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Archives: August 17, 2017

Trumps isolation grows

New SCOTUS justice to give speech to conservatives at Trump's D.C. emoulment hotel

CEOs revolt against Trump over Charlottesville

Trump Lawyer Forwards Email Echoing Secessionist Rhetoric

Bannon: I want Democrats to talk about racism every day

About the elections in Alabama

Never mind--got my no nazi avatar

Charlottesville Victim's Mom to White Supremacists: 'You Just Magnified Her'

Rabbi That Oversaw Ivanka Trump's Conversion to Judaism Slams Trump on Charlottesville Response

Alabama Attorney General sues Birmingham for hiding Confederate monument

House panel to hold hearing on white supremacist threat

why are the business people leaving, but the evangelicals

Anderson Cooper is interviewing the Vice reporter about the Friday night

Mayor asks Trump to delay Phoenix rally after Charlottesville violence

DOJ warrant of Trump resistance site triggers alarm

He put on an 82nd Airborne cap and gave a KKK salute in Charlottesville. Vets had words.

Alabama group wants Confederate statue removed; is raising funds to pay fine (

I make a great chowder. Lots of good stuff in there!

Daniel Fried (on MSNBC): "Robert E. Lee broke his oath so he could defend slavery."

CNN law enforcement analyst claims the left shares blame for Heather Heyers death

Cloudfare CEO: the people behind the Daily Stormer are assholes and Id had enough.

Stacy George files ethics complaint against Mayor Bell over monument cover (

Trump Lawyer Forwards Secessionist Email

Trump is a very 'powerful' person...

Haberman's take on new Bannon interview: He's "daring Cohn to quit or Kelly to fire Bannon. Or both"

Wow Col. Lawrence Wilkerson. Speaking to Joy/ All In

Remember when Nixon's "last" press conference was the standard for political hari-kiri...?

Trump's lawyer John Dowd forwarded email defending Robert E. Lee to govt. officials and journos

Is this gaslighting by Bannon?:

Only hippocrites can kill a person they claim to support, and then blame her for her own death.

Christopher Cantwell biggest coward ever-before and after

Ann Coulter told Trump to "be a man" a few months back!

Democratic US Senate Candidates that are key in helping Democrats regain control-2018/2020

If you are wanting to see something amazing and talented?

Neo-Nazi talks tough, then cries like a baby

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Chuck Johnson met with Julian Assange today in London embassy

Getting ready for Rachel!

this was the 'good news' from yesterday and why he was in the trump tower lobby

After clashes with white nationalists, U-Va. library employee suffers a stroke

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in! Live and Uncensored! Nonstop

Maddow is saying Trumps russia lawyer did something unexpected

If it's not clear by now, Trump's the adult version of the kid who throws the board game

Maybe I've seen too many episodes of "BILLIONS" but...

Rightwing Domestic Terrorism

The DNC,DSCC,AL Dem Party and other progressive grassroots organizations need to help Doug Jones.

For amusement (extreme RW nuttery); RimJob: "Trump Stands Alone"

Alabama Attorney General sues Birmingham for hiding Confederate monument

Words that auto spell-check doesn't like, and how it ruined them.

The Lumbee have an annual celebration for this, but they don't need a statue

United We Stand... Local Coverage from C-ville Weekly

Van Jones's tearful response last night on CNN - He is speaking for many of us.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 17, 2017 -- Summer Under The Stars - Rosalind Russell

A Divided Country Is Exactly What Trump Wants

Rachel talking about Peter Strok who working on Russia/Mueller investigation

Mixed news: Religious leaders react to the violence in Charlottesville

Good news: Meet the clergy who stared down white supremacists in Charlottesville

Faux News The Five, right now

Holy Shit. Maddow: "Russian Attack Doesn't Appear to be Over."

Phoenix Mayor Stanton to Trump: Don't Come to Phoenix to Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Meet drug dealer, criminal and self admitted injector of meth into his anus Chris Cantwell.

This is wrong!!

Reminder - Pay Attention

More Confederate Statues Get Their Gone On.

Is Sherrylynn Ifill Gwen's daughter? n/t

Meme it. Meme it good.

C'ville. This is an impromptu gathering word of mouth.

"I'd rather have my child, but by golly if I've got to give her up...we are going to make it count"

Wow. The Pygmy King with the missiles is out of the news

Alt-left Thugs

FBI Counter-Espionage Specialist Peter Strzok's Reaction To Being Transferred From Mueller's Team To

A few idiots protested today at the Lenin statue in Fremont

I suggest Charlottesville rename Robert E. Lee park Heather Heyer peace Park

Tony Schwartz: Trump will resign & declare victory before Mueller & Congress leave him no choice

I am thinking we need to have a travel ban on white males until we can figure out what the hell

The Truth About Colonel Klink: When America's Favorite Comedy Nazi Commandant Was Played by a Jewish

Jewish Trump Officials Silent on Presidents Defense of Anti-Semitic Protesters

Well-articulated first-person accounts from Charlottesville: "Had the antifa not stepped in..."

VDARE White supremacist meeting canceled.

Krauthammer Goes Off The Reservation. Calls Ingram's Defence of Trump a 'Cop Out.' POPCORN!

"Today, Ive been thinking a lot about this whole neo-Nazi thing...."

For Fakes Sake: Trumps Unprecedented Economic Growth?

Large vigil (Wed. night) in Charlottesville. 'Candles instead of torches' (Pics)

Today Episcopalians celebrate Jonathan Myrick Daniels

For "Game of Thrones" fans, check out The Ringer's podcast: "Binge Mode"

'Pressure Drop'--the perfect song for the Don---Toots and the Maytals

Not Torches. Candles and Peace.

It's time to fund the National Slavery Museum and gift the confederacy monuments to them.

Q. How do you terrify a white nationalist? A. Offer them genetic testing

Phoenix mayor to President Trump: Don't come

Candles instead of torches. This is Charlottesville.

8/16: Trump at Lowest Point With 35% Job Approval Rating Crack at the Base

About those Confederate statues

It seems like The Nature Boy might go away. Damn.

DOJ demand for info regarding visitors to anti-Trump website goes to court.

One of the laziest, most obnoxious cheap-ass devices of reportage:

We have a moral monster in the White House - Anna Marie Cox

Local News covering hate groups tonight

There is no comparison between white supremacists and Black Lives Matter

Want a peaceful way to counter Nazi protesters?

Three of Colombias former Supreme Court presidents took bribes: DEA

Why are Colombias former guerrillas and their families assassinated?

In Praise of Vice News for their coverage...

So . . . Two Scoops is off to Camp David? I gotta feeling about this one.

Ivanka's Rabbi Slams Trump's Charlottesville Response

Ancient species of giant sloth discovered in Mexico


Ancient species of giant sloth discovered in Mexico

Trumps lack of discipline leaves new chief of staff frustrated and dismayed

Oh, boy!!!

anyone for a bit of a relief laugh? From the Red Sox pre-game toss of the first pitch

Dana Rohrabacher and Chuck Johnson meeting with Julian Assange

Daydreams the sometimes rattle around my head.

CNN: Heather's Mom: They Killed My Child to Shut Her Up; Magnifying Her

the tropics are starting to wake up...

Race and Terror

Let's not forget...

...and Harry, Jimmy, Trent.. fuck you too!

What do you think Friday Camp David meeting is about?

So much for Trump's claim that the "other" protesters didn't have a permit. #FactCheckingIsSad

NY Post: Ann Coulter accused of 'cash only' side hustle at Hamptons event

Trump and the CEOs - WSJ Editorial

What's your favorite song from 1982?

I just like this LOSER 45 photo, that's all:

Looking More Like Trump Instigating Race War. Just What Bannon & Allies Want.

The elephant in the room...

Trump:A closer look

President Trumps false claim that counter-demonstrators lacked a permit

West Virginia governors coal company engaging in attempt to intimidate public officials

Sherman Alexie's new poem addresses the hatred currently plaguing the United States.

When the Mayor of a city that voted for [Redacted], in a red state, politely asks him to stay away

Bannon now claims he didn't know he was on the record in interview.

Charlottesville candle light vigil is HUGE!

Donald Trump's die-hard supporters show no signs of straying

After Charlottesville, time to censure President Trump.

Seth Meyers: Amber's Late Night Safe Space:

Donald Trump's die-hard supporters show no signs of straying

Trump expresses Fox News

Lounge, am on my *3rd* bag of popcorn!1 - just skim p. 1 of GD!1 n/t

Trump expresses Fox News

Go Daddy takes down Daily Stormer

Where are Jared and Ivanka?

Apple's Tim Cook "disagrees" with DT's take on neo-nazi violence...pledges 1M to both SPLC &

There should be WWII soldiers in protests with signs that say...

Removing Confederate statues

Ohio city becomes the latest to remove Robert E Lee statue

Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider

(A Message From AL Governor Don Siegelman (D) Of How To Change The State Party)

Confederate statue removed in LA

Bill Browder tweet re: Rohrabacher/Assange meetup today:

Trump aide repatedly offered to set meeting with Russians

Ethno-nationalism it's losers. It's a fringe element. I think the media plays it up

Judge tosses 10 vetoes, says governor failed to follow rules

Pukes hiding out make John Dillinger look like an amateur.

Happy Now?

New Mexico Paradox: Really Poor And Really Rich

Expect more Nazi terrorism:Boston Approves Permit for White Supremacist Rally on Saturday

I saw a HULU preview for Showtime's Ray Donovan that had Susan Sarandon and Jon Voight

Grijalva to lead counter protest when Trump visits Phoenix on Tuesday

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Shame on the Moon (VIDEO)

University of New Mexico regents OK moving ahead on new hospital

"When the history books about Trump's presidency are written, the Charlottesville episode will be _

Has this joke been told here?

Federal court says Arkansas can block Planned Parenthood money

So it seems the POTUS is in bed with the White Nationalists and the now the Russians

Pro-Trump Rally Set to Clash with Juggalo March in Washington, D.C. in September

At NAFTA Kickoff, U.S., Mexico And Canada Already Show Signs Of Disagreement

Solar eclipse questions

Why tRump had the words "both sides" stuck in his head

Simon Canyon natural gas pipeline removed by crews

Seth Meyers: Monologue - Give 'Em a Medal - 8/15/17

Seth Meyers - Trump's Charlottesville Press Conference Showed Us Who He Really Is: A Closer Look

How Can We Believe GOP Outrage When They Have Pushed Racial Resentment/Anger For Decades?

I Do Not See How We Get Past This Mess. It Will Only Get Uglier From The Way Things Look.

Bottom Line Trump, His Supporters, Alt Rt, White Supremacists Support "The Final Solution".

I feel like charlton Heston in omega man

MEDIA ADVISORY: Paul Ryan Town Hall in Racine, Broadcast by CNN On Monday, August 21,

Judge: Albuquerque PD must pay up in officer-involved shooting

I have friends who live in Phoenix...

I saw something chilling on Univision tonight (KKK related)

What it looks like in Charlottesville, site of a massive vigil and march

From 2015, in Atlanta, posters of Trump on the columns under overpasses.

George F. Will quoting Churchill in reference to tRump:

A European look at Trump #round 3

New Mexico business leaders show strong support for NAFTA

Santa Fe police union leader put on desk duty after "All Lives Splatter" Facebook post

Audit puts University of New Mexico's Accreditation at Risk

I hope Trump doesn't fire Dowd

Man packing gun at Santa Fe council meeting says he sought to unnerve people

Lawrence !

What Jewish Children Learned From Charlottesville

Roman Jimenez resigns as Dona Ana GOP chair in wake of controversial statement

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Monologue - 8/16/17 - And puppies!!!

Repugs on Twitter reporting Mueller's team leaving

Ok, I don't watch much Jimmy Kimmel but this is an epic riff on Trump!

A White House meltdown in the making

That dropkick, Chris Cantwell

Electoral College members file voter 'intimidation' lawsuit against Colorado's secretary of state

Cory Gardner finally held an in-person town hall. Here's what happened.

Remember this name: Elle Reeve

Cory Gardner's Lakewood Town Hall Was a Shit Show

Federal Grand Jury Charges James Matthew Bradley Jr. With Transporting Undocumented Aliens (truck)

DA Compares Child With Autism to Sandy Hook Shooter in Assault Case

Recently declassified FBI FOIA documents concerning Smedley Butler & the Fascist Plot


Fracking: Shale rock professor says UK gas reserves 'hyped'

Wow, has Trump lost even Fox News? Shep Smith pretty much slams Trump!

NASA's Cassini probe just got closer to Saturn than ever before

Never mind

In "Finally" News, Prince Is Officially Honored With His Own Shade of Purple

On late-night TV, Trump's no laughing matter anymore

Here's what will happen once the first synagogue burns:

Pakistani court proposes the death penalty for false accusations of blasphemy

Of all the mean hateful things that I've heard about in this country in recent years

A Book From A Blogger About Disappearing New York

Trump just tweeted to attack Lindsey Graham for criticizing his Charlottesville statements

Raped Indian girl, 10, Gives Birth

John Oliver - Trump is a white supremacist

How is it that people who think it should be a crime to burn the American flag...

Social Pot Consumption Advocates May Sue City of Denver

I'm Going Out on a Limb Here. I Predict Trump will Resign by the End of the Year: Scenario Included

GOP Civil War And A South Carolina Senator Is Leading The Army Of The Potomac

Firefighters Are Warning People to Never Leave Bottled Water in Your Car

photo of anti fascist group violently attacking alt right members

How Trump's Reaction to Charlottesville Threatens the GOP

The Orange-Toxic-Waste-in-Chief just tweeted to call Jeff Flake "toxic"

Republicans deeply anxious that Trump is ruining GOP brand

Stephen Colbert - Take A Side, Mr. President: Nazis Or Not Nazis

How the hell did I ever learn about Jonas Salk, or the Wright Brothers

The U.S. Capitol has at least three times as many statues of Confederate figures as it does of black

Cover of The Economist

"" domain name is registered via a Russian privacy service

How a botched liposuction led to a lawsuit prompting questions about Colorados lack of oversight...

Charlottesville:...McAuliffe says police failure to control protest due to militia's 'better equipme

If the 2018-midterms are like the 2014-midterms, they will be brutal for the GOP.

PayPal Shuts Down Access For Richard Spencer, Other Right-Wing Extremists

Trump calls publicity seeking Lindsey Graham a liar

Tuesday's "SCREW "healing," I'm gonna pardon Sheriff Joe MEGA-MAGA campaign rally" in Arizona

Family of Johnny Cash on Charlottesville

Putin's congressman meets with Assange

Let's talk about Pence for a moment.

Man charged with spraying manure on U.S. border patrol car

the twitter monkey is at it again...

Everyone who voted for Trump forgot this simple lesson we all learned as children.

Assange meets U.S. congressman, vows to prove Russia did not leak him documents

Well, the real Orrin Hatch is back - Trump doesn't have a racist bone

Apple's Tim Cook Pledges $1 Million to Groups Fighting Racism

Will Pence agree to pardoning trump the way ford agreed to pardon Nixon?

Prediction: The Madman will pardon Joe Arpaio as a test balloon of sorts...

How did we get here?

Trump's Temper Is Behind Charlottesville Remarks, Advisers Say

Sessions blasts Chicago mayor in sanctuary cities speech

Charles M. Blow: The Other Inconvenient Truth

Luckovich: Newly Erected Anti-Bigotry Monument

Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky sends DT correspondence

European 'Morning Joe' Person: World Thinks U.S. is a 'Freak Show'

Poll: Most say Trump wrong in blaming both sides for Charlottesville violence

Hitler lived for 56 years, but the media only focuses on the 4 years he exterminated 6 million Jews

Former CIA Director Brennan: "Trump is putting our nat'l security & collective future at grave risk"

How do you make a Nazi cross?

The Breitbart Presidency - By Rich Lowry

There is of course a lot that frightens and saddens me.

Anybody wanttotake bets?

Is Counterprotesting Effective? Maybe not

Bannon: economic nationalism crushes racial ID politics

The new cover of TIME.

Imagine this set of emotional triggers during, say, the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Confederate Statues Aren't About Slavery -- They're About Treason

I predict a campaign-type rally soon

With Doug Jones, Alabama Democrats see potential for 'Mount Rushmore of political upsets'

SCOTUS Justice Gorsuch To Address Conservatives AtTrump International Hotel

Former Bush Official: We may see this party having committed suicide (VIDEO)

WOW -Did anyone see that exchange on CNN ?

TYT: Moment Of Truth Coming For Trump

Charlotte congressional candidate calls opponent a coward, derogatory slur

Was Trump Lawyer reason why Trump said in press conference Are we taking down

Lee's great-great grandson fine with removing Confederate statues

Gene Lyons - 'Unite The Right' Rally Had Nothing To Do With Statues

A German city's way of slowing down neo-nazis

If Trump walks down 5th Ave and guns someone down in cold blood ...

Brooklyn church removes plaques honoring Lee

Regarding statues as history:

TYT: Crying Nazi Snowflake Needs A Safe Space

At the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin tonight, Germans are standing with Charlottesville

Alabama sues Birmingham for covering monument

"The House is On Fire, Accepting the Truth of the Trump Revolution"..Josh Marshal

From Politico, about the Confederate statues:

Confederate marker removed from San Diego Plaza

"The Monuments Must Go" - Open letter by descendants of "Stonewall" Jackson

Tampa Confederate Statue May Not Be Relocated

TYT: Obama Running Circles Around Trump On Twitter

US Cannot Survive The Continued Existence Of THIS Republican Party.

Tony Schwartz (Art of the Deal)

Confederate monument in Franklin OH removed overnight

Question about police procedures.

When you commit Treason, you don't get a statue...

After Charlottesville, Some Question Confederate Legacy in Capitol

**** Trump has declared war on Lindsey Graham (and) Jeff Flake****

Seattle Mayor on removal of Confederate memorial in Capitol Hill

2009 Homeland Security warned of radicalized war veterans.

His family knows he has "lost it"

Mass. Cant Take Down Its Only Confederate Monument

TMR: Trump Tells World He Is DEFINITELY a Belligerent Racist, Advisors Are QUITE DISMAYED

Longtime Trump business partner 'told family he knows he and POTUS are going to prison': report

Dayton area confederate plaque removed overnight.

****Lindsey Graham strikes back at Donald Trump ****

For those who think Dump will resign soon

Why Are Confederate Statues Still Displayed in the Capitol? - The Atlantic

trump has lost his mind with these last THREE tweets....!

Trump tweeting that removing "beautiful" statues is ripping apart our history and culture

American Hate, a History

TMR: Trump Insists That the 'Alt Left' Is a Thing That Exists & They Are 'Very Bad'

Awwwwww faux noise host gets emotional about bad so sad. Ugh......

TYT: PREDICTION: Trump Will Resign In Disgrace...Soon

Trump is a dumb person's idea of a smart person,

Richard Spencer demands respect on Israeli TV, says Jews are 'overrepresented'

Great Courage!: Protest in support of organizers arrested for taking down confederate monument!

About the Manufacturing Counsel

House Democrats push GOP to do more than talk tough on Trump

Trump Removed the White House's Capital Bikeshare Station

Trump Removed the White House's Capital Bikeshare Station

Dear God....Thanks, Americans

His latest tweets ... wow

"Diogenes, here I am." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Felix Sater, is said to have told friends that he and POTUS are going to prison

I have a simple solution for the confederate statues: The "Benedict Arnold"-solution.

Obama would have spoken at Heather Heyers' funeral. Trump on the other hand...

Trump 'Sad' Over Removal of 'Our Beautiful Statues'

Stop What You're Doing and Enjoy These Photos of Richard Spencer Crying

"They tried to kill my child to shut her up. Well guess what? You just magnified her."

Terrified Charlottesville Nazi Strips Off His White Power Costume To Escape Angry Protesters -

This "rise of Neo Nazism" is disconcerting

How does a person Trump's age harbor such beliefs?

'Trump's delivering exactly what they wanted: white male supremacy'

Oliver Willis just tweeted the PERFECT response to Trump's insane "beautiful statues" tweets

Do you really think Trump gives two shits about the confederate statues?

There will be no statues of you.

To PINO Trump: What is beautiful about a statue of a traitor?

Schindler suggests giving Trump starring role in Confederacy reality TV show to get him to leave WH

I've got some bad news for you, Ronna (RNC Chair)

Loebsack: Censure Trump

Donald Destroyed Historic Art to Build Trump Tower

More wisdom from Helen and Margaret ...

A Putin-Friendly Oligarchs Top US Executive Donated $285,000 to Trump

Kimmel decided to grill Conway, or rather a rather unflattering puppet impersonation of Conway,

Republicans Have A New Plot To Gut Medicaid And They Don't Need Congress

Pics of last night's word-of-mouth candlelight vigil in Charlottesville

CNN Panel Between Trump Supporter Brunell Donald-Kyei, Michael Eric Dyson Melts Down (video)

I like the idea of painting all the fire hydrants orange

OK, SO...I guess it's official. Big slices of chocolate cake AND the Civil War are both "beautiful."

Where does Trump see 'beauty' in confederate monuments?? All I see is supremacy and intimidation.

Until monday, I never heard of Antifa

Durham Confederate Statue Protesters to Hold Rally Before Turning Themselves in

How about replacing all figures of Confederate leaders with

Sassy Trump

Donald Trump has plaque at his golf course commemorating Civil War battle that never happened

Lay of the Last Minstrel, Canto VI (My Native Land) - Sir Walter Scott

These statues...

Here's something from Fox News that's well worth watching!

USA Today pleads with GOP to help censure Trump for refusing to denounce neo-Nazis

Trump dissolved CEO councils AFTER they already had decided to break up with him.

Cartoon: Compassioner-in-Chief at work.

Trump Will Keep Nation In Turmoil Going Forward. Will Be A Long 4 Years. Still Over 3 Years To Go.

"He cant be bargained with. He cant be reasoned with.

trump should drop all pretense, fire kelly and hire david duke to be his chief of staff

gop leadership react to Traitor Don's comments

Hey Mitch, Trump just disparaged two of your own party's senators this morning.

What Happened To Alan Berg Should Be Clear Warning Of Danger Of White Supremacy.

Booker will introduce bill to remove Confederate statues from Capitol

Confederate flag in downtown Kennesaw GA reportedly stolen

Slightly Southern-style Potato Salad Recipe

McAuliffe calls for removal of Confederate monuments in Virginia

Here's what Robert E. Lee thought about Confederate monuments

You know who I'd LOVE to hear weigh in on this Confederate statue debate?

Are We Facing A New Kind Of Civil War Over Confederate Flag & Monuments?.

3 more in Durhams Confederate statue protest turn themselves in

Sing it with me!

This David Horsey cartoon & column in the LA Times nails it

I couldn't even imagine Trump giving a condolence address following a national tragedy.

Fox News debate on Confederate monuments blows up in their faces.

Mrs. Jackalope

Daily Stormer (May be) Booted From Russia for 'Propagandizing Neo-Nazi Ideology

Graham Responds To Trump Twitter Rant: 'Please Fix This'

My random totally mindless wild guess is the Trump is gonna resign and ....

Broking: Goldman Sachs indicted for RICO

How will Trump fix the Cotton Industry?

White supremacist rallies are planned for at least nine cities this weekend heres what to expec

Has a state ever charged a sitting President?

Line of residents in Durham, NC attempting to turn themselves in

Trump is failing bigly

Word of the day: ullage

Mrs. Jackalope

Suspicious relationship between the Koch brothers and Utah university raises eyebrows

A tasteless Joke

Robert Mueller May Not Be The Savior The Anti-Trump Internet Is Hoping For

What did their hero Lee think about civil war monuments?

Conservative faith leaders stand by Trump despite his defense of white supremacist rally

Who won the War again....?

Berkeley white supremacist electrician out of a job after Virginia rally

Can someone explain this tweet to me?

Obamas administration requested a Bikeshare station at the WH. Trumps team just had it removed

All You Fascists Bound To Lose

Thursday A.M. Cat/kitten cuteness Overdose

The Atheist Experience TV Show

The greatest police-blotter column of all time.


Trump Increasingly Angry, Isolated Amid Fallout From Charlottesville Response - TPM

Fireworks on CNN right now

Dear god, if you want us to impeach Trump, just give us a sign.

Trump is not a skilled negotiator, he is not a competent businessman, he is not a leader.

UVA Is a Deeply Imperfect Place. Last Nights Vigil Was the School at Its Best. Slate

corey stewart (R senate candidate-virginia) just referred to the 'violent left' in charlottesville

Great statue post I saw on FB

John Grisham: Silence Is Not An Option'

found on twitter - Bro-flake

Ali Veshi and Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC

'I am no coward': Neo-Nazi whines he has been 'crucified by Jewish media' after crying video goes...

DEBATE TACTIC THAT WORKS: Regarding Charlottesville just say the Nazis started the fights and ..

My favorite tweet today

Written in 1993, this Dead Milkmen song really describes Trumpy

Rep. Steve Cohen - (D) Tennessee: ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT

Found on Twitter - a group of Trump supporters...

The paradox of tolerance. Or, complex thinking is important.

Oh no, a van drove through group of pedestrians in Barcelona

'White Supremacist in Chief': Internet crushes Trump's latest defense of 'beautiful' Confederate...

I love that Trump believes that removing the statues is "ripping apart" our history and culture.

Van Plows Into Pedestrians At Major Tourist Hub In Barcelona

Northern Ireland court rules gay marriage ban doesn't violate rights

Exclusive: U.S. forces to stay in Syria for decades, say militia allies

To Trump: The Confederate Generals Depicted in Statuary Were

Top Trump economic adviser Cohn not leaving: White House official

Trump mulling lifting status of Cyber Command: sources

Trump is Just Six Senate Votes Away From Impeachment

Brief History of the Waxing and Waning of the KKK

Peter Levenda Secret after WW2 Nazi agenda gold Black Projects NASA/ CIA

Robert E. Lee opposed Confederate monuments.

Pentatonix: Imagine

Peta says sorry for taking girl's pet chihuahua and putting it down

Trump and race: Decades of fueling divisions

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe somewhere out there.....

Pauline Hanson wears burqa in Australian Senate while calling for ban

"Historical preservation"

What Were in Danger of Losing

Paul LePage Says Confederate Statues Are Comparable To 9/11 Memorial

Longtime Trump business partner told family he knows he and POTUS are going to prison: report

The 'capital of the Confederacy' is suddenly considering removing its massive Civil War monuments

War crimes court orders Mali radical to pay E2.7m for Timbuktu rampage

Velshi and Rhule CRUCIFIED Brad Thomas a little while ago... here's the video...

Twitter Video: Appointing Mnuchin to be Treasury Sec. was the opposite of draining the swamp

With Doug Jones, Alabama Democrats see potential for 'Mount Rushmore of political upsets'

Charlottesvlle, and now Barcelona.

Charlottesville white supremacist strips off uniform and insists it's just for lulz

Here are the Confederate Memorials Getting Removed In US Cities

Any news or rumors on the Robert Mueller front?

Great letter about Charlottesville from my Congressman, Jim Himes

Where was all of the outrage when US soldiers and Iraqi forces/citizens toppled statues of Saddam

To Barcelona with love, solidarity and newfound empathy...


'I hate him': Martin Shkreli court transcript reveals struggle for impartial jurors

I dare him. I DARE him call Barcelona terrorism.

A Pro-Trump Rally Is Now Scheduled at the Same Time, Place as the Juggalo March on Washington

Cleveland Clinic pulls gala from Trump's Mar-a-Lago

Hey Trump pundits: How did all those tax breaks & deregulation under Bush Jr work out by 2008?

Juggaloes v. Alt Right: Will hilarity ensue?

Report: Queasy Aussies Killed Trumps Casino Bid Over Mafia Connections

In China, many tech-job ads say specifically they don't want women

Aryan Outfitters - Meet the KKK's seamstress of hate couture

When Donald Destroyed Historic Art to Build Trump Tower

God, if you want us to impeach trump, send us a sign, like maybe blocking out the sun in the midday

The day 30,000 white supremacists in KKK robes marched in the nations capital

Found: A One Carrot Diamond Ring: NPR

GM creditor trust drops settlement with ignition switch plaintiffs

Right-wing extremism in the U.S. appeared lost and fragmented - until Charlottesville

"Were not going to f--k you, you Nazi losers."

I am Spartacus

Uber wins reversal in lawsuit over price-fixing, arbitration

Has the Military Given Up on Trump?

40% Support Impeaching Trump

Mylan, U.S. finalize $465 million EpiPen settlement

Fox news uses attack in Barcelona to deflect how the terror attack in US caused stock market drop.

Remind me again...

Pentagon Forces Out Popular Press Spokesman

Finally, the true grotesque underbelly of our Nation's racism shows itself

House Democrats launch probe into MS drug pricing

Democrats launch #RiseAndOrganize campaign to build on Charlottesville protests

Sept. 30, 2017 -- The three elephants in the room.

Martin Shkreli jury selection transcript is hilarious!

Charlottesville's Web: We Finally See #RealDonaldTrump

Photos of Peaceful Charlottesville Vigil: Our Home, Not Their Home

Charlottesville's Web: We Finally See #RealDonaldTrump

Wisconsin lawmakers debate billions in incentives for Foxconn plant

'Some Very Fine People ...'

Newton's Third Law

Wet Web

Zuckerberg: 'With the potential for more rallies, we're watching situation closely'

TPM - Marshall "The Bomb Bursts. It Will Keep Happening." (re Trump's dumps)

Number One 🎶 August 17, 1967

Closeup of Kelly at new conference

University librarian suffers stroke after UVA protest injury (Cville Nazi/KKK attack victim)

DNC Chairman Tom Perez letter to GOP Chair: You bear a responsibility for Trump

Tweeted to Donald Trump that he must resign his office by Sunday or I will use my magical powers to

Suggest your agenda items for this weekend's Camp David meeting w/45 & Pense

Stand Back - He's Gonna Blow!

I'm gonna go there!

What part of "They were shooting at American soldiers "

When walking across your living room late at night would you rather step on

Poll: 40 Percent Now Support Trump Impeachment

I read where there is a big uproar about one of the football players that refuses to honor the flag

Dow falls 177 points on concern Trump controversies have derailed Republican pro-business agenda

Unpopular opinion: Confederate statues are a shiny object to distract us from more concrete issues

How not to make an analogy 101

White nationalists were NEVER planning a peaceful demo. They were planning incitement.

MSNBC Host reacts to Southern woman Girly Men comment on CEOs leaving Trump (VIDEO)

Did you guys notice that Trump said that with his infrastructure bill more people would have jobs

Cleveland Clinic Will Pull Event From Trumps Mar-a-Lago Resort

Leaked Agenda for Camp David Meeting Tomorrow

Suspected WWII-Era Bomb Discovered at Fukushima Power Plant

Good Thing President Duck is being updated...

"Get together some people, like his sons, Don Jr. and Don Jr. And his youngest daughter, Trumpina."

I am in favor of Confederate statues. I am definitely not a pigeon.

Breaking News: If Trump ends Obamacare subsidies, the budget deficit and premiums would both soar,

And then there is the solar eclipse

Folks lining up to be arrested at durham jail supported by hundreds of community members

Happy Birthday Madonna!!!

Trump fights to preserve monuments to white supremacy-WHILE-acting to remove Nat'l Monuments!

Malcolm Nance on MSNBC: Charlottesville vehicle terror attack akin to European ones.

Apple CEO makes $2 million pledge to fight hate

When Ass-Kissing, Make Sure To Get "Both Sides"

Trump calls Barcelona a terror attack.

I have to ask, WHICH SIDE are you addressing this to?

Donald Trump Sad To See Confederate Monuments Being Taken Down

Remember now, there are good people on both sides of these things.

The Durian Fruit: Chemistry and That Smell

There are worse decisions in sports than signing Tebow

SLATE: Many Anti-Fascist and anarchist where there protecting citizens and clergy

Johnny Cash's children condemn Charlottesville far-right protester in Cash T-shirt

'You Lost, Get Over It': Phoenix Confederate Monument Decorated With '2ND Place' Banner

2018 Governor's Race Candidate Questionnaires

Man, Tillerson has already issued a statement about the loss of life from the terrorist

Republicans/conservatives are so proud that the Nazis had a permit to protest/march. What does the

Racist Thug LePage removed a pro-union mural from state property

Brought to you by science in 1932

The group most responsible for erecting statues to the Confederates in the Civil war.

In light of recent events, I think the division between Dems and people like Susan Sarandon

Quit your complaining. They had a permit for this rally. It was all legal and above board.

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1 Perlman

Are you sure there is nothing to astrology??

Collins on Trump: Try again, this time be clear in condemning racism

Here is something that should be sobering for us all.

Barcelona Van Terror Attack Kills 13 Near Kosher Restaurant

Thirty-seven inmates killed in government raid on Venezuelan prison

Sen Bob Corker lets Trump have it......Calls Trump out by name

Young Indian engineers leave Silicon Valley to find success back in India

Larry Wilmore on Confederate symbols. . .

Trump wasted little time before tweeting about foreign terrorists

Fla. woman arrested for snorting cocaine off iPhone in parent pick-up line

Reserve your tickets for the Cheeto KKK Rally in Phoenix!

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Comments from Trump Supporters

WWII Jewish Bomber Pilot Si Spiegel Says Trump Word Are An Appeal To Hatred

Heather Heyer's mother is a FINE person!

WaPo: 'Now you can see what Donald Trump sees every time he opens Twitter'...

Trump is now tweeting an Internet hoax - FAKE NEWS!

trump tweets falsehood of general pershing and muslim terrorists

Someone here asked when the Southern schools, monuments, were created:

That rat bastard just repeated the hoax Pershing story re pig blood.

Oh dear lord. The dog whistle has become an air horn.

Pelosi wants to pull Confederate statues from Capitol

Here's a fun bit of photoshopping to make you laugh.

why isn't trump out bragging about the stock's down 200 points

Trump: Graham telling 'disgusting lie' about my Charlottesville remarks

How Much Protein Do We Need?

No word from so-called President Trump yet.

Ali Velshi takes apart Trump's spokesman: You can't just lie on TV (VIDEO)

Kelly O'Donnell is a reporter assigned to report the facts

Baltimore Pigeons Shocked To Find Beloved Shitting Statues Gone

Durham Activists Turn Themselves in to Police in Solidarity With Those Arrested for Toppling Statue

Corker: Trump hasn't demonstrated the stability or competence to be successful

Cleveland Clinic pulls gala from Trump's Mar-a-Lago

GOP fears damage to brand from Charlottesville

Bannon Admits He's White House Leaker

Monday's Eclipse Called Off - Fake Science Trump Declares

Here's a prayer to share with your local conservatives

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) files articles of impeachment

The photos of Trump in poopy golf pants...real or Photoshop?

PETA to pay family $49,000 for euthanizing 9-year-old girls dog

Radical Islamic Terror. Pigs' blood on bullets FAKE anecdote. "The Apprentice," Barcelona edition.

Health benefits of wind and solar offset all subsidies

Booker introducing bill to remove Confederate statues from Capitol

for republicans who choose to ignore science... 'July Was the 2nd Hottest Month in Recorded History'

Huffington Post: Here Are A Bunch Of People Donald Trump Has Criticized Instead Of Neo-Nazis

Parent Now Just Typing 4-Year-Old Childs Every Word Verbatim Throughout Day As Facebook Post

The Left is Right! - TLIR - A new Slogan

Creators of The Walking Dead say AMC is ripping them off, lawsuit alleges

Parallels between THE PRODUCERS and Trump's being elected President

8 now face charges for Confederate statue protest

Maine blueberry company orders raker to take down Confederate flag

GOP chairman to discuss Charlottesville as domestic terrorism at hearing.

The return of Trumpian rhetoric

Jeff Koterba's Aug. 16 cartoon: Kim in a corner ... for now

Josh Bernstein: Leaders Of Liberal Groups Should Be Tried For Treason...

For Whitefish, Montana, Charlottesville Tragedy a Painful Reminder of Racist Threats

For Whitefish, Charlottesville Tragedy a Painful Reminder of Racist Threats

Crowds Of People Turn Themselves In to Police For Tearing Down Confederate Statues (WATCH)

Red Sox first pitch last night. One pitch, two balls.

Barcelona: 13 killed as van rams crowds in Las Ramblas

Trump Has Always Had Complicated Personal Relations With Blacks - NYT

This a must see video!!

Malala is going to study at Oxford University

Forget calling these criminal Alt Righters Nazis and White Supremacists. They are GANGS.

Reel Suave: Post a Pick Up Line From TV or a Flick

SHARK Drones Return to US Meat Animal Research Center

ILL SAY IT.. Trump Thrives On Terrorists Attacks..!

It seem some people can predict the future.

Museum or dumpster? Confederate statues' fate

Virginia Campaign as a Referendum on Monuments

Palm Beach chamber head tells charities 'have a conscience', shun Trump

An excuse for supremacists to spew hatred and Trump to tweet nonsense

Senator Inhofe Ally Violated Federal Law On Pigeon Shoot Fundraiser. Undercover report.

Madison Mayor orders removal of Confederate monuments

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: We are missing the real story about Trumps collusion with white na

Vandals strike statue of Robert E. Lee at Duke University

Video - abc ny local station- Rep. King says Bannon must go

Sen. Corker goes there and questions Trump's fitness to be president.

"If you dont believe me, just ask Barack Obama."

4 Big Reasons, Plus A Bunch Of Smaller Reasons, Why The South Wont Rise Again (September 29, 2012)

When dogs have had enuff of cat shit

BREAKING NEWS: Trump tweets warning to people that a killer is calling from inside the house.

Wow. Just in from Reuters: Trump's attacks could leave him friendless if impeachment comes

Anyone clicked on the ads for "NineLine" which keep showing up in DU ?

Leading elephant conservationist shot dead in Tanzania

Idiot FReepers discuss Heather Heyer (trigger warning).

"I Voted for Trump. And I Sorely Regret It."

I think we should all heed the wise words of General Pershing when he said....

Wonder what insults Chumpy will tweet about Corker!

Cover of next week's New Yorker - "Blowhard"

Trump recycles discredited Islamic pigs blood tale after terrorist attack in Barcelona

More News about Stone Mt.

Give us a sign.

Mens-Rights Activism Is the Gateway Drug for the Alt-Right

And today my long-awaited final vindication has come:

Tony Dungy challenges teams to raise $ to move Confederate statue

Daily Stormer thrown off the .ru domain for promoting Nazi ideology.

Pruitt assigns political appointee to vet grant requests

NEW: American Cancer Society joins Cleveland Clinic, leaves Mar-a-Lago

Couch psychologists and Twitter users, here is a long, interesting thread about Trump's psyche, from

Trump is literally celebrating a terrorist attack

Was just polled by Marist. Interesting questions re: 2016

"That house is evil": Former tenant reveals tales of Bannon's old porn and meth pad in Florida

Palm Beach chamber head to charities: Have a conscience on Mar-a-Lago

Pierce: Removing Confederate Statues Isn't Sanitizing History--It's Fumigating History

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 274.48 points, or 1.25 percent,

Leo Frank August 17, 1915

You see this. You think this. (Graphic warning for historical photos depicting actual events)

Schools will always teach that the slave-supporting South lost the war...

Trump ends plans for his Council on Infrastructure

Lincoln Memorial vandalized.

Stranger finds lost engagement ring along Maine road after seeing Facebook plea

Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and Donald Trump all have deep ties to Russia

WikiLeaks Turned Down Leaks on Russian Government During U.S. Presidential Campaign

I am SICK of the right bringing up Chicago!!!

Deval Patrick's 10-Year, $1B Life Sciences Plan Bears Fruit in Massachusetts

Steve Bannon: Post-Charlottesville racial strife is a political winner for Trump

I know how to stop the Nazi marches

Donald Trump is casting a dark shadow from one end of the country to the other - By Tom Toles

Fox: How to not talk about a stupid President

Jon Favreau on Twitter: "Trump makes the deft pivot from defending Nazi rallies to praising

Ban the Open Carry of Firearms

MA State leaders condemn white nationalism, neo-Nazism

This Could Be It For Trump As A GOP Senator Just Questioned His Mental State

Watching When The Levees Broke on YouTube...

Steve Bannon Detonates His Trump Survival Plan, Worrying Allies

when someone you have lived with

SPLC Update on Jim O'Brien (League of the South/Charlottesville POS)

Oppressed Majority - The switching of gender role film. A classic !!

Outing neo nazis is a good first step. Next should be businesses that use/support trump properties

Charlottesville Mayor to Make Announcement Regarding Lee Statue

City of Syracuse denies permit for 'America First' rally

Democrats Are Preparing To Run Against Mike Pence In 2020

NEW: Threats involving inmates cause state prisons to go on lockdown (Florida)

Big Business Crushes Anti-Trans Campaign in Texas

Provocative news: What is wrong with white Christians?

Real Time with Bill Maher lineup for Friday, August 18

Trump Ends Council on Infrastructure as Presidency Disintegrates

Far-Right Media Think Isolating Richard Spencer Will Erase Their Alt-Right Pasts

Ex-NY governor hopeful who insulted Obamas kicked off board

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 18 August 2017

Confederate memorials being removed at Wisconsin cemetery

When a "universal" approach narrows the fight (Class struggle linked to all struggles)

African-American Woman Becomes First To Earn West Points Top Cadet Position

Lawsuit: Poland Spring Water is committing 'colossal fraud'

Dream big ...maybe out of this pain and struggle a new and more humane America will be born.

Descendants of Confederate heroes want monuments pulled down

Call Phoenix Convention Center to ban Trump's Nazi rally.

A nice simple tweet from POTUS at first, but then came his 2nd tweet on the attack in Bareclona.

Participation Trophies

A question about "flagged for review" status:

"I Voted for Trump. And I Sorely Regret It."

Trump Slump - Dow falls 177 hard points

Spotify Removes Racist Music In Response To Charlottesville

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 17, 2017

Wikileaks was offered 68GB of documents from Russia Interior Ministry. Said "No Thanks."

Democrats Are Preparing to Run Against Pence In 2020

The Breitbart Presidency

Trump Is Just Playing To/Solidifying His Base W/Press Conference Diatribe.

Ari taking apart Trump rep like Perry Mason

Michigan State University denies Richard Spencer space for an event

Ari is wrecking the Trump mouthpiece right now on MSNBC

What Should Republicans Do?

When a Jewish Trump supporter stoops to defending Nazis and the klan...

Oh Shit Bob Corker jumped ship

Pups Day 7

Where the anti-45″ anti-Trump symbol in your feeds came from

This is Sinclair, 'the most dangerous US company you've never heard of'

Why didn't anyone warn us in advance??

Carmen de Lavallade, a Dance Legend, to Skip a White House Reception.

Top Two Officers on Navy Ship in Deadly Collision Off Japan to Be Relieved of Duties.

67% of Republicans approve of Trump's response to the Charlottesville violence. 82% of Democrats dis

Administration Reminder Of Movie - "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest".

How Charlottesville Looks From Berlin


Cutting off white supremacists: Apple Pay, Cloudflare and PayPal join the trend

There Is Free Speech and Then There is...

Dems to introduce bill to censure 45 and more are trying to get impeachment

Trump's reason for going to Phoenix.

What would the scenario of enacting the 25th Amendment be?

Tim Cook donating $1 million to SPLC

White Privilege Kills in Charlottesville

Steve Bannon is trying to get Trump to fire him. Publicly.

The striking similarities between the KKK and Islamist jihadis

When The Economist and The New Yorker are depicting you with a klan hood...

So let me get this straight --

A beautiful monument, it honors Jeff Davis for his many many contributions to automobile history,

Flags and Other Symbols Used By Far-Right Groups in Charlottesville

Wars have consequences

When will two murder charges, or manslaughter, for the Helicopter police be charged

Another Kennedy Center honoree (dancer Carmen de Lavallade) to boycott White House reception

Pence will no longer speak at Koch brothers-hosted summit

Tampa Sports Teams Donate Money to Remove Confederate Monument


Bill to ban Confederate monuments on federal property

Pro-Trump float hits the streets in downtown Lincoln (NE)

Tampa Sports Teams Donate Money to Remove Confederate Monument

Confederate Monuments Were Built to Change History, Not Preserve It

OkCupid kicks out white supremacist Chris Cantwell: There is no room for hate

If tRump were to resign, would Pence actually pardon him?

List of Confederate Monuments Removed Across the Country

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 18, 2017 -- Summer Under the Stars - Rod Taylor

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 19, 2017 -- Summer Under the Stars - Angela Lansbury

Another charity, AFMDA (Israeli Red Cross) pulls out of gala at Mar-a-Lago Club. 3rd today

You should fire your press person: MSNBCs Velshi and Ruhle obliterate Trump backer in insane

I Voted for Trump. And I Sorely Regret It.

Maybe this is sacrilegious but I've often thought that

Matt Taibbi: Fire Steve Bannon

A Time for Action

Bob Greenlee, ex-Boulder mayor, expected to plead not guilty in fatal crash

So Is It Happening Again - Is The MSM Giving Trump A Pass On His Recent Press Conf Comments?.....

Why the heck is Justice Neil Gorsuch giving speeches at Trump Hotel???

Arkansas has new supply of lethal drug; AG seeks execution