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Archives: November 14, 2017

Chief Inspector Murphy brings a suspect into the station

Pence denied Trump campaign was in cahoots with WikiLeaks the same day Jr sent out a link provid

Ted Cruz knows a loser when he sees one...

Just saw Roy Moore speaking to his supporters

About today's Moore accuser . . . .

Fox News should fire Sean Hannity, Media Matters head says: 'Uniquely destructive

Wiki: hey Jr, leak us dad's taxes so we appear to be impartial.

****BREAKING**** Pedo Moore was banned from local mall for soliciting teenage girls

Is there a new meme about Socialist Dem or Dem Socialists? I missed the memo. Can someone plz let me

Photo & Facebook Video Link: Bernie at VT Crossroads Conference Nov 11

Moore was apparently banned from a mall for badgering teenaged girls:

This is an interesting term: email launderer

George F. Will Endorses Doug Jones

Tweet links no longer open up

Twitter Link: Check out the letter from Sen. Sanders to the Progressive State Convention.

Wow. Go big or go home.

Why did Roy Moore stop?

"Conspiracy" not "meddling"! damn it!

Jesus, I am learning men who are in their sixties and seventies are

Toon - Played

Toon - The Carrot

Jeopardy Regulars

Erin Burnett taking some Christian Coalition ASSHOLE to the woodshed

Flag of the Moore Supporters

Not a good year for the cowboy hat

Mike Cernovich: Attacks On Me Are Attacks On Every Nuclear Family In America

POETIC JUSTICE: Hillarys stolen emails are going to Lock Them Up.

Locals Were Troubled by Roy Moores Interactions with Teen Girls at the Gadsden Mall

Mark Hamill, troll

What's truly ironic is that you're complaining about leaks. This was you 13 months ago.

If Roy Moore Isn't Rock Bottom for Republicans, What the Hell Is?

In patriarchal cultures, men decide. Alabama is such a culture.

Sessions considering second special counsel to investigate Republican concerns, letter shows

Mitch McConnell vs. Roy Moore is now a battle for the soul of the GOP

EU readies sanctions on Venezuela, approves arms embargo

Bipartisan analysis: Senate bill would hike taxes for 13.8M

No headway in Venezuela debt talks

Local residents: Moore was known for flirting with, dating teenage girls

Watching your furries age sucks

"Murder on the Orient Express" is pretty good... (No Spoilers)

Venezuela offers chocolates but little else to creditors

Fuck you, "shocked" Repuke spokesvomiters

New Russia probe details likely to dominate Sessions hearing

The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks

If Roy Moore drops out does Doug Jones win? Do they put

Hey, anybody see Roy Moore's new campaign bus yet? Check it out!

Bill Gates made a big investment to fight Alzheimer's

Italy fails to qualify for the World Cup

Robert Reich: True Patriots Pay Their Taxes

I'm curious to know

It's a mighty sad state of affairs

Grrr: While everybody's distracted, McConnell's got an historic tax bill moving like a freight train

Hannitys Ads & who has quit.

So, anyone know who Roy Moore is taking to the Junior Prom? n/m

Panel coming up on A Cooper about the Judge. Cant wait to see who

Theresa May accuses Russia of interfering in elections

More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issue 'warning to humanity'

Alabama newspaper reports same story as "New Yorker." For Alabama GOP voters who

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! In Service

The whole 'Ageism' thing is very interesting.

The Roy Moore shitstorm may provide just enough distraction for Brett Talley to get quietly

2018 TN US Senate Race-How would Harold Ford Jr or Jim Cooper in a matchup against Blackburn-R?

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin Endorses James Smith for Governor

After nuclear plant failure, bills pre-filed to stem utility influence and stop SCE&G payments

Lots of good candidates for governor

Anybody have any questions they want me to ask Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ?

Question Under Topics

Rachel Tonight

Don "dumb dumb" Junior

SC Sheriff's Association terminates Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis' membership (for sex)

TPM - Marshall - "It's Getting Bad Folks"

Charleston County looks at raising the pay for substitute teachers to address shortage of them

Witness tampering?!: Trump's choice of a grossly unqualified lawyer for a lifetime

2017 AL US Senate Election- what is the more likely outcome?

Tax Reform so we too can have Mandarin Language Tutors

Woman sues state Sen. Campbell over crash to 'restore her good name'

Even Alabama media report Roy Moore's known predilection

Should we admit that capitalism does not work?

Amid Roy Moore Scandal, the Last Thing Alabama Democrats Want Is Help

Hey, progressives: let's prove ourselves by winning the primaries & then the whole thing

Did Hannity throw Moore under the bus?

Rachel Interview With Chuck Rosenberg

YA author Jenn Bennett: Common knowledge around Gadsden that Roy Moore "is a creep"

Catherine Templeton won't weigh in on Roy Moore controversy: 'We've got enough to deal with'

Attorneys defend Mississippi law on denying LGBT services

When your home is a little TOO automated.

MOSH....2004 It was so powerful, but a month or so too late...

In California, a vote to scrap deductions could be kiss of death for endangered House Republicans

Our view: Roy Moore grossly unfit for office

Mistress Declares: Ted Cruzs Dad Was With Lee Harvey Oswald

A man in his 30s cruising the mall looking for minors ...

Moore's wife is the same age as Beverly Young Nelson

I'm having a difficult time believing...

Keith O. showers Don and Don Jr with some tough love and friendly advice.

It needs to be asked: what R is fit to serve in the Senate today?

Volvo pulls its ads from Hannity after Moore coverage

Skateboarders who stopped sex assault among Calgarians honoured for bravery at Chief's Awards Gala

Fall smells...

Gaddafi's cousin is plotting a comeback of sorts from a Cairo apartment

David Shuster scolds MSNBC & CNN for Don Jr reporting while saying he's "not complaining"

Fox's response to today's roy moore news:

Joe Biden: Trump presidency will go down as 'single exception in American history'

Volvo Pulls its ads from Hannity

Vanity Post... Happy Birthday, Alexsei!

Evidence that Kayla Moore is a wretched human being

'A way of healing': Art and memory in Latin America

I'm surprised that none of those Alabama women's Husbands or Daddy's ain't took Roy Moore out

Legislators question why S.C. highway troopers are providing 'valet service' to parties

How did Roy Moore get as far as he did?

Tomi Lahren's "Dear Liberal Snowflakes" Campaign Backfires Spectacularly

Considering that Moore was violent with the lady who told her story today

George Will saying that "Alabama will pleasantly surprise everyone."

Roy Moore strictly and piously observes one of the Ten Commandments...

Is anyone else watching Don Lemon right now?

Click it -

Donald Trump Jr. was secretly messaging with Wikileaks

Sandoval's walk-off homer in Game 162 costs Giants No. 1 pick in 2018 draft

A VOLCANO has erupted near Mexico City sparking fears more explosions could threaten the countrys c

Judge denies 11th-hour bid to dismiss charges against Nevada rancher Bundy

Ga. sheriff suspended after charges of sexual battery against teens during drug sweep

Chemists May Have Found the 'Missing Link' to the First Life on Earth

Junior Drops His Mixtape, "2 Dumb 2 Collude"(Ferret/ShowerCap)

Evidence of the World's Oldest Grape Wine Has Been Discovered

Seth Meyers - Allegations Mount Against Roy Moore; Trump Cozies Up to Putin: A Closer Look

White House not holding event for U.S. Nobel Prize recipients...

Wouldn't you like to be fly on Air Force One on that ride home? I'm sure Trump's head is ready to

Billionaire Republican donor Sheldon Adelson just publicly disavowed Steve Bannon

GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson breaks with Bannon

Let's go to the mall!!

Ari Melber shows that Facebook's Zuckerberg

It's called "whataboutism" and it's a constant tactic to distract

Boycott companies that support Fux and the Moron.

GOP? We women are coming for you.

The Daily Show: How the Right Politicized Roy Moore's Sexual Misconduct

Thousands protest proposal for total abortion ban in Brazil

Thousands protest proposal for total abortion ban in Brazil

Andrew Laufer, ESQ

Penn State frat members gave pledge 18 drinks in less than 90 minutes, video shows

Campaigning? What a novel concept...

Tomorrow's Daily News front page:

Brazilian minister quits in sign of rift in Temer's coalition

Robbing Blue States to Pay Red

What Corporate Media Failed to Learn About Canadian Single-Payer

Prediction: Moore will drop out of race



Guatemala court allows lawmaker probe in journalist murders

My precious sheltie pup just ate another phone cord

To stop the GOP tax bill in its tracks emphasize it is a gigantic budget buster

Oklahoma Dems hope to mirror election successes nationwide

Trump tweeted about Podesta emails 15 minutes after WikiLeaks asked Trump Jr. to: report

Poll: Democrat Keller leads as ABQ mayoral runoff nears

White Supremacists Are Terrorists, Too

Roy Moore allegations prompt reflections on fundamentalist culture in which some Christian men date

They aren't going to go down without a fight.

Is Trump planning to throw both Clintons, both Obamas, and Special Counsel Mueller in the gulag?

I looked up Roy Moore on Wikipedia ...

Media critic Edward S. Herman dies at 92

Freeper wants to know why it's ok for teen boy to have sex with teen girl but not a man in his 30s

Just saw on Anderson Cooper that Wikileaks asked Donald Jr. to get

Police say man was drunk, driving 155 mph on Georgia 400

Trump: "I will be making a major statement from the @WhiteHouse upon my return to D.C. ... "

Rand Paul opens up after being allegedly assaulted by neighbor


Salon - Dont expect Alabama Republicans to turn against Roy Moore

Protesters Jeer as Trump Team Promotes Coal at U.N. Climate Talks

Stephen Colbert: Guest Joe Biden - Full Extended Interview

An Open Door for Pesticide Lobbyists at the U.S.D.A.

Bipartisan analysis: Senate bill would hike taxes for 13.8M

Grossly unfit for office: Alabamas largest newspaper calls on Roy Moore to get out of Senate race

Hillary Clinton in Atlanta: 'The fever is breaking and the tide is turning.'

Hillary Clinton in Atlanta: 'The fever is breaking and the tide is turning.'

If Barack Obama were debating Roy Moore ...

Papadopoulos told Stephen Miller he had 'interesting message' from Russia day after Clinton 'dirt'

Something big is about to drop

Kayla Moore posts support from 50 pastors; 2 ask for their names to be removed

Panel recommends pay hikes for Georgia lawmakers

Indian city rounds up beggars ahead of visit by Ivanka Trump

If Mueller is ready with the indictments on the big fruits of his investigations...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/13/17

Why is collusion not against the law?

Russia Today is spinning the Moore-scandal as the "establishment" attacking a real Republican.

Antarctica's warm underbelly revealed

Ryan sets record for most closed rules in a stinking amendments for you, DEMS

South America football corruption trial begins in New York

Then and Now...

WaPo: This is how a superpower commits suicide

Justice Department Announces Compensation Process for Western Union Fraud Victims

Phenix City Resident Convicted in Stolen Identity Refund Fraud Schemes that Sought $26 Million

Pentagon may stop running stateside schools for military children

Report: Strangled Green Beret may have discovered SEALs illicit cash scheme

Didn't Groper Don the Con say that Don Jr. was a good boy

Don't reactivate the old frigates, internal US Navy memo recommends

Before departing Manila on AF1 @POTUS on #UCLA b-ball player arrests in China:

Back to the Trump AT&T Smackdown

Georgia Begins Effort to Turn Around Low-Performing Schools

Satellite images show ancient mysterious city in middle of ocean

Donald Drumpf Jr is not too bright. eom

'That's how people like you get shot': Georgia teacher suspended for allegedly threatening student

There seems to be two camps concerning sex offenders

There was some Wagner music used in the Beatles movie Help.

Sleeping with our golden retriever

A beautiful song that will make you feel good.

Fashioned for FLOTUS: Fussell to visit Columbus Museum to discuss making Michelle Obamas quilt

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Roy the PedoJudge


Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - Putin's bud

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

This is an abuse of power to go after political choice but for Congress to Impeach

Trump had Wonderful REX attend the Manila plenary session in his place. WAS IVANKA BUSY???

There been no mention of Moore or Trump Jr. on Tucker tonight. (Monday)

I'll just throw this out there

Florida is still spending $2 million a week to clean up Hurricane Irma water debris

Trump Jr. violated campaign finance law by accepting help from Wikileaks bc Assange is australian.

FIU College Republican Leader Quits Over "Disgusting Hate" in Group Texts

If you're banned from the mall for cruising for little girls,you should be banned from the US Senate

Donald Trump skips East Asia Summit on final day of 12-day tour

iOS 11.0.3 question

Do you think ten years from now?

DICTATOR ALERT - "Justice Dept. to Weigh Inquiry Into Clinton Foundation"

Gadsden locals say Moore's predatory behavior at mall, restaurants not a secret

Fake Potus claims he has 50% approval ratings..

Appreciation: Beverly Young Nelson, Assault victim.

WATCH LIVE: Senate committee holds hearing on presidents ability to authorize nuclear weapons

Listened to Birmingham Talk Radio this morning...

Florida Farmworkers Say Publix and Wendy's Won't Protect Workers From Sexual Violence

Alabama Senate: One Hot Mess Moves to Toss Up

First Digital Pill Approved to Worries About Biomedical 'Big Brother'

National poll: Majority says Moore should drop out

'some people think numbers could be in the 50's' ....delusional tweet

Trump bored with Asia, heads home early

The space nation Asgardia just launched its first satellite

Florida man back at Supreme Court with 1st Amendment case

Too Stupid to be Dictator

Ted Lieu: Sessions has chance to Apologize for false statements or Lie under oath again.........

Cygnus Cargo Ship Delivers Holiday Goodies and Science Gear to Space Station

what an arrogant little prick.

Trump Touts Poll Showing Majority of Americans Disapprove of His Performance

Vicente Fox for president

Enough! It's time!

Justices to hear Florida A&M hazing case in February

Hannity Tears Into Media Matters For Pressuring Advertisers to Pull Ads From His Show: 'Liberal...


FBI asks Tallahassee officials about scrapped CNG project

Dan Abrams: Jeff Sessions' Hillary Inquiry is 'Direct Violation' of Recusal Promise

Gingrich on Roy Moore: Amazing how fast 'lynch mob' can form

Judge delays passing sentence on ex-U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, 2 others

Jeff Sessions promised to recuse himself from Clinton

Wikileaks spoke at Green Party convention Aug 6, 2016. Jill Stein called him a Hero.

Congress yet to act on flawed anti-harassment system

All the Women Who Said Donald Trump Sexually Assaulted Them

I Would Like To Return My Birthday Present Please!

Half of OPPD's (Omaha) energy will come from renewable sources by 2020, CEO says

Republican overseeing Puerto Rico finances bashes the island in bizarre racist slam

Pathetic And pernicious Pedo Moore said he never knew Victim # 5. How did he sign her yearbook ?

The yearbook was asking for it (thread).

Trump touts '$300 billion' in trade deals with Asia

Second request - -

Russia-type information meddling interupted 18 nations' elections in last year: report

Feds fight BuzzFeed demand for Trump dossier probe details

Meet Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones...

Dem Rep. Gene Green to retire

If Rep. Jim Jordan is your congressman and you didn't vote for him...

Trump Kept One Eye on Re-Election in Asia With His Push for Deals

Pete Souza's Obama

sports - Trump "convinced" Xi to let the UCLA basketball players off the hook

Report: NATO Ally Raised Concerns About Trumps Access to Nukes

Judge sentences former Sarasota County deputy Frank Bybee to 15 years in prison

Rep. Mo Brooks Voting for Roy Moore Because Conservatism Is 'Vastly More Important' Than Allegations

The Daily 202: Whether Roy Moore wins or loses, there is no good outcome for Senate Republicans

What time is session's open hearing today? Anybody know?

Jeff Sessions wants to investigate political opponents for Trump

We can deliver Christmas gifts to astronauts but we can't do jack shit for Puerto Rico

Holy shit. Wikileaks just accidently admitted that they care more about politics than transparency.

Number One 🎞 November 14, 1963 🎟 🍿 🍫 🥤

Sarasota attorney who worked with Roy Moore: 'Common knowledge' he liked teens

Frank Schaeffer: The siege mentality among evangelical Christians has led to self-induced dementia.

Daily News: "What Moore Do You Need!"

CIA Director Pompeo Calls WikiLeaks a Hostile Intelligence Service

Keurig CEO Backs Down in Response to Sean Hannity Boycott

IRONY ALERT: Catholic cardinal condemns 'forces of division' and fear

How can Mueller not indict Don Trump Jr?

Opinion: This is how a superpower commits suicide

"Even in a vacuum something's there." . . . Please come CAPTION Jeff Sessions!!!

Seriously - how did Roy Moore become a Supreme Court Judge in Alabama

Duterte spokesman: Trump offered to return Philippine fugitive during bilateral talks

"and we thought he was nuts for carrying around a pistol on stage...WRONG pistol"

President Trump has made 1,628 false or misleading claims over 298 days

Donald Trump Jr. communicated with WikiLeaks during 2016 campaign

Former intel chief Hayden: Think twice on a Trump job offer

Don Jr faces both federal and state legal poblems

The Penn State hazing scandal is really exploding.

At this rate, can America survive until 2020 ??

Fox News host tore into Sessions in private meeting with Trump: report

Fox news managment should be outed for sexual harassment of their female commentators

Trump, breaking with precedent, will not meet with American Nobel recipients

Hannity Defends Child Sex Abuser, Advertisers Run Away

Democrat LEADS Republican in Alabama After Child Sex Assault Claims

Intel director Clapper on whether Trump is compromised by Russia

Trudeau Plays Trump Foil Again With Critique of Duterte

Divisive Myths to Bash Ralph Northam and Democrats in VA

Headsup - Sessions hearing starts on the hour n/t

I bet this is his big announcement:

House declares U.S. military role in Yemen's civil war unauthorized

Lunching ranger discovers species lost for 40 years

2017/2018 US Senate Election -Solid Democratic to Solid Republican

Irony Deficiency Syndrome.

Trump faces big choice on Moore's fate

The pastors who allegedly signed the Roy Moore letter this week were not contacted about it

Don Jr. sent an email to Hope Hicks, and it immediately became clear Trump had seen it

Protesters Jeer as Trump Team Promotes Coal at U.N. Climate Talks

House Judiciary Committee to Hold Department of Justice Oversight 10AM ET. LIVE..

560 Dead, 8000 Injured, 12,000 Homes Collapse, Iran/Iraq Quake, BBC:

Chavismo kills

Wikileaks Told Trump, Jr. To Tell His Dad To Not Concede If He Lost On Election Day

Trump critic Bob Corker to lead Senate hearing on president's powers to order nuclear attack

6 truths about having a crush

Russia Published 'Evidence' Of U.S. Helping ISIS- images are from a video game!

Doug Jones is out with new ads this morning, both pulling at voters' and Republicans' reaction

Sessions Testimony watch thread- let's quote the asshole for our friends at work

Russia's 'Evidence' That The U.S. Is Helping ISIS Is Footage From A 2015 Computer Game

NAACP legal fund files lawsuit over voter instructions in key Va. House race

FBI launches probe into judge who sent Meek Mill to jail

The big announcement

What question would you ask Jeff Sessions?

And then Chavismo came for the social networks...

Trump to Address Nation (about what?)

What more evidence of collusion do you need? - By Jennifer Rubin

New Jersey Diner Adds 'Kid Tip' to Bills, Angering Parents

Birmingham News: Roy Moore Grossly Unfit For Office

Latest from Europe

U.S. Predator

Guess who has big connection to Gadsden, AL

Your US Postal Service deliveries to your home... later than usual?

Pence Denies Knowledge Of Donald Trump Jr. Contacts With Wikileaks

Lewandowski: I Don't Think We Knew Wikileaks Had Ties To Russia Back Then

How do you feel about phone banking from out of state

Sessions appears to me more 'honorable' than Moore is 'holy'.

The Gadsden Flag: 2017

bob goodlatte....this fellow is a complete asshole.

11/14/17: Bernie's Podcast Bonus: What the Paradise Papers Reveal

Trump To Meet With House GOPers Thursday Before Crucial Tax Bill Vote

For the last 18 years @GunnelsWarren has been by my side watching Republicans try to destroy ...

Follow-up to poll on late USPS mail delivery at home... If you said yours is later...

Pic Of The Moment: Still No Evidence Of Collusion?

Ryan: Allegations Against Moore Are 'Credible' And He Should Withdraw

Phew- This mystery solved - Vikings wore blue underwear

The Wikileaks/Trump Jr. exchange shows a conspiracy ... and that Wikileaks is an absolute fraud

Rescuers save six beached sperm whales in Indonesia

And we are off with a bang !!

Nebraska Public Service Commission will deliver decision on Keystone XL pipeline next Monday

OK....I gave the Sessions hearing 5 minutes of my time and then Senselessbrenner started

New York Times board: Trump 'turns to mush' around strongmen

Half of US adults have high blood pressure in new guidelines

VPR Vermont Edition: ... And coming up on Thursday, Nov. 16 at Noon, we'll speak with @SenSanders.

This poster at the Atlantic makes a lot of good points.

UPDATED: Sessions: 'No clear recollection' of Papadopoulos proposing Trump-Putin meeting

Happy 117th birthday, Aaron Copland.

WATCH LIVE: Attorney General Sessions testifies to the House Judiciary Committee

Bryan Fischer: We Must Withhold Judgment About Roy Moore Because The Biblical Standard Of Proof Ha

BREAKING NEWS: AG Sessions demands fainting couch, hand fan while giving testimony.

Republicans keep defending Trump and Putin

Is this Sessions hearing just a free-for-all?

Hannity advertisers - Spreadsheet with contact info

Shitstain's Climate Team Jeered, Shouted Down In Bonn While Pimping "Clean Coal"

FBI: Jews Subject to 54% of Religiously Motivated Hate Crimes, Despite Being Just 2% of Population.

I Do Not Recall

If you had a shot every time Sessions said I do not recall you would be dead

Rep Jarrold Nadler presents photo of Sessions in meeting with Papadapoulos

Wikileaks asked Jr. that Trump ask Australia to appoint Assange as ambassador to the US. Not kidding

Wisconsin to allow toddlers to operate firearms

Bannon might be a clod, not an evil genius

Republican dilemma in Al: Sexual abuser Moore, or Prejurer Sessions

Shiela Jackson Lee shows pictures of Moore's victims - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

"Win It All." Excellent indie film.

Mahlon Mitchell for Govenor

☕️PSA For The Dumb Asses Who Destroyed Their Keurig Coffee Makers☕️

As the circus goes on in the house, the senate is discussing the 'president' and nuclear war.

Exclusive: Kremlin tells companies to deliver good news

WH spokesperson: Donald Trump Jr. was just a low-level volunteer and coffee-boy at the campaign.

RIP Nancy Zieman,

The 1 Percent Now Have Half the World's Wealth

Trump touts his 46% Approval in Rasmussen poll from Yesterday.

Roy Moore couldn't possibly be the polar opposite of the public persona he has created, that's crazy

Im no longer going to contact companies about boycotting...

Question about that "Hon. Sessions" sign in front of Jeff Sessions: What does "Hon" mean?

Hey, Newt.

The Don't Eat Yellow Snow Foundation.

British doctor punches shark to escape attack off Australian coast after watching YouTube video

Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion Already Exists, Watergate Prosecutors Say

Maybe I'm missing something here but....

We might have a serial killer in Florida.

i got called a stoner! ha!....

Rand Paul to offer ObamaCare mandate repeal in Senate tax bill

FL Congressman Ted Deutch is letting Sessions have it!

Pence NFL trip cost Indianapolis police dept more than $14K: ethics watchdog

Only Roy Moore Could Unite Stephen And Mitch McConnell

Sessions casts doubt on need for Hillary Clinton special counsel

Non-existent "Muslim sharia" here in the US-bad. "Christian" sharia-good, according to the RNC

Who Amongst Us... Supports the Far Left?

Sessions' Memory

louis gutteirez having big fun batting jeff sessions around.

Alabama pastors turn on Roy Moore after he's caught faking endorsement letter

Schumer: Trump's Asia trip a 'colossal flop'

Gueterez just asked Sessions "Are you aware you are under oath?"

Kim Jong-Un Hurt President Trump's 'Old' Feelings

Between Election Day 2016 & 9/2017, @GOP political com reported paying $1,270, to Trump entities

WikiLeaks to Trump Jr.: 'Our offer of being ambassador to the US still stands'

Let's all play today's #SessionsHearing Perjury Drinking Game..

Rep. Bass, D-CA, told AG Sessions that citizens who criticize police are targeted by Justice Dept

Sessions Not Interested In Returning to Senate

AMA triples the number of customers for drug companies with stroke of a pen.

New Doug Jones ad: "Common Ground"

The Rude Pundit: Alabama Gut Check

So, the gist of Sessions latest testimony is....

Alabama Senate Race Now a 'Toss Up'

Delhi's smog-fighting helicopters can't fly - because of smog

'Look the other way.' Clip from the priest abuse scandal film "Spotlight" (2015)

🎼Bucket T🎼

I agree.

Jeff Sessions is another member of the Amnesia Administration.

UCLA players returning to U.S. after being detained in China

UCLA players returning to U.S. after being detained in China

LIVE STREAM: Jeff Sessions Testifies At Oversight Hearing 11/14/17 House Judiciary Committee

Hakeem Jeffries was awesome at the Sessions hearing today

Did Sessions just say that Comey shouldn't have never talked about Hillary?

CREW got the records of Mike Pence's NFL walkout stunt

Puerto Rico's bankrupt utility agreed to pay Whitefish Energy double what linemen make, documents sh

Puerto Rico's bankrupt utility agreed to pay Whitefish Energy double what linemen make, documents sh

Moore expulsion idea splits Senate Republicans

Bobby Doerr, Red Sox Hall of Fame second baseman, dead at 99

Roy Moore Denies Knowing 5th Accuser, Despite Signed Yearbook

google doodle for today honours the 131st birthday of the hole punch

Nuclear accident sends 'harmless' radioactive cloud over Europe

White House not holding event for U.S. Nobel Prize recipients, a break with usual practice

Trump threw heads of USDA out of their expertise jobs and shuffled into jobs they know little about

Prophecy Song - Joanne Shenandoah - Peace & Power

Can any DU members identify the gray haired woman sitting behind the lying elf?

"vote republican--it's easier than thinking" bumper sticker seen this morning in this oh-so-red

Democrats claim absentee ballots in a key Va. House race were uncounted (Virginia)

Democrats claim absentee ballots in a key Va. House race were uncounted

Rep Eric Swalwell just kicked Session's ass

THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS: A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Trump sells US out to China for private gain

Conan Hits The Streets & Beaches Of Tel Aviv

GOP tax bill could spur $25 billion in Medicare cuts: CBO

I've been in denial.

Moore's Wife still lying to try and cover for him:

How the hell have the members of Congress resisted

Opinion: Donald Trump, the illusory giant

At least 3 dead in California school shooting, shooter killed by police

As advertisers flee, panicked Hannity launches pathetic ugly smear against boycott leader

Jeff Sessions gets testy as he's grilled by Sheila Lee over Russia contacts

At least 3 dead in California school shooting, shooter killed by police

****NEW POLL**** Trump approval drops to 35%. No Asian trip bump !!!

you testified at least 36 times that you cant recall. Is that correct?

White House not holding event for U.S. Nobel Prize recipients a break with usual practice

Mr. Sessions If You Have Such A Bad Memory - How Can You Serve In Such A Job As Attorney General?...

Looks like another school shooting-2 dead??

How many hidden posts have had since DU3 began?

Trump's Russia mess: "People Will Die." Holy bublitchki, Batman, he was being serious?

How much sway does Fox News have over the Justice Department?

Secret Finding: 60 Russian Payments "To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016"

Shootings at multiple sites kill 3, wound kids at school in Northern California; police say they

HuffPost: Zinke Inquired About Redesigning Interior Department Flag

Lieu just accused Sessions of perjury.

Mr. Sessions, are you lying then or are you lying now? Boom. Ted Lieu.

Boom - great new anti Roy Moore Billbaord

Trump Hotel DC is hosting Museum of the Bible's black-tie dedication gala Nov. 16. Tickets $2,500+.

A Minnesota lawmaker attacked a new transgender city council member. Her apology was just as bad.

Gordon Brown calls on G20 to end tax havens

Secret Finding: 60 Russian Payments "To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016

Gordon Brown calls on G20 to end tax havens

I do not recall...

Someone should ask Sessions

Does Beauregard Sessions recall getting his cherry popped?

Says it all.

The defenders of Roy Moore

When Democratic politicians win because of Trump, please remember whose pain brought that.

Jay Pharoah's Impressions of Charles Barkley & Stephen A. Smith The Rich Eisen Show 10/06/17

REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER This Alabama Man Spent Five Years in Prison for Enticing a 14-Year-Old

As I was out mowing my leaves, it hit me - trump - the republicans - are "hazing" the country

Lawmakers demand investigation into FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

Thou shalt no covet thy neighbor's daughter.

Loyalty oath?

Of all the things that make me laugh about this cartoon about Corn Pone and 45

Bernie Sanders backs Randy Bryce!

Hillary Clinton pretty much batted 1.000 in 2016

Bernie Sanders backs Randy Bryce!

FBI investigating shady Russian money transfers designated to finance election campaign of 2016: r

Watching this elfin fuck bucket lie through his teeth makes me realize

Trump spreads fake news about his enemy President Obama in the Philippines

BREAKING: CBO: Tax bill will automatically cut Medicare by $25 billion per year almost immediately

Senate Plans to End Obamacare Mandate in Revised Tax Proposal...

Are they trying to get Rosenstein fired via this dumb Uranium One thing?

GOP strategist Steve Schmidt drops hammer on titanic fraud Mike Pence for lying about Russia

Spain's Rajoy refuses pardon to woman jailed for suing nun who sold her as a stolen infant

Sessions admitted they haven't done one damn thing about russian election theft.

Watching Gohmert (asparagus) questioning Sessions --

Louie Gohmert reminds me of some actor but I can't say who for sure.

Senate GOP to add repeal of Obamacare insurance mandate into tax bill

I miss George Michael

Alabama Native: If Moore gets elected, will I have to explain

Just another day in The N.R.A. States of America.

Were you lying when you filled out the form, or are you lying now?

A mesh network spontaneously erupts in the US and helps connect Puerto Rico

Jeff Sessions just offered the Trump teams latest spin on Russia

(Jewish Group) Jews out shouted by far-right Poles at independence day parade

Judge clears way for final vote count in Stafford Co.; disputed absentee ballots wont count

In most parts of this country, leering at or groping a 14-year-old girl

Trump's job approval inches downward

Judge Moore should be familiar with this Alabama Loitering Law, in part:

Judiciary chairman hints at dissatisfaction with Sessions

5 dead after shooting at elementary school in Northern California.

McCain threatens to block nominees over Army waiver report

seed saving ??

This Alabama Man Spent Five Years in Prison for Enticing a 14-Yr old: Moore May be elected Senator.

DC jazz singer starts blog to replace DCist. The site's billionaire owner threatens to sue.

Dems find an unlikely attack dog on Russia

I have questions about this pic of sarah sanders:

"Jeff Session should NEVER get a puppy"

Jeff Sessions

"Were you lying then or are you lying now?"

Senate GOP nearing decision on repeal of ObamaCare mandate

Zimbabwe: Army chief accused of 'treasonable conduct'

The Fascist march in Poland should receive significant world wide media attention. 60,000 people is

GOP can't hide anymore.

Moore After 5th Accuser Comes Forward: I Never Did What She Said I Did

Florida police fear serial killer claimed fourth victim

While we're all watching Sessions lie, GOP is f*cking us up the a$$ w/ "tax reform"

The biggest topic on the Right...

From a FB friend: As best I can tell, Southern Christian values means...

He's getting gang-pummeled over perjury, and yet he still has time to crusade against legal weed.

Choosing between Jake Tapper and Nicole Wallace at 1:00 is tough.

Limbaugh: Moore was a Democrat at time of sexual misconduct allegations

they keep talking about what moron is going to do about Moore when he returns

Meet Cathy Myers (2018 Dem candidate running against Paul Ryan)

handwritten cards are being sent out telling dems to vote on the wrong date

Roy Moore is too creepy to be allowed in to the local mall but he will be allowed into the Senate ?

Science says you should be reading independent news media

This is the type of Christian I respect because her words make a difference

Steve Bannon And Allies Have Second Thoughts About Roy Moore, Sources Say

Another warning about RawStory tracking cookies

GOP "tax reform" badly hurts higher ed as well (institutions as well as students, staff, faculty)

Shep Smith destroys Fox on the Uranium One deal:

Elon Musk Says Black Employee Filing Lawsuit Should 'Be Thick-Skinned And Accept Apology'

People for sale ... Abuse of migrants in Lybia

Ancient skull from China may rewrite the origins of our species

She led Trump to Christ: The rise of the televangelist who advises the White House

Hey, Toxic Don, Welcome Home. Let's talk about pussy grabbing and teenage girls.

NBC Dismisses a News Executive for Misconduct

Russia just doesn't even care to keep up appearances anymore:

When Two Become One: Twisted Cosmic Knot Shines in Hubble Photo

OMG!!! This is the best!!

Firefox Quantum. Have you seen it?

Elon Poll: N.C. residents still down on President Trump (Updated)

McConnell Says Roy Moore Should Abandon Collapsing Senate Bid

Senate GOP tax bill will include repeal of ObamaCare mandate

Potential Fourth Murder Victim of Tampa Serial Killer Found

House to make anti-harassment training mandatory, Ryan says

Donald Trump has the navigational ability of a ROOMBA vacuuming up a penny.....

Ex-General: Nuclear Launch Order Can be Refused

Chuck Todd is a buzzkill after Nicole Wallace, just sayin...

(Austin) AISD moves to rename remaining schools with Confederate ties by August

If Republicans believe Roy Moore's accusers, why not Trump's? By Ruth Marcus

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Good news: Catholic bishops take on racism in society and the church

Secret Finding: 60 Russian Payments "To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016"

In the Capitols shadow, massive Museum of the Bible readies for opening

Jeff Sessions given public platform to lie

Kratom has 'deadly risks,' FDA warns

Alabama's Senior Senator Says State GOP Should Revoke Moore Nomination

Behold, Rep. Louie Gohmert's Amazing Flow Chart Revealing Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

Wheres the hockey section?

Bill Browder named one of GQ's "Men of the Year"

This Is Why They Kneel...

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 14, 2017

Senate confirms 'torture memo' author to lead Transportation Dept legal office

Should the president be a role model for children?

Democratic Party 2016 Platform Statement Regarding Gun Violence

Fixed your chart for you, Representative Gohmert. Enjoy!

Does Chuckles get a bonus every time he says Bill Clinton and blowjob?

A 21st-century novelty: Record November cold in the Northeast - Jeff Masters

RNC cuts off Moore

Redefining Flop Sweat: Shitstain's Climate Envoy In Bonn May Be Photo Of The Month

Poll: 40 percent of voters believe Trump is fit to be president, a new low

Trumps nuclear authority divides senators alarmed by his volatile behavior

The Urine Bomber

Hannity: I'm Giving Away 500 Keurigs To Fans Who Want 'Apolitical Joe'

Mankini-wearing 'Borat' tourists arrested in Kazakhstan

Question regarding California cannabis law.

Egypt had free public healthcare in the year 872

Australia same-sex marriage: Results expected imminently

The NRA Game Plan is always the same:

LM: Then director Comey legally taped calls, meetings with Trump

Predatory, soul twisting: Southern Baptist leader slams Christians for supporting Roy Moore

Soon, everyone can read the dirt on Trump's White House

I met someone who believes the "flat Earth theory".

Kneeling Black Men, Running White Predators (JOHN PAVLOVITZ)

Australia's same-sex marriage postal survey: 61.6% yes, 38.4% no live

Southern Drawl

Bill for Chemical Castration Presented in Peru

Trump did the physically impossible !

Menendez Jury Goes Another Day Deadlocked On All 18 Counts

Australia says yes to same-sex marriage in historic postal survey

Colombia: Dont Promote Officers Linked to Killings

Indian MLA walk off with speaker Mace

Medellin becoming major destination for foreign predators

David Frum, LOL

Another one -

Senate Republicans Shoehorn Anti-Abortion Measure Into Tax Bill

In language (words) that, perhaps(maybe), even supporters(fans) of Trump and Moore

The Troll Smearing Roy Moore's Accuser Stole a Dead Navy SEAL's Identity

At a Denmark airport

Japanese news: Why Trump left Asia early

Cards Against Humanity buys land along the U.S.-Mexico border in order to block Trump's wall

Senate GOP Will Try to Repeal Obamacare Mandate

as another day in trumpville comes to a close, my thoughts are of a theme typical of the last year

Trump's Tweets May Be His Undoing - Josh Marshall

real news - TPM - Marshall - "Trump's Tweets May Be His Undoing"

Jeff Sessions: 'Not enough basis' for special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton

That letter from 53 pastors supporting Moore. Not exactly.

Fox's Shep Smith takes apart the Uranium One conspiracy his Fox News colleagues have been relentless

*Coming up on the NewsHour: Remembering Gwen Ifill,

When did Roy Moore meet his wife?