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Archives: November 24, 2017

WIP Portrait of my special needs Daughter (Art)

My Daughter's Portrait Pencil on Paper color PS 5.5

With cuts on the horizon, Western Montana Mental Health Center case managers unionize

Franken pledges to regain trust in Thanksgiving apology

(Orlando) Mills 50 (neighborhood) highlighted in new music video, with dinosaurs

The moon on Thanksgiving, 2017:

Sheriff says Las Vegas shooter fired over 1,100 rounds

Surge in ObamaCare signups surprises experts

My position in a tweet

David Bowies 1976 arrest for pot possession birthed the greatest mugshot in history

Holocaust-denying Professor Back in Classroom Thanks to Government of Alberta

Video: The worst part about working at a music store

Trump Monster and Media Silent Wal-Mart for Estate Tax Costing over a Trillion

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 24 November 2017

Trump uses Thanksgiving to make another promise to repeal the ACA.

Federal judge strikes down Texas abortion ban

Trump interrupts Thanksgiving dinner to meltdown on Twitter over Obamacare

So God made a cat

US military kills 100 in strike on al-Shabab training camp

Bread made of insects to be sold in Finnish supermarkets

I found a small, red sweet pepper growing inside a big one. It

Winning a bet, Tesla builds the worlds biggest battery for Australia

Franken issues Thanksgiving Day apology, pledges to regain constituents' trust

Interesting tweet re, Flynn cooperation

Actor Billy Baldwin says President Trump hit on his wife during party at upscale Manhattan hotel

Trump takes credit for Obama's economy

Is adrenal fatigue an appropriate topic here?

Beverly Hills police investigating 12 sexual assault cases involving entertainment industry

Suspended fraternity receives cease and desist order

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Happy Thanksgiving! Best of Malloy

Al Franken should buy me a car

Committee advances criminal justice reform bill

After Roems election, Va. GOP leader wants to do away with Gentlewoman title

Eugene Robinson: Congress should investigate Trump's alleged sexual misconduct

Lest we forget what evil leaves behind...

Question for computer experts

What Would Be Better Moore Or Jones In The Senate?

All 44 Crew Members of Missing Argentine Submarine Believed to Be Dead

UW developing new academic programs: University plans to add 8 degree, certificate programs by 2022

One Nation after Trump - Ornstein and E.J. Dionne - PBS NewsHour

Al Franken has absolution by republican theory

UW students demand campus address concerns about sexual violence

Watching the Bourdain marathon on CNN. The Obama in Hanoi episode is on.

I Had A NY Steak For Thanksgiving Instead Of Turkey...

"Icarus" - watch this movie this weekend. (Brookings: "To understand Russian election interference")

Nutiva Shortening

Suspect accused of killing Texas state trooper is captured after shootout near Houston

Manafort still on house arrest?

A minimum salary for Colorado teachers? State officials may ask lawmakers to consider it.

52 years ago, the basis for Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant

Here are some curious thoughts about Alabama

Keep coming at me guys!!!: Donald Trump Jr. meets Russia scrutiny with defiance

This looks awkward to me

Flynn's lawyers no longer sharing information with Trump's legal team

Doubly Thankful - A Camera and a Cat

So, no Thanksgiving family horror stories?

Donna Edwards: Trumps Access Hollywood Tape Opened 'Floodgates'

Young Alabama Republicans Are Rejecting Roy Moore

New GOP Sex Scandal As Republicans Grapple With Roy Moore

Roy Moore's communications director resigns

Malcolm Nance at Miami Book Fair

My son brought his own fake "roast" to dinner tonight and the slices looked like prison food.

US President believes in invisible fighter jets

Flynn's lawyer ends co-operation with Trump's team

Name something you could say during sex AND at Thanksgiving dinner...

FCC Releases Net Neutrality Killing Order, Hopes You're Too Busy Cooking Turkey To Read It

You've heard the song, now watch the Alice's Restaurant Movie

A Thanksgiving message from the Obama family.

Advice To Republican Liars and Scum.

I don't even want to think about ny caloric intake today

In 45 minutes it will be noon in Prague.

This shit makes me hate Thanksgiving

While we didn't discuss politics at Thanksgiving Dinner,

Brussels Griffon wins Best in Show at National Dog Show

24 Hours Spent Thinking Before Writing

Any church obtaining a LLC or other such thing should be Taxed

Seth Meyers: Net Neutrality, Bed Bug Inn- Monologue - 11/22/17

Colorado Senate press secretary warns of "harassment" and copyright violation if you quote his Face-

Seth Meyers: Guest Chris Cuomo

Colorado Heights' likely buyer to keep historic features

I unearthed a far-seeing quote

Pres. Obama (and Michelle for good measure) own 16 of the top 25 most liked tweets ever.

Prague appeals court to rule on Russian hacker extradition

Colorado lawmakers to review policy on sexual harassment

Sen. Cory Gardner booed during southern Colorado town hall meeting

A Moore Loss Would Be Considered An Attack On RW Christians.

What is that bastard doing in the White House? He is a criminal.

Russian journalists instructed to show Trump in a positive way, and Hillary in negative way

Never forget that the occupant of the White House drew a smaller crowd than a Pikachu balloon

That's not a turkey. That's an ostrich.

Mitsubishi Materials shares fall on fake data scandal

South African court doubles Oscar Pistorius's prison sentence

USS Fitzgerald departs Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Utah attorney general's office says panelist who writes for Trib had conflict, fights release of sec

USNS Comfort Completes Hurricane Relief Mission in Puerto Rico

With Flynn flipping turning and working with mueller

Facebook Will Inform Users That They Saw Russian Propaganda.

An honorable Elephant death. Updated with story.

What Could Have Been...

Republicans control the message because they own the media

Bob the donkey is telling me go wake up the lady

Why Flynn's lawyers no longer cooperating is such a BFD...

Dogs at thanksgiving yes the dogs have a bill of rights

Eating Thanksgiving meal the Tom Brady way

The Latest: Prague appeals court allows extradition to US

Everything About This Is So Wrong, Yet...

Anyone wait in line to start black Friday shopping yesterday?

Egypt attack: More than 200 killed in Sinai mosque

Former Deaniacs, Howard responds to #45 Dean-style

Why Democrats feel Miami-Dade is moving their way

Saudi Arabia still blocking aid to Yemen despite pledge to lift siege

KGOP republicans launch DotardFeng-45* to counter Chinese nukes

Deplorables, here how you can show your love to Donnie Jr.

In western Moscow, Putin allies lose an election but cling to power

Congress Braces for Russia Sanctions Face-Off With White House as New Deadline Looms

Trump slams NFL: Anthem protesting 'continues without penalty to the players'

Trump retweets advice for arguments over his presidency: 'Get over it'

GOP deficit hawks fear tax plan is secret budget-buster

JFK: When The Light Went Out Of The Sky

Russian TV Editor Says Kremlin Ordered Clinton Takedown

States prepare to shut down childrens health programs if Congress doesnt act

Is his White House job secondary to his business ??

Franken story follows alt-right media manipulation playbook. Do not fall for it.


Have we ever had a 'president' who is so full of shit?

Scary, judgmental old men - By Michael Gerson

Trump choosing more white men as judges than any president in decades

Shouldn't Putin be the dad?

Your Retirement Cash May Be In The Caymans. Can You Get It Back?

Woman accused of mailing explosives to Texas Governor Greg Abbot, President Obama

If only Jesus was a REAL Christian

Friday Toon Roundup

Democrats are winning at the state level by reinventing the idea of the citizen legislator.

Shout out for Madokie

Twitter Has Suspended Another 45 Suspected Propaganda Accounts After They Were Flagged By BuzzFeed..

***HMMM***A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller

Social media and the silencing effect: why misogyny online is a human rights issue

Congress Braces for Russia Sanctions Face-Off With White House as New Deadline Looms

The Mayor of San Juan Isn't Finished With Donald Trump: "Power Does Not Make You a Good Person"

A very peaceful family Thanksgiving

Democrats seize on tax plan's inequities

State media: At least 184 killed in Egypt mosque attack

Great interview with mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yuln Cruz by MotherJones

Montego Bay Jamaica received one month of rain in 24 hours - most of it in three hours.

Trump Sets His Sights On Welfare Reform

Another counter intuitive Chavista law passes

Why 2020 Will Be the Year of the Woman

The 'huge' hole in the government's Russian software ban

Serious legal jeopardy for the president: CNBC reporter says Flynn bombshell should make Trump

Fox News equals Weaponized Media! n/t

AL Billboard Co refused to install this graphic-It would be tragic if YOU ALL made it go viral now

D.C. New Wave and Power Pop Artist Tommy Keene Dies at 59

Please come CAPTION Moore supporter and former Republican candidate for president, Alan Keyes!

What will happen when the world no longer has water?

Opioid Crisis driven by shady Pharma Co's

For 3 years America had two Thanksgivings days in November

Read at your own risk. You will agree with Trump and Flynn on this issue:

Dem. Rep. Rice Continues Call For Conyers To Resign: 'Enough Is Enough'

Conyers Doesn't Plan to Resign Over Harassment Claims, Lawyer Says

'Jared will flip like a pancake' on Trump after Flynn gives him up, predicts Obama's ethics czar

Tiger Woods ought to be ashamed of himself.

"I will be heading over to Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter, to play golf (quickly)..."

Cuomo guest explains GOP fears 'huge' Mueller finding just before midterms

Preet says...

Is A Big, Blue Wave Forming Off The Political Coast?

Trump Condemns 'Horrible And Cowardly Terrorist Attack' in Sinai Peninsula

Which is it? An "idiot" or a "moron"??

Trump Honolulu visit cost taxpayers $141,000: report

Pence served Thanksgiving dinner at Military base while Trump dined at Mar-A-Lago

Hundreds dead in attack on Egyptian mosque

Religious Freedom Proponent Jeff Mateer Is the Most Dangerous of Trumps Judicial Nominees.

I just had to release my 16 year old tri-paw dog, Sugar. It's a beautiful

How would you grade this Congress, in regards to Trump and the Russia investigation?

2014: Woods, Trump teaming up for course in Dubai

Talking Turkey

The Cause and Consequences of the Retail Apocalypse.


Trump hails 'invisible' plane in remarks to coast guard: 'The enemy cannot see it'

Pakistan frees Hafiz Saeed, alleged mastermind of Mumbai attacks

Venezuela tells embassies to cut costs, renegotiate rents

Did you ever have a bad hair day?

Hatch spent his career sticking up for the little guy? No, but the Dem senator he defeated sure did

People working to elect Roy Moore are hanging out in Minnesota. Why?

Apostrophes are not being copied into thread/response titles

Police alert at Oxford Circus tube (London, England)

Utah to pay $349K to settle 'ag-gag' lawsuit

Maduro to run for re-election in 2018

All that rage tweeting directed at La Var Ball? I think Trump was trying to convince HIMSELF

Vocal mic for iPad Air 2 lightning cable

Utah Supreme Court rules in favor of stream access on Weber River

Ads next year... Look at all those admitted Dem Sexual harrassers...

Samantha Bee on the future of comedy (and useless male *****)

Oxford Circus Tube station: Police respond to reports of shots fired

With Democratic sweep in Virginia, progressives hopeful

KO called this months ago:

Trump Says He's Wary of U.S. Allies

ICYMI - great "lost" scene from Groundhog Day

The National Anthem is Important says Trump

Taking Twitter away from Nazis and Putinbots CAN be done

Taking Twitter away from Nazis and Putinbots CAN be done

Sweden warns UK not to emulate Norway border post-Brexit

Utah lawmakers worried about logjam of proposals

She saved Obamacare. Now shes poised to destroy it.

Top brands pull YouTube ads over paedophilia fears

Cargo Cult Economics

Trump And Nationalists Delusion

Patriotism, Taxes, and Trump - Robert Reich exposes the fallacy

Baby talking with cat video

Dozens of polar bears filmed feasting on whale

Abortion providers brace for new Trump funding fight

Jury in public corruption trial finds ex-senator guilty of fraud and bribery

Why Texas Senators Cruz and Cornyn Oppose Net Neutrality

Can We Have A Craft Beer Group?

I see that "Malia Obama" is trending on Twitter right now.

Mother, son arrested after shooting in Portland

Al Franken still hasn't denied grabbing women

Got an early Christmas present. Pair of underwear.

Czech Court Rules Russian Hacking Suspect Can Be Extradited to U.S.

State Rep. Nick Salazar announces retirement plans

Theory: Flynn Lawyers' Move Could be Signal to Trump

Time of The Treason

So, when did it become breaking news that a 19-year-old woman kissed a guy?

Turkey claims Trump agreed to stop arming Syrian Kurds

Apache Point Observatory awarded $16M

Disappointed Trump Supporters: Why Cant We Have A White Friday?

Trump complains that 'players are the boss' in the NFL

Obama vs Trump: Barack's Thanksgiving Tweet 10 Times More Popular Than Donald's

'North Koreans' wash ashore in Japan

about john conyers

Supreme Court to rule on police use of cell phone records without warrant

Hurricane victims are headed for homelessness

Danny Mastersons spox: Its not rape if its your girlfriend

Republican tax bill makes it harder for our educators to do their jobs

If anyone wants to see pic of the boog

Now its Malias turn in the spotlight........grrrrrrrrrrr

Great response to the latest Trump idiot tweet.

Brexit: May says positive vibe but EU warns of 'huge challenge'

"Holy crap! Where did THAT come from?"

Did Santa kill his reindeer?

Some billboard companies in #Alabama refused to install this graphic. It would be tragic if everyone

Franken has skillz

how about we don't

New John Conyers accuser: He showed up to a meeting in his underwear

The Latest: Extradition case lawyer vows to appeal further

Here Comes the Best Part of Thanksgiving: Leftovers

Jeff Flake's Son Sues Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio For Malicious Prosecution

30 years of gun sales, or graphics showing gun control effort's unintended consequences

We have a sociopath, sex predator, traitor in the WH

TPM EDITORS BLOG. We Knew This in January

Some Republicans spin like crazy to defend the indefensible about Trump

In Alabama, THIS is what we don't talk about at the family dinner table!

Hammy, B.C.'s most famous deer, no longer has his hammock but his antler is still purple

A much better hair day!

Congress passed new Sanctions on Russia

How Jeff Sessions Plans to End Medical Marijuana Before The Year is Over

Trump's lawyers say Trump SoHo exit undermines emoluments lawsuit

Bombshell report: new details about Trump's Oval Office meeting with Russians after he fired Comey

Republicans Are Sneaking Right-Wing Social Policies Into Their Corporate Tax Cut

Al Franken Has Not Denied Picking his Nose.

Free ebook. Noam Chomsky's Requiem for the American Dream. Until Nov 28

Imagine the RW butthurt...

Just a reminder for concerned members

The Democratic Party is the BEST vehicle for economic and social change

Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Not Sure She Believes Women About Trump, Though

'He's made things up before': Fox panel prepares its viewers to turn on Flynn if he rats out Trump

ANGEL IS AIRBORNE: The flight home from Dallas after John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Boom! From Newsweek---Mueller after Trump:

A new bird species is seen emerging in real-time

Toxic White Masculinity and Donald Trump's Attacks on Black Athletes

Who was 'Good King Wenceslas' ?

Sit-ins, protests, rallies: activists' mammoth push to thwart Republican tax bill

Wolf reunion.

BARACK OBAMA GROUP: too bad there's no dedicated Senator Franken forum

What the hell happened to the stiff upper lip?!?!

Simple Tax Policy---the Ones that Benefit the Most Should Pay the Most (nmt)

A boy with a rare disease gets new skin, thanks to gene-corrected stem cells

But wait...I thought Trump stomped out ISIS?

Very funny video putting the rants of Alex Jones to music:

How Obama and Trump spent Thanksgiving as President says it all

Very funny video putting the rants of Alex Jones to music. Xposted from the Lounge:

Eminem angry Trump 'not paying attention to me'


Forget Russia: HRC's Malia email scandal

How Dem insiders rank the 2020 contenders

Trying to sort through the daunting varieties of PCs - need a new one...suggestions?

Important to explain net neutrality so EVERYONE understands it - as per Internet Comment Etiquette

Coal mining fatalities up sharply as Trump cuts safety regulations, cripples MSHA

GOP deficit hawks fear tax plan is secret budget-buster

Tillerson/White House at odds over Ivanka trip

Trump fans howl in rage after Ivanka defends Malia Obama: Shes fair game

"A very large cat"

Investigate the sexual assault charges against Trump

Our small town in the middle of NM raised $150,000 to reopen our grocery store

Any Black Friday craziness yet?

Net neutrality could spur the next big political movement

Twitter Link: ''Democrats rank Bernie Sanders as their top choice for 2020''

President Trump appears in Panama Papers for the first time

Don Jr.'s friend explains his 'very smart' Russia investigation strategy

The cat? No, haven't seen her all day. Why do you ask?

This picture kills me.

Rewrite of New Mexico tax code not likely in 2018

Frump's child speaks at entrepreneur summit in India: WTF?????

I may have touched a butt or five at a State Fair.

We need Molly Ivins more now than ever

Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton defend Malia Obama amid tabloid coverage

Renews Calls for Wall, Ban After Egypt Terror Attack

Oregon standoff figure Darryl Thorn sentenced to prison

Mom charged after putting recording device in daughter's backpack to detect bullying

Question: Is there evidence that Ryan and McConnell are involved in

Tune into @msnbc right now! renato_mariotti is doing a mock trial on the #TrumpRussia collusion, con

MSNBC The Beat : Russia on Trial .... on now

Moot court today on The Beat with Ari Melber

Trump claiming he was offered Man of the Year:

Trump: I turned down Time's 'Person of the Year'

Susan Collins Is The First Republican Senator To Oppose Repealing Net Neutrality

A flat-Earther's plan to launch himself in a homemade rocket just hit a speed bump

Not if the Seas Rise, but When and How High

Trump appears in Panama Papers for the first time

Al Franken has still not denied that Francisco Franco is not dead.

Congress Braces for Russia Sanctions Face-Off With White House as New Deadline Looms

FCC Accused Of Using Fake Comments To Repeal Net Neutrality

A Woman Walking Her Dogs Was Allegedly Shot Dead By A Hunter Who Mistook Her For A Deer

Fox & Friends gave Trump's FCC chairman a free pass to spin his assault on net neutrality