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Sally Yates: DOJ not a tool for POTUS to use to go after his enemies and protect his friends. Res

Homeland Security cyber unit on alert for Election Day

Homeland Security cyber unit on alert for Election Day

Wisconsin GOP lawmaker says women should be forced to give birth to grow the labor force

"Donna Brazile: I considered replacing Clinton with Biden as 2016 Democratic nominee."

Manafort's lawyers say he isn't a flight risk: He's not 'Jason Bourne'

In the latest JFK files: The FBI's ugly analysis on Martin Luther King Jr., filled with falsehoods

Exerpts from Donna Brazile's book, with plenty of new revelations

Pussy Riot Star Breaks Down The Similarities Between Trump And Putin

Maine governor vetoes voter-approved bill to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana

Maine governor vetoes voter-approved bill to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana

I love living in a sane area. I get to see things like this when I'm out for a walk

Ky Gov calls for any elected official accused of sexual harassment to resign


It's Nov 4th and Antifa didn't take my guns.


Manaforts lawyers demand he be taken off house arrest: Hes not Jason Bourne

Why are there still Donna b. posts here ?

Dukakis Aide Quits; Remarks Are Disavowed

Was Boente pressured to resign? Is Trump trying to interfere in Mueller probe? We sent a FOIA reque

Nearly 100 Clinton campaign staffers hit back at Brazile

Bernice King: My father is once again being assassinated

google ads

if you are hooked on drugs

Lawrence Tribe breaks down the Trump/Kushner/Putin/Saudi connection.

toon: Exercise

Daylight savings time ends

I'll just leave this right here....

Maine governor vetoes bill legalizing marijuana

Colin Powell issues grave national security warning: Trump is gutting the State Department

WashP changes...without a correction: Brazile didn't claim she had the power to replace HRC w/ Biden

Iowa football wave to children's hospital

Fugitive Pinochet agent Reimer Kohlitz detained in Chile drugs raid

Iowa football wave to children's hospital

In Conversation: Robert Reich and Jason Kander on voter suppression

I will be so happy when I never see the name of Brazile

Paul Manafort offers $12 million in assets to avoid house arrest

If there was truth in labeling, Brazile's book would be titled EGO, PARANOIA AND SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS

Florida church changes sign after message misinterpreted as sexual

Without these sensational headlines, would anyone consider buying Donna Brazile's book?

FFS, **BREAKING NEWS** Dump Lands In Japan....

Watching MSNBC. Trump still using Air Force One film theme, though he was asked not to.

Milo Yiannopoulos fired by conservative website The Daily Caller after one column

Drug Dealer to Cop: "Don't Look in the Trunk".

Protestors troll Trump with "Welcome to Kenya" signs during Hawaii visit:

drunk driving, no-- drunk horse back riding

Guest Lineups for the Sunday Morning News Shows

If Brazile felt so bad for Bernie

Brooklyn cops accused of prisoner's rape to face NYPD trial first

Trump said Japan should have shot down overflying North Korea missiles

Ok....ive been dragging on a one hit pot pipe.......

Sounds like 45's trip is going to be long and grueling.

Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot interview by Lawrence O'Donnell

Seniors organize against climate change

The Donna Brazile Problem

Trump (to reporters) says it is "expected" that he will meet with Putin on the trip

Boom da boom boom: Boris Johnson in spotlight as questions raised over Russian influence on UK

Drump said he could not understand why a country of samurai warriors did not shoot down missiles..

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigns, accusing Hezbollah of taking the country hostage

Its time for our obligatory squabble about Daylight Savings Time vs Standard Time

Trump on AF1: Stock market successful "because of me. I've always been great with money."

The latest events as they are seen in Europe #3

Twitter got back to me

Killed by hate: Victims of America's far-right violence

Roll out of bed, Mr. Coffee's dead;

Securing North Korean nuclear sites would require a ground invasion, Pentagon says

15 Amazing Before-And-After Photos of Landscapes Transformed During Winter

Judge denies request to return to U.S. by Russian lawyer who met Trump Jr.

Boom: Trump expects to meet with Putin during Asia visit

if Bernie, Donna, and Nina started a singing group what should they name themselves...and which

Our nation's condolences go out to the people on Japan for dropping this pile of shit at your door

Kushner makes a secret trip to Saudi...leaves and all hell breaks out.

Salon- Demo-Catastrophe: It was worse than we thought, and bigger than Bernie vs. Hillary

Oh shit! I totally forgot about the Civil War we were supposed to start today.

Welcome to the D.C. suburbs, where the GOP tax plan could really hurt.

The Media Just Filmed 30 Minutes Of Trump's Plane Landing..

Tax Overhaul Bears Gifts for Conservatives, Including Rights for Unborn

Just got back from Thor Ragnorok and I only have two words

In GOP Tax Bill, How You Get Rich Matters

We have a sociopath who committed treason to 'win' the presidency

Is this awful tax bill going to pass?

VA-GOV: The final Early Voting update

Defeat of no fault auto insurance overhaul doesn't end the debate over high rates

VA-GOV: Hints About Latino Turnout

Baldwin on SNL!

New study pinpoints birds of prey as hardest hit by wind farms.

When Trump boarded Marine 1 carrying his shinebox, it was a dead giveaway he was going to see Putin.

Anti- and pro-Trump protesters face off in downtown L.A. rally

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 7: The Hollywood Blacklist

Pontiac Silverdome set to explode with a bang on Dec. 3

Off on my historic trip to Asia!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 8: Star of the Month: James Stewart

Trump: Japan should have shot down North Korean missiles because it's a country of samurai warriors

Petitions turned in to repeal Michigan prevailing wage law

White Supremacists Just Declared Papa Johns the Official Pizza of the Alt-Right

CNN - Vegas Mass Murderer Was "Happy With Trump..."

State police launch roadside drug testing in five counties

If 43 wants to be taken seriously as an anti-Trump Republican

A year after his surprise election, 65 percent say Trump's achieved little (POLL)

Interesting nugget from VA gubernatorial contest. Make out of it what you will.

The most 10 vicious things about the Trump Tax Scam

LOVE weekend Update Michael Che nails it every time

Virginians, what's your read of the Governor's race from the ground?

The ineptness of racism....

9 years ago today, Barack Obama was elected

#DonnaBrazileBookExcerpt is hilarious.

Bugs continue for Michigan state worker expense reimbursements

Former Calgary Stampeders linebacker suspect in killing of wife

VA-GOV: Fairfax County with largest raw total increase for absentee votes

The Subtle Messages Sent by Who Is, and Isnt, Joining Trump in Asia.

Anti-abortion group targets Indiana Planned Parenthood CEO's house but gets address wrong

Indiana has a drug (company) problem: Insulin is increasingly inaccessible for those who need it

So who actually paid for the ads on Facebook?

Daily Chaos W/Trump Is Our New Normal. MSM Acts Like Our New Normal Is OK.

Play Misty For Me..

Hail Atlantis!

Angelo De Augustine - If I Could Fly

Saudi princes, ministers targeted in anti-corruption sweep

Wilsen - Heavy Steps

Two years Journey

Mountainside gallery where all civilisations added their own art from Bronze Age to medieval times

Trump seeks more tax breaks on Chicago tower with Ald. Ed Burke's help

Cross Record - Steady Waves

Did 'bots' inflame online anger over controversial ad in Virginia governor's race?


Who's The Boss...

Trump seen by Iranian cartoonists

Night Cap with Mel Torme..

Joe Biden definitely running for president in 2020, MSNBC's Chris Matthews says

The Trump trolls seem to be active tonight.

Man headed to prison for sending strippers to neighbor's house as many as 75 times (not FL)

Anger over Trump support for coal at UN climate talks

Best and most successful intelligence operation ever .......

Texas judge accused of pointing gun in road rage incident

Typhoon Damrey kills at least 27 along Vietnam's south-central coast

Don the Con accused of obstructing satellite research into climate change

Lawsuit lawyers: Trump tweets 'an instrument of governance'

Local voting districts seen as crucial to election security

AG Madigan opposes Tribune Media merger with Sinclair

Is the GOP laundering Trump's money??

Slovak neo-Nazi leader defeated in regional election

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) All Caps Edition

This Tuesday, Virginia is a barometer for Trump coup.

The Walking Dead 8.3 "Monsters" (spoiler alert)

Schock case on indefinite hold pending mid-case appeal

WI Republican thinks women should give birth for the labor market

I heard a good one at the diner this morning. Trump Russia it's like watergate with stupid people

Blagojevich asks U.S. Supreme Court to hear his appeal again

Illinois' first fracking permit withdrawn

The perfect breakfast in bed?

Bernie Sanders: As president, Trump is doing the exact opposite of what he promised

The Sum of All Fears(2002)

The Nation: Impeachment Exists for Lying Liars Like Jeff Sessions

Senator's sex-harassment accuser wants answers on complaint

Since the sexual predator and his team want to have a war and get a hard on

SNL - Manafort's House

Trump, Putin to meet and discuss North Korea

What will it be like for Trump supporters after Trump is gone and this nightmare is all over with?

"Big Mother"

Gerrymander 5k: run highlights absurdity of Republican redistricting

Just watching Joy Reid from yesterday and the panel was discussing Page and Papadopoulos'...

The GOP Is Proposing a 250 Percent Tax Hike on Millions of Americans

Papadopoulos gave Mueller four people to be investigated as part of his guilty plea

Mattis, Tillerson Want Blank Check to Wage Illegal War

He's f'ing golfing AGAIN. IN JAPAN.

Secrecy and lies have built a wall of distrust.

Researchers suggest delusion may be at the heart of conservative hatred of Obamacare

Meet Trump's Anti-Worker Labor Department Nominees

Has anyone seen the new Bruce Rauner ad in Illinois?

Papa Johns, Jerry Jones, Bob Kraft & Colin Kaepernick...and Trump

Donald Trumps approval a year after election is lower than any president in 70 years of polling

Russia, if you are listening...

A year after Trump's election, York, Pa., is forever changed

Sinclair says no to Bill O'Reilly (It's about effing time someone did.)

Don The Con's hair ...walking in Japan with extra bald spot

1% of Americans have never heard of Donald Trump??????

NYT on missing Spicer

Is there more than meets the eye with the professor at the center of the Trump-Russia probe? Or less

Suspect facing terrorism charge in Williamsburg IED explosion...

Analysis: Virginia's election serves as a road map for 2018 congressional races

"Prosecutor to Trump: Shut Up or Face Gag Order From Russia Probe Special Counsel"

If Hillary beat Chump in VA by 5.3% shouldn't Northam beat Ed "Trump Lite" Gillepsie by as much.

U.S. Sends Lesbian Refugee Back to Country Where She Was Raped

The Moron Abroad: Trump Insults Japan By Telling Samurais To Shoot Down N. Korea Missiles

Bermuda cyber attack: the new Appleby data leak

♫ You've got to pick-a-pocket or two, boys,

The meme across the national media this morning is that the democratic party is completely broken.

Latest VA polls- Northam with a slight edge.

Trump: 'No dictator' should underestimate US resolve

Will the Millennial Billionaire Generation run from a party primary or go the Wallace route???

White Supremacists Share Bomb-Making Materials In On-Line Chats!

Trump was asked by reporters on Air Force One how he plans to stay "fresh" on Asia trip

Sunday Meme n Toon roundup

I saw this guy mentioned here a few times...

Shutdown threat growing over immigration fight

'Things to do in Alberta' for $200, Alex.

If you are worried about Mueller getting fired, this should make you feel better.

For someone that might be thinking of changing their voter registration to "Independent"...?

Donna B is on This Week now...

Milwaukee Police Officer Rips Wisconsin Gun Laws

'AntiFa Civil War' On November 4 Was Really Just A Few Protests Against Trump

That's no Lady Godiva on that der' Horse

What happens when two black holes collide? . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck!

I. Am. Not. Aggressive.

Ryan feels 'very good' about passing tax bill by Thanksgiving

Tax bill raises red flags for Senate GOP

GOP tax bill War on Alimony

REMEMBER, remember the Fifth of November

Bolton: US 'may have to act on its own' against NK if China doesn't step in

Activists eye post-Charlottesville surge in black voting in Virginia

Jared Kushner in Saudi Arabia Just Before the Shake-up? Why?

Jerry Brown's holy war on Donald Trump

The Revolutionary Speech - V for Vendetta

UPDATED: Brazile to critics: 'Go to hell'

Trump will arrive at Mar-a-Lago as charities flee

Someone bought my wife a gift subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine.

Tax Cuts for Corporations Don't Increase Wages, Unions Do

Ryan pledges Congress won't 'interfere' with Mueller Russia probe

Manafort proposes $12.5 million bail package


Houston Astros on SNL-Altuve and Leslie Jones

Sexual misconduct allegations rock statehouses

Winning the Bernie Way: SNL

'Waiting is a mistake': the billionaire pushing lawmakers to impeach Trump


What are the origins of the alt-right? Hint: It's not as new as you think

Spring Ahead, Fall Behind (No- no politics involved)

Trump Aide George Papadopoulos Had Extensive Secret Contact With Putin Ally, May Have Met Putin

Is this more of an Aussie thing or a cricket thing?


One-on-one with former DNC chair Donna Brazile - ABC News

Howard Dean: Gillespie endorsed by White Supremacist Steve Bannon." Whose side are you on?

UPDATED: Pelosi: Talk of primary being rigged for Clinton 'almost a waste of time'

The Trump Administration Is Keeping a U.S. Citizen Secretly Locked Up Without Charges

Saudi Arabia

Press Conference - SNL

Democrats should add amend any legislation

Special Counsel has enough evidence to indict both Flynn and his son

Mueller Has Enough Evidence to Bring Charges in Flynn Investigation

Is Camp Humphreys in South Korea Safer for Trump Than the DMZ?

***BREAKING*** NBC- Mueller now has enough evidence to indict both Mike Flynn and his son.

HaHa Donna Brazile....Your 15 Minutes Are Up

I think Trump will fire Mueller. With the Flynns on the hot seat, he

2018 US House Election -Democrats guide to majority.

Donna Brazile: "I found no evidence" election was rigged

As one views the Left as an unacceptable voting choice - Things change

With Trump, The Russians, WikiLeaks & GOP Deep Digging for Dirt in Clinton Emails-Where's the Dirt?

Another tweet that has not aged well:

Mexico captures rare vaquita porpoise in bid to save species

Graham: Sessions needs to tell us everything he knows about Russia

With the House GOP stunt saying Mueller should be gone & after blocking Garland, I have

The trail of evidence combined with massive stupidity.

Blood plasma infusions from young may arrest Alzheimers

SMH. This is not helpful

Papadopoulos' prof/🇷🇺agent Mifsud told colleague he'd be meeting Boris Johnson 4 dinner re Brexit

Back in 1991 Anita Hill forever changed the way we talk about sexual harassment

SPLC, Hate In The White House - October

Do not google search "amazon" and click the first link


Career Retrospective - SNL

Looks like the Lock Her Up Posse will all be

Brazile says Trump used Twitter to incite threats: 'I've been called some of the worst things...

To all of you trumper pickers, the end is drawing near. Time to remove those

Trophy hunter who shot rare snow leopard prompts fury with photo of killed big cat

Flynn knocked Donna B off the front page.

Memories and Karma:

Boris Johnson in spotlight as questions raised over Russian influence on UK

Kellyanne on Reliable Sources just now. Maddening.

OMFG: Flynn was in talks w/Turkish officials to KIDNAP Gulen for Erdogan-While on Erdogan's payroll

Mueller investigating Trump's links to Mogilevich?

Nate Silver: VA race tightening

Who watched SNL last night?

Users who visited the Trump-related addresses were unwittingly redirected to servers in St. Petersb

Senator Rand Paul was assaulted at his home on Friday afternoon, by his Democratic neighbor

2017/2018/2019/2020 Governors Election.-Democratic Governors

Kellyanne Conway Tells CNNs Stelter to Stop Being So Jealous of Fox News

Trump landed in Tokyo today and Oleg Deripaska's M-UGIC is still there.

Seven new giant bug species are extremely aggressive

Rachel Maddow in March 2017: "Pence's role in the Flynn scandal is flashing like a red beacon..."

Thoughts on the Mpls Mayors Race?

That typhoon killed close to 30 people in Vietnam

I am looking under the bus to see if Donna Brazille threw Al Gore

LM: Has Mike Flynn been already indicted and is cooperating

et tu Ellison

First female American won the NYC marathon in 2 hours 26 minutes 53 seconds

"Brazile Denies Democratic Primary Was Rigged"

Blue Dogs

A man shot & killed his 14-year-old son because he was gay

Gordon Brown says Pentagon misled UK over case for Iraq invasion

Gordon Brown says Pentagon misled UK over case for Iraq invasion

I was taking a tour of the lower Eastside in NYC

Does this shirt make me look fat?

Do these wrinkles around my eyes...

Howard Dean just said on MSNBC

Why Pterosaurs Were the Weirdest Wonders on Wings (NatGeo)

Fine Americans bob mueller and crew my natural high is back. We're on the offensive

Brian Stelter to Kellyanne Conway: 'When I say Russia, you say Clinton'

Hundreds of Sea Turtles Found Dead (NatGeo)

Why Bruce Levell is wrong when he says anonymous sources should be ignored

If I was in the military I would be terrified and depressed.

2018/2020/2022 US Senate Election-term limited or former Governors running.

Brazile: Being DNC Chair worse than Katrina

A selection of the latest racist mailers

To Trump Supporters Who Tout the Dow Ind. Avg., Come and See Me When it Hits 54,000

Why the Plight of the John Doe Enemy Combatant Should Alarm You

I got this year's Johnson Smith Christmas Catalog last week.

The world is witnessing a new 'Gilded Age' as billionaires' wealth grows to $6 trillion

Preet Bharara says Manafort will likely "flip" on Trump to avoid "substantial prison sentence"

Muellers next target is pro-Trump group with ties to Mike Pences chief of staff: report

Moody Blues fans!!

Conspiracy Theorist Michael Flynn Jr. Claims Victimhood, Says He Won't Go to Jail

Trump commerce secretary's business links with Putin family laid out in leaked files

Breaking or as we'd say in Jamaica Oh Rass it's Ross

Will our military leaders attack North Korea if Trump gives the order?

Trump declines (for now) to punch back at Bushes

SNLs Michael Che tells Trump what we all want to tell him (VIDEO)

Said by a man who made his own fortune with his own daddy's money...

One may explain away if just one white house admin had

Siskel vows to appeal and overturn $44.7M verdict in Chicago police misconduct case

Donna Brazile to Critics: Go to Hell

Richard Engel's discussion of Wilbur Ross' ties to Putin --

The Jeff Sessions Delimma

Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of world elite's hidden wealth

Russia funded Facebook and Twitter investments through Kushner associate

Breaking news. Wilbur Ross has business ties to Russia.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has profited handsomely from a shipping company with business ties...

What are you reading this week of November 5, 2017?

I might not have agreed with Republicans in the past, but at least I could count on them to ...

Leaked Docs: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Hid Putin Ties

Paul Ryan says GOP is only pretending tax cuts will increase debt

In case anyone still misses why Nepotism is a really really bad practice:

After reading the back-and-forth postings which, in essence, continue to refight the

Maybe he flipped months ago

Rose McGowan Rips 'Sooo Liberal' 'Scum Bucket' Alec Baldwin

Mueller carefully pruning the criminal roster: Non-senators, first. He's going to surround them

State lawmakers appoint inspector general amid harassment scandal

Remember, all elections matter. Support your local Democrats and Vote on November 7th!

See what is happening today? Corruption and Betrayal within the entire GOP.

...Conservative shreds GOP for letting Trump turn US into 'third-world dictatorship'

When Trump gets back from his latest Putin trip...

What can we at DU do to get Howard Dean to take over DNC chairmanship?

Jack Sock wins the Paris Masters. Qualifies for year end ATP championship

Russia funded Facebook and Twitter investments through Kushner associate

The Weekly List. This is How Democracy Ends.

It is all crumbling, coming down, in multiple areas and directions. It is hard to keep straight - to

***BREAKING*** Leaked Documents Show Trump Commerce Sec Wilbur Ross Concealed Ties to Putin Cronies

Dean: 'Jared Kushner will be indicted for money laundering' and 'the next step will be Trump family'

Weird Bathroom Cleaning Tip

I like the cut of this fella's jib

Breaking : Fatalities in TX mass shootings..UPDATED

Are you as moral as you think you are?

Does the American Press Have a Duty to Warn?

Cruelty in Connecticut

Nu, Tovarishch Trump, May We Talk Privately?

Daily Kos: Joy Ann Reid unleashes 42 tweets about the 'rigged' DNC that all sides may want to read

Several Casualties Reported in Texas Church Shooting

Paul Ryan: Repealing estate tax is about fairness to dead people worth over $11 million

"Retail" comic strip

Jim Cavanaugh just now on MSNBC, concerning today's church shooting in Texas:

"This here's a party" - to all Dems

Cross Vin Scully off my folks I admire list.....hes not watching another NFL game.....

Oldie but goodie: Boris and Natasha Trump

When I say Russia, you say Clinton: Brian Stelter stuns Kellyanne Conway for deflecting Russia qu

Wilbur Ross continues to profit from business dealings with Moscow. (original German source)

Hes dimmer than a 5-watt bulb.

Remember now - this is not the time to discuss assault rifles

General Flynn and son to be charged with conspiracy?

Kremlin Cash Behind Billionaires Twitter and Facebook Investments

Brazile says she found no evidence that Democratic primaries were rigged for Clinton.

HRC would have been nominated without the superdelegates...that proves we don't NEED them.

It's unclear if Donald Trump realizes his Asia trip is not a traveling campaign rally.

Don't Forget The Indefinite Waiting Period Before Discussing Gun Violence

On Assignment with Richard Engel (Tonight Sun., 11/5) MSNBC 6pm ET

Why post stories in GD with "BREAKING" in their title subsequently to the same story posted in LBN?

Massive Leak Reveals New Ties Between Trump Administration and Russia (The Paradise Papers)

It's Too Soon To Talk About Hitler

381 tracking cookies in 8 minutes on Rawstory site :(

Lyet Me Entertyain You

Woah Bucs are turning real dirty with Saints up 30 to 3(updated)

Howard Dean: Jared Kushner will be indicted for money laundering and the next step will be Trump

Howard Dean: Jared Kushner will be indicted for money laundering and the next step will be Trum

I have a bad feeling about this church shooting and possible number of dead. I recall Sandy

Assasinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia buried today

can someone tell me

Christianity - One Religion? I Think Not.

Papa John's has now been forced to tell racists not to eat its pizza

BOOM: Guardian Breaking- Kushner company got $ 850,000 from Putin crony

Shut the FUck UP Pundits

This has been discussed before, but posting in the Lounge for humor...

Please boycott World Market..

Superdelegates and the Congressional Black Caucus. I'm Taking the CBC's Word on This.

Saudi prince killed in helicopter crash near Yemen border, says state TV

Bleed. Rinse. Repeat.

News of more indictments for O Yellar followed by another mass shooting,,,,,,,,

Due to the rape jokes made and then defended in this thread, I am editing out my post.

Gentle Reminder

News Media Just Won't Say # Of Dead

Does your church have armed security on site?

We will be hearing this from Manafort, Gates and Flynn VERY SOON

Russia invested $1B in deep does this go?

How long before someone in the Mueller papers gets whacked by the Russian mob?

The Kremlin cash that went to Facebook, Twitter and a Kushner venture.

American woman wins NYC Marathon for 1st time in 40 years

The wealthy men in Trump's inner circle with links to tax havens

Tweet from Peter Alexander @NBC news on Air Force 1

VA-GOV: Upshot/Siena Poll Gives Democrat Narrow Lead

Media and Pundits!! When someone walks into a church and kills

There Was Definitely Complete Video Of Shooting

my cat just does not understand daylight savings time & frankly I don't either

NRA's top bought politicians, Cruz 1, Rubio 2, Ryan 3

Joy Reid is filled with despair today (ME TOO!)

As Gillespie adopts Trumpian tactics in Virginia, Bannon credits Corey Stewart

Today's Shooting Already Has Wikipedia Page, But It's TOO SOON To Discuss Gun Violence

Today's Shooting Already Ranks #4 All Time

1 Guy Kills Over Half Of Church

I have never seen the NY Giants this fucked up...

Trump finally discovered he can't force the feds to prosecute Clinton -- and he's not happy

A perfect piece of comedy. *Perfect.* Cannot be improved, comedically

Slate "Gunman Opens Fire in Texas Baptist Church, Reportedly Kills More Than 20 "

Little girl lives her best life under a pile of puppies

How many more times will people die while we perform the definition of insanity

In Alabama Senate race between Doug Jones and Roy Moore, will black voters show up?

Conservative rips GOP: Roll over/play dead as we become 3rd world dictatorship (VIDEO)

So this is how you stop mass shootings

Good bye sports forum! I'm about to be deleted because

Who Is Responsible You Ask?

I fully blame the media for these mass shootings

Gun Death Rate Rose Again in 2016, C.D.C. Says

Nothing matters.

Why so there an appeal process when no one hears the appeal?

Tweet of the Day

American Drug Deaths Rose More Last Year Than in the Previous Four Combined

Now is not the time to start discussing gun control in the wake of the Texas shootings.

MSNBC says death toll in TX church shooting is 25

For those lost in the TX church shooting

Despite conflicting analyses, Rep. McCarthy guarantees tax cuts for everyone in middle class

Gerrymander 5K

Question: Why do "antigun liberals" have the burden of understanding "rural traditions"?

Sacked Catalonia leader turns himself in, polls show independence strength

Music for today.

Anyone else love Winamp music player ?

Is the Texas church shooter a "terrorist" or a "depressed loner who just snapped"?

dead/population is 27/643 or 4%

Multinationals grapple with Republican excise tax surprise

Trump on Texas church shooting: 'May God be with people of Sutherland Springs'

PG-13 ain't what it used to be.

I am so Fucking Sick and Tired of...

Former Cowboys LB Anthony McClanahan arrested for murder

Washington Post, Miami Herald, InfoWars and other U.S. sites spread Russian propaganda from Twitter

Flashback to what the governor of Texas said a little over 2 years ago

Here's your chance to weigh in on the great Raw Story debate

This Is AntiFa: France

If he had driven a truck thru the front door and killed 24 people, would we call it "terrorism"?

Breaking News Consumer's guide: Terrorism Edition

It appears that a feather is falling toward me.

Texas shooting - Pretty sure CNN just got taken for a ride - Sam Hyde

Mueller Phone Line Right now..

Using tax legislation to overhaul Obamacare still 'being discussed,' Ryan says

Not again.

Shooter identified as Devin P. Kelley: N.Y. Times

2018 US Senate Election Rating if Democrats target every seat.

Brazile says she found 'no evidence' that Democratic primaries were rigged for Clinton

House Democrat slams NRA in wake of Texas shooting

Dems renew calls for gun control in wake of Texas church shooting

Sticker shock coming with California's new pot market


White House Claims Flynns Job Was to Make Coffee When Papadopoulos Was Busy

How long before we hear, "that regulation wouldn't have stopped this shooting"

my small little fantasy.

Donald Trump got a 'record' stock market the same way he got his wealth...

Powerful lawmaker wants to 'invalidate' the Endangered Species Act. He's getting close.

When ur Number is up,,,,,,

Shooter was white male in his mid 20's, ex military who shared photos of his guns on facebook

Let me guess the race, and religion the texas shooter isn't. . .

Winger Hypocrisy Time!

Oh, Wilburrrrrrrrrr! Also, I think Jared Broke the Middle East (Ferret/ShowerCap)

Bill Maher puts the pieces together brilliantly

Why are authorities scrubbing the Texas church shooters social media?

Do You Remember?

Has fuckface made a statement yet from whatever golf course he is on?

When was the last time a thought or a prayer stopped a bullet?

Lieutenant Governor of Texas is on Fox News right now decrying "hatred" of Christians & Christianity

DJT, when UR dead, IMO few thoughts & prayers will be w/u.

GollumTrump speaks


Diabetes Advocates Protest at Eli Lilly About Insulin Prices

Linux Mint 18.1 won't recognize wireless connections

The Paradise Papers Project

Video of a service at the Texas church - small, informal service

What a fucking mess.

sad testimony on msnbc right now. a grandmother

The mandatory mourning period for all victimized NRA gun nutters has offically begun

Not seeing any NRA ads during the local Va football games

Paradise Papers: Argentine Finance Minister Luis Caputo ran secret offshore wealth funds

Thou shalt not kill: Catholic bishops start new Philippines prayer campaign

Another white guy with a gun kills how many?

Powerful Statement (I know, just words) from Sen Chris Murphy Re: TX Shooting

Portrait of Las Vegas gunman: A narcissist on a losing streak


Texas shooting live presser:

I think we should keep the flag at half staff until we become a better nation.

TX Governor: "Put Your Arm Around Your Guns, And Tell Them How Much You Love Them"

Devin Kelley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

VA-GOV: Latest Early Voting Numbers Including Saturday

After all is said and done...we lost.

Governor Greg Abbott is embarrassed...

Sheriff of Stockdale, people in the media, dont say it shouldnt have happened. It does happen

we are not just the democratic party. we are now the democracy party.

The St. Louis police cat, Felony, gets a headquarters of her own

White male. Age 26. Assault rifle. Dressed in black.

Anyone else get a phone call from President

TX Shooter Devin Kelly Reportedly LOVED his gun

Press Conference on Sutherland Springs shooting...