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Archives: November 3, 2017

Scott Dworkin is on fire right now

4 police officers charged after kicking burning bystander

Democrats sue GSA over access to Trump hotel records

EPA's Pruitt and staff to attend chemical industry meeting at luxury resort next week

**BREAKING** Kushner turns over documents to Mueller-MSNBC

Carter Page spent seven hours pleading the Fifth and refusing to hand over documents to House intel

So you don't have to....Tucker starts show with Las Vegas shooter conspiracies...

It would be pure karma if Trump is ultimately undone by the fact that he treats people like garbage.

**Breaking** Carter Page testified he told Sessions about Russia trip ahead of time.

Wasn't Donna Brazile a Neoliberal DLC Third-Way Corporatist lackey just yesterday?

Ivanka speaks to half empty room in Japan...Trump Brand is on a down slide..

This cartoon explains how the Republican tax bill makes Donald Trump richer

U.S. Passports of Child Sex Offenders Will Note Their Convictions

Trump: "The saddest thing is" I can't be "involved" in investigating Clinton

I'm just wondering how much butter one would need to spread all over Jeff Sessions...

Authorities scrutinize noose incident at Miami fire station

Sen. Franken Demands Attorney General Jeff Sessions Explain Himself Amid New Trump-Russia Revelation

Luckovich: All The President's Men

TPM Josh Marshall with a dab of deliciousness "Disquieting Sign"

Fine print: GOP tax bill repeals a law barring churches from endorsing political candidates

Pope Francis requests Roman Catholic priests be given the right to marry:

Report highlights pattern of sexual abuse at prep school

"Horsemen". Very creepy movie.

In my 72 years in this lifetime, I HAVE NEVER SEEN

Medical marijuana is helping people for many more health problems than just pain

What is the definition of middle class??

What would Pat Robertson and Tucker Carlson think!

Officials: Teenager dies after playing Russian Roulette

Ted Lieu: Turns out that Lyin' Jeff Sessions

What is the definition of a small business??

Mueller Reveals New Manafort Link to Organized Crime

The Chavistas committed wholesale fraud. More proof.

Without Bipartisan Tax Deal, No Debt Ceiling Increase

Who Is Jerome Powell: Trumps Pick for Fed Chairman

Tracking collars for cats?

Slate "How Russian Trolls Used FB to Exploit the Bigotries of Trump's Base"

Tweet by tweet, President Trump keeps proving that he's not fit for the office (LATimes)

Slate "DT's Twitter Account Vanished for 11 Minutes Thursday Night and It Was Glorious"

Ok, how many do watch re-runs of Seinfeld......

Just when things are looking dire for Trump

Joseph Mifsud, Papadopolous's "professor" friend, seems to have disappeared.

Las Vegas shooter had been losing money for two years and 'was going in the wrong direction,' sherif

Here we fucking go!! God damnit!!

Carter Page is the Kato Kaelin of Trump's treasonous collusion shitshow

Tesla stock takes a hit as GOP unveils tax plan that eliminates electric car subsidy (LATimes)

40 million fire extinguishers recalled because they may not work

VA-GOV: Today's early voting update.

Twitler using Brazile's book to bash Hillary yet again.

U.S. Prosecutors Consider Charging Russian Officials in DNC Hacking Case - WSJ

BREAKING! Trump aide confirms that Trump heard Papadoodle plan to arrange Russia meeting!

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Mueller Time

Mexico gang leader killed at hospital during plastic surgery

A message from The Democratic Coalition Against Trump

CNN/Jim Acosta: Lawyer in photo seated between Papa and Sessions has confirmed that

Are we going to have an interesting weekend? Drumpf will be flying out of the country.

Mexico gang leader killed at hospital during plastic surgery

Newsweek ain't pulling any punches with their most recent cover...

Perfectly timed, the moment that Kushner realizes that mushroom clouds could be in our future.

'Shameful': UK and US under fire over blocked funds for Haiti cholera victims

'Shameful': UK and US under fire over blocked funds for Haiti cholera victims

Friday on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Trump and Sessions Denied Knowing About Russian Contacts. Records Suggest Otherwise.

Cuban foreign minister accuses US of lying about mysterious health attacks

Something Ate This Shark...but What?

Cuban foreign minister accuses US of lying about mysterious health attacks

Twitler now referring to Tucker Carlson's show to attack Comey, FBI

To all the people trying to refight 2016

Trump just tweeted an ad for his appearancce on Laura Ingraham's show tonight.

Weak Public Defense System Forces Rural Poor Into Guilty Pleas, Nevada Lawsuit Says

Trump's Twitter account briefly 'inadvertently deactivated' by Twitter employee, company says

Look what Ophelia unearthed in Ireland last month

Most media outlets claim 70 percent of Puerto Rico is without power but that statistic is flawed

Most media outlets claim 70 percent of Puerto Rico is without power but that statistic is flawed

You know that the GOP and Trump is reason we call ourselves "Democrats".

sooo. let me see if i have this straight.

The right-wings favorite Internet personality was just outed as a Russian troll

The first successful coup in American history

Poll: Americans Were Sort of Hoping Mueller Would Arrest Someone New Every Day

Seth Meyers: GOP Unveils Tax Plan, Trump Lashes Out After Terror Attack: A Closer Look

Binary choices. Black and white issues. You're either for us or against us. Really?

Another GA Bombshell! Kislyak was *AT* Kennesaw State in April. Kennesaw manages the GA voter

Lawsuit: Teacher taped special-needs students mouth shut

Billionaire Joe Ricketts Shuts Down Gothamist, DNAinfo; Deletes The Archives After Writers Unionize

Hillary Clinton Gets an Award and Tears are Shed

I was sitting here thing about Donnie Jr. and his cruel attempt to being funny about socialism....

'Justice Democrats' launch new California Senate candidate

Why does the Will and Grace show make me crave Martinis?

The Thing About Bot Flies...

Jerome Powell is deregulation...Janet Yellen is regulation

Trump plans meeting with Ige and other Pacific governors

Democrats express outrage over allegations of early party control for Clinton in 2016

Pennsylvania GOP Leaders Seek Stay Of Redistricting Lawsuit

GOP House tax bill would deliver blow to California homeowners

Telescope opponents appeal approval by Land Board

Why did Russian Ambassador visit Kennesaw U, the same U that deleted GA's election data?

Tesla stock takes a hit as GOP unveils tax plan that eliminates electric car subsidy

Another fun aspect of the mortgage interest deduction cap: lower house prices

Let's be realistic

Majority approve of probe, nearly half think Trump committed crime

Jeff Sessions: I now recall that proposal for a Trump-Putin meeting I said didn't happen

Today Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) goes on then record about the Brazile excerpts!

Ivanka used private emails with officials

2016/17 is the "YEAR OF RUSSIA" at Kennesaw U, the Georgia U that DELETED state voting records

can anybody help me figure out how to view some medical image files?

Isn't excluded from Russia probe

If sessions goes, mueller is not far behind.

Today my boyfriend saw Trump on a taped video.........

Sessions Now Recalls Rejecting Russia Trip For Papadopoulos

You know who *doesnt* care about inner Democratic Party squabbling or rehashing the 2016 primary?

Tremendous Christmas present?

USDA Pick Just Withdrew

If everyone votes, we win. So, the big question is...

Trump: "I'm very unhappy" Justice Dept. isn't going after Clinton

If We Don't Get Active There Won't Be A Democratic Party

White House Staff Frantically Shredding Trump Campaign Aides

A teachers union is spending millions against a top Democrat

CNN Money "Trump passes over America's most powerful woman"

Daily Show last night: great Hillary interview. "Democracy depends on having some factual basis...

ABC: Former employees expose inner workings of Russian troll farm

I love Al Franken

LAPD arrested 462 people in anti-Trump protests. Three were charged

It appears Donna B fucked up bigly. Aug 2015 agreement says nothing she claims.

Carter Page spent seven hours pleading the Fifth and refusing to hand over documents to House intel

Papadopoulos May Be Lower-Level In Campaign, But Is Significant

Trump the impaler

Enron Eddie calls Northern Virginia "enemy territory".

Police: Man shoots himself in the penis while robbing a hotdog stand

Trump 'cannot' scrap green card lottery system

Jenna Abrams, Russia's Clown Troll Princess, Duped the Mainstream Media and the World

Trump says hes going to start venturing to DC restaurants

Gun Violence Archive Statistics as of 11/2/17

Tchaikovsky - Hymn of the Cherubim - USSR Ministry Of Culture Chamber Choir

The public sides with Mueller (Washington Post)

Wikileaks hacked the 2015 hillary victory fund agreement with the dnc. It says nothing like donna b

A Massive Middle-Class Tax Cut May Not Be in Store

A Captive Beluga Whale Living With Dolphins Swapped Her Language For Theirs

Bundys Deny the Governments Legitimacy As It Pays for Their Legal Defense

Joseph Mifsud: more questions than answers about mystery professor linked to Russia

Frontline 2-part Putin special

Rare White Giraffes Cause a Stir in Kenya

Washington state sales tax deduction axed in Republican tax bill

Leave Jeffie Beauregard alone, please.

Tom Brokaw: Russia Investigation Is Not Watergate

I bow to you... Twitter employee who shutdown Dotards account ...

Chris Hayes: With regard to Manafort: "Tad Devine's gotta be sweating right now."

'Blocking the Sun' how the Kochs and others undermine solar power

Look into my eyes. You will do as you are told. You will obey.

Seth Meyers: Trump's "Cut Cut Cut Act," Starbucks' Holiday Cups - Monologue - 11/1/17

Is This the End of Trumps Sanity? The Resistance with Keith Olbermann GQ

"Trash This Thread" Appreciation Thread

Gun control activists blast NRA Carry Guard as 'murder insurance'

The master of abhorrent identity politics

More tourism and conferences happening in Canada due to people's

Weird Scenes Inside the White House

Theresa May under fire for Stormont talks 'absence'

Stands to Gain Millions from the Republican Tax Bill

I keep hearing that the ACA hasn't been repealed.

2018/2020/2022 US Senate Election-Democrats guide to a majority after losing seats in 2018.

The Dark Web

Tough talk may do more harm than good

Trump Brags A House Tax Plan Pass, But Senate Will Say " Fuck Off "

Tricks for all, treats for a few

The Daily Show: Silicon Valley Answers to Congress Amid the Russia Probe

Adviser: Putin believed he elected Trump

From Russia, With Love

The Cut, Cut, Cut Act?

David Corn investigated for inappropriate workplace behavior

'Wish you weren't here': Hawaii prepares to welcome Trump

Melissa Etheridge nails it. So sad that her prediction was wrong.

Trump Twitter account shut down by employee on last day of work

Finished Portrait of my Son 2017

Trump's Twitter Account was Down Today

Things you don't think about when you throw a party until after the fact...

Portrait of my Son 2017 Pencil on Paper colored with Photoshop 5.5

Young Eskimo Man original Alaskan Art

The Shadow Government Working to Save Obamacare From Collapse

Asking again --

Stephen Curry Responds to Being Only Person Mentioned in GOP Tax Plan

'Unborn children' qualify as college savers in GOP tax plan

Mueller Reveals New Manafort Link to Organized Crime

Rick Perry: Fossil fuels can help fight sexual assault

DU'ers, Please send this 9-year old cancer patient a Christmas Card (needs to be sent ASAP)

White House releases official portraits of Trump and Pence

The cancer of Islamist extremism spreads around the world

Laurence Tribe's important warning to Dems, about Sessions.

Trump rejects politicizing attacks -- unless it's Islamist terrorism

Hackers Compromised Trump Organization 4 Years Ago. The perpetrators have possible ties to Russia

Billionaire tRump donor shuts down local news sites after staff votes to unionize

Russia's Social Media Propaganda Was Hiding in Plain Sight

Does the new Republican Tax Plan eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit for low income?

I feel my oocytes are being discriminated against because they haven't become zygotes yet.

Accountant is now accused of stealing $7M from Hawaii nonprofit

Just heard Grover Norquest claim that the US experienced only 2%

Never-trumper Richard Painter's dire prediction.

Ex-FBI Official: Mueller Probe 'Has Penetrated The White House' - C&L

Did Donna Brazille just 'swift boat' the Virginia Governor's election?


After Kidney Cancer Treatment, Hirono Reports 'Spots' On Her Thyroid

Alaska Gov. Walker, in search of pipeline investors, will join Trump's Chinese trade mission

Russian Mafia and Mueller

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/2/17

Can we stop using the word "meddling" please?

Sailors driving the McCain were not qualified to be on watch, Navy says

'Exvangelicals': why more religious people are rejecting the evangelical label

Using particle physics, scientists find hidden structure inside Egypt's Great Pyramid

Alaska lawmakers' new crime bill would lock up more people, cost up to $4 million a year

Anchorage assemblyman revives push for alcohol tax

Maddow:They are pinning Jeff Sessions to the wall on repeated lies about Russia and probably Trump

With elections out of the way, Argentina's Macri pursues new round of austerity

With elections out of the way, Argentina's Macri pursues new round of austerity

Champagne !

Latest poll (Nov 2) on Virginia governor's race

Kevin Spacey Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Eight House of Cards Employees: Report

by Rep. Jamie Raskin US Representative for Maryland District 8

Sexually active students must be reported to law enforcement or state officials, Ore. school...

Trump on Vacant Posts: I Am the Only One That Matters

Lego's 'Women of NASA' sale lifts off, lands as best-selling toy

An innocent red balloon...

US backs out of global oil anti-corruption effort


DNAinfo and Gothamist Are Shut Down After Vote to Unionize

Gov. Bill Walker hits new low in opinion poll

BADBADNOTGOOD - Time Moves Slow ft.Samuel T. Herring

Gabriel Garzn-Montano - Bombo Fabrika

Poll: Americans Were Sort of Hoping Mueller Would Arrest Someone New Every Day

India police parents catch 'daughter's rapists'

State of Alaska sues OxyContin manufacturer

Smerz - No harm

Syndicate of Sound...

3 am on the west coast

Ambrosia... not the salad,

Robert Mueller is reportedly zeroing in on Jared Kushner over his role in firing James Comey

sign up to help Dem Northam --election in 5 days

Trump says the "saddest thing" is that he can't order the DOJ and FBI to "lock her up."

To the victors go the permission slips: Houston ISD cancels classes Friday for Astros' victory parad

Eugene Robinson: President Trump is the master of abhorrent identity politics

Trump is outraged over allegations Dem primary was rigged.

'I'm the only one that matters': Trump disregards State Department's unfilled positions

Former Dallas business consultant gets probation for bribery in John Wiley Price corruption case

U.S. withdraws from extractive industries anti-corruption effort

Watching how the fill in the blank stole the election from Bernie Sanders on tv all morning.

HF, the new I-Phone 10 costs $8,000.

That was your lawyer, Donald.

Labour MP Harriet Harman recounts vile 100 Jews in a mini joke live on BBC TV

Anybody here know any green card holders? I do, and they certainly aren't "animals"

Georgia toddler denied kidney transplant due to father's criminal record

Ivanka Trump Spoke About Women's Empowerment In Japan And Hardly Anyone Showed Up

Slidell vet declines award 'tainted' by NFL protests; Saints call his decision 'sad and divisive'

One Photo, 126 Frames, 2 Billion Leaves, 247 Feet

Brazile book excerpt may describe Joint Financing Agreement *after* primary was won

guess who owns over 100 Papa Johns Restaurants

BBC: The time when America stopped being great

American Alt-Right Leaves Facebook for Russian Site VKontakte

How a Tax Cut Turns Into a Tax Increase

Carter Page and Roy Moore are both graduates of US Military Academies (Annapolis and...

Female lawmakers allege harassment by colleagues in House

This morning alone Trump has referred to "Crazy Bernie," "Crooked Hillary" and "Pocohontas" (Warren)

Why do they think Americans want to do their taxes on a postcard?

Democrats colluded with Democrats

Mueller's Meal: "Just The First Course"


I haven't heard - has anyone on the right/FOX critizized the size of the bill? That used to be the


Trump's Low Approval Still Higher Than Congress

Psychiatrists Declare Trump Dangerous And Unfit For Office

Turns out Mueller is the one draining the swamp.

Lamar Smith (Science-Denying Asshole - TX) Retiring, Finally

More GBR Bleaching Ahead In Coming Months, Though Likely Not As Severe As 16-17 Cycle

How Japan's youth see the kamikaze pilots of WW2

Im not voting for Hillary or Bernie in 2018 or 2020.

Threads about the rampant divisiveness ARE divisive...

TIME Magazine Trolls Trump With Latest Cover: 'China Won'

Watson Blows Out Knee

Terrorists couldn't have scripted better reactions for themselves from Trump

Former Twitter Employee: Fake Russian Accounts Were Not Taken Seriously

Irony bites Trump's misshapen orange ass, and yet he still fails to appreciate irony

If memory serves me correctly, when they were closing in on Nixon....

Matt McDermott nailed it last night: Did someone hit Dems over the head with a stupid bat today?

It would be funny if not so sad

The State Dept used to work to get detained journalists out???? of jail. But Trump's State does not

Shoppers pulled guns in response to Walmart shooting, but police say that slowed investigation

Elf nuts roasting on an open fire...Senator Franken's letter to wee fibber Beauregard

Congrats Obama...YOU DID IT!!

Lineup - All the President's Men (Luckovich)

Dems Sue Trump Over Hotel Secrecy

John Heilemann: Trump 'Frustrated' That 'He Cannot Behave Like an Authoritarian Dictator'

Billionaire Investor Robert Mercer To Step Down From Firm, Selling Stake In Breitbart

VOX Article- "What if Mueller proves his case and it doesn't matter?"

Marsha Blackburn Brought Neo-Confederate Secessionist To Deliver Prayer To Congress

Payroll employment rises by 261,000 in October; unemployment rate edges down to 4.1%

Down in the nether regions, they're building a new circle of hell for drumpf and cohort

Do you think Donna Brazille's comments were helpful in achieving our goal of defeating Donald Trump?

trump longs to be a dictator and turn the justice dept. on his political enemies....

If what you are about to say helps Trump in any way,

Ixnay on Impeachmentay

Richard W. Painter‏: The fix is in. They set up Sessions to take the fall. After he is gone, a new a

"A warm bucket of p*ss for your thoughts." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

The Democratic Party for Democrats

Pat Robertson Tells Grieving Mother God Let Her 15 Year Old Son Die So He Wouldn't Become an Atheist

Trump: 'We Will See' If Tillerson Sticks Around For 'Duration' Of Presidency

Miala Kunis donates to Planned Parenthood every month in VP Pence's name

Trump Oct 25: I have 1 of the great memories - Trump now: "Don't remember MUCH" about Papadopoulos

Full List of Russian Twitter Bots Banned In Election Meddling Probe

Mounting evidence that russian hackers worked directly for russian government.

Trump: 'Don't remember much' about Papadopoulos meeting

What hall in Tokyo looked like as Ivanka gave her speech at Japanese government womens conference

The fix is in. They set up Sessions to take the fall.

VA-GOV: Audio of Ed Gillespie referring to Northern Virginia has enemy territory.

😋 Happy National Sandwich Day! Whats Your Favorite? 😋

What Time Is Trump's Asian Flight?


Carl Bernstein: Russia probe feels 'worse than Watergate'

Planned Parenthood targets Gillespie over women's issues

'Disappointing, Backwards Step': Critics Blast U.S. Exit From Global Oil, Gas Anti-Corruption Effor

Labor Department to Appeal Court Ruling Striking Down Obama-Era Overtime-Pay Rule

Would you rather of had Bernie run for President as an independent?!

Now that Trump is beginning his 12 day Asian tour, someone has to say it...

Liberty University shines God's light on Anthony Scaramucci

A Twitter employee deactivated Trump's account...


Washington Post Trump: I dont remember meeting at center of Russia probe

Liberals once again out-thinking everyone! Love it! Good job, guys!


3 days ago, Trump proclaimed November 2017 National Native American Heritage Month.

The origin of Superheroes: Ghost Rider

U.S. trade deficit grew again under Trump in September

Yep, AG Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath

Fmr Ambassador: State Dept Telling World Leaders to Stay at Trump Hotels

Wow! Benjamin Wittes thread about Trump's comments on the DOJ and FBI

The Mystery of Mary Trump

Come on, DU, where's the passion? How come no replies to this info???

How does Donna Brazile's shiving of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Pic Of The Moment: Seems Legit

Trump: Many people are disappointed in the Justice Department, 'including me'

The solution to the Democrats' problem(s) is clear.

Hey, look. Someone learned a new word. "Apoplectic."

"in my wildest fantasy,"

It's time to take Roy Moore seriously again (Alabamafication of America Series)

Trump: "I have the greatest memory of all time"

Cartoon By Mark Fiore : Law & Oranger

David Roberts article on Vox

CAT FIGHT - Main Bout

Oh, good. Trump's now telling Bernie supporters they should be apoplectic.

Warren knocks Trump: Tweets won't 'keep your people out of jail'

New drug found to melt away heart-clogging fat with just one dose

Deir al-Zour: Syrian army retakes IS-held city as Iraqis also advance

Russian propaganda machine catapulting Democratic controversy

Strange erection in the Austrian Alps

It begins. Republican Rep. Gaetz has introd a non-binding resolution that Mueller should resign

Tuesday November 6, 2018

Matress Mack - A good Republican makes good on refund due to World Series win

'Exvangelicals': why more religious people are rejecting the evangelical label

As Russia investigation heats up in the U.S., Trump and Putin may soon meet

Does anyone have a summary of the proposed tax plan?

Thanks Donna,,,,,,,,

Martin O'Malley is owed an apology...not Bernie Sanders!

Sessions Hits Perjury Trip Wires With New Revelations

So has anyone gotten a response from Ms. Brazille in regards to

It will come down to this: "Lies, Lies, and More Lies"

House Republicans were asked why trickle-down economics will work this time. They had no answer.

It really is worrisome that Trump's Twitter is that vulnerable

Wait, Hillary Clinton Paid for the Dossier AND Saved the DNC????

Conservative Republicans demand Mueller recuse himself over uranium deal

Rep: Ted Lieu Offers Reward to Trump Twitter Acct Deleter

'I'm The Only One That Matters'

Raises doubt about Tillerson's fate

Buddy Carter Is An ***hole....

Adviser says Trump listened to Papadopoulos and 'heard him out'

Hey all U Dumbass Republicans,,,,,,,,,,,,,

60 percent say tax plan will benefit wealthy

Debunking Clinton/Russian/Uranium "Scandal" - Good read

Gospel artist regrets performing at inauguration ball

Japan: Ivanka is packing them in...

Sweet Indictment

Can science prove God doesnt exist?

Bowe Bergdahl, the former hostage who pleaded guilty to desertion, avoids prison

Breaking - No prison time for Bergdahl

Making hard choices for pets you love

I wish someone who was good at it would photo-shop all pictures of DT to be naked

Justice Dept. alleges ACLU misled government about timing of teen's abortion

Primary Error: Donna Brazile Mixed Up Two Different Clinton-DNC Agreements

The Tax and Jobs Bill

Trump makes it official "Lemme tell you, the one that matters is me. Im the only one that matters"

Brigitte Gabriel Demands Congress Impeach Judges Who Rule Against Trumps Travel Bans

Bowe Bergdahl avoids jail time

Happy 60th Anniversary, the release of "Great Balls of Fire."

Trump Offered Corey Lewandowski a New Job. Corey Turned It Down Because It Was 'Chump Change.'

Re-enrolled on the Marketplace yesterday........

Glenn Beck Attacks Fox News Over False Jake Tapper Report: 'Blinded by Hate!'

Iceland's president asks opposition Left-Greens to form coalition

Former Mueller special assistant Michael Zeldin explains why Jared might be losing sleep

Colbert tries to talk tax cuts,gets derailed by the Lion King remake,Paul Manafort as a Bond villain


The right-wings favorite Internet personality was just outed as a Russian troll

RNC Paid Manafort-Gates Firm Listed In Indictment For Work On Trump's Campaign

American woman arrested in Zimbabwe over alleged Mugabe goblin tweet

Green group endorses Democratic challenger to Feinstein

This is what will happen to every Republican when Roy Moore is a senator (Whitmire/

Howard Dean's reaction to DFAaction no longer supporting Ralph Northam

Are YOU a Tool of Russian Propaganda?

Trump is really saying he wants to jail Hillary Clinton!

Their tax cut for the wealthy bill will devastate home selling

'Women of NASA' Legos set features Alabama's Mae Jemison (

Former AUC chief vows to cooperate with Colombias war crimes system

Trump's latest impeachable actions - By Jennifer Rubin

Green groups sue for access to U.S. monument documents: lawsuit

Donna Brazile Speaks: No, the primary system wasnt rigged! States control primary ballots.

German police find "WW2 bomb" was big courgette (zucchini to you)

Tommy Battle responds to pushback at home for endorsing Roy Moore (

The Hill seems to be upset that the networks did not cover the brazile stuff but did cover

Trump heads to Asia where concerns are growing over possible war with North Korea

As employers use more foreign workers, Trump wins 70 visas for Mar-a-Lago

Anyone having problems with postimage photo hosting site?

Special Counsel Mueller tells US judge he needs 15 days in court to convict Manafort & Gates

He better not fire Mueller.

There is no doubt in my mind that Democratic or progressive "purists" a la the DFA are either...

Are Bannon's Ongoing Contacts With Trump Illegal?

Laurence Tribe worried DEMS take bait fire Sessions & buh bye Mueller

Creative Artists Agency and Polaris PR have dropped Kevin Spacey

AL SOS goes after "illegal" crossover voters who, um, didn't vote.

Donna Brazile Needs to Back Up Her Self-Serving Claims - Josh Marshall

just a happy shout out to

Trump's Tax Reform Is Aimed At Punishing Democratic Voters

Bannon pledges not to go to war vs. House Republicans

Allegations prompt talk of Kentucky House speaker's future

Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs and Louis Gohmert want Mueller removed from Russia probe

France plans New Caledonia self-rule referendum in 2018 (BBC)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

CMA Awards Ban Questions About Las Vegas Shooting, Politics

"Let me tell you - the one that matters is me. Im the only one that matters"

Should we raise money to have the White House checked for carbon monoxide leaks?

Philadelphia to move statue of controversial ex-mayor

Historic 1881 Eureka Opera House in Nevada - Road Trip Day 8 Episode 17

Hey, Asshole - That Meeting Was Important Enough That You Pictured It On Campaign Promos

Trump: Bergdahl sentencing decision 'a disgrace'

I just talked a vaccine-averse patient into getting his flu shot.

"Ive got the greatest Memory of anybody",,,,,, unless

The scariest thing about Halloween was the Jack O'Lantern in the Oval Office or maybe it was the Wh

U.S. bomber drills aggravate North Korea ahead of Trump's Asia visit

Assembly eliminates Wisconsin's minimum hunting age

Barbra Streisand - Lullaby For Myself.

Bring on the Friday News Dump! Whaddya got?

MSNBC seems surprised that Sessions is O Yellar's puppet...........

Here's what's really terrifying about the Twitter employee who temporarily disabled Trump's account

You've got a friend - Barbra Streisand

"You've got a friend" - Barbra Streisand

New Yorkers....If You Want To Vote No On Prop 1

Andrew Neil brands left-wing antisemitism a 'dangerous trend' in Holocaust Educational speech.

Arkansas governor: Unlikely to spare condemned inmate

We want to take back the House and or Senate

Latest Hillary hitjob, and fool me 1,000 times, fool me again EVEN DEMS

Dotard is Upset His Brazile Ploy Did Not Get Coverage

About his Hillary obsession

We won't be distracted from your efforts to give billionaires tax cuts, ... Do your job.

Gillibrand to introduce bill to combat sexual harassment in Congress

Bernie claps back at Trump & doesn't take his bait on DNC

House GOP Votes To Fund Childrens Insurance With Cuts To Public Health

[email protected]

Supreme Court opinion(s) next Wednesday?

The Democratic Party must be united, so stop disagreeing with me.

Interim AG vs. Acting AG.

Seeing the Ice Age Wacissa Through Artifacts and Fossils (Florida)

Despite being pro-life, I support buffer zones around abortion clinics

Does Mueller Have Powers In Regards To Sessions Congressional Testimony?

So they said that the estate tax would be repealed in six years

I Want Allahu Akbar Back

Campaigner in Chief

interesting read here

Draft Dodger In Chief Should STFU On Bergdahl Sentence.

Why? Why did everyone feel the need to lie about meeting with Russians??

a good week for the Kaepernick collusion case

Lara Trump Taking on White House Duties in Troubling And Unprecedented Move, Officials Say

How Russians hacked the Democrats emails

Trump Calls on the FBI to Go After His Political Enemies (for Things That Arent Crimes)

Trump administration releases report finding 'no convincing alternative explanation' for climate...

don't forget to set your clocks back on sunday morning.

FORTUNE: Trumps Tax Cuts Are the Biggest Wealth Grab in Modern History


URGENT: The United States of America v. Paul Manafort & Rick Gates trial to begin on May 7, 2018

Judge proposes setting May 7 trial date for Manafort and Gates

Robert S. Mueller 1969

Under the radar credit reporting agency!

No Prison Time For Bergdahl

Bloomberg: Manafort and Gates had at least 15 accounts on the island with Bank of Cyprus and a bank

on MSNBC right now Jeff Weaver is trashing the Democratic party

The United States of America v. Paul Manafort & Rick Gates trial to begin on May 7, 2018

Latest impeachable actions


Cyprus Gave Manaforts Bank Records to Mueller Team, Sources Say

Dishonorable Discharge Not As Weighty As Before. Employers Don't Hire Vets Anyway.

Nine words in a recent Trump interview that scare the bejesus out of me.

Rumor: DeVos may be ready to resign...

CBS: Source who is being examined by special counsel: "It's every man for himself"

Don't Insult My Intelligence By Suggesting I Was Hoodwinked by Clinton:

Democrats are Circling the Firing Squad,

Claim US hitting Isis 'much harder' not supported by data

Anyone here?

Read the @latimes investigation that Disney doesn't want you to see.

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - The quickest Blamer

First She Took It Upon Herself To Deliver Debate Questions To The Clinton Campaign

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Twitler and Justice

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Unparalleled memory failed at convenient times

Republicans just introduced a resolution to remove Mueller from the Trump-Russia investigation

Finally! I figured out how the primaries were rigged...

Didn't tell truth about Russia

Infowars: Hitler is alive and the US government is covering it up.

Best News Bloopers October 2017

K.O. locks horns with Meghan McCain

Bombshell report reveals Russians altered at least some of leaked Podesta emails

Progressive Group Calls Ralph Northam Racist, Sparking Intra-Party Feud Ahead Of Big Election

Florida women

Stuff I'm watching

Feinstein won't be beaten in the primary...but there's a good chance THIS could happen:

We cannot win on this platform....

SCOOP: WaPo, CBS, McClatchy and others amplified Russian propaganda by unknowingly citing troll twee

today, every dem on every media show should answer every question the same way

What issue is stronger than the "anti-Trump" issue?

GOP tax bill would eliminate medical expense deductions

Liberal group calls Virginia Democrat racist for opposing sanctuary cities

Polling site software concerns state elections officials

Smithsonian Libraries -- Books Online.

The Most Self-Righteous Political Act of 2017 Just Took Place in the VA Governor's Race

Smithsonian Libraries -- Books Online.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 3, 2017

Is Jared Kushner the next indictment?

I refuse to donate anything further to the DNC (that includes money or time) until they get their

Disney Lays Down the Law for Theaters on Star Wars: The Last Jedi

NBC's Chuck Todd On Jeff Sessions' Revelation: 'He's In Extraordinary Trouble'

Dems demand Sessions reinstate transgender employee protections

Milbank: Take a look at the resumes of Trumps best people

Republicans' tax overhaul pitch faces skeptical public, Post-ABC poll finds


Questions in job interview often run afoul of the law

if we dont quit bickering and instead of focus on the past were going to lose again


Dems are NOT in disarray. The media is just playing their false equivalency game...again

Disappointing Friday

Trump administration is about to make solar power too expensive for Americans

Jake Tapper a few minutes ago

This proves his demented desperate dementia.

Ex-DNC official tells AP at least one of the Guccifer 2.0 hacked docs was airbrushed.

The 'president' doesn't believe in our system of justice.

Jay Sekulow, as you've never seen him before.

The sign said 'all you can eat' - you got a problem with that?

His Rudeness explains it all to you

The loss of student loan and medical expense deductions

Virginia Legislator Says Trans Opponent Defies Laws Of Nature At A Fundamental Level

Beware right wing attempts to have Mueller recuse himself

Mueller Brings Ex-GOP Rep. Weber Into Probe Over Manafort-Tied Interests

Caputo: Papadopoulos Was 'Stupid,' Had 'No Business' Attending Meeting

Former 'Male Feminist' Columnist Faces Multiple Allegations of Assault

I think I know what's going on

Its every man for himself: Targets of Mueller probe try to distance themselves from Trumps inner

Republicans say corporations in the US pay the highest taxes in the world. They are dead wrong.

White supremacists are talking about making Papa John's their "official pizza."

Pressure is mounting in Mueller's Russia investigation

Bernie is looking for a press intern. Apply online by November 18

Sees that David Brooks is trending on Twitter.

Trumps Justice Department Wants ACLU Lawyers Disciplined In JaneDoe Undocumented Teen Abortion Case

That rabbit hole better close and close quickly!

What behavior is worse from a boss

Talk me Down

Is Trump scheduled to have a secret meeting with Putin on this trip?

Bernie Sanders: I won't vote to keep government open without DACA fix

The Rude Pundit: Goddamnit, Just Knock It Off About 2016

Here's why I don't think Bernie will run in 2020-and a way of making sure he doesn't.

We need to move on from Brazille's inaccurate dossier, but Nina wants revenge.

Competitive friends

"I am the only one that MATTERS"!!!!!!!!!

Feeling tiny, oh so tiny

Judge sends Catalan vice-president Oriol Junqueras, 7 ministers to prison without bail

Dan Rather weighs in on DT's latest tweetstorm via News and Guts

Judge proposes May trial for Manafort and Gates

As the incompetents leave the administration...

2 winners and 3 losers from the Republican tax bill (Trump personally wins, oh what a surprise)

It begins: Republican Congressmen introduce resolution calling for Mueller to resign

Why, why, why---when Trump references "many people", as in many people are wondering

Make sure your family and friends see this about Trumps tax cut fraud (VIDEO)

Roland Martin: Blame Obama for DNC Democrats better stop infighting & fix (VIDEO)

RUDE ONE: Giving right a way to help sow discord in the Democrats is like giving crack to a weasel

"...newspapers without government or government without newspapers?"

When you are the only "white male" and only Democrat in the room.

So corporations are not people in regards to taxes?

Now weve seen the iceberg, says a Republican operative. The question is whats below the water l

Mueller firing rapid response plan

Anybody that refused to support and vote for Democrats,,,,,

I'm getting more excited now about an Elizabeth Warren run for 2020 as our

Just discovered Loudermilk,created by Colbert Report writer, so funny

Where is General Flynn??

I, for one, am glad Bowe Bergdahl isn't going into prison. I didn't want to feel

It's Friday. Wondering what the news dump will be and when it's coming? n/t

Trial of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and associate Rick Gates to begin on May 7, 18

Lesson for today: Taking Turns

Well, well: NBC News obtains August 2015 Clinton-DNC memo read this important caveat:

More Than Half of Americans Reportedly Have Less Than $1,000 to Their Name.

Gates's claim of his assets as "limited." Per court docs, they say he listed his net worth as $30 M

Do you think Mueller will slow down his investigation while Donald Trump is in Asia?

Twitter responds to Trump's racial slur of Sen. Warren:

Bob Corker: Trump's Call to Investigate Democrats 'Undermines Our Justice System'

Central Americans and Haitians no longer need protected status, State Dept. says

Central Americans and Haitians no longer need protected status, State Dept. says

Epistemic, apoplectic, pundit, conspiracy, collusion, indictment,

Trump personally pushing GOP leaders to use tax bill to undermine Obamacare

I am tired of bickering with people whom I don't think I should be bickering with

More lies on Hillary believed by people on "our side". When will the leason be learned?

Franken's letter to Sessions

Memo Reveals Details of Hillary Clinton-DNC Deal

Okay, even Trump doesn't troll his citizens this hard:

New Neil Young (with Promise of the Real) album coming Dec 1

President Trump is responding to terrorism the way demagogues and dictators do

Surprise! Trump Could Save Millions From GOP Tax Plan

Bottom line people, any Democrat is better than any republican.

Mr. Bone Spurs Speaks

Milo has a new gig: Yiannopoulos becomes latest white nationalist hired by the Daily Caller

If Zuckerberg Runs For Prez In '20 What Will He Do If Russians

Man pleads guilty to punching woman at Charlottesville rally

New Republic publisher out after misconduct allegations by female employees

9-Year-Old Cancer Patient Asks for Cards to Celebrate "Last Christmas" Early

Why Coding Is Still The Most Important Job Skill Of The Future

I told Trump...Don't worry

Las Vegas Gunman Was A Trump Supporter, Happy With President Because Stock Market Was Doing Well

I saw this license plate out in the wild today

Central Americans and Haitians no longer need protected status, State Dept. says

Wilder endorses Fairfax for LG, says candidate 'has not been dealt a good hand'

Real Time with Bill Maher lineup for November 3rd.

Pssssssssssssst!Massive Government Report Says Climate Is Warming And Humans Are The Cause

To Argue That the Confederacy and General Lee were "Honorable" is to Embrace and Defend White Suprem

Bannon Pledges No War with House Republicans

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

How can ventriloquists be on radio??

Republicans stink at governing

In the photo of meeting with Trump, Sessions, and Papadopoulos and others....

HRC will never be running for elected office again. MOVE THE FUCK ON

NBC: Papadopoulos Repeatedly Represented Trump Campaign, Record Shows

Would passage of the Tax Bill affect where you live?

South Carolina girl kills herself over bullying, family says

Slate "President Trump Committed Another Impeachable Offense on Friday. He's racking them up."

Coffee Boy eh?

What's your favorite Walter Matthau movie?

Mueller is handling this entire investigation brilliantly. Just brilliant.

Turn your clocks back this weekend (ha ha)

Saw Tom Steyer's impeachment ad at the gym on CNN?

My chihuahua's heavy metal band has a single dropping next week.

TPM - Marshall "Donna Brazile Needs to Back Up Her Self-Serving Claims"

Las Vegas Gunman Was a Trump Supporter, Happy With President Because Stock Market Was Doing Well

DC bar offers $5 Moscow Mueller drinks for indictments

Mike Luckovich on the tax plan

How to fix the Kevin Spacey "House of Cards" problem.

Walmart shooter reportedly lived with stack of Bibles, no furniture. Why isn't he a terrorist?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 4, 2017 -- The Essentials - Blackmail

It's getting to the point...