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Archives: November 17, 2017

Why are we so quick to rush to judgement on Al Franken?

Texas leaders call for training on sexual harassment but can't require it for lawmakers

Anyone have experience with a steam oven?

I really don't think this was an accident....

State gives Alternatives to Abortion program $20 million more in funding

Willie Nelson - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (VIDEO)

Who will play Donald Trump in the film?

University of Houston regents vote to create a medical school

Fredericksburg got complaints on Election Day, continued voting on lawyers advice

Sexual assualt is a spectrum of behaviors.

Local Va. Democratic leader dismisses parts of incorrect ballot claims

What if Franken simply said:

Killing Elephants for Trophies according to Trump

Dallas and Fort Worth move toward high-speed rail connection ... slowly

BREAKING: Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota

It was a busy news day but nothing has changed

Take a break and chill-

Fox News poll: Obama has higher favorability in Alabama than #Trump - The Hill

Psssst, in case no one noticed the republicans in the House passed their atrocious tax bill, which

Mens Careers are Sacred

Urgent! Please help stop this Tax Bill

Germany Officially Replaces US As Country With Best Brand Image

I am REALLY curious about what SNL will do this week.

WH asks to borrow special hanukkiah to use in this year's celebration-Rabbi says "No"

How Four Countries Were Able To Eliminate Gun Deaths

Teachings of Master Yoda

Senate tax bill includes tax break for private jets.

Can a Robot Join the Faith?

Sorry, but it doesn't look to me like he's even touching her, and she didn't wake up....

Look, GOP is doing it again. They are muddling the water. New meme is 'All men are pigs Dem or GOP'

Christian GOP lawmaker who pushed natural marriage resigns after same-sex tryst at Ohio office

JOY is on TOP of IT...aka Covering it. Ellen DeGeneres too!

JUST IN: Mueller issues first subpoena to Trump campaign for Russia-related documents: report

Secret witness in Senate Clinton probe is ex-lobbyist for Russian firm

Mueller subpoenaed Trump campaign for Russia documents: report

I just told an Infowars goon this

Franken can defend himself. Stop the Tax Bill.

re all this landslide of women finally coming out about men's bad behavior

"After Al Franken and Roy Moore, We Are Dangerously Close to Botching the #MeToo Moment"

What was the REAL news today...

Al Franken

****BREAKING**** Barack Obama more popular than Chump in the Heart Of Dixie

Difference Between CNN and Faux on Sexual Harrasment

Roy's Disingenuous Defense

Alabama GOP rebuffs pressure to abandon Moore

U.S. wildlife officials began issuing permits for lion trophies hunted in Zambia and Zimbabwe

What Franken did was done for the camera, deliberately shared, in his role as wacky comedian.

What Puerto Rico doesn't need

Trump saying he is a sexual predator... Ivanka laughs.

Collusion: How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win, by the Guardian journalist

Make America Spill Oil Again!

How do you roast chestnuts?

We all know this..

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 19 - Robby the Robot

TCM Schedule for Monday November 20 - The Hollywood Blacklist

What I see here not just with Franken, but in general, is this . . .

Trump EPA nominee opposed by GOP senators from NC

Four words that put the Moore/Franken controversy in its proper context:

Another one bites the dust...DHS offical resigns over remarks..

Classmate of Leigh Corfman -we had safe spaces in mall to hide from "well known creep"

Grassley will hold hearings on Circuit Court nominees despite Democratic objections

Is there an Asbesto testing racket in Florida?

U.S. Rep. Takano, Tampa and St. Pete councils support closer U.S.-Cuba ties

Joy Lofthouse, second world war pilot and trailblazer, dies at 94

Fox News: Starbucks' holiday cups accused of pushing 'gay agenda'

We Have a New Democratic Party Right Now, and We Will Win !

See the 2017 Leonid Meteor Shower at Its Peak: What to Expect

Hi! I am a Duer who needs help.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Goblin

Franken needs to put this thing to rest, one way or the other

Tweeden on CNN live right now

Sought by U.S. Marshals, Rivera pops up in Fla. Capitol, chats with legislators

Hotels That Help You Say Hola or Bonjour (and More)

We Knew Julian Assange Hated Clinton. We Didnt Know He Was Secretly Advising Trump.


Watchdog says Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke failed to properly document travel

There Should Be An Incentive to Apologize, Rather Than To Gaslight and Attack

Am I the only one bothered by this

McConnell: Ethics Committee should review Franken allegations

O.K. I'll say it. Leanne Tweeden used the Franken

Fuck. This. Shit.

Schoolmate of Moore accuser: He was 'creepy and icky'

We Didnt Think The Tax Bill Could Get Any Worse. We Were Wrong.

Trump Voters Celebrate Massive Tax Cut for Everyone But Them

video: Poor clumsy puppers fail:

Homelessness: The Seattle area spends more than $1 billion a year on this humanitarian crisis

How Moore Could Be Kept Out of the Senate

FCC votes to limit program funding internet access for low income communities

Democrats guide to regaining the majority of the US Senate in 2018 and retaining it in 2020 & 2022.

Moore's campaign chief bought web domains

Moore supporters tell reporters questioning candidate to hush

Need a break from today's events?

Republican Governors Seek to Avoid 2018 Election Damage From Trump, Moore

Late-night TV on Roy Moore

Al Franken, Don't You Dare Even Consider Resigning!!!!!

FCC rolls back media regulations in move that critics say benefits Sinclair

Legislation filed opening door to remove Confederate monuments from public property (GA)

Steyer knocks Trump after Keystone pipeline spill

Cemetery and city finalize deal to move statues (KY)

Bethune Gets Backing to Replace Confederate in US Capitol (FL)

So is the Republican plan to elect Roy Moore, sit him in the Senate, get him

Funny news: Rightwing group calls for Greggs boycott over sausage roll nativity

Mississippi flag comes down again in Ocean Springs

Anatomy of a Fake News Scandal

Ultimatum after NC fire department refused to remove Confederate flag

They are getting away with this!

Home builders, Realtors oppose House-passed tax reform package

Gillibrand Says Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned Over Lewinsky Affair

Hollywood Commissioners Accept New Names For Streets In Final Vote (FL)

Universities wage last-minute fight against grad student tax hike

Let us all remember

St. Augustine seeking input on monuments (FL)

Meet the powerful group behind Trumps judicial nominations

Confederacy still haunts Ole Miss (MS)

Seattle, King County receive immigration warning letter from DOJ

Pussygrabber tweets a fellow DUer...I need help!

I have not seen any Democrat call for Franken to resign. In fact, I have not seen ANY . . . .

Donald Trump Opened the door for his victims!

N.C. voters deliver harsh assessments on Trump's 'chaotic' first year

Drink please.......

New Elway Poll finds strong Democratic advantage ahead of 2018

GOP State Legislator Quits After Having Sex With a Man

Moore, Trump and the Rights New Religion

The Franken photo is terrible!

Holy Hell

How Do We Know He Didn't Invent The Thing?

Senate Plan Would Raise Taxes on the Poor, a Report Says

Dem Senator introduces bill combatting violent white supremacists and

Making Weed-Infused Matzo Balls With Joan Nathan

I started to read the House tax bill and got lost

Seth Meyers: Mitch McConnell's Neck, Scaramucci's Book Deal - Monologue - 11/15/17

Trump attacks 'Al Frankenstein' on Twitter, ignores Roy Moore assault scandal

16 Women and Trump...

Seth Meyers - Sexual Harassment in Congress: A Closer Look

Mueller may have a new witness against Flynn re: Turkey scheme

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Pervatol: A Drug to Help Sexual Predators Sleep at Night

TRUMP HAS STARTED IN...bad place to play, boyo!!!

One DCP employee, two contractors, injured in gas pipeline fire near Galeton (NE Colorado)

State pulls scholarships from private school after owner's arrest on sexual battery charges

Obama More Popular Than Trump In Alabama

About 45s reference to Leslie Stahl tape on twitter

Today in Modern Barbering...

The Bob Hope USO shows were always a mystery to me...

Democrats should micro target voters via Facebook/ Twitter to their advantage

Trump tweets on Franken

Trump just may have saved Al Franken

President Pussygrab has jumped on Franken - Dems should be relentless & demand ethics investigation

Donald Trump's Sexual Assault Accusers Demand Justice in the #MeToo Era: 'We Were Forgotten'

correct me if i am wrong- the anita hill moment.

Sarah Silverman on Louis C.K.s Sexual Misconduct: I Love Louis, but He Did These Things

I predict Franken will be the only politician punished.

Washington has always been a sexist misogynistic town

How much damage of the incident involving Franken has done to Franken's US Senate career?

Russian ambassador says he won't name all the Trump officials he's met with: 'The list is so long"

Chemical Workers Have No Say On Their Own Safety

They will rue the day says Joy Reid

F U C K !!!

Study: Seaweed in Cow Feed Reduces Methane Emissions Almost Entirely Zoya Teirstein

So, does anyone give a big brown rat's ass about the truth anymore? Why are half the talking


Bush speech writer Gerson hits Trumpsters with a holy sledge hammer

Franken must be investigated

Trump Voters Celebrate Massive Tax Cut for Everyone But Them

To Orrin Hatch: You are a useless piece of crap.

Late Timing Of Drumpf's Tweet Tonight

Homeland Security's head of community outreach resigns over past controversial comments....

Preferred method of payment?

I am proud of Washingtons' Lummi Native Americans

Granted there are degrees of abhorrent behavior - but amazing to me how DU

out of curiosity, will republicans also investigate gianforte's assault, to which he pled guilty?

Big Fucking Difference...

Is It Time To Go After Every Guy Who Has Given An Unwanted Open Mouth Kiss?

Franken, as with Clinton is being attacked by the hypocrites.

Trump's victims demand justice.

Let's get it straight, the whole story is a Con Job. Goal? to screw the media and lie.

The Marriage of Figaro


See America, (Dem) Al Franken Did It Too, So (Con) Roy Moore Is Off The Hook....

I think Trump just stepped in it inserting himself into the discussion.

Pentagon retweets then deletes post calling on Trump to resign

Jehovah's Witnesses withholding child abuse documents

Birmingham Young Republicans pull endorsement

I have it on good authority that Roy Moore never tried to french kiss his teenage dates...

Women supporting Roy not concerned whether he dated teens

Why don't Dems EVER fight the false equivalencies?!!

Moore accuses McConnell of trying to 'steal' special election from him

Roy Teaming Up With Rush to Frame Mitch

A Kiss Is OK, But A French Kiss Is Sexual Harassment?

Everybody Hates the Trump Tax Plan by Paul Krugman

My family had certain standards

Russian diplomat: I can't list Trump officials I've spoken with because 'the list is so long'

One of the reasons I wanted HER as My President.

With all the talks about Franken "cupping" (or not) a woman during a tour

So, wait, Franken apologized, the woman accepted his apology, said he shouldn't resign...

And this was the skit

seen on FB

Sack cartoon. And we really cannot label him as RW...

Not a single one of the accused men thus far has been exonerated...

Mr Bean goes to Asia

There are moments . . .

AL-SEN: McConnell discussing asking Strange to resign, kicking off new special election

Went to my first Dem mtg tonite...

Homeland Security official resigns after comments linking blacks to 'laziness' and 'promiscuity'

Fox News Bans Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons for Life

Seth Abramson makes an observation on Trumps tweet today about Al Franken

Bravo! Senator Franken!!

The laying on of hands. Seriously?

John Oliver Season Finale: The Trump Presidency

Sooooo the second Franken accuser is another right winger

Those Poor Turkeys

Randi Rhodes on Al Franken accusations: "He is not a sexual predator"

Ohio 'Family Values' GOP State Rep. Busted in Compromising Position with Man in His Office

Randi Rhodes on Al Franken: "He is not a sexual predator"

The Daily Show: Al Franken Faces Groping Accusations & Roy Moore Stays on Defense


Chicago prosecutors exonerate 15 men framed by police

Conservatives' defense of Trump: "He said they 'let you'"

Anyone concerned about the creepiness of Donnie's tweet on Sen. Franken?

Brown and Hatch shouting match because Hatch called out on his

Bubonic plague ravages Madagascar

The Damned Media Needs To Ask Drumpf Same Questions

Puerto Rico proclaims "new government" to intensify austerity

OC Alt-Right Can't Deny Associations With White Hate Groups & Neo-Nazis

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/16/17

Nasa forecast: Which cities will flood as ice melts?

Elon Musk's New Tunnel Has Already Been Cited for Alleged Workplace Violations

Exclusive - Alabama Reacts to the Roy Moore Accusations: The Daily Show

It's Friday - time for some Mueller Action

A Black Man Was Fatally Shot in the Back. A Wealthy, White Teen Suspect Is Free

Two New Jersey Men Arrested For $30 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme

VDOT Officials Plead Guilty to $10.3 Million Bribe Scheme

Fourth Ex-City Worker Alleges Oakland Auditor Abuse

U.S. Senate Panel Votes To Open Alaskan Refuge To Drilling

Owners Of Miami Export Business Guilty Of Operating An Unlicensed Money Transmitting Business (etc)

Dog owners have lower mortality, study finds.

8 Southern California doctors, health providers suspended from workers' comp program

Gov. Brown's plan for online-only community college provokes pushback


DoD accidentally retweets post calling for Trump to resign

80 percent chance that Trump will push the nuclear button.

Is it sexual abuse to repeatedly publish the picture of Franken committing sexual abuse?

The plot to stop Brexit

There. Are. DEGREES. To. Behavior.

Tesla factory a 'hotbed' for racism, where n-word hurled repeatedly at black workers, lawsuit allege

Trump Judicial Nominee Brett Talley Appears to Have Defended the First KKK in Message Board Post

60 indicted in San Diego County after undercover auto theft operation

On Hardball today i just saw a picture of Donald Jr holding the tail of a dead elephant he cut off

When people cry 'wolf' and it is false, those who are truthful

I have a question about ethics investigations/inquiries

Fourth Democrat announces campaign against Rep. Darrell Issa

The F.B.I.'s New "Black Identity Extremists" Label Exists to Justify White Nationalist Violence

San Diego nursing homes agree to pay up to $6.9 million to settle kickback and fraud allegations

Group files suit to block storing nuclear waste at San Onofre

14 reasons why Trumps tweets on Al Franken cannot be ignored

Wouldn't Franken's SNL and Deadhead past be more selacious and damning than this photo/kiss?

Every. Single. Time

Not all paedophiles and sexual predators are created equal

Thomas Jefferson Law School gets put on probation


Porn star Ron Jeremy accused of sexual assault, rape

And then there is

Is it sexual abuse to confess to sexual abuse without asking the victim first?

First attempt @ posting picci's on DU. Some Ruinous Ruins!

Won't someone think of the poor gun owners?

California's lawmakers should have a surplus next year. Will they spend it or save it?

CalPERS wants broke cities to deliver bad news to out-of-luck pensioners

Clinton/Lewinsky was consensual and adult. NOT equivalent.

'Transparent' Star Alleges Jeffrey Tambor Sexually Harassed Her, "Got Physical"

Sylvester Stallone denies sexually assaulting 16-year-old fan

Hey Trump!

Roy Moore: I've unified the Democrats and Republicans in fighting against me

Who remembers the McMartin Preschool trial?

Hillary Clinton on Trumps Election: There Are Lots of Questions About Its Legitimacy

Senate panel approves GOP tax plan

Yo Chump, when you dis Al Franken remember this lil chestnut

Trump tweet helps Franken

Since Chump invoked Al Franken

Longmire Season 6 is now on Netflix!

sexual harrassment is part of daily life for women

House: Ratings Changes in Seven Districts as GOP Majority in Peril

What "Scale" Means - 1 Day Of Retail Sales In China Generates 160,000 Tons Of Packaging Waste

Bonn: Passing The "Trump Test" - i.e. Moving On Without The United States (Nichols Stern)

Owner of Truck with F**K Trump Sticker Arrested in Texas

"We're Praying": Officials Say India Will Not Act On Smog This Year - Reuters

Stone appeared to know Franken allegation was coming - The Hill

Ozone, Pm 2.5 And Global Warming Are Good For You: The New Deniers, Coming To DC

Sexual harassment. Why no rock stars?

Senate panel: Kushner had contacts about WikiLeaks, Russian overtures he did not disclose

Yes, we can halt the rise of the international far right

Ivanka and the fugitive from Panama

State workers should lose jobs over nepotism findings, board says

I just wish someone with the balls or breasts would stand up for Al Franken.......

Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller's show 11/15

I want names of all the polis in Congress for whom we paid over 15mm in settlements

California health regulators level $5 million fine against Anthem Blue Cross


What fresh hell is this?! (video tweet)

The origin of Superheroes: Stormwatch

Listening to What Trumps Accusers Have Told Us.

Robert Durst's case is delayed after he was hospitalized for an unknown problem

Comic-Snips: Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer)

Richard Engel, Ivanka & a fugitive/money launderer (+ Reuters article)

Trump started kissing me open mouthed

The Alaska Senate quit its special session in Juneau. But the House is forcing it to continue.

.I like Al Franken

US Military and CIA Leaders May Be Investigated for War Crimes

U.S. Senate committee moves ANWR drilling legislation one step closer

The Elephant in the room is Donald J. Trump. He is the Sexual Abuser-in-Chief

Beavers making themselves at home in an unlikely place: Alaska's northwestern tundra

Is Franken's request for an ethics investigation a GIANT FU to Tweeden?

French institute suspects nuclear accident in Russia or Kazakhstan in September

We Are Down To It's OK If Republicans Do It Or Evangelicals Do It. But Outrage Over Democrats.

Turns out, Trump exaggerated value of NY Trump Organization: $9.5 billion? More like $700 million.

Al Franken

Massive meatball accident closes Swedish road

Whistleblowers to get big payout after pursuing military contract fraud

Manafort. Flynn. Kushner. Trump. Sessions. Etc. (n/t)

A "Golden Age" for political corruption

Trump chimes in on Franken sexual harassment, dubs him 'Al Frankenstein'

Political signs now banned on all pubic property

One way you can help elephants during this barbaric elephant killing administration,

Two accidentally shot in church while discussing church shootings

Breitbart: Ivanka should stay quiet "especially when there's been so many allegations against ...

Tesla reveals semi-truck and new sports car

Fmr. Clinton Adviser Hits Back at 'Hypocrite' Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand For Saying Bill Should Have...

Papadopoulos claimed Trump phone call and larger campaign role

Woman with crude anti-Trump truck decal arrested for fraud

Where Do Songbirds Go to Die?

On DU - Threads re Franken:

Bannon called Hannity and....

Twitter Eviscerates Trump For Weighing in on Franken: 'You Should Probably Just Shut the Hell Up'

Feinstein seeks contact with FBI informant in Russia nuclear bribery case

Court won't halt judge's demand for details on DACA cancellation decision

BTRTN: Moore Than A Feeling

BTRTN: Moore Than A Feeling

Trump's tweets about Franken ice it. This was a hit job.

Police mistook hibiscus plants for marijuana - elderly couple terrorized

At Snopes, a Peek Down the Right-Wing Rabbit Holes

Police mistook hibiscus plants for marijuana-elderly couple terrorized

I love Soledad O'Brien!

Who is going to go see Justice League?

Free Press Group Ready to Cut Off WikiLeaks

Calvo uses hearse to call for legislature to hear $125M borrowing, tax increase proposal for GMH

Just heard on msnbc that Out of state RW activist groups are coming to Alabama to defend Moore....

Dodgy 'Hackers' Target Bellingcat Investigators Who Call BS on Moscow

Stephanie Miller just said she "tongue kissed" Will Farrell during an improv skit

Leeann Tweeden: Al Frankens Fate Is 'For The People Of Minnesota To Decide'

Dust off those Senate calling lists.

If only someone had warned us that the Keystone Pipeline in S. D. was a threat to the environment

For Women: Poll on Sexual Harassment, Abuse, Assault

Gorsuch takes victory lap at Federalist dinner


Regrets? Chris Christie Has a Few.

Gretchen Carlson rips Trump for attacking Franken: What about your accusers?

Neil Young to open up entire online music archive for free

and then there's this from Lindsey Graham.....

The Uncounted

Something to keep in mind about Comedy

Alabama Senate Race Aggravates GOP Divide

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Tax Ripoff

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Bama Perv

A Wave Is a Comin' - Cook Political Report

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Elephant Killer

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - Mr. Forgetful

For those ever so concerned about Sen. Franken:

Friday TOON Roundup 5 - The Rest

Mueller Finds "Discrepancy" - Suggests Building Permits Were Used for "Renovations" to Launder Money

Sense & Decency

Yet another "plan" to correct what ails Venezuela!

Haven't heard from MN other Senator.......Amy Klobuchar.....

How Brian Schatz Is Becoming The Senate's Chief Science Nerd

Florida Democratic Party chair apologizes after 6 women complain of 'demeaning' behavior

Trump building in Panama tied to Russian mafia..

Roy Moores Attorney Thinks Muslim Host Knows About Child Rape Due to Ethnicity

WATCH: David Pakman Kicked Off Right Wing Television

Tesla unveils first truck - and roadster

Hawaii State Hospital Wasn't Built For The Type Of Patients It Serves

New Zealand prime minister mocks Trump: No one marched over my election win

A complete list of all the times I've experienced unwanted sexual attention as a male:

Hawaiian Airlines CEO To Retire In March, Replacement Named

He might have gotten away with it, if not for the paper trail.

2018 US House Election-Democratic Wave.

So I noticed Joe Scarborough was "on assignment" this morning...

Its Not Just Elephants. Trump Rolled Back Regulations On Lion Trophies, Too.

You women with breast cancer have to stop looking cadaverous

"Mind if I take your underage daughter for a drive?"

Trump and Moore - Admit Nothing.

Jon Favreau apologized for photo grabbing HRC's -cutout- breast

OMG Nigeria's women's bobsled team...

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Who will stand up to unforgivable recklessness?

Al Franken championed a Minnesota rape survivor's bill. Now she wants a new sponsor.

South Carolina women's basketball team declines invitation to Trump White House

Poll: Trump job approval hits new low

David Corn Trips Trump Jr: "Or when there's a videotaped confession?"

Birmingham Young Republicans withdraw Moore support

We were in New Britain, CT

Posted without comment -

NFL's Thursday Night Football looked like a video game. Plenty of fans didn't like it.

National ad targets Republicans on "sneaky repeal" of ObamaCare in tax plan

Woman caught stealing from Uber driver in viral video complains she is being harassed

It's 100% OKAY to have complicated feelings about the Franken accusations

Nepotism! Emoluments Clause! Lying to the Senate and House Committees!

Was it a lick or a kiss? Franken was supposed to slobber all over the alleged

Has everyone started an Al Franken thread yet?

Epidemic of Memory Loss Disorders Strikes DC?

South Carolina women's basketball team declines invitation to Trump White House

new word for dictionary ... tweedened

Thurs. - Keystone Pipeline leaks over 210K gal. of oil

Culture of Corruption.

Pentagon Says 3,000 More U.S. Troops In Afghanistan Since August

They are really good at this. They know how to hammer away because WE

Gun owner shoots himself and wife in church, while advocating rights to bring guns to church

The biggest difference between now & the Anita Hill scandal is that people view accusers as credible

Who has been following the asbestos issue in Florida?

MEANWHILE, in Washington State:

Kellyanne Conway: Trump Reacted to Franken But Not Roy Moore Because Moore Story 'Old'

Is a Blue Wave Coming in 2018?---The Cook Political Report

WAPO: Im a feminist. I study rape culture. And I dont want Al Franken to resign

Make a Call...

Poetic justice

Repugs are masters of re-direction....Al is just another

Bannon Reportedly Urged Sean Hannity to Back Off Roy Moore 'Ultimatum'

Navy acknowledges pilot drew male genitalia in the sky

Republicans to World: SQUIRREL!1!!1

Obama more popular in Alabama than Trump, Fox poll says

Come early for good seats...

Democrats prove Republicans dont believe tax cut scam will work (VIDEO)

For behold, unto us a bratwurst is born

Trump is a pervert...the reason he tweeted about Al

Fireball over Germany

Betsy DeVos paints flooded upscale Houston Area High School Protesters follow (VIDEO)

Roy Moore Opens Press Conference With Story About Hemorrhoids

Betsy DeVos greeted by protesters as she visits Houston Area High School (VIDEO)

Tom Perez - The Republican tax plan is a dumpster fire. Let's take out the trash.

Birmingham Young Republicans censure Roy Moore, pull endorsement

Kellyanne Conway says Trump doesn't have to comment on Roy Moore because 'story is 8 days old'

a suggestion about star membership

Franken Smear: They have Fox Nooz. We have nothing similar.

Pitchfork: Why Did Meek Mill Go To Prison?

Trump admin. began accepting permits to import lion trophies last month

Trump's treasury chief goes on Fox News to sell GOP tax plan -- but ends up getting crushed by host

In other news, people are panicking that the hands on the new Starbucks cup might be lesbian.

Kathleen Hartnett White may face a challenge getting confirmed by the Senate.

The Daily 202: How EPA chief Scott Pruitt wants to redefine 'environmentalism'

Richard Engel/ Reuters special investigation on Trump

Donald Trump, Jr. Praises Father's Relaxation of Big Game Trophy Rules

Trump FCC votes to roll back program that helps low-income families afford Internet access

Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade erupts over Roy Moore's teen stalking: 'I'd kick his head in'

Interesting fact I just learned about Christmas in America.

CNN reporter discovers that the black gloves worn by Louise Linton at the U.S. Mint cost over $600.

That Ms. Tweedy's photo does NOT show actual physical contact has now been accepted by

In Minnesota, Franken feels heat _ but no broad call to quit

Blank profile page

This group thinks Trump hasn't done enough to unravel environmental rules. Here's its wish list.

GOP economic adviser: Tax cuts most irresponsible in U.S. history

Trump and his family could save more than $1 billion under House tax bill

Christmas poll

Gee, almost as if the Roger Stone-orchestrated takedown of Al Franken was designed to distract us...

***Dollar slips on concerns Russia probe is moving closer to Trump***

Florida Democratic Party leader resigns after report of "creepy" behavior

So Franken was probably set up. Same could be true for Moore

Rare corncrake sighting on Long Island before bird found dead

Kayla Moore now having rally wearing her holy earrings.

L.A. considers making Playboy Mansion a historic monument

I love Al but,,,,,,

I don't mean to be a concern troll, but...

Clinton: There are lots of questions about legitimacy of Trumps election

We are who we are

GoFundMe for the bicyclist fired for flipping off the President's motorcade has raised over $100,000

Burton's U.S. Winter Olympic uniforms are very old-school NASA

Where on the internet to find a Santa Claus Mall background that I can photoshop?

CNN's Bolduan epic scolding of Trump for ducking his sex scandals

British publicist Goldstone (sat up meeting w/ Trump Jr & Russians) ready to meet with Mueller

VZ: Due to a shortage of medicines, Adrin Guacarn died, the boy who sang to John Paul II

The fish rots from the head: a historian on the unique corruption of Trumps White House

Navy Pilot Admits To Drawing Penis In The Sky

Reaction to Al Franken demands consistency from Progressives, my take

About the dictator of Zimbabwe, whose people Chumpy is allegedly helping by elephant trophy hunting

Rick Wiles: There Is A New Nazism Rising In America That Is Dedicated To Killing Christians

"I'm at the Grey Gardens estate sale, where the line is nearly 200 deep and folks arrived at 4 AM."

Twitter Video: [email protected] on why it's time to make college tuition free.

The Bolivar Fuerte has devalued by at least 759.69% between July and yesterday

Trump to kill elephants

Same-sex marriage survey: religious belief matched no vote most closely

Kayla Moore on Trump: "I personally think he owes us a thank you."

This job is not at all like what I was expecting.

Alabama's pro-life voters choose between Roy Moore and staying home

Murkowski Tax Vote Contingent on Stabilizing Individual Health Insurance Market

What is Doug Jones's website?

Happy 44th anniversary, "I'm not a crook."

'A Spectacular Accumulation of Lies'

Brexit: EU gives May two weeks to act on divorce bill and Ireland

How long before a young ambitious DEM asks for JFK eternal flame to be extinguished?

Rev Jesse Jackson discloses Parkinson's disease diagnosis

FBI investigating why Russia sent $30K to its U.S. embassy with "for 2016 election" memo

Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Christie Didn't Tell Staff of Plans to Endorse Trump

Brazil's Donald Trump: Pinochet "should have killed more people.

Meanwhile Trump Accusers still waiting for....

Kayla Moore: Trump 'owes us a thank-you' because Roy's teen sex scandal distracted from Russia

So pissed at Kristen Gillibrand for saying Bill should have resigned

Twitter Photo: Tj is with @sensanders today speaking w students at Burlington HS about opiates

When is Clarence Thomas going to resign?

Authorities Extradite Arkansas Man to Face Assault Charge in Charlottesville

Something to remember about the House tax bill.

It wasn't just Roger Stone who knew the day before

To hell with the right!

"We dead."

Keep your eyes on the fucking ball, people!

With AT&T and Time Warner, Battle Lines Form for an Epic Antitrust Case

Here is the interview Leann Tweeden gave with Jake Tapper

Tweeden was wearing a flak jacket -- so she had protection similar to a bullet proof vest.

Halftime score last night - Rockets 90 Suns 65

The reason for the Franken false accusations of groping: He's turned out to be a tiger in the Senate

Angry teachers, public employees object to proposed PEIA benefits cuts

Fox News Bans Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons for Life

That tusk belongs to her mama and no one else...and it's not a partisan statement to say that.

Oklahoma Tried the GOPs Tax Plan. Now, Its Electing Democrats.

White House's New Defense Of Trump's Moore Silence: He Supported Strange!

Everything is a set up?

Rob Goldstone ready to come to U.S. and talk to Mueller

Moments of national shame...

Not Going Anywhere: Roy Moore's Wife Says 'We Are In A Battle'

End of the line for non-Bolivarian higher education in Venezuela

Charleston firm is low bidder for West Virginia Capitol dome repairs

GOP chairman breaks with Trump on elephant trophy imports

Rob Goldstone ready to come to U.S. and talk to Mueller

What happens to innocent men in Gadsden, Alabama

The kiss.

LA radio station: We tipped off 'news partners' before publishing Franken allegations

A 'Toothless' Old Law Could Have New Fangs, Thanks To Robert Mueller

Happy 75th birthday, Bob Gaudio, of the Royal Teens and the Four Seasons

Megyn Kelly on Trump criticizing Franken: 'How tone deaf, Mr. President'

Florida Democratic Party chair apologizes after 6 women complain of 'demeaning' behavior

Ohio Candidate Details His Sexual Past

Jared Kushner Hiding Information About Russia Backdoor And Wikileaks Contacts, Senators Say

Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Details His Sexual Exploits With '50 Very Attractive Females'

"Lock Him Up"? Jared Kushner lied to congress about Wikileaks communications

Will our moral righteousness help us when Franken leaves the Senate and Moore joins it?

Alabama Senate poll: Jones opens up lead over Moore

Who Wore it Better?

Gisele Bundchen, Wife of Tom Brady, Rips Trump Elephant Trophy Policy

Judge Ruchie, the Hasidic Superwoman of Night Court

According to one estimate, wealthy couples in NYC need $190 million to keep their heads above water

I'm a guy, but may I make a suggestion for curtailing sexual harassment by powerful men?

My mom died without me because Walmart would not let me leave work, paraphrasing.

Clearly, the only way to deal with lecherous old men in Congress

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy

Infamous Tech Industry Predictions and Quotations (fascinating article with tons of quotes)

Wyden-- Families earning $30,000 and under are going to get clobbered with a tax hike.

CNN Reminds readers that the 'president' is a serial sexual abuser

Surgery Reveals North Korean Defector Is Riddled With Parasitic Worms

A 'Toothless' Old Law Could Have New Fangs, Thanks To Robert Mueller

Former Franken female staffers speak out: He treated us with the utmost respect

A real Ad by a Louisiana Brankruptcy Lawyer

How Jared Kushner's Newspaper Became a Favorite Outlet for WikiLeaks Election Hacks

Trump starts paying his own legal bills on Russia probe: attorneys

Argentina's navy searches for missing submarine with 44 on board

Pizza for Breakfast, but Not What You Think

Man accidentally shoots himself, wife during gun discussion at church

U.S. towns, cities fear taxpayer revolt if Republicans kill deduction

Peruvian Grilled Chicken: A Spicy, Succulent Delight

Which domestic abusers will go on to commit murder? This one act offers a clue. (Snyder/WaPo)

Anti-LGBT GOP rep quits after caught having sex with man in his office.

Taxpayers pay legal bill to protect Trump business profits

The House Just Voted to Bankrupt Graduate Students

GOP will bankrupt graduate students. This is Zach's story

CFPB now to be run by Mulvaney. It will now be known as...

Thus, if Franken steps down, Dayton can sitll appoint another Democrat.

Nearing the end of the first quarter it's Deep State 57 Trump U. 7

West Virginia group opposing anti-discrimination ordinance files petition


You Know You are Dating a CHINESE Woman When...

Governor of Alabama says she thinks Roy Moore is guilty, and also shes going to vote for him

In 2020 our candidate running against Trump:

Ohio State suspends fraternity activity indefinitely

"The Huck" is at it again...

Maine town official refuses to stand for pledge as protest against Trump

Ohio governor candidate brags about sexual history

Ex-Delaware County judge guilty of theft

fwiw, about Franken

The idiot that wrote down 36000 in 99 before bubble burst is talking, he said stocks were cheap

I Opposed Bill Clinton's Impeachment and I Don't Regret It

I thought some of you might get a kick out of this.

A loss for Franken - the "Blue Slip"

I love AL! Buuut.....?? Er,,,,

Head of Puerto Rico's electric utility resigns amid questions about slow repairs in hurricane's wake

Ivanka and the fugitive from Panama

Why Trumps Elephant Trophy Policy Is all About Hillary

I've got two words for sarah huckabee sanders

Most adult humans are sexual beings.

Tom Emmer has come out with a statement

Clovis Expressed Staunchly Pro-Russian Views A Year Before Campaign

Tom Emmer has come out with a statement

Indiana Republican charged with 3 counts of child molestation

The Chinese connection to the Zimbabwe 'coup'

A Democrat and ex-Republican team up to end two-party politics

Can someone tell me how to copyright my book?

'Don't spew that stuff on me!': Shouting match erupts in Senate over GOP tax plan

No Wonder Trump likes the Tax plan so much

Poll on Al Franken

An educated population is dangerous to an oligarchy

In Everett, we mourn the demise of 747 passenger service

Report: Nearly 30 million uninsured in first half of 2017

According to one estimate, wealthy couples in NYC need $190 million to keep their heads above water

Fighting an enemy free of shame

Turn on Jake Tapper right fucking now

Trump About to Be Hit With a Legal Tidal Wave

Bill O'Neill's campaign manager resigns following controversial Facebook post

Selective outrage: Trump criticizes Franken, silent on Moore

Two accidentally shot in church while discussing church shootings

Tax Bill: Congrats to all the private jet-owning coal miners!

Michael Gerson: When lies become routine, corruption follows

Arizona Supreme Court rejects GOP lawmakers' suit to overturn state's Medicaid expansion

Senate candidate Moore's wife says 'he will not step down'

It sure looks to me like "l'affaire Franken" was timed to distract from the Trump Ocean Club story.

Comey tweets Eisenhower quote about the importance of integrity

"People who live in glass white houses shouldn't throw stones" - Jake Tapper

White House: Difference between Franken, Trump allegations is Franken 'admitted wrongdoing'

Was Franken "groping" photo photoshopped in 2009?

It's Time to Revisit Trump's History With Women

Report: Papadopoulos Says Trump Knew He'd Meet With Foreigners

Sorry. There's no equivalence between Republicans and Democrats on sexual harassment.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 17, 2017

Gov. Kay Ivey to vote for Roy Moore in U.S. Senate race

Watch Jon Stewart Return to 'Daily Show' as 'Bernie Bernstein'

The lifting of the trophy ban has hit me the hardest of anything yet.

Speaker Ryan does a Mnuchin - By Ann Telnaes ('toon)

Poll: 60 percent to blame Trump, GOP for ObamaCare problems

I know Roy Moore. He's always been a con artist.

Glimpse of a post-American world

"Trump bldg in Panama has ties to Russian mafia, international crime"

Tesla Semi truck stands to shake up the trucking industry

Fox panelist defends Roy Moore: He hasn't molested any teens 'that we know of' since getting married

In 1976 UF required calculus if you majored in business

Cliff's Notes for DU today: "I believe her... unless he is a liberal Democrat"

Jeff Sessions Just Joked About His Russia Connections

Injured defector's parasites and diet hint at hard life in North Korea

The photo was altered in some way on the day Al Franken won his Senate election,

GOP defends Trump judicial nominee with no trial experience

No, Roy, God won't solve our problems

Clinton on Trump Election: There Are Lots of Questions About Its Legitimacy

Administration Bans Memos Obama Used To Allow Transgender Students to Utilize Bathrooms of Choice

Hillary Resigns...

Moore backer says 'he's the closest thing to a Founding Father'

Twitter Link to Video: Bernie Sanders speaks at Burlington High School

One Reason Alabama Likes Roy

Navy admits to skydrawing penis over Washington State

Top Democratic staffer resigns after 'inappropriate conduct'

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Plans to Vote for Moore

ID photos on food stamp cards?

'Terrorist' case dismissed against OU dining-hall cook

When it comes to Moore I keep hearing ... "Where's the proof?"

My first reaction to any news story is it good for the Democrats

Ready for Trump TV? Inside Sinclair Broadcastings Plot to Take Over Your Local News

A Twitter Account With Two Fake IDs Accused a Democrat of Assault. Then Pro-Trump Sites Ran With It

Richard Nixon declared 44-years ago today, "I'm not a crook"

Trump sends new $44 billion request for hurricane relief

BRANDING! We're #6! USA falls from #1 to #6 in reputation/brand

Has Leeann Tweeden explained her support for Trump?

Senator Sherrod Brown Out Here Pissing Off Republicans by Stating the Obvious

Sarah Huckabee Sanders........Trump Not Guilty of sexual wrong doing........

More Heavy Rainand a MedicaneAre Possible as Cyclone Numa Churns Near Greece -good read

*Hoo-boy* Redskins will open parking lots eight hours early for Thanksgiving tailgating

****** BREAKING*****Third poll in a row to show Pedo Moore trailing Stand Up Guy Jones 47-42 *

I don't believe anyone automatically, whether the accuser or the accused.

Murkowski Tax Vote Contingent on Health Vote First

HyunA(현아) - '베베 (BABE)' Official Music Video

Please reconcile these things for me

How (why) did this work?

What's with the Orrin Hatch tough guy shtick ?

Cuyahoga County disputes auditor's findings, says $1.7 million in extra pay was proper

Everything you ever wanted to know about 'Body Armor' (flak jackets)

Law clerk by day, ghost hunter by night, now Trump's judiciary nominee (WP)

Our childish President

Hey, Alabama

Actress Ann Wedgeworth Dead at 83; Tony Award Winner

Why Trumps Elephant Trophy Policy Is all About Hillary

Navy acknowledges pilot drew male genitalia in the sky (Okay, this sex crap is getting ridiculous!)

How Richard Cordray's impending entry into the governor's race changes the game

I recently re-watched Star Trek, The Next Generation episode "Tapestry"

Sen Claire MacCaskill

Real Time with Bill Maher guests

Hooray.....Al Franken topics are down to only 8 threads here on DU.

No words

Game Changer: Tesla unveils 500-mile-range Semi (and just for fun: 620 mile range Roadster)

Greg Gianforte misled police after assault of Guardian journalist, report reveals.

Pierce: A Trump Family Thanksgiving: Pass the Affidavits! The Stuffing Is Bugged!

Report: black men get longer sentences for the same federal crime as white men

Tobin and Cupich: Battling the bullies; creating a culture of encounter

"Trump's HYP_OCRISY Knows No END"; Jake Tapper BRILLIANTLY DES_TROYS Trump.

Roy Moore scandal ignites fundraising explosion for Democratic challenger Doug Jones

I'd like to see if LeAnn Tweeden cashed a large check or is driving a new Mercedes.

A Question about Beef

11 new things we just learned about Chris Christie Posted November 17, 2017 at 06:03 PM Updated No

How important is it for a senator to know whether a caller lives in his/her state?

Breaking: Franken pic metadata proves Tweeden is LYING

Oooooo, Orrin haz a mad!

Conservatives Reap the Whirlwind of Their War on the Media

Ex-GOP lawmaker fondled teenager at conservative event

Alabama: by the numbers

Jeff Koterba's Nov. 17 cartoon: The little train that might

Kushner failed to disclose outreach from banker "accused of links to Russian organized crime"

Good news in GOP tax bill.... if you own your own plane.

Smoking gun on Kushner? You decide: