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Star Spangled Banner - Luckovich 'toon

National security journalist calls GOP donor ratf*cker on live TV for role in Seth Rich and Bengha

Favorite Ethnic Asian-American or Asian food

Dick Cavett now on "Decades" TV network 1972 episode where he is interviewing senators

About Dumpy's immigration policy

A reporter pressed the White House for data. That's when things got tense.

Group calls on McDonald's to fire employees after Muslim family finds pork in meals

Montreal opens Olympic Stadium to house asylum seekers from US

Investigators want phone records related to Trump Jr. Russia meeting

Health care: Senators want to move on

No you fucking prick, Stephen Miller, Emma Lazarus' New Colossus is not meaningless

Sanders singel payer cost: 1,38 trillion or 2,4 trillion or 2,5 trillion or 2,8 trillion A YEAR

Stephen Miller attacks Statue of Liberty poem, echoing popular white nationalist talking point

Trump's approval rating sinks even further in a series of new polls

Struggling Americans Once Sought Greener Pastures - Now They're Stuck

Huckabee-Sanders Poster Child For Something Even Uglier than Racism that Rose from Antebellum South

Republicans Determined to Act on Health Care But How?

Check this female Marine pilot's intro ad for Kentucky's 6th district Congressional race

The Past Week Proves That Trump Is Destroying Our Democracy

Gonna go get high in CO next month

GOP senators are eyeing an early end to their extended session

So, I'm watching the BBC show, "Dirk Gently" (NO SPOILERS)

Trump to Summer White House Aug 4 - Aug 20 (?)

U.S. Attorney Subpoenas Kushner Cos. Over Investment-For-Visa Program

Is there a movement to return to paper ballots? nt

I've had a weird epiphany

Capital Weather Gang Pacific Northwest threatened by hottest weather ever recorded; Seattle could h

The national "do not call" list

Breaking: Chief of Staff John Kelly called Sessions to reassure him Trump doesn't plan to fire him

Atticus v the Architect, The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman

So will we see Stephen Miller out front and yapping again?

Chris Hayes is playing his interview with Al Gore from earlier

Actually, we still need affirmative action for African Americans in college admissions. Heres why.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Bob Kincaid filling in for Mike

As a Professor of English, I Have to Say...

Where's Rachel? That's three nights in a row that she's missed so far.

So now I must suffer in silence or scream bloody murder (again)

Those in power really don't want you to vote. You scare them.

Trump keeps describing phone calls that apparently never happened

Atticus v the Architect, The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman

Jeffrey Lorde

Mercedes drops subcontractor at Tuscaloosa plant following alleged foreign worker violations

On the Eve of Vote, President Temer Pampers Rural Caucus and "Lower Clergy"

"Women's songs" written by men

Kelly cracks down on West Wing back channels to Trump

Trying to imagine what GOPers would have said if Obama called the WH a dump.

Medvedev statement sounds just like 45's insults. Proves 45 is russia's tool.

We're breathing smoke today from the fires in BC

Hyperloop Ones next step is to test airlocks for pod entry and exit

'Sbeme La Radio' Is Cuba's Heartbreak Anthem Of The Summer

Border Patrol Ordered To Block Congressmen During Travel Ban

A new website named after a Founding Father is tracking Russian propaganda in real time

Utoh. 🤣😂😜😂🤣😜

Leaking Sure Is Cool, Huh, Guys? Says Disguised John Kelly To White House Aides

WaPo: Stephen Miller and Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Ask a reasonable question, get a stupid answer

"I love the White House...Fake News said I called it a dump - TOTALLY UNTRUE..."

Tell the Senate: Torture memo author Steven Bradbury has no place in government

What the hell happened to Missouri?

Appeals court won't block Kobach deposition

Earth Is Drowning in 9 Billion Tons of Permanent Pollution

Mike Hubbard's lawyers say he didn't sell office or break Alabama ethics law

Hear that? Shhhhhh. Listen.

WTF happened to ice cream?

Remember all those left-wing pundits who drooled over Venezuela?

CNN: Poll: Trump's approval rating down to 33%

Mueller, covering all possibilities in trump investigation

Mo Brooks endorsed by 7 Alabama Trump delegates, including Ed Henry

Scaramucci memo reveals his plan to 'professionalize' press office before firing

Is Venezuela on the brink of civil war?

Venezuela crisis now threatens Colombia, diplomats warn

Venezuela's descent into dictatorship shows democracy can be lost

Russia slaps the U.S., but Trump won't slap back. Sad

Sam Clovis: Trump's pick for top science job called progressives 'race traitors'

Detroit here we come!!!

Departing AP reporter looks back at Venezuela's slide

Former Congressman Joe Walsh: "Trump's at least honest about his lying..."

Oh boy. The cover of tomorrow's NY Daily News

This just in!!!

Appreciation Thread for my departed grandmother - Jane Hruskoci - 26Nov1922 - 02Aug2017

Hyndman evacuated after freight train derails, catches fire

'Can safe' lands Raleigh woman in Honduras jail, says it's a mistake

Older gentleman liked my bumpersticker

It's a fucking coup d'etat...are you watching Lawrence?

WaPo: Debate Is Over: Gerrymandering Is Crucial to G.O.P.s Hold on House

Why Does *rump Fear Putin?

Woman pleads guilty to financial theft; owes credit union more than $1 million

Did a TV show you watched as a kid

What's your favorite song from 1792?

Give me your White, your Wealthy

Hate to break it to you but I think the new immigration laws will pass. Canada

Please Call These Cars Lemons

President Kelly assures Sessions his job is safe.

5,300+ Colorado voters have unregistered following Kobach voter data request. 87% are Dems

Grocery Store in line tabloid reading....Obama has a secret

As effective as a fart in a windstorm

Should a Democratic President pardon an ex-President Trump?

The Mooch is back! Will have Live Facebook event on Fri to address the American People directly

*Amy McGrath on O'Donnell show.

Amy McGrath appears to be a real tough cookie. :) n/t

What Legalization of Cannabis in California Means to the Rest of the World

Y'all realize that TV is doing the same thing now as it did during the General Election?

Trump in 2013: "Will Putin be my new best friend?"

She Persevered!

Does anybody know what happened to Photobucket? I can't share any pictures now

He Put A Rose Into A Potato And Planted It.

Native Americans "break into our country" and "steal resources."

Really People.. Do you actually think Trump


Trevor Noah has Joe Kennedy III on as the guest.

I HEAR MY PEOPLE SINGING. New book documents stories of AA life in an Ivy League town.

John Kelly Follows Orders. Thats Exactly What Trump Critics Are Afraid Of.

Sorry Pooty-Poot, we have 3 EQUAL Branches of Government

Former Florida, NFL QB John Reaves found dead at age 67

I am genuinely alarmed.

Donald Trump has had a mancrush on Putin for at least 5 years. His tweets show he hero-worships him.

Democratic Conference endorses Jones for Senate

Appeals court decides fate of nation's oldest synagogue

Why do they call it a "Trump Rally"?

Seth Meyers: Scaramucci Eats at Trump Tower Post Firing, Tweets Predict Crimes - Monologue - 8/1/17

Amy McGrath

John Kelly called Jeff Sessions to assure him job is safe

Has he married his horse yet?

Lest we forget, regardless of what the White House might say...

Drug raid video back in spotlight in Hinds DA case

Governor calls for more school choice at Neshoba County Fair

The White House is a Dump and the Statue of Liberty is Wrong and George Washington was CUCK, y'all.

Is this stunning bracelet made by Paleolithic man for his favourite woman really 70,000 years old?

Saliva Protein Suggests Ancient Human 'Ghost' Species Interbred With Ancestors Of Modern-Day Sub-Sah

A Vatican Shot Across the Bow for Hard-Line U.S. Catholics

Mississippi Physician's Sentencing on Prison Bribery Delayed

How Singapore team uncovered ancient guardian statue in Angkor Wat

Jeff Lord.. You are making a nice living defending Trump!

Two Great Tweets--One Serious, One Hilarious--Slapping Down that Racist Stephen Miller

Regulators Seek More Utility Work for Mississippi Companies

Hey, America, Nice Little Democracy You Have Here

im a small business guy who sold my small retail business in L.A.

nice moon out tonight!

NAACP Issues Travel Advisory for Missouri

Congress fights Navy decision to discontinue sailors' iconic peacoat

Trump Will Veto Obamacare Fixes. Will NOT Give Up Repeal.

The Daily Show: Jeff Sessions Cracks Down on Racism Against White People - 8/2/17

Seems To Be No Escape From This Nightmare.

An NSC Staffer Is Forced Out Over a Controversial Memo

Confederate symbols protested, discussed as lawmakers meet

Another $2.8 billion loss on Kemper plant written off by Southern Co.

She did tax returns out of her home. Now she's going to jail.

Governor sets special election to fill Senate seat

Unwanted record: Biggest ever dead zone in Gulf of Mexico

This truly great page will pique your interest for eons

Fate of Tennessee abortion measure Amendment 1 now up to appeals court

Thoughts? How Long Before Gen. Kelly Says F This?

Report: Gen Kelly Outfits tRump with new computer after learning tRump has launch codes

Art Bell: Area 51 Employee Call in Show

Aug 10th the SNL Weekend Update spinoff starts. We can never have too many

IRS employee sues City Hall for 'blacklist' stress

As you prolly expected, Miller's Polish ancestors didn't speak English when they arrived in US

Two days before children return, shelter collapses at Murfreesboro school

Stephen Colbert: Guest Dave Chappelle Updates His 'Give Trump A Chance' Statement - 8/2/17

Hawley plans exploratory committee to challenge McCaskill

Stephen Colbert Gives Trump's 'RAISE Act' A Better Acronym - Cartoon Donald Trump - 8/2/17

Community Health Systems Says Its Selling Off Even More Hospitals

Project: Babysit Man Child Trump-Generals Terrified Of Leaving President Unsupervised

UK professor says criticism of Medicaid plan angered Gov. Matt Bevin, cost him his job

Courier-Journal files complaint after public blocked from board's visit to Matt Bevin's home

Well played Serena- How Black Women Can Close the Pay Gap -really good read

Attorney general: Auto Plaza USA in Nicholasville defrauded more than 1,400 customers

Warming to boost deadly humidity levels across South Asia

Australia: Bondi synagogue ban over terrorism risk leaves Jewish community shocked and furious

Charles M. Blow: Feasting on False and Fake

Australian council stops synagogue construction due to terror target fears

Hillary Called it in October - Trump disparages the Statue of Liberty

Majority Report: CNN's Erin Burnett: Either Trump or the Boy Scouts Are Lying (It's Trump.)

Owners Of NJ Scrap Metal Company Charged With 17-Year Conspiracy To Defraud Customers

TYT: Racist Stephen Miller SHOCKED People Think He's Racist (Also, Trump HUGE hypocrite)

NTSB data: Air Canada plane barely missed taxiing airliners

Hedge Fund Manager Arrested

Maybe the A.I. dystopia is already here

Maybe the A.I. dystopia is already here

New GI Bill passes Senate

Morning Joke played part of the 'John Miller' tape this morning, lol.

Inside the McMaster-Bannon War

4.2 Earthquake Shakes Central Oklahoma, One Of 7 In 28 Hours

Trump's "Immigration Reform"

Innocent people dont behave this way: Ex-CIA agents explain how the Trump-Russia collusion probabl

Trump begins today more than 20 points under water at 538

A darker side to Trump's non-stop lies -Mother Jones

White House Purging Michael Flynn Allies From National Security Council

EPA chief reverses decision to delay rules on emissions

IMO, it is taking longer than I though it would to get rid of football.

The IMPOTUS hashtag is going wild.......

John Kelly can't stop internal White House wars as Trump factions have "gone to the mattresses"

For rabbit owners (especially in the Pacific Northwest this week)

Border Patrol Ordered to Block Congressmen During Travel Ban

In which Lindy West convinces me...

Has anyone noticed that Elmer's Glue doesn't taste like it did years ago?

Finding Common Ground, Despite Ideological Divides by Linda Greenhouse

Democrats slam GOP for China-made Trump softball

Here comes the right-wing nut case full frontal assault against Mueller

Mother Jones: Trump's nonstop lies bear a disturbing resemblance to Putin-style propaganda

McMaster will tap CIA officer serving overseas to replace Ezra Cohen Watnick on NSC

GOP states move to cut Medicaid

Hannity seems to be taking precedence over Limbaugh.

Progressives issue statement of principles on abortion rights after Democratic leaders

Ex-Scottish leader: Trump is an 'utter nincompoop'

the tweets just keep on comin'......

Daily News mocks White House on immigration: 'Grab Them By Their Liberty'

Trump re-tweets praise from hedge fund bro "banned for life" from National Futures Association

Unwanted record: Biggest ever dead zone in Gulf of Mexico

Why I proudly support Nissan workers fight to unionize - Bernie Sanders

Why I proudly support Nissan workers fight to unionize - Bernie Sanders

British punk singer is 'deported from America for impersonating Donald Trump'

Where are the dunderheads that said General Kelly could tame Chump?

Wonkette: Who Pissed In Racist Trump Cuck Stephen Miller's Kibbles This Morning?

Trump Blames Congress for 'All-Time Low' Relationship w/Russia, Instead of Nation that Hacked U.S.

What is your song for the Revolution?

"Trump can keep changing the deck chairs, but it's still the Titanic, he's the captain and

Trump: 'You can thank Congress' for US-Russia relationship's all-time low

Trump compares winning the war in Afghanistan to Manhattan's elite '21' Club. NOT The Onion.

Trump set to embark on 1st vacation since inauguration

Is there a continuous connection between Trump and Putin? article/podcast: The story behind our Trump golf story (and a certain explosive quote)

8/1/17 Drought Monitor - Spotty, Slight Easing In Northern Plains, But Extent Still Growing

Happy Birthday to the GOAT! Tom Terrific turns 40

We Won't Have To Wait Until 2100 Predictions On Climate Warming. Things Happening Now.

Cheri Bustos (D-IL 17th District) - Starting to make the Rounds?

Stephen Miller --the vile bigoted Trump advisor and speech writer has

Study: Expect Lethal Wet-Bulb Heat Waves In Asia, ME To Kill Even Young, Healthy People w/i Hours

Which box are Republicans increasing access to?

These 21 facts explain exactly who Stephen Miller is and why the Trump mouthpiece does what he doe

Do you approve or disapprove of Chump running against the GOP Congress in 2018 ?

Hmm racist dirtbag Kelly becomes COS, a few days later the skinheads in the WH

Golf journalist: At least 8 people heard Trump call the White House a dump

Peterman Glacier Drains 10% Of Greenland; Unusual New Cracks, Calving Worrying Scientists

Game of Thrones speculation about Cersei

I've said it before. All Stephen Miller needs is a pair of wire rim glasses and he'd be . . . .

WATCH: Ana Navarro sounds the alarm on Trump having phone calls with imaginary friends in his head

Trump hits new low in Rasmussen

Back with a vengeance

Wherein Donald J. Trump accuses Congress of being a cockblock.

Judge dismisses charge against Rep. Wesley Morgan, who was criticized for trying to pass legislation

SEVEN (1 is an I) running for Dem POTUS so far!!! (listed)

"Feel free to ask anything!" . . . Please come CAPTION Stephen Miller!!!

Dangerous Pollutants In Militarys Open Burns Greater Than Thought, Tests Indicate

A few examples of people who came to the US with nothing

Milennials: Trophy-Weaned Basement Dwellers, Or Ruthlessly Killing The Oil Industry?

Leaked Trump Transcript Indistinguishable from SNL Script

To solve the Afghanistan conflict we need to send a man who knows more than the Generals

Trump: I Talked to Generals, Boy Scouts, Mexico. Generals, Boy Scouts & Mexico: Huh?

Golf journalist: At least 8 people heard Trump call the White House a "dump"

So if we all agree that we NEED immigrants

'This deal will make me look terrible': Full transcripts of Trump's calls with Mexico and Australia

Roger Stone Says Hes In Communication With The White House About The Seth Rich Lawsuit

Trump using Russian propaganda techniques

Out of curiosity, does Melania have any skills?

Sean Hannity really called Bob Mueller

The Gripping Story Behind The Case For Trump-Putin Collusion

Do you think this cartoon is antisemitic? (It's been all over pro-Trump Twitter)


Trump urged Mexican president to end his public defiance on border wall, transcript reveals

Told To Prepare: Top FBI officials could testify against Trump for obstruction of justice

Investigators have "high interest" in obtaining phone records of those involved Trump Jr's meeting

Russian State TV on sanctions bill: "We need to elect our own US Congress."

Jim Acosta apparently got under intern killer Joe Scarborough's thin former Republican skin

WaPo transcript of Trump-Nieto call is "extraordinary unusual kind of leak"

Trump : "I won New Hampshire because New Hampshire is a drug-infested den."

Leaked transcript shows Trump begged Mexican prez to stop saying he'd never pay for the wall

Nate Silver: 47% strongly disapprove of Trump, only 20% strongly approve

This is fucking disturbing: Microchipped Employees Now Walk The Halls Of This Wisconsin Workplace.

I didnt dump the nachos on him: Chris Christie is okay with his handling of heckling fan

Trump has spent 22% of his presidency at a Trump golf course property

NY Times: Oh, Wait. Maybe It Was Collusion.

HuffPost: Can Human Beings Survive The Impending Climate Crisis?

Firing and winning

The GOP Congress is the only thing stopping the floodgates from opening on the Russian investigation

Here comes the first big one this season

Amy Klobucher,Maria Cantwell, and colleagues sponsor bill to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices

The Republicans' New Immigration Bill: Will Texas Dems Stay Self-Defeating

The Ghostly Radio Station That Nobody Claims To Run

The symbol of the Statue of Liberty, per Stephen Miller.

Fake News? "Breaking News"! Wait to you hear what's coming up.

Venezuela's Bolivar Currency Worth Less Than 'World of Warcraft' Cash

"We are like a dumping ground for the rest of the world."

'Bring back my wheelbarrow' sign gets results in Nova Scotia

"Reclaiming My Time" is a Lesson for Democrats

****BREAKING**** Trump crying to Mexican president nobody wants to pay for his Wall !!!

Vinaigrette-style Coleslaw recipe

Cartoonists file Lawsuit Against Trump

"Trump seems to be crying out: Impeach me, please!"

The Atlantic: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Liar in Chief

Iran says new US sanctions violate nuclear deal, vows 'proportional reaction'

New emails show we cut Donald Trumps balls off during the Muslim Ban and we didn't even know it

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - Bananas in the WH

Reporter: Russian propaganda outlet pushed him to cover conspiracy theory at center of WH Lawsuit

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Babysitter Kelly

Pot Laced With Pesticides Forces States to Act as EPA Stays Away

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

John Schindler: White House Colludes With Fox News to Embrace Disinformation

Sometin' to Make You Smile on a Bleak A.M. Day

Trump Knows How to Push Our Buttons.

Speaking of the Afghan general situation, anybody see this?

Tomorrow, Trump heads to Bedminster for his 17-day golf vacation.

KO:Trump's Threats Are Getting Out of Control-Donald Trump keeps threatening his hostages. Except he

The "Small Cogs" in the Nazi Killing Camps

KO:Trump's Threats Are Getting Out of Control Donald Trump keeps threatening his hostages. Except he

Exclusive: Top FBI officials could testify against Trump

So will Spicy throw Trump under the bus on the Seth Rich scandal?

Sen Flake tanking in AZ

What's your favorite song from 1969?

Stephen Colbert Reveals Original Acronym For Anti-Immigration RAISE Act

Poor Donald Trump:

Millennials Are Killing the Oil Industry

Trump's College Admissions Crusade.....

Joy Reid: why are black potential candidates getting singled out for attacks by Bernie people?

Trump Is Stoking A Cultural Civil War All Across The Board.

Trump set to embark on 1st vacation since inauguration

Samantha Bee Investigates: Why Do Iraqi Kurds Love Trump So Much?

The revolt of the Chinese chatbots

Officials start to ignore the Incredible Shrinking President

Finance Committee announces healthcare hearing in September

Joe Walsh Performs "Life's Been Good" with Jon Batiste & Stay Human

Robert Hardy: Harry Potter and All Creatures Great and Small star dies

Rep Joe Kennedy lll on Scaramucci: Priebus "CAN ADDRESS LEAKS HIMSELF"

google doodle today honours Dolores del Rio, first major female latin-american cross-over star

Study: Being outside could become deadly in South Asia

google doodle today honours Dolores del Rio-first major female latin-american cross-over star

NH's Republican Governor: "The President is wrong."

Gov. Abbott, Raking In Cash During Special Session, Resists Effort to End Practice

Are you starting to hear rumblings about a Democratic Party/Nazi Fascist link?

Interresting news: Drive-In Jesus

Did the Madman actually expect Nieto would agree to pay for his wall?

What F-Up Could Trump Do To Wake Everyone Up Including Supporters?

Jesus Camp Creators To Release Documentary About Leaving The Hasidic Community

Vox- Top FBI Officials Could Testify Against Trump

Wow-Russian Prime Minister Medvedev predicting US establishment will try to remove Trump from power

Justice Department denies 'personnel posting' reflects new policy on affirmative action

Justice Department denies 'personnel posting' reflects new policy on affirmative action

Creation of a "Warrior Caste" in America

The "New" Veterans technology being rolled out....

Twitter Video: Canadian businessman explains why a profit-driven health care system doesn't work

New Fox Harassment Allegations: A Contributorship... Was Contingent Upon Sex

Democrats don't need to lie or mislead in 2018

Trump: "Our relationship with Russia is at an all-time & very dangerous low..."

Conservative Christians in the West Align with America's enemies:

intresting poll results

Where have all the Monarchs gone?

Trump set to embark on 1st vacation since inauguration (his golf weekends don't count????)

These are Sean Hannity's advertisers - Act with your pocketbook

When does the full blown GOP civil war start?

Inside a nerve-rattling trip to pay pot taxes

Team Trump struggles to keep its story straight on North Korea

Gorka asked on Fox what Trump can do to pressure China over North Korea. .... OMFG

'My immigrant grandparents couldn't read or write. I have a PhD. That's America'

Trump argues he won New Hampshire because it is a 'drug-infested den'

Reel High: Post a Pic of a Stoner from TV or a Flick

did der drumpfenfuhrer's grandfather speak english when he came to this country?

Let's face it

White House Accuses French Woman of Spreading Pro-Immigration Propaganda

Former Air Force Intelligence Officer Launching Bid Against Texas GOP Congressman

Is the Transgender in the Army thing over with already?

Brilliant Movie Casting from WP Story of Jan calls with Mexican/Australian presidents --

if immigrants have to, shouldn't those actually BORN here be required to speak English?

Remember that congressman who threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony?

Japan's historic Tsukiji fish market catches fire

Bruce Willis starring in new "Death Wish" remake

U.S. Justice Department to cities: Focus on crime committed by illegal immigrants

Donald Trump's support plummets to historic new depths


Trump launches 'real news' propaganda program hosted by Lara Trump

Top Dem seeks documents from Flynn business partner

Top Dem seeks documents from Flynn business partner

Chris Murphy to @Morning_Joe: "The president is clearly scared of Russia."

Auto Sales Contract as Demand Stalls for Trucks and S.U.V.s

Suggestion for the MSM. Collect all of Trump's lies each day...

Michael Grimm Eyes Return to Congress

Someone invited the Obamas to their wedding and they actually responded

Happy Birthday today to Tony Bennett, Martin Sheen and Martha Stewart.

Tesla Completes Its First Solar Roof Installs

Senate moves to protect Mueller

*BREAKING* exclusive photo from yesterday's sanction signing

Under Trump's new immigration rule, his own grandfather likely wouldn't have gotten in

I'm impressed with Amy McGrath, running for Congress from KY

"I was released from Death Row. Under the Fair Justice Act, I'd be dead."

Hackers have cashed out on $143,000 of bitcoin from the massive WannaCry ransomware attack


Luke Duke was busted...

Anyone here have any HOA horror stroies?

9 times the Trump team denied something - and then confirmed it

Trump called New Hampshire a 'drug-infested den' in call to Mexico

Trump called New Hampshire a 'drug-infested den' in call to Mexico

Attorney General Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Coats to hold a briefing on leaks Fr

Trump Hits New Low With White Non-College Voters

Large majority approve of transgender service.

Trump Is So Psycho That He Is Using Presidential Signing Statements To Brag About His Wealth

Poll: 80 percent of voters disapprove of GOP handling of health care

Stupidest excuse for Venezuela's failures I've seen so far...

Researcher Who Stopped WannaCry Ransomware Detained in US After Def Con

This Reddit lists chumps accomplishments it is so full of bs

Fired/Rehired: Police chiefs are often forced to put officers fired for misconduct back

#FireHannity trending

First Golfer: Donald Trump's relationship with golf has never been more complicated

I imagine it is an epic struggle - Mueller v Trump

McCain backs top commander, slams Trump on Afghanistan

Obama was great for the gun business and Trump's been terrible

World Leaders Receive Crank Calls from Demented Old Man Claiming to be POTUS

I just found this post on Facebook, and it is really good:

Former Air Force Intelligence Officer Launching Bid Against Texas GOP Congressman

"I made Paul Ryan's stupid WALL video about hunting BIGFOOT and it actually makes sense now"

Trumpanzee calls for "armed conservatives" to shoot protesters at today's WV rally.

Former Air Force Intelligence Officer Launching Bid Against Texas GOP Congressman

Open wide and say "ahhhhh"...a visual of the gaping (ass)hole of tRump's approval problems

Democrats Willing to Fund Pro-Life Candidates to Win Back Congress

Real Time w/Bill Maher Guests

New Hampshire officials blast Trump's 'drug-infested den' comment

Trump-Linked Data Firm Removes State Dept., NATO Logos After NBC Questions

Cory Booker Introduces Oversize Velvet Blacklight Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana

Choosing The Right Dog For You

'Let's Not Waste Any More Time': Chris Wallace Shuts Down Kellyanne Conway For Linking Clinton To

Senate reauthorizes FDA to collect fees from drugmakers

Dave Chappelle: Donald Trump Is a 'Bad DJ at a Good Party'

tRump is about only one thing: pissing off his opponents

An all time low....

Kamala Harris Talks Criminal Justice Reform and How Democrats Can Start Winning Elections Again

Immigration battle brewing in the GOP

It's taken Trump 196 days to reach what took GWB 1765 days.

What's your favorite 80's song?

"The president said this in front of eight or nine members and staffers at (Trump) Bedminster."

As Venezuela spirals, US oil confronts a $10 billion threat

Air Quality Alert Issued For Hudson Valley Thursday

The White House Just Admitted That Trump Is A Big Fat Liar

August 3, 1966

A Vatican Shot Across the Bow for Hard-Line U.S. Catholics

Opinion: Why Dow 22,000 is not good news for most Americans

To Protect Voting, Use Open-Source Software.

GOP bill could help fund Trump's border wall

GOP bill could help fund Trump's border wall

A SHAMEFUL DAY FOR AUSTRALIA The terrorists have won. Jews back to the ghettos:

Has Kelly turned the leaking faucet wide open?

Trump needs to hire a plumber not a CoS..

Emails Reveal Customs and Border Protections Lawlessness During Trumps First Travel Ban

Trump to make "very big announcement" tonight during West Virginia rally

WOW, Kentucky democratic cand. for congress Lt. Col. Amy McGrath ass kicking video.......

Seattle's next mayor will be a woman. Last time was 1926.

You're Not Vegan! (Documentary)

Study: Nearly Half Of People Who Use Cannabidiol Products Stop Taking Traditional Medicines

Colbert: Senator Al Franken Reveals Which Senators are Funny!

Senior WH official "letter...undercuts Trump's charge Susan Rice's 'unmasking' was inappropriate"

Keith Ellison: Win or Lose, Our Campaign Won't End After The Election

I keep confusing Ayn Rand and Jesus. Its not cool, I know, but cut me some slack.

"Trump's Liberty"

Keith Ellison: Win or Lose, Our Campaign Won't End After The Election

Online support forums for Adult Carers?

A Photographic Metaphor for the Trump Administration

Kushner subpoenaed for issuing green cards while the administration takes them away

Shell Oil CEO stunner: My next car will be electric And he predicts oil demand may peak by 2030.

Pruitt reverses course on smog rule delay after 16 states sue

What's Up for August 2017? NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Hywel Bennett, star of television and film, dies aged 73

Pastor who said mothers shouldn't be lawmakers now leading trump cabinets bible study

WSJ reports that Mueller has a new grand jury in DC (Update-Probe Widening to incl financial crimes)


Special Counsel Mueller Impanels Washington Grand Jury in Russia Probe

WSJ: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Impanels Washington Grand Jury in Russia Probe

Anti-Semitism Used in Attack Against National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster

Woman who encouraged boyfriend to kill himself via text sentenced to 15 months in jail

Maine bud and breakfast wants to offer pot vacations, but some locals dont approve

So, the Dem Governor of West Virginia is switching parties tonight at Trump's rally

In bipartisan show of support, Democrats plan to host fundraiser for Curbelo. He's also got Rubio...

Frm DHS Dir Kelly quietly moved July 2017 implementation date to March 2018 👉🏻Foreign Entrepreneur

Leaked - Trump's big Annoucement in W.VA - W.VA Governor to Switch from Democrat to Republican..

Did you ever see something in nature so beautiful that made you stop and take a picture?

4 sanctuary cities facing loss of crime-fighting assistance

trump will be firing Mueller in 10...9...8...7...

Ali Velshi completely relinquished his journalistic credibility today.

Where is Cha? She hasn't posted for about a month. That's unusual

I would like to make something really regards to Cannabis

teehee - from my breast cancer board

Jorge Martin (In Defense of Marxism) has the answers to Venezuelas problems!

"A new Quinnipiac poll finds just 27% of women support how Trump is handling the presidency."

How will Trump react to the grand jury impanelment?

One year into the FBI's Russia investigation, Mueller is on the Trump money trail

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Political activist Eleanor Goldfield cancer, millennials, & single-



Houston company planning $2 billion pipeline from Permian Basin to Corpus Christi

Democrats Aren't In Lockstep Over Abortion - That's Why They're Fighting

BREAKING: Trump's onetime foreign policy adviser CARTER PAGE was under a FISA warrant since 2014,

Trump's big news squashed!!!!

West Virginia Governor to Switch from Democrat to Republican

Which stocks just hit the sky

How much English did the German draft-dodging grandfather of Donald Trump

NAACP issues its first statewide travel advisory, for Missouri

Mueller Grand Jury going after Donny JR.meeting..Supoenas issued ...*****

Investigators found intercepted comms of Russians talking about possibly coordinating with Manafort

whoaa could not believe what i heard.

White House, running around like chickens with their heads cut off...

Chump is going down.

Someone's vacation just got ruined

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 3, 2017

What did Lawrence O'Donnell imply about a coup last night?

I've served on a federal grand jury...

"it" has been president for 195 days and 4 hours. That more than 195 days of a constant stream

I don't think Groper Don the Con will be returning to the white House

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt reverses decision to delay rules on emissions

What does a grand jury mean in all this ? For us who need a simple laymen's explanation on why

Jay suckyoulow complaining

Wait a minute. Was Mensch right?

BOMBSHELL: US investigators found intercepted comms-Russians talking re: coordinating w Manafort

What's the matter with kids today?

Trump is really going to live in a dump soon. For real or figuratively.

Trump urges Mexican president: Stop saying you won't pay for the wall

How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days


WV Governor is switching to Republican party.

Vicente Fox Quesada has a message for Drumpf..

Israel Police Tells Court: Netanyahu Suspected of Bribery and Fraud

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 4 August 2017

Congress SHAFTED you. Russia calls you DICKLESS. Grand Jury IMPANELED. Enjoy your VaCay TRUMP!

Maybe it's just the kid in me, but

Polygamous leader's alleged memory loss could delay trial

Grand juries, at the federal level, almost always vote to indict people accused by the prosecutor

Fox News:

Must read:: Trump / Russia Chronological Storylines - Making Sense Of The Trump-Russia Mess

The Latest: Air traveler sees texts, aids sex-abuse arrests

I am not expecting Trump to be indicted by GJ

"Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Another - astonishing tidbit buried deep in CNN's scoop on Muller probe.

Official: Police closing in on Northwestern-Oxford duo

Trump now has a babysitter:

Secret Service vacates Trump Tower command post in lease dispute with presidents company

A cornered animal is a dangerous animal

Feds execute search warrant at Loyal Source government staffing firm

Are the Republicans the New Confederacy? Do They Not Understand Irony?

Secret Service vacates Trump Tower command post in lease dispute with presidents company

BREAKING: Stocks fall, Dow turns negative, after WSJ reports that Special Counsel Mueller has...

Ex-Panamanian president says he can't be sent home for trial

Ex-Panamanian president says he can't be sent home for trial

Ok...I held my breath and....

What is in your opinion the most enjoyable musical film?

Farenthold's military depots vote evokes silence from local leaders

Moores Ford Massacre: Activists Reenact Racist Lynching as a Call for Justice

Bill Browder ponders:

Secret service vacates Trump Tower

The latest Newsweek cover:

Former Watergate prosecutor: Trump Jr.'s statement 'a fake sick note'

Here's some great news for fans of the late and legendary Ronnie Montrose.

Jim Marrs, Texas-based conspiracy theorist and author, dies at 73

Oklahoma City-area earthquakes prompt new investigation

Donald 'I don't take vacations' Trump takes vacation

Poll: Trump Approval Hits New Low (Quinnipiac, 33%, 57% say he's abusing the office of President)

Are we SURE trump's lawyer Ty Cobb isn't Trump's Doctor (or vise versa)?

what trump owns..and what he lets people think he owns

I would prefer to keep Chump around as a pinata than getting a President Pence

Dashboard tracking Russian propaganda on Twitter by Clint Watts & Alliance for Securing Democracy

One-line grand jury article on faux snooze. No "collusion" or Target group.

No, not Luke Duke! 'Dukes of Hazzard' star denies grabbing colleague's buttocks

I was asked by a Trump supporter to think of anything positive Trump has done

Anti-vax movement prompts Brooklynites to withhold inoculations from their pets

Conservatives call for end to on-camera White House briefings after explosive exchanges

Skyscraper fire in Dubai

Charles P. Pierce: Even President* Trump Can't Get the Best of a Grand Jury

The travails of the beginning of the school year for a loner teacher

Bernie Sanders and DNC chair Tom Perez attack Nissan for anti-union campaign in Mississippi

Bernie Sanders and DNC chair Tom Perez attack Nissan for anti-union campaign in Mississippi

Top FBI Officials Were Told They Are Possible Witnesses

Looks like Kellyanne has had a little 'work' done.

I just ordered Willie Nelson's first album

*Flynn updated his disclosure forms to reflect pay from Mercer family controlled Cambridge Analytica

John Oliver - Apparently Americans aren't the only ones with a gun fetish

CNN: Carter Page has been under a FISA warrant since 2014.

Mueller is about to be fired.

From Twittersphere

trump just might go full Trump mode tonight in WV.

Deadbeat-in-chief: Samantha Bee takes on Donald Trump and the GOPs plan to sabotage Obamacare

Mueller issues grand jury subpoenas related to Donald Trump Jr.'s 2016 meeting

Ari Melber on MSNBC shows Bill Clinton saying he did not have sex

Yep, Trump Meets the Definition...

Like a Friday news dump on Thursday. What's gonna happen tomorrow?

Bernie Sanders and DNC chair Tom Perez attack Nissan for anti-union campaign in Mississippi

GOP states move to cut Medicaid

US has worst rate of maternal deaths - preventable

Trump to Australian PM Turnbull: "I am the world's greatest person"

The NRA takes gun nuttyness to a new level.

Armadillo: "Reclaiming My Time"

Dallas City Council Set to Kill Trinity River Toll Road At Next Week's Meeting

Senate will be in "pro forma" session when they go on August recess.

When will McMaster be fired? Because look here:

Trump is about to do something really stupid.

The TV show Scandal has got nothing on this White House.

Flying pigs : what a great idea

The single chart that shows that federal grand juries indict 99.99 percent of the time

Trump says banning immigrants helps US workers. A leading economist says hes wrong.

How Russia is Using LinkedIn as a Tool of War Against Its U.S. Enemies - Newsweek

How Are Different Factions on the Right Perceiving and Reacting to Trump? (w/guest Bryan Pruitt)

Fire rips through 75-storey Torch Tower skyscraper in Dubai

Crazy data viz site showing the relationships between strains


Why would anyone who's spent much of his professional life laundering money....

45 will soon choose between his son and his ego needs: His presidential image.

Holy Smokes I just flipped to FOX

The 'Ivanka Fund' drops Ivanka

I am not going to watch him. Anyone who does please post updates here!!

What kind of Trump wrongdoing will the Mueller investigation expose?

Drudge Headline has got to hurt the trump admin...

Baltimore cops suspended for planting drugs on black drivers

CNNs Jake Tapper destroys Trump: Russia seems like the only one that can control the president

A psychological analysis of Trump supporters has uncovered 5 key traits about them

WAPO: Democracy thrives in spicy alerts.


Pro Forma Senate Schedule Ensures NO RECESS APPOINTMENTS - Sen. Murkowski Locks It In

Justice goes full trump

Facebook wants to fight fake news with facts

Mark Hamill on Mueller...

Jeff Koterba's Aug. 2 cartoon: The Trump revolving door

Zinke doesn't deny threatening Sen. Murkowski

Update on the babies/some advice too.

An epiphany on the weakness that is Trump

In response to potential North Korean threat, Sen. Deb Fischer says its time to get tough on China

Congress demands ethics disclosures from Trump White House

I love it!

Hannity flips out at Trumps national security adviser for blowing up his Susan Rice conspiracy the

Trump Says Mueller Just Called Him and Said Hes the Most Innocent Person Ever

Venezuela: Journey to the Lost World

Just watched Fox News for a few minutes. Holy shit!

Robert Hardy: Harry Potter and All Creatures Great and Small star dies

Robert Hardy: Harry Potter and All Creatures Great and Small star dies