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A word from a PRESIDENT

how many people do you think that were bussed down to the Astro Dome from New Orleans after Katrina

A photo of a dog carrying a bag of food after a storm hit Texas went viral. Heres his story

Arpaio Fallout: Kasich Calls Political Pardons 'Out of Bounds'

"Harvey The Hurricane Hawk" Hunkers Down With Cabbie During Storm

Trump's proposed budget cuts will get thousands of Americans killed.

Christ Almighty, General Kelly, will you PLEASE take the frigging phone AWAY from him, NOW. PLEASE.

another word to teh Wise

Cruz and Cornyn both voted against Federal aid for Hurricane Sandy...

Oops: Rick Perry may have stumbled upon the solution to going 100 percent renewable

The Matter with Dark Matter

The President Speaks

2018 US Senate Election -10 closest US Senate Race in 2018 from the most closest to least closests.

wtf they are forecasting harvey going back to sea

Lost Harvey pets. Nueces County.

I'm afraid the violent black clad protesters are going to discourage peaceful leftist protesters

You are going to LOVE Mexico's response to Trump's latest "Mexico will pay for the wall" tweet

State To Homeless Shelters: If You Want Money, Show Results

The "Cajun Navy" Is On Its Way To Houston. THIS Is What Makes America Great.

you know-I just give the fuck up

Marine Vet Jared Golden Just Declared His Candidacy For Maine's 2nd Congressional District7

Flooding & Electricity question

Nursing Home Residents Seen Sitting In Waist-High Water Before Rescue

Jim Cantorri of TWC just posed an interesting question....

Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting Concerning Hurricane Harvey

Trump's business sought deal on a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president

High Water (for Charley Patton) - Bob Dylan

Biggest military in the world

Weather Channel reporting Addicks and Barker Reservoirs will be releasing water overnight

Live video/audio feed from Houston

The alt-right and non-theists:

Mexico to Trump: We will not negotiate NAFTA through social media

Damned painful contrast!

Mexico cites national sovereignty, dignity in refuting Trump tweet re:wall

A Nice Paper Analyzing Heat Exchange Networks for the Utilization of Waste Heat for Desalination.

Paris Jackson talks about discrimination at Charlottesville at the MTV video music awards 2017

Houston Flood Relief Fund

Trump's business sought deal on a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president (WP)

State Departments top UN envoy steps down: report

So 'fess up everybody - you drive a bit over the speed limit, don't you?

Obama thanks first responders in Hurricane Harvey

Trumps business sought deal on a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president

Trump Has Essentially Abdicated The Basic Responsibilities Of A President

The transgender Trump supporter behind the Berkeley rally

In response to Trump tweet, Mexico reiterates it won't pay for the wall...😎

State Departments top UN envoy steps down: report

How to President

Trump to reverse ban on local police using military equipment: report

Are Antifa paid by the right wing?

Trump prepares to lift limits on military gear for police

WTF is this Nazi shit from GORKa?

A photo of a dog carrying a bag of (dog) food after a storm hit Texas went viral. (WaPo)

Texas Monthly: some suggestions on how to help

We Have Only One...

Evacuation Would Have Trapped Thousands On Flooding Highways W/No Where To Go.

Berkeley pro-Trump rally cancelled

Transgender service members walk carpet at VMAs

Should we be concerned?

I Can't Believe Trump Is Going To Texas Tuesday....

Eric Holder: "Number of times President Obama asked me to think about dropping a case: ZERO"

Fox News quoting Houston Fire Department personnel blaming the Mayor

Republicans Pushing To Slice Up The 9th Circuit Court

Adam Best: Trump talks about Harvey like it's a movie & he's a film critic

Casino white paper in the works for Northern Marianas

Trump should show that it is safe in Houston.

Tillerson is off the mark with his comment

Democrats will be making a big mistake if they do not oppose every Republican running next election.

A lot of the Houston flooding won't even peak until Tuesday

Reveal host Al Letson shields man from beating at anti-hate rally

For my non-Houston friends- to help you understand the devastation:

Will orange be the new pink?

What Texans Do When It's Flooded And They Can't Drive Their Pickups

FYI: Matching Donations for Hurricane Harvey

Exclusive: Trump vents in Oval Office, "I want tariffs. Bring me some tariffs!"

U.S. gasoline futures surge after Harvey

What's for dinner Sunday, August 27, 2017

Japanese schools cancel trips to Guam

Guam Archbishop Michael Jude Byrnes fires 4 advisers for betraying his trust

Controlled release of Barker & Addicks Reservoirs to impact thousands

Mexico offers to help Harvey-soaked Texas

Found on Twitter. Kind of says it all, doesn't it.Summarizes the absolute mess we find ourselves in.

Sen. Wyden: Trump is "endorsing white supremacy and attacking the rule of law."

Harvey forces major Texas refineries to shut down, raising concerns about gas price hikes

19 books to help children find hope and strength in stressful times

Flooding photos and footage from Houston.

What's Your Favorite Enough Song?

Anyone else following "Endeavour" ..

Republican legislation in 6 states aims to protect motorists who inadvertently run over protesters

This country is a rudderless ship lost at sea with no Captain

Hillary voters LOVE Bernie!

Previous experience with evacuation

Gone With the Wind pulled from Memphis theater due to its racially insensitive content

Full Extent Of Harveys Aftermath Starts To Come Into Chilling Focus

RWNJ martyrs

Trumps business sought deal on a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president

when it starts to get a little overwhelming

Harvey will show why we need "big" gov't

The things you can find on Twitter

Houston mayor set up a relief fund page for the hurricane victims . Here is the URL

Flood insurance splits GOP, spurs bipartisan dealmaking as deadline looms

San Diego, 2,000 attend anti hate March. No neo Nazis and peaceful.

Port Aransas facing long recovery from Harvey



Berkley, CA : Antifa clashes and violence ensues. Many arrests.


My little neighborhood is quiet again.


Trump calls out McConnell again

McAuliffe slams Trump


Incredible 3 day imagery loop. It's alive!

Trump vs Harvy

Refugio without water or power since Friday

road conditions in South Texas


1,000-year-old oak tree survives Hurricane Harvey - the 500-year storm

North Korea


That fucking Wall

"NO power for you"

Trump vs National Parks

American red cross

West Virginia counties that don't pay jail bills could be costing counties that do

Gov. Justice orders audit investigation

Proposal to keep West Virginia workers pay on public projects secret debated

The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency

So, the Friday news dump worked, I guess.

'The President Speaks for Himself'

More proof that Trump is a lousy negotiator

Cleveland Residents Take Legal Action Over AT&T's Alleged 'Redlining'

Indian court sentences 'god man' to 10 years in prison

Crisis flares in Guatemala over corruption and organised crime

Trump is the 21st Century Nero

Deadliest outbreak of hepatitis A in decades kills 14 in San Diego

Git along, little doggies...

Trump alone at Camp David. Everyone else w @VP Pence in WH Situation Room (tweet)

Aung Sang Suu Kyi's office accuses aid workers of helping 'terrorists' in Myanmar

A hospital worker won the Powerball. Her prize: $758.7 million and police outside her house.

Kenyan court asks for scrutiny of electronic vote-count systems

It Is Really Hard To Wake Up More & More Pissed Off Every Day.

GOP Voters & Trump Supporters Largely Support The Same Racist Values Trump Does.

How D.C. Lobbyists Helped Paul Manafort Prop Up a Putin Puppet

Peak flooding from Harvey expected on Wednesday & Thursday, 30,000 people in shelters

Harvey forces major Texas refineries to shut down, raising concerns about gas price hikes

"MAGA" has been taken down a peg, so expect everything to start being thrown at us

Welcome to the wayback machine: The Equal Rights Amendment is on the table

China doubles down on real-name registration laws, forbidding anonymous online posts

Apple Juice Sales - Hannibal Buress

An outrageous pardon and a hollow Congress - Boston Globe Editorial

Cost of cleaning up Harvey will bring new test of governance for Trump and GOP

We need higher taxes - By Robert J. Samuelson

Iranian dissident politician Ebrahim Yazdi dead at 85

More than 30,000 people expected in shelters as extent of Harvey's blow comes into chilling focus

Flooded road map for Houston

Trump Reportedly Fed Up With Rex Tillerson: 'Rex Just Doesn't Get It'

Damage Report!

Morning Joe Slams 'Complete Thug' Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 'He Was Running Concentration Camps'

Fascism, American Style - Paul Krugman

Texas WILL and SHOULD get hurricane relief funds, but it's not the first state w/ a nat. disaster

Remember When Trump Took Insurance $ for Hurricane Damage That Reportedly Didn't Exist?

DeAndre Harris Response to Arrest of Borden and Charging of Ramos - Merritt Law Firm

Breitbart Slams Paul Ryan for Criticizing Arpaio Pardon and Throwing in With 'Leftists'

Over 2 million barrels per day (out of 5.6) of Texas oil refining capacity now offline due to Harvey

Who's Afraid of Antifa? - By Todd Gitlin

trump is going to texas tomorrow....while the waters are still rising

Breitbart & Fox Are Really Nazi Propaganda Outlets.

The proper description would be that Trump hacked the US government. Yes, "hacked".

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Pardoning Evil

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Worst President Ever

Jut Say It. "Being Anti Nazi Makes You A Communist." Why mince words.

MTV censors "F*ck Donald Trump" song with commercial break at 2017 VMAs

If Trump and the GOP fuck up the response to Harvey

Shelters Are Going To Need Supplies Like Yesterday. Hope They Have Things In Place.

Counter-protesters form giant heart on Ocean Beach

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Team Trump turns to Rove playbook to juice 2018 turnout

Mexico to Trump: We won't pay for a border wall 'under any circumstances'

On Fb: "... what do you call a bunch of racists? ... a trump of white supremacists".

Pun toon

Trump's most popular Cabinet secretary is Obama holdover

Two weeks before hurricane Harvey, Trump erased Obama's flood protection regulations.

Republicans don't know who to talk to at White House

US Open Tennis. Any predictions?

Southwest Airlines rescues stranded customers in Houston

I Am Convinced GOP/Trump Are Now On War Footing Against Dems, Progressives & Left.

"Secretary of Fake, if you ask me!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Any doubt why Trump/Bannon wanted Comey gone

I picture Trump ...

Trump approves Louisiana emergency declaration

how Trumps tax plan would benefit the most elite taxpayers. The 50-state analysis............

Abbott: Trump won't travel to Houston during his Texas visit

'Iron Stache' to Trump: Remember time Mexican troops aided U.S. after hurricane Katrina?

Credit where credit is due... Walmart sticking it to Trump

Is it possible to boycott a person? Can Arpaio be singled out? Made unwelcome no matter where

The only thing that needs to be terminated is your presidency

How climate change contributed to Harvey

To bad they gave the wrong name to the hurricane.

Trump is re-tweeting Dinesh D'Souza‏ and Katie Pavlich (Fox News)

Fake News And Scams Are Going Around About The Deadly Storm In Texas

Anyone. did Arpaio

Text the word HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross

On this day 54 years ago, MLK Jr.,

Trump proposed a 17% cut to the nation's top weather and climate agency, the NOAA

Are some of Trump's key Cabinet members thinking about abandoning him?

Advice needed re pine nuts

Weather Underground 18" more of rain in Houston, TX in the next 3 days.

Pakistan Delays US Envoy's Visit After Trump Criticism

WP -Breaking -the Con sought Moscow Tower Deal during Presidential run

UPDATED: ACLU sues Trump over transgender ban

What happened to my transgender friend?

Exiles on Pennsylvania Avenue: How Jared and Ivanka Trump Were Repelled by Washington's Elite

Eugene Robinson on "Morning Joe": Arpaio 'viciously racist'

Trump to restore program sending surplus military weapons, equipment to police

Trump retweets message saying Obama pardoned 'a traitor'

Remember When Trump Took Insurance $ for Hurricane Damage That Reportedly Didnt Exist?

Development versus Re Development

Trump trolled by Canadian mayor after NAFTA swipe

Mr. and Mrs. Chump will not place their dainty little feet in Harvey's water.

Trump's thought process at the moment.

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Receiving Hourly Updates On Hurricane Harvey Disaster

We'd all better hope the next one is a fish storm

White House photos show Trump sitting alone at Camp David while Pence runs hurricane Situation Room

Why am I craving fried wontons?

Trump-McConnell Feud Sets The Stage For A September From Hell

My Interview With General Wesley Clark: A Nation Enamored with Military Action

Looks like @realDonaldTrump will fly into Corpus area, Austin, for #Harvey visit.

File Under WTF: Grenade Launchers, Bayonets, And Tanks

This disturbing email that @kathygriffin received, it's from CBS Corporation board member Arnie Ko

Texas GOPer Defends Vote Against Sandy Aid As Home State Sees Disaster

Houston-area officials defend decision not to evacuate ahead of Harvey: 'Nonsensical thing to do'

What do DUers think about NAFTA?

As Hurricane Harveys Aftermath Slams Texas, Trump Tweets A Storm Of Self-Congratulations

Comeback story: Connecticut ospreys hit highest level since counting the birds began.

45: "I want tariffs! Bring me some tariffs!"

Let's talk about the National Flood Insurance Program.

Rep. King: NY won't 'abandon' Texas despite 'hypocrite' Ted Cruz

It's only free speech until people start getting hurt.

Blast from the past (2016): Hell and High Water

No money for border wall until Harvey clean up is paid for.

World's greatest troll strikes again: The sole point of the Arpaio pardon is ''liberal tears''

As an atheist....

Houston Mayor press conference on now n/t

Really, Most Major Cities Are Flood-Prone

Everyone OK with this?

Get along, little dogies

German killer nurse suspected in at least 84 patient deaths, say police

Arpaio reminds us: Trump's team enables evil behavior - By Jennifer Rubin

I'm all in for the Houston Astros winning the World Series

Trump Reportedly Revoked an Obama Order to Improve Flood Protections Two Weeks Before Harvey

Eminem got 90,000 people to chant "Fuck Trump" at a concert over the weekend

Illinois Becomes 10th State To Enact Automatic Voter Registration Law

Schiff: House Intel Committee Needs More Resources For Russia Probe

Thank Tom for signing Libre's Law [Tom Wolf (D) Governor of Pennsylvania]

Trump Going To Texas Sooner Rather Than Later Is Because.....

Anybody see the article on Harvey the hurricane hawk that would not leave the cab?

Tropical Storm Warning just declared for

This Familys Road Trip Never Ends.

Trump' Visit Will Probably Be Bloviating About How Great He & His Team Is.

185 Rescues Pending, 2000 Rescued so far...CNN Headline...

Robert Lee IV: I call on all of us with privilege and power ... to confront racism

anyone here participating in the Citizen Sleuth project for the CPI?

Need just one more player for DU fantasy football...

Fox anchor praises Trump for giving cops grenade launchers to use on the front lines of protests

Mosquitos, post Hurricanes, a?

The Problem With Evacuating A Major City

Just Saw Something On The Weather Channel That Crosses The Line.....

The Battle for Fort Wagner

Trump assists Houston by re-tweeting attacks on Obama and Antifa, then quotes Mother Teresa.

Voter Fraud Panel Chair Swipes at Schumer Over Charlottesville

Devastating floods.

NASA Announces Cassini End-of-Mission Media Activities

WATCH: Sessions announces rollback of limits on military gear for police

A big thumbs up for the police, firemen, emergency worker efforts in Texas

More than 100 treated after 'chemical incident' at Birling Gap in East Sussex

Sanders: Single-payer isn't a litmus test for Dems

In Venezuela 82% of people live in poverty where are our friends now?

Paul Ryan insists Churches can make up 4 #TrumpBudget cuts. Reality Check: EVERY CHURCH wld need 2 r

Trump to lift military gear ban for local police

Trump is dragging us toward a full-blown crisis. Here's what has to happen now.

UPDATE: Okla police chiefs resigns..but still says his identy was stolen

Children in Venezuela are fainting from hunger

Well, here we go again!

Members of Cajun Navy resuscitate Houston resident found floating lifeless

Battered by Harvey, Houston Braces for Even More Flooding

Peru's ex-presidents Humala and Fujimori, old foes, share prison

Trump Associate Boasted That Moscow Deal Will Get Donald Elected

Kenya brings in world's toughest plastic bag ban: four years jail or $40,000 fine

Felix Sater, shady figure and boastful salesman, saw Putin as key to Trump win

GOP Congressman Buck: D.C. Corruption is Far Worse

Syphilis in the Civil War

Legal brief: WH power to create national monuments, only Congress can alter them.

The Part of the Job Trump Likes Most

Appeals court rejects Subway foot-long settlement

Walk a mile in a man's shoes before you criticize him

Dragging us toward crisis

Secretary of State: Trump doesnt speak for U.S.

Joel Osteen closes church during hurrican. He seems nice.

The Entire Nation Will Have PTSD After Trump Crowd & GOP Control.

Man Fatally Struck By Train At L'Enfant Plaza

Fresh Off A Pardon From Trump, Arpaio Floats A Primary Challenge To Flake

Purple Line Groundbreaking Scheduled for Monday

Pardon Fails 'Law and Order' Test

Chump is stuck at 35/60 for the fourth day in a row at Gallup.

What would our WWII vets think of Charlottesville?

The Nib: GilliganGate

Question about draftees in Vietnam War. Would a man who had very poor vision be sent

Trump's border crackdown is making new homes more expensive

Ivanka and Jared 'irrelevant'

Drumpt's Budget Proposed a Billion Dollars in Cuts for the Coast Guard

Republicans Own Arpaio Pardon

CBSboard of Directors member Arnold Kopelson threatens Kathy Griffin; Send prewritten letter to Fox

Off With Her Head Kathy Griffin lost jobs, money, and friends after releasing a provocative image of

LIVE Stream Link at 7PM ET: An Evening with Bernie Sanders - Riverside Church, NYC Aug. 28

LIVE Stream Link at 7PM ET: An Evening with Bernie Sanders - Riverside Church, NYC Aug. 28

New Alt-Right talking-points: why Trump militarizing police is actually not his fault/idea.

A Love Letter to White Kin

U Maryland marching band will stop playing state song

GOT: Jon Snow's words last night could have applied to Trump

LOSER 45 hasn't said a thing about fake news on CNN coveraage of Harvey

Oxford University professor resigns in Donald Trump protest

Arpaio could challenge Flake in Arizona primary

German nurse suspected of murdering at least 90 patients

Amazon's delivery drones might be useful for emergencies in the future.

NC public school system bans Confederate flag

Sea Shepherd permanently abandons Antarctic whaling face-off over Japanese military fears

Missouri elementary school wants to cut ties to Robert E. Lee

School under fire for taking 6-year-olds to gun range

Just think how Trump, Arpaio would exist in a "perfect world."

Most homes in Tropical Storm Harvey's path don't have flood insurance

NYT photos from Houston (paywall lifted)

VA AG: 1998 law allows removal of Confederate monuments

Animal cruelty law signed by governor, dog

Mozilla Firefox ad?

X-post in Pennsylvania group: Gov. Wolf signs Libre's Law

About Arpaio's military service. Give me a break.

This Modern World Toon- The ol' Trump Two-Step

Louisiana declares a state of emergency

Handful of Looters Arrested in Houston During Harvey As Fake Reports Spread

Just a "friendly" reminder for Donnie

Unbearable petrochemical smells are reportedly drifting into Houston

Worlds greatest troll strikes again: The sole point of the Arpaio pardon is liberal tears

He claimed he was stabbed for looking like a "neo-Nazi." Now police say he bought the knife himself.

Anybody watching Katy Tur taking Ted Cruz to the woodshed on MSNBC?

India guru rape: Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh jailed for 20 years

Michael Moore: Trump on track for reelection

'Sea dragon' fossil is 'largest on record'

Anti-Nazi banner removed from Phoenix Rising match vs. Sacramento Republic

The Arpaio Pardon Is a Bad Sign for the Mueller Investigation

Top Trump Organization executive asked Putin aide for help on business deal

Fox News initially failed to disclose full involvement of pro-Arpaio op-ed writer

Mexico to Trump: No funding for wall, but well help Texas

Man Who Claimed He Was Stabbed After Being Called A Neo Nazi Admits He Lied

Here's what my flood insurance costs.

Trump Associate Boasted That Moscow Business Deal Will Get Donald Elected

Trump watches TV

Pierce: Trump Finally Has an Ideology, and It Will Lead Us to Serious Trouble

Please spread the word: Texas residents have until before September 1st to

David Horsey: Republicans are asking a horrific question: Is our president insane?

Texas Governor - power is the process of being restored then

This news simply made my day.

Trump interviewed by Jon Sweeney. Trump walks out after being asked about Felix Sater.

NRA Official Lands Seat On National Park Foundation Board

"Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War on Donald Trump"

WaPo: Cohen said Trump signed a letter of intent w/ the biz on October 28, 2015

There's an Unbearable Chemical Smell Hovering Over Parts of Houston, and Experts Are Worried.

Texas officials say at least eight dead as Harvey flooding continues

Trumps administration is considering reducing visas for U.S. cultural and work exchange programs,

Montini: Pardoned Joe Arpaio begs for donations from me (and you?)

FDA to Expand Its Authority Over Stem-Cell Treatment Facilities

Ted Cruz: "Of course" I don't regret voting against funds for Hurricane Sandy

What do you know about frog/toad matings?

As VX and sarin are to individuals, the "alt-right" and Putin propaganda are to nations

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 28, 2017

Family of 6 drowns inside van while trying to escape Harvey floods

Donald Trump scrapped Barack Obama's flood protection standards days before Hurricane Harvey

OSHA Reduces Reports of Workplace Fatalities

Are we finally going to have a discussion about the future of rebuilding coastal cities now?

As VX and sarin are to individuals, the "alt-right" and Putin propaganda are to nations

UW professor: The information war is real, and we're losing it

Michael Cohen (Trump lawyer) did indeed email Putin flak Peskov...

As Mining Deaths Rise, MSHA Gets Acting Head With No Mine Safety Experience

Venezuela blames 4 day old sanctions.... for 10 year old shortages!

Trump Associate Brags: I 'Will Get Putin' And 'We Will Get Trump Elected'

Damn. RW evangelicals' prayers answered.

Hillary Clinton is hitting the road to talk about her new book

I feel really bad for Houston

Powerbull: The Lottery Loves Poverty

Top Democrat fears House Intelligence Committee may split on Russia probe findings

hashtag ohwell

According to wing nuts: Hurricane Harvey Is When We Need Price Gouging, Not Laws Against It

Tom Tomorrow: "Why didn't Obama rescue (save) castaways on that uncharted desert isle? SAD!"

Was Reince Priebus at the meeting in Trump Tower?

Bragged he would work with Putin to get Donald elected

Something to remember when speaking about

Victory in Berkeley! (Nazis go home!)

***** press conference coming up at 4:20.

Trump's lawyer emailed Putin's spokesperson to ask for help

Dear ABC, Spare me from program interruptions from

trump is 'reading from the heart'

As IdiotBoy addresses the nation

Madman speechifying at the moment. Sort of.

The fake prez sounds empathetic and rational (it is scripted)

Abuse of power

Project Runway fans, remember Chloe Dao?

UPDATED: Where is Houston's celebrity pastor, Joel Osteen?

trump 'thinks' texas will be in 'fantastic shape'

"Fantastic shape "...

Isn't it time for a NEW fictitious 9-year old with a vegetable nickname to write to Trump?

Congressman: It Should Definitely Be Legal To Discriminate Based On Reproductive Choices In D.C.

Trump wants clean water and clean air in the Baltics..

Good news: Clergy marching for racial justice

Family of 6 drowns inside van while trying to escape Harvey floods

There he goes on Obama

Now he is defending pardon by naming past Dem presidents

Trump was bringing up Clinton pardons to justify his pardon of Arpaio

USA has a disgraceful asshole for a president.

Putting aside how evil Joe Arpaio is, did Donald Trump really just lament that unfair tactics

"Trump's nothing like Hitler,"

"Finland would have never signed NAFTA with Russia."

He just went totally ape shit!!

Trump: Arpaio pardon done during hurricane for "higher ratings"

"Tremendous drugs are pouring into the United States"

Now he's blaming America's drug problem on Mexico too.

The people facing horrific conditions after a hurricane and an ongoing flood

Inspector general to investigate EPA chief's travels to Oklahoma

Mueller will get Trump, I said this before, and I will say it again.

Two lawsuits challenge Trump transgender military service ban

Peggy Noonan Creating A New Reality, Defending Trump/Arpaio

U.S. charges ex-radio host who hoped 'spell' would stop fraud probe

damn, is peggy noonan now an m$nbc panel member?

Trump said it's okay for him to pardon Joe Arpaio because Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich

Felix Sater's emails look pretty damn damning

Tom Tomorrow‏; My contribution to the Nib animation project.

Put on a happy there's a clever advertisement....

Trump exemplifies abuse of power - By Jennifer Rubin

FelixSater:"Our boy can become POTUS & we can engineer it. I'll get Putin's team to buy in on this"

I just want to say, Mattress Mac is a mensch

North Korea lauched a missile over Japan. CNN

Are You Kidding Me - Somebody Is Pushing For Arpaio To Run For Senate Against Flake?.....

Leaked Chats Show White Nationalists Planned Use Of Brutal Force In C'Ville

North Korea just now launched a ballistic missile that flew over Japan

Trump Pledges Texas Will Get Recovery Funding Despite His Shutdown Threat

Has Pat Robertson declared that Texas is full of homosexuals yet?

North Korea missiles: Projectile flies over Japan

One reason I stay away from church

Rep. Lieu wants to remove Trump's authority to launch nukes.

Does Anyone Think That The People Of Texas That Voted Repug Might Think Twice The Next Time.....

We're screwed. Brilliant cartoon.

Mexico offers to help Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas

Boom! Taking Stock of the Wild New Michael Cohen News - TPM/Josh Marshall

Why I support Our President

As Harvey's waters rise, so do panic levels, rescuer says

Funny how the same people who said Obama was not their President...

I am waiting for Trump to say about the NK missle launch today....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Does NK have any way of verifying if a vessel is in their target area?

BREAKING: Houston officials calling for public with boats and high-water vehicles to assist

2 arrested at anti-Islam rally in London, Ont.

I just met my Congressman (R-Mich) and told him a thing or two

Breaking MSNBC: New emails from Trump aid to Kremlin for help on election

Trump needs to be asked a "gaslight" style question. Like.

Curious, why does the screamer AND druggie get to play prime time under the lights??

Man who claimed he got stabbed by antifa actually just a liar


Dr. Dena Grayson (Alan's wife), lays out connections between today's big NYT and WA Post stories.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Peter Thiel Funds Unethical Offshore Herpes Vaccine Trial

Trump is being severely tested - at home and abroad

Marsha Gessen is not allowed on my TV any longer (like Miller, Kellyanne...)

The frightened and weary human beings hanging onto life in Houston are....

Raising Bertie Film Tonight on PBS

Why do they continue to lie right up to the moment they are discovered lying??

So, Trump just called sheriff Joe his partner! Yep, that is damn clear! n/t


Another right wing racist friend bites the dust

Twitter is taking Joel Osteen to the woodshed. Here are some of my faves.

Dancing with Harvey.

Trump Precipitation Trophy - Luckovich 'toon

trump used the natural disaster 'Harvey' to let America know that he pardoned a federal criminal

Houston is drowning In its freedom from regulations

City has seen 25 inches in two days, expect another 25 by Saturday: CNN

Republican floats measure to kill Mueller probe after 6 months

I think the DNC needs to hire a thousand anti-trolls to post on social media - Youtube

Just because we could all use a smile...

Lurid Trump allegations made by Louise Mensch and co-writer came from hoaxer

Lurid Trump allegations made by Louise Mensch and co-writer came from hoaxer

Active shooter in Clovis, NM

Lurid Trump allegations made by Louise Mensch and co-writer came from hoaxer

Dump forgets...Twitter never forgets

Donald Trump has turned me into that which Joe Pesci despises.

U.S. appeals court questions scope of Trump travel ban

Lurid Trump allegations made by Louise Mensch and co-writer came from hoaxer

Any comparisons between Harvey and Katrina?

Facebook LIVE Link: Bernie Sanders speaking at Riverside Church

Harvey Brings Catastrophic Flooding To Houston Area

Trump says he pardoned Arpaio on a Friday during a hurricane because the ratings would be higher

My "WTF?" of the day, Cajun Navy getting shot at?

Toon: Lock him up!

Live stream from Houston?

Mueller Team Asking If Trump Tried to Hide Purpose of Trump Tower Meeting

Jim Bakker, Christian thief convicted of mail & wire fraud and conspiracy just said that if Trump is

New Mexico Musician's Coalition Peace and Progress Fest

Could the 25th Amendment be the End Game for Trump Cabinet Detractors?

Trump could turn back clock on tribal land ownership

Addick Reservoir

NRA seeks to mainstream and monetize the alt-rights paranoid, racist talking points

Claude & Louise busted with BS... again

Peaceful protester, once incarcerated in Arpaio's jail, shares her experience and reacts to pardon.