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Archives: November 16, 2017

Fight Over Moore Beginning to Divide Alabama GOP

Isolated Canadians welcome highway linking country's south to Arctic Ocean

haven't heard from Steve Bannon lately

Brazil's oil sale plans prompt fears of global fossil fuel extraction race

Jeff Sessions - The Way We Perjure

Alabama Man Wins $7.5M Against Walmart

Not the Onion: An Open Letter To Sean Hannity From Roy Moore

Brazil's oil sale plans prompt fears of global fossil fuel extraction race

Congress Urged To Tighten Rules On Chinese State Media In US

Now heres my vote for President in 2020 if he runs......

Tim Kaine calls for eliminating superdelegates

Pressing Toxic Don on Moore must be VERY scary for Tox

So Roy - Is It The 10 Commandments?

4,000-Year-Old Prenup Mentions Infertility, Surrogacy and Divorce

It's actually hilarious, and unfortunately enlightening,

We need extreme vetting

Roy Moore... and enter...Dinesh D'Souza ____ not go well

Four Films Honoring Our Native Veterans

I'm helping form a Democratic Women's Club in my red county!

Handmaids Protest Pres. Trumps Birth Control Rollback

I wonder who this guy voted for:

Mystery of Pluto's Super-Cold Weather Solved

Did Rudy Giuliani Have Anything To Do With Wikileaks & HRC's E-mails?....

Our Governments Last Powerful, Progressive Regulator Just Resigned

A mad world: capitalism and the rise of mental illness

Proof that trump will go down in history as the BIGGEST ASSHOLE PRESIDENT EVER!!!

Washington state AG's office confirms Justice Department circulating AT&T Time Warner complaint

I wonder if some "cold case" investigators are looking at missing girls

How to? Transfer to new laptop, cable

GE commercial, Holly made a lot of workers lose their jobs

*A Year in Space, Scott Kelly, PBS @ 8:00 p.m. EST

Michael Bennet

Senators Bob Corker and Mark Warner Discuss Bipartisanship in Politics - TimesTalks D.C

Update: Northern CA Gunman Also Killed His Wife

Roy Moore says he is being "harassed" by the media, threatens lawsuit against

Did maggot overturn the Ivory trade ban?

Longtime Democratic State Rep. Richard Lindsey to retire from House

Tax cuts and jobs

Moore's Lawyer said on TV that not once has Moore acted inappropriately when he's been w/him.

The State of Puerto Rico?

Trump is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

New tool quantifies power imbalance between female and male characters in Hollywood movie scripts

Good grief when does Tweety stop promoting his latest book?

A cop in Baltimore is gravely injured after being shot.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 16 November 2017

Reporter: Should Roy Moore resign Mr. 'president'?.....the chickenshit walked......

Donnie Short Fingers speech

Speling is impourtent!

Sir Elton John on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

3 Degrees C: Outlooks For Dhaka, Paris, New Orleans, Norilsk, Cape Town - DW

Shitfight W/I ALEC On Proposed Rollback Of Carbon Endangerment Finding

Shitstain Had Shark-Fin Soup While Visiting Vietnam

24 Of 28 Chinese Cities Fail To Meet Air Quality Targets In October

Trump reverses Obama era restriction on Ivory Trade... Pay To Slay in effect....

Bernie, and Indivisible organizing resistance

Looks like Charles Manson is on his way out, the only way he could ever get out

Did you ever think you'd hear the phrase "Release the yearbook" in a U.S. Senate race?

Senator Elizabeth Warren's press Conference on CFPB Richard Cordray

Heading to Hong Kong tomorrow on a vacation.

You're kidding me, right? Department: Jared Fogle now sovereign citizen

At Least 14 Dead In Massive Athens Flooding; As Much As 15 Inches More Rain In Forecast

2017-11-15 Facebook Live - MoveOn.ORG, LIVE with U.S. Sen. Sanders

Update on Virginia House of Delegates race

Two more women describe unwanted overtures by Roy Moore at Alabama mall

Meet 'Oumuamua! The 1st Interstellar Visitor Ever Seen Gets a Name

Homeless man injured in arrest betrayed' by no charging decision

Chief Inspector Murphy on dinner patrol

GOP tax plan would kill thousands of planned affordable housing units in Washington state

Washington post: high school senior got a call at high school during trig

Tool Monkeys, Fuck Yeah! 41 Billion Tons Of CO2 Added To Atmosphere In Just One Year!!


2017-11-15 Facebook Live - MoveOn.ORG, LIVE with U.S. Sen. Sanders

Ex-Oklahoma seismologist felt pressured in earthquake work

Alchemy, phrenology, the Piltdown Man, weapons of mass destruction, trickle-down economics---

The Republican tax plan is deeply unpopular and unimportant to many Americans

From Talking Points Memo - Roy Moores racist lawyer defending him by attacking the host

Ivanka Trump says there is a special place in hell for those who prey on children. The NRA maybe

Police knew 'madman' had illegal guns before killing rampage


BREAKING: Two more women describe unwanted overtures by Roy Moore at Alabama mall

Documents: US Steel sought to keep chemical spill secret

2020 Bumper Sticker...

Trump to reverse ban on elephant trophies from Africa (WHY? GREED.)

Egypt displays previously unseen King Tut artifacts

Black People Are 75% More Likely to Live Near Toxic Oil and Gas Facilities

Has anybody else seen this piece of $%%&%#?

Cremated Remains of the 'Buddha' Discovered in Chinese Village

What is up with Roy Moore's

Treasury boss Mnuchin, wife raise eyebrows with big money photo op

Yeah, at this point, you can just SMELL the desperation...

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Goblin

The Dem Coalition: Help us put this billboard up outside of Moore's campaign HQ in Birmingham

Victims of El Salvadors Civil War Demand Reparations

Eliz Warren will be on Maddow show tonight for those who are interested.

Argentina lawyer named in FIFA trial commits suicide - police

Two U.S. Senate Republicans critical of party's tax plan

Argentina lawyer named in FIFA trial commits suicide - police

Fox news answer to having to talk about pedo moore

Here is video of CEOs admitting that they will not invest their GOPee tax cuts.

Peru's ex-soccer official accused of threatening witness in U.S. trial

Roy Moore's name is required by law to remain on the ballot.

Holiday songs, Republican style, courtesy of Twitter.

We have game of watch Hannity until he says something stupid

States with 0 to 1 Democratic US Senators likely to gain another Democratic US Senator by 2022.

Abbott adviser sounds alarm that Virginia results should be 'wakeup call' for GOPers, even in Texas

Charged with El Chapo in Chicago; dead in Mexico after torture

Sign the GOP Tax Scam petition

Charged with El Chapo in Chicago; dead in Mexico after torture

Mexico migrant killings: Police detain suspect

16 Women and Donald Trump

What the actual hell is wrong with these people?

If the Harvey Weinstein news

Roy Moore Pens Open Letter to Sean Hannity After His '24 Hour' Call

Like Bond villains: What happened when Steven Mnuchin and his wife posed with a sheet of money

Anne Arundel Councilman Michael Peroutka listed on re-released letter of support for Roy Moore.

Moore's Lawyer Is As Nutty As Roy

Hillary Clinton on Trump's Special Counsel Threat: "This Is Such an Abuse of Power"

Five days woo ya. I guess

Tribe: Each elephant "has more empathy, intellect & majesty than the entire Trump herd put together"

Does Congress Think Trump Can Be Trusted With Nuclear Weapons? (Mother Jones on Senate hearing)

IRS plans to keep Trump's tax returns in a safe

Rachel just said, "New breaking news on Alabama race, that happened in the last 2 minutes"

Trump has decided to make his mass shooting tweets much easier.....

Buried Lede: Western SIGINT, not the Steele Dossier, sparked the US IC investigation of Trump's Krem

Rare Da Vinci painting smashes world records with $450 million sale

If the Dems can take control of the Government in 2020

Trump Judicial Nominee Brett Talley Appears to Have Defended "the First KKK" in Message Board Post

Texas Sheriff Posts to Facebook Threatening Criminal Charges against Driver with Anti-Trump Sticker

Drake stops concert and calls out man touching women inappropriately.

Getting Medicaid Expansion on the Ballot in ID, WY, UT, SD, NE, OK, MO, FL, and MS in 2018

Explaining the Global Rise of Dominance Leadership

Sean Hannity is such a joke!

This is Idiocracy the movie

Oh my:

What about Trump?

Jennifer Rubin

TPM - Josh Marshall "Republicans, You Built This - This Being Roy Moore"

GOP leaders weigh drastic plan to save Alabama Senate seat

California mass shooter killed wife, buried her beneath floor

Two nights of Looney Tunes in my red 'burb.



If Doug Jones-AL follows Scott Brown-MA lead, What state will Doug Jones run from in 2022?

MSNBC's Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle

Gunman in California shooting spree needed mental help, sister says

The Roy Moore episode

Kick and rec if you long for the day when cable news doesn't say "trump" in a 24 hr period.

This Device could bring emergency power to Puerto Rico

HuffPo: In Some Evangelical Circles, Grown Men Pursuing Teens Isnt All That Unusual

As national party abandons Moore, Bannon and Alabama GOP dig in

The Fusion GPS testimony

Must be getting to winter, the stop lights are telling "Weight, Weight, Weight..."

Accuser recalls 1991 incident with Moore

Toyota, Mazda narrows choice to North Carolina and Alabama

Toyota, Mazda narrows choice to North Carolina and Alabama

Trump admin. to reverse ban on elephant trophies from Africa

Crouching cyber Hidden Cobra: US warns (North Korean) hackers are at it again with new software

You know what pisses me off most about Roy Moore

CNN: House Dems introduce articles of impeachment against Trump

The Congressional Black Caucus strongly opposes calls to abolish superdelegates.

Gangs, officials square off in Honduras over campaign access

Moore's defenders all insist that his offenses were years ago. WRONG.

Bernie Bernstein and the Pedophile of Azkaban, er, Alabama

New poster: "Doug Jones--Allowed to enter every mall in Alabama."

Taxpayers pay legal bill to protect Trump business profits

Jonathan Turley is Not a Reliable Authority on the Constitution

'Bring it On' Director, Peyton Reed‏ to Moore: ' f**king pedophile.'

Pro-Trump blogger who worked with dead Clinton email hunter may have sparked WikiLeaks Trump Jr.

From The Guardian 2016: Hillary Clintons little-known crusade to save Africas elephants

GOT7 "Just right(딱 좋아)" M/V

GOT7 "Just right(딱 좋아)" M/V

Surrogate carries twins for Chinese couple -- one turns out to be her OWN baby--Chinese couple wants

Seth Meyers: Jeff Sessions Testifies, Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks: Monologue - Jon Stewart - 11/14/17

[도깨비 OST Part 1] 찬열, 펀치 (CHANYEOL, PUNCH) - Stay With Me MV

The Daily Show: Trump-Proofing America's Nukes

A list of vile cults that condone and/or engage in sexual exploitation of underage girls:

I've Had enough of Anderson Cooper..

Tweet on gun control:

Did the Feds Just Flip the Man Who Could Bring Down Flynn?

Man with "F*ck Trump" sign on truck threatened with disorderly conduct

Make America F****ing Awesome! (cross posted)

Make America F****ing Awesome! (cross posted)

"String Quartet Set: IV. Rondeaux" (Lou Harrison)

The man-made world is horribly designed. But copying nature helps.

"Symphony No. 2 Elegiac 5./The Sweetness of Epicurus" (Lou Harrison)

"Suite for Violin and American Gamelan: Chaconne" (Lou Harrison)

Trump to tap nuclear industry lobbyist for U.S. Energy Dept job

"Irish Rhapsody No. 6 for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 191- Sir Charles Villiers Stanfor"


Uuno Klami: "Merikuvia"/"Sea Pictures", Iceland Symphony Orchestra/Petri Sakari

Sorry guys, but Saturday is another Election Day.

Two thousand progressives step forward on National Run for Office Day

A Radioactive Cloud Wafts Over Europe, With Russia as Chief Suspect

'Absolutely not': Richard Shelby won't vote for Roy Moore

Just when you think that wingers can't be any more stupid than they already are...

Employee charged with stealing $550k from Ashford trucking company

Owner Of Payday Lending Enterprise Found Guilty of Orchestrating $220 M Fraudulent Lending Scheme

Chelsea Handler jumps on Juanita Broaddrick bandwagon, earns praise from Hannity

Navy recruits will have to pass a run test prior to boot camp starting in January

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/15/17

Alabama Baptists condemn 'alt-right white supremacy'

Game: RISK (funny)

Potentially liveable planet found just 11 light years away

Alabama seniors say Roy Moores alleged actions were normal back then

Thousands to benefit as 'breakthrough' breast cancer drugs approved for NHS use

FOUND: Footage of Alabama mall owners banning Roy Moore from premises

Koch Bros. in a deal to buy Time mag.

Mississippi governor's budget has free community college

Rare genetic mutation found in Amish community could combat ageing

New Allegations Surface Against Moore As His Campaign Tries To Discredit An Accuser

Unseen Footage of Pink Floyd Playing in 1970.

Jackson police kill one, maim one on Wednesday

Texas cops hunt man with massive 'F***K TRUMP' sticker on the back of his pickup

I wonder if the gop will split into two parties

Russia if youre listening,Oh no I think I lost my wifes grandmothers meatloaf recipe

I wish watermelons would start advertising on Hannity just so Gallagher could get some work

Swastikas & anti-Semitism rife on Britain campuses. Holocaust Denial Literature being distributed.

Art school apologizes after student hangs giant swastika image in central hall. London.

How Integration Failed in Jackson's Public Schools from 1969 to 2017

Coming up on 'Morning Joe'. Guests include:

DOJ targets Jackson in 'sanctuary city' crackdown

Mississippi's public assistance 'most meager, least accessible' in the nation, report says

A Sessions political cartoon that nicely sums it all up

Mississippi budget practices receive mixed grades

The delicious irony...yesterday, Trump literally turned the situation into WATERgate.

VA HD race Gop leads by 82,gave wrong ballot to 668 voters in liberal precinct, could flip VA house

If you are 65+, you should ALREADY have called your House rep

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Judging the ex-Judge

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - He trusts Putin

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - Tax Plan Scam

Thursday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Dem senator jokes: 'Moment of weakness' led me to share photo comparing Trump, Obama

Australia same-sex marriage: Senators rise to applaud speech

Up to 20,000 Medicaid recipients could be impacted by work requirement

Governor wants to wait for a big-impact project to spend BP money

Martin O'Malley's new PAC aims to help down-ballot Democrats

Members of Congress Call for Discharge of Puerto Ricos Debt

Sigh. The new environmental advisor?

Charles Blow excoriates the "religious right" in NYT op-ed

Mississippi Power wants to raise rates by 8.5 percent

What is DUs opinion on Jordan Peterson?

Former Biloxi schools police chief indicted in embezzlement

Carried Interest Break Still In GOP Tax Bill

Moore loses support of "conservative, pro-life, anti-establishment" Alabama blogger

Attorneys defend Mississippi law on denying LGBT services

When I attempt to open a video

FOX is going crazy with Bill Clinton whataboutism.

Mark Taylor: Illuminati-Controlled Hurricanes Hit Texas And Florida To Punish Trump Voters

Liberals, your arms are to short to box with God.

Moore attorney invokes MSNBC host's 'background' to explain Moore's dating 'process'

Miss Teen Pagent and the monster

Trump: "Be careful, there are many pitfalls on the long and winding road of life!"

Sean Hannity Stands by Roy Moore After 24-Hour Ultimatum

Roy Moore tried to look tough but ended up tweeting

EXCLUSIVE Russian General Denies He's Behind the U.S. Election Plot

Ex-NFL player confirmed as 1st diagnosis of CTE in living patient

McConnell&co. discussing asking Alabama Sen. Strange 2 resign & thus new special election

Create jobs??

GOP strategists worry incumbents aren't ready for a blue wave

Trump offers advice to UCLA players: 'Be careful, there are many pitfalls' in life

How Doug Jones could pull off a stunner in Alabama

The symbolism couldn't be any more apparent if it smacked you in the face with a leather glove.

Hope Hicks may hold the keys to Mueller's Russia puzzle

Heard the gop tax plan deletes form 2106

The Daily 202: Trump voters have buyer's remorse in North Carolina focus group

Is it possible for a Party to pass a tax cut that is "permanent"?

Fox & Friends On Trump's Mid-Speech Water Break: 'So Cute How He Used Both Hands!'

Taxpayers footing legal bill for Trump's private business lawsuits: report

16 women tell their heartbreaking stories of sexual assault by Trump

Senate Republicans look to Trump to restore order amid Alabama upheaval

In Roy Moore's Senate race, anonymous threats, deceptive texts, alternative facts

What Is Trump's Reaction to Roy Moore? Not a Word, Because He's Also an Accused Sexual Assaulter

Republican governors fear a 2018 midterm wipeout after Virginia loss

Republicans see rising Dem odds in Alabama

House GOP campaign chairman joins calls for Moore to step aside

Calling a horse's tail a "leg" doesn't mean the horse has five legs.

Hundreds arrested in MS-13 crackdown: report

". . . the whole truth and nothing but the truth." . . . Please come CAPTION Roy Moore!!!!

OH . My . GOD . Hahahahahaha. GO STEPHANIE!!!!

Suroosh Alvi Investigates The Future of Firearms

DU Gentlemen

Charges dropped against man seen punched by officer in video

Oregon state senator files sex harassment complaint

So, Alabamans will decide whether they are labeled pedophile supporting idiots, or not.

The GOP is about to pass its awful tax bill. Where the HELL is the Resistance?

moore's lawyer on yearbook, 'let's see if the ink is 40 years old or a week'

The Final Breach of Judge Roy Moore

Monster convicted of torturing 8-year-old to death because he thought the child was gay

Mueller vs Trump/Russians

They really expect people to buy this "trickle-down" bullshit once again?

So Devin Nunes' opponent, Andrew Janz, just put up this billboard in his district......

Exclusive: Steyer launches second $10 million anti-Trump ad buy

Climate change forces thousands of Colombians to move

Climate change forces thousands of Colombians to move

Conway: "The president will make a statement (on Moore) when he wants to make a statement."

Just got an email from my local Indivisible group that my Repug Rep Faso is a NO on the tax bill!

Remember to use the Spell to Bind Trump tonight.

Notes on Remarkable Courage in Alabama:

Congrats Serena and Alexis

The mystery microbes making rock in a Chilean lake

The mystery microbes making rock in a Chilean lake

Ancient German Forest Being Razed for Coal Mines.

Defaulted Federal Loan Official Resigns After Pro Publica Report

Republicans: Enrage your colleagues - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Seth Meyers nails it.

House Has Reportedly Paid Out $15 Million in Sexual-Harassment Settlements

'Fiddler on the Roof' explains the GOP tax bill. Here's how.

I notice a difference between CNN and MSNBC

Students Give Final Farewell For Homeless Veteran With No Family

Is anyone watch Stephanie on MSNBC

2018/2020/2022 US Senate Election-Democrats guide to a majority.

LEAKED: 60 Russian Payments "To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016

Cards Against Humanity Buys Land on Border to Block Mexico Wall

Trump time..........

Moore Accusers Lawyer Says Shell Hand Over Yearbook To Congress

I really have very few birthday wishes today

"Heil Trump"

The Entire World Has Worked to Save the Elephants

Was Hannity Picked Up On Wiretaps Of Julian Assange?

Don't be relieved only five people died in California. Be enraged. - WaPo Editorial Board

Japan Rail Operator Says Sorry, as Train Leaves 20 Seconds Early

Hello. Please drop the obsession with pedophile Roy Moore and CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES -T O D A Y-

Trumps favorite poll has him dropping

Resourceful cat discovers yet another use for humans

Why would any GOP candidate stick with Trump? - By Jennifer Rubin

Connie Pillich Blasts Richard Cordray's Abandonment of CFPB

House Republican says tax cuts always boost the economy. Theres just one problem

As his Asia trip ends, Trump's approval ratings dip - hit new low

I was skeptical about Nicole Wallace being on MSNBC because of her history

Kellyanne Conway: Trump will make a statement about Roy Moore when he feels like it

I released 2,000 minks from a fur farm. Now I'm a convicted terrorist

I think Roy Moore is staying in the race to raise money for his "defense" fund...

Ben Carsons public housing plan would be crippled if the GOPs tax bill passes

Special counsel Robert Muellers team is preparing to interiew Hope Hicks.

Is Trump pissed off because Roy Moore is stealing all his media attention?

Trump Organization worth one tenth of value previously reported

Double Roasted Herbed Potato recipe

Fisker has filed patents for solid-state batteries (2.5 times energy density, 500 mi range)

Hey Pedo Moore,,,,,,,,

Twitter pulls 'blue check' for white nationalist Richard Spencer, others

Dirty Robocalls In Alabama Aimed At Framing WaPo Reporters and Jewish People

All Franken also?

Senators introduce bipartisan gun background check bill

Rumblings of some House Dems starting an Antitrust Caucus!

US TV coverage of Las Vegas attack ignored gun violence solutions, report finds

Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent, And Theres Nothing Funny About It

'This is surreal': descendants of slaves and slaveowners meet on US plantation

Chris Cuomo slams Sean Hannity for refusing to condemn Roy Moore

Saw John Mclaughlin & Jimmy Herring last night

Chump is about to test his old lows at Real Clear Politics approval average

E-mail from Michael Moore this morning

So, can the doubters now start believing Anita Hill?

If the Al Franken gropping is real, he should resign as soon as:

Boycott Alabama

Diane Feinstein requests documents from Roger Stone

Looks Like Roy is giving spank bank recommendations to McConnell

And then they're coming for your Social Security disability benefits, MAGA faithful...

How was the GOP able to demonize Hillary Clinton to the extent they did?

Russia's state TV host asks Kislyak to name all Trump admin officials with whom he met...

Moron's interview with CNN 1990

A Democratic staffer is carrying this chart to the House floor right now

Titanocene Electrocatalysts for Ammonia Synthesis.

Alabama gov rejects idea to delay special election

NEW/Updated: Statement From Al Franken:

With Roy Moore and Donald Trump,

Re: Fox's attempt to Whatabout the Moore allegations with old allegations regararding Bill Clinton

Unfit ...

Williamson County Waffles Again On Selling Its Medical Center

Iran Refuses Israeli Offer of Aid Following Deadly Earthquake

Norway's $1tn wealth fund proposes ditching oil and gas investments

Amazing artwork - Hammered Steel Lion

Testing Vendor Claims Tennessee Still Owes $25M For Work On TNReady, Despite Failure To Launch

PSA: It is NOT difficult to avoid sexually assaulting women

Tennessee Lawmakers Say They Want Better Answers To Scathing Prison Audit

Senate's new gun law reuses old ideas and stops short on background checks

Conceding 'Megasite' Still Isn't Ready, Tennessee Officials Say They're Going To Ask For Help

Federal judge limits St. Louis police conduct during protests

'Inappropriate behavior' with man in his office led to Ohio lawmaker's ouster

Why Incompetent People Think Theyre Amazing

Senate tax bill cuts taxes of wealthy & hikes taxes of families earning under $75,000 over a decade

Charles Manson hospitalized in Bakersfield; prison officials say only that he is still alive

Auto-correct plus no reading glasses equals trouble

The Franken allegation is headline breaking news on CNN*

Billionaire founder of Insys to plead not guilty to opioid bribe scheme

UPDATED Franken apologizes after groping allegation: 'It was clearly intended to be funny but wasn't

2018 elections are coming in less than a year. DEM candidates need 2b clean & non-creepy. PLEASE!

Got a question. What do you consider to be "out of bounds" when it comes to male - female contact?

So these friends of Roy Moore's

IBM urged to avoid working on 'extreme vetting' of U.S. immigrants

Carter Page spotted at House Intel today

With all these sexual harassment revelations, why isn't Trump getting a deeper look?

Scott Maxwell points out the strange interaction between newspapers and legislative non-action.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh was hired by Prevezon to help negotiate its $5.9 million settlement

Twice burned - How Mt. Gox's bitcoin customers could lose again

Countries, states, provinces vow to phase out coal use

Am I an "atypical" male? Recent news has me shaking my head...

Virtual flash mob request. Tonight, 7:00 EST. Please join.

Why can't some men go to work and just do their job? (edited)

Scott Maxwell points out the strange interaction between FL newspapers and legislative non-action.

Anti-Trump sticker on Texas pick-up truck riles sheriff

What's Going On With the Virginia House of Delegates?

I'm OK with Franken resigning

In a battle of wits you must choose a partner

Republicans want to destroy Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security. We need your help to defeat them.

Republicans want to destroy Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security. We need your help to defeat them.

Samantha Bee Takes Aim At Critically-Acclaimed Pervert Louis C.K.

I can't help but think that the timing of the Franken accusation

Jeff Sessions's DOJ: From Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch to zero black senior staff members

Mitch McConnell calls for Ethics Committee probe of Al Franken in light of groping allegations

McConnell calls for Ethics review of Franken in light of groping allegations

Did the Feds Flip Turkish Businessman Reza Zarraband Could He Bring Down Michael Flynn?

Sen. Warren: Who Does This Government Work For?

China appears to have crossed Trump on North Korea

The GOP has doubled standard the Franken vs. Moore situation once again!

Tennessee college tuition hikes should be low this year, and officials want to keep that trend going

Well The GOP Pushed And Got A Sexual Predator On The Supreme Court.


What happens when Nazis hijack your brand


Menendez jury says again that it is deadlocked

Exclusive: Secret witness in Senate Clinton probe is ex-lobbyist for Russian firm

NFL attacks Cowboys owner Jerry Jones's 'antics' as feud escalates

Both sides aren't the same and never will be.

McConnell: Ethics Committee should review Franken allegations

Zimbabwe: Mugabe and military talks continue amid political limbo

Massive Grenfell Tower fire claimed 71 lives, police say

'Death of democracy' in Cambodia as court dissolves opposition

I was firm with my concerns and warnings regards to, " Trial by Media"...

Where was mcconnell when dave vitter was prancing with the hookers?

Lift Yemen blockade or thousands will die, UN agencies tell Saudis

Board Votes to Expand Wine Options for Arkansas Grocers

Menendez jury deadlocked

Before we get uptight about Franken, let's see all 260 Congressional sexual harassment settlements

Andrea Mitchell speech is slurred!

Kellyanne Conway attacks female MSNBC host over coverage of Roy Moore scandal

Looks like the vast right wing conspiracy in action today re Franken.

The six likeliest ways this whole Roy Moore saga could end, ranked

Required comedy viewing in the Trump era

Tennessee state Rep. JoAnne Favors: 'Time to take a different path'

Meredith Bid for Time Inc. Said to Be Backed by Koch Brothers

Okay, this is how NOT to respond to the Al Franken story...

Full response by Senator Franken

Senators Burr, Tillis oppose Trump's EPA nominee Dourson: reports

Senators Burr, Tillis oppose Trump's EPA nominee Dourson: reports

Video of Tweeden at USO show

The time has come for people here to stop disparaging the Franken accusation...

George Takei Downunder

Global perception of US drops in 'nation brand' study

McCaskill calls for ethics investigation of Franken

Franken releases new statement, calls for ethics investigation of himself

Turkey: German gay film festival banned in Ankara

Jim LeMunyon's letter in the WSJ

Poll: Majority oppose GOP tax reform bill

Somewhere Norm Coleman is saying, "Damn you Leeann!" n/t

Knox County Sheriff's Office arrests owner of Mexican restaurant on food-stamp fraud charges

Per MSNBC: Sen. Franken encourages ethics investigation, says hell cooperate.

Toppling the Grammar Patriarchy

Republican Governors Seek to Avoid 2018 Election Damage From Trump, Moore

Toyko Train Leaves 20 Seconds Early, Company Apologizes: NPR

Tennessee's black colleges see uptick in enrollment as part of national enrollment surge

Real respect for others beliefs

I am old enough to remember "60 Minutes" in the 70s, with legendary Mike Wallace

Breaking - Mistrial in Menendez case, hung jury

Happy 144th birthday, W. C. Handy.

Al Franken is the most intelligent and honest human being in our government.

Judge declares mistrial in Menendez prosecution

Trump is the only elected official who should resign (article link)

Thank you Ellen 🐘🐘

Reel Turkey: Post a Pic from a Thanksgiving TV Show or Flick

...Elderly Alabama voters say Roy Moore's teen molestation used to be considered normal

Am I doing something wrong?

Schumer calls for ethics investigation after Franken allegations

Watch Shepard Smith Demolish Fox News' Uranium One Clinton Conspiracy Theory

MEANWHILE, in Japan:

When workplace sexual harassers are rejected.

Posted Without Comment

Just up on Slate "Al Franken Should Resign Immediately"

Who paid for lawmakers' secret sexual harassment settlement? Democrat wants answers.

how often are there ethics investigations for actions in senators' previous careers?

The longer Paul Ryan talks, the longer his nose grows......the

The FCC is expected to eliminate even more media ownership rules today.

Here's the dilemma re Al Franken

Anyone else unable to get WaPo to open

Moore accuses McConnell of double standard on Franken allegations

Breaking News: Al Franken wears diapers

SpaceX Is Launching the Secret Zuma Mission Tonight: Watch It Live!

msnbc: News Anchor: I accept Al Franken's apology. She has been telling

Who is Leann Tweeden?

For Women: Poll on Sexual Harassment, Abuse, Assault

Breaking News: Al Franken steals satellite television

CNN Airs 2010 Footage Of Franken Mentioning Name Of Accuser

This just in. Al Franken Has secret nekkid rendezvous with unknown man

Al Franken should resign at the same time as

Can you identify the states?

I Didnt come out to, I wasnt looking for anything.....

Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Franken Has Focused On The Issue As A Senator

I think the presumption of innocence for Ds and presumption of guilt for Rs

Could there possibly big a bigger hypocrite than Mitch McConnell?

Call the GOP tax plan what it really is: "The George Soros Tax Relief Act of 2017"

Lexington's rainbow crosswalk is a safety hazard, federal official says

Another one: Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old fan girl while he

House passes $1.5 Trillion tax cut

House passes GOP tax bill, upping pressure on struggling Senate effort

In lawsuit, former University of Louisville Foundation exec says he was board's 'fall guy'

I just trashed keyword F r a n k e n

Former House Speaker Jeff Hoover released from hospital following heart issues

Woman who accused Franken says she accepts his apology

Bevin administration asks for re-do on report that was critical of pension reform

Scientists Levitate Water Droplets, Figure Out What Drives 'Magical' Behavior

Last night from Roger Stone: Al Franken's time in the barrel is about to come

My "WTF?" of the day, "Gawd iz goner gimme a pony!" edition...

Hillary Clinton talks sexism in politics in speech at U.Va.

Feinstein, Grassley request more information from Jared Kushner

Lots of people have made mistakes in their lives.

Judge rules for, against Kentucky political rivals

Court documents show key claim made by Roy Moore's attorney was a lie

Al Frankens Accuser Says She Doesnt Think He Should Resign From The Senate

Will the Senate investigate these claims?

To all Republicans: A holder of high office in our federal government has been accused of past

The stupid, it burnsTrump supporters tell Jimmy Kimmel why Hillary Clinton should be impeached

Kentucky will reopen private prison despite past inmate sex abuse

Latest from Europe

I'm trying to think of a catchy name...

Roger Stone/Bannon Special?..Why was Roger Stone predicting this?

Senate Judiciary Committee: Kushner forwarded emails about 'a Russian backdoor overture & dinner inv

In Kentucky town, gay-marriage opponent Davis still divides

Hall & Oates - She's Gone

***KUSHNER received & forwarded docs concerning a Russian backdoor overture***

I have met Al Franken and have chatted

About Franken's accuser. And Bill Clinton's, for that matter. And any others.

Wall Steet Celebrates Trump and Republicans with Huge DJIA Increases

Roy Moore supporter said ...

House passes tax bill

Sky-high observatory sheds light on origin of excess anti-matter

Big surprise. King, Blum and Young all vote for the tax give away to the rich.

Dont look now, but the Republican tax bill will cut $25 billion from Medicare next year

ACLU demands Portland drop ordinance banning drag shows

Remember Vitter?

BREAKING: VANITY FAIR..The Ex-Spy Behind the Trump-Russia Dossier Left a Clue for Mueller

This is really disheartening. I thought I'd find some rational discussion of the accusations

Breitbart editor-in-chief: Ivanka Trump should stay quiet "especially when there's been so many...

Yeah it nice we get a $1200.00 tax break, while I work as a truck driver putting in over hours .....

Could this tidal wave of sexual harassment wash over Trump?

Social Security number request a Cornyn website 'glitch'

'You're a pedophile': Roy Moore gets wrecked after weighing in on Al Franken scandal

Why Should Atheists Have to Show Respect For Religion?

Woman who accused Franken says she accepts his apology

Mitch McConnell has been outraged abt Al Franken ever since he was caught on tape boasting

Kushner gave Senate Judiciary committee incomplete

McConnell calls for ethics investigation of Menendez

Democratic mega-donor Mostyn dies amid 'mental health issue'

List of potentially vulnerable GOP Reps. who voted for tax bill:

El Salvador Jesuits seek reopening of case in 1989 massacre

El Salvador Jesuits seek reopening of case in 1989 massacre

Ex-Homeland Security Secretary Ridge hospitalized in Texas

Economic analysis shows no 'Trump bump' for US economy

Questioning (re: Franken)

Did Gillespie ads turn off African American voters in Virginia?

Child molestation charges dropped against polygamist suspected of murder

Former bookkeeper gets 60-month sentence in $2 million scheme

i'm worried about Al

fulltime workers...

Democrats just caught a massive break with Bob Menendezs mistrial

Follow-up: Suspect located in the "F**k Trump" bumper sticker fiasco

Sky-high observatory sheds light on origin of excess anti-matter

Kushner failed to disclose emails he received re WikiLeaks...BUT another witness turned them over..

If every woman publicly called out every person who violated their sexual boundaries,

Harvard to Continue Support for Cuba Travel Despite Government Restrictions

George H.W. Bush accused of groping while in office.

Harvard to Continue Support for Cuba Travel Despite Government Restrictions

Christian TV producer challenging Sen. Ted Cruz in GOP primary

Evo Morales Reaffirms Bolivia's Support for Cuba vs. U.S. Blockade

Why is MSNBC giving all this airtime to a child molester?

Raining in San Francisco today

Dallas jury orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $247 million to hip implant patients

A Vast Art Project Is Transforming This Guatemalan Lakeside Town

What sexual harassment/assault victim blaming *is* and *isn't*.

Another George H W Bush alleged victim comes forward:

I wonder if Sean Hannity will give Al Franklen the benefit of the doubt like he did with Roy Moore

Trump is NOT calling for Moore to drop out

Trump has 20 accusers and promised to sue them all.

Sarah Sanders answers every question with LOOK

Oh look---Mall Boy Roy Moore just had a press conference:

Al Franken asks for ethics investigation into himself.

Thursday Afternoon Slap-O-Rama: Who Would You Like To Smack The Sh!t Out Of Today?

Felix Sater says he will cooperate w Sen Feinstein's request for information, & that if he gets to

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill-The Beatles

Re: Franken.

Tom Ridge in critical condition after heart procedure

Hannity just said to tweeden

Silly little details.. tax plan triggers $25 billion in Medicare cuts

You guys know Republicans... They smell blood in the water...

Barton seeks $84 million favor for Texas Rangers stadium before GOP tax plan kills subsidies

A message to conservatives.


I do believe the victim. There are times I change my mind on that.

Tammy Baldwin said something earlier on MSNBC that really bothered me.

BREAKING: Menendez Jury was deadlocked 10-2 for acquittal

Stories that got lost in the 2016 campaign: Roger Stone paid for Clinton accuser Willey's mortgage.

Hey Mueller!

Apology after Japanese train departs 20 seconds early

Amazon Key flaw makes entering your home undetected a possibility

My response to Donald Trump and the House GOP

Bernie Bernstein would like to remind all Alabamans that we had the 10 Commandments first

Experts: Failed execution attempt may cause legal challenges

Canadian Television on YouTube: Encore +

More Than 200,000 Gallons Of Oil Spill Along The Keystone Pipeline

The Latest: GOP plan to cut alimony deduction gets House OK

California billboard features Nunes and Trump strapped on Putin's leash

15 convictions linked to corrupt Chicago cop are thrown out

Sanders Statement on House Passage of Republican Tax Plan

Developing: More than 200,000 gallons of oil spilling out of the Keystone pipeline in S.Dakota

Vicente Fox: "What can I say? Junior enjoys killing and you enjoy destroying our climate."

Man found unfit for trial over Ten Commandments destruction

Al Franken's full statement. (Text)

Thanksgiving 🍗 Playlist 🎼

Let's Remember Together...

A Newly Elected School Board Member Served Time for Murder

South Park mocks Jerry Jones and NFL in latest episode

Did anyone notice that there was a 4th person in the room with Franken,

A second RW radio personality getting ready to smear Sen. Franken.

Are you smarter than a seventh grader or in boogs case do you weigh more than seventh grader

Unconstitutional Republican Gambit to Get Rid of Roy

Tribes make renewed push for pipeline protections

Just forced Myself to Watch another Huntaduck Press Briefing.

Pope to lawmakers: Protect all people with health care laws

Orangutan Cracks Up Watching Magic Trick. 38 seconds of reality :P

Nobody wants to be judged by their worst moment. I sure wouldn't.

You got yer serial abusers, you got yer pedophiles and

Is it me or does Tweeden's body language speak volumes...?

Zack Space campaign ad (OH-Auditor)

The night before Mueller indicts Roger Stone....

Something else about Roy Moore hitting MSNBC now.

San Francisco housing market near bubble risk....Majority of Bay Area renters plan to leave

What the hell happened in 2007? Record Congressional Settlement payout..

Going for Greek food tonight after work. Who wants to join me for Happy Hour?

Nov 17 - Sanders to hold student town meeting on opioids Friday in Burlington

The best kind of patriot (cartoon)

Did GOP dirty tricks operative Roger Stone know Al Franken story was coming?

Roy Moore settles all the issues...

Stone appeared to know Franken allegation was coming

Tom Brady too?!

How little the truth matters under Trump

Al Franken stepped up and took it like a man.

Locals business hopefuls bid for 40 permits in San Diego

Note to Jeff: 'Lock her up' is not the mission of the Justice Department

Mark Cuban: Trump cutting the corporate tax rate will have zero impact on investment

Zimbabwe latest: Mugabe 'resisting calls to resign'

The Headline tonight should be this -Bob Menendez trial ends in mistrial after jury deadlocks

Lift Yemen blockade or thousands will die, UN agencies tell Saudis

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 17 November 2017

You ever not start an art project because you're afraid?

FCC Weakens Media Ownership Rules Designed To Support Local News Outlets

Uh---a minor point about Ms. Tweeden's veracity---

You do know there are innocent people in Jail

Now I Smell a Rat!

Try groping someone through a flak jacket.

***LEAKING*** Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota

Walking While Black

Passenger pigeon genome shows effects of natural selection in a huge population

Blacks turned cities to 'slums' with 'laziness, drug use and sexual promiscuity'

So what happens if someone is determined to have alerted

Jared may be in legal jeopardy - His hidden communications with Russians

Baby boy is first marijuana overdose death, doctors claim

Just curious have any of you been accused

I don't have a double standard, I just don't believe anyone associated with Hannity

Infowars contributor Rob Dew also "predicted" Franken story before it broke.

Kuwait Airways 'within its rights' to ban Israeli - German court

Christian GOP lawmaker who pushed natural marriage resigns after same-sex tryst at Ohio office


Kaspersky defends its role in NSA breach

Are They Going to Bring Back Dennis Hastert to Stand Trial? And Newt Gingrich?

The Flat Earthers had their international conference yesterday and it was jaw-dropping

After Al Franken and Roy Moore, We Are Dangerously Close To Botching The #MeToo Moment

This is not a statement from the Franken plane "grope" photographer.

Virtual flash mob at 7:00 p.m. EST, please join.

How to freak out your dog.

So we only investigate Democrats?

A very not normal life: Gianandrea Noseda, the NSOs next music director

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 16, 2017

To all the Russian Troll Bots and right wingers on DU today about Franken-gate

A very not normal life: Gianandrea Noseda, the NSOs next music director

*******BREAKING NEWS*******

Trump never played in the NFL

Ms. Tweeden doesnt want an investigation

To The Franken Must Resign Crowd

There would be a lot of empty seats in the House and Senate...

My Head Is Spinning....

Does the women making an accusation against Franken have a tie to Hannity?

Another Trump tweet that should NEVER be forgotten (re:Keystone).

Oh! Another cooperating witness. Guy who had place in TT & mysteriously disappeared from fed prison.

Just more and more divisiveness?

How They Make McDonald's Fries

Republicans only have one plan. Sometimes they call it tax reform. Other times health-care reform

It's the hypocrisy, stupid.

Russian ambassador says he won't name all the Trump officials he's met with because

Need advice..

See i have a problem with a party that only holds ethics investigations for the other side

****BREAKING**** Pedo Moore trails Doug Jones by eight points in new poll

Truck driver with 'F-TRUMP' sticker arrested in Fort Bend County

DEFINITION: Gish Gallop (A Good Term To Use These Days)

Justice investigation into Russian laundering through Deutsche Bank gone quiet

Is all this Franken noise a cover for the request for Kushner emails

It's okay now for grown men to date 14 year old children because Al Franken ...

Because Hillary was worse than Trump?

To all the Private Aircraft owners on DU

Lately I feel like I've swished into an alternate universe. Everything is backward,

Fox is touting a poll (their poll) claiming that Trump has a 52% approval rating WTF?!!

The Pentagon mistakenly retweeted a tweet calling for Trump to resign

There are degrees of harassment and acts women endure.

Special Counsel Mueller Issued Subpoena for Russia-Related Documents From Trump Campaign Officials

To anyone who thinks Al Franken should resign, I ask only this:


Keystone pipeline