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Which Side Are You On?

The idiot was an idiot at his news conference!

Watch CNN now. A flotilla of boats bringing Houstonians to safety.

The Arpaio Pardon Dangerously Accelerates Trumps Assault on the Rule of Law

Rusty Old Halo-Hoyt Axton-dedicated to Joel "Prosperity Gospel" Osteen...

Trump signed 'letter of intent' for Russian tower

New York Times has excellent coverage of Harvey

Impeachment will lead to Civil War

Pierce: There Are Still So Many Russian Secrets Waiting to Leak

Lurid Trump allegations made by Louise Mensch and co-writer came from hoaxer

Lurid Trump allegations made by Louise Mensch and co-writer came from hoaxer

The Rude Pundit: The Desperate Neediness of Donald Trump, Even in the Midst of a Hurricane

Aug 28, 1963 MLK 'I have a dream'

Republican Trump ally reportedly says: 'He's an asshole, but he's our asshole'

California seeks to boost electric-car rebate program (SFGate)

Do I have this right? It can't be.

Its personal: Uribe bashes UN anti-corruption chief in Guatemala

"Chemical emergency" in La Porte area adds to Houston area's catastrophe

Felix Slater will bring DT down. They've been desperately trying to minimize his connection


Already-pardoned Arpaio asks judge to undo conviction

The Battle Cry of Freedom


An exemplary act. How wonderfully Christian.

Is Trump still going to Texas Tuesday?

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert kills deal to renovate Quicken Loans Arena

Why is "not necessarily a crime" but "not the norm" allowed

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Donald Trump, Superstar. Live Uncensored & a new

Trump Punishes Longtime Aide After Angry Phoenix Speech, Sources Say

View the 'Summer Triangle' and Its Bright Stars This Week

FLASHBACK: Trump took $17 million payout for hurricane damage that reportedly only cost $3,000

Cleveland State, Ohio State University ban dorm window posters. Why?

Judge in Stanford sex assault case can be recalled


Gov. Kasich says no chance of 2020 presidential run with Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper

I wonder what Houston has done to incur the wrath of God. We haven't heard from

Westboro Baptist Church to protest Oak Hills Gay Straight Alliance

Angry Trump fired event organizer after disastrous half-full Phoenix rally

Klansville USA (American Experience) showed striking similarities to today.

Charge of firing gun at protesters not first for KKK member

Kasich campaign aide Ryan Dupain died from cocaine, fentanyl

Well, Someone is enjoying all that rain

Group of Houston "militia"; many guns, no spelling skills.

New Mexico police: Shooting at public library

**** I got a *come-on* line off after *FIFTY* years - got knuckle bumps & hi-5s!1

Joe Biden - We Are Living Through a Battle for the Soul of This Nation

NK fires missile over Japan....

msnbc app

LG to invest $25 million to expand Oakland County vehicle battery operations.

I think Trump's cowardly tactic worked beyond his wildest dreams

Joel Osteen to open megachurch to Hurricane Harvey refugees after public shaming

Prosperity Gospel preacher Joel Osteen to open megachurch to Hurricane Harvey refugees after public

20-mile backup is worst-case scenario for Mackinac Bridge's Labor Day closing


Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump both toured in Russia in 2006.

TPM - "5 Points On The Moscow Deal Trump And Co. Pursued During The Campaign"

Cruz wants disaster relief funds, but still no regrets for voting against Sandy money.

Mom carries daughter and her oxygen supply to safety

Could this be the bombshell everyone has been waiting on??

Woody Guthrie sings about Donald Trump

Joel Osteen refuses to open his megachurch to hurricane victims

Statues of medical racist who experimented on slaves should also be taken down

Judge moves Flint water cases ahead, says Dec. 5 exam date 'etched in stone'

Will Trump's signal to potential witnesses to expect a pardon work?

Hillary Clinton book tour includes Ann Arbor stop

Moments of Hope and Inspiration Rise Above the Chaos of Harvey

2 dead, 4 injured in shooting at library in Clovis, New Mexico

France's President Macron adopts black dog called Nemo

Those "once in 500 years floods" happened twice in the past few years

First on CNN: Tillerson moves to ditch special envoys

Trump Cybersecurity Advisors Resign, Citing His Insufficient Attention to Threats

St. Louis gave minimum-wage workers a raise. On Monday, it was taken away

Neighbor in 17-year feud could end up back in court

US Interior Secretary Urges Mining Ban Near Yellowstone

Steve King defends Arpaio: 'I don't agree that profiling is wrong'

Something weird did happen today. I mean, weirder than usual.


Changing jet stream, extreme weather linked to humans: study

Indiana white nationalist called 'the next David Duke' isn't stopping with Charlottesville

EPA inspector general investigating Pruitt's travel to home state

Has anyone seen Todd Rundgren during his current tour?

U.S. watchdog may fine Habib Bank, Pakistan's biggest lender, up to $630 million

Hero sheepdogs protect flock for 20 days in a Canadian wildfire

STFU, John Danforth

Is this the week that Trump attempts to fire Mueller?

2018 US Senate Election-Vulnerable Democratic and Republican held seats.

NOTHING says "Presidential" like bragging about massive crowds & pardons to Finland's President

O.K., I'm saying it: Don LEMON is a *warrior* on our side!1

Mr. Tangerine Man

found on Twitter, created in Target

State files lawsuit in defense of newly enacted sales tax law

Remember this time about 8 years ago as liberals were threatening civil war if Obama was impeached?

Thank You, Texas

Confounds the Science - the Parody Project

"From a personal standpoint, I think this president f*cking sucks. Hes not even a Republican."

Sweetest look on this man's face as he looks at baby he's rescuing from Harvey.

What the heck happened to Mississippi??

In Texas, why doesn't the army send some of those units that carry troops through the

Entire Texas National Guard Activated As Harvey Deluge Continues (so where are "they"???)

The Daily Show - Profiles in Tremendousness: Pardon Edition - Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Houston drowns while Drumpf Tweets

Well for the second time in the last few days North Korea has launched

German nurse Niels Hoegel is thought to have killed at least 86, officials say

Soon to be former US Senators before and after the 2018 elections and their replacement.

North Korea: What should be the resolution?

Televangelist Joel Osteen Closes Off Church To Hurricane Victims

Netanyahu Vows to Maintain Israels West Bank Settlements Forever

Good Neighbors Offer 100 acre Ranch for Horses

Amid mounting bipartisan concerns, debate over Trump's mental health takes off

On third try, Illinois House approves education funding bill

Jury convicts Chicago cop of excessive force for firing 16 shots at car, wounding 2 teens

Chicago school board leader says state funding deal could do 'wonders' for district finances

Suicide bomber kills 'at least four' at bank in Afghan capital

Rauner signs immigration, automatic voter registration bills into law

As if this Texas Democrat needed a stronger reminder of the difference

Some women need a hysterectomy after sterilisation device Essure

Students calling for removal of LGBT flag liken it to rebel flag

"If you give me $300 right now you can come in", said a TX resident on the 2nd floor

Supreme Court justice blocks ruling on redrawing Texas districts

Former Illinois treasurer prevails in lawsuit tied to sex allegations

Rauner ousts new communications team after 'white male' flap

Muslim group buys church but can't get permit to pray

Trump ally reportedly says: 'He's an asshole, but he's our asshole'

It's like we have a plague of skunks anyone else having this problem

Venezuela considers outlawing criticism of government in social media.

Chirp Change....turning 45's tweets into a good cause

Paul Ryan Still Hasn't Had a Real Town Hall Meeting.

Houston Dams

Why isn't the media using pool reporters at the Houston convention center?

Hurricane Harvey And The Potential Hypocrisy Of Texas Republicans

AUDIO Link: Radio Boston - Sen. Bernie Sanders On His 'Guide To Political Revolution'

So anti-climate change folks

Right Wisconsin Promotes Domestic Terrorism

Donald Trump is operating straight from the white supremacist playbook

Joe Arpaios prison was a circus of cruelty. Now his values are spreading

Dem guv candidate Evers' first radio ad targets Foxconn deal

It is past time for multi-national corporations to declare allegiance to their

Channeling Breitbart From Behind the Resolute Desk

Physicians, WMC clash over workers' compensation proposal

Addicks and Barker Reservoirs in Houston almost certain to overtop today.

Video of Trump Talking Trump Tower Moscow in Russia

24 Wisconsin counties have passed resolutions against gerrymandering

I Read Sheriff Clarke's 'Black Lies Matter' Book So You Don't Have To - By Erin Gloria Ryan

What's Trump's think tank? Try internet message boards

UPDATED: Trump responds to latest North Korean missile launch: 'All options are on the table'

Someone needs to tell Trump that impeachment hearings would get high ratings.

Two Houston men are offering to rescue pets people left behind

Wisconsin budget committee approves $639 million boost for K-12 schools

Nazi poster child Angry McAngryface from Charlottesvile march quits job to enjoy peace

Hillary Clinton bringing book tour to Milwaukee

On the day he's supposed to visit Texas, Trump retweets a slobbery high five from Fox.

How does Chump win in 2020 ?

Seb Gorka Reportedly Banned From Entering White House Before Resignation Went Public

Legislative panel OKs $1 billion for state facilities, including $60 million for UW-Madison

Ted Cruz's claim that two-thirds of the Hurricane Sandy bill 'had nothing to do with Sandy'

Say, What? Trump Surrogate Suggests Judge Colluded With DOJ to Get Arpaio Conviction

Any Emerging Characterization of the Federal Response to Harvey?

DT dutifully retweeted two tweets about Harvey today, then got to Jesse Watters' latest sycophancy

Former Onalaska church secretary embezzled $832,000 for gambling

John Bolton Says He Can't Get in WH to See Trump Anymore, Citing 'Staff Changes'

Reports Addicks Dam in Houston Overtopping, Spillover Imminent

It's the three year anniversary of President Obama's SHOCKING, SCANDALOUS TanSuitGate!

WH statement "by Trump" criticizes NK for "contempt" for "minimum standards of acceptable behavior"

Better open that border to any Mexican who has construction skills or we will never rebuild.

I just voted. Little election to replace a school board member in my district today

Trump abuses his power to help the cause of bigotry - By Michael Gerson

"Again, Jon, maybe youre thick, but...I have to go"

Bangor to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day (Maine)

Fuckjaws just boarded AF1 to visit Austin.

Suspended Milwaukee lawyer faces FBI investigation into alleged international fraud scheme

The Arpaio pardon displays Trump's disdain for the rule of law - WaPo Editorial Board

DU is a political discussion forum

Public rifts between Trump and some senior officials widen in the wake of Charlottesville

Video: An Evening with Bernie Sanders: Riverside Church, NYC 8/28/17

Court's new math in $520,000 Subway foot-long sub lawsuit: zero + zero zero

U.S. provoked North Korea to fire missile, says Russia

Trumpian branding meets national tragedy

Indiana Kicks Voters Off the Rolls and Isnt Telling Them

Indiana Kicks Voters Off the Rolls and Isnt Telling Them

It's crazy. Kim is firing off missiles like they're bottle rockets with impunity.

Total Harvey cost could be as high as $100bn, say insurance experts

Trump: "We are not looking to fill all of those positions. Don't need many of them."

I'm praying for Houston

'The President Speaks For Himself' - By the NYT Editorial Board

Scarborough: Trump never thought he was going to win, campaign was a 'money-making scam'

GOP Representative Puts Forward Proposal To Kill Mueller Probe

Oh, dear God...

Deutschland 83

Too Much Of A Good Thing? Candidate Glut Means Primary-palooza For House Dems

Prime Suspect (original UK version)

Bannon wages war against Trump-backed candidate in Alabama

Amid Harvey floods, Houston chief worries how many bodies?

MSNBC - The Brazos (de Dios) River - Arms of God - Will crest at 59' above flood stage Wednesday

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Harvey

Ted Cruzs claim that two-thirds of the Hurricane Sandy bill had nothing to do with Sandy

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Pardoner in Chief

If the PD's around the country have a jones for military equipment...

I think the First Lady would find walking shoes more practical when going into Houston, but

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Charlottesville fallout divides Democrats

A view from the other side

Venezuela Eyes Censoring Social Media After Public Shaming Wave

Houston flood: Addicks dam begins overspilling


UN Report on Venezuelan Hunger Is a Far Cry From Award Presented Two Years Prior

Houston's "Mattress Mack" opens his furniture stores as shelters

Hurricane Harvey And The Potential Hypocrisy Of Texas Republicans

On this day in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit.

Trump Tweets About Mexican Wall & Friend's Book During Deadly Hurricane

HURRICANE: Wireless Carriers Lobbied AGAINST Emergency System Upgrades

Question about Facebook likes.

LOL @ Daily Show President Trump doesn't know when his last day of office will be

If Dems get 54% of the votes in 2018 they win 47% of the seats. Let's do 60%!!

Melania Trump has worn 5" heels so long that her Achilles tendon

Scarborough: Trump didn't think he would win, campaign was 'money-making scam'

Surprise! "Crisis pregnancy centers" totally fail at replacing Planned Parenthood

Houston mayor to immigrants: If you face deportation for seeking safety, I'll represent you

Houston teen shares anxious Facebook post hours before her family of 6 drowned

How Ivanka Trump got to sit in Vladimir Putin's chair

Trump responds to Ingraham: We're trying to shrink government

Once more, NC lawmakers reject chance to create fair maps

Prayer to St. Medard, Patron Saint Against Bad Weather

Every time I see a story about North Korea and it is abbreviated to NK

DCCC Launches Health Care Facebook Ads in Targeted Districts

Trump trying to pardon his way out of Russia scandal would be "stupidest" possible plan

On this day in 2014...

How Much Does Houston Spend on Flood Control?

Mueller asking if Trump tried to hide purpose of 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

Ethics Committee Taking up Inquiry of Chris Collins

"Ever hear of the 25th Amendment?" . . . Please come CAPTION Mike Pence!!!

Michael Moore's new prediction

My weather apps forecast for Houston...

Detroit mayor: I'll chair Biden's 2020 campaign if he wants to run

Trump compared hurricane damage to HIS APT BLDGS' water damage: "The worst. Tough, tough, tough."

Sanders: Trump broke promise to 'stand with the working people'

Trump Pardoned Arpaio as Hurricane Harvey began wreaking havoc because 'ratings would be far higher'

Top Trump economic adviser told Dems 'only morons pay the estate tax': report

Trump's phone hacked!

How much drama can one person make in 8 months!

Did that ignoramus Don the Con think he could outwit the entire American Political System?

Trump's Business Record in Russia Is Humiliating

Don & Melania's Most Excellent Texas Adventure Photo Op. I feel safer already.

Venezuelans are the fastest growing expat community in Cuenca and Ecuador

North Korea missile was an intermediate-range ballistic missile: U.S. officials

Levee breached just south of Houston

I Got A Ticket To See Bernie Tomorrow In Aurora, IL......

How is NASA Mission Control holding?

Trump's Business Record in Russia Is Humiliating -

Stolen From Facebook...

White Guy Lied About Being Stabbed by Black Guy for Having a Nazi Haircut

Tweet of the Day

To The Atlantic, Media and Others Who Get Antifa Twisted

Guys..... we may be in big trouble.

Harvey takes aim at Louisiana as Trump travels to survey stricken Texas

We need a massive GOTV effort if we are to win in 2018

Taylor Swift and the Tale of Unstoppable White Privilege Meeting Immovable White Privilege

As the water rose, this Houston TV station fought to stay on-air

Trump's news conference reveals his moral vacuity - By Jennifer Rubin

I don't give a flying eff word about Melania's shoes!

Trump throws tantrum, spitefully fires loyal aide over sparse rally crowd

My dear Donald, you are in this for the long haul. You will not be able to

More than 320,000 acres ablaze in Oregon, air quality hazardous in many areas.

Sigh. Once again I blew right past a milestone post count--

The Running Stopped Fifty Years Ago Today! 📺

@VP is trying to make people forget his heartless response to Hurricane Katrina..

Sourtoe Cocktail - I'll just have a beer, thank you

Sky to stop broadcasting rightwing US channel Fox News in UK

This is what a hero looks like

Anyone watching MSNBC, where exactly is that rescue taking place? Need info to find family

Trump is on his way to Houston to scope out the real estate deals he will be making

Alex Ramos, wanted in Aug. 12 assault, turns himself in to Monroe County authorities

Something about the hubris of man...

Took my cat to vet for annual check up yesterday. Dental issues exposed.

Most homes don't have flood insurance

Mega Church Grifter

This is the sad reality. Put three people in a room - 1 will be a trumper (on average of course)

BREAKING: A bridge over Greens Bayou has collapsed

Michigan man shows his bigotry trying to sell a house...

Monumentally bad timing

1.4 blood alcohol and GHB

NBC/MSNBC's Gabe Gutierrez - Good Guy Award

Imagine losing everything

I'm going to see Hillary!!!

KO: For Whom Has Trump Made America Great? The matter of good and evil is more inescapable with each

Larry Klayman is back, still saying Hillary is a lesbian.

KO:For Whom Has Trump Made America Great? The matter of good and evil is more inescapable with each


Steve Bannon to support Roy Moore in Alabama Senate race: Report

Google Map of bridge that collapsed

Guatemala president must not impede anti-corruption body: U.N.

Remember the Great Flood of 1993?---

Houston flood: Addicks dam begins overspill

Mike Luckovich: Precipitation trophy

The 2020 campaign just kicked off in a New Hampshire strip mall

U.S. accuses retired colonel of Haitian bribery scheme

Jet ski-riding hero in Houston rescues grandma from her flooded living room

For the first time on record, daily temperatures in the Gulf never dipped below 73F this winter.

Racist congressman Steve King attacks immigrant children for not turning in their parents

Pentagon notifies Congress of $593 million military sale to Nigeria

'Essential rights': Chile's President Bachelet introduces gay marriage bill

'Essential rights': Chile's President Bachelet introduces gay marriage bill

This guy is a turd

Where all the climate change deniers now?

Oklahoma isn't working. Can anyone fix this failing American state?

(Margaret & Helen) If Only The Trump Presidency Could Be Counted In Dog Years.

Sen. Sanders on hurricane relief bill, new young adult book - CBS This Morning - Aug 29

BREAKING: Branzoria County (SW of Houston) levee has been breached

No ma! I don't want to lick the beaters! 😨

An evil and terrible disaster has just landed on Texas

A giant, inflatable Trump Rat will tower over Washington

The media entertained an eight year debate about whether Obama was a citizen but is too shy to

TRump denies Mexican aid to Texas?

RAM question

Trump's Trans Military Ban Is Worse Than "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

Sen. Sanders on hurricane relief bill, new young adult book - CBS This Morning

More than 20 TX representatives and senators voted against Sandy aid. How will they vote on Harvey?

Cultural Ignorance: Lost Indigenous Recipe Could Have Prevented Pellagra Epidemic

Trump just touched down in #AirForceOne in Corpus Christi, TX-Gov. Abbott has gone to meet the plane

Melania Trump's office slams media for focus on her shoes during Harvey trip

Houston is drowning in its freedom from regulations

Pence To Visit Texas Amid Devastating Flooding After Hurricane Harvey

Well, she changed her shoes

New poll from Pew Research Center

Trump acted swiftly to secure the safety ...

The Optics, man. It is all about the optics. If I hear that one more time, I will scream.

Trump is now in Texas. Everyone must feel better.

21st Century Fox will stop broadcasting Fox News in the U.K.

Will the Tea Party Patriots Stand up for smaller government in Houston?

Finland Says No Fighter Deal With Boeing After Trump's Comments


Pic Of The Moment: Trump Fashion Choice Provokes Criticism As First Couple Heads For Disaster Area

This is who needs a statue

Tending the Wild: Weaving Community

Ed Gillespie circulating petition to keep confederate statues

"A broken nail can ruin a week." . . . Please come CAPTION Melania Trump!!

It's not just the flood waters that kill.

Minecraft Creator Alleges Global Conspiracy Involving Pizzagate, a Manufactured Race War,

CNN reporter trying to emphasize drumf winning TX by huge margin

Republicans Increasingly Divided on Trump

#Harvey Is What #ClimateChange Looks Like

Houston Is Drowning - In Its Freedom From Regulations

Look for Wall funding sneaking into Harvey bill

Shaun King documents NYPD Brutal Assault & Corruption

The Unprecedented Flooding in Houston, in Photos

How Trump Kills the Republican Party

350 alligators on verge of escaping Texas facility

White House aides reportedly have a nickname for Ivanka Trump: 'Princess royal'

Early signs of 'incompetence at every level' went unheeded during Nuclear Plant Construction

Got an evangelical friend says that hotels are letting people stay free in Houston

There Is So Much Wrong With This Sentence in The New York Times

It's Time for a Formal Impeachment Inquiry

Does all the hairspray on Trump's hair make it waterproof?

Schindler contacted NCIS about Ron DeSantis - a Reserve JAG officer - trying to obstruct Mueller

Old white dude playing Crisis President while Abbott blows him


"He needs to show some real empathy" - Who are they kidding?

Trump Twice Rejected China Steel Offer

Good lawd, the governor of Texas is an ass kisser extraordinaire.

Number One 🎶 August 29, 1966 🌞🌈

Does anyone use pet medical insurance?

54% of children in Venezuela are malnourished. Diabetes up 95% and hypertension up 92%

Thousands still stranded. FEMA crying for civilian boats to rescue people, and this despicable POS

Court: Excluding outside parties from presidential debates does not violate First Amendment

Thousands still stranded. FEMA crying for civilian boats to rescue people, and this despicable POS

A Houston police office drowned while going to work on Sunday morning.

trump... 'nobody's ever seen anything like this'

I'm sorry, but I have to let you go:

Helping the pets in Houston.

University fires professor who blamed Harvey on Trump vote

At this presser for the prez, Trump looks weak, ineffectual, totally out of his depth. Wearing a cap

Chump is stuck at 35/60 for the fifth day in a row at Gallup.

The Stingray: How Law Enforcement Can Track Your Every Move

U.S. Coast Guard objects to Trump's funding cut

It's never straight up and down.

Domino's Pizza: darkened windows, open the trunk

Ari Fleischer just said "empathy was missing" from Trump's words at presser. Shredding Trump's

Houston Under Water: Special Report

It's times like this I sorely miss having a President.

Two Houston men are offering to rescue pets people left behind. 👼

Cuba gets evacuations right

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 29, 2017

Houston Officer Drowns

Free speech: gay wedding cake and Resort for White Nationalists

Apple fights Hollywood to price 4K movies on iTunes at $20

Her crime? Giving food, medicine, shoes and clothing to political prisoners in Venezuela

So she swapped out the stilettos but then puts on a hat labeled "FLOTUS"

Arnold to Trump: 'There are not two sides to bigotry.'

What's With The Damned USA Hat? So Puerile.

A tRump tweet about President Obama "acting Presidential" back in 2012....

Evacuated mother just cussed out CNN

A new polling low for Trump: Just 16 percent 'like' his conduct as president

Shaub: Presser would've been more convincing if Trump hadn't been wearing $40 cap he sells

A new polling low for Trump: Just 16 percent like his conduct as president

Report: Trump is so angry about his Phoenix rally crowd that he dismissed the organizer

Mexican officials ignore Trumps disparaging tweets and reach out a hand to Texas

:#Harvey Boomtown, Flood Town #HoustonFlooding

Here is some dry ground

"Great photo ops. Everyone will love me."

"What a crowd!" "What a turnout!" Trump addressing Texans after disaster briefing

Are Some Psychiatric Disorders a pH Problem?

Houston and questions that need to be asked

LOL, Twitter bots: Obama was golfing during Katrina!

The Irony of Houston for the Republicans...

Down goes the #6 seed........

"Thank God for Trump", says my neighbor

Meanwhile, GOP Rep. Biggs bids to defund key climate research

Lyin' Ted and Cardboard Cornyn ain't real Texans. They don't neighbor.

Queens Man Charged With Attempting To Provide Material Support To ISIS

Pierce: Republicans Who Ran on 'Government Is Bad' Are Now the Government

trazodone use and withdrawal

Those against government "handouts"

i am ambiguous regarding private citizen rescues

Florida Highway Patrol leader quits in ticket-quota review

Does anyone know about shelter security in Houston? Got a disturbing bit of news.

I was the judicial clerk for the judge in the original Arpaio trial. I have some thoughts re: pardon

Black daughter of the Confederacy speaks out on the Confederate monuments & statues

Trump Could Really be Useful Now!

How fire ants form giant rafts to survive Houston floods

Ann Coulter: Blame The Gays, Not Climate Change For Hurricane Harvey. Yep.


So what was this attack on conservatives by left wing

JUST IN: A federal judge in NY has dismissed Sarah Palin's defamation lawsuit against the NYT

Link to 159 Harvey pics.

How Donald Trump and Elaine Chao Sold Off Flood-Control Policy to the Highest Bidders

Judge dismisses Palin defamation case against New York Times

one of the kits let me stroke her tummy while she was stretched out rolling around.

Trump in Corpus Christi, "What A Crowd, What A Turnout"

Obama vs Trump disaster response.

Some good news about Faux "news..."

The Empire Stopper Foreign powers have tried to control Afghanistan

Now this is what being a liberal means!

I guess it is true a Houston Police officer did

As Pee Wee Herman said, "everyone has a big BUT," including Mega-Church pastor Joel Osteen.

Countering the "we have no ideas" meme

Harvey: Zip Code & Race Determine Burden Of Climate Change

Donald Trump at his FEMA briefing...

Kellyanne Conway said *WHAT* about Trump to Pat Robertson?

ICE Plans to Start Destroying Records of Immigrant Abuse, Including Sexual Assault and Deaths...

Houstons Unrestrained Capitalism Made Harvey Catastrophe Waiting to Happen

Sport doping study revealing wider usage published after 'scandalous' delay

My wife's firm is matching all contributions to the RC, Habitat for Humanity and Houston Food Bank

#Harvey: Trump in Tx-"Reporters heard NO mention of the dead, dying, or displaced" & nor sympathy...

Who'll Stop the Rain?

I haven't been watching Dump

At least someone is having a sense of humor about the hurricane!

Why, Texas, Trump DID go there: "What a crowd! What a turnout!"

pups 19 days

Where Harvey is hitting hardest, 80 percent lack flood insurance

Don't ever be this guy

Unfortunately, this is not the worst part of the flooding.

Anheuser-Busch pauses beer production to send water to Harvey victims

Disaster Relief Barbie

Lou Barletta - now officially running for Casey's Senate seat - is Congress's Donald Trump

CNN anchor just now

Could You Just Fucking Imagine?

Lost Latin commentary on the Gospels rediscovered after 1,500 years

Felix Sater Is the Third Potential Channel of Trump Collusion With Russia - By Jonathan Chait

"Just like that, Trump produces worst presidential reaction to a natural disaster in modern history"

Good news: Cardinal Mahony calls Trumps pardon of Sheriff Arpaio disgusting

Louisiana begins evacuations for Harvey on 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Don Jr agrees to transcribed interview with Senate sometime in Sept.

Chelsea Clinton Subtly Shades Ivanka Trump Amid Reports Her Old Friend Visited Putin's Private Offic

"'Praying for Houston' - but All Cities Matter...see how dumb that sounds?"

Coldplay Dedicate New Song Houston to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Houston: We won't check immigration status at shelters

Canoes in downtown Galveston, which is flooding again today...............

"George R.R. Martin is not your b***h"

Trump is already talking about congratulating himself

Republicans Desire To Defund Govt Services.

If You Have Amazon Prime...

Boom! Mueller:

Gardein fans in Colorado -

Powerful video of mom being interviewed by CNN

There was once a Republican President who would have had marching Nazis shot or imprisoned.

tRump's 16 minute attention span for tragedy

Okay, I Know This Is Wrong...

Yes, a few words can totally define a President...

Trump Admin "has not yet decided whether it will accept" Mexico's offer to help Houston

National Data Buoy Center

DALLAS MORNING NEWS pooler's rundown of Trump's Corpus Christie visit...

Reagan's wet dream about drowning government. It's time we talk.

"VOGUE asks the question: why can't this administration get anything, even a pair of shoes, right?

Poll Reveals GOP Doubts About Trump's Conduct

Trump Jr. agrees to transcribed interview with Senate panel

They're not just dumb, they are ultra stupid

Special counsel subpoenas Manafort's former attorney and spokesman

GOP risks spending confrontation with Trump

Judge to Caribou Barbie, "Get out of my effing court!"

Gorka: Trump isolated, GOP leaders living fantasy illusion

Now is exactly the time to speak out against free-market exploitation, says Naomi Klein

People approve because of his behavior

KKK hoods and urine-proof sheets spotted in Trump Tower gift shop

Public Policy Polling 23 August

I hear Joel Osteen has been in prayer all day

In A First, Connecticut's Animals Get Advocates In The Courtroom

Trump to seize populist mantle for pitching messy tax overhaul

Nation Gets Really Tired All Of A Sudden

Harveys staggering impact: Up to 30 percent of Harris County is under water, flood official says

CALLING ALL DU MINDREADERS: Tell me what is on Trump's mind in this Texas ACTION photo. TELL ME!

Retention pond or detention basin? In my area,

Wurd (rhymes with . . . )

Houston Is Drowning In-Its Freedom From Regulations

Harvey's staggering impact: Up to 30 percent of Harris County is under water, flood official says

Melania's updated hurricane footwear, and NO, I do NOT believe this is Photoshopped.

European Leaders Look to Africa to Stem Migration.

Saving Pets Is Paramount for Many Fleeing Tropical Storm Harvey

This Trump appointee says it was hackers, not him, who called Obama's mom a 'w@!re'

How does Trump's new 45/USA hat not directly violate the Emoluments Clause?

Alt-gov Twitter accounts pitch in to help Coast Guard and responders rescue hurricane victims

Judge dismisses Sarah Palin's lawsuit against New York Times

Hey Melania ...

Google sez they will match Harvey donations.

New term for Congressional Republicans:. "il Castrati". NT

Google is doubling donations for Harvey victims

What a crowd. What a turnout.

Baseball - Houston Astros & Texas Rangers to play in Tampa. It's complicated.

How Trump Kills the Republican Party

John McGraw Trivia

What a crowd, what a turnout: Trump boasts of crowd size during Hurricane Harvey tour

Just watched the movie "Thirteen Days' on a movie channel.

Just finished reading this book


When Was The Last Time Butt-Brain Kilmead Ever Came Up With NUMBERS?

He has a size fetish

Where was Obama during Hurricane Katrina? He definitely wasn't playing golf.

The number of insured Americans just hit a new high

About 200 protesters greet Trump in Austin

Sky stops broadcasting rightwing US channel Fox News in UK

Breaking: Kezia Dugdale steps down as Scottish Labour leader

RE 40,000 Houstons estimated rescued by vigilante rednecks

Another One Bites the Dust.

NREL, Swiss Scientists Power Past Solar Efficiency Records

WH releases pics of Trump's #HurricaneHarvery briefing today. Trump alone at Camp David. Everyone el

NREL Analysis Identifies Where Commercial Customers Might Benefit from Battery Energy Storage

Photosynthesis Discovery Could Lead to Design of More Efficient Artificial Solar Cells

Two disasters, two Presidents, two photos. 434 days until the 2018 Midterms.

TPM "Heres What Cohen Was Doing For Trump Campaign While Working On Russia Deal"

TPM "GSA Inspector General Evaluating Agencys Lease For Trumps DC Hotel"

i have no empathy for conservative republicans suffering in texas

Did Groper Don the Con really say

JJ Watt fundraising increase from 1 million to 4 million

Arkema chemical plant faces explosion risk after Harvey floodwaters

Slate "Harvey Is an Equal-Opportunity Disaster."...

Waters in Texas are still rising and so is the risk of these 350 gators escaping

You knew it was coming: Trump pledges storm recovery 'better than ever before'

" ... {E}ven a visit to storm-battered Texas becomes all about him...."

Houston SPCA has an Amazon Wishlist for pets if you want to help.

#BREAKING: @RepDeSantis is now under investigation for interfering in Mueller's #TrumpRussia probe

Poll: Keith Richards vs. Cockroaches

W TF? Rohrabacher to meet with 45 to hand over Assange info

Go Fund Me account for Houston area pet rescue and housing:

Will we ever see this??

FLOTUS - Give Me A God Damned Break. How Creepy Can You Get.

What a crowd, what a turnout, Trump, addressing storm victims.

Wannabe Mueller Defunder, Ron DeSantis, Just Got Massive Superpac Cash

White House visitors find photos of Trump's hands unappetizing

Question for DU community members:

My pharmacy made a mistake

Well said, Frank Bruni (NY Times)

Millions of TX fire ants wash up in one place

Want to help those impacted by tropical storm Harvey? Here's how

Obamacare kept reducing number of Americans without health insurance during Trump's first months in

Matt Carpenter...

Justin Bieber checked into Long Island hospital due to swollen testicle

Charlottesville suspect arrested in Georgia to be extradited

The sun has returned to Houston.

It isn't raining in Houston.

Progressive Berkeley Mayor calls on Antifa to be declared a criminal gang under California law

Officer Sulu rocks!!

Nineteen indicted over brawl during Turkish leader's U.S. visit

Nineteen indicted over brawl during Turkish leader's U.S. visit

Has any evangelical weighed in yet on what Houston is being punished for?

Cedar Bayou, Texas hits record for most rainfall in Continental US at 51.88 inches, as heavy rain c

Republicans Will Let America Burn While Holding Out for Tax Cuts

U.S. probes Uber for possible bribery law violations