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Cop Busted...Undercover Raver

Sam Phillips: The Rolling Stone Interview

Experts are worried about volatile chemicals at Houston plant, but not alarmed

I almost fell off my chair!

Puppies Howl For The First Time

Trump Administration Agrees to Settle in Travel Ban Case

Masha Gessen: A Russian's Perspective on Trump's Autocratic Impulses

Joel Osteen Is the Quintessential Religious Figure of the Trump Era

Houston: A Global Warning

Treasury wont commit to Tubman on bill

Mueller Signals He's Going After Mike Pence Too

Last night, Fox News said it would keep investigating Clinton email server.

Comeuppance Caucus

The time is set.

Florida city votes to strip Confederate names from street signs

I attended a lecture by Chuck Todd (MSNBC/NBC) at Furman University this evening.

San Antonio City Council votes to relocate Confederate monument

Betsy DeVos's Hiring Of A Former For-Profit College Dean To Head Fraud Unit Spurs Anger

When First Move Is to Threaten Lynching, Something's Wrong

Educators Demand Action

How The Media Normalizes Police Militarization and Brutality

What the Harvey deluge would look like where you live

Am I alone in thinking that Steve Mnuchin is about the creepiest man in government?

Wrong. Weekend Update not on tonight.

OK. Dallas has almost no gasoline. Long lines with long waits.

The current claim is that Osteen had "like twelve other shelters open"

If Trump really does donate $1 million

In chat rooms, Unite the Right organizers planned to obscure their racism

Have you ever seen...

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Back in Black. Live Uncensored & a Bunny gif

The minimum and maximum number of Democratic US Senators after 2018.

Exclusive: Mueller Enlists the IRS for His Trump-Russia Investigation

Wow, D.L. Hughley Went In On Joel Osteen

Mueller for President 2020

Former WSU Spokane Chancellor Lisa Brown announces 2018 run for congress

Oh Come On!

Bummer In My Hometown

Gay men to receive 'Turing Law' pardons

Sheriff David Clarke expected to join Trump administration: report

Guilty Rich Review: Dirty Money

Rick Wilson picking on Pence:

What do you think Americans should do if Congress will not impeach?

The Next Houston (from The Atlantic)

Why should we believe a WORD Scott Pruitt's EPA has to say?

You remove 4 and add 1, what do you get?

How would a war with North Korea play out politically?

A House Republican Is Leading An Effort That Would Humiliate Trump If He Tries To End DACA

Cumene hydroperoxide (cumyl hydroperoxide) safety data ...

Is it possible that Mueller is egging Trump on, by being so aggressive?

For Maid in Maryland:

Jeff Koterba's Aug. 29 cartoon: Texas strong

Good little compilation of tRump contradicting himself on #tRumpRussia Moscow Tower - Now This

question about "cell phone internet" and cable internet

Does Tim Ryan (D-OH) deserve a Democratic primary challenge for his support for corporate tax cuts?

Travis Park Confederate monument will come down after city council vote

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach Confirms He is a Paid Columnist For Breitbart

Laughing My Fucking Ass Off....

Look at this beautiful photo - We All Are One

Armed Citizen "protects" his family from a hooded black man who wanted to buy a sandwich.

Texans could use a Taco Truck on Every Corner right about now

Houston Zoning (on a lighter note - whorehouses)

Buckle up, folks...this one'll take awhile...

Poll: Majority describe Trump as a 'bully' who 'says what he thinks'

Anyone have the latest Seth Meyers episodes/Closer Look clips?

Nebraska task force has rescued more than 100 dogs, pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey

Trumpy is about to end DACA.

Dreamer repeal draws business fire

David Clarke expected to join administration

Did you know that tRump's lawyer Michael Cohen is on the RNC's finance team?

Vox: How Trump both stokes and obscures his supporters racial resentment

Candid? Yes. Presidential? Not so much

BIG NEWS TODAY! Eat more fat! ----- NOT! Very flawed study

Argentine political prisoner Milagro Sala transferred to house arrest following IACHR ruling

Trump to cut pay raises for government workers

The Latest Outrage from Houston

Arkema, the Crosby chemical plant, could have neutralized its organic peroxide but chose not to.

Add math to the list of things Trumplodytes suck at.

Treasury inspector general to review Mnuchins flight to Fort Knox

30% chance of Irma landfall on East Coast as major hurricane

Trump Boys Gather Rations Of Comic Books, Candy Bars For Night Hiding From Special Prosecutors

I am betting on the next resignations: Tillerson and Kelly.

2020 Democratic Presidential/Vice Presidential Ticket- Klobuchar/Booker or Booker/Klobuchar

Yikes - Europeans Model Has Irma Heading Into Gulf Region.

The New National Zionism

Texas Republicans Helped Chemical Plant That Exploded Lobby Against Safety Rules

Cat really loves his Dad!

Go Lego!

These August news bloopers will make you laugh

top Texas Republican lawmakers stopped the chemical plant safety rules

gratuitous kitteh pic - wait, who's this asshole popping up randomly after disappearing edition

Is something going on, personnel wise, with MSNBC ?

Report On Bernie Sanders Appearance In Aurora, IL - Aug 30, 2017

Harvey: Why is the wealthiest nation in the world BEGGING for donations?

Trump Is Wrecking The Country & Its Institutions.

The asshat

The Tick ( New Amazon series ): Anyone else see it?

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 3 - Paul Newman

Trump Administration Slashes Funds for Obamacare Enrollment

frost alert - low temps in mid 20s tonight upper michigan. winter is coming

Crime pays: Don Trump Jr. to receive $100k for speech at UNT

Kim Jong Un is forcing the US to consider more aggressive responses to North Korea,

If a President is impeached, can he still be convicted for crimes committed?

The Daily Show - Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Antagonists of the Alt-Right

Looking for a DUer - retired school teacher from New Mexico

Astros acquire Justin Verlander

a few memes I've stumbled across lately

Ex-Maine Gov. Baldacci says he'd consider another run

Lessons Learned

Great news!!! Hydrox cookies are back!

Paul LePage calling special session over food sovereignty law

Do you think anyone will serve prison time?...

Two unions agree to Paul LePage's 'right to work' contract language

Out of control police officer arrests nurse for refusing to draw blood of unconscious victim.

Trump administration cuts funding for health care sign-ups out of spite

House Speaker Wants To Add Ranked-Choice Voting To Legislature's Special Session

Ethics Commission Fines Senate Leader $9,000 For Violating Campaign Disclosure Rules

So much "winning"

i think the US is fucked in general.

Bangor Eyes Its Legal Options as LePage Moves Ahead With Planned Psychiatric Facility

It's perfectly clear to me

Protect and Serve? Oklahoma Police Chief Bart Alsbrook's White Power Ties

Trump's ass is going to prison

Poliquin Says He Avoids Press to Protect His Seat

Shitgeyser's Challenge..


Rare white lobster caught off Chebeague Island

U.S. Employers Struggle To Match Workers With Open Jobs

(JEWISH GROUP) Should Jewish Celebrities Be Wearing Yellow Stars?

Splintered governors field makes unity and winning a challenge for Maine Democrats


Navy commander latest to be charged in Fat Leonard scandal

Kanye West not cooperating with $10 million claim, tour insurers say

As a trucker, I think this bears a mention; In an emergency, Hours of Service rules can be suspended

Kris Kobachs new job: Columnist for Breitbart

Cuong Cao Calvin Dang Sentenced For Role In $37M Cisco Fraud And Related Crimes

McCain: President has no poorly informed...impulsive

Fears of cholera and typhoid add to challenges for Texas; E coli 125x higher

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot backs mocked Sri Lankan cosplayers

****SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest COMMENTS****

****SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest SUBMISSIONS****

People that don't like puppy kisses always concern me.

Liberty Union co-founder Peter Diamondstone dies at age 82

** The SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest has been opened for SUBMISSIONS**

**The SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest is open for Submissions in the Photography Group**

Video: Bernie Sanders Has No Time For Chris Cuomo Asking About The 2020 Election

Sheriff David Clarke resigns to head Trump's new Office of Fake Badges and Bling! great pic! ...

Groper Don the Con has company - Dr Con Man: the rise and fall of a celebrity scientist who fooled

Bernie Sanders CNN interview over Harvey Relief, Health Care, Immigration

Comcast sues state over conditions on new operating permit

Bernie Sanders: America's 'other radical'

Quiros can use IRS refund on taxes, $15,000-a-month expenses

Bernie Sanders slams Trump in front of packed Hancher crowd

Defunct Burlington College still owes bank $730,000, says judge

whodathunkit? man arrested in C'ville for shooting gun is Grand Wizard

Tom Perriello: Why I Oppose the Pipelines and Strongly Support Ralph Northam

Send prayers: Texas Republican turns down donated blankets, beds, manpower from Canada

Boycott ALL FoxNews advertisers?

Meet the 13-year-old running for Vermont governor

In 30 minutes, the earth will have a 4.4 million-mile rendezvous with a large asteroid.

I proudly stand with CA Senate President Kevin de Leon. No one can have "patience" with Trump

RAF's close combat unit opens to women for the first time

Federal government says Vermont failed to prevent EB-5 fraud

London Film Festival: A quarter of films directed by women

L A TIMES- Sen. Feinstein called for 'patience' with Trump. Now she faces a liberal backlash

Texas is "heeling"

WTF is Gloria Gaynor doing on Faux Fake News?

Government Settles in First Lawsuit Filed Against Trumps Muslim Ban

Kenya's Supreme Court annuls presidential election result for irregularities, orders new vote

More fires expected at Texas chemical plant, federal investigation launched

A fiscal conservative?

"This global warming bullshit has got to stop" - republican president*

Trump Weighs Tying Debt Limit Increase to Harvey Aid

Russia-Linked Bots Hone Online Attack Plans for 2018 U.S. Vote

Harry Reid Sought White House Help for Menendez Donor, DOJ Says

Trump & His Administration Is A Long Term National Emergency.

trump is tweeting about Comey & Hillary.....

Bernie Sanders Flips Out at Chris Cuomo For Asking About 2020: 'It Never Ends'

McCain Hits 'Poorly Informed,' 'Impulsive' Trump in New Op-Ed: We Are Not Your Subordinates

Eric Trump Claims CNN Won't Cover His Dad's $1 Million Pledge ... Three Hours After They Did


The origin of Super Villains: Catwoman

Payroll employment increases by 156,000 in August; unemployment rate changes little (4.4%)

Kenya Supreme Court nullifies election, calls for new vote

Joni Ernst "Thank God for Donald J. Trump." South Carolina convention speech.

Top business leaders urge Tillerson to fill womens rights role at State

Trump fatigue comes early - By Joe Scarborough

John McCain: It's time Congress returns to regular order

Hey Eric Trump! Where is your million dollars...

A Reminder That Trump....

Republicans have only one idea. And Trump's pitch for it is a doozy. - By Catherine Rampell

I sure hope tRump was watching Morning Joe

Trump Didn't Meet ONE Hurricane Victim in Texas

Senator Kamala Harris Will Co-Sponsor Bernie's Medicare for All

The bad news about 'this Russia thing' keeps pouring in for Trump - By Eugene Robinson

trump praises kelly and says admin getting things done at a record clip!!! tweet

Job growth slumps in August, unemployment holds steady

"we only kill black people"

Remember the only thing between a Chump approval rating of 34% and 24% is a "good" economy

Boy, 7, was tortured to death and fed to pigs. State agencies failed him, says lawsuit.

Ballot Battle Heads to High Court

OMB chief brags he duped 45 into slashing SS disability benefits by calling it "welfare"

Federal judge blocks Texas abortion law

From this mornings tweet fest it is clearhe is scared 'shitless' of Mueller

Please fill in these political blanks.

Tropical disturbance forming off the coast of Africa.

Mexico signals tougher stance on NAFTA, may pull out of talks if Trump moves to scrap deal

Fall foliage map.

"Heeling Fast"

Dismal Trump Jobs Report. Unemployment Inches Up. Job Growth Wanes. Wage Growth Is Flaccid *

BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. to be paid $100,000 to speak at University of North Texas

BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. to be paid $100,000 to speak at University of North Texas

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Wet Orange

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Storm reasons

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

The Invisible Coalition

Please help outcry against this bill to gut election audits in CA!

Jobs report is Obama's fault

Buses of Harvey evacuees arrive overnight at Dallas mega-shelter

Fox serves as Republican propaganda channel

Voters value competence. That could be bad news for Trump.

Elemental Haiku

Extreme heat forecasts for San Francisco today

Freedom Caucus leader warns: Don't attach Harvey aid to debt-ceiling increase

Uber driver unable to find Windsor Castle with satnav so went to attack Buckingham Palace instead

Comey friend fires back at Trump

The Nashville Statement is a vision of Christian salvation, Trump-style

Trump is coming here!

Trump claims Comey 'exonerated' Clinton before email probe was over

No bragging tweets from Twitler today over July jobs numbers, lol.

Happy 78th Lily!

"Art of the Deal" ghostwriter: There's no way Trump will give $1 million to Harvey victims

White supremacist from Vice documentary denied bond

Crossbow bolt fired at the Oval could very easily have killed someone

FBI, Homeland Security warn of more 'antifa' attacks

Today's moment of WTH? -- A late 1980s Soviet map of DFW

Fox News Poll: Americans Think Donald Trump Is An Unstable, Dishonest, Immoral Bully

World in no rush to offer Trump help post-Harvey

Is the RNC connected to the Russian scandal?

Kushner fundraises in North Carolina for MEADOWS

Good to see him nervous

SO...if Trump blocks funding legislation over his #FuckingWall, Harvey victims get NOTHING.

Another racist, anti-Semitic Trump appointee forced out.

The Women Who Rode Miles on Horseback to Deliver Library Books

I haven't heard anything from Lindsey Graham for a while. Doesn't he have anything to say about

We Are No Where NEAR The Bottom With Trump. The Worst Is Still Far in the Depths.

Can America survive four years of Donald Trump?

WATCH: Utah nurse being arrested for refusing to give a patient's blood to police

Trump administration takes ACA sabotage campaign to a new level


Toxic dust

Hear ye, hear ye! The new Alt-Right talking-point why war-hungry Trump is actually a man of peace.

Talk of Assange pardon worries intelligence community

Harvey may have wrecked up to 1M cars / 30,000 to 40,000 homes destroyed in Houston area

North Carolina pastor to Joel Osteen: "You've had the week that was coming long before the rain"

Scarborough: Pence 'suspiciously presidential' during Texas visit

Why Democrats are snubbing their Alabama Senate candidate

Neo-Confederate Group That Was Out In Force In C'ville Embraces Violent Turn

Hygienic needs for women

Trump Reportedly Circumvents Kelly By Calling Friends On Personal Cell Phone

How the hell does this shit happen? PIC. VOMIT WARNING.

WH budget director boasts of tricking Trump into slashing disability benefits by calling it 'welfare

Russia pledges 'harsh response' to U.S. tit-for-tat measures

WATCH: Walmart fight over school supplies ends in horror as woman pulls out gun

Pro-trump, pro-labor rally? Huh?

Putin warns North Korea situation on verge of 'large-scale conflict'

tRump when in Russia: "One of the great families in Russia is our partner." Russian oligarch family

Nurse Refuses to Draw Victim's Blood - Arrested

BTRTN August 2017 Month in Review: I Am A Wreck, I Am An Island

Sen. Udall condemns trump on DACA

BTRTN August 2017 Month in Review: I Am A Wreck, I Am An Island

Dolt45 Has 14 likes on Twitter . . . This is one of them

Actual text of email I sent at work today

Fri. A.M. Cuteness Overload - Boy and his Dog

U.Va. hires security firm for $250,000, considers ways to improve safety following torchlight march

U.S. Set to Stop Russia Deal For Texas Oil Firm: Report

According to President Trump, Texas is HEELING fast! THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT! #TexasIsHeelingFast

Polls Show Trump...Has Seen His Approval Rating Plunge To The Basement

I wonder if FLOTUS Trump will be wearing her 10" webbed hi heels?

Holy shit! I looked up the "prosperity gospel" because of Joel Olstean and look what I found in the

I have painstakingly compiled a list of presidents worse than Donald Trump. Please click to see.

Tomi Lahren accidentally reveals the real reason Fox News hounds Hillary

Derangement duo - Alex Jones & Allen West - CNN rescue was FAKE!!

Trump Failing on His Biggest Promise to Americans: Jobs

UNICORN RIOT PRESENTS Data Release Logs That Expose Regional Networks Planning for #UniteTheRight

Former ethics chief Walter Schaub trolls 45's $1 million "donation"

"Family Values" ...where are they?

First Listen: Neil Young, 'Hitchhiker'

I think Irma will turn - Jose now

Congressman Tim Ryan Has Got To Go In 2018.....

Some info on hurricane Irma - various models

If Donald Trump was a political figure in the mid nineteenth century

Just because we could all use a smile--part 2

If you all didn't watch Velshi & Ruhle hand Kris Kobach his tush (updated with video)

But whatabout Hillary?


Software Glitch or Russian Hackers? Election Problems Draw Little Scrutiny

Everything old is new again. From 1985: government officials resigning.

Pic Of The Moment: GOP SecState: Texans Don't Need Beds, Blankets, Or Power Right Now -- Just Jesus

Numerous people looking to get out: Diplomats updating their resumes as Tillerson struggles

"Texas is heeling"

Putin's 'holiday mansion' revealed by Russian opposition leade

happy first anniversary to KO and his partnership with GQ. We need his voice!!

"Toxic Trump" I like it, has a nice rhythm to it and sums tRump up in one word. n/t


An - Update Company that claims to " revolutionizing an industry".proof that's a lie...

Michael and Susan Dell contribute $36M to recovery efforts

Decorated Marine vet may be deported, despite likely U.S. citizenship

in honour of the most humble person we will ever know-- (with thanks to Xipe Totec for

tRump supporter Franklin Graham: God's Hand Was In This Election (2016)

Learning the History of the Bible - The Biblical Canon

Rerun: Died, September 1, 1914; Martha, the last passenger pigeon

Mueller Has Early Draft of Trump Letter Giving Reasons for Firing Comey

North Texas High Schoolers Walk Out in Protest of New Immigration Law

ZZ Top to donate $100K from Sept 10th show to Texas flood relief

Which Bible Are You Reading?

Mueller Has Early Draft of Trump Letter Giving Reasons for Firing Comey

There can be no forgiveness and reconciliation without genuine repentance

Wow! This one really stings!

Quebec offers blankets, beds and hydro crews to Texas in wake of Hurricane Harvey

Mad Magazine Celebrates Labor Day, American Style!

What kind of a publications is Racked?

Just read a story of a dog who left home during the hurricane and returned later with a bag of do!

Michael Dell Pledges $36 Million to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Harvey Update: Flooded Chemical Plant Explodes. Trump Policies Increase Future Risk

aaaand Trump blinks/caves - No Govt shut down for THE WALL

Saving White Bear Lake by Judge Marrinan and Sack Cartoon

Let's pray that Irma stays away from the U.S.!

Senate map gerrymandered for senators house

NJ Superior Court Rules Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape are Sovereign Tribe

NJ Superior Court Rules Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape are Sovereign Tribe

It's Friday, Stephen Miller you're on deck

Talk of Assange pardon worries intelligence community

Lawmakers to give bipartisanship a try on ObamaCare

Costo (for the gas panic) was ROCKING IT this morning!!!

Latest Photos of Harvey's Disastrous Flooding

Comey friend fires back at Trump

Gallup Chump 34/61 How low can he go ?

"We love the Dreamers"!

Eymans B.S. deemed too vulgar for voters pamphlet

Keeping Hawaiian Lands in Native Hawaiian Hands

Keeping Hawaiian Lands in Native Hawaiian Hands

Happy Fortieth Anniversary (plus five days), the recording of the title song of this album:

Well, I mean, it is still Texas

Longer and different angle of nurse assault by those pigs

A judge ruled this veteran is a US citizen. Now he faces deportation to Mexico

Scott McGehee & David Siegel Plan Female-Centric Lord Of The Flies At Warner Bros

US will help people barred by first Trump travel ban to reapply for visas

Trump gives Kelly last rites..

Beware of "Evidence suggests" and "May have" and "Might" ...

stargazing in September

In We Were Witches, Feminism Triumphs Over Shame

In We Were Witches, Feminism Triumphs Over Shame

Your mantra for the day: "fish ladders"

Who else is choking on smoke

According to FORBES, there are 50 billionaires in Texas.

Complaint: Kid Rock breaking campaign law

White House retreats from government shutdown threat: Washington Post

Prosperity Ministry Prayer:

Prunella Briance obituary Founder of the National Childbirth Trust who was an indefatigable defende

US Senators that have a greater than 50 percent chance of losing re-election in 2018.

Prunella Briance obituary Founder of the National Childbirth Trust who was an indefatigable defende

Prunella Briance obituary Founder of the National Childbirth Trust who was an indefatigable defende

Joan Osborne channels inner Bob Dylan on new CD

KGO am just reported that it is 91* in San Francisco...

House Speaker Ryan says Trump should not rescind immigration program

Someone explained difference re narcissist vs sociopath in relation to Trump, where is that

Betsy DeVos Hires Former DeVry Official To Investigate For-Profit Fraud

Tx Congressmen just said on MSNBC

Chinese Restaurant Closes After White Owner Is Outed As David Duke Supporter

Trump's tougher immigration policy extends to workers post-Harvey

Any minute I expect

Update: Hurricane Irma now a Category 3 storm

Retrospective: Sperry Chalet in photos

How the NBA Failed Royce White

Quite a WH oval office scene on msnbc right now

Trump making a total pathetic ass out of himself NOW trying to say "words" about hurricane victims

Been a week now,,,,,,

To Mr. Joel Osteen: Perception is reality.

Trump Promises DACA Decision Friday Or Over Weekend: 'We Love The Dreamers'

What Exactly Was In Paul Manafort's Notes Of That Key Trump Tower Meeting?

Diana was our society's warning to women (on the 20th anniversary of her death (murder?)

Diana was our society's warning to women (on the 20th anniversary of her death (murder?))

Diana was our society's warning to women (on the 20th anniversary of her death (murder??)

TPM - Josh Marshall - "Stephen Miller, James Comey and the Mystery of the Secret Hour"

Thank you all for your warm wishes.

DACA: A Republican dilemma - By Jennifer Rubin

#Renaissance paintings recreated by car mechanics are my new jam.

Salt Lake Citys mayor, police chief apologize for officer handcuffing nurse who refused blood draw

I got an 8 inch cast iron fry pan for $5 @ the thrift store today.

Give the folks in Houston our after-the-fact prayers

Where is Ivanka Trump's 'concern for women's rights' when you need it?

Senate rulemaker: Fast-track for ObamaCare repeal ends this month

Where is Ivanka Trump's 'concern for women's rights' when you need it?

Unbelievable: @Arkema_Inc is refusing to release its Tier II chemical inventory or it's facility

Where is Ivanka Trump's 'concern for women's rights' when you need it?

Alabama Senate candidate said he is unaware of what DACA is

I'm sorry...but the way Trump just said "I love kids...I love kids".....did NOT sound right.

Wal-Mart Selling "USA" Trump Hats For $10 (Trump Sells Them For $40)

Flake: Congress must protect DACA kids

BREAKING NEWS: Trump asks for prayers to send Hurricane Irma towards the US.

2018 United States Senate and Gubernatorial Races

Trump's donation to Harvey relief is one fifth what he offered for

A Dennys Joke on Twitter About Non-Tippers Has Backfired Spectacularly

For those of you who get frustrated by "broken links" on DU.....

Trump and DACA? This a.m his Holiness announced...

'Crying Nazi' Christopher Cantwell's Lawyer Says He's Just Kidding About Killing Jews

So Texas is being exposed to chemicals from the company

If anyone wants free old newspapers to go through, google Chronicling America

Comedian Shelley Berman Dies at 92

Brown Bears, Katmai National Park, Alaska Webcam

When I Filmed Sheriff Joe Arpaio, He Was Cooperative and Horrifying

Republicans Want to Sideline This Regulator. But It May Be Too Popular.

The time to think about the next hurricane is **NOW**

2018 US Senate Election-Most Vulnerable to Least Vulnerable Democratic and Republican held seats.

JB Pritzker Opened A Campaign Office In Town Today

An open letter to congress and the senate

What's Wrong With Your Bible Version?

Trumps 20i8 Budget Cuts?

Trump Flaunts His Indifference to the Rule of Law - By Andrew Sullivan

John Fetterman, Braddock mayor, might run for LtGov

Anyone here have experiences using trazodone for sleep?

jeff sessions is an asshole: DOJ to retry woman who laughed during Sessions' confirmation hearing

Arrest? No! Police assaults nurse when she refuses to draw blood illegally (VIDEO)

Missouri GOP gets whacked for clueless pay raise tweet weeks after they killed minimum wage hike

Where was Obama??

Trump is floating aimlessly in a zero gravitas environment.

Trump Calls On A Bunch of Religious Leaders to Thank Him For His Harvey Efforts

CAUGHT ON DASH CAM: Officer to woman during traffic stop: We only kill black people

Amber Alert is canceled for four missing Omaha children after they are found safe (UPDATE)

The Good Place - Netflix/ NBC

Smoke seen pouring from Russian consulate in San Francisco

Involuntary manslaughter charges dropped in Penn State frat cas

Mueller Has Early Draft of Trump Letter Giving Reasons for Firing Comey

Trump could have seen a huge poll boost after Harvey if he was capable of showing empathy.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 1, 2017

Thanks Sarah! I swallowed my gum!

I think Trump is pulling a fast one with DACA

Labor Union Approval the highest in 14 Years---Gallup

Treasury watchdog reviewing Mnuchin's solar eclipse trip

EXCLUSIVE: Mueller has an early draft of Trump's letter firing James Comey. I have the letter!

Trump's tax proposal.

Once-in-a-lifetime-President-Obama to NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATH Trump....sigh....

Did Sarah Bee really just say "I'll just evade four or five more times" re: DACA?

Mnuchin's "eclipse trip" is being reviewed by a federal watchdog group.

If another major hurricane hits mainland USA this season the said base

Evidence of Russian Election-Data Tampering Mounts as Urgency to Investigate It Does Not - slate

Hilarious Joel Osteen memes

Trump's Decision On Dreamers Coming Tuesday, Press Secretary Says

Explains how democracy is in big trouble: "Democracy in Chains."

This Reddit post about Mike Pence clearing debris in Texas made me laugh.

Legal question. Are the individuals "interviewed" by Mueller not allowed to disclose

Trump miserable? GOOD!

Cells from a woman's belly fat were injected into her eyes. Within months, she was permanently blind

From Mug Shot To Headshot: Mans Booking Picture Lands Him Modeling Career

Court Rules Dogs Must Be Debarked Because Neighbors Have to Turn Up Their TV

Seen At Lowes Today...

I knew this was coming. . . Hurricane Harvey: 70% of home damage costs aren't covered by insurance

ONION: Trump Administration Announces New $20 Bill Design Honoring Harriet Tubmans Owners

I have 14 years of messages in my DU Mailbox.

I ran Congress' 9/11 investigation. The intelligence committees today can't handle Russia.

How water damages a flooded house and which parts can be saved

That's all Trump's lawyers have?

Longtime Trump aide Keith Schiller tells people he intends to leave White House

Tennessee Attorney General Backs Out Of DACA Lawsuit Threat

"American Horror Story: Cult"

🐦 Sept 21 at 11 AM - Bernie Sanders to deliver lecture at Westminster College

Sept 21 at 11 AM - Bernie Sanders to deliver lecture at Westminster College

latest on Harvey's aftermath - 49 dead as flooding continues to overwhelm the area

Take a deep breath. The Nashville Statement wont change anything

Irma is veering slightly northward.

36 Hours in Glasgow

Sen. Sanders: Republicans can only use reconciliation to repeal ACA until Sept 30

Sen. Sanders: Republicans can only use reconciliation to repeal ACA until Sept 30

Only two of the top ten men are still standing

Smoke seen pouring from Russian consulate in San Francisco

America needs "super dooper disaster insurance", that every home owner has to buy

Video: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to Lecture on American Foreign Policy at Westminster

Without Borders: Mexico Sends Convoy to Help Hurricane Victims in Houston

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to Lecture on American Foreign Policy at Westminster

In Texas gas shortage, man fills garbage cans at pump in Austin

Faux newz going nuts over Antifa again

Congrats Serena

Just announced on TV, Arkansas governor Hutchinson sending 1500

Long time aide to ditch Trump..

The dagger?

The Crosby Plant is on fire - more explosions

Tech billionaire Michael Dell pledges $36 million to Harvey relief efforts

McCain to Trump...

I am a Democrat, a liberal Democrat, I support the party 100%

One of Port Arthur's finest.

WSJ : Draft letter reveals Trump planned to fire Comey for not publicly clearing him

Tx GOV he won't call a special session for Harvey aid. Means state won't tap $10 billion Rainy Day

I changed my du pw

Do you trust privately owned chemical and hazardous material plants to self monitor safety?

Late Show's Alter Egos IV: The Swamp

On CNN this evening, I saw Mr. T(rump) making a statement

Harvey: 80 billion in damage. Trump to offer 8 billion. ***Updated***

Bob Kincaid will be doing tonight's Mike Malloy show!

Report: Tensions grow between John Kelly, Trump

What is the difference in government providing emergency relief and providing healthcare?

trump proclaims national day of prayer....

White House walks back promise

The lack of regulation is really working out well for Texas.

Sarah: Trump "loves people and he wants to make sure that this (DACA) decision is done correctly"

Jeff Sessions DOJ To Put Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions On Trial Yet Again

After sober and dispassionate deliberations I have something nice to say about Donald Trump

Job creation in perspective.

Trump already wiggling out of promise to donate $1 million of his own money to Harvey victims.

Quite the realization today:

What to Cook for Eid al-Adha

It's 106 degrees right now in San Francisco

Wow!! Kushners China Deal Flop Was Part of Much Bigger Hunt for Cash ie: 1.1 BILLION IN DEBT

White House walks back promise about Trump donating his personal money to Harvey victims

Political affiliation of Sam Quarry????

How Do These Stupid, Inane, Racist, Stingy, Hateful,Et Al Republicans Still Get Elected?

Solve The Flooding Problem. Build Everything On 15 Foot Stilts.

Road 18 miles through west and SW Houston today

The entire staff of a Minneapolis bar quit after they found out the owner donated to David Duke

What Is The Ultimate End Game Of The GOP?

Keith Schiller is a big white thug!

I just realized, China declared war on us and we didn't notice. Worse yet, China already won the war

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It sounds like there's a hitchhiker on the Hibiscus I brought in for tonight.

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy

another bragging tweet....