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Archives: November 15, 2017

What is today's equivalent of "torches and pitchforks"? We're there. nt

UBS Makes A Striking Discovery: Ex-Energy, US GDP Growth Is The Slowest Since 2010

He said Fucking What?

Fox News host debunks 'Uranium One' conspiracy, viewers melt down on Twitter

Another usual day in Arkansas...

Onion: "Jared And Ivanka Holding Each Other At Gunpoint In Kitchen After Simultaneously Revealing

An Observation About The Trump Campaign & White House.....

HE HAS TO GO!!! Fox fans furious after Shep Smith blows up right-wing conspiracy about Uranium One

Another Republican For Doug Jones

Cards Against Humanity buys land on Mexican border to block Trump's wall

Wow! The Judge Roy Moore saga gets creepier:

Roy Moore about to speak...

Should MSNBC trade Steve Kornacki and Hugh Hewitt for Shepard Smith ?

With Respect To Trump Jr. And His Communnications With Wikileaks......

Moore's wife went to school with accuser Nelson!

The Republican tax bill would mean a devastating $25 billion in cuts to Medicare

Vanity Fair: Has The Far Right Reached A Point Of No Return?

If I heard right, Roy Moore is going to be speaking soon. CNN 7:45 PM EST

Cyclist Killed by Tesla Car with Self-Driving Features

Just back from the Virginia Department of Elections website

Roy Moore is not the first Conservative Republican to get caught molesting children.

Blasts Heard in Zimbabwe Capital as Army Splits With Mugabe

Why did the duck go to jail?


Sessions' testimony was like the old Abbott and Costello


Just a teensy question

Dedicated to Sessions - Memory move out down South for while - I can't recall

ISTM that those who support Roy Moore are really Margaret Atwood's 'Sons of Jacob'...

Defenses of moore that I've encountered

As I was enjoying snippets of the Beauregard Follies today . . . . .

Skip James---Catfish Blues

Unlike Don the Con, Trudeau raises his concerns about rule of law with Philippines Duerte

Bet Moore is quitting. He's got his whole family

Genetically Modified Beetles Grow Working Third Eye

'Beyond A Year In Space': Astronaut Scott Kelly's Epic Documentary Airs on PBS Wednesday (Exclusive

GOP rep rushes down stairs as reporter asks about Roy Moore's accusers

Sexual Assaulters LineUp

Thank you to those

For my prediction on what President Trump will say about Roy Moore click

2018 US House Election-Democrats guide to a majority.

Trump judicial nominee who has never tried a case was a paranormal investigator:

Sportswriter Peter Vecsey sparks outrage after using racial slur to describe LeBron-Kanter scuffle

LISTEN: Curious Robocall Seeks 'Damaging' Information on Moore

Jeff Sessions could plausibly seek his old Senate seat - McConnell

Republicans in a mess with Moore

I guess Larry Flynt didn't want to lose money on Moore.

Roy Moore Cast The Sole Vote In Favor Of A Man Who Raped A Four-Year-Old

What's Behind Trump's Vitriol for the Intelligence Community?

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! In Service

Alaska Airlines to end Cuba flights

In his Stetson and vest, Roy Moore reminded me of the cowboy in "Toy Story", but I

EXCLUSIVE: Voice of America Reporter Posts Racist Reddit Memes While Receiving Taxpayer Money

Alabama GOP Threatens Retaliation for Disloyalty to Moore

Protest Poster Held up behind Rep. Lee during hearing with Sessions! Check it out!

Military coup attempt in Zimbabwe tonight. Shelter in place. CBC

2018 US Senate Election rating.

Sen. Al Franken - sums it up about AG Sessions being a liar!

Can we bring back this girl instead of the petty, spiteful little sellout she is now?

Rachel Tonight, Holy Shit; Rex Tillerson gave the security contract on the US Embassy in Moscow ..

Why Americans Dont Give a Damn About Mass Shootings: CNN

There is a truth teller at Faux Snooze...

The Pedophile is a'speechifyin'

Rachel just called the admin's behavior toward Russia "previously unthinkable submission."

The power of Dedication and Focus

From the New York Times

Dont You Feel Like Damn Fools, GOP?

Roy Moore saying he is being harassed by the media. CNN quickly switched

THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS: A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Everyone should see the documentary series Active Shooter: America Under Fire on Showtime

BREAKING: Theres definitely not a coup occurring in Zimbabwe.

What's the plural of 'phoenix'? Utah father thinks it's vulgar and a bad mascot name

Zimbabwe crisis: Army says it is 'targeting criminals', not Mugabe

Richard Engel is doing a show on Trump's overseas businesses Friday night.


Race called for Democrat in Albuquerque Mayoral Runoff race

Assuming Roy Moore-R wins the December 12 2017 election,

Woman delivers baby -- BY HERSELF -- while driving to the hospital.

Amazing piece of propaganda from "Protect the Harvest"


A Contemporary Artist Is Helping Princeton Confront Its Ugly Past

Senate GOP just added provision to their tax plan that would gut ACA

Hannity to Roy Moore: If you can't clear up your inconsistencies within 24 hours, you must drop out.

'It's official: I'm running for Lieutenant Governor

You bet on your horse from a fool(Trump) and than the whole thing starts to fall apart!

LOL!!!!! Sean Hannity Gives Roy Moore 24 Hours to Clear Up Inconsistencies or Get Out

When You Come From Bible Belt Where Cousins Marry Cousins Moore & Supporters No Surprise.

My future son in law just said Trump

Big-time Republican fundraiser walks away from party because of the tax bill.

Chatting with the legendary Jazz pianist Bill Evans (from 1966)

Affordable housing crisis? Governor's budget diverts $92 million elsewhere.

But it does not say anything about teenagery - Sack cartoon

GOP reps who have spent the most at Trump properties.Let's see what their spending bought them..

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 16, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: Marsha Mason

Owner of Bayfront Health St. Petersburg faces federal inquiry over funds for low-income patients

Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks, Idaho's Sushi Bandit - Monologue - 11/13/17

UCLA basketball players return to US after Chinese release them in shoplifting case

Florida mayor arrested and charged with domestic battery

Photo of Florida police chief with bikini-clad female cops sparks harassment probe

Seth Meyers - Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks; Trump Meets Duterte: A Closer Look

Italy Fails to Qualify for the World Cup, and a Nation Mourns

The Roy Moore Mess - WSJ Editorial

The Pentagon paid $370,000 to rent an MRI for Guantanamo. It doesn't work.

How to download or record a Adobe Flash video from a website?

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries grills Jeff Sessions for lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee

In time, do you think the public will largely forgive Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey?

Some fun Texas polling

Puerto Rico requests $94 billion from Congress for hurricane recovery

The Daily Show: How Trump Has Made China Great Again

Exclusive: Undecided voters hold key as Moore leads Jones 49-43 in new poll

A New Report Sheds Light on the Plot to Murder Honduran Activist Berta Cceres

A New Report Sheds Light on the Plot to Murder Honduran Activist Berta Cceres

This says everything about being a republican, especially Mo Brooks

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 17, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: Wonderstruck

Florida Supreme Court is asked to block new education law

I think I look like this dog when I sleep

Bill aimed at reducing insurance claims abuses advances in state House

Democrats add to win column in deep-red Oklahoma

Democrats take Albuquerque's mayor seat from GOP

The Latest: Democrats take Albuquerque's mayor seat from GOP

Tweet of the Day. It really sucks.

Warning: This vehicle makes wide Right turns........

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 18, 2017 -- The Essentials - Grace Kelly

Trump confuses todays shooting in California with Texas

Zimbabwes Military, in Apparent Takeover, Says It Has Custody of Mugabe

Poll: 40 percent of voters believe Trump is fit to be president, a new low

Florida Hospital 1st in nation to use new robotic surgery system

Gov. Scott's $87.4 billion budget plan calls for more spending, few tax cuts

Gov. Rick Scott sued over wealth disclosure

The Good Old Boys in the Texas Legislature Still Haven't Learned How to Treat Women

FORBES: How GOP Tax Plan Would Ruin Retirees, Underinsured

Texas Has Most to Win or Lose with NAFTA Renegotiation

The Texanist: When Will My Yankee In-Laws Stop Complaining About Our Spicy Food?

Why does my profile list me as "unwilling" to serve on juries when

Children's Health Program In Texas Is Weeks Away From 'Chaos,' Advocates Warn

Barbie Heads Into New Ground With Hijab-Sporting Doll

Russia investigation full steam ahead - calm before the storm. Stay positive everyone!

Far West Nightclub Fails to Pay Songwriters Royalties, Federal Lawsuit Claims

The greatest deal maker in history...

Are Voters Ready to Elect a Gay Judge to the Texas Supreme Court?

Was this mentioned here? Trump appeared to have copy and pasted "May God be with..."

Houston Voters Support Mayor Turner's Pension Reform Plan

North Korea 'sentences Trump to death' for insulting Kim Jong-un

This is about how I think

Yet Another Judge Rules That Montrose Property Owners Were Cheated Out of $6.6 Million

Hillary: Run for Something

Send THIS to anyone who says it makes no difference who wins.

Texas DACA Recipient with Disability is Inexplicably Being Held by ICE

Texas State Sophomore Dies After Fraternity Initiation Ceremony

Donald Trump got humiliated on Twitter for tweeting major blunder about California shooting

This University of North Texas Party Got So Lit the Floor Collapsed

Trump Confuses Mass Shootings Tweeting Condolences to Texas Hours After Tragedy in California

Greg Abbott Declares War on Moderate Republicans

Brahms-"Symphony No. 3, Poco Allegretto"

Rimsky-Korsakov-"Sinfonietta on Russian Themes in A minor"

No fear !

Religious Leaders Gather to Bless Texas Abortion Clinic

State Ethics Commission Asked To Review Republican Speaker Commitment For 'Legislative Bribery'

"Serenade"-Shubert Violin and Cello

"Melody for Violin and Piano" Op. 44

"Responses, Hosanna and Fugue, Op.67: I. Adagio"

"2 Pieces: Valse-Intermezzo"

"Idyll for Strings"/Janacek

"South Bohemian Suite" Novak

Just Listened To The Opening Segment Of Rachel's Show....

"Slovak Suite-In Church" Novak

Are Some Arizonans Being Deprived of Their Voting Rights?

Roy Moore challenged Alabama law that protects rape victims, documents reveal

Holy Crap! This was so close to being another

North Korea 'sentences Trump to death' for insulting Kim Jong-un

Arpaio Spends Anniversary of Loss Getting His Teeth Cleaned

Bonus Tweet of the Day

"Da Ispolnatsja" ("Let Our Mouths Be Filled With Thy Praise") A. Vedel-Theoria Chamber Choir


"Agni Parthene" in French

Formation of Hydroxyapatite on the Surface of Portland Cement in the Built Environment.

Kabalevsky-"Cello Concerto No.1 in G minor, Op. 49-Tarasova"

"2 Nordic Melodies, Op. 63" Grieg

Senator Kamala Harris Wants Probe of 'Miracle Drug' Touted by Governor Ducey

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/14/17


"Old and Lost Rivers"/Tobias Picker-Christoph Eschenbach

Groping and the Paradise Papers are both about men grabbing whatever they want

Number of women who accuse Rep. Shooter of sexual harassment climbs

Firm opposes subpoena in bribery case against ex-regulator

White Privilege is a thing. Reverse racism is not a thing. Not even a little bit.

Study: What would happen if the whole US decided to go vegan.

'Videos don't lie': Defense opens Bundy Ranch trial with clips of scuffles with agents

Court asked to rule Arizona's fee for medical marijuana permit is too high

Airbus secures record order from Indigo Partners

Ex-bookkeeper in Tucson sentenced to 3 years in prison for embezzlement

Papa John's apologizes for criticizing NFL anthem protests

Climate's magic rabbit: Pulling CO2 out of thin air

Doctor And Four Executives Plead Guilty In $30 Million Scheme To Defraud Medicare And Medicaid

Un-American and grotesque: Ex-special counsel slams Sessions suggestion he may prosecute Hillary

Zimbabwe war veterans praise 'bloodless correction of power' as military oust Robert Mugabe

[Loon Alert] Liz Crokin Explains How The Illuminati Uses The Wizard Of Oz To Create Child Sex Slav

Pentagon Will Pay for Transgender Soldiers Reassignment Surgery

Australians Vote 'Overwhelmingly' in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

Awwwwww...Roy's mad.

An Alabama Robocall Invokes Ugly Tropes

7 cases of Legionnaires' disease tied to Las Vegas Rio hotel

Nigerian Citizen Sentenced for His Role in Nationwide Identity Theft and IRS Tax Fraud Scheme

David Corn: Does Congress Think Trump Can Be Trusted With Nuclear Weapons?

Jeff Sessions Knows There Are Definitely Black Terror Groups but Can't Seem to Remember Any White On

Prosecutors say escaped psych patient that flew to SJ has 'criteria of classic serial killer'

Las Vegas Victims Fund committee slowed down by logistics


Signatures submitted in effort to recall Nevada senator

Democrats file suit claiming Woodhouse recall petition signatures invalid

The Church of England wants to stop transphobic bullying and people are angry

Steve Schmidt: Fox News conspiracy theories turning into official investigations is "banana republic

Turzai will run for governor

McCain: Military personnel's 100-hour work weeks must stop

Just finished Mindhunters on Netflix. Anyone else watch it?

Expelling Moore would put Senate in uncharted territory

What a foul smelling boog we have

Thousands of Nevada students apply for free community college

Campaign aides who met with Russia

Idaho will revisit being part of 'sloppy' voter fraud program, says secretary of state

If they STILL support Trump I think we can agree that..

Error keeps Nampa hospital out of Medicare, Medicaid business for weeks

Trump administration holds pro-coal event at Bonn climate conference

Jerome County running out of time to apply for grant money for canyon park

Hats off to NY Rep Hakeem Jeffers!

California gunman had been feuding with neighbors, mother says

Former Twin Falls County Sheriff's captain sentenced for DUI

New and Improved - Kitten 2.0! Now with Velcro!

Seattle Passes Up Opportunity to Tax Big Businesses

Georgia high school students win $3M settlement over drug sweep

Twitter Slams Donald Trump For Tweeting Condolences About The Wrong Mass Shooting

Judge overturns rape conviction of Louisiana man imprisoned 46 years

Gunman's family 'appalled' by California rampage

Getting discouraged? Democrat Sergeant York says SUCK IT UP!

Unfortunately, last nigt I caught Johnathan Turley on CNN where he was expressing support for

Washington Senate committee OKs more anti-harassment training for state legislators

Nevada death row inmate placed on suicide watch

Seattle council approves tax on Airbnb, other short-term rentals

Trumps already highly volitile mind plus extreme jet lag

Republicans want life to begin at conception so ...

Congressman Jim Jordan

Want to keep bats, but think your belfry's too small?

Why did state psychiatric officials nearly release accused murderer near school, senator asks

Judge's Order Prevents Manafort, Gates from Leaking Any Favorable Court Docs to Press

North Korea on Trump's Asia visit: He deserves death

Hate in America: Where it comes from and why it's back

Ex-Cop Gets 4 Years for Embezzling From Disabled Veterans

The Old Philosopher - Eddie Lawrence

Trump Promotes Fox & Friends, Trashes CNN in Early Morning Tweets: 'Loser!'

Hanford workers finish stabilizing collapsed tunnel

260-Million-Year-Old Fossil Forest Discovered in Antarctica

This Tax Bill Is Now a Health Care Bill

Pompeo emerges as favorite to succeed Tillerson

Is there a brain in there or is it just all gun powder and lead? Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

Poll: Biden leads Trump in prospective 2020 matchup

Trump lies again!!!!

McConnell predicts expulsion if Moore wins

Trump returns home from Asia with few clear wins

What Hillary Knew About Putin's Propaganda Machine

Join the call with Sen. Bernie Sanders this Wednesday 11/15 to stop the Trump tax scam.

We're SO f*cked. MASSIVE HOLE opens in the Arctic Sea Ice

Top medical groups come out against GOP plan to repeal ObamaCare mandate

Arizona veterans' suicide rate 4 times higher than civilians'

"Love at Frost Sight"

KKK flyer being distributed in the Shenandoahs:

GOP hopes Trump will save Alabama Senate seat

Papa Johns supports NFL protests, gives the finger to neo-Nazis

Happy 85th 🎂 Petula!

House votes 🚨THIS THURSDAY🚨 on GOP mega tax giveaway to corporations & the ultrarich. ACT. NOW.

Girl found living in squalor wins $4M settlement from state

Ohio set to execute inmate Alva Campbell, who needs wedge pillow to help him breathe

Psychologists surveyed hundreds of alt-right supporters. The results are unsettling.

Alabama reporter crushes his states my-sin-is-better-than-your-sin, conservative voting approach

Slate - "Jeff Sessions Has Now Given 6 Different Stories About Russia. Six!"

I could watch that ass all day.

Trump economic adviser surprised by CEO's response to tax proposal

Puerto Rican wave hits Florida, carrying big political implications. 130,00 arrived. GOP won by 113,

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Alabama Republicans love their Pedojudge

Regarding Judge Roy.........

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Don the Russian Lapdog

CNN's Acosta fires back at Trump after insult: 'If only he were this tough on Duterte'

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - Forgetful Elf

All hail Suyash Dixit, first king of the Kingdom of Dixit

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Sessions is unqualified


Oops. Group of CEOs admits they wouldn't invest the money they get from tax-cuts.

What Does Dictator Putin Have On Donald Trump? - Gene Lyons

GRETCHEN CARLSON:"Now he says that after giving him a platform & promulgating that women are liars?"

Lets Settle This Here And Now Once And For All!

Trump has apparently deleted this tweet.

Trump Deleting Tweets Again

Trump said he would strike one-on-one trade deals. That's not happening.

CA gunman who killed 4 had been bailed for stabbing, shot 100s of rounds, threatened neighbors

The GOP would like Moore to win.

The Lessons of Death: A Conversation with Frank Ostaseski

Dems add to edge in big-city mayoralties

Tillerson says US considers individual sanctions for Myanmar

House Dems introduce articles of impeachment against Trump

Bombshell Leaks Expose Trump Jr Contact with Wikileaks

Rightwingers and logic

RECORD 95.3 MILLION Out of Work Under Trump

U.S. Hires Company With K.G.B. Link to Guard Moscow Embassy

Trump supporters want Hillary Clinton impeached!! Video:

Dear America: An apology for Roy Moore, and all the rest

He's going third person again. And obsessing about himself and demanding thanks. Again.

Question about Wikileaks

Wonkette: Go F**k Yourself, Glenn Greenwald

1st Actual Genome Editing

It's nice for those basketball players that they've been returned.

Republicans Reversed Course on Blue Slips for Judicial Nominees

Gowdy: I Don't Think 'Threshold Has Been Met' For Clinton Special Counsel

Moore issues letter to Alabama news outlet calling for retraction

So, is Putin behind the Republican tax plan?

U.S. Hires Company With K.G.B. Link to Guard Moscow Embassy

Trump: Kneel, I mean Grovel, Before Me:

The myth of the male bumbler

Registered nurse fights collective punishment of Trump inauguration protesters

BREAKING NEWS: Trump demands Harlem Globetrotters thank him for rescuing them from Gilligans Island.

Trump judicial nominee mocked laws protecting women from pay discrimination and sexual harassment

President Xi pulled Trump aside and asked: Whos Roy Moore?

The UCLA players were NOT looking at 10 years imprisonment. Another Big Lie.

Trump administration deals a blow to international anti-corruption efforts

Reminder to keep this website bookmarked - a thorough document of the trump wreckage day by day

Sexual Predation is Rampant in Our Culture. It's Time for Decent Men to Take a Loud Stand Against It

GOP senator: ObamaCare mandate a 'tax on the poor and working class'

Congresswoman proposes GOP tax reform amendment that would refocus attention on gun control

Steve Bannon and Allies Have Second Thoughts About Roy Moore, Sources Say

Russia used Twitter bots and trolls to disrupt Brexit vote

Trump questions whether UCLA players released from China 'will say thank you'

Jared Kushner Doesn't Read And Gets Tired Of Talking About The Middle East, Joe Scarborough Says

Schumer: Democrats won't help pass ObamaCare payments if tied to tax bill

Session's Memory Eval,,,,,,

Hannity gives Moore '24 hours'

EXCLUSIVE 'Unsafe and Just Plain Dirty': Women Accuse Vice of 'Toxic' Sexual-Harassment Culture

Pic Of The Moment: Doctors, Hospitals, And Insurers Send Strong Warning On Republican Tax Plan

The 538,000 (pounds sterling) watch which contains a map of the cosmos

Would the ladies here wear this?

Salt Lake City jogger stabs man who groped her during morning run

Trump to shrink Utah monument by half, GOP staffer says

It remains to be seen, on the eve of so called tax reform votes...

Oh, man. Pro Roy Moore White guy just stepped in it on MSNBC

Fox Sports Bribed FIFA for TV Rights, Ex-Marketer Testifies

Moore's attorney on MSNBC now. Coming off as a fool.

New Senate tax plan hands ammunition to Democrats

Put your dancing shoes on... It's time for the Wednesday Git Down!

Respect for other beliefs

Is the skeevangelical vote in AL enough to elect a Senator?

Good job

Who remembers when models would remove ribs in order to look more slender?

Robocall seeking to discredit Roy Moore accusers seen as anti-Semitic

Democrat pulls off special election victory for Senate seat in west Tulsa County

Remember Roy Moore Not An Exception. GOP Swarming With Roy Moores.

GOP Mission Leave Only Enough Money For DOD/Homeland Security, Congress.

Non-spoiler observation about Stranger Things

Christopher Steele believes his dossier on Trump-Russia is 70-90% accurate

Brand *NEW* Roy Moore excuse from....

LOL of the day, I mean, this guy has really fallen off the deep end.

Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald Trump Jr.'s Reax To WikiLeaks Campaign Tryst Revelation

Defying gloomy predictions, Obamacare enrollment surges

Russia used a network of 150,000 Twitter accounts to meddle in Brexit

Old, but very interesting article

Trump demands thanks for keeping UCLA b-ball players out of jail, Twitter erupts

"I'm not going to the polls. My vote doesn't count."

Randy Rainbow live on BBC on fake news

This Sheriff changes stance on weed after smoking a joint for first time.

"America First"? Hmmm, where have I heard THAT before...

Best Donald Trump News Bloopers of 2017

American Indian Activist Russell Means Powerful Speech, 1989 to US Senate

Touch and free, no touch and jail

Wall Street Journal: Bannon 'obvious loser' in Roy Moore controversy

Richard Cordray is stepping down as head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Roy Moore's attorney seems like a nice guy. Insert sarcasm smiley here if you missed my sarcasm.

Drudge blasts Moore as 'Judge Whore'

Jeff Sessions finds a new friend, proclaims that while he is a misfit, he's not just a niwit (video)

American Indian Activist Russell Means Powerful Speech, 1989 to US Senate

I'm thinking Sean Hannity might want to pay a little more attention to his own charts.

Russell Means Final Interview - The Sacred Feminine and Gender Roles

The GOP has turned into a remake of Deliverance with Putin playing the banjo

Russell Means final interview --the sacred feminine and gender roles.

Russell Means final interview--the sacred feminine and gender roles

Mark Taylor: Illuminati-Controlled Hurricanes Hit Texas And Florida To Punish Trump Voters

Poll: Just one-quarter of Americans approve of GOP tax plan

Russell Means talks about women/matriarchy

Russell Means talks about women/matriarchy

Russell Means talks about women/matriarchy

Sessions' own words come back to haunt him.

Republicans Want to Make the Koch Brothers Political Donations Tax Deductible

No Biden

How do you think the saga of Pedo Moore plays out ?

Congressional Republican Hypocrisy and Roy Moore

Once Virginia's biggest tree, an ancient 123-foot champion bald cypress has fallen

Orange County decides to allow medical marijuana dispensaries

Judge rules for Philly in 'Sanctuary City' case

McConnell proposes Sessions as a write-in to replace Moore

Your thoughts please: Will Trump get Moore to drop out?

'Lock her up': Girl who mistakenly shot elk 'bullied' as wildlife officials decide her fate

Just think what we have been witness too..and there is some good shit.

Trump teases trade announcement while slamming NY Times

Kind of a daily update. Gallup- Chump 37/57%

Brown vs. White Goods in Home Appliances

Warren and Baker Are Up Big Over Challengers


so, let's say doug jones wins against asshole. jeffie gets fired. dems gain control


What a juvenile Tweet from trump. And what does it mean?

Trump admin rejected 4,000 late DACA renewals. Some were sitting in its mailbox at the deadline

When Sessions is finally arrested I hope he gets Tree Confinement

Dear Donald Trump, We're Not Afraid of You.

Bizarre! Indore man declares himself King of 800-square-mile unclaimed land on Egypt-Sudan border

We Can't Let The Repugs Get Away With This Tax Bill Under The Cover Of The Holidays.....

Roy Moore attorney suggests Canadian Muslim host would date 14-year-old

The Energy 202: 'Zombie' arguments made by Trump officials at Bonn climate conference

Fugelsang hits another,,,,,,,

I Think It's Time We Start Asking This Question.

Thought experiment: Can you imagine Holder or Lynch using "don't recall"?

'Suspicious incident' prompts lockdown at Windermere High School (2nd time this yr)

Trump Warns That Dumping Roy Moore Could Start a Dangerous Trend of Believing Women (Borowitz)

Roy Moore, Long Divisive in His Hometown, and Even More So Now

How Trump walked into Putins web

Moore adviser: Not even Trump could get Moore to drop Senate bid

Anyone ever hear of the website

Trump apparently wants to replace Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo

Washingtons huge new Bible museum says it wants to stay out of politics. But its opening gala is at

Blue Dogs oppose GOP tax package

The Latest: Northern California gunman's wife found dead

Is anyone else but me noticing

Coming Soon to Washington:An Anti-Trump Hotel for Liberals-Expect counter-cultural art, progressive

Mueller puts spotlight on foreign lobbying

Republicans propose getting rid of a program that helps veterans find work when they come home.

Trumps adulation tour hides foreign policy weakness

Supreme Court rules Legislature still failing to fund basic education

They did admit shoplifting and thanked Trump.

Reps reveal tax cuts for individuals to expire in 2025, but deep corporate cuts would be permanent

On Super Bowl Sunday, Minneapolis light rail lines off-limits to non-ticket holders

Trump is going to be angry at the UCLA players because

Hungary Accuses US of Meddling by Funding 'Objective' Media

Book: Steele says 70-90 percent of his Trump-Russia dossier is accurate


Industry groups ask Oregon Supreme Court to kill new sales tax on cars

Privatizing Oregon's Largest Universities Would Be 'Complex'

Russian lawmakers approve "foreign agents" media law

I see the Madman is scheduled to speak today. Why?

Former Gov. John Kitzhaber admits to violating Oregon ethics laws, agrees to pay $1,000 fine

On this day in 1939, Franklin Roosevelt laid the cornerstone of the Jefferson Memorial

Family of man found naked, dead in Lincoln County jail cell wins $2.85 million settlement

People do not even know why they dislike Hillary.

Trump never gave them a chance to thank him

Nigerian man sentenced to 7 years for role in $11M identity-theft scheme

Also on this day: November 15, 1969, the Moratorium March on Washington

Watch @docdanielle debunk one of Fox News' most pathetic single payer myths:

Oklahoma elects gay married woman in a district Trump won by 39 points

My GOP congressman is against the tax bill

Bernie Sanders: Now is not the time to throw your hands up and say, "I'm giving up. I'm burned out."

USVI governor called on to ban burning of hurricane debris

World Vasectomy Day: 15k men line up for live vent-blocking

Dem wins Albuquerque mayoral race after eight years of GOP control

How is someone expelled from a state branch for violating the law (twice)

Kyle Griffin: This is a real picture that the AP took (tweet).

Pompeo emerges as favorite to replace Tillerson

Members of congress accused of sexual harassment

So, today, I assumed that some UCLA basketball players

The whole UCLA player shoplifting thing...

What are we going to do about the two solitudes in the news media?

****BREAKING**** GOP Internal Poll - Doug Jones 51% Pedo Moore 39% *

Steve Bannon will continue to support Roy Moore

GOP putting the squeeze on Moore - NRSC poll: Moore trails Jones by 12

!!!Senate Plan Now Makes Individual Tax Cuts Temporary, Keeps Corporate Cuts Permanent!!!

As to the shooting in California yesterday, school children's lives were

Shep Smith Breaks From Fox News Coverage, Tears Uranium One Scandal To Shreds

Coup dtat in Zimbabwe. Venezuela next?

UCLA Players engaged in Chinese shoplifting incident were suspended indefinitely

Moore Trails Democrat Jones by 12 Points

Elleng rocks it

DOTUS is going on and on praising himself and calling all other

Narcissism case study now on display in front of podium in DC

If you don't want them in your neighborhood

Trump Asks For Your Help

What a shitty speech from the Dotard In Chief.

Trump is sniffing a lot again during his (long) statement.

LOL -Dotard In Chief just went Marco Rubio.

Roy Moore Once Stabbed Himself With Knife During Murder Trial

CNN dump speaking, Wtf was that water thing?

Murder? Extortion? Racketeering? Disbarred? All in a days work for VZ top judge!

Gawd, this speech is boring.

Republican math..14 million lose coverage so millionaires gain $100,000

Okay seriously, are there any specifics in this speech?

herr drumpf just said Duterte's name wrong, wrong, wrong.

Judge Reprimanded After Telling Jurors She 'Did Not Believe The Victim Was Raped At All'

A Legal Analyst Lost Her Job After She Called Roy Moore's Accusers Liars on Fox News

Hurry up, Dotard, you're going to eat into Nicole Wallace's time.

Donald Trump has a drinking problem.

Trumps speech is like an eight year old's "what I did for my summer vacation"

LOL I love the media sometimes

North Korean state newspaper issued a death sentence...

Again The Big Con obfuscates with his ...

Roy Moores lawyer suggests MSNBC host Ali Velshi's 'background' should help understand dating teens

There truly is a Trump tweet for every occasion.

NRSC poll: Moore trails Jones by 12

Have you ever heard of this?

Has his arm broken for patting himself on the back...

Stoned man calls 911 during police chase and asks to speak with Donald Trump

I don't know why everyone is giving Roy Moore a hard time

Just in presentation and countenance Dotard makes George W. Bush look like Abraham Lincoln.

You know who's been unusually quiet and hasn't been on record about Roy Moore?

What to Bring to a Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner They travel well and taste better.

Today's Chill - Make it Memorable

Is Trump related to Dooneese?

Roy Moore's Lawyer Is Just As Nutty As Roy Moore - By Ed Kilgore

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson will oppose current GOP tax bill

What scares me more than Trump...

Post a song you haven't thought about in a long time!

Former Australian PM: Trump has ceded economic leadership to China

How to Get Rich Playing Video Games Online

How Trump walked into Putins web- The Guardian

It's "Take Your Trophy Wife to Work" Day at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

How Donald Trump is making things worse in the Middle East. The view from Europe.

God Emperor.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 15, 2017

I'm dying. Trump awkwardly drinks from water bottle, sends social media into frenzy

Trump asks South Korea's president: 'Do you have to reunify?'

LOL -- Rubio trolls Trump over Bottlegate

I made us a handy creep card to keep score

Alabama GOP Heads Into Key Meeting On Roy Moore With No Guidance From Trump

Who will Trump meet with? The list here:

Mnuchin and Trophy get raves on Twitter...

Watch Trump's Rubio Moment: President Stops Speech For Water Break

Congressman's dream job complicates City Council speaker's race

Another anniversary: this is the day in 1959 when the Clutter family of Holcomb, Kansas, was killed.

BREAKING: Sabato changes AL-SEN to....."Lean D"

Trump bolts from reporters rather than face Roy Moore questions

Trump drinks water like a mammal using their opposable thumbs for the very first time

Today is the day in 1959 when the Clutter family of Holcomb, Kansas, was killed.

WikiLeaks Set Off an Attack on Our Trump-Russia Project Right After Messaging Trump Jr. About It

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-22: You Cant Always Grope Who You Want Edition

Considering the Cost of Lower Taxes

Roy Moore's consigliere is on now-live thread

Trump is a mean-spirited bully.

Taxpayers pay legal bill to protect Trump business profits

Lawyer who's trying to get Papadopoulos' charges dismissed claims Mueller tried to have him murdered

Peanuts! Popcorn! CrackerJacks!

Moore's lying POS lawyer is on TV...

Trump silent on Roy Moore because of the sexual abuse allegations against him: White House source

Roy Moore's chief of staff: 'There are holes' in accusers' stories

Or dear Trump's goon is saying that the yearbook signature was that of Moore's assistant.

Johnson Opposes GOP Senate Tax Package

No Child Tax Credit Equality for Puerto Rico in Congressional Tax Plans

Ohio execution called off after officials fail to find a vein for lethal injection

No Shave November pics.

Voters Really Dont Like the GOP Tax Plan

The U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Posts Testimony for Hearing of Hurricane

Obamacare Sign Ups Are Up

Australia's PM wants marriage equality by Christmas after 'overwhelming' vote

Wow. A politician as repugnant as trump

Christopher Steele believes his dossier on Trump-Russia is 70-90% accurate

We should be kind when someone runs for Senate

This is the humanitarian crisis U.S. is funding: Think Progress

Pakistan unveils remains of 1,700-year-old sleeping Buddha

How long are we gonna chase the Alabama creep squirrel story...we play right into GOP's plan

Someone please check out Moore's campaign manager for past behavior with women

Politico has a story about the GOP Senate campaign committee showing Moore WAY down.

Today In Modern Parenting...

Firefox hijacked by obnoxious, hidden address

Poll: Majority of American voters favor stricter gun laws

Trump would have scampered away from the Roy Moore questions faster, but bone spurs slowed him down

Do you think there is any stomach for deep electoral reform if the Dems win?...

I bet Trump is one...

New Roy Moore accuser: "He didn't 'pinch' it. He grabbed it."

State Department's plan for staff cuts causing new worry in Congress

Oops. Another Moore accuser has come forward and on the record:

Female Attorney on Cnn got it right..

Judge: Lawsuit against Robert Bentley can continue

Roy Moore challenged Alabama law that protects rape victims, documents reveal

November Photo Contest Subject Poll

Venezuela wins Russia and China backing as it says it is honoring debt

AT&T Down?

Make that 2 new accusers. One was 17 and the other one

Rain-activated Art

Ivanka Trump: Theres A Special Place In Hell For People Who Prey On Children

To Republicans supporting Moore (and Trump, for that matter):

Reading Biden's book reminded me of Obama giving him the Medal of Freedom

A Christian Case Against the Pence Rule

I listened to Toxic Don's Travelogue on the radio today. Is he seriously ill?

Senator Sanders Vermont Seniors Holiday Dinners Schedule

The death of Christianity in the U.S.

Orange Beach sewer plant wrongly built on state property

U.S. Justice Dept eyes spring to release findings on FBI handling of Clinton email probe

his long time acquaintance said he never saw Moore do anything inappropriate with women

MSNBC has a mistake in their scroll.

Trump flees when asked about Moore. I bet there are more TRUMP accusors

U.S. attorney general to meet with House intelligence panel

Chuck Todd suggested Victim #5 was lying.

How to ruin Thanksgiving in 4 words. What's yours.

U.S. Army sees 'significant' gaps in reporting criminal activities to law enforcement

In the Tax Bill: Rights for the unborn

Head of U.S. National Counterterrorism Center departing

Woman: When I Was 17, Moore Said, 'I Go Out With Girls Your Age All The Time'

Europe steps in to cover US shortfall in funding climate science

Trump administration releases rules on disclosing cyber flaws

Democrats should be careful not to "nationlize" the Senate race in Alabama.

I'm curious--do the people who appear on CNN or MSNBC get paid?

Rodrigo Duterte calls Justin Trudeau's questions about war on drugs an 'insult'

Roy Moore...Roy Moore...

Bernie Sanders' Keynote Address at Economists for Peace & Security Event

Bernie Sanders' Keynote Address at Economists for Peace & Security Event

The attorney thinks the yearbook is a forgery?

Just happened to be wearing my fake FBI baseball cap (I got on a visit to DC)

Baltimore May Sell Homes for $1 to Revive Neglected Neighborhoods

Gloria Allred on CNN now

When the first 4 Moore Accusers came forward..

Making it Whole: The (Bill) Clinton Problem

Even Nicole Wallace and Katy Tur gave me Validation......

Truck's Trump f-bomb catches Fort Bend County sheriff's attention

Kaine sides with Sanders, calls for eliminating superdelegates

Do Zinke and Pruitt know Sessions is being nice to wildlife?

Iran Earthquake: Baby Taken Out of Rubble Alive after 3 Days

Trump's dairy!

Lunching ranger discovers species lost for 40 years

Head's up. Mo(o)re victims coming up on Hardball.

Cory Kluber AL Cy Young winner, Max Scherzer back to back NL winner:

Two villains raid the US Treasury.

Lunching ranger discovers species lost for 40 years