vast new intelligence haul fuels next phase of fight against Islamic State

Of the 85 million $s that Trump and company spent on Facebook how much came from Russia?

Boats strewn across the road, Big Pine Key.

Ok, Megyn Kelly had Putin on American TV, so now Bannon is on 60 Minutes....

This is going to be bad I'm afraid-They are asking/sending Disaster Mortuary Teams

I got me an old school fidget spinner.

Nice to see Tiger Woods in Nadal's box at the Open

Irmas now Cat. 2 as per cnn. no link.

Update on Hemingway House posted on FB:

This Husky blows bubbles in his water bowl!

Tall Tail: Michigan Cat with 17-In. Tail Claims World Record

"Pete Carroll Knows What It Is To Be Black In America"

Is Larry the Cat mocking this dog?

Friends discovery, Facebook post save 2 manatees on Sarasota Bay

Just Wow.

Kremlin pushing "Killary" on social media in advance Hillary's book coming out.

Anyone in St. Petersburg?

Sessions Wants NSC Staff to Take Lie Detector Tests

California Could Shake Up the 2020 Race

Holy Shit! 60 Minutes Now! Charlie Rose and Bannon.

Hemingway Cats are good so far...(edited with confirmed source)

McCain: 'We have to understand that the climate may be changing'

Trump's Pick To Head NASA Has No Background In Science

Trump's blue state businesses are struggling

Two FL law enforcement officers killed responding to 911 call

Vicente Fox is Running for President of the United States

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 11 September 2017

Excellent Twitter thread regarding response to Hillary's book...

In the thick of the hurricane!