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Archives: November 26, 2017

NYT: Trump Expressed Disbelief At Ivanka's Criticism Of Roy Moore

WSJ: Mueller's Attention Turns To Flynn's Documentary On Turkish Cleric

Dotard is confused.

Trump Sends Sympathies To 'Financial Institutions' Over Consumer Agency

the internet before net neutrality in 2015

Anybody use HughesNet?

WaPo - 'Elitists, crybabies and junk degrees' - RW Response To College Accessibility Efforts

Warren goes off on Trump over CFPB defense

The Camel Spider

"Does God have a roll in Thanksgiving?"

Seriously- relax and STFU

GOP tax bill draws fire from AARP, universities

Toon - Phone call to the White House

I say it clearly and openly : the GOP did a very good job (though, only once and not on purpose)

CNN fires back at Trump: It's your job to represent the US to the world

GOP bets that tax bill will unlock corporate cash overseas

Double-barreled Bannon: He targets both Mississippi GOP senators

mick mulvaney would need how many votes if

Meanwhile in downtown Atlanta, someone is exercising their rights..

Lifestyles of the Rich and Mnuchin

PBS Starting Now ET - The Beatles

Why Trump Stands by Roy Moore, Even as It Fractures His Party

Milbank: Hey, Sarah, Im thankful that Trump is a failure


While I am NO fan of Steve Schmidt,

Thousands In Wisconsin Facing Hunger

AND... its NOT illegal

It didn't take long... Bird of the year

Joe Biden and Michele Obama are the most popular politicians in America (KOS diary with links)

Elon Musk: The Architect of Tomorrow

Merkel: asking Germans to vote again is 'simply wrong'

More bullsh*t from the bullsh*tter

Second U.S. judge halts Trump's proposed transgender military ban

Anyone else watching The Nineties on CNN?

Canadian federal Government makes an apology to LGBT civil servants

Why am I pro-choice?

Cartoon: That ain't St Peter

Bernie Sanders Is Now Backing Randy Bryce Who Is Challenging Paul Ryan

Why Does Shit Balls The Clown Go After CNN ?

Bernie Sanders Is Now Backing Randy Bryce Which Could Be Very Bad News for Paul Ryan

Flynn legal team cuts ties with Trump's lawyers

Indigenous rights protester killed by police in Argentina

Could the battle leave Republicans unelectable?

Trump: "Wow, even I didn't realize we did so much."

"Singer" Morrisey wants to kill Trump...

Let the ethics committee investigate and let the voters of MN decide Sen. Franken's fate.

An Underrated Fish Meets Its Match.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 28: The Hollywood Blacklist

Two cats walking in the snow

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 29: Star of the Month: James Stewart

Where is LaydeeBug?

Messy Scripture on Display

"Worthless" blanket- Brings $1.5 mil. to man living in shack

Wikipedia has a list of sex scandals from various times frames. I counted the Republicans

LM: Brexit referendrum may need to be redone?

Pete Souzas Obama memoir

How Trump Will Turn America's Open Internet Into an Ugly Version of China's

Alamance County's Notorious Sheriff Hurt His Shin, and He Wants an Anti-Confederate Protester from

Right wing protesters being their own security to Quebec City demonstration

Millions of men suffer in silence after sexual abuse. How can we help them better? (Guardian)

This is about 45 and wearing the wrong hat.

a reworking of dark side of the moon. flaming lips do it right, reinventing rather than

12 yr old girl played piano/violin by age 3, composed by age 4, wrote first opera age 10. Amazing!

Personal info possibly compromised for thousands of NC state agency applicants

Drunk-posting again, because why not? It's Saturday night!

At Yale, we conducted an experiment to turn conservatives into liberals.

The Lonely Dotard

On Trump calling out CNN International:

I miss him

The Secret to Turtle Hibernation: Butt-Breathing

Shaky finger on the nuclear trigger

Bureau of Prisons ending contracts with 16 halfway houses

Aussie Catholic School forced into hasty cover-up over suggestive Saint

Some Republicans Back Doug Jones

Cops tried to intimidate rape accuser out of pressing charges: lawyer

Exposing Liberal Hypocrisy and Conservative Close-Mindedness

Special Counsel Mueller prepping charges against GOP mega-donor Bob Mercer, as he quits post?

Justice Dept says Trump has authority to appoint CFPB acting director


The Roy Moore dating service

We liberals are Patriotic!

Pelosi is a great leader. Misogyny by both men and women is why she is hated

James Hansen - Scientific Reticence: A Threat to Humanity and Nature

They Planted Porn in ISIS Propaganda, Just for Starters, Then Sowed Chaos and Confusion in the 'Cali

Colder in interior Alaska (-26F) than high arctic Canada (-11F)

President Trump Now Says That Wasnt Him on Access Hollywood Tape

The forced hypocrisy of modern consumerist culture.

Call Of Life - Facing The Mass Extinction

Roughly 10 yrs ago, 35 yrs of running away from my past caught up with me

Atlanta mayoral candidate Mary Norwood recoded calling blacks "thugs", "felons" and "paid voters"

Is he a Trump supporter ?

Has anyone ever done the demographics (is that the right word)

VoteVets speaks out

No snow in Michigan yet...

MAGA ...once again

How to Protect Yourself from "Malvertising" on the Web


Ring Those Christmas Bells...

Ordinary World...

Denmark the happiest country in the world



A Christian leader named James Davis on CNN just made an important distinction between Roy Moore

China explosion: Ningbo port city rocked by major blast

Men Without Hats...

A Secret Santa Paid Off More Than $10,000 Worth of Layaway Orders

Barry White - It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me

Everyone thinks they have the greatest disco song.

Stay Right Here...

Alabama: Where electing a pedophile/sexual predator is better than electing a Democrat

Three Puppies Trapped In Pool Of Tar And Unable To Move Rescued

It is coming around again...

Don't leave me hanging... show me the tape! (video tweet/righteous rant)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Doctor Og Edition

The real reason why Trump cares so much about the Time cover.....

Sunday's Doonesbury - Hedley's Tweets

Silly but true : Trump created jobs !

Bill lets South Carolina voters label themselves to give political parties more information

Trump Recently Claimed #Pussygate Tape Is Fake

So, THIS is now how Thanksgiving is celebrated in Texas?

The Walking Dead 8.6 "The King, The Widow and Rick" (spoiler alert)

Nigel Dodds: God helped the DUP become kingmakers at Westminster

Trump's demolishing CPB direct strike at our strong Elizabeth whom he despises

Another Great Moment in Presidenting: Ethics are for losers and Liberals

Rep. Steve King retweets white supremacists, adds accusation Soros and Left want to destroy West

People are furious with the New York Times over their normalised profile of a Nazi

Nationalists facing wipe out in Australian state election

Now is the time to sow division. Divide and conquer.

Heres why right-wing Christians believe theyre the most persecuted people in America

BREAKING: AP investigation finds FBI failed to tell scores of US officials they were targets of Russ

Haters Launch Anywhere But Target Xmas Campaign

Want to Know Why Roy Moore Might Win? Blame the Media.

FBI didnt tell US targets as Russian hackers hunted emails

Bears Repeating......

Mystery fireball that baffled witnesses was likely rocket falling back to Earth

You'll never guess Who Flynn was Following on Twitter -- and Re-tweeting

Time Person Of The Year?????

Former Obama photographer trolls Trump with Time covers: 'Someone has a lot of catching up to do'

Why Tobacco Companies Are Paying to Tell You Smoking Kills

Republicans fret over White House sales job on taxes

A blast from the past. . . . Please come CAPTION Michael Flynn on the campaign trail!!!

Archbishop of Canterbury: I don't understand Christian support for Trump

Why a historically conservative county in Virginia is making national Republicans nervous

Obama ethics chief: Trump's CNN tweet could be used against Justice Dept in AT&T merger case..

Racists are in for a big surprise when they see what happens to immigration after Brexit

November Photo Contest is accepting submissions.

GOP chief: Voters will be 'judge and jury' in Alabama Senate race

Heads up! AUTUMN Seasonal Photo Contest

Dem lead in generic ballot polls worries GOP

Scientists grow baby coral on Barrier Reef

Trump just tweeted an attack on "Schumer/Pelosi puppet" Doug Jones

Oh, the tragedy...

Obama ethics chief warns Trump: Tweet on CNN could be evidence in AT&T case: Oops!

Snarky weather app...

Tom Steyer is an American hero!

a desperate 'president' tweets lies....

This is the core threat to our democracy.

Gen. Michael Hayden's scathing response to Trump's attack on CNN yesterday

Narcissistic Sociopaths believe they can and will

Hey Media!!! If his tweets are complete BULLSHIT... and they are

John Oliver lives! ...

Dem lead in generic ballot polls worries GOP

Today's stupid tweets from the WH playpen.

Durbin: Republicans hate CFPB 'like the devil hates holy water'

Drinking game: Keeping track of the Hershey's Kisses "We Wish You a Merry Xmas"

Zinke Claims He Wants To Create A New National Monument - In His Home State, Of Course

North Atlantics greatest survivors are hunted once more

Fascist disguised in rainbow flags and pussy hats????

"Only way to get rid of Roy is to tell him there's a new mall nearby with really hot 14 year-olds."

Anti-Muslim online surges driven by fake accounts

Montana Monument May Expand Under Trump Administration

Happy 78th 🎂 Anna Mae

U.S. Mint introduces new coin

I'd use the "p"

Why, oh why, is there a Jimmy Swaggart ad...

When the coming dust storm settles, what percentage of the country will believe . . . .

Trump Tweets anti-Semitic, Conspiracy Theorist Website Boasting About His Accomplishments

Today's great story

Exclusive: Manafort flight records show deeper Kremlin ties than previously known

2017 AL US Senate Race-Charles Barkley is backing Doug Jones over Roy Moore.

Cat Food & the girls

President Trump could be on track to triple Obama's time on the golf course

Howard Dean schools traitor don

Single day record: over 200,000 FBI gun checks on Black Friday

Awwww . . . Accidental Thanksgiving Duo Spend the Holiday Together Again This Year

The Republican tax plan's 'dynastic' payoff for mega-rich GOP donors

Alabama Reacts to the Roy Moore Accusations

Women Lead Backlash Against Trump

Wishing Tina Turner a Happy 78th Birthday!

Fuck Susan Sarandon: If she'd (Hillary) won, we'd be at war

Republicans have two choices:

repubs Just Need It Close In AL

If Doug Jones wins the 2017 AL US Senate Election but loses re-election in 2020,

Police: Hunter mistakes pickup truck for deer, shoots it

Warren Buffett on Happiness:

Printer Musical Video - Cool Effects

Statistics!!! If you go by how much you have to pay attention, Soccer is the most exciting sport.

Alabama has a story no one will believe (John Archibald/

"The Accountant" with Ben Affleck

President Trumps schedule for 11/26/17

Wall Street Stands to Make a Killing From Building Trump's Border Wall

Let's play a game! If Hillary were President:

How much more daylight do you see now?

'A huge red flag for Republicans': GOP frantic as longtime voters abandon party over Trump

Girl Scouts: Don't force your daughter to hug relatives

Exposing Americas Biggest Hypocrites: Evangelical Christians

Anyone Notice Franken & Conyers in the Headlines, While Moore & Barton Have Receded?

Well, Thanks Microsoft, for slowing down my day.

In 2017 Election, Democrats Win Phase One of Redistricting Wars

If Trump pardons Kushner, then what??

Understanding evolution: Michael Gillings at TEDxMacquarieUniversity

Bitcoin Breaks $9,000 In Another All-Time High

Trump could be on track to triple Obama's time on the golf course

Anyone try amniotic cell wall injections for joint repair?

Trump rips Moore challenger: We don't need a 'Schumer/Pelosi puppet'

(Jewish Group) As Anti-Semitism Rises, I Dont Feel Safe in Australia, Rabbi Says

Nancy Pelosi Says John Conyers Entitled to 'Due Process' in Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Conyers stepping down as ranking Dem on House Judiciary Committee

Crumbling Wall Causes Subway Derailment in Brooklyn

The Republican war on us. Taxes and court packing.

Conyers steps aside as Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee

Nancy Pelosi refuses to let Chuck Todd end interview after he railroads her with sexual misconduct

GOP Senator: I'd 'Like To See' Trump Push Moore To Withdraw From Race

Trump voters don't know this yet.

December Could Make or Break the Trump Presidency

Senate Republicans Still Don't Have Votes for Tax Bill

Alt-America: the time for talking about white terrorism is now

Trump Backers See Mueller as Establishment Attack

LaVar Ball offers to send Trump basketball shoes 'so he can calm down a little bit'

What are you reading this week of November 26, 2017?

Thanksgiving Being Over, and Some Time Being Available,

SUNDAY TALK SHOWS Trump draws criticism for position on Roy Moore

Koch Lobbyists and Opus Dei Whos Dropping in on Trump Budget Czar Mick Mulvaney?

Honest question about Trump supporters....

Anita Hill on Clarence Thomas allegations: 'Some people believed me but they didn't care'

Sunday Music --- Female Singers ....As before add yours

Nancy Pelosi calls out Chuck Todd for ignoring GOP tax bill

What Children and Parents Can Learn From Baking Together

UPDATED - GOP Sen. Tim Scott: Trump Isn't 'Singling Out Minorities' With NFL and LaVar Ball Tweets

Fiorina on being a victim of sexual harassment: 'Of course I was. Every woman I know was'

Chief Inspector Murphy monitors the pool and the front room

Photo Caption Fun for a Sunday...Sarah Huckabee Sanders..

Life is rarely, if ever, a black and white choice

This Is How We Beat Putin's Attacks on Our Democracy

Man Committed Suicide In McHenry Jail Cell over Child Support Payments

Brian Stelter: Trump Ripped CNN International on Same Day Putin Punished Foreign News Outlets

Gender-Neutral God

Game, set, and match

I want Democrats to fight back.

America is Running Out of Muslim Clerics. That's Dangerous.

The time to hack-proof the 2018 election is expiring -- and Congress is way behind

I need help

Well there goes Conyers......from his head committee post.

New state-funded sensors are tracking earthquakes across Texas

Do you REALLY know your reps?

He so pathetically *NEEDY* he don't care everybody knows it!1

Does Justin Trudeau's wax figure look like him? You be the judge

GOP tax plan will make college more expensive

Illinois' GOP governor faces challenge from right in 2018

Whats behind Robert Muellers poker face

For Trump, GOP tax bill could have big downside

Watch. The Conyers "investigation" will move at light speed. Franken's will be SLOOOOOW.

TransCanada recovers 44,400 gallons of oil from Keystone pipeline spill site

WSDOT introduces new locomotives in Western Washington

Skagit County seeks federal help with Skagit River flooding

Franken says he's 'embarrassed and ashamed' by allegations, will return to work Monday

James Comey tweets about freedom of the press right after Trump slams CNN

NYT apologizes for offending 'so many' readers after profile of Nazi sympathizer

Morning Joe, did you really just pretape your post-Thanksgiving banter?

1. So the POTUS recommended So let's talk about MagaPill...

A new way to knit

Looking back at the media's rolling over for Drumpt, and how it continues to do so,

Now Dump is saying the "Access Hollywood" tape is a fake

If the lead singer of Dixie Chicks- Natalie Maines campaigned for Doug Jones.

Which of these billboards do you think is more effective overall?

GOP leaders in advanced talks to change tax plan in bid to win over holdouts

Cat Question

Flake: GOP backing Moore over Dem 'is political tribalism at its worst'

Bali volcano shuts down flights, sends residents scurrying to safety

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 26, 2017

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 27 November 2017

5 straight days of golf. The last thing Two Scoops did was pardon turkey's.

Ivana Trump: Donald Trump 'missing a little bit of his old life'

Well, the birthday celebration has started ahead of schedule...

Link: Minnesota Public Radio interview today with Al Franken

MSNBC continues to rake Al over the coals this afternoon,,,,,,,,,

Hurricane Harvey Victims: More than 20,000 Children in Houston are Homeless, Report Shows

Map: States with a smaller population than Los Angeles County

Maduro says taps military officer to 'clean up' oil company PDVSA

Map: Solar Power Potential Of The United States

If gravity is real, than why doesn't the ocean go to the south hemisphere?

Republican Richard Painter on Al Franken...

Could Hillary Clinton really become President before Trumps term expires?

This analysis of GOP tax cut scam should terrify every American

Why I do not hate Cuba and no person of color should nor their white allies should

NY Daily News - Two women who worked on Clinton, Sanders campaigns detail sexual harassment

Did Jeff Bezos really earn his $100 Billion making him worlds richest?

Pentagon tried to block independent report on child sex among Afghan forces, Senate office says

Donnie Doofus

Nancy Pelosi calls out Chuck Todd for lousy interview on Meet the Press (VIDEO)

Old DU may recall I was part of an SNL circle & I'm about to say something (socially impolite

Internet Co-ops are the answer to the attack on Net Neutrality and more?

OK, and just damn it.......terrible sore throat...

My husband has (probably) had 2 TIAs in the last month.

Trump Won Fair and Square!

The Last of the Iron Lungs

NYTimes reporter: Meet the Midwestern sex-positive locavore who adds a Goth twist to his arts and

"From the Day I took Office"..It's Jan Brady..

Every world is a really really old stage

Newly Found Painting Shows George Washington's Army Tent

Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada is "only" 27F

This absolutely MUST be the headline everywhere if Roy Moore wins...

Trump tweets he's had the best start to a presidency in history, gets debunked on Twitter

The Trump you do not know -- ROTFLMAO

Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Lunar Eclipse flat-Earthers have never seen.

I think she was very dangerous: Susan Sarandon still insists we would be at war if Hillary beat

Instead of Merry Xmas Or Happy Holidays, How About THIS Year We just Say THIS?

I have some advice for the NYT and other media outlets about covering Nazis....

Russian doping: Russia athletes remain suspended by IAAF

Amanpour to Trump: At CNN we dodge bullets to bring you the news. Nothing fake about that.

T R U T H !!

Redditor posts a list of 45 (recently?) convicted Republican pedophiles

Trump's Plan For Alabama: Back Roy Moore Without Mentioning His Name

Why is a "certain" topic still dominating the headlines and trending posts?

NYT, Dayton Ohio Nazis and would someone update the photoshop

A survivor's Defense of Al Franken by Dr. GS Potter of SIIP - WOW!

The Future Is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia by Masha Gessen

Roy Moore illustrates why Trump won --- because Fox/Limbaugh created hate towards Dems.

The Power of Kindness..

Seb Gorka's Too Sexy For His Jordache Suede Vest and Other News (Ferret/ShowerCap!)

Homeless veteran who received over $360K now wants to pay it forward, 'I just want to do the right..

Does anyone know why the media is being careful with the legal terms of collusion and conspiracy?

the whiney little shit on twitter is complaining and bragging....

Biden Obama meme

What's your favorite Yogi Berra quote?

Al Franken is getting beat up in the GOP dominated media, but

Which Democrat will replace Jon Conyers on the Judiciary Committee?

Russian State TV Brags About Victory In Syria, Strength Over America

'That's why I love Republicans."

BREAKING NEWS!!! ...I was just watching Fox...

Two good shows on Netflix. The Godless series 7 episodes. Also Mudbound is

I now hate "Bull Durham"

I'm Holding You

I have some advice for the NYT and other media outlets about covering Nazis....

Harry Pregerson, one of the most liberal federal appeals court judges in the nation, dies at 94

Brexit : May can still avoid Brexit train wreck - but she will have to take a new line

Question re: Randi Rhodes in light of Susan Sarandon's continued controversies...

Comments by Rep. Jim Clyburn on sexual harassment draw conservative ire

Have any of you heard of this problem with a cat?