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Archives: November 29, 2017

New: Trump Envoy Erik Prince Met with CEO of Russian Direct Investment Fund in Seychelles

Analysis of ancient DNA reveals a previously unrecognized genus of extinct horses that once roamed N

Pence says Trump 'actively considering' moving U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Artificial muscles give soft robots superpowers (LiveScience)

Iraqi general helped cheat U.S. government, contractors involved in scheme say

Thank you DUers for calling and writing the Senate!

US gun violence spawns a new epidemic: conspiracy theorists harassing victims

David Davis faces criticism for gaps in Brexit impact papers

Another Progressive Caucus member retiring: Rep. Luis Gutierrez

The Wire S1&2 on DVD

Left Behind

KGB paid Trump's travel expenses during his first trip to Russia in the 80's

Feds Use James OKeefe Video In Felony Trial Of Trump Inauguration Protesters

Good News...Something to enjoy about some good people.

Conservative activist tied to false Roy Moore accuser scheduled to speak at SMU as purveyor of ...

Santas Husband.From the Barnes&Nobel website


The hateful history of the Ku Klux Klan

Sanders Intros $146 Billion 'Transformation Blueprint' for Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

The Misinformation Society

First hand Roy Moore dirt

BLM horse plan includes contraceptives

Bushs Ethics Lawyer Just Issued An Urgent Response To Trumps Native American Slur.

WTF - Luis Gutierrez is Retiring????????

$600,000 settlement for law enforcement after Vegas shooting

What's going on now? Kelly at the Capitol:

How do you feel about a little kiss?

How do you feel about a little kiss?

Seattle school bus drivers to strike on Wednesday

Memorable Powerful Movies, with great "feel good endings."

Pocahontas Not a Racial Slur, Says Prominent White Expert

Any Democrat who votes for the tax bill needs to be primaried

Gay fans warned holding hands at Russia World Cup will be dangerous

I do not like the term "antifa". The RW has co-opted the made up word to imply violence.

Reading books increases empathy. "Better Angels Of Our Nature" went

Fact check: Is America 'fed up' with the NFL, as Trump claims?

Nancy calls out the Stunt Queen...

Just Saw A Commercial For Ark Encounter On MSNBC

Democrats and Republicans disagree whether college is worth the cost

Seth Meyers: Cyber Monday, Who's in Charge of the CFPB - Monologue - 11/27/17

Pocahontas Not a Racial Slur, Says Prominent White Expert (Borowitz)

Ted Lieu to Eric Trump re: movie "Dumb and Dumber"

A wild card expected Wednesday could put the Senate GOP tax bill in jeopardy

GOP senator says he'll vote against Trump judicial nominee

Long-haired microbes named after Canadian band Rush

Many of us in blue high tax states defend our high taxes for promoting quality of life

The People's March on Washington

Will a corporate tax cut lift worker pay? A union wants it in writing

What should happen to Jaime Phillips??

SpaceX's Big Mars Rocket Could Help Chase Down Interstellar Asteroid

Roy Moore got 51.76 percent of the vote in his last general election

Bernie and several Democrats will unveil a "Marshal Plan" for Puerto Rico on Tuesday

After meeting Trump, Susan Collins hints at support for GOP tax cut plan

'Yeti' Hair? Nothing So Abominable, Scientists Find

Republican Senate tax plan hits lower incomes the hardest, increases deficit $1.4 trillion: CBO

Trump spokeswoman celebrates CNN boycotting White House Christmas party

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Insult to Injury!

A Troubling Look at the Human Toll of Mountaintop Removal Mining

CNN Debate Night: Bernie Sanders and Maria Cantwell Debate Ted Cruz and Tim Scott

why can't we get a fucking break

The Lying King

Republicans have become the embodiment of pure evil.

Project Veritas, founded in 2010, is a tax-exempt charity

Anyone watching Rachel catch pained expression on woman in back of chairman during tax bill hearing?

Benefits threatened in Clark County, state teachers unions feud

Vox: The art of the deal: Trump blows up anti-shutdown negotiations before they even start

Signatures mess means more work needed in Cannizzaro recall effort

How to Get Rich Playing Video Games Online - The New Yorker

Anyone watching the tax bill debate on CNN?

Large iceberg breaks off from Grey glacier in southern Chile

Large iceberg breaks off from Grey glacier in southern Chile

Group of survivors of Oct. 1 shooting ask, "What about us?"

US gun violence spawns a new epidemic: conspiracy theorists harassing victims

Just In Time For The Holidays: HP Is Back To Monitoring Their Customers

Moore Donor Causes Republican Headaches

Conyers flew home tonight after meeting with Congressional Black Caucus

Election 2018: 'Don't know' is leading the race for Idaho governor

Fox says Moore staffers 'manhandled' photojournalists

Give It a Rest, Guys

DNC chair candidate (former Idaho exec director) resigns Florida post amid sexual harassment scandal

Strangest things about the Moore/Post sting

Crossover between Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead was announced.

More training would discourage sexual harassment in Idaho's Capitol, lawmakers say

Norway: police uncover more than 150 rapes and sexual assaults in Lapland

Restoring The Draft Will Activate The Populace. If Trump Attacks N. Korea We Will Need One.

Moore compares claims to Russia investigation

*San Juan Mayor Cruz on Rachel Show now.

Anyone else whose blood pressure is sensitive to emotions?

What we know about ex-Atlanta woman accused of fake Moore story

The GOP Tax Bill Is Economic Terrorism On Steroids.

A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)

3rd Qtr CNN Debate: Cantwell/Sander in 2020!

Idaho man convicted of rape says he was following God's will

Need a smile?

Chait: New Reports Suggest Trump Might Not Be a Liar at All, But Truly Delusional

Trump claims kneeling players hurt NFL attendance

I finally asked my brother and sister why our father joined the Elks (B.P.O.E.)

Good News about Family DownUnder....

My Trump loving brothers found out their taxes will go up

From Down Under....good on ya mates....

i'm beginning to wonder if

Good News about Family DownUnder....👏👏👏👏👏

Please give link where to give help to Puerto Rico

Construction on Idaho's first medical school ahead of schedule

Tweety had an outbreak of his default misogyny in WARREN's face

When the Republicans fail to pass any legislation and the government shuts down

Pro tip: You can log into macOS High Sierra 10.13 as root with no password

Canada, U.S. to co-host meeting on North Korea crisis

Net Neutrality Is Just the Beginning

Leigh Corfman writes letter to Roy Moore: "Where does your immorality end?"

An interesting letter in the WSJ, claiming that Moore is a win-win for Democrats

Sex robots spark rise of men who will only sleep with dolls

Never seen a president so relentlessly attacking his own vital institutions before

How come the Rs need only 51 votes to pass their tax giveaway?

Increased Caseloads Plague King County's Mental Health Court

Pokmon GO caused hundreds of deaths, increased crashes. . . I believe it!

Benjamin Wittes: Time for a Grand Anti-Trump Coalition (with the left and right working together)

Jenny Durkan sworn in as Seattle's 1st female mayor since 1920s

Washington state panel calls for oil terminal denial

Bitcoin leaves skeptics behind as it blasts to record $10,000

North Korea says it has successfully tested a new type of ICBM that can reach the US

Air Force Failed to Report Dozens of Service Members to Gun Database

Senate order bans all firearms from public gallery

Australia same-sex marriage bill passes Senate hurdle

Here's The Thing About Roy Moore That They're Not Telling You

Videos: CNN Tax Debate Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Closing Summary.

Videos: CNN Tax Debate Parts 1 through 7 Closing Summary.

Is it just me or does this sound transphobic

Need a tax bill graphic that's easy for my idiot friends

Trump's delusion and obsessions have no end. He can't let go of Obama (among other things)

Trump Is Continuing the War on Drugs That Kept Me Addicted

Dead rabbits found at Iowa wind farm likely used to lure and kill eagles

Shots fired at downtown Reno's Montage apartments

Where did Trump come from?

Meeting Looks Like Just A Set Up To Embarrass Democratic Leadership.

Might not be liar but delusional

If the GOP passes the Tax Bill the Democratic Party should stop all legislative co-operation

Did we get are big Thanksgiving day media person scandal?

Trump Has Turned ICE Into A Version Of The Gestapo For Immigrants Legal & Illegal.

Future presidents must restore what Trump has destroyed

Melania's little tree of illiteracy

I think Trump is finished (and my work is done)

10 Facts That Show Exactly Whatll Happen Without Net Neutrality

I saw a picture of the Trump White House Christmas decorations. Ghastly. Depressing. Weird.

The Daily Show: The Truth About Trump's "Pocahontas" Slur

Where Melania got her ideas for the White House Christmas Decor

Argentina death flights: a son's fight for the right to testify against his father

Argentina death flights: a son's fight for the right to testify against his father

The revolution will not be televised: how a Guaran tribe got So Paulo's attention

Criminals in charge

The Amazon effect: how deforestation is starving So Paulo of water

The Amazon effect: how deforestation is starving So Paulo of water

Where's the bottom?

found on the webs....

Blogger for Conspiracy Site Gateway Pundit Arrested After Appearing to Assault Student

Where are you McCain?

Tacoma's KC Boutiette made history entering 1994 Olympics. Now 47, he wants to do it again

Moore accuser calls on him to stop denying allegations: 'Where does your immorality end?'

What's up with the Birtherism nonsense again?

Conservative speaker arrested at UConn after altercation during 'It's OK to be White' speech

Trump Settled Sexual Harassment Lawsuits. When Can He Resign?

Trevor Noah defending Trump on "Pocahontas"

Anyone catch Rachel tonight? Trump demanding Mueller investigation to end by Jan 1, 2018

A failed businessman as Prez

Trump campaign subpoenaed over sexual assault allegations

Uber facing federal probe on allegations of espionage

Seth Meyers - Late Night White House Press Briefing: What Does Paul Ryan Think About During Sex?

Jimmy Kimmel RED Show

More interesting dots connecting.

San Francisco approves rules on recreational pot stores

Where are the generals?

A lot of deplorables are complaining about Trump's tax plan on Twitter

Same-sex parental rights case reaches top Mississippi court

Cantwell joins Sanders in sparring with GOP over tax plan

Bloch-"Concerto Grosso, No.1"

Another reason, other then Flynn flipping, that Trump will be gone soon...

Trump has backed away from verbal attacks of Lavar Ball because

I think we've seen the near future today.

Orthodox "Agni Parthene"-("Bride Unwedded" in Slavonic)/"Today the Virgin"-

So I heard this rumor.....

Special Montana court to oversee hundreds of deadly asbestos claims

Mayor of Kennewick faces ethics, theft complaints

Nuclear sludge at Washington state site put in safer storage

The GOP Tax Bill: A Stealth Attack On Medicare And Social Security

Lucian Wintrich, White House Correspondent For Gateway Pundit, Arrested After Altercation At UConn

Declining workforce leaves Smith Frozen Foods short-shifted

Anyone else still up at 4am EST?

State's psychiatric hospitals still without chief

Consolation prize...


Man arrested, to be charged in string of Tampa murders

Abbreviated pundit roundup: The Republican tax bill gets worse, chaos at the CFPB and more

Attorney Pleads Guilty-$50 Million Scheme that Defrauded the EB-5 Visa Program and Chinese Investors

New Reports Suggest Trump Might Not Be a Liar at All, But Truly Delusional.

Three Individuals Charged in Florida-based Investment Fraud Scheme that Defrauded Over 150 Investors

Mother Africa...

Army Reserves Lt. Col. Sentenced for Fraudulently Supplying Chinese-made Army Promotional Gear as US

Brexit: UK divorce bill offer worth up to 50bn euros

A lovely Christmas hug

Dial K for Kraftwerk...

I think, Trump's "No deal"-tweet was a negotiation-tactic.

Trumps tweet sparks fears of a looming government shutdown

Former Bank of Oswego CEO, CFO convicted of conspiracy

Any Windows 10 device that includes Hyper-V hypervisor can now turn on HVCI.....

Is anyone thinking about switching to a plant-based diet?

2 boxes of Kleenex later...

Anyone else having nightmares tonight?

Plant Based News' end of year film Vegan 2017 is here.

Brown, Buehler could set spending record in race

New York Times Magazine profile of Sean Hannity missed a ton of his conspiracy theories

Pepper Anderson

Advisers Stunned as Trump Keeps Making Up Facts

Unlike Its Neighbor, Microsoft Opts to Stay Home in Washington State

I'm almost worn out on posting "Trump lied, Trump played golf, Trump insulted someone" content here.

Native Americans Discuss Trump's Warren Remark

🐦 Dec 3 at 2PM - Senator Sanders "Protecting Working Families Rally" Reading, PA

Heres how Trump will ultimately betray his own voters

Trump account retweets anti-Muslim videos

Matt Lauer fired by NBC

A sick leave ordinance is coming to Austin, but details are unclear

Three retweets of a British NeoFascist?

MATT Lauer has just been terminated for sexual abuse!!

NBC Fires Matt Lauer Over Misconduct Allegations

Why is the Stock Market surging?

Entire house illegally dumped in New Zealand

NBC fires Matt Lauer after complaint about 'inappropriate sexual behavior'

Julius Caesar's Britain invasion site 'found by archaeologists'

The Onion Has Obtained Exclusive Information From Jaime Phillips About Roy Moore

Why Evangelicals Stick with Trump

ODonnell turns Trump stunt into GOP excoriation & Democratic narrative win (VIDEO)

Lamont Mulls Run for Connecticut Governor

Republicans Urge Barton Not to Run Again


Project Veritas a textbook definition of 'fake news'

Trump weighs 11th-hour boost for Roy Moore

A Conservative On Project Veritas (NPR audio)

Inside the tweet that broke Trump's day, again

Julian Assange Blasts 'Neocon' Daily Beast, Mangles Facts

Suspect arrested in Tampa killings

When is trump going to be fired for inappropriate sexual behavior?

Canadian Man Pleads Guilty to Hacking Gmail Accounts for the Kremlin

On the fringe, Project Veritas's humiliation looks like a win

NBC fires Today Host Matt Lauer for sexual misconduct in the workplace (VIDEO)

Why is it all of these men accused of sexual inappropriate behavior

Trump weighs in on Matt Lauer firing: 'Wow'

How abortion could tip the scales in Alabama

Review: U2s Songs of Experience is a thrilling listen

The US sanctions bill is a timebomb for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

Brexit : British people are asked to draw the Irish border...what could go wrong ?

Trumpy Bear

Millennial poll: Strong majority want a third political party

God Damn Him: Report: Trump continues to question Obama's birth certificate

Two Weinstein Movies That Are Being Released Next Year.

Roy Moore campaign touts support from dubious Indiana group

For no particular reason, Trump just re-tweeted three anti-Muslim videos...

Morning Joe explains why Trump is 'spinning out of control' on Twitter: 'A shoe is about to drop'

2,000-Year-Old Killer Whale Geoglyph Found in Peru Desert

2,000-Year-Old Killer Whale Geoglyph Found in Peru Desert

Moody's To Coastal Cities: Start Dealing With Sea Level Rise Or Face Debt Downgrades

CNN rolls clip pointing out similarities between 'The Apprentice' and Trump's Dem meeting stunt

Russian man dies after posing for photo with hand grenade

When I Despair.....

Rare, Isolated Outbreak Of Bipartisanship In Senate Reauthorizes NOAA Ocean Debris Cleanup Program

Poll: Democrats more likely to believe allegations of sexual misconduct

Wow! Matt Lauer?

Found Them! 72 Unseen Galaxies Found Hiding in Plain Sight

FWS - Chloropyrifos Harms/Kills 97% Of 1,800 Endangered Species; EPA - Reverses Chloropyrifos Ban

Will we now be hearing a stream of stories about Matt Lauer?

Congressional Black Caucus chairman won't press Conyers to resign

Found Them! 72 Unseen Galaxies Found Hiding in Plain Sight

I'm With Pedophile

Lauer you sorry ass shill

Tax Cuts that will create French Revolution conditions, net neutrality gone, Kochs buy Time, but

First Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Arrives

Trump predicted in 1997 scifi novel Titan by Stephen Baxter

How to really deal with James O'Keefe...

One by one...

Inside the White House, Michael Flynn pushed proposal from company he said he had advised

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Bigoted, Racist Nazi Asshole

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Reverse Robin Hood


Keith Olbermann was correct - bye bye Matt Lauer

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

The origin of the 'Pocahontas' insult is a newspaper's reporting. The same paper just called...

Get this guy a mirror...

Here we go again...our lives on chopping block RE tax bill and media blabbing about Lauer

Newsweek: Putin's daughter is linked to Wilbur Ross - Another Trump-Russia connection?

Ruh roh, Donnie went there.

Galveston Bay Bottlenose Dolphins Showing Skin Lesions; Post-Harvey Malnutrition Signs Appearing

The Algorithm That Catches Serial Killers

At least Matt Lauer will have a nice place to retire to

Hire or Elect Women to Top Positions!

72-Year-Old Miner With Black Lung Speaks Out For Clean Power Plan @ WV EPA Hearing

Wow, Even InfoWars thinks Trump's anti-Muslim retweets are a bad idea

"One False Move"

Kelly Anne Conway bought mansion next door to the one Putin oligarch Oleg Deripaska bought in DC

Comcast Quietly Deletes Promise Not to Charge for Internet "Fast Lanes"

ANOTHER ONE: Trump Ethics Lawyer Quits

Bankruptcy Bonus: Peabody Shielded From California Lawsuits On Climate Damages

Chump and his party control all three branches of the government

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Preceded By Jellyfish Shredding Boat To Prevent Clogging Of Intakes

Note to Secret Service Presidential Detail:

How long will this country tolerate a mentally ill President?

Anyone planning to participate in the "People's March" in DC 1-26-18 thru 1-28-18? nt

How long will I stay at 80% ?

Conyers returns to Detroit amid harassment claims

Matt Lauer Reportedly Fired After Sexually Assaulting NBC Staffer During Rio Olympics

Corker and Johnson both had 'serious concerns' about the tax bill

"Supergirl" and "Crisis on Earth-X"

"Supergirl" and "Crisis on Earth-X" Cross post from G-D

A Bosnian War general is dead after drinking what he called poison in war crimes trial

Clarence Thomas Must Resign

The economy is growing and the stock market and business profits are at record highs so we need to:

I can't help but wonder.....

GOP voter support drops for House tax plan, poll says

Baffin Bay/Greenland Warming Spike Under Way; Temps Projected Up To 54F Above Avg. In Next Few Days

Lauer Firing Shown How Misogyny led to the 2016 Presidential Campaign Results

What do Evangelical Christians and Donald Trump have in common?

As a teen, he savagely beat a classmate. The attack was forgotten, until he went into politics

7 Things To Know About Ajit Pai, The Man Trump Tasked With Killing Net Neutrality

Trump demands investigation of dead intern linked to 'low ratings Joe Scarborough' in Twitter...

Does anybody else see the irony ?

Happy 45th 🎂 Pong!

Net Neutrality II with John Oliver

Remember Lauer at the debates?

Tin foil hat throwback: Column: Pundits got Trump wrong, so psychics step in with presidential predi

Donald Trump Ethics Chief Resigns Sooner Than Most

Trump is frequenting racist and anti-Semitic web sites.

WATCH: Matt Lauer's rude treatment of Hillary Clinton during debate makes more sense...

Reporter for pro-Trump site Gateway Pundit arrested for allegedly accosting a woman

Yo Dotard In Chief ! (REDUX)

Michael Flynn Poised To Implicate White House Officials?

How four recent launches signaled new leaps in North Koreas missile capabilities

Do you think Mueller is talking to Trump's rape & harassment victims?

Sometimes I think North Korea works for the Con

Forget OPEC, Putin Is Calling The Shots In Global Oil

Sen. Warren On Tax Bill: Its Democratically Irresponsible

Corbyn: 'I hope our Government will condemn far-right retweets' by Trump

I'm on nutcase watch today - Trump may do something stupid

Dan Rather On Lies In The Trump Era

Trump & GOP Admit They're 'Incapable Of Governing'

Wow, I should be fired from the presidency for "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace"

UPDATED: Point of Order raised in British House of Commons regarding President Trump's tweets.

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Facing Widespread Protest GOP Pushes Tax Bill In Party-Line Vote

The Sinister Screw-ups Of James OKeefe

Anatomy of a Fake News Scandal

General drinks poison in UN courtroom at the Hague

Can you imagine nuclear power plants throughout the Middle East?

The WH Reporter For A Pro-Trump News Site Was Arrested After Allegedly Accosting A Woman

For Matt Lauer...

"Don't kill us, kill the bill!" Police bringing out arrested protesters from inside hearing.

"Climate Solutions Caucus" Welcomes New GOP Member, Who Wrote Bill To Eliminate EPA

I'm digging Rep. Kathleen Rice lately

I Lub U...

Trump pledges new wave of 'major sanctions' on North Korea after call with China's Xi

Trump just lost a voter or two..

San Juan mayor: GOP tax bill would be worse for Puerto Rico than hurricanes

KellyAnne Conway lives next door to Putin oligarch Oleg Deripaska

Feinstein sends letters to Carter Page, Sam Clovis, Walid Phares and JD Gordon as part of Russia

Remember "Billionaires for Bush?" I'm ready to take them out of mothballs

Over Half of Public Comments to FCC on Net Neutrality Appear Fake: Study

30+ Hilarious Reactions To Melania Trumps Creepy White House Christmas Decorations

Trump Suggests Joe Scarborough Murdered His Intern In Florida

Why Trump needs white nationalist violence now?

A court denied a gay couple the right to adopt for a really good reason


Doug Jones (D-AL) is running against two "cults".

You can take the White House out of Bannon, but you can't take the Bannon out of the White House.

Mission Accomplished! Rs have shifted sexual predator label onto Ds and Media types

***WOW*** Chump insinuated Joe Scarborough offed his intern

Navajo Code Talkers adopt a word for "douchebag"

WeRateDogs Owner Realizes Net Neutrality Killer Ajit Pai Follows Him On Twitter, Gives Him A Taste

If I kidnap a woman and pretend that I'm going to rape her until she cries, is that a prank?

Woman slain by ex after she found tracking device on her car

David Duke praises Trump for re-tweeting anti-Muslim videos

Pic Of The Moment: I Thought A Great Leader Didn't Tell Everybody Their Plans In Advance

CW Crisis on Earth X mega crossover (spoiler alert)

I just read an article I still can't figure out.

That video @realDonaldTrump retweets of a Muslim boy beating up a Dutch boy turns out to be a video

Ana Navarro Tweet-

Zimbabwe court acquits Mugabe critic Evan Mawarire

Even some of Trump's prominent allies are appalled that he's now promoting neo-fascist propaganda

Even Piers Morgan thinks he's batshit crazy!

Vox: The Today show pushed out talented women. It kept Matt Lauer around for years.

Scarborough's brother: I supported Trump all along but he just crossed the line

Seminole Heights, Tampa slayings: Man, 24, faces four counts of murder

Donald Trump Jr. to talk to House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors

New data shows hurricane deaths in Puerto Rico could be 20 times higher than the government claims

I wonder what whatisname

Former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship to run for U.S. Senate

Question re: the House and Senate investigations

Overheard at the Infinity's Edge Pub:

Matt Lauer: Long rumored to be a womanizer who denied affair with Natalie Morales

They Choose Party Over Neighbors, Friends, And Country - Gene Lyons

Roy Moore Picks Up Endorsement From White Supremacist Who Threatened To Kill Judge

Bubble trouble? Bitcoin tops $11,000 after $1,000 surge in 12 hours

The Far-Right Group Retweeted By Donald Trump Deleted A Bunch Of Pro-Putin Posts From Its Website

I never liked him either, Keith:

The Masterpiece Cakeshop Case Is Not About Religious Freedom

This is Cassinis Last Photo of Saturn After 13 Years in Orbit

Who Will Be Next?

According to our Press Secretary bogus videos and Fascist retweets don't matter

Kremlin's 'chief troll' boasted last year of 'insane' plan to elect Trump

Former La Marque Mayor Geraldine Sam Is Cruz's Latest Challenger

Americans Dragged Out Of Senate Hearing On GOP Tax Bill

The Movement To Remake Religious Liberty Is Taking The Courts

Kremlins chief troll boasted last year of insane plan to elect Trump and laid out evidence Mu

30+ Hilarious Reactions To Melania Trumps Creepy White House Christmas Decorations

Infinity War Official Trailer

Con Jr heading to the Hill to testify about Russian meetings next week

Anti-Muslim Dutch video retweeted by Trump is fake news

A four-star US general made news by saying he would not obey an illegal order by the President.

Israel should arm the Kurds

"Dont be distracted by Trumps attacks on the free press. Fight the tax bill.

Call these people today!

Exclusive: Accuser to Roy Moore, 'Where does your immorality end?'

google doodle today honours Gertrude Jekyll: The Queen of Gardens on her 174th birthday

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin sanctioned for workplace harassment

sock,shoe sock,shoe or sock,sock shoe,shoe?

google doodle today honours Gertrude Jekyll: The Queen of Gardens on her 174th birthday

trump is fucking insane and congress will not remove until they get their bosses a tax cut

Trump calls for boycott of television network CNN: tweet

MacOS High Sierra bug: blank password lets anyone take control of a Mac

KO: Trump is Finished

An 84-year-old doctor who refuses to use a computer has lost her medical license

KO: Trump is Finished

An 84-year-old doctor who refuses to use a computer has lost her medical license

America is in crisis. The Republican tax plan will make that worse

So, are there people in the White House who could control Trump's tweeting?

Third House Dem calls for Conyers to resign

Say what you like about Matt Lauer...

Maybe Fox will pick up Lauer, since they have a culture of assholery.

Donald Trump retweets Britain First deputy leader's Islamophobic posts

Rick Wiles: Sexual Misconduct Scandals Are The Result Of The Left's 'Godless Society'

ESPN is laying off 150 more people

UPDATE: WH press secretary defends Trump post of anti-Muslim videos

Do the Politicans who are members of the Democratic Party know

Meghan McCain Snaps at Joy Behar on 'The View'

NASA's Voyager Golden Record Now Available to the Public

What's the difference between Trump's retweets and the work of Julius Streicher ?

Today's 'zen' place - A beautiful blue Michigan sky

BREAKING: Garrison Keillor says he's been fired by Minnesota Public Radio

Garrison Keillor: Al Franken should resign? Thats absurd.

Garrison Keillor fired

Stop calling him, "The President" or "Mr. President" or "President Trump"

Houston Doesn't Have Money To Build Third Reservoir: Mayor Turner

Fans Melt Down After Supply Of Blue Bell's Christmas Ice Cream Dries Up

Garrison Keillor's been fired from Minnesota Public Radio

Bitcoin is not money. It's an unregulated commodity that gets traded for barter instead of money.

Time to release the internet from the free market and make it a basic right


The Music and the Mothers from Nashville

ReTrumplicans better hope they never lose another election

Remember Matt Lauer's unfair and sexist debate moderating with Hillary and DT?

Remember Fitzmas?...

Homelessness in Texas Public Schools is a Suburban and Rural Problem, Too

U.S. expands leniency for companies that disclose foreign bribery

Garrison Keillor Says Hes Been Fired Over Alleged Improper Behavior

Murdoch says his company would never buy CNN

Prominent or Wealthy Men Often Have Many Consensual Sexual Opportunities.

Did you ever wonder how secure Trump's Twitter feed is?

Chances for government shutdown rising

How Breitbart, Trump and Texas Politicians Spun a Tale out of a Border Patrol Agents Death

Milbank: Cant excuse Moore by pointing at others bad acts

White House defends Trump's Muslim tweets

New GOP Plan Offers Tax Breaks On All Contributions Tucked Into Congressmens Suit Breast Pocket

Video shows Matt Lauer walking around in his underwear off-set on Today Show

If Congress Doesn't Fund CHIP, Thousands Of Pregnant Texans Will Lose Health Insurance, Too

CNN: Is Donald Trump Losing Control?

Sutherland Springs Family Files Wrongful Death Claim Against Air Force

British PM May issues rare rebuke of Trump for retweeting anti-Muslim videos

Fake news prize to rightwing group beloved by Trump

45 is speaking in St. Louis today about tax reform.

We have news anchors who falsely tell stories and get fired!

Centro San Antonio Staffer Under Investigation For Embezzlement; Longtime CEO Resigns

Willie Geist - rec if you think he should be the new Today Show host

Believe in conspiracy theories? You're probably a narcissist

Crook Claims Rudy Giuliani and Michael Mukasey Tried to Broker U.S.-Turkey Prisoner Swap

Retweets far-right group's anti-Muslim videos

Lets recap where we are now as a country

US Government watchdog warns dog owners about health threat posed by bone treats

Pharma Charity (pricing scam)may close - 2+ year DoJ FBI DHHS investigation

The Republican tax bill will end cancer treatment for Medicare patients

A Relieved Elephant Raises Her Trunk to Thank the Workers Who Rescued Her Baby from a Mud Hole

Could Robotic Birds Lead to Safer Air Travel?

Head of Church of England calls for Trump to delete retweeted videos

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 29, 2017

Matt Lauer allegedly sexually harassed staffer during Olympics

RepAlGreen "When hate emanates from the presidency the solution is impeachment-voted on B/4 X-mas

Trump adviser: 'This is not a true tax reform bill'

Why does Trump get away with crotch grabbing/talking, but yet the rest are fired. Trump,

Line up, you people who have taken sexual advantage of others.

Honolulu Police Tell Medical Marijuana Patients To Give Up Their Guns

This Matt Lauer interview with Bill O'Reilly seems more germane in light of today's news...

tiny fingers in 1980, standing with model of dump tower

The Alt-Right has won the day.

Praljak: Bosnian Croat war criminal dies after taking poison in court

ivana trump says she was the brains behind the trump organization, and that was

Full Frontal's Undercover Sting - Full Frontal on TBS

A modest proposal: End rural electrification

If I should call you up, invest a dime.....

Maduro: The National Assembly no longer exists!

Trump opens GOP eyes on tax reform

Kellyanne Conway investigated by special counsel for allegedly breaking federal law

I'm sorry, everyone, for my privilege.

Kansans beg Sen. Jerry Moran: Why take this failed experiment nationwide?

Senate Investigators Turn Focus to Carter Page and Trump's Foreign Policy Team

New Christmas Specials This Year

The Monkees at 50--cbs sunday morning

Trickle Down Tax Bill

It's not a glitch, it's a feature. Trump hopes to incite violence

Judge allows DNC to depose Spicer on election night activities

Question about "permanent" tax cuts

The Rock n' Roll Movie I Want To See...

Well, Pat Robertson has weighed in on the sexual abuse scandals.

Trump to GOP Congress,,,,

Cast Of Sister Act Perform With Whoopi 25th Anniversary (The View)

Chavismo 2006. The year in review

How are Muslim Troops supposed to feel after Red Don shows he hates them with his tweets?!

GOP looks to jam Democrats in shutdown fight

Garrison Keillor: The Jews Have Screwed Up Our Christmas

News outlets split on whether to attend Trump's party

Scientists appear to be self-censoring by omitting the term climate change in public grant summari

The Arctic madness continues: 28F at Grise Ford, Nunavut, Canada

🐦 Dec 2 at 6PM - Bernie Sanders to campaign in Akron - John S. Knight Center

Disgraced Coal Baron Don Blankenship Is Running for Senate in West Virginia

The one minute tale of a survivalist.

Trump calling out Lauer, others. Is that really smart, Donnie?

Saw a great bumper sticker today

Video: Sanders Challenges Republicans to Prove Him Wrong About Tax Bill

Sanders Challenges Republicans to Prove Him Wrong About Tax Bill

I have a song that doesn't exist stuck in my head.

Fox refuses to air tax ad with Trump impersonator

Kellyanne Conway Will Run White House's Opioid Crisis Efforts

This morning, it seems, it was the Today show co hosts turn

Nov 29 at 4:45 Facebook LIVE: Sen Sanders Politics and Digital Media Roundtable

Rick Wilson rebuts Roy Moore slanderous claim that Democrats are with drug dealers

Shouldn't the government be passing 4 or 5 year budgets with a spending plan

Nov 29 at 4:45 Facebook LIVE: Sen Sanders Politics and Digital Media Roundtable

Meet the people bankrolling James OKeefe's group

Biotin (Vitamin B7): Safety Communication - May Interfere with Lab Tests

The Sun Never Set on the British Empire, or Its Food.

The Sun Never Set on the British Empire, or Its Food.

Should the media totally boycott Goebbels-in-pearls ?

Area Woman Quietly Satisfied To Have Concrete Evidence Backing Up Years-Long Hatred Of Matt Lauer

Mexican sex crimes prosecutor killed outside office

Mexican sex crimes prosecutor killed outside office

He talked panties and politics: Woman shares Facebook messages from Joe Barton

What would it take for someone to finally throw a butterfly net over 45? nt

Fuck, I Totally Forgot To Fight For Womens Rights And Promote Sustainability

All These GOP Bastards In The Senate Should Drop Dead Immediately.

AZ CPS Rogue Agent, Steals Child to PEDO & Child Torturer

Roy Moore sounding alarm about felons registering to vote

Trump just implied...

White House May Share Nuclear Power Technology With Saudi Arabia

This idiot is rambling and bragging!

Judge allows DNC to depose Spicer on election night activities

Spicer on sexual misconduct allegations against Trump: 'All allegations should be treated seriously'

I challenge anyone to top this 911 scanner report

New York Times editorial board issues rare call to action to oppose GOP tax bill

The Russian billionaire next door: Putin ally is tied to one of D.C.'s swankiest mansions

Gutierrez eyes 2020 presidential run

It's a nightmare. Trump is on TV right now taking credit for what Obama accomplished.

Variety has some details on Lauer allegations- disgusting!

How churches advertise in Washington, apparently (pic tweet):

If Trump believes what he's saying, we really do need to deploy the 25th Amendment By Jennifer Rubin


I'm not sure this is the smartest campaign strategy...

Why oh why is MSNBC airing 45 verbally masturbating, live!!

Pet sitter didn't show

Trump is trying out a brand new theory of government - By Tom Toles ('toon)

There is a deranged man lying on my TV!

It's Not an Act

"The former chief justice isn't up on the law?"

So, how many of the men currently losing their jobs for sexual matters



Please re-read this article, in light of what we now know.

David Duke praises Trump for re-tweeting anti-Muslim videos

With deforestation on the rise, Colombia businesses join fight to end destruction

I* never thought I' HATE anyone; until now! My vocabulary is now worse than the drunken

Trudeau Apologizes To LGBTQ Canadians

With deforestation on the rise, Colombia businesses join fight to end destruction

Not sure why women in the media assumed that this new openess in reporting sexual harassment

Please! MSM cut away from this bull shit!

How bad was Ron Ziegler (for Nixon) ? I don't remember

Why is everybody saying Trump's tax cut Bill is going to pass?

Dear Granny - you taught me this but no one taught

Classified Pentagon data leaked on the public cloud

Trump clings to conspiracy theories - and strengthens the case for his removal - By Richard Cohen

Maybe this is why trump is flipping out today. Flynn testimony delayed pending plea deal.

A Warm Welcome In Boston For Hillary Clinton

Book on Mar-a-Lago, co-written by a @realdonaldtrump employee, on sale at @WhiteHouseHstry gift shop

Trump's Tax Promises Undercut by CEO Plans to Help Investors

21st Century Fox co-chair pushes back on criticism that Fox News is 'state TV' under Trump

Killing the Individual Mandate Will Probably Kill Obamacare

republican occultist Comrade Casino* is using psycho-brainiac wAveS to fry your cerebellum

tRump is setting us up


Trump taunts Kim Jong-un as 'sick puppy' and 'Rocket Man' during unhinged speech

Mat Staver: Roy Moore Election About Whether We Have Same-Sex Marriage For The Rest Of Our Lives

Former Bosnian Croat Official On Trial For War Crimes Dies After Drinking Poison In Court

Kitties in the snow

Here are all the ways the GOP tax plan kicks millennials in the teeth

Geraldo defends Matt Lauer: 'News is a flirty business'

Big Eyes on Netflix...

Special counsel delays grand jury testimony amid signs of Flynn deal talks

House GOP plans to introduce bill that embraces deregulation of higher education

Turning point for Modern Family Tonight

New Alabama Law Re: Age of Consent

D.C. Metro Hit With First Amendment Suit For Refusing to Run Catholic Christmas Ad

There is still time to vote for your favorite photo.

Meet the people bankrolling James OKeefes group

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-24: The Ungrateful Fool On The Hill Edition

Sanders: Trump sharing anti-Muslim videos 'a new low'

D.C. Metro Hit With First Amendment Suit For Refusing to Run Catholic Christmas Ad

Dem lawmaker accuses Trump of inciting hatred: 'The solution is impeachment'

Here kitty kitty kitty!

Now THAT's affluenza: Broward GOP uncovers a nasty secret about its young party secretary

Kessler calls for Unite the Right redo

Trump Foundation's gift to Veritas - James O'Keefe -- $20,000.00

Murkowski will vote for tax bill

Buzz Aldrin said

Remembering George:

Dark humor that makes you laugh and feel guilty at the same time.

Instead of my morning news fix

Will & the pets. I wrote one. Now time for the next one.

Trump's plan for handling accusations of sexual misconduct

Sam Bee take on Project Veritas

Sanders: Trump sharing anti-Muslim videos 'a new low'

Chuck Todd gets so excited talking about sexual harassment, where he

Peter Dovak, transit graphic designer, has died

Furlexa, A Furby Converted Into an Amazon Echo

Wow Orrin Hatch!

''Sanders said he will make a trip to the Muhammad Ali Center'' (Dec 1 Louisville)

Draining the Swamp and the Desert

NBC receives at least 2 new complaints about Matt Lauer

Rep. Clyburn compares Rep. Conyer's accusers to child murderer Susan Smith

Matt Lauer - Heard on tv someone mention something about it...

You know it is bad when even sycophant apologist Piers has a problem - But Ann Coulter still thinks

Canada reopens 2 underground bunkers at military bases as North Korea threat grows

Not All Men Are Pigs.

Argentina 'death flight' pilots sentenced for deaths including pope's friend

Fenway Park to host Harvard-Yale game in 2018

NY Daily News: Donald Trump is a madman

Trump's Counselor Kellyanne Conway Is Now His Opioids Czar

We Are Finding Out Daily Hoe Disastrous This Stolen Rigged Election Has Been.

Hate To Say It, But Keith......

I bet CNN was gleeful when posting this one:

Jaime Phillips, false Roy Moore accuser, rented apartment from former DNC official

Trump's behavior raises questions of competency

GOP Are Taking Workers' Payroll Deductions For Social Security/Medicare & Giving To Rich.

Call it angst. Call it chronic frustration. Call it deep constant disgust. We all know

Luckily, he's inept

GOP Message To Sick, Disabled, Veterans, Seniors, "Takers" ---- DROP DEAD LAZY PRICKS!!!!!

So let me guess

The Drumpf Middle Class Tax Increase Bill

Be careful about what you believe

Reza Zarrab gets special treatment: judge OFFERS to sign order allowing him

Cheers Heard From Trailer Parks Across U.S., As Estate Tax Repeal Advances

Get Ready for Concealed Guns in All 50 States

Trump is trying to distract from impending Russia indictments

Yet more proof: Donald Trump is a fascist sympathiser

Dayum! Somebody post that video.

Texas Democrats unveil 2018 slate for top state courts

If we poison our children with hatred then the hard life is all that they'll know

Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez resigns to run for Texas governor

Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez resigns to run for Texas governor

Trump's empty chairs - funny tweets

California sues for-profit school over 'false promises'

Roy Moore has regained the lead over Doug Jones, according to new polls

How about some haikus for Two Scoops?

'Art of the Deal' author Tony Schwartz says Trump is "decompensating"

Joy Reid goes below the belt, Jane Sanders responds

Pressure mounts on Rep. Joe Barton to drop 2018 re-election plans

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 30 November 2017

Video: The Bernie Sanders Show: What is the future of digital media?

Court sides with fired driver who feared 'mark of the devil'

Sexual Harassment - I'm seeing some progress

TheDemCoalition: Our second billboard is now up in Alabama.

Ubers quarterly losses jumped nearly 40 percent to $1.46 billion ahead of a massive private stock s

Is it Spring Training yet?