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Should Seth MacFarlane produce another cartoon sitcom about a fat mean old government official?

Rustic Tomato Onion Galette

Sixty Minutes expose of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Southern EPA pick Trey Glenn is downright Orwellian (

The Dems are torn between Left wing & Center wing.

Primary buzz already growing amid Trump political struggles

Stephen King blocks Donald Trump from IT

Trump pardon of ex-sheriff sparks bipartisan outrage

Twitter account calls for rape of San Francisco counter-protesters.

From the mouth of babes...

Is America Doomed to Repeat Its Racist Past?

"Laura" sung by Carly Simon...

Post your favorite song from 1400 BCE

i gotta know

Six Recipes for Chicken You Can Cook in Less Than 30 Minutes

slate "The Arpaio Pardon Is a Bad Sign for the Mueller Investigation"

Charlottesville Leaders Announce March to Washington, D.C. Aug. 28 - Sept. 6

Nation's last Confederate flag manufacturer sees sales surge after Charlottesville (

Seriously DUers have you ever seen a storm stall like this

Watching "It" on Syfy.

Anyone here interested in McGregor/Mayweather fight tonight......

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 29: Summer Under the Stars: Marion Davies

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 30: Summer Under the Stars: George Sanders

I keep thinking that after this pardon the Trump presidency is over

Gavin Newsome. Just watched a Bill Maher episode

She warned us. About EVERYTHING

Arpaio tweet timeline

Killing Jews is part of Confederate Heritage?

When and why did Americans become so apathetic about politics?

Favorite Disney Film..all types..

Racial profiling, ignoring sex crimes, and birtherism: Arpaios legacy

Indivisible March in Los Angeles - August 26, 2017

Any chance Sherriff Joe Arpaio gets position on Fox News Channel?

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Asked Sessions to drop charges against Arpaio

How about Martin O'Malley for POTUS 2020?

Ryan breaks with Trump on pardon

Oh Poop, Right-wing rally canceled in San Francisco

Hurricane Harvey - Category 5. Shitstorm Donnie -

We're All In This Together - Bernie Sanders

Pardoned the unpardonable

Margaret and Helen: On one side there were Nazis and on the other side there were no Nazis ...

We're All In This Together - Bernie Sanders

So there's a brewing feud between David Shuster and Joy Reid...

Twitter thread on the extent of Arpios disgusting crimes

"Progressive Values Can't Be Just Secular Values"

This Might Get You Pulled Over...

Nearly half a million people march against violence in Spain (8.26.2017)

Vermont Viewpoints - Senator Bernie Sanders

Hurricane Harvey coverage LIVE on CBS News via YouTube

"Hello darkness my old friend" its time for him to tweet again

Obama adviser: Trump asking to drop case against Arpaio could get him impeached

Jury finds 7 wildlife refuge occupiers, including Ammon Bundy, not guilty...

tRump acting like a despot. Using the presidency like it's his personal power uber alles

Tractor trailer hauling eggs catches fire on Rancho Cucamonga freeway onramp

34% approval

about "somethign has to give"

We need to do this again. (And again and again.)

Polish-Argentine writer and Holocaust survivor Jack Fuchs dies at 93

Polish-Argentine writer and Holocaust survivor Jack Fuchs dies at 93

Teen white nationalist busted in connection to beating of Deandre Harris at Charlottesville rally

One thing my XBox 360 can do that I love...

Politico: Five Things Donald Trump Did This Week While You Weren't Looking

So if Trump succeeds in shutting down the government

Mueller issues subpoenas to lobbying firms that worked with Flynn and Manafort

NOAA stepping in to help Canada deal with 13 North Atlantic Right Whales

Elian on CNN and the idiots in Miami

Dem senator: Trump's allies shouldn't expect pardons in Russia probe

Last Call for Federal National Parks, Monuments & Recreation Area Senior Pass

Conservative Washington Examiner: Trump "embraces lawless disorder with Arpaio pardon"

Do you REALLY think his base will ever fall below 25-30% and does it matter?


The Women's March people have planned a convention in Detroit in Oct.

Forbes's JJ MacNab: Arpaio pardon esp harmful because Arpaio is a "constitutional sheriff"

Kyle "Based Stickman" Chapman Jailed, Barred from Possessing Sticks and Other Weapons


Brown's Tunnels Could Start in 2018, and Delta Farmers Say They'll Be Devastated

All you fascists bound to lose

The Rainbow Connection -- Jim Henson (Kermit) and Debbie Harry.

General Mad Dog Mattis Just Took A Veiled Shot At Trump In Viral Speech To Troops.

Floyd Mayweather defeats Conor McGregor by TKO for historic 50-0 record

Pence is an anti-choice extremist.

Does anyone really give a crap about the boxing match tonight?

"For your eyes (and ears) only

Carl Sagan - You are here (Pale blue dot)

It Now Costs $1,671 for Permission to Film a Porno

Not my first choice, but I voted for her.

What did Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane "regret?"

A Federal Court Ruling Makes the Future of Joe Straus a Little More Interesting

Some scenes from the USNS Bob Hope, and a link to see our tax dollars at work...

Trump's Pardon Of Sheriff Arpaio "Could" Spark A Constitutional Crisis

1 dead, evacuations underway as Harvey stalls over Houston

ANIME: Children Who Chase Lost Voices (English Dub)

Former 700 Club producer: I knew where the line was. But that didnt stop us."

As White Nationalist in Charlottesville Fired, Police Never Moved

Intersectionality: Code Word for anti-Semitism (JEWISH GROUP)

Why and how to erase your browsing history

Tobe Hooper, Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Poltergeist Director, Dies at 74

People Climbing Into Attics To Escape Flooding, Harris County Officials Says

Aetna letters reveal customers' HIV status

Theresa May sets date she'll quit as Prime Minister giving herself time to see Britain through Brexi

Bull, John Danforth: Trump IS a Republican, the logical extension of Republican policy for decades.

Amid Alaska's fiscal crunch, voters in cities across the state are being asked to consider local tax

Supreme Court upholds Gov. Walker's veto of half of Permanent Fund dividend

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) No Kidding Edition

Begich tells supporters he's considering a bid for Alaska governor

Just imagine what people will repeat endlessly in the Nazi "unity and healing" reeducation camps

Do not come to the greater Houston area without a boat.

First of all, the people did not vote for Donald Trump.

Referendum pits Fairbanks pot retailers against neighborhood groups

Expelled for being LGBT? Missouri college named the worst for gay and trans students

White supremacist forum site Stormfront seized by domain hosts

Anchorage public worker purchases flagged

Country Claire McCaskill, gettin folksy and workin hard

With all the mean old racist white guys lately, heres a nice non racist one

State's credit trouble trickles to street level

Bernie would have beat Mayweather.

Just East of Houston - wish us luck!

I Don't Know If This Won The Internet...

3 crew members declared dead in Kaena Point crash

...Me And My Sha-dow, Strolling down the avenue...

More than 1,000 rescues in Houston overnight

Who will the Con and ReTHUGs blame for the mess in Texas that will be shown all over Youtube and TV

Theres No Other Way to Say It: Trumps Arpaio Pardon Is Fascist

Watching local TV news. Bridesmaids being *required* to get

Where is the justice for Arpaio's victims?

Hawaii scrambles to keep train project from going off rails

Sunday's Doonesbury Toon - The Sanest Person In The World!

Arthur Finkelstein, the Hypocrite Gay Consultant Who Kept Electing Right-Wing Homophobes

WaPo: Trumps pardon of Arpaio fits a pattern: A divider, not a uniter

"Five Glaswegian chip shop delicacies you miss when you're not in the city"

Houston DUers, please check in today and in the days to come.

Game of Thrones 7.7 "The Dragon and the Wolf" (spoiler alert - season finale)

Thousands in St. Louis likely to see wage drop with new law

Neighbor Island hotel tax mulled for Honolulu rail

Comforter In Chief...

How Republicans may break their promise that their tax plan won't raise the debt - WaPo Editorial

Hazel and Hugo.

This article posted on Pro Publica

Somewhere between 40-100K New Orleans (Katrina) residents moved to Houston.

Kim Jong-un claims to have cured Aids, Ebola and cancer with single miracle drug

Flood insurance splits GOP, spurs bipartisan dealmaking as deadline looms

Houston live streams:

Well, the head of FEMA seems competent.

Trump promotes book by Sheriff David Clarke

Trump targets Obama rule on workers' tips

Great Restroom Door...

Joe Biden - 'We Are Living Through a Battle for the Soul of This Nation'

Houston traffic cams

Stupidest, funniest thing I've seen about the solar eclipse

Every morning I wake up wondering how much longer this Trump shit show can continue

Ex Trump adviser helps Iraqis president wants to deport -- for a price

why the hell is the GOP hanging onto trump?....

Threats of political violence rise in polarized Trump era

Deporable or Honorable - which t-shirt will you wear?

Dog carrying bag of food after Hurricane Harvey becomes viral hero

Please understand that dictators WANT YOU to NOT believe their lies.

{Scottish Tory Leader} Davidson's mask slips over rogue Tories

Trump Lambasted for Tweet Promoting Sheriff Clarkes Book: 'Your Fellow Americans Are Getting ...

UPDATED: Texas Storm Stalls, With at Least Five Reported Dead

Poll: Bernie most popular politician in US

Trump: "Sure you might have died , or lost everything you own, but I'm doing a fabulous job, ...

Prediction for how Drumpt fires Mueller

Democrats exploit GOP ethics woes in battle for the House

Ivanka Trump's business partner revealed as a 'rich kid career grifter' who refuses to pay his bills

Lifetime senior National Park Pass for $10 Today is last day to purchase.

Some have mislabeled Patriot Prayer, the group who tried to speak in SF as "white nationalists"

'Law Is Dead in America': Presidential Pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Widely Condemned

Alaska State Fair record pumpkin, 2016 - 1469 pounds

Presidential disaster tweets: Missouri is "a wonderful state that I won by a lot in '16."

If We Don't Overcome This Tendency.....

Dog carrying bag of food after Hurricane Harvey becomes viral hero

there's only one answer possible

Arpaio, 85, hints at run for office: 'I've got a big political message to get out'

Joe Biden: Trump's 'Willingness to Divide This Nation Knows No Bounds'

steve montenegro....immigrant state senator for arizona...trump lover

Birthers of a feather.....

They will impeach #fakepresident

How does Facebook determine whom to suggest to you as friends in its "Find Friends" feature?

Former reality TV persona's ratings are dropping, now the Least Popular President EVER.

Trump Plans to Travel to Texas Once Trip 'Can Be Made Without Causing Disruption'

? Didn't Arapio back Trump's Birther Crap?

Trump on Harvey: "WOW!" Also, Mexico's gonna pay for the wall. #NuclearFootball

He's tweeting constantly and often

Remember when Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had the Texas State Guard monitor

Hey, Mueller, beat Trump to the punch!

Should we fight to fix un-democratic electoral college

If Trump builds the wall, it will probably be cagadito and blow over with Cat 2 winds.

No More NAFTA....Again....

he has the biggest, the baddest, the best hurricanes, EVER!

Trump Team Blocks Criticism of Bill Allowing Hunters to Massacre Bear Cubs

LOL! Breitbart has Gorka comparing himself & Bannon to Rebel Alliance in last scene of Star Wars

Corey Lewandowski: Harvey is Katrina, Trump can use it to "reshape a presidency"

America's Favorite Malignant Tumor. . . . Please come CAPTION Joe Arpaio!!!

LA Times: Trump is shedding supporters like no other president in modern history

John McCain Rips Trump's pardon of Sheriff Joe

The reason that GOP politicians' funerals are so inexpensive?

A lowest of low - Trump supporter's wife's horrendous tweet.

It's the "behind the scenes" that worries me

Trump is "isolated, he's impotent, he has an overblown sense of grievance" - GOP strategist on MSNBC

"Hurricanes are bad." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

San Francisco chases Nazis out of town...

"Me, Me, Me! Screw everyone else."

How many 500 year floods have been experienced in the US for the past five years? n/t

An orgy of tweeting this AM (see

petition that calls for the government to Formally recognize the alt-right as a terrorist group

Watching the mayor of Houston give a press briefing

Trump Mobilizes ICE - Sends to Texas to Deport Aliens

Trump: I'll be going to Texas soon as trip can be made without causing disruption to my hair

In case you're wondering why Trump is plugging David Clarke's book this morning...

can congress

White House Issues New Badges

Harris County Texas Live Audio Feeds

as flood waters and death toll rise, Trump is tweeting as if it's all over and everything is beautif

You Need A Proctologist To Do Brain Surgery On A Trump Voter.

Bored President Tweetles While Texas Drowns

It's Too Late On Global Warming. Houston Should Be A Wake Up Call.

Desperate cries for help pouring in from flood victims

A restaurant refused to serve a gay couple an ice cream sundae to share

A restaurant refused to serve a gay couple an ice cream sundae to share

Maybe Trump is a kind of cry for help from the Earth, a human flare - MUST-READ in the Guardian

"Everyone is a little bit racist" -- a proposed scale of racism

Before and after of Houston freeway today

How can we help? What about the victims?

Kitteh Bongo

The Floods in Texas are a Test for the Trump Administration

Graffiti seen in Aix-en-Provence

As Britain cracks down on weapons, criminals turn to acid attacks

KKK handouts call for violence against gays

Racist Doctor or Pioneer in Women's Health - Statue Quandary

KKK handouts call for violence against gays

They're getting their 15 minutes

Freedom Means Shooting Bear Cubs While They're Hibernating

Tillerson on Charlottesville: 'The president speaks for himself'

Ana Navarro takes on Michael Caputo after Trump's Arpaio pardon

Arizona's largest newspaper on Arpaio pardon: Racism isn't just ok with Trump, "it's a goal"

Trump doesn't give a f*ck about Texas except as an epic backdrop to his epic drama about himself

Is Miller The Next To Go?.....

Chuck Todd: Is Trump Trying to Remake the GOP or Just 'Blow Up Everything'?

What Trump Really Pardoned - Not Joe, But---

I've Been Visited By A Hummingbird Every Day For The Last Week

I know one Republican Trump will NOT be consulting about the Texas coast

Tweet by the National Weather Service:

Anticipation, Expectation - SURPRISE

Dem senator: White House is like an 'executive retreat for Goldman Sachs'

Most recent NOAA discussion on Harvey. 50 inches of rain total. No words.

Battle begins over implementing Trump's transgender ban

Please dont feed the Monkey!,,,,,

After Trump resigns or he is impeached many new laws have to be put into place. For example;

GOP eager for potential Kid Rock Senate bid

FDA Grants Breakthrough Therapy Designation for MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD

Remember this - 90 yr. Old Struggles to Feet to Shake Pres.'s Hand

Stop trying to figure out what Trump is doing.

Trump is shedding supporters like no other president in modern history - Doyle McManus

If Trump was watching the live feeds from Houston....

A tweet by #45 about Joe Arpaio from 2012

Wind is actually a huge problem

**** PLEASE HELP **** Wife and kids stuck low lying Houston area

Irish pub pleads for return of urinal-mounted Trump poster

[email protected] is a proud member of the DC swamp, and he has the circle of questionable friends

What are you reading this week of August 27, 2017?

RWNJ "painter" does one of Trump...

How a Houston journalist saves a trucker's life

here is the poll question where Bernie is the most popular

The Tea Party is back everybody!

Were There Evacuation Orders for Houston before the Storm?

Trump takes time out from Harvey to tweet Mexico will pay for wall:


Great article about how unfair bail is and maybe a way to fix it!

Trump veers from hurricane focus to poke Sen. McCaskill

Ben Taub Hospital being evacuated due to flooding, power outages

Using kayak to rescue in the midst of the flooding

Trump Weighs Cuts to Coast Guard, T.S.A. and FEMA to Bolster Border Plan (March 2017)

Harvey is causing 'epic catastrophic flooding' in Houston. Why wasn't the city evacuated? (WP)

Heck of a job Donnie

Is 50 Inches Of Rain Enough To Make People Listen?

Seniors stuck in waist-deep water at nursing home in Dickinson area

Trump thrown under the bus by Tillerson:

New phone scam: rash of virtual kidnappings -- also, what to do if you get a call.

Looks Like Climate Change Report Will Be Rebuffed, Mangled Or Just Plain Buried.

Trump Still Insists Mexico Will Pay For The Wall Eventually

Houston's Ben Taub Hospital is being evacuated due to #Harvey flooding; critical patients going firs

'I am not afraid': Barcelona holds peace march after terror attacks

***Houston evacuation plans required A FEW DAYS' NOTICE before landfall, & STATE HELP***

Texas Will Get The Federal Help They Supposedly Hate That Their Reps Denied Sandy Victims.

Trump threatens to terminate Nafta, renews calls for Mexico to pay for wall


Harvey causes deadly floods, is set to drop unprecedented rain totals in Texas

Unity ticket

A few questions:

Trump revoked Obama's executive order on higher standards for flood protection right before #Harvey

"Good luck" - Donald J Trump

Black Hawk helicopter that crashed off Yemen belonged to elite Special Operations air unit

Is Anybody Home at HUD?

If You Were A German In the 1920s and Saw the Rise of the Nazis, What Would You Do?

This is unprecedented in length of time

here is a fine example of the trump base: KKK leader calls Univision reporter the N-word

May Have To Move Houston To Higher Ground. Where To Put It

Fatigue and Training Gaps Spell Disaster at Sea, Sailors Warn

Powerful image from nursing home in Dickinson, Texas

Harvey - latest list of severe issues from the Accuweather live stream. Main link added (edited)

The Trump folks have found their "bad guy" in the Houston flooding.

Former President Vicente Fox to Trump

Thousands Would Have Been Trapped On Flooding Highways W/This Event.

Tweet about Houston. Wow...unimaginable

Guatemala expels head of U.N. anti-graft unit probing president

WH Adviser Claims Arpaio Pardon 'Is Pretty Straightforward' Amid Backlash

Hurricane survivors, current and past

No public transportation out of Houston...

Plug for another polarizing sheriff

Public asked to help with boats, high-water vehicles in Harris County Texas (Houston area)

Dire Situation in Texas reminds me of

Three More Houston before and after pics......

Easy way to help flood victims by giving $10 to Red are step by step instructions.

Houston Will Demand Herculean/Military Effort To Return To Normal. Worse Than Katrina?

Garlic. Two questions

I wish Nikki Haley was in charge of FEMA.

Will Trump Still Want Money For The Wall Rather Than Houston?

Indiana white nationalist called 'the next David Duke' isn't stopping with Charlottesville

Sherrod Brown, on MTP, really sounds like he's running for president.

FEMA administrator on Texas hurricane damage: We're 'going to be there for years'

Photo of massive sinkhole caused by flooding

Trump at the UN

seems there will be a sort of fighting bob fest in milwaukee next month

'Alien Invasion': Vote Fraud Crusader Sparks Outrage

Has this person been arrested yet?


This man had the perfect response to the angry anti-gay protesters who turned up at Pride

I'm worried about an outbreak of disease from

Rep. Joe Kennedy lll on Potential 2020 Campaign & Un-Glamorous Hyannis Port Holidays

Please don't politicize this right now.

On CNN, I think it's the Governor from Texas.

Houston Told People to Stay for Harvey, Now They Can't Get Out

Here is the Kansas Democratic Party Platform

What Would Be Trump/GOP Response If Texas Were Deep Blue?

Hey you.. Trump.. Houston is a national disaster.

Baltimore man among 3 more charged in Charlottesville, Va., white supremacist rally

New Rule: Get It in Writing Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

The class action lawsuit against the DNC was dismissed on Friday.

Will be nice to split the GD forum, three ways

I almost felt sorry for the Republicans in Congress two weeks ago

X Marks the Spot Where Inequality Took Root: Dig Here.

Dean Baker: Supporters of Trade Deals Have to Lie to Make their Case

Mexico sent troops to help during Katrina.

Could the fact that Antifa has shown the left can be violent if they need to be, kept the right

Will Likely See A Lot Of Texans Moving Elsewhere.

610 East Loop @ Market Street, Houston, before and after.

Is the pink underwear sold at a Arizona clothing store? or Do the prisoners spray paint it pink?

Can he be anymore tone deaf?

Anger sells

Rights commission urges Argentina to find missing activist

Houston TV station forced off air as crews evacuate ahead of floodwater

I Wonder If Texans Will Understand The Value Of Strong Efficient Federal Government?

Trump:'All out effort' going well. Must build wall. NAFTA. Meeting about floods. 'Rescues underway'.

Trump Still Has "Wrecking Crew" Cabinet Ready To Dismantle Federal Government.

Photos: The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

If You Build It, It Will Flood

Keep Trump in office - interesting letter (not mine)

Bush talked a good game about Katrina too

This is not good - Harvey heading out to sea to return to land

2020 Democratic Presidential/Vice Presidential Ticket- McAullife/Harris.

Hillary, like many professional women, on the horns of the dilemma

excellent reuse of a business sign

Anyone listening to that hypocrite Ted Cruz on CNN

"Hurricane Harvey Probably Isnt a 500-Year Event Anymore"

The Latest: Trump to visit hurricane-ravaged Texas Tuesday

Trump going to Texas on Tuesday, per CNN

Latest Harvey bulletin from NOAA (effective now) - with a new worrying part, see bolded toward end

What a difference 2 days makes (Hurricane Harvey)

A true description of how Trump will be remembered

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 31, 2017 -- Summer Under The Stars - Elizabeth Taylor

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 1, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: End of the Summer Beach Party

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 2, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials - Rogue Computers

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 28 August 2017

Local and national TV live streams from Houston

Japan beat Texas 12 to 2 to win the LLWS

Tropical storm Harvey not even half way done CNN. Vibes to all the folks

Appears Houston Mostly Built On Ancient Swamp Land. Prone To Flooding.

Houston before and after

Live at FEMA Headquarters: 'comfort' dogs and 'years' to recover

3,000 guard troops called up as catastrophic Harvey causes deadly floods in Texas

Sebastian Gorka: Hillary Clinton Allies Are Working From Within White House To Ruin Trump

Leader of Patriot Prayer group detained by Berkeley police

Trump expected to lift ban on military gear to local police forces

Fun with Photoshop!

When I see those folks wading thru that water...

Yes America, we have a President who is jealous of a hurricane

How to Help Harvey Victims?

The President tweets while Houston sinks

Weather Warning link auto updates.

Human skidmark Arpaio thinks that it's time for a guy dealing with brain cancer to receive "payback"

I heard pornography sales are soaring due to widespread fears about

Official Coast Guard #'s to call for Harvey emergency

CNN reporter Ed Lavandera is helping to rescue an elderly man in Dickinson

For the critics of the City of Houston I have a question

Florida senator files bill to ban Confederate holidays

Alex Jones: Globalists Are Using Left-Wing Citizens To Commit Genocide

How Nazis come to power in 2017 USA:

Certainly not the most important thought today.

Is anyone here in or near Houston... update!

With the Hurricane not hitting Houston directly, I doubt too many mayors would have said to evacuate

Local help?

It's like Dunkirk

LOSER 45 is going to Texas on Tues

I just read something, about Senators Cruz and Cornyn.

How to counter Cult 45's "blame Houston's mayor" talking point...

ICE Left 50 Immigrant Women And Kids Stranded At A Bus Station Before Hurricane Harvey Struck

Some good news from Houston.

NWS has issued a Flash Flood Emergency for Catastrophic Life Threatening Flood"

Thanks for what, you slimy bastard?

Did local officials know ahead of time how bad it would get....

My niece lives in Houston.

More time to think about the pardoning of Arpaio!

Texas wildlife is also taking a big hit -- donate if you can!

Jerry Lewis performing at an RFK fundraiser on 6/1/68

Houston Mayor on CNN/KPRC right now

"It's flooding down in Texas" and other songs

Sandy Hook victims sister rejects apology from Scott Baio over false flag Heather Heyer tweet

Heller walks tightrope on ObamaCare repeal

What If Trump Left the Republican Party?

I bet the people of Texas are glad they did not leave the union now.

Nazis get outta here: Anti-hate rally underway in Berkeley

FYI Trump's budget cuts the USCG by 15%

The Media Created a World Dumb Enough for Trump

If you're not in the hurricane zone, and you've got DIY projects planned... get your materials.

Another wave of top State Department officials quit this week in Black Friday mass resignation

Rex Tillerson on President Trumps values: The president speaks for himself

Lawd! A tropical storm watch has been issued for

Prophetic article from June on Houston

Two words for those who're flinging shade at Houston municipal officials: Hurricane Rita

Remember, Houston welcomed people displaced by Katrina with open arms.


If There Were a Harvey Scale Disaster in CA...?


America's Getting More Tolerant and Haters Hate It

Bernie Sanders book tour skims past Vermont

Kasich is sounding pretty presidential

Here's What Russia's Propaganda Network Wants You to Read

Trump struck down Obama's flood risk regulations two weeks before Harvey


The 'Alt-Right' Has Created Alt-Christianity

I am in Houston

Not mater where u live,,If u have a upcoming project which,,,,

44 much greater than 45

President Obama tweets RE: Harvey, fails to mention margin of his Electoral College victory. SAD!