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Archives: November 25, 2017

Hunter Fatally Shoots Woman He Mistook For a Deer on Thanksgiving Eve:

An Open Letter to the FCC (from NYAG Schneiderman about fake FCC comments)

Three dogs help injured woman survive Canadian wilderness

A tale of two photos: Is Franken accuser's photo shopped?

Trump getting mocked by tennis player Andy Murray:

Unemployment rate in Zimbabwe was 80% under Mugabe. In neighbouring

Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

New Mexico doing little to fight gambling addiction

Russia Launches "Vladimir the Great" Supersub

Jeff Bezos' net worth grew to over $100 billion after a Black Friday stock surge

Do you think Trump has ever read a book?

Trump Aims To Boost GOP Gerrymandering

Woot! Reporting calls made to our Do Not Call registered phone number finally pays off!

Photo of Franken greeting constituents at 2010 Minnesota State Fair.

Russ Feingold: Trump Is "Obviously Corrupt"

A boy with a rare disease gets new skin, thanks to gene-corrected stem cells

Why is there so much rental storage space nowadays?

New Book Reveals More On Russia Dossier

He has the impulse control of Buddy from Elf

Mueller Probe Looks at Mike Flynns Work on Documentary Targeting Exiled Turkish Cleric

Hi-Fructose Releases New Contemporary Fashion Book With 300 Pages of Wearable Art and Fashion

Net neutrality, a curious survey

German court: Ancient forest can be cleared for coal mine

The smearing of Meuller begins

Pentagon likely to acknowledge 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria: U.S. officials

While eyes are on Russia, Sessions dramatically reshapes the Justice Department

Orange Curd lied about Time Person of The Year Selection

In final act, Cordray blocks Trump from naming his successor at consumer protection bureau

Sheriff Arpaio pursued case to hurt Sen. Flake, lawsuit says

It is probably Putin for Time's person of the year

Trump Legal Questions

Excellent essay about Franken

Time Magazine "corrects" Trump

What Hillary Clinton Taught Lauren Duca About Feminism

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike maybe

Trump seizes on deadly Egypt attack to push for border wall, travel ban

Editorial Board Resigns after Corporate Takeover of Worker-Oriented Public Health Journal

My pick for Time's POTY: the dirtbag politician.

Cast your vote for Time Magazine's person of the year

Bill Kristol would like to see Robert Mueller as TIME'S Person of the Year. Oh boy..n/t

Hurricane Harvey is long gone, but Texas is still reeling - NBC News

Charles M. Blow - Thankfully Recommitting to Resistance

Please help keep this plant legal (petition)

I hope Dotard is Time's person of the decade

Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta Testifies, and He's Not Terrible.

The Academy Of Motion Pictures Called Me And Told Me They Were Giving Me An Academy Award.....

To all the church ladies of Alabama

Notre Dames Stance on Birth Control Highlights Divide

Status Quo Ante

TIME Magazine responds and debunks Trump's 'Person of the Year' Twitter tirade

McClatchy report details alleged Manafort flights to Russia, Ukraine

2018 OH Governors Race- What is the likelihood of Richard Cordray entering the race?

demagoguery is deliberately inflaming racial and ethnic strife

Time Magazine Draft of Trump Cover

Why Steyers Campaign to Impeach Trump Unsettles Some Democrats

Adding Franken to my auto trash by keyword list

Friday Night Hard Cider Buzz. Drinking up the Thanksgiving leftovers...

Do you think Flynn giving Mueller Manafort in some way would be enough

Children are starving to death in Syria

Did Sarah Sanders bake this pecan pie as she claims?

Tweet of the Day

2017 AL US Senate Race- GA Congressman John Lewis- born in Troy AL has been campaigning for Jones.

Monsanto Says Mexico Revokes Permit to Market GMO Soy in Seven States

Monsanto Says Mexico Revokes Permit to Market GMO Soy in Seven States

Colin Kaepernick for 'Person of the Year'

Peru prosecutors say ex-president Toledo bribed by Brazil's Camargo

Linus Torvalds on security: 'Do no harm, don't break users'

More from Limericking

More than a Million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments were Likely Faked

Trump-Russia Story Is Coming Together. Heres How to Make Sense of It. Bill Moyers.

Rita Moreno dancing salsa in a sitcom. At 85.

US backtracks on decision to close Palestinian office in DC

Mexico creates marine reserve around islands called 'Galapagos of North America'

Mexico creates marine reserve around islands called 'Galapagos of North America'

When you need a friend

So Trump says he was going to be Time's Person of the Year

When you need a friend

Watching Cool Hand Luke.

Seth Meyers: Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, Melania's Holiday Decorations - Monologue - 11/23/17

So who should be DU's person of the year?

Three dogs help injured woman survive Canadian wilderness

Youth pastor arrested for allegedly murdering family on Thanksgiving

Delta said Id probably get an upgrade on my flight home...

St. Louis police shut down entire mall to violently arrest black lawmaker for protesting racial inju

Billy Baldwins tweet Re: Trump hitting on his wife.


Giffords Group Asks Web Hosts to Shut Down 'Ghost Gun' Sites

Black Friday.

Kremlin instructs Russian industry to prepare for war mobilization

The Roy Moore dating service

Charlie Rose has journalism awards rescinded by universities amid allegations

Tillerson is firing senior diplomats in droves or forcing them to resign by making them work along

I suspect, when the history of this time is written, Hillary Clinton will be seen as . . . .

Police investigate whether Republican was victim of revenge porn after nude selfie emerges online

Step Inside Bolivias Psychedelic Dream Homes

Trump's photo shoot for Time

Twitter Has Suspended Another 45 Suspected Propaganda Accounts After They Were Flagged By BuzzFeed

They Say Not Every Single Republican Is A Pedophile

It's An Obama Moment In Texas

Time Person of the Year Poll

Pakistani police fire tear gas to break up Islamists' sit-in blocking capital

How's your Trump loving uncle doing this year?

Trump ate a cheeseburger at a country club while in Japan

S&P downgrades South Africa's local currency debt to 'junk' status

The coming supermoon?

Dave Brat's Ties to Steve Bannon and White Nationalism Are Too Strong to Ignore

making sure you don't miss this....

House Dems File Lawsuit on Behalf of Disenfranchised Voters in HD-28

What Really Happened At Standing Rock

Pitcher Noah Snydergaard Crushes Trump in a Tweet

Queen...Put Out The Fire

Top House Republican accuses Virginia elections board of 'working in lockstep' with Democratic legal

Bill Kristol: Robert Mueller for 2018 Time Person of the Year

"Stupidly simple" way to use party balloons to study tornadoes

He thought he saw a deer and fired his pistol. Now, his neighbor is dead.

Time Magazine throws some shade at Trump.

IRS beefs up security for Trump's tax returns..WTF?

Imgur confirms email addresses, passwords stolen in 2014 hack

If you use Imgur, you might want to read this.....

Thurston Moore & Bernie Sanders - Feel It In Your Guts (2016)

'Nobody has any respect for him' - Liam Fox suffers business backlash over export comments

Dog saves woman during attempted street robbery.

Anti-Semitic graffiti found in D.C. park on Thanksgiving morning

Trout fishing today

Republican's hierarchy of standards

The boog my chocolate land shark

Cat hair helps to catch would be Barack Obama assassin, authorities say

RT making propaganda for Trump again.

Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Not Sure She Believes Women About Trump, Though


Trump claims he "passed" on being Times Man of the Year

Government shuts down homemade rocket launch by man believes the earth is flat

Research finds that your drunken personality is the same as your sober personality

Trump: Todays Terror Attack In Egypt Proves We Need A Wall To Keep Mexicans Out Of The United State

Is Trump taking direct orders from Moscow?

The Irish border problem is the ultimate barrier to hard Brexit

Abortion providers brace for new Trump funding fight

Did Trump Lie About the Attack on Border Agents in Texas?

Russian State TV Brags About Victory In Syria, Strength Over America

Is Our Revolution trying to unseat Al Franken?

I must have missed something somewhere......

Leadership Equals Trust. Trust is Gained By Telling the Truth, Therefore, Few Trust Trump!

Anyone else here seeing Hillary in Boston on Tuesday?

2 tweets. Tom Arnold & Trump Russia

Republicans flee from McConnell in 2018 primaries

Trump taps Mulvaney to head CFPB, sparking confusion over agency's leadership

Trump Impeachment Petition Crosses 250,000 Signatures

Time Magazine disputes President Trumps Person of the Year claims

An argument for why allowing Conservatives to vote is a VERY bad idea (?!?!?!)

Antonio Villaraigosa, California's Next Governor?

Guess Which Country Has the Most Climate Change Deniers. (Youll Need Only One Guess.)

As different as Night and Day

'Doug Jones's problem': African American voters not energized by Alabama's Senate race

MAGA: Mueller Ain't Going Away (Trump Plugs MAGA Merch For Black Friday)

A real dad.

Standing in the shadow of greatness

Extremists- 'alt-right' medias follow Alex Jones lead-he posted Rep. Barton Masturbating video.

Dept. of WTF and Who Knew: "Vatican Council Asks The Pope To Exonerate Jesuit Scientist's Writings"

Hannity Hits Time Magazine After They Refuted Trump's Person of the Year Claim: 'I Call Total BS'

Historic turnout of young voters in Virginia election poses problem for Republicans

creamy or chunky?

Who TIME should have as person of the year

Cuba Without Fidel: Will Raul Castro Leave Power?

LA Times: Mueller's Record Has Lots of Flaws

Feds side largely with Catholic U. in civil rights case involving a report of rape

Time to take baby boomers off the ticket

Defense watchdog: Misconduct reports at Pentagon increased 13% since 2015

Lewandowski: Trump is the only choice for Time Person of the Year

A pleasant dream for 2018...Impeaching Trump's judges

Egypt mosque attack death toll climbs above 300

Hindu activists threaten to torch UK cinemas in Bollywood film row

Is anyone else having trouble accessing online The Atlantic?

"Is there a brain in there, or just horn?" . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

The tragedy of Trump's latest Twitter tantrum

Trump visits his West Palm Beach golf club

Former Obama aide on Time claim: Trump 'so needy for approval'

Sometimes a hug is all you need...

Donald Trump's First Appearance in Panama Papers Uncovered

My granddaughters were told the earth would be uninhabitable in 30 years.

343 Sei Whales Killed By Toxic Algae In Chile; Domoic Acid Found In Salmon, Squid, Anchovy Tissue

Labrador Villagers' Isolation Grows As Winter Ice Roads Melt; So Do Depression, Suicidal Thoughts

Warren: Trump Can't 'Override' Consumer Protection Deputy

White House says Trump authority is supreme in agency fight

Whenever I hear a minority defending Donald Trump and his actions, I'm reminded of Max Naumann

"Dog of the Year" (probably)

I Do Not Trust Any Republican to Tell the Truth.

Congress Throws Teachers Under The Bus To Cut Taxes For The Wealthy

Conan O'Brien jokes: Trump is calling Black Friday the most ungrateful of all Fridays

Mangrove Forests Moving Upstream On Bangladesh's Chitra River As Ocean Rises

South FL Worst-Case: 70 More Days/Year Of At Least 90F By 2050, With Increased Humidity

Dumb question about presidential pardonings. Bear with me here.

Has there been any discussion of possible Russian influence on pundits??

Mess Around

Buffalo NY: +/- 4 Billion Gallons/Year Raw Sewage & Stormwater Leak Into Watershed

Historic turnout of young voters in Virginia election poses problem for Republicans

My response to a djt supporter on a local blog:

There is nothing more unhealthy for a Democracy than minority rule

15+ Genius People Who Found A Way To Protect Their Christmas Trees From Asshole Cats And Dogs

Oil and gas industry is causing Texas earthquakes, a 'landmark' study suggests

Turkey's Torrid Love Affair With Michael Flynn

FOX "News" Is On It

Today is small business saturday

Trump Makes Mag cover as (?) of the year

Person of the ?? (x posted)

------ of the year

From Reddit - Tell us how you really feel about Trump supporters

Americas opioid epidemic

Williamson High School of Minot, ND called and told me Id PROBABLY be named King of the Honor Roll

My father was born on this day in 1909.

Cat had a bad day- Dog tries to cheer it up

Doug Jones shouldn't have prosecuted those Klansmen for murdering those four little girls.

Folks, I think Trump may be right about the F-35 being an invisible jet.

A Survivors Defense of Al Franken

IKEA came up with an ingenious way to raise money for Syrian refugees (vid. tweet)

What Awards Have You Turned Down?

Putin should be Person of the Year for fucking over our democracy.

Thirty years ago today Chicago's only progressive Mayor died.

ESPN College Game Day signs at Auburn Alabama

Time Magazine Person of the Year - Robert Mueller is not on the list!

SW Iowa Local stories KMA Radio this morning

Yet another celeb planting an unwanted kiss on a young girl

Macron: Domestic violence is France's shame


GREAT news! I was named President of the university where I work!

Black Friday. Love it or Hate it and why?

Anger at Mueller burns hot on the right

How will Drumpf punish Time magazine

"I just want to stay in the White House and work my ass off. Who's going to leave?"

Jennifer Rubin rips Conway: 'A special place in hell for mothers who defend child molesters'

Bush ethics czar demands Conway appear before Congress & name lawmakers she claims sexually...

News always seems more sophisticated when presented in French, n'est ce pas?

Our Education System

Gorka: 'Pure fantasy' that Trump camp was 'in bed with Vlad'

Time Magazine Person of the Year is most influential person for "Better or Worse"

This Republican told a teen with 2 moms that she 'deserves' a father

Melania came on to me in a coffee shop

Camera suggestions please

Dueling Appointments Lead to Clash at Consumer Protection Bureau

Looming deadlines, much unfinished business await Congress

DLCC Nevada recall update

Any other thrift store lovers out there? Got a story?

Diplomats Sound the Alarm as They Are Pushed Out in Droves

'Happily Gentrifying Since 2014': Denver Coffee Shop Sign Sparks Outrage

Harassment Complaints Mount, But Successful Suits Remain Elusive

Bush ethics czar demands Kellyanne Conway appear before Congress and name lawmakers she claims sexua

President Obama, the salt of the earth.

Second call in two days

Anger at Mueller burns hot on the right

NY Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard trolls Trump on Twitter, and it will make your day.

In Pa., students can go to church during school


The sad, pathetic truth behind the Madmans Time Magazine tweet

Asking for prayers

WHO CARES...brilliant response from our Ed Rendell..

"The College Football Game"

Uma Thurman Sends Warning to Harvey Weinstein, 'Wicked Conspirators'

The GOP has a problem with paying for kids basic care

Thought for the day - flags

We Supported Their Dictators, Led the Failed "War on Drugs" and Now Deny Them Refuge

We Supported Their Dictators, Led the Failed "War on Drugs" and Now Deny Them Refuge

Ret. Lieutenant General calls Trump Thanksgiving remarks 'insulting'

Joe Biden was on C-SPAN today

Post your favorite song about alabaster lust!!!

I've finally figured out my take on sexual misconduct. What about you?

I Don't Want Franken To Do A Thing!


Ancient House of the Dead Reveals Glimpse of Neolithic Civilization

Time's "Person of the Year" should be "Women"

My rant about teen bashing

How "trickle-down" economics works

Time's person of the year

Im sorry, but if Moore wins on Dec 12, Im putting it on the people of Alabama

Xposted from the Lounge: THIS is how the fascist far right see themselves--

The real reason Trump cares so much about the Time cover-

how to negotiate and navigate current events and meet your fellow citizen on the street...

oh look, those low voter turnout millenials MORE LIKELY to oppose bans on assault rifles

You can prepare postcards to send for getting votes out for Doug Jones

"When Malia Obama cuts off an elephant's tail and sells our country out to the Russians call me."

BTRTN SaturData Review: Trump's Moore Embrace Not Hurting Him - Yet

BTRTN SaturData Review: Trump's Moore Embrace Not Hurting Him - Yet

BTRTN SaturData Review: Trump's Moore Embrace Not Hurting Him - Yet

Charles Barkley: Roy Moore should have been disqualified 'way before this women stuff came up'

I Saw Al Franken at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair Booth

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 25, 2017

Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe to get $10m payoff and immunity for his family

Trump Campaign Stops Paying Donald Jr.s Legal Bills

Pakistan calls on army to restore order as blasphemy protests spread

WHY will no apostrophes appear in my subject lines?

Johnny the formerly homeless guy: "We're about to tape #gma tune in tomorrow!!! "

Jaguar's new luxury SUV is the F-Pace.

Marvin Gaye, A Capella heard it through the grapevine..

Moore vs. Jones - it may come down to Abortion.

Truth justice and the American way 31 - That team up North 20

Seth Abramson, for those keeping track...

Mexico creates vast new ocean reserve to protect 'Galapagos of North America'

Donald Trump angry at Ivanka condemning Roy Moore sexual assault scandal, report

'Doug Jones's problem': African American voters not energized by Alabama's Senate race

Here's what happened the last time America had a Steve Bannon

Cool Grandparents!!

So, Donnie lied about that Time phone call.

Trump now claiming Access Hollywood tape is not authentic:

ACA Premiums Debunking False Vaccine Claim (that the FDA said vaccines cause autism)

Richard Pryor SNL "The Exorcist 2" Sketch

Elitists, crybabies and junky degrees: Trump supporter explains conservative anger at universities.

One of the best disco/R&B songs of all time: Rubberband Man by the Spinners (1976)

Hello there! (Wanted to say Hi and leave you a recipe-ish thing for a Berry & Greens Salad)

Trump Angry With Daughter Ivanka Over Her Moore Comments

Where liberals and conservatives debate the issues with pile drivers and body slams

Affidavit: Colorado Springs pastor impregnated 14-year-old girl, she had his child


Comment thread for November photo contest "Silhouette"

Submission thread for November photo contest "Silhouette"

The truth about how Trump found out he was up for Time's Person of the Year

A new development in Michael Flynn case: the Reza Zarrab trial will be going on without Reza Zarrab.

"Everything the Trump campaign told you about the connections between Trump and Russia was a lie"

Malvertising strikes once again (screenshotted this time)

MAGA : latest definition

What gif describes your golf game?

And the whiner is... (warning: slightly gross but utterly factual)

Despite my own wishes and common sense, I got political on Thanksgiving.

New evidence shows Franken was assaulting women at GOP booth!

Rance Howard (Ron & Clint's actor father) has passed.

Sessions Reshapes Justice Department

Nothing wrong with trophy hunting

We Will All Go Together When We Go

Donald Trump: A populist who wages class war on behalf of the rich

State Department has fired or demoted most African American and Latino diplomats

You all KNOW there's a "tape":

Speculation Grows That Jared Kushner Will Leave

#NetNeutrality vote is Dec 14 ☎️ ☎️ 202-224-3121 CALL YOUR SENATORS

He's making a list, checking it twice . . .

Duck reality, dog the media: It's the old game in AL if the news isn't going your way (Sharp/

Good Democrats and left-leaning people of Alabama, I have your back

I got your back, ladies and gents

Cranberries: from cure-all to the compost pile (Bloomberg)

PUTIN Should be TIME Person of The Year

CNN stick it to Dotard...

Trump told senator and adviser that 'Access Hollywood' tape may not be authentic

Trump defends Fox News in fact-free tweetstorm, rips CNN for pushing 'fake news'

Elitists, crybabies and junky degrees

Sebastian Gorka Reportedly Carries 2 Guns And A Tourniquet With Him Every Day