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Dont shrug.

"expected to reshape federal land, water protections: Zinke on altering Nat. Monuments

Anderson Cooper just said Roger Stone came up with the whole

Another view of the "Bernie Sanders voters cost Clinton the election?" meme

Trump roils debt-ceiling debate

Trump and his ilk want their border wall, I have a plan...

Is anyone else sick of hearing the word "agenda" when they talk about trump?

GOP taken aback by Trumps verbal bombs

Intel chief sheds light on 'beautiful letter' Trump says he wrote him

Bill Browder just tweeted:

Speaker Paul Ryan offers little hope for Ex-Im Bank revival during tour of Boeing factory

More Sunshine...

Mexican Wall Fund...

Look, there's Martin Luther c**n

White House calls GOP senator's remark about Trump's competence 'outrageous'

How a New Generation of Progressive Activists Is Leading the Trump Resistance

Trump has to keep his Russian buddies happy.

The North Korean spies Ukraine caught stealing missile plans

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Ghosts in the Machine! Live Uncensored & a new

Final season of Halt and Catch Fire started......really enjoy it. eom

If you can hypnotize Trump....

Florida inmate Mark Asay executed by experimental injection

Sixteen US staff in Cuba hurt in 'acoustic attack'

watching the DHS budget hearings on cspan,

Young people don't want their parents' stuff

"It was a beautiful letter"!

More Modern Parenting...

The latest update

Man Suing Over Confederate Flag Removal Says Its Not Racist, Immediately Proves It Is

Monumental Shame - Luckovich 'toon

Nobody will know that a user is a Trump-enabling moron unless

SNL update brings Steve Bannon back..

Catch Rachel on the re-run. She's good always.

Researchers built an invisible backdoor to hack AIs decisions

OMFG. Trump retweeted this.

The definitive eclipse photo

2018 US Senate Election Rating-Least to Most Vulnerable Democratic and Republican held seats.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Paul Ryan is going to primary Groper Don the Con

Any Robert B. Parker fans here?

Lawrence right now: Ryan making his move in WA

At ancient pyramid in Peru, remains of 20th century Chinese labourers found

At ancient pyramid in Peru, remains of 20th century Chinese labourers found

In Silicon Valley, the right sounds a surprising battle cry: Regulate tech giants

I have decided to buy myself a mental health gift.

Florida executes man with drug never used in lethal injection

Bill Browder is being mercilessly hunted by Vlad Putin, ffs - Mr. Browder is an international

Divided states of America: 62% say Trump is driving people apart, poll finds

Nazis and the KKK stole that dam flag

Boycotting the NFL Will Not Work, but Im Doing It Anyway

Ahh - That Russian Wood is Screwing The U.S.

Brazil abolishes huge Amazon reserve in 'biggest attack' in 50 years

Brazil abolishes huge Amazon reserve in 'biggest attack' in 50 years

'Let's stand for the mountains!': the Native American rockers fighting to be heard

A Religious Dogma

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 27 - Summer Under the Stars: Leslie Caron

TCM Schedule for Monday August 28 - Summer Under the Stars: Slim Pickens

Karen Chetcuti's killer sentenced to life in prison without parole

My jury selection demographics were hacked.

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell is live now.

Rhetorical schizophrenia

White House dodges questions on threatened shutdown

Calls to Disband Vote Fraud Panel

keep an eye on this...fascinating

Russian Hacking Specialist Rinat Akhmetshin...

Russian Bots Are Trying to Sow Discord on Twitter After Charlottesville - Slate

Question Trump's mental health

Is Trump smart?

Trump Divorces the GOP Congress

Your Thoughts? McAuliffe/Hagan 2020? Reasons For and Against?

7 times Trump tried to call off the dogs

What Trump has undone

Piss Hookers and Debtor's Prisons, and Ultrasonics, OH MY

7 Rules For Reading Approval Rating

Cant Pardon Arpaio

What is your take on the "traditional" abrahamic monotheistic God?

Could this be a game-changer for Middle East peace?

Massive America First Rally this Saturday:

Rescued a kitten, now I must beat my dog!

Turd Reich: San Francisco dog owners lay minefield of poo for rightwing rally

American Legion adopts resolution supporting medical marijuana

Watergate prosecutor: Trump acting like he is running out of time

Anyone on this site who did not vote for Hillary in the general election

So Ted Cruz voted against aid to Sandy victims.

So how does this unity and healing thing work exactly?

Courts Have Blocked Three Discriminatory Texas Voting Laws in Eight Days

Valerie Plame wants to buy Twitter to kick Trump off

The Daily Show: Serious Trump vs. Somber Trump vs. Freestyle Trump

Breitbart is among darlings of Russian propaganda

Secret Service director tells agents: I am 'fighting' to get you paid

Trump Divorces the GOP Congress - WSJ Editorial

White mother of black children (and white children) tells it like it is.

Donald Trump Phoenix Rally Cold Open - SNL

The presidential chair (center), in the Roosevelt Room, is higher than the other chairs.

So Trump supporters think weather science

Unit on Edge Over Loyalty to Trump

This won't be news to anyone here,

Saw a great movie today..

Inside Robert Muellers Army

This dude one-ups Jack White

How do i close my account at DU?

How Redlinings Racist Effects Lasted for Decades

Trump to Undo Obama-Era Federal Transportation Jobs Program That Aided Minority Communities

How is everyone ? Check in please....

Before Trump directs storm relief money to Texas, remember this tweet about Hurricane Sandy

jack ma on China trade cheating

"Do not interrupt a Latina"

Hell and High Water

Far-right activists are using fake Twitter accounts and images of battered women to smear ANTIFA

Once the Trump era ends, just imagine the tell all books.

(JEWISH GROUP) Emblems of Anti-Semitism

Behind In Funds, Mt. Juliet Senator Beavers Says She'll Resign Her Seat To Focus On Run For Governor

(JEWISH GROUP) Students suspended, expelled for playing 'Jews vs. Nazis' beer pong

World leaders as refugees (Syrian artist)

Krugman: Trump and Pruitt, making America polluted again

What's your pet peeve at a convenience store?

Twenty people from Youngstown indicted laundering $16 million obtained through computer hacking and

$13.4 Million Settlement Of Civil Healthcare Fraud Lawsuit Against US Bioservices Corp.

Former Investment Advisor Arrested for $20 Million Fraud

Two International Bank Managers Charged in Libor Interest Rate Manipulation Scheme

Former UVA Football Player Convicted of $10 Million Fraud

totally insane overkill PC, Maximum PC Dream Machine 2017 is $18,220

Perris Man Charged with Smuggling Tiger Cub

4th LD) Samsung heir Lee sentenced to 5 years in prison

Daily Stormer is back... and got under attack by hackers within hours.

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Crazy Talk

Friday Toon Roundup 2 - Intergenerational War

I think I found an example of Trump style "unity and healing"

Friday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Republicans gather in Nashville to plot 2018 campaign as Trump clashes with GOP leaders

No major legislation passed...he has a 'sad' this morning

Nashville council denounces white supremacist groups week after passing on resolution

He truly is demented

"Don't believe the Fake News": Trump live-tweets Morning Joe - a "bad show" he never watches

A statue meme I made

Ram Rahim Singh Indian guru convicted of rape

Trump's election commission co-chair pushes rules that led to tossed-out votes

German police confiscate thousands of Trump-shaped ecstasy pills

Stand up against the so-called "three percenters" and let's make this a thing

Munchkin and his wife were not alone on top of Fort Knox viewing eclipse

Racist Pregnant white woman picked the wrong one

Stand up against the so-called "three percenters" and let's make this a thing

*** The Official Hurricane Party Song Thread ***

Kasich, Hickenlooper eye joint 2020 bid


Why Republicans Must Pay for Trump - by Joy-Ann Reid

The origin of Super Villains: Thanos

Gary Cohn: Trump Team Must Do Better to Condemn Hate Groups

Report: Pompeo Has CIA Unit on Edge Over Loyalty to Trump

This 4-Year-Old Boy Isnt Allowed At School Because Of His Long Hair

Mnuchin's wife isn't the only one defining herself through the brands she promotes

He Screams About 'Race Traitors' -- and Trump Loves Him

Turd Reich: San Francisco dog owners lay minefield of poo for rightwing rally

Does this mean something?:

Lawmakers Want to Blur the Lines Between Legal and Illegal Marketing Schemes

Man behind Trump's eclipse meme laughed at liberals - then lost his t-shirt store for 'hating Jews'

Arguments stupid people use

Trump goes after Corker on Twitter: "Tennessee not happy!" GRRR! Fire BAD! Two scoops GOOD! GRRRR!

The difference is: Barack and Lady Liberty, and the orange turd and Lady Liberty (in first photo)

Trump distances himself from GOP lawmakers to avoid blame if agenda stalls

The Senate Is Trolling Trump With Its Intelligence Bill

"Willie Geist doesn't know what he's talking about!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Despite Disavowals, Leading Tech Companies Help Extremist Sites Monetize Hate

2020 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee-Al Franken (D-MN)

Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 2; evacuations underway

Travel Advice Sought

A politician wants to persecute 'dreamers' to distract from his own felony trial

It's time to start punishing public officials who disenfranchise voters

A black man went undercover online as a white supremacist. This is what he learned.

Austin Statesman - 8 Texas Webcams

Oops! Cohn breaks silence on Charlottesville in an interview

Say No to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mr. Trump - by the NYT Editorial Board

Trump and his GOP allies could roil markets this fall

A black man went undercover online as a white supremacist. This is what he learned.

Pattern Of Hacking Preceded Attendee Of Donald Trump Camp Russia Meeting Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Happy Birthday to Maestro Leonard Bernstein

Republicans Learn to Love Debt

from Daily Kos: Riding out a Texas Hurricane

Trump and Pruitt, Making America Polluted Again - Paul Krugman

Acapulco is Now Mexico's Murder Capital

George Lincoln Rockwell, American Nazi, gunned down doing the laundry fifty years ago today

South Texas and South Western Louisiana DUers

Here are the 53 bills Trump has signed into law so far

Yet another busy day:

Why I love Twitter.

Don't post on Facebook that you would like to run over protesters with your car.

Anyone just hear Prof. Turley on Morning Joe say impeaching Trump was "dangerous"?

Could the emerging narrative of an "armed left" be the precursor to gun control?

Another Eclipse Coming

Last team not to hit a home run in their home ballpark for an entire season.

Democrats 2018 gerrymandering problem is really bad: 54% of the votes and only 47% of the seats.

Trump's logic gets destroyed at White House briefing: Why shut down govt over border wall if...

#HurricaneHarvey Possible year -20in-worth of rain in a week or less

Become an OFA community engagement fellow this fall

The American Horror Story: Cult Trailer Shows the Horrifying Aftermath of Election Night From Both..

Babylonian trigonometry "simpler, more accurate... has clear advantages over our own."

Yellen rejects Trump approach, says post-crisis banking rules make economy safer

Falsely accused of satanic horrors, a couple spent 21 years in prison. Now theyre owed millions.

My guess is that,

Ex-senator John Danforth: Trump is 'the most divisive president in our history'

Gary Cohn just got himself fired

Yeah, there's still a Russia probe -- and it looks worse for Trump all the time

Former Skinheads Hear Echoes Of Their Recruitment In Trump's 'Heritage' Talk

Keith Olberman sums up the "fantastic job" (heck of a job, Brownie) John Kelly's been doing.

Ram Rahim Singh: deadly clashes follow Indian guru's rape conviction

GOP lawmaker: Mexico will pay 'part of the tab' for wall

South Carolina governor cuts off funding for abortion clinics in executive order

Behind closed doors, Bruce Poliquin says talking to press could cost him his seat

Gowdy, Mulvaney exchange zingers over congressmans many hairstyles

Science may have solved the 150-year-old mystery of a sunken Civil War submarine

Trump 'Embarrassed' Over Border Wall

Russia gets $$$ from Trump/U.S. -- "illogical" lumber trade policies hurt Canada, help Russia

Keep digging, Donald. You're bound to get there.

Former ReTHUG Senator Danforth's scathing OP -

Oil and gas allies to Trump: Slow down

Obama makes rare endorsement in crucial St. Petersburg race

Basic Stuff; Don't Attack Leader McConnell

Flake: Trump's border wall plan is 'out there'

It doesn't look good for Gulf Coast Texas or SW Florida.

Powerball: Massachusetts woman wins record-breaking $758.7m

Is the Opioid Crisis a National Emergency? No (At least not officially.)

Is the Opioid Crisis a National Emergency? No (At least not officially.)

As Harvey wreaks havoc on South Texas - what will Cheeto be doing Saturday?

Passing gas: Coal retakes the top spot in US power generation in the second quarter of 2017

Gary Cohn, Trumps Adviser, Said to Have Drafted Resignation Letter After Charlottesville

Defunct Burlington College still owes bank $730,000, judge says.

Pre-digital Fun - The Good Ole' Days

Twitter Video: Bernie's joining us to #FightFor15 and #union rights for all workers on Labor Day!

Why isn't Jared Kushner offended by Trump's anti-semitism?

Twitter Video: Bernie's joining us to #FightFor15 and #union rights for all workers on Labor Day!

Tammy Duckworth: "When I was bleeding to death in my Black Hawk, I didnt care if..."

U.S. imposes first economic sanctions against Venezuela

I'll just leave this here.

Maximum flip-flopper, 45 and his loyalists can't explain Art of the Deal

New Dog Breeds

Source: Kasich, Hickenlooper consider unity presidential ticket in 2020

Brennan's Warning: Some Lawmakers Didn't Get 'Gravity' Of Russian Meddling

Far-right using fake accounts, images of battered women to smear anti-fascists

UPDATED: Trump administration slaps new financial penalties on the Venezuelan government

When Republicans say "reform" they're screwing you

WATCH: GOP ex-lawmaker gives up on shockingly bad Trump and calls Obama a better dealmaker

A look back: The 1970s Loudoun County High School flag controversy

Toon - Important Op-Ed Columnist, coming through!

U.S. imposes first economic sanctions against Venezuela

Attention Donald Trump. This is how a wall works:

New GOP Logo

My Absolute Favorite Old Testament Story: 'Elisha and the Two Bears'

My view from north of your border

2fer: Sigh, elsewhere billionaire to prison, why not here?!1 And, FALWELL's hypocrisy (ho hum)

Dying dog with terminal cancer finds home

GOP Never Hurt By Their Evil. If Anything Rewarded With More Power.

Good news: In the South, a new helping hand: Muslim disaster relief teams

Chronic illness sucks

Do androids dream of electric gods?

Ronald Reagan named to Labor Department Hall of Honor

"We in the media owe the president a sincere apology"

The Trump administration's national monuments 'review' is a sham

This works for me

Asarco wants 11,000 acres pulled from Ironwood Monument

Free Ice Water and 5 Cent Coffee at Wall Drug, South Dakota Road Trip Day 4 Episode 9

GOP floats condemning Charlottesville violence

MEANWHILE, in Tejas...

She calculated rocket trajectories by hand - (John Glenn) trusted no one else

My Weekend at the Falwells South Beach Flophouse

2,000-Year-Old Tombs from Roman Period Found in Egypt

Grassley warns Trump: Focus on hurricane, don't make same mistake Bush made

Door mats

Journalists attacked in Honduras

Ex-Obama spox: Trump staff believes he's 'too stupid to figure out that Infowars is garbage'

Water is Life? Salmon Life Doesn't Matter to the State of Washington

Riot Police on Horseback Clash With Striking Teachers in Peru

What Did These Children Thank Ivanka Trump for?

Yummy InterNASHional food crawl to benefit Immigrant & Refugee Rights! Sept.2

Protesters Got Christopher Cantwell Arrested, Cops Didn't Even Try

Remember when both Texas Senators voted

The Secret Service had to pay thousands for portable toilets at Trumps New Jersey golf club

Has anybody gone over the border for dental repair?

Here's your weekend nightmare:

Secret Service Should Be Paying NOTHING To Operate/Stay On Trump Properties.

Make America Green Again!

Kansas City takes down Confederate monument after vandalism

On Irrelevant Religious Expression

VW engineer sentenced to 40-month prison term in diesel case

I'm sorry Trump supporters

"What the hell is this shit? I told you to give me a copy of my electoral victory map."

Mexico City is banning dolphin shows, taking a lead on animal rights

HHS Stops Funding for Teen Pregnancy Prevention!

As an American with an "interesting look" I too have been asked "Where are you REALLY from?"

Likely Religious Right Would Even Take Away Woman's Right To Vote.

I'm very concerned for Texas residents with

Elian Gonzalez Believes He Would Have Been Used To Make Cuba Look Bad

Hunting a Killer: Sex, Drugs and the Return of Syphilis

Elian Gonzalez Believes He Would Have Been Used To Make Cuba Look Bad

U.S. Navy recovers second body in search for sailors missing after collision

Border patrol threatens to lock up undocumented Texans trying to flee Hurricane Harvey

Without insurance, some vendors balk at stocking Sears' shelves


Ex-US Attorney To Lead Review Of Cville Response To 3 White Nationalist Rallies

A John Kasich/John Hickenlooper ticket won't happen -- thankfully


Toronto orchestra closed after fat-shaming singers

"This is one of the first good threads ... on Russian Twitter bots. I think he found a network."

Do Not Think GOP Would Work With Dems If Trump Would Shut Down Government.

This video of Trump doing business in Russia needs to go viral... - Scott Dworkin

Stephen King Bans Trump from Seeing It as Revenge for Twitter Blocking: No Clowns for You, Donald

Lady Liberty

Facebook Figured Out My Family Secrets, And It Won't Tell Me How

House Intel Committee Democrat wants to investigate Russian lobbyist in Trump Tower meeting

Trump's biggest issue today is Venezuela and financial markets - not Hurricane Harvey

Sen Orin Hatch--This is really beautiful.

US to Stop Issuing Visas to Citizens From 3 African Countries, Cambodia

My letter of not quite resignation

Trump is meddling in Venezuela with a new Executive Order.

A fugging Cat3 hurricane is bearing down on Texas and these assholes

Is it me or.....

Border Patrol says Texas checkpoints to remain open during Hurricane Harvey

The Weather Channel just said, "This is a real danger and NOT FAKE NEWS".

John Kelly, the pro-Trump media could be coming for you next

NYC to alter subway tiles that resemble rebel flag

Looks like the generals are taking over

Think before you ask this question. It can make some minorities feel like they don't belong.

I know why I'm divorced

LOL, Fox hires Michael Vick as NFL Kickoff

Neutrality is dead

Live shot of the waves from Galveston

They have no allegiance to liberal democracy: an expert on antifa explains the group

Economic sanctions against Venezuela...those worked RIGHT AWAY in Cuba!

Franken seen as reluctant 2020 candidate

Trump Is Uniting Latin America Against U.S...

Ex-Obama spox: Trump staff believes he's 'too stupid to figure out that Infowars is garbage'

Reacting to Asian Kung fu generation

Things to know about Fusion GPS and the Trump/Russia investigation

Hour after hour of news coverage about impending disaster in the Gulf

As to the "you had to vote for HRC to be able to post here" thing.

Challenging Trent Franks, R-Glendale:

"TRUMP 2020"??

New: Trump to let House GOP write his tax plan

Border Patrol says Texas checkpoints to remain open during Hurricane Harvey

What Trump sees on his Twitter feed (WaPo created bot)

Trump's border wall will damage Texas wildlife refuge

I want to see RECEIPTS! Rick Perry's "family & friends" to "reimburse gov't" for Ukraine trip

"The rainfall amounts currently forecast are almost too high to comprehend"

Hurricane Harvey Shuts Down Corpus Christi, Texas Coast; Towns Could Become 'Essentially Islands,' O

Why Trump Cant Pardon Arpaio

'No other place to go': Former allies say Bannon's return to Breitbart is anything but triumphant

Now is the best time to take down racism

Breaking on CNN: Harvey now Cat. 3.

"Trump Saves Citgo..." LOL They're one of his biggest donors!

White House says Trump may visit Texas, warns of Harvey: 'This is a serious storm'

Trump has over-promised to his base. That makes a terrible outcome more likely. - By Greg Sargent

Blood and Faith: A new book links white nationalists to Christianity

Texas rep: Trump needs to declare federal disaster area for Harvey

Has pat Robertson or any of his ilk

President Trump approval rating in Michigan below 30 percent, MSU survey finds

Another reason to get out: Alligators

Fill Your Gas Tanks Today!

As Hurricane Harvey grows stronger, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calls for evacuations

Trump Saves Citgo, Repped by His Ex-Aides, From New Sanctions

'I Alone Can Fix It' Becomes 'It's Not My Fault' - By Jonathan Chait

I wonder why Texas is being singled out for punishment with the horrible storm?

Like dog shit on your shoe

How the automobile air conditioner got invented (humor)

White House Shrugs Off Fallout From Trump's Charlottesville Response

Current world winds map

Mnuchin Wants 'Clean' Bill To Raise Debt Ceiling

Alt-Right icon 'Based Stickman' sent to jail - won't spread his hateful message at SF rallly

Four-year-old denied education for honoring his Native heritage

My Uncle Bob posted this on Facebook...worth the read.

Trump Administration Abruptly Cuts Funding to Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

Religious Order of Nuns Leaves Corpus Christi, TX - What Did They Know?

Noted Evangelistic Christian Explains Why Texas Was Selected

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Our president was just asked if he had words for the people of Texas. He said "good luck!"

Sarah, dancing as fast as she can around the subject of very fine nazis

Who's the little kid 45 is strongarming and otherwise ignoring

All those who are making a big deal about only Hillary voters can post here...

I always love it when the Americans show up and kick the crap out of the Nazis.

Russian timber industry benefitting from US-Canada trade dispute

Who will be donald trump's Barry Goldwater? It would add a touch of irony...

Congressman Gianforte provides mugshot at Gallatin County jail

Well, This made me feel a bit better today

Texans, check in. Let's keep one another informed.

Alex Jones hamster died in the wheel that kept his brain semi-functioning

For our friends down in Texas

More proof repugs are the biggest-boldest hypocrites: 3 No votes on disaster aid except....

Guest Post: A Millennial Takes on Trump, His Voters, and Whatever the Hell That Arizona Thing Was

For fans of Martin Sheen who are also members of

Never forget Rep Mike Pence, R-Indiana and Texas R Ted Poe

Trumps Council on Environmental Quality has no members at all

Likely to End DACA

A course to oblivion

My eating experiment showed I'm not ready to move down to 3 cans per day

This is an extremely "ODD" pResident

Yellen Distances Herself in Jackson Hole

Trump Likely to End DACA Immigrant Program

It's about damn time! Better late than never.

Man facing charges from pro-Trump rally put in jail

World leaders conclude: Trump is a liability, not a leader

Cant decide if hes perfect or being sabotaged

Richard Spencer stayed at Trump's D.C. hotel while he planned the Charlottesville rally

"Galveston" covers a lot of things these days.

How are the developmentally disabled able to vote?

Press adviser leaves job

Trumps ratings might jump for a week

A look back at Hurricane Alicia - August 19, 1983.

Trump considers backing away from Strange in heated Alabama Senate runoff

Special Counsel Examines Possible Role Flynn Played in Seeking Clinton Emails From Hackers

20,000 stuck at sea in cruise ships as Galveston hunkers down for Hurricane Harvey

How soon do you think Trump will say THIS at a rally:

Pentagon waives repayment of more than $190 million from California National Guard members

CNN forecast for Victoria Texas: 52.04 inches total rainfall

Family member just came out as transgender.

About statues and how Black people view them. This is from 2010......

Border Patrol won't close Immigration Checkpoints during hurricane, endangering many.

First Contact

We Follow Al Franken On His Book Tour

Cruz and Cornyn voted against Hurricane Sandy disaster relief. Guess what they did today?

Who is your fav Dem to lead the tRump push back AND articulate what we Dems stand for?

The freakishly cool seed pod of the Moon Flower

Al Sharpton Is Still sharp - Gary Cohn's Comments

Poll is A) dumb B) pointless C) laughable D) all of the above

Brussels attack: Man shot after stabbing troops

Bill Nye sues Disney for $9.35 million in missing Science Guy profits

Good luck everybody! Soothing presidential words on the way to the golf course.

WTF is it with this "Resolute Desk" crap?

Job Creater? R.U. Fucking Serious?

For those without cable (like me...)

Stephen King Bans Trump From Seeing 'It': 'Go Float Yourself'

Hurricane Harvey to strike oil and gas facilities expanded by fracking (and toxic Superfund sites)

Breaking: Right Wing Rally Cancelled for San Francisco!!

Twitter Link: SUNDAY: Face the Nation - We'll hear from Sen. @BernieSanders ...

Raising suspicions, Trump keeps intervening where he shouldn't - MSNBC

Mueller Seeks Grand Jury Testimony from PR Execs Who Worked With Manafort

Special Counsel Examines Possible Role Flynn Played in Seeking Clinton Emails From Hackers

Just got great news the right wing christofascist patriot rally In SF is cancelled tomorrow.

REGARDLESS of what you think of Trump, you WILL be inspired by this new photo of his Cabinet.

Wayne Allyn Root: All Liberal Women Are Ugly

Here are a few live stream feeds for Hurricane Harvey coverage

Photo of Hurricane Harvey as seen from the International Space Station

Hmmmm so Brock Long can't answer Blitzer's simple queestion

Aviation enthusiasts; Beginning of the end for the A380? Singapore A/L quietly parks first one. edit

Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 25, 2017

It's raining from Brownsville to Louisiana

Trump looked at an eclipse without sunglasees - can we get him to fly to the Gulf tonight?

Tonight On Real Time with Bill Maher: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Paul Begala, Nayyera Haq,

The orange laundry mark signed memo giving DOD/DHS authority to expel transgender people

Mueller Looking at Flynn Role In Pursuit of Clinton Emails

Good luck! There's nobody home at 81% of Federal agencies.

Do you think Uncle Sugar's daughter talks so fast so we don't catch on?

Japan investigating possible N. Korean missile launch

More than 4,000 black people were lynched in the South. Where are their monuments?

Trump is at Camp David monitoring #HurricareHarvey as it approaches a "CLASS 3".....

Right wing group just cancelled tomorows rally in SF

Trump administration will check peoples papers as they evacuate from Hurricane Harvey..

We have truly lost our soul as a nation

Cat 4 just announced by Weather Channel by Jim Cantore..."Good Luck".

Stevie Nicks playing Minnesota State Fair Grandstand tonight

North Korea fires 'several projectiles'

How Do Hurricanes Affect Migrating Birds?

Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 4 storm with 130 mph winds

Donald Trump Exposes Donald Trump

Jews and Muslims are natural allies against religious discrimination

Bernie's Trip to Ohio, Indiana and Michigan

Right-wing group cancels San Francisco rally

Will 'only I can fix this' get his sh*t together for Harvey?

Texas: Officials. If you are not evacuating, write your name and SS# on your arm.

Trump Signs Memo Banning New Transgender Servicemembers

"Isaac's Storm" by Erik Larson

Flash Flood Warning Issued by NWS Corpus Christi (Corpus Cristi, Victoria and Laredo)

This is just a very bad day.

Trump signs directive banning transgender military recruits

Pierce: The Democrats' Unity Commision Isn't Doing Much Unifying

Bad news: The guy whose job it was to pump out 'good news' for Trump quits

Ancestry CEO gets it

Trump directs Pentagon to implement ban on transgender service members, bans sex-reassignment surger

Holy Shite - Harvey is now Cat4

20,000 stuck at sea in cruise ships

Pups 2 weeks

Every county's Obamacare marketplace will have an insurer in 2018

If you want the perfect boiled egg, read this post by DUer politicat NOW!

When is the Cat 4 Hurricane suppose to hit?

*****BREAKING***** Flynn Tried To Get Clinton E-mails From Russian Hackers

Whoever has the pee tapes please release them. This man child is burning down the country

Trump Hotel at Night: Lobbyists, Cabinet Members, $60 Steaks

Breaking NBC Special Counsel issues subpoenas linked to Manafort

I haven't read trump's book, 'The Art Of The Deal' but....

As White Nationalist in Charlottesville Fired, Police 'Never Moved'

****BREAKING**** North Korea launched THREE ballistic missiles today in a span of 30 minutes

Jesus, This Feels Worse Than Katrina.

In For The Kill - Luckovich 'toon

Wine War in Southern France Has Streets Running Red.