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Wouldn't it be fun to go!

The complicated legacy of The Clintons

I am still constantly amazed by the callousness of Trump supporters

Bicycle graveyard

Exhibit A how f***** up our media is: 'Are Jews People' Was an Actual, Real Discussion Topic on CNN

I posted my Happy Holiday cards today

This is part of the problem. What we're up against.

Anyone here on Weight Watchers? I'm concerned about the program change being announced this week.

Fox News incorrectly reports President Jimmy Carter has died

Senate Republicans Still Dont Have Votes for Tax Bill

BREAKING: Eruption at Mount Agung on Bali becomes magmatic, officials say a larger eruption could be

Democrats Hold Wide Lead In Generic Ballot

States Prepare to Shut Down Childrens Health Program

Trumps Thanksgiving Day message to troops: Im thankful for me.

Both CNN and MSNBC are leading with Al Franken in the 8PM hour (EST)

How slave labor built and financed major U.S. cities

70 Alabama pastors: No person of faith can, in good conscience, support Roy Moore

Four-star general: I have wasted 40 years of my life if Trumps lies represent who we are

The Twelve Days Of Trumpness

How Safari West's owner saved the preserve's animals from the Santa Rosa fire

In The Eyes Of POTUS


Overcoming smart phone addiction

Sanders Likely to Face Donald Trump in 2020 Election

Trump's hair:

Somehow I don't think I'm gonna click on this link from a random email

No more Venezuelan passports

Meredith to buy U.S. publisher Time in Koch-backed deal

Meredith Corp. to acquire Time Inc. for $2.8 billion

"Wonder" Holy Smokes. NO SPOILERS

I just made a $10.00 dollar campaign contribution to a NY State Senate Campaign from a distict

Time Inc. to be acquired by company backed by Koch brothers

Hawaii reinstates 'attack warning' siren to prepare for possible North Korean missile

Just saw this on Facebook and thought it should be posted here:

Dan Rather bemoans the lack of a groundswell of opposition against the Tax Bill: Call 844-502-4371

Leandra English has filed suit, and a temporary restraining order against Mick Mulvaney & Trump

Dem lawmaker rips Time acquisition: Get ready for Ayn Rand as next Person of the Last & Next Century

Post your helpful suggestions for the next GOP Presidential Platform!

Dinesh D'Souza peddles the old RW lie that Nazism is left-wing....

CyberMonday Rallies Against TrumpTax Scam #TrumpTaxScam - Indivisible Events

Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment Status?

Call the Senate this is the list.

CFPB's English sues Trump administration to block Mulvaney appointment

Robert Reich: The poor are being barred from voting. And that's unconstitutional.

in case you know anyone still unconvinced trump is cuckoo for coco puffs...

HA!! Hope everyone can catch 'Dreamin' of the Whitest Christmas'...

My version of ritual-thanks to local radio token Lib on otherwise all-wingnut outlet

Putins Thanksgiving....

The Un-Trump-Ables: Heres the Team Investigating Russia and Trump

Frontline: Putin's Revenge pts 1 and 2

What Floridas living wage amendment will look like

Dan Rather Just Went Viral With A Dire Warning About Trumps Destruction Of Diplomacy.

Any West Coast DUers In The House?

PREET! He WENT THERE! "The President of the United States is Jan Brady."

I have no idea why this race is so close...

How much longer with the "United States" continue to exist as a sovereign entity?

Some Schools Are Abolishing Homework In Favor Of Reading, And That's A Good Thing.

The wild haggis is a cross between Donald Trump and a roll of sausage

Iran, Turkey sign deal with Qatar to ease Gulf blockade

How the South Became Anti-Union

Ronan Farrow on exposing Harvey Weinstein

Tax plan changes over time chart - updated explanation

Commissioners' Priorities for State Legislators Include Moving Elections


How Reading Rewires Your Brain for More Intelligence and Empathy.

Do you believe Leann Tweeden?

Congressman Calls Trump An Idiot For Using Egypt Mosque Attack To Promote Border Wall

Seahawks' Michael Bennett receives coin from Vietnam War veteran


Universities revoke journalism awards given to Charlie Rose

Cartoon: Politically correct?

Early voting begins Monday in runoff races

15 Examples of Japanese Etiquette That Will Drive You Crazy

My early Christmas present to all geeks: a link to Derek Lowe's blog

Is the President of the United States compromised by the Russian government?

Florida man 'fed up' with reckless drivers causes crash at intersection

Atlanta airport official on leave after conflict of interest concerns

In Tax Debate, Gift to Religious Right Could Be Bargaining Chip

John Morgan says he will not run for governor of Florida as a Democrat

Cats wreak havoc

My dad died 19 years ago

Founder of Florida's Biggest Megachurch Accused of Molesting a 4-Year-Old

Scott Walker has no right to wear UW sweatshirt

After Hurricane Outages, Miami-Dade Could Make Traffic Lights Solar-Powered

Need help QUICK!

..]what is now a cottage industry of sympathetic profiles that started by normalizing Trump,...

Sen. Franken gives first interviews in wake of sexual misconduct claims

Tant 'enraged' over harassment allegations against former Democratic Party chair

Maybe the GOP are purposely being cruel and authoritarian to get

Two Florida legislators seek to regulate vacation home rentals

New Florida law expected to increase conflict over textbooks

Why Democrats feel Miami-Dade is moving their way

Pat Metheny-'Antonia'/Chris Thile-'Texas Red'/'One Winter's Night'/Mark O'Connor-'Sleigh Ride'/

Ernest Farrar-'English Pastoral Impressions for Orchestra Op. 26'/Hauser-'Adagio' (Albinoni)

Navy wants small warships that pack a bigger punch

My time checks on DU are 8 hours off.

Orthodox Christian-'In the Town of Bethlehem'/Kedrov-'Bless the Lord (Psalm 102) in English/

Ilulissat, Greenland (western coast): 27F, the weirdness continues

Drunken driving charge for spokeswoman for West Virginia gov

Miami club turns up the volume on noise dispute with condos, files lawsuit against city

(Jewish Group) Jewish Groups Protest Polish Guesthouse Ban on Jews

6 Possible Hurdles For The GOP Tax Plan

Push to limit local control could hurt state colleges, leaders say

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now officially engaged

Display of Twitter excerpts - feature or bug?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle To Marry In Spring: An american in the royal family!

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman: Sad Kelly Supports Trump No Matter What

Their own media megaphone: what do the Koch brothers want from Time?

Where can I get an Earthquake machine?

How to manage getting Iran's progressive youth back to supporting the Ayatollahs against the USA

Dozens accuse massage therapists at large franchise of sexual misconduct

OMG A #TrumpRussia Confession in Plain Sight

Leandra English, successor at CFPB by statute, sues over Trump naming Mulvaney as interim dir.

The MSM Will Continue To Pound Franken & Give Trump A Pass Because That Is Who They Are.

"It was the first thing I did"

Bernie makes moves pointing to 2020 run

For low-wage workers, many obstacles to reporting sexual harassment

At Least 1 State Has Run Out of Federal Funding for Children's Health Insurance

NASA uses dust, salt, and smoke to visualize the 2017 hurricane season

Inside Airbnb's Russian Money-Laundering Problem


Why it's "Abso-fuckin'-lutely", not "Ab-fuckin'-solutely"

Joe Scarborough Gives Impassioned Defense of John Conyers: 'I Would Call That an Icon!'

Rome is burning,

Trump's CNN Tweet Could Be Used as Evidence Against Him, Ex-White House Lawyer Says

COMIC BOOK REVIEWS FOR NOVEMBER 22, 2017 (better late than never!)

Fox News Will Reportedly Run Anti-Tax Reform Ad Featuring Tweeting Trump Impersonator

The origin of Super Villains: Master of the World (comics)

Hidden in GOP tax bill: A plan to turn churches into dark-money spigots

Cyber Monday MADE IN USA SALE!

Senate GOP tax bill hurts the poor more than originally thought, CBO finds

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, the sliming of Mueller begins. What a totally unexpected turn of events.

GOP plan will ultimately raise taxes on 50% of Americans, nonpartisan assessment says

Can someone tell me why the FUCK wouldn't ReTrumplicans say the Access Hollywood tape is "fake"?

Senate GOP tax bill hurts the poor more than originally thought, CBO finds

"Singing like a sweet, little bird." . . . . Please come CAPTION Michael Flynn!!!

Texas Man Accused In Thanksgiving Cop Killing Disturbed By Iraq Military Service

Lies Have Long Been Trump's Most Potent Weapon

Time Inc. has new owners, including the Koch brothers

LA - Hottest Thanksgiving Since Records Began - 92 Degrees

Simple tax plan that will make America great.

Striped mackerel

The Case Against Roy Moore

Turkey says U.S. wants to use gold trader case to impose sanctions

After Spills & Silence From Company, NC Yanks Fluorochemical Dumping Permit For Chemours Plant

"Robust Evidence" Links Spiking Ground-Level Ozone With Deaths & Disease In China

Big Data's Gigantic Energy Use Now 7% Of Global Electricity Consumption; Projected At 12% By 2020

Trump White House ethics lawyer exits

Bernie makes moves pointing to 2020 run

Trump doesn't know what's next after taxes

Nov 26 Week 54: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around y

UPDATED 2X: McCain: Trump doesn't have any 'principles and beliefs'

Three Billboards with Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson

Barney Frank: English should 'clearly' lead consumer bureau

'Apocalyptic scenario' possible on Korean Peninsula: Russian diplomat

Roy Moore Is Deplorable, and Donald Trump Condoning His Sins Is Unforgivable - Rick Wilson

Mulvaney takes perch at CFPB amid legal challenge to his appointment

Fox & Friends hosts are now directly telling Trump what to tweet

How "Trickle-Down" Really Works

MSNBC's Scarborough backs CNN in Trump feud

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Criminal of the year

Monday Toon Roundup 2 - Tax Scam

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Long Divided, Iran Unites Against Trump and Saudis in a Nationalist Fervor

Kansas Sen Jerry Moran is undecided on #TrumpTaxScam bill:☎️ ☎️ 202 224 3121 Text RESIST to 50409

Wunderground - Damage From Maria Now Estimated At $102 Billion - Only Katrina Worse

Idea for a movie: a six-year-old becomes president.

It's Cyber Monday. My pants are nowhere to be found. Let's do this.

Trump: Media should compete for 'FAKE NEWS TROPHY'

Morale is up with the boys beware country buffet

trump wants to have a contest on which news service is most dishonest...not including faux

Long Divided, Iran Unites Against Trump and Saudis in a Nationalist Fervor

Michael Flynn's role in Middle Eastern nuclear project could compound legal issues

Putin's proposal for Ukraine is another trap for Trump

If you are a patriot please call the Senate....this

This is not giving me a warm feeling about the Conyers settlement...

I need to apologize to all about my deleted post from yesterday

Kitty helps gentleman reduce portion size

How does a recognized pathological LIAR get away with calling

(202) 224-3121 📢🆘 Good morning Indivisibles! It's go time -- the #TrumpTaxScam Day of Action.

Why This Atheist Has a Holiday Tree

Call the Senate this week. NO TAX SCAM

Trump hates CNN because they discuss his Russia connections that he would rather not get mentioned

I detest all monarchies and I mean all

Of course!!!! NANCY PEOLOSI is the problem!!! How could I not see this??

End secrecy of confessionals 'to protect Catholic children'

This is why I think Richard Cordrey has the right stuff.

Fake, as Redefined by Donald Trump

What do you call a singer who likes sweets?

Trumps War on the Environment Is a Civil Rights Emergency

Need a Local Address to Contact Someone in the Senate?

Massage Envy therapists accused of sexual assault by more than 180 women

Top White House lawyer prepares for questioning in #TrumpRussia probe.

Fiorina On Moore: 'Trump Cares About A Vote In The Senate, No More, No Less'

Donald Trump calls for 'fake news' contest during tweetstorm, praises himself

Books Are Playing a Role in Elevating and Transforming Chicago Communities

Doug Jones campaign by the numbers

Breitbart senior editor defends Judge Roy Moore citing Ringo Starr cover song

Guns were Black Friday must-haves, going by the FBIs record 203,086 background-check requests

How To Roll The Perfect Joint. Every Time.

Garland man accidentally fatally shot in head while teaching son to shoot

Hope Hicks to Friend: I Won't Go To The Jail Because Of Trump.

Man accidentally shoots himself in road rage incident, OCSO deputies say

NASA launched this record into space in 1977. Now, you can own your own copy.

Everybody gets a free taxcut !

Updated: Doughnuts, dueling memos factor in showdown over U.S. consumer agency

Joe Johns: 'The facts contradict the president'

Tom Cotton: Trump Should Fire Leandra English, Anyone Who Disobeys Mulvaney

digby: Kudos. We like winning.

Call the Senate...This is serious.

Clemson #1, Alabama #5 in polls - defies all logic!

Scaramucci Threatens To Sue Tufts Newspaper Over 'Defamatory' Op-Ed

Diplomats Sound the Alarm as They Are Pushed Out in Droves

Fox News Voted Best Propaganda Channel For Republicans and Trump

If you are sexually assaulted in a massage facility - Call 911!

Always believe the victims

I beleive every word from Leann Tweeden

Most Americans will see a tax INCREASE under the Republican bill--says tax expert

Until and unless people give trumps sexual assault and Roy Moores pedophile allegations

So it looks like the Konstantin Rykov story has finally begun to get some major traction.

A knife review

Pic Of The Moment: CBO Confirms Republican Tax Plan Even Worse Than First Thought

Petition Calls for Ouster of FCC Chairman Pai

Orlando-based startup can install your X-mas tree

Hello, we are Jehovahs Witnesses! WARNING: May Be Offensive To Some!

The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs

"How awesome would it be if that mystery donor were the president himself?"

U.S. top court rejects challenge to Maryland assault weapons ban

Top court rejects challenge to Maryland assault weapons ban

Keystone's existing pipeline spills far more than predicted to regulators

Alaskan Hiker Walks Backwards to Keep an Eye on the Mama Bear and Cubs Following Him

A&M's firing of football coach Kevin Sumlin means another big buyout for a Texas school

The pathetic neediness of Trump - By Jennifer Rubin

Official Trump store Cyber Monday ad celebrates 'the holidays' - but fails to call Christmas by name

Former Conyers Staffers: He 'Never Behaved' Inappropriately Toward Us!

Graham: 'Moral Of The Story Is Don't Nominate Somebody Like Roy Moore'

Pro Tip: How to keep anyone's tongue out of your mouth during any kiss.

Bad habits?

RECESS IS OVER..Week Of Action begins.

Suck on it, atheists! Evolution has been disproven!

PSA....Today is last day to register to vote in ala.

Doughnuts, dueling memos factor in showdown over U.S. consumer agency (CFPB)

Our message to the Universe.

At 'Winter White House' Line Between Work, Play And Business Is Blurred

Grassley and Trump plan to pack the US Judiciary

Time to take baby boomers off the ticket - Washington Post

The Latest: Trump won't campaign for Moore before election

Moore targets 'liberal elites,' 'Republican establishment' in new ad

Trump signals openness to changes in GOP tax plan picks 'complicit' as 2017 word of the year

Andrea picking up raking Al over the coals this morning......

Supreme Court won't take Texas case over student-led prayer

He's not going to pivot, folks. Trump tweets about "your favorite President (me)"

UT opens new office in Mexico City, forms new partnership

Serious Question - Re: Tax Reform

Alabama voter: "I would rather be mauled by badgers than vote for Roy Moore"

Your Favorite Thanksgiving Leftovers Riff?

Does Trump have dementia, or is he faking it?

Former intel chief Hayden slams Trump's CNN tweet: I've wasted 40 years if this is what we are

Quite Telling Graphic:

Melania rips report she didn't want to be first lady

Mr Deity and the Atheist

it appears we are watching fascism take hold of the once greatest working democracy....

I know I'm being picky, but . . .

An ignorant grade school bully

New Recognition for Chronic Fatigue

🎄The Truth Is Painful🎄

10 Times Atheists Blew Our Minds

Netflix is a joke.

I have the title for this era of history:

Only 2 pitchers in MLB History had fewer walks than games started in a season:

This is what gift giving used to look like

In case you've never seen the Kookaburra's call !!

Rethug tax cuts are guarantees that when the deficit explodes

The far right radical evangelical Christian group

Life is so overrated

Trump White House ethics lawyer resign

Al Franken is going to hold a press conference shortly

How American Women "Kickstarted" a Campaign to Give Marie Curie a Gram of Radium, Raising $120,000..

Kushner attorney says Senate panel relaxed Monday document deadline

7 Times Atheists Went Boss Mode

Indivisible South Carolina Founder To Take on Joe 'you lie' Wilson

New Doug Jones ad: "Education"

your choice: be mauled by badgers or do something you absolutely hate (like toilet cleaning)?

WATCH LIVE: Senator Al Franken holds press conference outside his Senate office

Stephen Fry Annihilates God


Ed Gillespie, the old days

Time's real Person Of The Year, our birthday girl California Peggy!

Russian contacted Trump after Obama re-elect, offering help

Should Doctors Treat Pain? Surgeon-General Isn't Sure

Marine Colonel Announces He's Running Against Roy Moore

It wasnt my job to disclose secret campaign cash, ex-Miami congressman says

If Al Franken resigns,

Ryan Dismisses Deficit Concerns to Chase a Political Win on Taxes

Milbank: For most, nothing is going to change for women

Most Small Businesses Oppose GOP Tax Plan

Why would a Russian oligarch linked to a notorious hacker care about the Alabama Senate race?

We are at Step 4. Conversion to Fascism 85% complete.

The Hill's Whip List: Where Republicans stand on Senate tax bill

McCain To Hillary Clinton: Youve Got To Move On - HuffPo via Yahoo

Al Franken is really a geniune person.

I think Franken is setting a great example

Anthony Bourdain Prepared A Meal For Three Of The Women Who Brought Down Harvey Weinstein

Trump could personally benefit from last-minute change to Senate tax bill

Mets' Syndergaard mocks Trump

Pakistan caves to protest demands by forcing out law minister after days of unrest

Just released - Trump Family's 2017 Christmas Card ;-)

China has passed laws that direspecting their National Anthem is grounds for imprisonment

On FB. Fox News reports the fake death of Jimmy Carter.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Justices reject appeal over Mississippi Confederate emblem

Flynn's lawyer meets with members of special counsel's team, this morning, specter of plea deal?

Russian man sent to penal colony for insulting officials online

As Vote Nears, GOP Senator Warns Tax Bill Ignores 'Debt And Deficit Issues'

If I repeatedly tell those who

Michael Flynn's lawyer meets with members of special counsel's team, raising specter of plea deal

No resolution in sight for plaque on WV courthouse

Dozens of police departments are seeking expanded powers to check peoples immigration status

Ted Cruz grabbed my butt..

Breaking: GPS Ankle Bracelet with Presidential Seal on Order

Mulvaney should head the Corporate protection bureau not Consumer

Workers rights are being abused as they rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

The Fight over Virginia's monuments

He's using a "big boy" word now

Trump Claims Voice on Access Hollywood Tape Is Hillary Imitating Him

Effort to strip Trump name, end management at 70 storey Panama hotel

Supreme Court rejects appeal over Mississippi Confederate emblem

Now, if we could just do this at the White House...

LSU to change name of road named after Confederate

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 27, 2017

EU settles dispute over major weedkiller glyphosate

2016 tax filing for James O'Keefe's Project Veritas is now publicly available.

Newsweek and their cover

Roy Moore isn't going anywhere

Meade to Seek Ruling Party Nod in Mexicos 2018 Presidential Race

Fox News rushes (without fact checking) to announce Bush Senior is "now longest living president"

Comcast hints at plan for paid fast lanes after net neutrality repeal

Rejection of Observable Reality

We have no counterattack to Russia's information warfare

Ex-CIA Director blasts Trump's CNN attack

ACLU has taken over 100 legal actions against the Trump administration so far

Roy Moore Super PAC Financier Finally Revealed

They'll be no debate?

A key witness in the Russia probe had a 'lengthy conversation' with Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Former CIA director James Woolsey a key witness against Flynn had dinner with Trump at Mar-A-Lag

CNN Launching 'The Van Jones Show' in January 2018

We Need Women's Voices in Media--Beyond Their Stories About Powerful Men

We Need Women's Voices in Media--Beyond Their Stories About Powerful Men

We Need Women's Voices in Media--Beyond Their Stories About Powerful Men

Hurry Mr. Mueller, before it's too late!

Trump, at event honouring Native American code talkers, calls Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas."

Securing Peace on Earth

Owners of the Trump International Hotel in Panama are pushing to remove President Trump's name from

Securing Peace on Earth

Securing Peace on Earth

Securing Peace on Earth

World's Most Indestructible Creature

New study takes a different approach to showing human activity causing earthquakes in Texas

Cat's nose loses battle with a bee

MSNBC: Trump calls Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas' - to a group of WWII Native American Code Talkers

Chuck Todd shows sexist disrespect for Nancy Pelosi / deference to GOP Senator (VIDEO)

How Mike Pence is connected to Russia.


Trump team playing like fools to fool you into accepting a tax cut scam

🐦 Dec. 6 at 7:30PM Bernie Sanders, Ben Jealous to hold Medicare-for-all rally in Baltimore

A way to deal with monuments

It Is ON! Flynn Lawyer Met with Members of Mueller's Team This Morning

Trump could benefit from last-minute change to tax bill

Breitbart editor defends Roy Moore, citing Ringo's "You're Sixteen You're Beautiful And You're Mine"

Dec. 6 at 7:30PM Bernie Sanders, Ben Jealous to hold Medicare-for-all rally in Baltimore

Meredith/Koch Brothers Aquire TIME Inc.

Trumpy just called Warren Pocahontas while honoring Native American Vets!

The DNC and/or state orgs should change their rules

Please Help Defend Highway Neutrality

WH press briefing is starting

THE IC FACTOR (from 2006)

UPDATED - While Honoring Native American Code Talkers, Trump Attacks 'Pocahontas'

Trump links to his own Social Media Director Dan Scavino!

Princess Ivanka Trump to receive Royal Treatment in India, will be showered with pomp

Is there any way to get a consolodated version of Seth Abramson's Nov. 23 mega-tweet?

Initial Coin Offerings Horrify a Former S.E.C. Regulator.

Before they were called redhatters, there was another term for them ...

about rep Conyers

Traditional Italian Flavors, in a Bundle

When cats fly (AP)

SHS: Trump's racial slur at code talkers event "was certainly not the presidents intent"

Sen. Elizabeth Warren responds to Trump's racist remark:

White House: 'Ridiculous' To Call Trump's 'Pocahontas' Attack A Racial Slur

Mr. Deity and the Hitch...

CA Assemblyman Resigns After Multiple Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Wonder Woman (film) and Thanksgiving dinner conversation!

He soooooooo stupid!!!!!! Pocahontas? Somebody save us

Trump, honouring Native code talkers, calls Sen. Warren "Pocahontas"

I wonder if more people believe her now. She cried out so long ago, and nothing happened.

Is the primary goal of the US right to make people's lives miserable or better?

To White House press corps: She Fucking HATES You.

I just called both of my senators to encourage them to vote

Trump Trolling Navajo Code Talkers in the Oval Office With Jackson Portrait

President Obama wishes Prince Harry and Meghan the very best in their upcoming marriage

Velshi & Ruhle smoked Trump for lie about bringing back overseas jobs (VIDEO)

Mick Mulvaney is speaking live.

For my 700th post on DU, a little reflection....

Al Franken goes after the KKK member in the DOJ and the Trump White House for being traitors

CFPB Forced Predatory Lenders To RETURN $12 BILLION To The People They Screwed. No Wonder GOP Hates

White House Is Said to Weigh Personal Phone Ban for Staff

Are magic mushrooms next to be decriminalised in California?

Trump v Native Americans

The Genral don't ride well anymore!

Montana Republican is second to oppose current Senate tax bill

Trump has a horror of gravitas....almost a tic...can't avoid fucking up a solemn occasion

Liberty convocation speakers to include Ray Rice, Tomi Lahren and Corey Lewandowski

Police: Man hit by car near home with holiday lights display

VA Health Care Under Attack...again

I won't be on DU for awhile. I need anal transplant surgery.

White House: 'Pocahontas' not racial slur (video)

O'Keefe tried to scam the Washington Post with bogus Roy Moore story

Once again I'll point out that Russian hackers were making *music videos* bragging about their deeds

Project Veritas tries to sting media on Roy Moore's pedophilia

Is Trump just a sick bastard or was he trying to change the news cycle with his "Pocahontas" stuff?

A woman approached The Post with dramatic and false tale about Roy Moore.

With uncanny twists and an allegedly rogue registrar, Virginia House left in limbo

James O'Keefe Strikes (out) again.....

Car dealership pays $150K to settle discrimination suit

FreedomWatch sues to remove Mueller

Trump Owes Navajo Code Talkers An Apology For Using Them As A PROP To Take A Cheap Shot At Warren

Protesters call for charges against officer who killed teen

Gorilla reunion

All Politicians who are Democrats,,,,,,,,,

'Columbine-style' threat probed in Colorado, 1 in custody

Ok my brother told me trump is not the worse president ever

Dads Sweet Comics Promote Empathy, Tolerance And Love

Is this for real? The Trumpy Bear

Find an event to protest the Tax Scam.

Challenger holds surprise lead in Honduras presidential vote

Bernie Sanders hits the trail again, this time to fight GOP tax bill

Bernie Sanders hits the trail again, this time to fight GOP tax bill

Abducted Mexican human rights official found alive

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Spokesman for alliance of Native American tribes says Trump's commentary "smacks of racism".....

US undersea rescue module arriving to sub area in Argentina

US undersea rescue module arriving to sub area in Argentina

Sanders Hits Trail Again to Fight GOP Tax Bill


Johnson Still Opposed to GOP Tax Bill

Three major policy shifts are set to decimate US democracy

Lynx Mom Wrestling With Her Babies In The Snow Will Warm Your Heart

You can't make this stuff up....

GOP Tax Bill Very Unpopular In Key States

Trump Would Benefit from Last Minute Tax Change

Kaitlin Curtice talks about everyday glory and her Native American heritage

WaPo exposes right-wing "Project Veritas" attempt to provide fake Roy Moore stories to smear paper

Can you prove Elizabeth Warren is lying about her Native American heritage?

Trump Honored Native American Code Talkers at the White House. What Could Go Wrong?

Venezuela has its overseas wealth garnished by European escrow firm

be sure to call Grassley, Ernst @ tax bill

I wonder if O'Keefe is facing any criminal or civil action-

Trump's pick for consumer watchdog bureau orders freeze on hiring and rule-making

Maduro fires oil execs, replaces them with... military?

Austin Frerick: The Rurally Good Newsletter: Craft Beer Edition

When Meghan weds Harry, Britains relationship with race will change for ever

Cheeto saying the Access Hollywood tape is "fake" is unequivocal evidence he is mentally unstable!

I'm surprised at the quantity of open, sneering derision news anchors are levelling daily at frump.

How did everything turn out at your Thanksgiving dinner - if you had one?

Breitbart writer caught running secret, virulently racist Facebook group

Breitbart writer caught running secret, virulently racist Facebook group


When will more Mueller inspired shoes drop?

Liz Warren has a family history that has some roots in being a Native American

Ari now on msnbc suggesting 45 is attacking press on Putin's instruction.

O'Keefe needs to be jailed!

White House ethics lawyer resigns

I don't give a good god damn if Senator Warren has a drop of Native blood....

Vote Suppressors Unleashed

Comcast hints at plan for paid fast lanes after net neutrality repeal

Trump is desperate for a legislative victory during his final year as President

Illinois resident is the biggest backer in recent months of Roy Moore -AL

So my COLA will be 2%. That'll take my $806.00 all the way to $822.12!

Putin's orders: "Make sure your citizens cant believe anything they read or hear from the media"

Lake Forest IL Resident Richard Uihlein biggest funder for R. Moore's campaign

latest from European cartoonists