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Archives: November 28, 2017

Trump spends one out of three days spending our money at one of his businesses.

Dictators like to attack the media - because an honest media tells the truth on them

Record year for endangered puffin chicks in Maine

My feet hurt.

How can we identify the ISP or website hosting Project Veritas? They need to be inundated with

SpeakerRyan and SenateMajLdr, how much will you cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security ...

this is why I question allegations against Franken

Synagogues Mix of Arts and Religion Helps Shape Jewish Life in Washington.

Synagogues Mix of Arts and Religion Helps Shape Jewish Life in Washington.

Can wait for Tweetler to congratulate Prince Harry and Ms. Markle

Melania's Christmas Hall looks like the set of a psychological drama about a lady who went mad after

Keith O. The End.

Autocorrect Just changed MineralMan to

Is Raw Story considered a credible source?

Aung San Suu Kyi loses Freedom of Oxford over Rohingya crisis


Keith Olbermann thanksgiving story

Because They Wanted To Change Jeopardy This Season.

Stocking-Stuffer for The Donald

Tweety's rant on the Con's Trump Tower Tax Cut is excellent

The bag of shit has managed to insult our Native American brothers and sisters, heroic

New Drone Strikes Underscore, Again, How Much Power We Give Trump

Leandra English Named Deputy Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

High taxes or low? How the US ranks among other nations

'Giant of Minnesota politics' former Attorney General Warren Spannaus dies

Birth certificate...

Fathead Meets Potheads

Two Republican senators threaten to vote against GOP tax bill

"They call her Pocahontas"

Chris Hayes had a Blackfoot Indian on, he went after the moron as bad as

Camera operator attacked while filming Roy Moore at campaign rally in public park

Elizabeth Warren just hit a line shot home run

Smoke Signals

Dan Rather tells the truth...

Vietnamese Blogger Gets 7 Years in Jail for Reporting on Toxic Spill

Cruzs Democratic challenger officially files for Senate

Declassified: Apartheid Profits Pals with Pinochet

Russia reminding Drumpt that Putin has him in his pocket.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Me Too!

Roy Moore stays in hiding

"Fanny's Journey". Wonderful film.

Should I get my money out of Stockmarket?

President Jackass Strikes Again.

i just got a letter from our wonderful health insurance company

Elizabeth Warren just laid into Trumps..'Pochantus' statement today. on Anderson Cooper.

Roy Moore: Real Victims Wouldn't Want Their Photos Publicized


Thom Hartmann: Has America Stopped Reaching For John Kennedy's Vision Of Peace

Liz Warren on Maddow now.

Court: Military must take transgender service members by Jan. 1

If Doctors do it .....

Moore buried under TV ad barrage

"I prefer any other President, including the 39 who are currently decomposing corpses."

Hatch says changes to #TrumptaxScam bill probably wont be public until they are made on the floor.

Did you know Trump is selling an "Official Merry Christmas hat" ?

Two 'toons

General Flynn - well, we know his price!

Top State Department official out after 3 months

Seth Meyers - Trump Stands by Roy Moore, Pushes GOP Tax Plan: A Closer Look

WatchESPN - buffering constantly?

Chavez' first coup attempt 27 November 1992

Judge deciding the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau dispute was appointed by Trump

Quotes from the pResident of the United States.

Bailee Update.

Bravenak speaks again.

This is a word from me...

Woody Allen's new movie features a 44 yr old man and a (maybe) 15 year old "concubine."

Calling the media "fake news" before a flood of indictments swamps the news cycle

'Access Hollywood' fires back at Trump: 'The tape is very real'

Is obsessive TIDYNESS the root of racism and homophobia?

Dreamers Are Taking Bigger Risks to Get the Attention of Congress

In Which Project Veritas Wins President Drumpf's Fake News Trophy

Putin's #1 enemy, Bill Browder, is on a Comedy Central show, "The Opposition", replaying at

Federal Bitcoin Case Against Brain Scientist Peter Steinmetz Falls Apart

That the current Oval Office occupant is seriously mentally ill is now a given. Whether openly

Trump Claims Voice on Access Hollywood Tape Is Actually Hillary Clinton Imitating Him

I feel like arguing. What is the most overplayed song in pro sports?

And another day ends just like so many of late . . . . .

Meghan McCain Marries Conservative Pundit Accused of Plagiarism


You know, Trumps father could have joined the greatest generation

Prince Harry says Trump is not welcome at his wedding: Trump is a serious threat to human rights

Wearing mask in public to become illegal under proposed law

Photos: Remembering Chespirito on anniversary of his death

Argentina: Water got in sub's snorkel, caused short circuit

Mr. Trump, you are the pollution.

Argentina: Water got in sub's snorkel, caused short circuit

Parents of mentally ill plead for expanded services at Arizona State Hospital

House to use untested policy in sexual harassment inquiry of Rep. Shooter

Here Are the Districts That Will Be Brutal Battlegrounds in 2018

Machu Picchu's Sacred Sister Emerges From Peru Cloud Forest

Machu Picchu's Sacred Sister Emerges From Peru Cloud Forest

Rep. Luis Gutierrez wont run for re-election, sources say...

Sen. Shelby mistakenly assumes there is a "distinguished Republican" in Alabama.

Legislator: Don't allow children to marry

So long ago...

Poor Americans would lose billions under Senate GOP tax bill

Sandy & Richaed Riccardi - As Time Goes "Bye!"

Stick the name of a Twitter User into this gaget and it will tell you how likely it is

Harvard Con law Prof Laurence Tribe: why DT can't make Mulvaney acting head of CFPB.

So when I call a fellow liberal out for being ok with racism, i get post removed

Insys founder and Arizona billionaire charged in opioid scheme can remove GPS monitoring

Netflix subtly, but effectively blasts O'Keefe out of the water.

Buckeye police officials accused of corruption, tampering with crime statistics

Men cleared of terrorism ties in 2015 border case that riled some conservatives

"Ale," anonymous "journalist and writer," has some interesting points to make.

The Daily Show - Trump's Christmas Gift to the Poor: Tax Hikes

U2 - Get out of your own way

Environmentalists sue Forest Service to overturn Rosemont Mine approval

Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls to discuss education at Tucson town hall

God speaks truth

CNN panel derails after Rick Wilson calls Sarah Sanders 'a congenital liar' with a 'shriveled husk..

Sun Chief

Sarah Kendzior: Trump's racism toward Native Americans goes way back.


Here Are Some Facts and Questions About That Nazi the New York Times Failed to Note

TransCanada to restart Keystone pipeline on Tuesday

3 Major Spills in 7 Years: Keystone Has Leaked Far More Than TransCanada Estimated

The Obamas (and not the Trumps) might get an invite ...

My CNN channel is blank. Is anyone else experiencing this? All of the other

Surely drumpf's pResidential Library will have a room of audio

Ukrainian Orthodox "The Lord Has Sent Redemption" (17th Century)/Capella Romana-"Cherubic Hymn"

How may we add names to the "In Memoriam" list?

Presidential Book Club?!?! A Cockwork Orange.....

USS John S. McCain Departs Subic Bay en route to Yokosuka

I want to thank everyone for being so helpful and kind here

Lawmakers are demanding more answers about Ubers massive hack

Net neutrality nonsense: Can we, please, just not all lose our minds?

Wells Fargo overcharged hundreds of customers in pursuit of bonuses: report

U.S. charges 3 Chinese with hacking but stops short of blaming Beijing directly

Jon Stewart talking with Howard Stern

52F, on western Arctic coast of Greenland, in late November.... madness

Go West... Sun in Wintertime...

Europe's HIV epidemic growing at alarming rate, WHO warns

What can you do for me?

Ultra Vivid Scene...

Weather Watchers group, yes we have one

Price of Love...

The Golden retriever has my wifes day planned

808 State...

75 Years Ago Today: Cocoanut Grove Nightclub Fire in Boston Kills 492

From L.A. girl to British royalty: Meghan Markle is now the talk of the town

I agree with the Donald, we need a great wall, and mexico will be happy to help all us snowflakes

CNN stars Blitzer, Cooper, Amanpour and others fire back at Trump in day of rage

Progressive groups back challenger to Illinois Dem

Did Trump sign the White House Christmas Card for Melania?

Meghan Markle has advocated for women since the age of 11

Ooh! We got a republican spoiler in the Jones-Moore race.

Second ex-staffer accuses Conyers of sexual harassment

YouTuber films her family and friends' reactions as she comes out and it's so heartwarming

My dog sang to me yesterday.

Report: Trump Paid Over $1 Million to Settle Polish Workers' Lawsuit

Bernie Sanders to unveil a $146 billion Marshall Plan for Puerto Rico

It's Time for a Grand Anti-Trump Coalition

Pierce: Operation 'Please Get a Win' Is Underway

Bernie Sanders to unveil a $146 billion Marshall Plan for Puerto Rico

if this clown cared about children and the poor half as much as he cares about football anthem....

Trump: " they don't look like Indians to me"

Donald Trump's long history of clashes with Native Americans

Horrors! China's Attempts To Deal W. Pollution Could Cut GDP Growth From 10%/Yr To 7%/Yr!

Sanders to present $146B plan to help Puerto Rico

The Greenwash Tango; 1 - Loudly Proclaim Eco-Friendly Goals 2 - Implement 3 - Quietly Dump Goals

Bitcoin Mining Now Uses More Electricity Than The Entire Nation Of Ireland - Guardian

James O'Keefe tweeted about his 'confrontation' with a Post reporter. Here's what really happened.

Modest suggestion concerning Alabama voters - -

2017 Christmas Decorations at the White House


Surprise, Surprise - Former Zinke Supporters "Dismayed" By His Performance At Interior

We will all pay a price for Trump's nihilism

Why are Republicans in such a rush to pass tax reform? To outrun the truth.

Senate GOP leaders aren't interested in changes to the tax bill that would help lower income earners

The Water Will Come - Red White & Blue Bullshit Will Not Change The Fate Of Florida

SHS: Shriveled Husk Sanders?

Fact Checker. Pence's claim that more Americans are working today than ever before in America

U.S. Coast Guard operating secret floating prisons in Pacific Ocean

Lead Poisoning Cases Up 28% In Detroit Children Under 6 In 2016; Testing Up 9.5% Post-Flint

Roy Moore vows to 'take off the gloves' in the final weeks of Senate campaign

The Memo: GOP fears Trump turmoil during tax push

Ireland : Census 2016 says we are older, less religious and speak less Irish

Mr. Grifter meets Dr. Dementia equals The Perfect Storm. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Trump's Toxic Legacy

If there was a more affable, likable President who lied as much as Trump....

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - PedoJUDGE

The National Enquirer Sought Time Magazine and May Still Get It

Why the Queen might not attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding

Trump: Melania 'truly loves' her job

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - Harassment

Trump's Rejection of Observable Reality

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Psychiatric wards overwhelmed as Daily Mail readers try to like brown-skinned immigrant

No racial slurs in this ceremony honoring a "Strong woman."

EPA swaps top science advisers with industry allies

Trash day taking the boog the chocolate lab for a walk

Do you think Trump knows Pocahontas is not a fictional character but a Native American?

Scaramucci defends Trump's 'Pocahontas' jab

Donald Trump's "Charity" 2015 Tax Filing - Shows $10,000 Gift To O'Keefe's Group-Project Veritas

Rick Wilson calls Sarah Sanders 'a congenital liar' with a 'shriveled husk left in her soul'

Roy Moore Staffers Attack Fox News Crew

Joe Scarborough: GOP Tax Plan is the 'Donor Relief Act of 2017'

The GOP Believes It Will Plug Election Holes By 2018 And Win Big Next Year.

Trump's Golfing Interfering with Presidential Duties

Bob Corker, who said he couldn't vote for a bill that added a penny to debt, is now 'on the fence'

LOL: Republican Tax Plan Will Raise Taxes on 50% of Americans

2nd Hour of Don Lemon's show last night.

Longshot question about a non-DU discussion forum

Longshot question about a non-DU discussion forum

Why Franken Should Not Resign - Joe Conason

The tower that made Trump famous was built on the hard labor of undocumented immigrants

With The Help Of MSM GOP Trying To Frame Sexual Harassment As Democratic Problem Only.

Obama to meet with world leaders

Tobacco companies will now have to admit on national television that smoking kills.

Why is the Media Giving

The Rich Will PAY NO TAXES Under This Bill. They Will Get Refund Checks Instead.

New Face For An Old Monster

Pelosi Says She Believes Conyers Accuser After Meeting With Her

A speech, a Tillerson snub and a palace dinner Ivanka Trumps whirlwind India tour

The leader of the Navajo Code Talker group had a more presidential speech

Navajo leaders call Trump's presser totally staged

Simple plan for "Tax Reform".

Sadly The Conyers/Franken Problems Gives The GOP Cover.

Trump: 'I don't see a deal' to avoid government shutdown

Donald Trump is going to build a big, beautiful deficit and rely on China to help pay for it (WP)

Keith Olbermann Quits

Sen. Chris Coons calls for hearing into possible Trump interference with US attorneys

Families Of Navajo War Vets Floored By Trump 'Pocahontas' Remarks

Yo Dotard In Chief !

After political drama at consumer agency, what happens to its open investigations?

National Congress of American Indians re: Pocahontas slur

Joe Conason: Why Franken Should Not Resign

Senator Kamala Harris: Sign now to save the internet (net neutrality)

Trump Has a History of Insulting Native Americans

Happy 74th 🎂 Randy

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's....FLYING KITTY!

Why religion is invulnerable:

I hope the Roy Moore campaign is taking action

Reminder: Bernie Sanders nominated for a Grammy - The Grammys air on CBS on Jan. 28.

Bernie Sanders nominated for a Grammy

It's really hard to tell who the stupidest Trump is.

I'm seriously asking. How long do we stand on the curb while watching the train wreck?

Trump donated to Project Veritas

What life is like inside Saudi Arabia's '5-star prison' the Ritz-Carlton where some of the kingdom

Families of Navajo Code Talkers decry Trump's political jab

The time of "shock and awe".

Eric Trump is dumber than a box of rocks (tweet):

R.I.P. Pete Moore, bass singer of The Miracles, and songwriter of a number of their hits.

Compassionate Construction Worker Drills Holes in the Brickwork of a New House to Rescue a Stuck Cat

"That's not true."

Gold Trader Reza Zarrab Is Aiding U.S. Iran Sanctions Probe

So What Did I Miss? Asks Michael Flynn Tilting Large Flower On Lapel Towards Trump

Infrastructure...States that are falling apart

Two ferrets playing in toxic waste

Leader Of Trump Cabinet Bible Studies Aggressively Expanding Right-Wing Proselytizing To Government

Voters must remember.

#ElizabethWarrenIndianName, a lot of racist white people using racial epithets against a white woman

Underwriting Purchase of Meredith Corp., Koch Extremists Now Have Huge New Propaganda Outlet

Grim 75th Anniversary: the Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire

Gloria Allred demands Moore testify under oath in exchange for yearbook

Statement by Navajo Nation Council Delegate, Amber Kanazbah Crotty

Dear senators: Don't bankrupt our country

Gingrich: Best ways to send a message to Trump are through 'Fox & Friends' and 'Hannity'

The most fascinating news article I've ever read!

Jr. Double Dumbs Down On Daddy's Pocahontas Slur

Albuquerque, NM, High School senior's prized possession stolen

Any of you pet people sell catnip toys?

Thieves Steal High School Senior's Letterman Jacket

DU Marketplace, a group for us to buy, sell&trade. Did you know we had this?

Any of you fine people sell catnip toys? Jewellery?

Letter I am thinking of sending my congress critters .... too much??

Shady Russian oligarch Klyushin, exposed for ties with Trump, is now stalking people on Twitter.

Democratic women running more, giving more money heading into 2018

Richard Cohen, WaPo op-ed writer: Trump has ushered in America's darkest hour

We have a group , DU Marketplace, to sell your wares.

Adobe Flash: no offense to you and your family but I'll be glad when you're dead

'I did it to kill people': 11-year old Louisville girl crashes truck into home

Mike Huckabee: Is Disney 'Racist' For Making a Billion Dollars from Pocahontas Franchise?

Drudge: White House anticipating news bombshell?

Moose vs Robot Lawnmower

California Supreme Court rules for farmworkers, and upholds binding mediation

Scaramucci Resigns from Tufts Board

Listening to Adam Schiff on with Rachel last night

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Could Personally Benefit From Last Minute Change To Tax Plan

Tens of thousands of newly registered felons could swing Alabama Senate election

Too much of a good thing - China's bike glut

Samsung Electronics Makes New Epoch with Batteries Which Take 12 Minutes to Fully Charge

NM's Pearce redefines "New Mexico Small Business"

Egypt jails 16 for 'debauchery' as LGBT crackdown continues

Pelosi and Schumer cancel meeting with Trump:

Tenn. group discovers new fish in Tennessee River Watershed

Overheard at an Alabama duck pond.

Update on woman mistakenly killed as a deer

Joke - Trump tries to make amends

Update on woman mistakenly killed as a deer

Pelosi and Schumer pass on WH dog and pony show

Please Stop Giving Trump Supporters a Stupidity Pass

Democrats pull out of White House meeting with Trump

O Yellar rubs Native Americans nose in it!

UMM.. Why is an Alaska Drilling bill from Murkowski merging with the TrumpTax Scam bill??...

University revokes Scaramucci's invitation to speak on campus

Cop making a difference - Good guy

Arkansas cuts off Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood following court ruling

Democrats pull out of White House meeting with Trump

Speaking of Pocahontas, There is a Senator Who Is a Direct Descendant

Sen. Warren : Trump calls me Pocahontas because...

Pentagon tried to block independent report on child sex among Afghan forces, Senate office says

Cliven Bundys Armed Insurrection, Rooted in Religious Extremism, Goes on Trial

Maybe I spoke too soon...

Bernie Sanders introduces bill to rebuild from American crisis in Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands

Bernie Sanders introduces bill to rebuild from American crisis in Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands

Has the Nazi-in-Chief insulted the Asian-American community yet ?

McCain: Trump's 'Pocahontas' crack an insult to Native American veterans' sacrifice

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, what are your instructions?

Letterman/Obama 2015

Poll: Republican voters say Dems have sexual harassment problem, GOP doesn't

Carlos Beltran a candidate for Yankees manager

Jones Should Challenge Moore To A Debate

Schumer, Pelosi Cancel Show Meeting With Trump On Government Funding (Democrats Finally catch on!)

The Promise of Legal Pot

Fight between Senate panels could bring Kushner back to Hill on Russia investigation

Cheesetastic TV alert: "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is on tonight.

Even sex is in crisis in Venezuela, where contraceptives are growing scarce

The Al Franken dilemma - By Jennifer Rubin

Baldwin Teaches "Trump School" To Iowa Democrats

Navajo Nation President ; President Jackass Pocahontas Attack an Ethnic Slur

A Song For Roy Moore

Here's the deal with Elizabeth Warren's Native American heritage

Chavez would roll over in his crypt! Selling to China and Russia what he nationalized

Take no more Shit off the Rethugs,,,,,,,,

The 2018 Election and the Margin of Theft

Uzbekistan incident raises suspicions of Russian involvement in Cuba attacks

Saving Mohammad by Joel Engardio (an important read)

Three Groups of Wavering Senators

Shocking News: Religion is America's primary divider when it comes to transgender rights

Cuba redux: Millions of Venezuelans survive thanks to "family remittances"

Just an idea that someone with more digital skill and organizational ties may be able to use:

My voicemail with the FCC

NY prosecutors gave themselves $3.25 million in bonuses - from the asset forfeiture fund, of course.

Wanna see Some Great Reporting By Fox?

WH accuses Schumer, Pelosi of 'pettiness' for pulling out of Trump meeting

Latest from Europe

Putin and Repubs/RW media have one big thing in common

Roy Moore Alters Story About Accusers

Manafort Bankers, Associates Summoned to Talk to Manhattan D.A.

Olympic Doping Diaries: Chemist's Notes Bolster Case Against Russia

Lock them up and throw away the (don)key

If the monied and elite cannot create jobs now with their wealth

Ex-RNC head blasts Trump for letting his 'inner ugly' out at Code Talker event

Has anyone seen this timeline before?

If the Navajo Code Talkers didnt have a word for

Shit started going down hill the day that John Bonham died and Zep broke up...

Rep. Raul Grijalva's office quietly paid $48,000 workplace settlement

Real🎄, Fake🎄or No🎄?

HP quietly installs system-slowing spyware on its PCs

Sen. John McCain: Politicizing Navajo event is an 'insult'

N. Korea fires ballistic missile: S. Korea JCS

Staffer: John Conyers is a powerful man in Washington, and nobody wanted to cross him.

Goodbye 1st Amendment?

BOOM: Manafort has been paid to pitch Russian nuclear technology for nearly two DECADES.

North Korea reportedly launches ballistic missile

Watch live (at 3 PM EST): White House holds news briefing after Trump trip to Capitol Hill

Lance Wallnau: Trump Will Have An Encounter With God And Start Quoting The Bible At An Unprecedent

Victims have to be believed!

Settling Diplomatic Disputes Between Hostile Ethnic Groups Is Nothing Like Drilling For Oil

Eugene Robinson: Itll take years to rebuild what Trumps destroying

Fifty years ago, Jocelyn Bell discovered pulsars and changed our view of the universe

Just whos devastated? Because its not the banks

Pocahontas, NFL & other tweets a part of Trumps scam and were falling for it

Yertle & Granny Starver issue "joint statement" after Trump torpedoes meeting w/ Schumer & Pelosi

In the Outer Banks, Officials and Property Owners Battle to Keep the Ocean at Bay

Well done Dems

Wells Fargo Bankers, Chasing Bonuses, Overcharged Clients

Republican tax plan This plan is only a tax cut scam

never pay for expedited shipping this time of year.

NK missile launch detected. (Per CNN and MSNBC)

Eric Trump compares Pocahontas insult to Disney profiting off Pocahontas movie

I'm a really good boy...

Legacy admissions, how do you THINK someone as dumb as Trump even got INTO a university?

(Albuquerque Mayor-elect) Keller names key staff, including interim APD chief

Hatch - I call on my Democrat friends

How far will Hannity Go?

Nearly 70 UNL faculty members say incident between lecturer and conservative student sparked 'sustai

President Trump paid undocumented Polish workers as little as $4 an hour to demolish department stor

Beardaments, Tiny Christmas Ornaments and Festive Glitter Used to Decorate Mens Beards

Depression Naps

katie turic is gonna cry on msnbc

Happy 50th Anniversary, the recording of "Christmas Time Is Here Again"

Postcards for Doug Jones - Please help me make this shorter.

Does it seem like Bank of America has already started playing games now that the CFPB

Trump to visit Salt Lake City on Monday, will announce a smaller Bears Ears and Grand Staircase

Many clients claim sex abuse at Massage Envy spas

Peter Thiel (FB board member) funds James OKeefe & Project Veritas lies to undermine institutions

"Kill Bill I and II"

Navajo President: Trump's 'Pocahontas' Comment Was 'Inappropriate'

Libyan Media Dismisses CNNi Report on Slavery After Trump Undermines Network in Tweet

Hillary Clinton and Rosie O'Donnell (Video Clip)

Christmas in Hell?

Every Republican except the chairman has left the budget hearing on the tax bill.

CNN's Don Lemon on Trump: Just because you say you're not racist doesn't make it so

Be prepared for hits to come on the House of Rep. Progressive Caucus

A woman approached The Post with dramatic and false tale about Roy Moore.

Senate Budget Committee votes 12-11 to advance tax bill

What is the best tv or movie version of Dicken's "A Christmas Carol"

Senate Budget Committee Approves Tax Bill - 12-11

Gutierrez leaving Congress, rules out bid for mayor, governor

The Scorpion Departs and Never Returns-Phil Ochs

AP EXCLUSIVE: Big contracts, no storm tarps for Puerto Rico

How much loyalty do you feel towards your employer?

Kaspersky CEO says he would leave if Russia asked him to spy

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Mueller Will Question White House Counsel About Trump

It's Official: Roy Moore defending has hit rock bottom. Really? RINGO STARR?

Christmas: Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue


OUCH! -- meme

GOP Strategist: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has A 'Tiny Shriveled Husk Left In Her Soul'

Senate committee advances tax plan as GOP continues hunt for floor votes

Eli Manning's consecutive starts streak ends at 210. Enter Geno Smith!

🐦 December 1 at 7 p.m. - 'Protecting Working Families' Tour - Louisville.

Really, the GOP has no clue what to do about women? - By Jennifer Rubin

Your thoughts: How far will Dolt45 go now that Kim fired another ICBM?

Don't Waste Your Vote on Roy Moore

Putin's Daughter Is Linked To Wilbur Ross Another Trump-Russia Connection?

And heres his rambling statement...

Nurse removed from hospital after saying white boys should be sacrificed to the wolves

McConnell Makes Dubious Claim That He Never Turned Down Obama Meeting

How Opioids Started Killing Americans

How Will The Middle Class Be Impacted By The GOP Tax Plan?

BREAKING: Trump knew all about Russia-China-Middle-East Nuclear Project

Turkish businessman's Iran sanctions guilty plea opens door to cooperation in Robert Mueller's Micha

Roy Moore's Campaign Theme Song

Boxer: We Have Grabber-In-Chief As President

ASU prof (former priest and former Yale prof) resigns over past sex abuse

OPEC won't deliver the 9-month extension to output cuts the market is expecting, Citi warns

Canada to apologize for LGBT 'purge'

Trump ensuring the apathetic youth become the angry vote

Nichole Wallace opens her show....

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 28, 2017

Yuma policeman facing multiple felony charges in San Diego

Keith Olbermann Explains His Decision to Retire From Political Punditry

We will take care of this - what does that even mean?

Accused Benghazi ringleader convicted of terrorism charges in attacks that killed U.S. ambassador

Dozens Of Protesters Arrested In The Senate As People Warn Tax Cuts For The Rich Will Kill Them

The Last AntiWall Street Agency in DC Is Being Eaten from the Inside

Racist Huckabees, Cinco De Mayo, and Speedy Gonzalez

Feds Flip Turkish Crook; Did He Rat on Michael Flynn?

As our relatives immigrated perhaps the boys may have to as well

Gracious Navajo Vets Sidelined By Donald Trump Attacks

The official White House Christmas card - did he sign for Melania?

Does anyone else feel this all started with Sarah Palin?

Clarence Thomas must resign

TPM EDITORS BLOG. Flynn's Deeds Are Much Worse Than We Thought

Sen. Warren: This Is Donald Trump Bringing His Chaos

A Situation We Will Handle!!!

Two wild gay lions in Kenyan park should be separated & "given counselling"

Another day, another love letter from the bold journos at the Intercept to the far right:

Several black caucus members in talks with Conyers to get him to resign

Federal prosecutors show jury Project Veritas videos in trial of Trump inauguration protesters

Trump: Top Democrats Who Skipped WH Meeting Are 'All Talk, No Action'

Why Mitch McConnell Wants Roy Moore to Step Down in Alabama

Why Mitch McConnell Wants Roy Moore to Step Down in Alabama

Why Mitch McConnell Wants Roy Moore to Step Down in Alabama

Supermoon 2017: When and How to See Decembers 'Full Cold Moon'

Drone pilot arrested after dropping leaflets over NFL games

Want to join the New Zealand police force?

Oddly Behaving Blobs Beneath Earth's Surface Finally Explained

GOP Tax Plan Meant To Leave Only Money For Just Military. All Else Must Go.

Call your Senators to vote NO on the tax bill

Sen. Warren Addresses Trump Code Talker Disgrace

Sex assault victims billed for rape kits will be reimbursed

Three Kings 1999 movie. ::no spoilers::

Rex Tillerson: state department can be cut as we will soon solve global conflicts

In the heart of coal country, EPA gets an earful about Clean Power Plan's fate

How do you feel about this statement from Rep. Kathleen Rice?

Why it's so difficult for Trump voters to backtrack:

Court sides with Trump in consumer agency fight

Did Putin go after CNN International the same DAY Trump did?

Trump's FCC chairman accuses Twitter of silencing conservatives

Conservative writer hits O'Keefe: He's 'hurting the conservative movement'

I say we ban all State Fairs...oh, and winking !!

excellent info about 2018 elections...and more

Fugitive ex-Utah corrections officer captured in Hawaii

Fed chair nominee Powell says case for rate hike 'coming together

Arkansas judge threatens to halt birth certificate issuance

Two GOP Senators Lean Towards Supporting Tax Plan

Casper gay rights group proposes city resolution against discrimination

Flynn Promoted Nuclear Project In White House

Trump says 'we will handle' North Korea after launch

You know that the president, McConnell and Ryan didn't really want the Dems at that meeting!

If you were on your way to a secret rendezvous with your forbidden lover, would you...

Homeless Samaritan to get house, dream truck, trust funds

**BREAKING **Judge rules in favor of Trump & Mulvaney in CFPB case

Trump Impeachment Articles Could Include His Slurring of Elizabeth Warren As 'Pocahontas'

From The Economist: It's all about the sanctions. They go into effect soon.

Bitcoin mining consuming vast amounts of energy and could be environmental issue

Mississippi law endorses anti-LGBT bias, attorneys argue

Dogs barred from South Burlington dog park due to neighbor's complaint

Ex-Obama and Reid staffers: McConnell would pretend to be busy to avoid meeting with Obama

Obama re-emerges on global stage with trip to Asia, France

Manchin, Heitkamp won't rule out voting for GOP tax bill

Peru's abundant ruins feel the squeeze of urbanization

Peru's abundant ruins feel the squeeze of urbanization

I hope "Chuck and Nancy" now see the futility of trying to "make nice" with Chump.

Once boldest Moore advocate, Bannon MIA in Alabama race

Gutting net neutrality is a death knell for the resistance.

🐦 Dec 2 at Noon - Senator Sanders - Dayton Rally - Dayton Masonic Center

Honduran presidential candidate says to review presence of U.S. troops

Honduran presidential candidate says to review presence of U.S. troops

Flynn's White House allies continued to push shady Middle East nuclear deal months after...

American teenager whose death was ruled a suicide was 'raped and beaten,' new information suggests

ReTHUG Conspiracy to Block President Obama's Policies

Chuckles just referred to Franken as FrankenStein

November Photo Contest - "Silhouette" - Thread 1 of 2

We want America back?!?!

November Photo Contest - "Silhouette" - Thread 2 of 2

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