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Archives: November 8, 2017

Flight diverted after woman discovers her husband is cheating on her

I predict that the next mass shooting with high fatalities will be performed using an AR15

I like Tweety, Rachel, and Lawrence but I can't watch Kornacki. He sucks !!!

Roy Halladay: Former Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies pitcher dies in plane crash

Christmas Poll number 2

Texas church killer had previously escaped a mental institution and was still able to buy guns any

Not to be outdone by LoBiondo, Republican Texas Rep. Ted Poe just announced on Twitter that he is al

God don't like ugly...Fog forces Dolt45 to abandon surprize DMZ visit..

Bad weather NOT stopping Americans from voting against YOU.

-Trump can deduct NJ tax on Bedminster Golf Club profits -NJ workers can no longer deduct NJ income

VA results thread

Trump In Trouble As 60% Of America Thinks He Knew His Campaign Was Working With Russia

We saw "LBJ".

Republican Dirty Tricks In Virginia As Democratic Voters Told Their Polling Place Has Changed

***BREAKING***Trump attempted to go to DMZ unannounced but had to turn back because of weather ***

Preliminary exit polls looking good for Northam.

I am drawing a blank for some reason tonight. Could someone help me remember which general it was

I just got a cold chill run up my spine. The first election returns are coming in....

Trumps Sabotage Efforts A Miserable Failure As Obamacare Signups Break Record

Waymo is first to put fully self-driving cars on US roads without a safety driver

On MSNBC exit polls

I wont be following the blow by blow election coverage tonight.

Their* n/t

Democratic mayor of St. Pete FL wins tough re-election

Democrats fail to force vote on bill establishing select panel on gun violence

I have Plebeian taste - Can't help it - McRib is back- All is right in my universe

Since the NRA will never allow any restrictions on gun purchases, than perhaps women need to take

Va. Exit polls---Northam will win by 6 points

No guts. No glory. I'm calling it for Northam

Kentucky clerk opposed to gay marriage to run for 2018 re-election

Evidence suggests that religion has accompanied homo sapiens for many thousands of years.

Another exit poll from Va:

We survived an entire year of madness

Looking good for Transgedee Dem against extreme right wing incumbents

Terry McAuliffe on CNN - Democrats will sweep everything in VA... Excellent news!

GOP congresscritter Ted Poe is retiring

The problem with the VA race

Paul Ryan: Praying is the right thing to do after mass shootings because it "works"

It's been a crappy 12 months, but tonight we start to fight our way back.

For the all hate heaped on me for daring to be critical of the Democratic Party

First time a Dem has won mayor's race in Manchester, NH since 2003.

Beware of Russian bots

Ok, I'm calling it 7:46 PM EST

NYT predicts Northam by 6.4 pts

Trump is toxic.

Twitter: Multiple incumbent Rs down in Virginia

Would you put this on your front lawn?

My "thoughts and prayers" go out to the Gillespie campaign.

VA Dems have their first pickup of the night. Congrats to David Reid in HD32!

St. Petersburg, Florida. It seems that the Democrat, Rick Kriseman, has won a close re-election aga

From here on out there should be referendum against the GOP and not just Trump alone!

Any rallying/protest songs on your playlist? Here are some of mine

Another mayoral race seems to be going to the Democrats. In early returns from Charlotte, North Caro

CNN project Murphy wins New Jersey.

John king on CNN saying Democrats came out to vote in virginia. This

Thank you, Virginia!

Good ridness Chris Crisppy Christie!

Danica Roem wins, first transgender legislator.

In 2018 we strip the bark off every GOP candidate and make Chump their running mate.

Murphy wins in New Jersey!!!!

CNN: Senior Republican Advisor: Crushing Defeat

CNN : GOP in Virginia says its over, complete wipeout.

Republicans look to ax tax credit that Reagan embraced and Trump sought

What the fuck was up with Carter Page and that dumbass hat that he was wearing?


CNN -Senior VA Republican says it's over and calls it a complete Democratic sweep.

Gillespie will concede at Appomattox Court House

BREAKING: Danica Roem (@pwcdanica) makes history as #Virginias first out #transgender public offici

may tonight be an early predictor to 2018

So, this will shake the GOP hard, they may start turning on Trump

Democrats scoring upset wins in VA House of Delegates!!!

Boom!!! And down goes Gillespie!

NYTimes: based on results so far, current "best guess" is that, in VA Governor race,


**BREAKING** Northam wins VA...

BREAKING*** MSNBC has called for Northam!

Tonight is our Dolittle Raid

Holy fuck man. Holy fuck. How can white men be so dumb?


I've never really been a Keanu Reeves fan but my ex-sister-in-law

Twitter to expand to 280 charactors

BREAKING: Democrat Ralph Northam wins Virginia's hard-fought race for governor.

You sea that you pieces of right wing Fascist Deplorable Crap!


Trump just tweeted.....


CNN Projects Northam Win

Slow down Kornacki!

CNN CALLS NORTHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel a little better now.

Just 70 minutes in and Northam has been declared the winner!

Democrat Ralph Northam wins Virginia Governor race, NBC news reports

Time to Hang Up the Doom/Gloom Drumbeat

Faux News has called it for Northam

Kathy Tran (D) wins in Virginia #HD42



BREAKING: Democrat Ralph Northam wins Virginia's hard-fought race for governor

GOP Rep. LoBiondo to retire

Today, I voted for Hillary!

Lawsuit challenging GOP electoral maps to move forward

Well that was a quick ass wippen

Danica Roem defeats "Sideshow Bob" Marshall in Va. House of Delegates race

Northam wins !!!

We handle our fucking business in Virginia!

A bird needs two wings to fly.

BREAKING: Democrat Ralph Northam wins Virginia's hard-fought race for governor.

Some good reminders of some important facts...

I guess all of Tweety's blathering about the monuments

Senate GOP tax bill could delay corporate tax cut and make other major changes



This is a huge step forward, but it is a long journey. Tonight is also the first hint of political


Yeah, BOYEE!

One word - Charlottesville

"The Huck" responds to crushing VA loss...

Score a victory for moderates

Well, this night belongs to Democrats!


Some very grim faces on Faux tonight

WHOA: Lee Carter, a member of @DemSocialists, is on track to win HD50.

Texas GOP lawmaker wont seek reelection

[email protected] will become one of first African-American women VMI grads in Va office

Snow Leopards - Just Mom and cub playing around

Bar Association dubs fourth Trump judicial nominee unqualified

Josh Marshall with the winning tweet:

Northam (D) wins Virginia.


Can you hear what Virginia said to Trump?

To every rethug losing your job tonight, and up for election in 2018..........


Thoughts and Prayers for the republicans tonight

Seth Abramson summarizes Carter Page's huge bombshells

Young bicycle enthusiasts

The GOP author of the phony transgender bathroom bill was defeated.


Damn, it feels SOOOOO GOOD to smile, again!! Now let's maintain the momentum!!!!

Music appreciation...

2018 will be the year Republicans try to magically turn Trump into a Democrat

Are we going to see congressmen up for re-election start moving from Trump?

Gillespie just took it on the chin

6 MORE SEATS TO GO !!! According to Chris Hayes Dems picked up 12 seats in VA house need 6 more

Faux News isn't even talking about the election

Dem Danica Roem will be the first out transgender state legislator in the US, defeating Rep Bob Mars

Donna Brazile on MSNBC now

Hillary's reaction to wins in NJ and VA!

Thank you Virginia.

All of a sudden Donna Brazille is fired up about being a Democrat


why are they ruining the night by having donna brazile on msnbc ?

Rand Paul is not a perfect neighbor, says community developer

It's Back

Orange Julius is having a tantrum!

Trump is having a meltdown over this loss!

CNN: The stage is set for POSSIBLE northern VA districts FLIPPING to Democratic tonight!!!!

VA AG Race

LOOOOOSER trying to pretend his racism didn't just get its ass handed in VA.


There were three races in my district today, two of them ran unopposed the third was a probate judge

Ran the table in Virginia - per CNN - HELL F YES!!!

This reminds me of a Monty Python skit

Hurry, somebody get those codes away Trump, NOW!

Donna Brazile on Chris Hayes right now

Soooooooo like a Muslim woman and a transgender won seats tonite.....

Trump claims Gillespie was too weak:

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."


Clean sweep at the top for the Dems!

Wipe Out

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 10m10 minutes ago

Thank you Democrats east coast to west coast


I realize it's not as big a deal as VA, but St. Petersburg, FL looks like a Democrat for Mayor

13 Flips in Va. House of Delegates

Everybody in the know, raise your glass of Jim Beam and toast Virginia.

The lesson for democrat supporters

Is Hillary Clinton The Jewish Scapegoat Of Our Time?

Judicial Election results

DU please check my analysis.

WOMEN propel Northam to win governorship in VIRGINIA

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Paradise Found

Before tonight, the steady stream of GOP retirements was fun to watch.

2018 US Senate Race in AZ,2018 AZ-2 US House Race,2018 NJ-2 US House Race.

Trump up soon making a speech in the National Assembly in Seoul .

Time to donate to Doug Jones of Alabama again.

Chump speaks soon.

Hey Trump!


Nassau County, NY Executive - one more local race to watch tonight

Is Trump a Heart Attack Waiting to Happen?

Did Anthony on the voice just sing


what's going on

Whoa,,,,,,Trump taking Thumbing tonite!

Democrats are IN THE LEAD to pick up the VA House of Delegates.

NY results...



Scroll Down on Virginia Flipped Seats-So Many Women-So Many Young People

Trump dropped Gillespie like an empty KFC 12 piece bucket.

A deeper meaning to this Virginia wave


This song just fits tonight to a T.....enjoy

Maine Ballot Question 2: Expand Medicaid Eligibility

I hope tonight puts an end to the "woe is us" posts.

Look to Missouri and Georgia right now!!!

Trump's Tax bill is DOA, America has rejected Trump.

Trump tweets...

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Republicans tonight.

How Foul Is The Stench Of Christie......

Exit polls show top 2 issues for Northam voters & Health care and GUNS!

A possible slogan for the Dems in 2018 and beyond!

Key point tonight - have a dem contesting EVERY seat even if they lose just being on the ballot

Fox News Laura Ingraham embraces the presidents view of Gillespies defeat: He was insufficiently

Quinnipiac was RIGHT! NY Times says Northam by 10%!

Virginia is for many things

I can Trump's first words tonight?

Pathetic! Just damned pathetic!

Face it Traitor Trump... the country despises you.

Steve Kornacki - Dems are LEADING in remaining 7 VA House Flip vote count !!!

The Con is working on his speech

He is rewriting his winning speech!

Rick Kriseman reelected in St. Petersburg.


interesting correlation in virginia

Windows 10 just told me I need to change my password

and again, if you can stomach faux noise

drumph still working on his speech, 15 min late,

Its A Bloodbath In Virginia As Democrats Are Wiping The Floor With Trumps Republicans

Dems win in gerrymandered Virginia. Now they can undo that!

Trump speech delayed 15 minutes. Speech rewritten.

2017 VA Lt Governors and 2021 VA Governors Race- Justin Fairfax-D.

What Tonight Means For Gerrymandering In Virginia

Rachel showing Trump speech in SK soon. Who can stand to watch/listen? I will read it later.

Civil Rights Attorney Larry Krasner elected Philadelphia District Attorney

Tesla's Dangerous Sprint Into The Future

The stupid speech by orange Julius:

Andrea Jenkins elected first transgender member of Minneapolis City Council.

He going to start a conflict before his speech is over!

Watching Trump's speech. Anyone else think he looks even crankier than usual?

Danica Roem is Va.'s first openly transgender elected official, unseating conservative

First time I've ever turned off Rachel--

Trump sounds like he's reading someone else's book report

what the hell? bloody, bloody? peninshula? has to bring his election in? this man is sick.

Virginia voter suppression tweets went undetected by Twitter for hours

Interesting how this years polling

Air Pollution Is Becoming More Dangerous

Va voters to Democratic Party and 2018 Candidates: IT'S ABOUT DONALD EFFING TRUMP, STUPID.

Do you remember the good ole days when

Why is he tell everyone what we have in the area?

"Your scientists have engineers and engineered..."

Was It The Paper Ballots in Virginia?

Trump actually thinks people on South Korea give a shit about an election in Virginia

Big round of applause for MIRT

Nobody wants to hear about golf from a world leader.

Now he's bragging about golfing!

54-45. That's an ass whuppin. Largest win for the D in VA in the modern era *

Golf golf golf golf buildings buildings buildings....

Trump: Make American Golf Great Again

i turned on MSNBC to hear election news and i got tRumps Korea speech

Pic Of The Moment: Tuesday's Election Results In Brief

Trump just used his speech to brag about his golf course and say Korean golfers are good. Now he's

Since Trump's Election-Democrats Have Flipped 21 Legislative Seats

Trump surprise trip to DMZ thwarted by fog

Today, I voted for Hillary!

Let's Pull A Party! - Lightnin' Hopkins

Virginia was true to its State Motto Tonight

Bird on a wire.

Trump has a terrible speech writer and he does not have any emotion at all to what

Ok I know you hate Stephen Miller but thats a bit harsh.

Trump won whites by 31% in 2016 in VA

Did Christie at least say: you won't have Christie to kick around anymore?

Trump should be wearing a hockey helmet and Air Force One needs to be renamed to Short Bus One.

Abe had it right - About the election results

Democrats Take Control of Henrico County (VA) Board First Time in History,

He cant even pronounce "peninsula". JFC

Virginia House of Delegates. Bad night for the GOP

BREAKING: Virginia House of Delegates Will Not Be Decided Tonight

Trump: "The people of North Korea are bombarded by propaganda every waking hour of the day"

Dear Pundit Friends, please stop attributing this D landslide in VA to "changing demographics"

Democrats Make Major Gains in Virginia State House

trump is hoarding our Rachel time.

Tom Perez appreciation thread.

9:47 PM Control of Virginias House Of Delegates Is Going Down To The Wire

1st transgender woman beats writer of transgender bathroom bill

Trump is having trouble pronouncing the words in his speech.

With 53% of precincts reporting - Maine voters back Medicaid expansion 59% to 41%

Medicaid Expansion leading in Maine with 42% in

Maine Voters Reject York County Casino Proposal

F this Trump stuff. The ESPN documentary on Ric Flair is on at 10 PM PST

I feel so sorry for those poor gentlemen having to sit there through this talk by him. I have it

I only saw a minute of the Madmans speech.

Angus King Speaks Out Against Points-Based Immigration Proposals


Kim jon don

How do you say STFU in Korean!

Voter Suppression Tweets Went Undetected for Three Hours Today (for Virginia)

Ranked Choice Delay Becomes Law Without LePage Signature

Exit Poll: President Trump was a big motivator for Democrats, but not so much for Republicans.

Amazingly, the current margin is 150 votes or less in 5 of the 7 VA HoD districts that are still too

How To Annoy A Republican:

Anyone else notice Trump completely stole Barack Obama's sign-off?

According to NYT count

Congrats to Chris Hurst


THIS transplanted New Yorker living in Virginia is so incredibly proud

It's a Bluenami in Virginia


toon: Proof of residency

Donald Trump was the big loser in Virginia


All the Democrats won in Frederick MD municipal elections!

Of all the races in all the places I LOVE this one the most: Danica Roem

Looking for those 'Dems are losing' folks that have been dragging our party here

It feels good to win.

8 years ago

trump blames Gillespie for loss, "Didn't embrace me"...

Larry Sabato on MSNBC: Trump is poison.

Maine voters approve $105 million transportation bond

Pearls Before Swine 'toon

Trump might as well just get it over with and defect to Russia while he's in Asia

Is this what he meant by "winning"?

Maine House upholds Paul LePage's veto of recreational marijuana regulations

Were there elections today?


GOP rep: Virginia defeat 'a referendum' on Trump administration

Appreciation thread for RandySF!

I saw a very very lucky kitty use one of her 9 lives today

Maine voters approve Medicaid expansion

Michigan Democrats hang onto seat in Trump country

Special elections in GA--Dems flip TWO GOP seats!!!

Results: Minneapolis Mayor

Hokoken, NJ, elects its first SIKH Mayor! (A Dem, of course) Oh, what a night!

Streaming MSNBC, video is glitchy, keeps stopping

Was Alabama Roy Moore

We all needed this win tonight

So. Seems polling was pretty good. What does that say (confirm) about 2016?

Americans sent Trump and his Republican enablers a message tonight:

His girlfriend was murdered on live TV, inspiring a run for office. Tonight, he won.

This is the Letter Obama Sends to Americans Worried About Trump

Now. What will all the naysayers say who said the Democratic party is in disarray?

Check in and rec if you're giddy tonight

Great news for labor in New York State: NO to opening convention! (Won't trample pensions)

Northam's Victory speech

How big was it in VA tonight?

It's fantastic that is online this election night!

Trump in his speech to South Korea acts as if the South Korean people don't read newspapers or know

Something is happening

Maine just resoundingly became the first state to expand Medicaid by ballot initiative

DNC Chair: Virginia Is 'Blueprint' For New Democratic Party

So now the million $$ question...will the right stick with Trump? (Trumpism)

Their message has always been predictable: "You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile!"

Where is Gillespie? Is he going to give a speech?

We did ALL positive messages for Northam.

Progressive Lydia Edwards elected to Boston City Council

Do we REALLY need a tax cut?

Trump really does have no idea how to do anything but entertain rubes

We did it!!! We pulled a Rocky on 'em!

Too* n/t

1st Sikh mayor in New Jersey

Former felons head to the polls in Virginia with the future of rights restoration on the line

Jerry Falwell Jr has a sad over the election:

Atlantic City mayor is another race where control has flipped from Republican to Democratic.

Just going to leave this quote from David Axelrod here

VA pundit projects the Democrats will win the State House of Delegates

Paul Ryan,,,, Sleep Tight Tonight, dont let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Gillespie projected to lose by 1% lost by 9%

88 nights ago, white supremacists marched with torches in Virginia.

Nationwide Dems Mood In The Morning

Your $20 Million Loan Went Bust? The Trump Team Has a Job For You


Medicaid expansion

Anyone watch HBO's VICE News?

I still think it's too early. I am concerned about the Brazile effect...

As a southerner to hear a Governor elect...

Great Day! Now Let Me Rain On The Parade A Bit.


There's Something Happening Here

A shout-out to Tom Perriello as well.

Flushing the toilet

Washington State Senator Dist 45 Manka Dhingra (D) leads in early balloting

Bette Mitdler to mental midget Paul Ryan


Hi, Skinner, et al.

2018 US House Elections-Democrats guide to a majority.

Rand Pauls assault

It may be Trump's hometown, but it's de Blasio's city and will be for the next four years

My travels in white America - a land of anxiety, division and pockets of pain

Canadian Mounties arrest 5 naked people after car crash

Anyone know about VA house of delegates? 2 hours ago we were up 14, need 17

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D) appears to have lost her re-elect bid in Queens


BREAKING: @electmanka has won the special election for LD45 in the WA Senate, flipping the seat *

Only thing that would make this week better...some INDICTMENTS on Wednesday!!

More good D news: Astorino is losing big in Westchester

Speaker Ryan prepares for next year's mid-terms with help from President Trump

Republican Mike Cierpiot hangs on to win KC area seat in Missouri Senate

Trans woman elected to Minneapolis City Council

Mainers back pension reform

Kansas City voters approve a single terminal at KCI by a huge margin

Here is the most charming and funny cat cartoon video ever. It's about 5 mins long

Ed Gillespie told how it would end


Russian officials and allies repeatedly signaled support for Trump to his campaign team

Brit Hume still works for Fox News, doesn't he?

Republican Atlantic City mayor concedes to Democrat

Anti-gay-marriage clerk Kim Davis to seek re-election

Disney ends L.A. Times ban after widespread backlash

HUGE defeat for the GOP in #Billings #Montana! Cole WINS by a MAJOR margin for mayor!

Some pundit on MSNBC just said that Donald Trump beat the odds to get elected. In actuality,


Last observation before I go to bed - orange shitler spoke - and no one really cared!

Rep. Ted Lieu knows how to troll 45

It's a Long Way to Where We're Going. Saving a Democracy is Hard Work.

Trump Tells Democrats He'll "Get Killed" Financially in GOP Tax Bill

I like this headline ...

Democrats take over Fayetteville, NC Mayors Office

Ralph Northam Congratulations Thread.

The Trumptanic Is Taking Republicans Down With The Ship Nationwide

The monkeys no longer control Virginia's cabana

Why, twitter?

Former RNC Chair MIchael Steele takes a hard shot at Trump

Congratulations my friends !

Tweet from Hillary...

John Armaro Flips New Jersey House Seat

Ted Lieu trolls Trump again...

Clearly, if Republicans want to win, they need to get on Donald Trump's bandwagon

First Black Mayor of St Paul Minnesota

Ed Gillespie Lost an Election. Then He Was Pulverized by Trump and His Allies

come celebrate with me

Bryan Fischer has a sad tonight...

Troy Singleton Flips New Jersey Senate Seat

These 4 women beat white males in VA...the face of change

Roy Frieman flips New Jersey House Seat

Turn on MSNBC! Chris Matthews is hosting a celebration for us

wonder how the kotch bros are feeling to nite with many of their fair haird

Democrats Take Over Atlantic City Mayors Office

In the midst of all the election glee, here's another good news story - from big business no less.

Seth Meyers: Trump's Visit to Asia, Woman Flips Off Trump's Motorcade - Monologue - 11/6/17

Democrats hold onto mayors offices in Allentown, Erie, and Scranton

The only thing holding Trump up is the stock market, if you consider a 35% approval rating held up.

Seth Meyers - The Check In: Who Is Sam Clovis?

Democrats flip two NY counties - Nassau and Westchester

The Daily Show: Saudi Arabia's Political Purge; Carter Page Has a Tell

Democrats break Republican Supermajority in Georgia State Senate

shades of hope


A special thanks to YOUNG voters who put Northam over the top.

Steve Bannon used Robert Mercers offshore millions to accuse Clinton of corruption

A refugee from Liberia is the first black mayor in Montana history!

A Little Music for Tonight's Celebration

How bad was it for the Republicans?

St. Paul elects first African American mayor in city history

MEANWHILE, on Faux Newz:

Salt Lake City just elected its third openly gay councilperson.

CIA director met with DNC hack conspiracy theorist at Trump's urging

I went to bed early and KNEW I was gonna wake up to good news. I had an omen.

This is so awesome

If Roem can win her district, Buttigieg can win the Presidency

Dems pick up 2 seats in Georgia's House of Representatives

Sununu Urges Lawmakers to Support Sweeping School Choice Bill

Repudiation of Trumpian politics: Two Asian Americans that were targeted in racist flyer, won!

The best medecine

Priti Patel: When holidays go wrong

Tim Kaine: SYRIA just joined the Paris climate deal, leaving US as the *only* nation on Earth oppose

Keith Boykin: Voters today chose...

Don't forget...

Trump toady Tom Coyne loses re-election for Book Park, Ohio

Graduated from Trump's University

Investigator hired to probe possible New Hampshire voter fraud

Thank you Donald J Trump for making Tuesday night possible

So will tomorrow's Trump tweet be about how disastrous the elections were for the US?

Ready for more? Connecticut Dems roll through state flipping town councils.

Dems win two more New Hampshire House seats; Incumbent mayors win around state

Trump reacts to voting results

Sudanese-American immigrant wins Iowa City Council seat

I was on my way home tonight from a poetry reading...when I saw this:

Watch Out, Donald Trump. Here Come The Democrats.

Won't Celebrate Until GOP Crushed Out Of Existence.

Pro-white fliers at UVM part of national campaign

Women in Vermont Statehouse say: 'Me too'

Ohio Dems make historic gains on Republican turf.

Democrats euphoric after Tuesday election romp

Michelle De La Isla elected the first Latina Mayor of Topeka

John Cranley re-elected Mayor of Cincinnati, defeating Councilmember Yvette Simpson.

Anti-voucher candidates prevail in Douglas County (CO) school elections

Bernie Sanders' stepdaughter considers run for mayor

Democrats take control of Annapolis, MD Mayors office.

Do you think the repukes are sick of all this winning tonight?

Poll: Trump Accomplishing Little in Final Year as President

Tom Perez replies to Trump tweet....

First openly gay lawmaker elected to a statewide office dies

heres the current count for the Virginia House of Delegates. There are 100 seats, and Democrats cu

So, I'm sitting here in the middle of the night...

Winhall woman found guilty of bank fraud

Isn't that just fascinating and joyful

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/7/17

Dems have won all three marquee off-year races - NJGov,VAGov,NYC Mayor - for first time since 1989

Headlines in French newspapers

Triple Whammy For Last Remaining U.S. Coal Miners

And for a Wednesday smile: Rescue pals

Dem ousts incumbent Republican in Manchester NH mayoral race

Tuesday North Carolina elected 6 more openly #LGBTQ leaders. There will now be 19 across the state!

Congratulations to Albany New Yorks first latino legislator, Alfredo Balarin!

38 year old Melvin Carter just became the first Black Mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota

Vi Lyles is the FIRST EVER Black woman elected Mayor of Charlotte, NC!

In Somerville's election, a heptad of Bernie-inspired aldermen victories

Stan Rosenberg: Senate To Take Up Automatic Voter Registration

In Somerville's election, a heptad of Bernie-inspired aldermen victories

Photographer Pete Souza Reflects On 8 Years (And 1.9 Million Photos) Of Obama

That was a pleasant surprise in VA.

So far the reaction has been the same wherever Trump visits

Trump Says Repugs Won 4 Out Of 4 House Seats .....

One year on from his election victory, Trump already left a mark in History

I'll never forget...

Dem Lee Carter upsets House Majority Whip Jackson Miller in Virginia!

Shoddy seamanship to blame in Lake Champlain collision

when a newly installed prez declares war on half of the population

Dems see gains in Virginia's House of Delegates

Marty Walsh wins second term as Boston mayor

My favorite quote tonight...

Larry Krasner wins race for Philly DA

ESPN is fake news indeed......per Bill Belichick.....

Anti Trump candidates become first Dems to EVER win these council seats!

Despite Trumps Victory, the Democrats Arent in Disarray

Nice Time

Medicaid expansion wins in Maine!!

Ok, so didnt I read someplace that Thanksgiving cactus should be given bright

Jon Stewart on Trump: "We put our d*ck in the toaster and we're all waiting to see what happens"

In the Reich wing town I live in for bourough council

Thoughts and prayers to all the Republican politicians who lost their seats today.

OK, it's the day after the election. Let's focus on defeating the Tax Cuts and Tax Reform now.

How did VA happen? Here's how A progressive wave of small donors stepped up with grassroots support

F**king Delaware County,PA...!!!!

CIA Director Met Advocate of Disputed DNC Hack Theory at Trumps Request

Whoa. Let's not lose sight of the youth vote here (tweet).

It may be Trump's hometown, but it's de Blasio's city and will be for the next four years

The real sign of voters rejection of Trump


How a local bill for municipal broadband development beat back big Corporate Cable $$$ to pass (CO)

Joe Scar: "Women won this election for Democrats. They stood in line in the cold rain for hours...

Python found in trousers of drunk man in Germany

WA State spcl election win gives Dems free hand to enact liberal policies across entire West Coast

Fox News Went 100 Minutes Tuesday Night Without Discussing the Republican Loss in Virginia

Should the Democratic party choose candidates whose ideologies and temperaments match their states?

The Anti-Trump Wave Has Come, and Republicans Can't Stop It

Mike Pence Defends Power Of Prayer Against Democrats Attack

This a good morning.

Was trump introduced before South Korea speech as

Woman Fired For Flipping Off Trumps Motorcade Receives 453,673 Job Offers

A socialist and a trans woman won seats in the VA House.

Tom Perriello appreciation thread

Northam has a good sense of humor, too! On dealing with Trump:

BTRTN: One Year In... Moving at the Speed of Darkness

I don't want to take the steam out of the big wins...

In Backlash To Trump, Democrat Ralph Northam Wins Virginia Governor's Race

BTRTN: One Year In... Moving at the Speed of Darkness

American voters send a message 2017

Senator seeks explanation for career U.S. prosecutor's abrupt resignation

So, this means Obama beat orange man, again. This time he got his a$$ kicked.

Pence to visit Texas church shooting victims to tell them ...

Donna Brazile's choice of literary agents is interesting

"Get on the plane and go home."

Jon Stewart Reckons With One Year of President Trump: What the F*ck, Man?

If you knocked on doors or made phone calls for this election, check in

There is lots of attention on Virginia.

UPDATED: Trump Threatens North Korea In Seoul Speech: 'Do Not Try Us'

Study: U.S. Spent $5.6 Trillion on Wars in Middle East, Asia

Black women came through for DEMS in VA!!

Trump will continue to pretend he's winning since being a con man is all he knows how to do, but ...

Ed Gellispie lost more than an election last night

Bannon, Coulter, and the rest of the Gopers must be feeling sick this morning?

Johnstown Never Believed Trump Would Help. They Still Love Him Anyway.

I hope the 2018 mid-terms look a lot like last night (massively BLUE)

Hillary Clinton:

Exclusive: Russia Woke Up Twitter Sleeper Cells for Election Day Blitz

Republicans: Pay close attention

Jesus' brother James on "thoughts and prayers".

TJ Maxx, Marshalls continues paying employees in Puerto Rico even though stores are closed

Biden on Dem wins: 'Resounding defeat' for Trump

Donna Brazile has more than paid her dues in the Democratic Party

"The Democrats need a leader" I'm not sure I agree with that, at least not now.

This is class

Just like Gene Kelly did in his musical!

Chris Christie Proves Himself An Assh*le To The Very End

Major queston about Stranger Things Part Deux

Trumpism Without Trump Fails Badly

Toxic Don

Trump: the gift that will keep on giving!

So Tell Me, FUCKING AGAIN, How The Democratic Party Has To Change.

We should not overlook a key phrase on the NYT article on the Virginia election

There has been no better time to get involved.

What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer

White House admits Trump climate policies will destroy all U.S. coastal property

People of color won for Democratic candidates last night. We need to remember that

Heres A List Of Historic Victories Democrats Had On Election Day

The 'Paradise Papers' expose Trump's fake populism

Fox and Friends is a fucking riot this morning!

Ryan sets record for closing down debate in House: report

I'm having this bizarre new feeling today. I think they call it "optimism".

Rule of Thumb on Upcoming Elections

The difference local and state elections make

1st cartoon covering election day

Durbin doing a great job of discussing the issues on Morning Joe this am

Virginia Rejects Your Hateful Politics, Mr. Trump - By the NYT Editorial Board

Let the People Pick the President - By the NYT Editorial Board

President Obama's Stump Speech for Northam , Thanks Obama!

Handy chart from DailyKos on results of Tuesdays election results.........

If Dems take US Senate in 2018

The #1 Issue . . .

Can someone tell me why I see ads for "HR professional certification" (SHRM) 24/7 on every station

The mass-shooting last week nobody covered, bc the shooter was a white racist.

A triumph of decency over dread - By the Washington Post Editorial Board

Virginia Statewide Election vote by gender and race.

Morning Joe reading DU. The post "Something Happening Here" was just read. HA n/t

Anti-Trump Limerick Challenge

Francis Thicke Warns of Corporate Takeover of Organic Farming


A black student wrote those racist messages that shook the Air Force Academy, school says

The Bad Reporter is SOOO Good today!

The talking heads in the media are just all over themselves on the elections

A GOP official in Jersey shared a snotty Facebook meme about the womens march.

We have more elections next week.

Morning Joe if you are reading this I want u 2 know that this site DU was hacked on election DAY2016

On the brink of Nuclear War, a few miles from the DMZ, Trump promotes his golf course.

What Virginians are waking up to:

MAGA -- Many Are Getting Asskicked

Vicious trans-phobe ousted by...a transgender woman!

The Tears of Republican Bigots Go Well With One's Morning Coffee, Don't They?

Moving the party to the left - Fright Talk on MSNBC

When people of good-will vote, people of good-will, win.

There Are 16 Circles In This Image But Most People Only See Squares

Mayor Broderson wins big in Muscatine

What a difference a day makes

EPA's Pruitt vows to continue rolling back rules despite alarming climate report

Taking the State Houses before 2020

QUESTION: did any of the states we won last nite have voter ID?? Any suppression?

Fangirls Ignore Melania Trump, Lose Their Shit Over Minho

Chumpism is toxic with young voters

Trump Humiliates Himself, "Didn't Know There Were So Many Countries"

Trump Says Mass Shootings Can Happen Anywhere (in Country That Has None)

Think the Women's March made a difference? Yep

I don't want to gloat...

Politician who joked about women's march defeated - Ashley Bennet Got Angry & ran against him & won!

"Just because I direct a security firm, doesn't mean . . ." Please come CAPTION NRA's Chuck Holton!!

Keep ringing those bells, America.

After nearly 10 months, DOJ gives up prosecution of woman who laughed at Sessions

Trump Tells Democrats He'll 'Get Killed' Financially in GOP Tax Bill

Grading the pollsters (Virginia)

Rare victory for rainforests as nations vow to stop 'death by chocolate'

This is actually a great strategy

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Insanity

Are any other states going to paper ballots?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Orange and Co.

Anyone know where I can find one of those election maps

A Beautiful Morning

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

After yesterday's Democratic wins, can we move on from 2016?

J.D. Gordon knew about taking out the "Ukraine Amendment" from the GOP platform?

Louie G Says Nature Has A Way Of Cleaning Up Massive Oils Spills

IF DEMS CAN WIN IN HEAVILY GERRYMANDERED VA, they can win in other gerrymandered states

Troll Alert: They seem to be out in full force this morning after

Chicago has strongest gun laws...NOT

Collusion? I don't see any collusion. Do you see any collusion?

Nov 8th 2016 we went to the polls with big smug smiles on our DEM faces, expecting a landslide...

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA's)

Another bright spot, Charlotte activist was 2nd highest vote getter in City Council race

Yesterday's voting results reminds me of "Hair" LET THE SUNSHINE IN!

For My 100,000th DU Post, I Say:

NYC Mayoral candidate Bo Dietl tweets bitter response to loss, rife with misspellings...

The Virginia Demographics based on exit polls.

Lewandowski: 'My Memory Has Been Refreshed' On Carter Page's Email


The liberal Alderman candidate for my Ward won by 116 votes.

Sit Down And Shut Up-An Ode To Chris Christie......

Completely Unelectable Progressive Larry Krasner Wins DAs Race

BLM activist ran for City Council in Charlotte, NC and won big 😃

Lost in the great results: GOP lost incumbency in 3 Congressional Districts BEFORE the results.

You know who else was a loser yesterday? DFA (Democracy for America)

Republicans Lost The Culture War In Va.

LOL: Grab them by the midterms

Tom Pierello is 2017s MVP

Republicans seek new path after failure of Gillespie's 'Trumpism without Trump'

Enjoy re-reading this article about Steve Bannon's "Trumpism without Trump" from two days ago

Democrats won the Crown Jewel of republican cronyism... The Town of Hempstead!

If you're not watching 'The Opposition' with Jordan Klepper ...

The GOP Racist Strategy Destined To Lose In The End.

Trumpism, y'all

Fox News' Brit Hume: Trump response to Virginia election showed him 'at his worst'

Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller's show now

The FOX take

Virginia hints at trouble for the GOP in the 2018 midterms, but not for the reason you think.

Protests over Spain's Catalan power grab block transport

Rich Uncle Pennybags is back!

Virginia House of Delegates still hangs in the balance

Birth and Death are Experienced by Everyone

Take a look through last night's results and analysis at the Virginia Public Access Project.

Jesus freak blames 'atheism" for Texas shooting...

They ALL need to go

Clinton touts Dem victories: This is what happens when we come together

The Northam "bring us together " strategy is good going forward...

I have to say, this was a pretty nice blow-softener for the one-year anniversary of an infamous date

Dem. Rep. bill would require paper voting, recounts in close elections

Former RNC head Michael Steele tweet-slaps Donald about VA loss.

Judge in Manafort/Gates case orders "all interested participants" to STFU about case.

Breakfast Questions and Options

Tax Reform Bill Markup, Day 3

Tax Reform can used reconciliation?

Obama celebrates Democratic victories in VA and NJ

Trump is lost on the. "Sea of Stupidity" and traveling on the "Ship of Insanity."

Corey Stewart: Gillespie's defeat is humiliating rejection of Bush-wing R's who don't embrace Trump

Trump 'Did Not Make America Great Again': Russian Press

Recorded screams of Repukes on hearing yesterday's election results

Sean Hannity Couldn't Handle The VA Democratic Win

25 Largest Churches in America

Tweet thread from Hillary this morning

Adam Schiff on how Trump is the worst president in modern times

For all you republican trolls out there

Black Lives Matter activist in viral photo overwhelmingly wins Charlotte City Council seat

93-Year-Old World War II Vet Scores Upset Election Win

Preet Bharara doing a live taping of his new Podcast - Dec 11

Throwing the Bums Out!

Can you guys tell me how to cancel my monthly donation?

Trump administration tightens sanctions against Cuba

Philippines' Duterte to Trump: 'Lay off' human rights when we meet

Fox GOP Propaganda News and Mr 33% Had A Sad

Bryan Fischer Tells Bob Marshall Hes The One Who Can Stop Deviant Agenda Of Transgender Candidate

My wife is in Geneva for two weeks. Today's headlines in all Swiss press . . . . .

Jenny Durkan defeats Cary Moon to become Seattles first woman mayor since the 1920s

Russia investigators probe 2016 GOP platform fight

Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Justice seem to be slam dunk

Judge issues gag order in Manafort, Gates case

Finally, a mainstream article about poor white Trump lovers that gets it right....

Uber says it will bring its flying taxis to Los Angeles in 2020

Exit polls: This was a message to Trump

Meet Vi Lyles 1st African American Female Mayor of Charlotte NC

Love the Smell of Victory in the Morning

****BREAKING**** CBO-Chump middle and working class tax increase would add $1.7 trillion to debt

White House blames Iran for missile attack on Saudis

Big tent politics?


Did the nightmare of Dolt 45 Presidency encourage more POC, women, and LGBT's to run for leadership?

We should see if there are any VA House Delegates who want to switch parties?

Granny Starver Ryan: "If anything, (Trump's unpopularity) places more pressure (to pass tax cuts)"

Senate Dems introduce bill to ban assault weapons, bump stocks

Mass. Trooper Sues Police Leaders After He Was Told To Alter Arrest Report Of Judge's Daughter

Republican who joked about Womens March defeated for re-election

Is it time now for Donna to Fade Away??????

Is something broken in the DU search function?

LePage refuses Medicaid expansion despite OK from Maine voters

Sean Duffy saying on Foxthat the election results mean that Congress needs to go ahead with tax refo

Video of Texas Shooting Captured Bloodbath

Toxic Don Gets a Gift

We can stop worrying our party isn't 'speaking to working-class voters'

O Yellar puts on his BadAssHat and threatens NK furture existence ,,,,,,,,

Majority Of White Americans Say They Believe Whites Face Discrimination

Anybody ever see that Paul Joseph Watson idiot?

Watch this FOX host go off on Tom Perez after DEM wins. Agenda much? He did well calling her out.

What exactly would happen if Mueller gets fired?

Pierce: Maybe We're Seeing a Backlash to the Whitelash

Virginia bloodbath: Trump is exorcising the Democrats' midterm curse

The subtle and deep implication of yesterday's political mini-earthquake

Voters Appear to Have Said: ENOUGH!

15 takeaways from Virginia - By Jennifer Rubin

Inside secret court hearing in Mueller's Trump-Russia probe

First Amendment Advocates Charge Trump Can't Block Critics On Twitter.

I have a question for DU moms.

first trailer for "The Post" (the story of the pentagon papers)

Polls aren't perfect but they are better than pundits.

Election wasn't a Democratic wave it was a tsunami

Last night's victories were great.

Confirmed: Trump meeting with Putin in Vietnam this weekend. Trump runs to Putin again!

Ohio mayor who left Dem Party to back Trump goes down in humiliating electoral defeat

At least 25 Rethug house members retiring/seeking other office

Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Star in Hamilton in Puerto Rico, January 2019

Quote of the Day

Pixs of Vietnam War from other side


We need a movement: State referenda to implement VOTER VERIFIED PAPER BALLOTING

Historic golf infomercial

How This Year's Elections May Change Next Year's

Republicans Are Going to Wish Clinton Won

NJ official who mocked Women's March defeated by candidate he inspired to run.

Steve Kornacki: "It might as well be Donald Trump on the ballot tonight."

How to help consolidate Democratic power in the long term.

MEANWHILE, in Santa Monica....

Senate won't release tax bill tomorrow

New generation of Democrats emerges one year after Trump

Virginia activist explains how they did it, in a public FB post.

Virginia voter suppression tweets went undetected by Twitter for hours

Dems WIN! Van Jones Rubs it in While Rick Santorum Offers Excuses Why.

Lisa Thiel - Warrior Goddess

Jr tells people to vote

Falwell Jr. calls for DC to annex Northern Virginia

NJ on Track to Legalize Cannabis

The shifts in Virginia voting that handed Trump an embarrassing defeat

Post an embarrassing admission. Here's mine:

Redstate is Having a Sad

Judge issues gag order in Manafort, Gates case

The Oklahoma City Newspaper has totally ignored what happened yesterday.

Dear fellow Democrats

Dotard Trump Has the Anti-Midas Touch

Trump supporter is ok with Trump and Pu$$y statement

This is the Trump Effect: In 2015, Dems challenged 23 (R) delegates. This year, they challenged 54.

Look at this latest tweet

An example of the type of unity we need

Trump Tweets Massive Electoral College Victory

Gerrymandering of several kinds is the only thing keeping the GOP in power now

Love all the Dem winners, this is my favorite

Ignore Republican denials: Democrats big win in Virginia is the start of an anti-Trump wave

Scientists discover that atheists might not exist, and thats not a joke

Ex-President Barack Obama Shows up in Chicago for Jury Duty

Mass Shootings, Climate, Discrimination: Why Government's Fear of Data Threatens Us All

Mass Shootings, Climate, Discrimination: Why Government's Fear of Data Threatens Us All

Sorry, But American Democracy Is Still Edging Closer to Disaster

I havent heard about Mitch McConnell lately.

Another broken promise

In stunning Trump rebuke, Montana elects Liberian refugee as state's first black mayor

Check out the Democratic turncoat and the know nothings on Monday:

A Grasshopper Has Been Stuck in This van Gogh Painting for 128 Years.

U.S. Said to Seek Sale of CNN or DirecTV in AT&T-Time Warner Deal.

Please, someone buy Fox - By Jennifer Rubin

Trump's 'Wall' in Virginia

The art of the backfire

U.S. Said to Seek Sale of CNN or DirecTV in AT&T-Time Warner Deal

V.P. Mike Pence and "Mother" are flying to Texas today

Slocum, TX

Black Lives Matter activist in viral photo overwhelmingly wins Charlotte City Council seat

The way to beat the the GOP evil ploys....

Russia wrestles with Trotsky and Revolution

Republicans suddenly fear disastrous 2018

Dana Milbank: House GOP not even bothering to hide tax favoritism

Doc: O'Reilly Contract Barred Fox From Firing Him Unless Claims Proven In Court

GOP tax bill: good for business, bad for debt, meh for middle class

DON"T Get Comfortable!

JUST IN: Former advisor to President Trump, Carl Icahn, has been subpoenaed by the U.S. Attorney's

Are we "in the early stages of the birth of a new Democratic Party"?

Bernie Sanders asks the Senate Budget Committee conduct an investigation into the Paradise Papers

Retired railroad worker and his chew-chew train for rescue dogs:

GOP Tax Plan Would Slam California Housing Market

Bernie Sanders asks the Senate Budget Committee conduct an investigation into the Paradise Papers

Anybody remember Slocum?

Where has this account been all my life? (or at least last year?)

Trump Pentagon pick says its 'insane' for civilians to own semi-automatic weapons

Former President Obama Reported For Jury Duty, But His Panel Wasnt Needed

The thing about *irony* is....

LePage Threatens To Block Medicaid Expansion After Decisive Statewide Vote in Maine

Priti Patel forced to resign over unofficial meetings with Israelis

Justice Dept demands that AT&T sell CNN to get approval for merger

Bad Night for Trump Sets the Stage for More GOP Infighting

Maybe we should stop looking outward for deities, and look inward, instead.

With this recent explosion of revelation about sexual predators...

Hillary congratulates the folks at Run For Something on their big night

THANK YOU VIRGINIA for waking up our country

'Hate-sponsored rallies' should be prohibited in Toronto, councillor says

Scientists grow replacement skin for boy suffering devastating genetic disorder

Email from Sen Kamala Harris

Seattle elects its first woman to the Mayors Office

Bring Out The Gurneys - GOP Wants Medicaid Work/Means Tested.

Humiliating defeat for Ohio mayor who ditched Democratic Party to back Trump

Boom - Watch This Closely. Josh Marshall

John Young: Republicans are shameless merchants of debt

The Conservative Caucus sent my Died in the Wool Democratic Mother

This is how you fake hold hands:

RNC Chair Challenges Trump's Claims That Gillespie Didn't 'Embrace Me'

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton draws first Democratic challenger for 2018

"If you're that honest, maybe you should join the Democratic Party." CoreyStewart (R VA loser)

X-Post from Canada: 'Hate-sponsored rallies' should be prohibited in Toronto, councillor says


Sen. Coons to Sessions: Provide info on forced resignation of U.S. Attorney, timing is "troubling"

Earth, Wind and Fire, "Serpetine Fire"

Tech Twitter Thanks Hillary Clinton With Feminist Hashtag "We honor you today."

Homeland Security nominee says no need for full U.S.-Mexico border wall

In Response To: " So Tell Me, FUCKING AGAIN, How The Democratic Party Has To Change"

Bannon Readies for Battle (Not the Onion)

A mass shooting flowchart

How a Socialist Beat One of Virginias Most Powerful Republicans.

"North Korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned. It is a hell that no person deserves."

An enthusiastic, more polarized Virginia electorate gave Northam the win

Could Organized Christianity Really Be the Original Pyramid Scheme?

It appears the gop wants every person to be gainfully employed. I would like to ask

Chester County PA Democrats break 100+ year Republican deadlock on Row Offices.

WTH? Donna Brazile posing with Sheriff Clarke now

Japan and China Mock Trump With Over-the-Top Appeals to His Ego

Thank you Virginia for the fall before FALL ends

Mass. Trooper sues after being told to alter arrest report of judges daughter

As close as the US gets to Egypts pyramids': how Chaco Canyon is endangered by drilling

Let this sink in a little

Top US universities use offshore funds to grow their huge endowments

The Conservative Excuse book!

Patriotic Millionaires on the GOP Tax Plan: Tax Cuts Don't Create Jobs

The Limits of Trumpism

Was laughing at delusional Rush and his gullible listners

Losing by winning kinda sorta or maybe not.

Obama at Jury duty

Just how stupid can the Trumpistas get?

FBI can't unlock Texas church gunman's cellphone

Charlie Sheen must have friends in very high places

OMG! I'm lovin' Richard Painter.

Last night's 3 A. M. phone call- probably collect

DOJ to AT&T: Sell major assets, potentially CNN, or get ready for legal battle

Anyone else noticing #fakepresident cultists begging for respect?

At long last I see some movement on the insanity of guns in America.

Nice letter of thanks from Chairwoman of VA Democratic party

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 8, 2017

Lieu asks Trump: Can you endorse my challenger?

Top ranks of US diplomacy 'depleted at dizzying speed'

US 'loses 60% of career ambassadors' since January

At least seven cities elected their first black mayor last night

Women voted and proved that they are focusing on

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 9 November 2017

What's the situation with LePage and the Maine Medicaid expansion referendum?

Anti-Trump backlash fuels a Democratic sweep in Virginia and elections across the country- good read

Bill would lower drinking age in Wisconsin to 19

An idea for election day. Change the DU banner and header images to reflect it

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-21: Wheel Of Corruption: Dead Men Tell No Tales Edition

There is a special place in hell for tv news anchors who continually use the phrase

What should the Dems do to win in the midterms?

this is how a dictator rules....uses DOJ to punish corporations

Senator Bernie Sanders Urges Zimmer to Let Unionization Vote Stand

Deborah Gonzalez (D) Flips House district 117 seat! Congrats

This was a big win-but it not a vote for staying the course.

The Strange Pleasure of Seeing Carter Page Set Himself on Fire

23-year-old Latina trounces GOP incumbent who defended Trumps sexual assault

Not sorry: Trump campaign digital director doesnt regret promoting Russian propaganda on Twitter

"Well, whatda we do now, Mitch!"

'It's a revolution': polygamist sect loses power over Utah town for first time

Tom Perez on MSNBC right now

Top ranks of US diplomacy 'depleted at dizzying speed' under Trump

I hate that I agree with North Korea

McCain opposes Trump nominee over torture memos

'$300m in cryptocurrency' accidentally lost forever due to bug

jeff hoover (R) , Kentucky House speaker resigns post after texts with staffer

Consider this for a moment.

HRC was running for POTUS with a hostile chairwoman heading the DNC.

The CDC has a new app to help track young children's milestones

Jill Kelley Plans a Party Wednesday at the Trump Hotel to Celebrate Trump's Victory.

House panel drops effort to force testimony on Trump 'dossier'

U.S. spending on post-9/11 wars to reach $5.6 trillion by 2018

The Tedeschi Trucks Band Opened The Show with "Sweet Virginia" Tuesday nite

Name a single Trump policy that helped the economy..(Answer: there is none)

Do you think Steyer's anti tRump ads affected elections

These New Jersey candidates were attacked with xenophobic messages. They all won.

The Saudi Purge: The real reason behind Mohammed Bin Salman's unprecedented crackdown

"Democrats won the white male vote until recently"

Red districts in Georgia flipped.

The 'Paradise Papers' expose Trump's fake populism

'The mass is not a show' - Pope Francis criticises phone use

Update on Virginia Delegates

Do you remember the phrase "Don't get cocky kid!"

The Saudi Purge: The real reason behind Mohammed Bin Salman's unprecedented crackdown

"Lunatic Old Man" is "rocket man's" new name for the moron.

'Don't get too cocky Democrats. Last night doesn't mean anything.'

Ex-pharma exec Azar is top choice to run U.S. health agency: sources

Puerto Ricans in the island have high voter turnout there. And they are a'coming here!!!

It appears that the Bernie faction and the Hillary faction united against the Republicans.

The GOPRs are scared!

Canadian restaurant run by HIV-positive staff aims to smash stigma

I asked about interest for a Russia group or forum in Sept.

M$M just can't say it,,,,,,

Tuesday's elections offer fresh evidence that the ground is shifting beneath GOP

There's A Big Time Tamping Down Of Expectations Going On

"The Strange Pleasure of Seeing Carter Page Set Himself on Fire" - Rick Wilson essay

Huge win for Trump last night

Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia in 2020. Discuss

Liberian refugee elected mayor of Helena

Trump golf course has ruined dunes habitat, say conservationists

FYI - Virginia has elections for the foreseeable future

Gov. Charlie Baker re-establishes hate crimes task force

Tony Schwartz (the real author of Art of The Deal) coming up on MSNBC with Ari Melber

Countdown to 2018 elections: 361 days, 13 hours, 45 minutes to Tues Nov 6th! Updated.

Why the HELL is Donna Brazile appearing with this douchebag?

Did you know that most DUers are cultists?

Syrian army, allies, take last IS stronghold in Syria: commander

AT&T has 'no intention' of selling CNN, no matter what Trump's DOJ says

A year later, Bernie Sanders calls Donald Trump's election an 'unprecedented disaster' for America

A year later, Bernie Sanders calls Donald Trump's election an 'unprecedented disaster' for America

I knew it...Faux "news" has hired that SOB Sebastian Gorka.

Ted Lieu refuses to play along with another pretend moment of concernand that concerns Sarah Palin

The GOP couldn't care less about election interference

Golf course has ruined dunes habitat