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Archives: November 4, 2017

Protected status no longer justified for Central Americans and Haitians in U.S., State Dept. says

Trump: I'll be proven innocent if Mueller treats 'everything fairly'

At The Beach...

Only Hillary Clinton raised money for Democrats (through joint agreement with the DNC)

Corker knocks Trump over 'totally inappropriate' Justice Department remarks

Paul Krugman: Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and the Con Man Caucus

New polls show tied VA Governor's race.

GOP predicts few defections on tax vote

It's not just vulgar and unacceptable - it's lawless

dont forget to set your clocks back this weekend

Papadopoulos Repeatedly Represented Trump Campaign, Record Shows

Terrific job by Tom Steyer tonight on All In with Chris Hayes.

Daylight Savings...The GOP wants us to turn our clocks back to 1950 / 1930/ 1920

Immigration agents release 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy after ACLU lawsuit

State Dept. letter could pave way for deporting 300,000 immigrants with protected status

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Trump-released gov't report: Climate change mostly human-caused

Trump breaches boundaries by saying DOJ should be going after Democrats

A story about perceptions.

Longtime Trump bodyguard to face questions about 2013 Moscow trip

Changes to GOP tax bill reduce individual benefits by tens of billions of dollars

John Dean: Trump showing his low IQ base he's the tinpot leader of the banana republic they crave

What does post Trump America look like to you?

A good friend has MS. He is being treating by a PCP. What specialty of medicine

Six women accuse Florida Senate budget chair Latvala of groping, sexual harassment

I have the perfect remedy for the DNC/Sanders/Clinton fued

Trump opened the floodgates. Now Democratic women are running for office in record-breaking numbers

You have to see this graph showing the "very bad polling place" Trump is in.

VA-GOV: Today's early voting update.

GOP's Turkey

Weather Underground "Blockbuster Assessment: Humans Likely Responsible For Virtually All Global

VA-GOV: Early vote turnout by region compared with 2013.

Trump...keeping all his balls in the air.

Should Donna Brazile apologize to Hillary Clinton and her supporters for libeling her and them ?

Mark Ruffalo: Vote all Dem women and see real change.

I don't believe it: Republicans are unfazed that corporate tax cuts poll really badly

If this story was about Gov. Clinton instead of Gov. Huckabee, do you think it would be over?

MSNBC: During Chris Hayes' show... a 45Committee Cut Taxes Now advertisement showing.

Favorite De Niro movie

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Mueller Time

Help! I can't find Trump's apology tweet for jumping to conclusions on the Brazile story.

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 5 - Unseen Cinema

Oh snap! Catherine McKenna demands reporter's outlet stop calling her 'climate Barbie' in terse

TCM Schedule for Monday November 6 - The Hollywood Blacklist

Republicans May Roll All Their Evil Into One Bill With Tax Cuts For The Rich And Obamacare Repeal

Any immigrant who has passed the written citizenship test

Papadopoulos - the coffee boy is right out of the good ole boy playbook.

I am so disappointed in Donna Brazile.

Democratic Primaries Were Not Rigged

Watergate prosecutor: DT's Papadopoulos remarks could be grounds for Mueller to obtain gag order

Breaches boundaries, saying DOJ should be going after Democrats

Saw the new Blade Runner

Manafort Asks Court To Give Him More Time To Put Together A Bail Package

Rachel Tonight: Bowe Bergdahl got no prison time in part because of Trump

Betcha 45 shitcans Sessions while away & claims ignorance

Primary Error: Donna Brazile Mixed Up Two Different Clinton-DNC Agreements

Breaking news on RMS: Carter Page met with Russian officials

2017 NJ and VA Governors Election Prediction. 2017 AL US Senate Election Prediction

Quoth the Fugelsang . . .

"Today Trump discovered that military justice is decided by military personnel not draft dodgers"

Cliven Bundy Trial - Jury Selection Completed - JLamb - KStewart 11/02/17 #Bundytrial

Friday Talking Points (460) -- #BillionairesFirst? #NotOnePenny!

Did you know that the USA is suffering from a Saline shortage due to the PR hurricane?

Poll Shows Trump Sliding Among White Working-Class Voters

The DNCs emails werent only hacked, they were edited - by Russia: report

If you had to choose: elementary penguin or coronation penguin?

Inside story: How Russians hacked the Democrats emails

The Doctors report says that Santiago died of asphyxiation brought on by acute lactic acidosis

The DNCs emails werent only hacked, they were edited: report

How expensive is your cell phone?

Venezuela unveils largest-ever bill, worth a few US dollars

Strong early vote/absentee from Northern Virginia

Hughey the cat has decided he wants more fish oil pills. He's messing with all

Any other HAMS here???

Now that Sessions has been fitted for his orange jumpsuit, Pence is now on deck ...

Donald Trump's biggest flaw: He's not that bright (Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune)

Refuse Fascism protest Saturday.

The Democratic Coalition has lists of ways to resist 45.

Honolulu invaded by white supremacists and anti gay crowd's poster boy. Massive traffic

The stray dogs that led the space race

Donald Trump isnt the only villain the Republican party shares the blame

'He would rather have a dead son than a gay son': Former foster mom speaks about shooting

The long history of the U.S. interfering with elections elsewhere

Republicans think $450K salary is middle class

(VEGAS SHOOTING) George Knapp interviews Sheriff Joe Lombardo:

I just read Michelle Malkin's piece in the paper.

What did Trump say about Bergdahl before his return? For or against?

Republican Sen. Bob Corker blasts Trump for pressuring DOJ

Even Republicans hate the tax bill

Could the VA race be like the 2009 NJ Governor's race

Schwartz: DT scattered, desperate, feeling threatened, wants to end rule of law, become dictator

Trumps strategy in business and now politics is: lie, spin and project.

New Twitter employee deactivates Trump's Twitter account

Lou Diamond Phillips arrested in Portland on DWI charge

Trump Is Obstructing Justice In Plain Sight

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot was on Lawrence O'Donnell's show tonight.

Hot Stove League

Westchester County (NY) Executive: Democratic challenger with slight lead over incumbent.

Tom Steyer On His Campaign To Impeach Trump

Mueller set to investigate top Republicans...

Confusing at best....U.S. Report Says Humans Cause Climate Change, Contradicting Top Trump Officials

Donna Brazile now says the primaries weren't rigged, and NO internal corruption at the DNC that

Judge Guy Williams indicted in road rage incident

Maine Medicaid expansion vote seen as 'Obamacare' referendum

Is this the end...of rump's sanity?

Elizabeth Warren should apologize

Seth Meyers: Houston Astros' World Series Win, Fried Chicken-Scented Bath Bombs - Monologue - 11/2

Trump's Mar-a-Lago Granted Visas For 70 Foreign Workers

Pumpkin portrait of my daughter.

some new, peaceful music for a Friday night from one of my fave groups, Hammock

Democrats eating their own again

Steve Strang: The Firing Of Anthony Scaramucci Is A Sign Of Trumps Deepening Christian Faith

It was 25 years ago today that President Bill Clinton was elected into office.

So, if Hillary colluded with the Russians to make him look bad as Trump claims, then

I say if ANY post claims Democrats are divided EXPECT it to be a Russian troll!

So, I watched Bill Maher's show....

The FBI/Mueller have been investigating Carter Page for more than a year for collusion with Russians

Mueller Inictments on Trump's Poll Numbers

Had a pretty amazing interaction with Best Buy today.

Latest Weinstein Allegations Could Lead to Arrest

To Kick Off tRump's Asian Tour...

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 11/3/17

Howard Dean on Post-nom GE memo and Donna. "Standard operating procedure for 15 years"

I want a mea culpa. Come on Donna and yesterday's Hillary bashers. It's about time we thank

Willie Watson - Gallows Pole

GOP Tax Bill - Does it eliminate Head of Houeshold Filing Status?

CBS News: Pressure is mounting in Mueller's Russia investigation It's every man for himself

Donna Brazile has never impressed me. Her misinformed self-aggrandizement is no surprise.

Trump Russia: Stay Focused. Justice is Coming.

Reading buddies are such a hit at Lowell School.

Michelle Obama and Prince Harry pay a surprise visit to some high school students in Chicago....

Trump warns China it could face big problem with warrior nation Japan over North Korea

Netflix Officially Cuts Ties With Kevin Spacey On House Of Cards

Is there anyway that we can change the door locks at the White House and nuclear codes.....

We should not give a flying fuck about

WVU Gets $5M from 1964 Graduate and His Wife

Schumer backs Manchin at West Virginia Democratic fundraiser

Serious question: how do we keep the Russians

Limbaugh Ought To Die Not CHIP. What A Fucking Sick Bastard.

Twitter cute puppy of the day:

1.2 million diversity visas, 2 linked to terrorism

Donna Brazile to appear on Fox with Tucker Carlson. Anything to sell a book, I guess.

Highlights of the Findings of the U.S. Global Change Research Program Climate Science Special Report

David Attenborough's - Rise of Animals From the Seas to the Skies- HD 720p

Poetic Justice approval ratings plunge in latest Morning Consult poll

Chairman of Trump EPA science board says air quality in the US is too clean

U.S. withdraws from extractive industries anti-corruption effort

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/3/17

Stephen Colbert: Guest Ronan Farrow Faced Intimidation While Exposing Harvey Weinstein

Well, there was this One Night In Bangkok

In 2020 we need a young candidate

Richard Cordray violated no rules regarding possible run for governor, federal ethics office says

Ohio voters have the power to rein in payday lenders, bypassing do-nothing legislature

How To Make America Great Again

The truth about the deal.

Why am I so goddamn cold?

Who can explain all these thoughts racking my mind?

Pizza delivery driver blinded in both eyes. Acid attack in UK.

Bad news: Nov 3 poll claims tie in Virginia governor's race

Puerto Rican officials do not know how many people actually have power

Night Cap with Manhattan Transfer...

Julien Baker-Turn Out the Lights

Navy Committed to Correcting Mistakes That Led to Collisions, Deaths

Partnership Enables Sealift Relief Efforts for Puerto Rico

Last Exit To Brooklyn

Red Letter Christians.....

A woman dropped her hat at the Astros parade and fans use teamwork to get it back to her

Give us your best Limerick ! nt

The Pussy Grabber and Ronald Reagan both bought a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Law license of Democratic state-auditor candidate Zack Space suspended

Good lord, Trump is dumber than a piece of gum on your shoe! (short video)

Ohio lawmakers stingy on work supports for struggling families

Russia Probe Heading 'Right Toward' Donald Trump

Trump Frustrated By Notion Of Independent Justice

How To Climb a Coconut Tree

Pay Attention When Trump Says 'Believe Me'

Its okay to be white signs and stickers appear on campuses and streets across the country

Woman sues to remove 'So help me God' from oath of U.S. citizenship

Trout fishing in the fall,A captain Ahab moment

We should never "normalize" Trump.

Trump in Hawaii greeted by "Welcome to Kenya" protest signs.

Weekend toon Roundup 1 - Dotard

When the fuck is the Democratic Party gonna put it's focus

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Democratic leaders are trying hard to keep a lid on impeachment talk.

Feds Release Detained 10-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy After ACLU Suit

For those Asians whom trump is about to offend (surely all) we prophylacticly beg forgiveness.

Police Building Case to Arrest Harvey Weinstein After Sexual Assault Claim

George H.W. Bush on Trump: He's a 'blowhard'

The Memo: Trump tries to deepen Dem divisions


Former Clinton campaign manager says he was unaware of dossier payments

Saturday Chill - Bobbie the Collie mix who found his way home

Exclusive footage from the 11 minutes when Trump's account was deactivated:

Do you think Donna Brazile is angling for a job at FOX NEWS ?

George H.W. Bush labels Trump a 'blowhard' in new book

The Sleazy Case Against Muellers Probe - Bret Stephens

WI Rep. Scott Allen thinks women should be forced to procreate

Et tu, Donna

What i find amusing

C-SPAN - "Are you stressed out?"

I can't see where discussions about the 2016 campaign affect turnout

The Latest Jefferson Beauregard Sessions BS

Trump calls sentence a disgrace. Meanwhile, thousands of sentences call Trump a disgrace.

To the people who are gloating about the Donna Brazile thing...

Is Trump losing the Rust Belt and the 'Deplorables'?

How to destroy the Republican Party once and for all?

If Robert Mueller uncovers a vast conspiracy that includes most of the GOP leadership

Injunction: Lehigh County Seal violates First Amendment

The good guy with a gun theory didnt work out well in Colorado

The GOP has destroyed truth in American public debate ("America is facing an epistemic crisis")

UA lab casts fifth of seven giant mirrors for telescope in Chile

Why we can't have nice things

It begins: Republican Congressmen introduce resolution calling for Mueller to resign

The Mueller Investigation Will Show The Entire GOP Leadership Colluded & Got Money.

Professor: 'Make a music video over any subject we've covered and I'll curve your overall grade'

Trump Campaign Adviser Met With Russian Officials in 2016 (NY Times)

PIC:WI Rep. Scott Allen thinks women should be forced to procreate for the sake of the labor market

Chaos Chaos - Do You Feel It?

Why the SS United States should matter to you

Meanwhile....we're all screwed!

in 2020 We Need a STRONG Candidate

Are US channels showing him pulling off the lei before reaching the car?

Hey Tennessee, this is what you voted for!!!

Breaking: Trump Japan Speech Leaked to Media

Auntie Trumper update.

Wish you werent here headline greets Trump in Hawaii.

Guess Who Else Suddenly Remembers He Met With Russians? Carter Page

What Does Tulsi Gabbard Believe?

Have Donna or Elizabeth offered retractions and/or apologies?

when tRump testifies in front of Mueller will

"Utah nurse, violently arrested for doing her job, reaches $500,000 settlement"

UK has conceded on cut-off date for EU nationals, say Brussels sources

Someone needs to come out of the 11th century...

When we got rid of the convention to pick our candidate for the primary system we

When A big mouth isn't big enough

Tan suit and sleeveless dress...oh my!

Sinclair says no to former Fox host Bill O'Reilly (ChiTrib)

News workers unionized. Days later, they were jobless. Was it payback?

General Tso's Chicken McNuggets

#TrumpBaitAndSwitch trending nationwide on Twitter

CNN is at it again...

Donna Brazile called the Vermont Senator w/her "findings" but he was lowkey

How to destroy the republicans, baby boomer edition

Trump hopes Mueller is being fair, because if he is, he is "going to be very happy"

JUST IN: Jared Kushner Agrees to Cooperate with Mueller on Obstruction of Justice Against Trump

Moe From The Simpsons Message About Puerto Rico:

Trump defense still threatening Mueller over investigating president's past financial transactions

Miniskirt-Gate or just Cosplay? You Make the Call!

Trump's comments on Sergeant Bergdahl

Seeing stuff like this keeps me going. There's always hope.

The first new Hershey bar in 22 years has no chocolate

GOP Turning US Into Russian/Putin Model. Of Society.

Who's the Boss???

Trump "I'm not under investigation" Federal Judge: "The Trump Campaign is under investigation"

Our new home downtown Bedford it out of architectural Digest.

60 years ago, the first Russian went into space...

Our new home downtown Bedford cute.

Nice toon - Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

This AI Has Learned to Generate Completely Photorealistic Human Faces -SPOOKY

The Confederate General Who Became a Race Traitor

Stunned farmer finds flock of sheep in her home thanks to overzealous sheepdog puppy

website my daughter gave me to fact check news sites i like this one

Anybody ever hear of fernandes super grade

Is this getting enough coverage? Paddock was a supporter of the Con

Robert Muellers Brilliant Strategy for Outmaneuvering Trump Pardons

Here is an in-house fight I think most DUers would agree on - get rid of Super Delagates!

Barbara McQuade needs to run for elective office in Michigan.

Now, for something completely different. . . .

Both Bush Presidents Confirm They Didnt Vote For Trump And Call Him Unfit To Be POTUS

really now did any of us here think

Democratic fundraising....We did it, from my rep, Mark Pocan!

Dem fundraising...We did it! From my rep, Mark Pocan today

Any ideas?

Twisting in the Wind

"Memo Reveals Details of Hillary Clinton-DNC Deal", Brazil has some explaining to do

Joy Reid's long & interesting explainer on the Brazile "rigged" whatever...

I Get It Now. Let's Close Our Borders

Lebanese PM Hariri resigns, saying he fears assassination plot

#TrumpBaitAndSwitch is trending. What's yours?

15 things in the Republican tax bill's fine print

CNN has only Republican guests. wtf

McConnell refuses Mueller protection from being fired by Trump: No pressure to pass anything

Just bought ticket to Downton Abby the Exhibition: NYC!

Now for a smile: Rescue dog Oakley

I want to be in the room where it happens

Sorry Dodger fans but cant resist posting this tweet.

One of Trump's biggest owners, Robert Mercer, owes $7,000,000,000 in back taxes.

Breaking: Trump Extends Asian Tour Indefinitely

Ryan and McConnell's Long Game Got Screwed by Putin

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - This is why Trumps tax cut fraud is a bad idea altogether

Poised for West Coast Dominance, Democrats Eye Grand Agenda

White House strikes back at Bushes over weak legacy

Woooooo! When Uma Thurman lets loose about harrassment, HOLLYWOOD crumble.

Mueller braces for challenges to his authority

Toddlers will be able to carry a gun and hunt in Wisconsin

Trump urges Saudi Arabia to list state oil company on N.Y. stock exchange

Dems' plan to tank Trump's tax bill

Lunch today on Air Force One: a taco bowl (tweet)

NPR On The Media airs here on Sat AM - just heard today's episode - excellent.

Girl with poor eyesight loving up her cat

What has Carter Page Done to Tweety?

What if Mueller proves his case and it doesn't matter? (excerpt)

Know your bicycle signals

U.S. officials fear North Korea will greet Trump with missile test

In NYC today getting ready to march.

Senator Kamala Harris, D-CA, is such a badass.

Has Michael Flynn Already Flipped?

We already have enough to impeach: Lying, interfering with DOJ. FBI, refusing sanctions

Former US Attorney reveals Papadopoulos gave Mueller four people to be investigated...

Stephanie Miller Show: Malcolm Nance: This is starting to encompass everyone below DT

Kushner at War

The Facebook ads Russians targeted at different groups

Did FOX News Pull Steyer's Impeachment Ad After Trump Complained About It On Twitter?

Ezra Klein nails it


Check out the pumpkin left at Manafort's house:

From Russia With Lies: Hacked DNC Emails Were Also 'Edited'

Could Trump Be Gagged?

pResident Trump makes visit to Pearl Harbor memorial.

The power's back on for the 1st time since Sunday night.

Trump stopped by the Trump Intl Hotel Waikiki on his way to the airport. Makes it his 97th day at

Trump stops at Trump International Hotel Waikiki to thank employees

Rachel Maddow on Donald's anger @ Sessions' RECUSAL & trying 2 get him fired again & again!

Donna Brazile: I considered replacing Clinton with Biden as 2016 Democratic nominee

Donna Brazile: I considered replacing Clinton with Biden as 2016 Democratic nominee

Red Cross 'outraged' over pilfering of Ebola aid millions by its own staff

I'm up for triggering some fundies. How about the rest of y'all?

Sessions will resign or be fired so Trump can appoint a new Attorney General who will fire Mueller

Religion In Literature - 19th Century

Iran Protesters Torch Trump Effigy And Parade Missile to Mark Anniversary of U.S. Embassy Takeover

Are more guns helpful? In Wal-Mart shooting, armed shoppers hinder police investigation

Ferguson, Eyman battle will linger for another year at least

FBI turns over new Clinton investigation documents to Congress

Regarding Donna's book sales

Hang my head in shame.

Trump's 'Pocahontas' jab at Elizabeth Warren draws the ire of Native Americans

President Trump assumes this stuff isnt bothering you, particularly his supporters. Well, is it?

Today's date, November the 4th. Today is when Auntie Fa and Uncle Fa are dropping by to destroy my

Trump: DOJ should be investigating Dems (full)

White House downplays US climate report

Russia. Putin. Trump. Pence. Manafort. Flynn. Kushner. Sessions. Collusion. Money-laundering.

NY Daily News: Russian-backed Facebook ads during election featured Buff Bernie

Republicans want to distract from Russia investigation at any cost

The Saudi Arabia missile defense intercept ballistic missile northeast of Riyadh fired by

Looks Like Donna Brazile Is Taking Revenge On The Democrats To Damage Them.

Oh My Gawd!

GOP Will Jail Hillary & Obama If They Get The Chance. They Will Indict Hillary/Obama Before Trump.

When insurance does not cover robotic surgery with the daVinci robot

The Poppy Bush - G.W. Bush - Trump Admin circular firing squad

To survive, Trump only has 2 choices left: Fire Mueller or start nuclear war with NK

Why do they call the ones who go on t.v. to support trump "spokespersons"?

Donna Brazile's Bombshell Isn't That Hillary Clinton Rigged the Race... - Joy Ann Reid

Golic & Wingo?

Lovely. So we are talking about an idiot who is peddling a book instead of Russia

Did I hear this on MSNBC this morning correctly???

Make sure your family and friends see this about Trumps tax cut fraud (VIDEO)

GOP Congressman wants women forced to give birth to grow labor force (VIDEO)

The scariest thing about Halloween (Margaret and Helen)

I'm watching "The Pacific" for perhaps the fourth or fifth time through. Noticed something new.

SMFH@ Donna B

Trump listened to Papadopolous and heard him out.

Dear Republicans...

Bitcoin price hits $7400, jumps $400 in one day and soars to a new record high

Rand Paul injured in an assault at his Kentucky home

Senator Rand Paul assaulted at Bowling Green home

Pruitt Names More Industry Insiders To EPA Science Boards

A Lesson in Russian Strategic Deception

Finding Gobi

I drove behind a deplorable today.

Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile over capital

Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile over capital

Crock of Shit..

BTW, Donna B claims plenary power to replace the candidates. She doesn't have that power.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 4, 2017

The President should not have the power to pardon to obstruct justice

Learning our lessons

Remember FALL BACK!

What is Donna Brazile's agenda?

woohooo! Jill Stein all gleefulllll tweeting about Donna Brazile/DNC. Charming person that she is

Why couldn't Donna B at least wait until after the VA election to drop her stink bomb?

Focus on The Family - Bible apps are EVIL says John McAfee - Invasive on your phone

Fox is literally convincing millions of Americans a satire invented by a Twitter user named after th

Kudos to Michael Isikoff at Yahoo news, who reported way back in September 2016 on Carter Page's

An excerpt from Brazile's book. Interesting

Early clues of Brazile's deceit

Police: Sen. Rand Paul assaulted at his home in Kentucky, suffers minor injury.

I am picking up fish n chips in woonsocket RI

The Question No One is Asking About the DNC

Twitter Goes Nuts Over Brazile's Hillary/Biden Claim: 'What the Hell Is Donna Brazile Doing'

Wow - this is still DU, right? The D seems to stand for something else today.

The Trolls Among The Toadstools In Facebook Mushroom Groups

There is nobody too nutty for Trump to appoint. Nobody.

TPM - Josh's take "The DNC/HFA Agreement & Donna Braziles Growing Pile of Nonsense"

'Seminal Moment' as ICC Chief Prosecutor Seeks Probe of US War Crimes in Afghanistan


When and if did Donna Brazile stop taking Russian money for her work to help cause problems?

Kushner forgot to list 100 meetings with foreign officials. He's screwed.

The role of Semion Mogilevich. I think this is important.

OMG. I just heard on msnbc that Jeff Weaver wants Hillary to apologize. THE ELECTION IS OVER!!!

Modern air, Phalen, Trumps new EPA advisor said in 2012, is a little too clean for optimum health

Nazi Pizza

"Life well celebrated" audio ad

2016 is the election that will never end - By Dan Balz

President Trump Committed Another Impeachable Offense on Friday

USAID cancels jobs for dozens of applicants amid State Department hiring freeze

The DNC/HFA Agreement & Donna Brazile's Growing Pile of Nonsense -Josh Marshall/TPM

Rand Paul assaulted at Kentucky home: police

Why I keep a fork next to me when I watch tv.

Trump isn't ruling out firing Sessions if DOJ doesn't take action against Hillary Clinton

Here is chart of all the levels re: Dante

Lucas McCain gunned down how many peple.....

How does anyone expect to learn in this environment?

Concerned Americans have posted shocking excerpts from Brazile's book.

George Bush Sr calls Trump a 'blowhard' and voted for Clinton

Let's say that trump* decides to not run for re-election......

What is happening in Saudi? Is this a coup?

Republicans Already Divided Over Tax Plan

#DonnaBrazileBookExcerpt is trending on Twitter (Twitter is roasting DB)

Former SNL writer makes good as Larry David returns to host tonights new episode of Saturday Night

Always forgive your enemies.

C'mon Iowa

C'mon Iowa Hawkeyes

Trump never says anything bad about Putin

"Needs more cowbell!"

You Might Rabbit You Might.

Donald Trump mocked by Hawaiians holding 'welcome to Kenya' signs

Ok, what story can knock this DONNA B book off the front page of the talking heads???

Fliers attacking Sikh mayoral candidate surface in Hoboken

Who will be the John Dean of the Trump Crime Syndicate?

While Trump is away, guess who showed up to work at 7 AM Saturday?

The Five Most Outrageous Things Buried in the GOPs Tax Bill

LOL a 1-7 Sun Belt school is beating Arkansas (Razorbacks win 39-38)

My DREAM? Mueller issuing the Flynn indictment to coincide with Trump's tee time with P.M. Abe

Rep Matt Gaetz who introduced resolution for Mueller to recuse loves him some Roger Stone

WAPO: Donna Brazile: I considered replacing Clinton with Biden as 2016 Democratic nominee

Former President Cristina Kirchner warns that 'democracy is at risk in Argentina'

Some pics of protests in #nyc today:


She better hope her book sells well, because Brazile will never work in Dem politics again

Hillary had to deal with that crazy shit stirrer at the DNC while trying to run for president.

I'll make a deal with my Republican friends.....

Trump stayed at Ritz Carlton instead of the Trump hotel

Whatever you do, dont look in the shed!....

2018 US Senate Election Ranking from Solid Republican to Solid Democratic.

Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile over capital

10 days ago: Kushner secretly traveled to Saudi Arabia. Today: out of nowhere, Trump requests Saud

Watergate Prosecutor to Trump: Keep Interfering With Investigation, Mueller Could Obtain Gag Order

Harrison Ford: 'We've got people in charge of important shit who don't believe in science'

Malcolm Nance: FAILED COUP PLOT IN SAUDI?:#Breaking: 10 Princes & Tens of former ministers arreste

Trumps campaign manager indicted and Donna Brazile attacks the nominee of the party she chaired.

Saudi Arabia detains princes, ex-ministers in anti-corruption drive


Bye Bye Donna - the Saudi mess takes over n/t

Bots stoke racial strife in Virginia governor's race

Potential T-Mobile And Sprint Merger Falls Apart

Trumps Mar-a-Lago Resort Obtains Permission to Hire 70 Foreign Workers

Rand Paul assaulted in his own home by an acquaintance. Update : he's fine now.

Has any American President been this universally hated?

Facebook estimates 200 million users may be fake: report

Trump risks interfering with New York attack prosecution, despite warnings in Bergdahl case

Carl Hiaasen: Hmm, will they let me wear my smoking jacket in solitary?

TOTAL HUMILITATION. Though not as bad as the forty-losers are doing.

AP finds hackers hijacked at least 195 Trump web addresses

Papa Johns considering ending NFL sponsorship

Human Music

Holy shit! From Saudi journalist: Crown Prince just made **3 trillion dollars** in hostile takeover

One of the world's richest men, vocal Trump critic, & member of the Saudi Royal family arrested