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Archives: November 12, 2017

Democratic women won big on election night

Man falls four floors to his death 'after being caught molesting boy at birthday party'

Hosting SNL tonight is Tiffany Haddish

Trumps Channels to Russia

How Trees Talk.

One of my signs from The Women's March

AL-SEN: The Governor Of Alabama Just Shot Down Republican Plans To Salvage The Senate Election

CIA chief Mike Pompeo contradicts Trump, says Russia meddled in 2016 election

Feeling too hot ? -61 F (wind chill) at Summit Camp Greenland

News from PA-18. The republicans have chosen a candidate.

Speculation on Roy Moore's proclivity for young girls.

I don't always ask the best questions, but I have one now that is really bothering me.

Denver council unanimously votes to ban cat declawing

Not when, but how is Trump going to fire Mueller? Most humiliating and illegal way he can devise.

Couple Prevents U.S. Military Veteran From Jumping off Coronado Bay Bridge

Why the DelBene video is so important. That video could easily kill the GOP tax plan..

Advertisers distance themselves from Hannity after Moore coverage

Texas shooter's ex-wife: 'Demons ... hatred' consumed him

Roy Moore spent a year in Australia in his 30s??!!

LOSER 45 is dropping some tweets,

Gal Gadot threatens to drop out of Wonder Woman 2

Snopes says TRUE! Did Roy Moore Say Muslims Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Serve in Congress?

AL-SEN: Cassidy pulls endorsement of Moore

Stephen Miller named:

Colorado Dem House speaker strips Dem of chairmanship after harassment allegations, urges him to ...

David Corn tweet

Age formula for dating

David Frum just now nailed Roy Moore: "He was awfully good at it. He saw a young person in distress

Ok, Im getting really sick of MallWorts awesome songs during their

Gollum J. Trump tweets

Documentary Now! "David Letterman: Beginnings" with Fred Armisen and Bill Hader

Growing List of Republicans Saying Goodbye to Washington

Where are These Girls' Parents?

McCain slams Trump over siding with Putin on Russia meddling

trump asked WH cooks to copy McDonalds items

Yikes....Miami is killing Notre Dame.....

Movie Rec. Sing Street on Netflix.

So, Moore is condemning the women

In the market for a new car

New Rule: Checking In On Jared Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Discussion of "spirituality"

Trump Is on Pace to Reshape the Judiciary. Heres How.

Former prosecutor says it was common knowledge that Roy Moore dated high school girls

Big Oil loses big in Washington

You didn't know?

Real or Parody?

I had a very disturbing experience today.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 14: The Hollywood Blacklist

When does Trump get back to DC?

I'm curious whether or not Putin speaks sufficient English to communicate with Trump?

Forced into debt.Worked past exhaustion.Left with nothing.


TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 15: Star of the Month: James Stewart

Open Letter to Roy Moore

Barack Obama: On a day dedicated to honoring their sacrifice, these veterans chose to honor...

Shocker: GOP is increasing the National Debt at an enormous rate

He can't read


Joy Reid: Finally, the Real Majority Pushes Back Against the Bitter Third

AL-SEN: interesting tweet from pollster still in the field as of tonight

Small dick and no cattle.

Since when is a pipe bomb a "weapon of mass destruction"?

It's unbelievable that a 32 year old man would try to date and molest a 14 year old girl.

Wonkette has a proposal.

SNL is LIVE coast to coast tonight! 11:30 ET/8:30 PT

BREAKING: 538 reporting Doug Jones takes lead in AL-SEN

Dear Values Voters:

What is Indy Jarvis? - it's a Talking Car Interface!

Putin Must have put some Pressure on Trump

Damn SNL hitting the DNC Hard

Jayuf Secessions consults with his daddy about the Senate race back home in Alabama.

Breitbart defends Moore, says his alleged sexual abuse of teen was OK because he was romantic

America's cruel way to punish poor debtors: take away their driver's license

Just thinking about the mayoral election in Helena, Montana, this week...***HOT DAMN!!***

Late News From West Coast..

Advertisers distance themselves from Hannity after Moore coverage

Religious Wackos (Undoubtedly Trump Supporters) Spreading Ignorance On Amazon

Just got back from girls night out with friends.

Murder of three teens in Mexico led police to a fugitive US polygamist and his dark world

Could McConnell delay seating Doug Jones if elected?

The movie "42" is on netflix

SNL has some opinions about the DNC

Was President Obama just a dream?

Deported veterans protest in Mexico on US Veterans Day

Deported veterans protest in Mexico on US Veterans Day

Youth trying to reach US drowns along Panama coast

Youth trying to reach US drowns along Panama coast

How is this real life?

Have you ever met a human being as repulsive as Trump?


Trump Departs Vietnam w/o visiting Hoa Lo Prison aka Hanoi Hilton like Clinton, Bush and others have

(From Twitter) FDR - JFK - Obama - Trump, what did they assert?

McCain slaps down Trump

Companies pull ads from Hannity after Moore coverage

Every U.S. state ranked by quality of its food

Trump is a vile, heartless and disgusting example of a human driven by ego and money...

I hope there is a god.

SNLs most relevant new character: a fed up HR rep fielding constant sexual harassment

Army of Lovers...

In Alabama, Republican Voters Stand by Roy Moore

Trump Nominee for Federal Judgeship Has Never Tried a Case

Question : anyone know how to help this Soldier and his cat?

The Best Way for Democrats to Show Their Disgust With Roy Moore Is by Going All-In for Doug Jones

Hilarious Baseball Rain Delay Compilation (MUST WATCH)

Each year the magical Christmas wall appears...

How Robert Mueller Works a Case- TIME Magazine, great read from a former Mueller assistant

19 Women In Trump's Life Who Took A Stand Against Him

Toronto police locate 1 of 3 students missing in suspected ransom scam

Latest from Europe

NFL Craziest Weather Games

"The Bedroom Tapes"

Trump & Putin not only met 3 times while in Vietnam, they even issued a joint statement together

There is a little woods called Pine Hill near where my dad grew up. As a kid he built forts there

Top 10 Fastest Players of All Time NFL Films

Roy Moore & Jeff Sessions Cold Open - SNL

Prince Charles' Letter From 1986 Blamed "influx of foreign Jews" for Unrest in Middle East

Amazing Octopus - Most Intelligent Animal on Earth?

Across Wisconsin, recent rises in hate, bias incidents spark concern

Donald Drumpf, Roy Moore, Louie Ghomert, Mike Pence,

President Loon Strikes again...

Trump Promo Pic Paints 10 Thousand Words

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Long Story Edition

Sleeping with the golden retriever

Trump on Veterans Day

SNL was a snooze last nite

Fake news: A look at what didn't happen this week

Guys, when was the last time you hugged your father?

Launch time re-targeted for 7:19:51 a.m. EST for this morning's Antares flight.

The end of an era: Farewell to the 747

The Walking Dead 8.4 "Some Guy" (spoiler alert)

Conducting the Asshole Orchestra (R)

Get Woke with Tamika - SNL

Reza Aslan: "The dangerous cult of Donald Trump":

Reza Aslan: "The dangerous cult of Donald Trump":

Did Trump Just Admit He's A "Lunatic"?

John King on CNN just pointed out there has not been one word about Human Rights

TVA boosts pay of nation's highest-paid federal employee

CNN: Accusation is that Moore "helped" her, the 14 y/o, get her clothes off!

Trump clarifies Putin comments: 'I'm with our agencies' on election meddling

I predict 2018 will bring an epic War on Women

Message from the DNC - SNL

I saw Tom Steyer's impeachment ad running on TNT, this morning

Trump lands in Philippines, offers to mediate on South China Sea

Real estate groups ready to battle GOP on tax proposals

I want to see Putin whisper into Trump's ear at a state dinner,

Veterans Day get together as a 11B I wasnt smart enough to be a 11C or a 11H

Did you miss me?

Where do kids learn to undervalue women? From their parents.

Indian Air Pollution So Bad United Temporarily Cancels Newark-Delhi Air Service

'These Are Not The Actions of an Innocent Man' Trumps after-the-fact complicity in Russias elect

North Korean insults to U.S. leaders are nothing new - but Trump's deeply personal reactions are

Without Permits, BC Fracking Company Must Drain 2 Huge Earthfill Dams; More Than 50 Built Illegally


Trump dominates the GOP base. Party leaders live with the consequences.

Chinese "Leadership" - Exporting Coal Plants, Opaque And Unverifiable Pollution Data

Tuesday's elections show that GOP candidates will be bound to Trump no matter what,

Roy Moore's refusal to exit Alabama Senate race reflects diminished power of Washington

Tobin Smith: Former Fox News Analyst...Fear & UNBalanced: Confessions of a Fox News Hitman

Breathing In Delhi - W. PM2.5 @ 950-1,000, It's Equivalent To Smoking 44 Cigarettes/Day

I was now the wolfman. I was God's creation.

Why Do Republicans Vote The Way They Do? Follow the $$$

Trump now accepts that Russia meddled in the election.

Bonn Climate Talks: "It's As Though The US Negotiators Have Been Dipped In Aspic"

Roy Moore Cast The Sole Vote In Favor Of A Man Who Raped A Four-Year-Old

Alabama breathes a sigh of relief. Everything is okay again.

Retails stores close, homelessness soars.

If True

Philly Cops Say They Want To Bitch Slap The Citys New Dem.Dist Attorney who won in a landslide..

3 $100 Billion Hurricanes, A Fire That Jumped The Columbia Gorge - Summer 2017 New Normal

Bill Gates Buys Big Chunk Of Land In Arizona To Build 'Smart City'

The FEMA "meals" my brother received today... #HuracnMara (tweet)

Brennan: Trump called us hacks to delegitimize intelligence report

Trump being trolled in Asia? You decide:

Conway: North Korea's Kim Jong Un insulted Trump first

Alabama exiles its prophets and exalts its fools (Archibald/

Our wins in VA and NJ were very bad for Donna B's career prospects.

Trump voters; This trait sealed their fate.

Trump's chief of staff: 'I do not follow the tweets'

We won't change their minds, so we need to GOTV

Clapper: 'Naive' to think Russia has best intentions towards U.S.

Eight eggs over easy 5 pieces of toast my domestic wolf pack

President Trump, Please Read the Constitution

Beer vs. Wine

Jim Comey: 'If you want truth to go round the world you must hire an express train to pull it'

Key GOP chairman: House will not accept 'total elimination' of property tax deductions

Joy looks more beautiful than usual today!

Most Republican county in Ohio just flipped nine seats blue

Sunday Meme n Toon roundup

2017 AL US Senate Election-2020 US Senate Election-If Moore-R wins next month and gets seated.

Fox's Judge Jeanine: 'I spent career going after pedophiles is the GOP destroying itself?'

The GOP Tax Bill Would Automatically Create Mega-Churches as Super PACs

Sorry to read this, hope it's not true..

Felis catus and fearsome adversary

Senator denies double standard in Democrat response to Moore allegations

***** The Weinstein Moment and the Trump Presidency

Got a little nostaligic this past Veterans Day and wanted to share some 30-year old memories...

Boris Johnson pictured with 'London professor' from FBI Russia probe

German Shepherd confused when his human hides. Adorable video:

Sexual abuse of young teens is endemic in some organizations

Joint US-Russia statement calls for UN-supervised elections in Syria

Clint Watts throwing shade: how much longer will our agencies be with you @POTUS ?

Mnuchin refuses to say whether he believes Moore accusers

Polish Nationalist Youth March Draws Thousands in Capital

Kitten rescued from Spring (no-not water)

Martha Raddatz rips Kellyanne Conway for doubting Moore accusers: 'You either believe...

I'm watching Alias Grace on Netflix, and it's really good so far.

Calvin Grows up - Now it's Bacon and Hobbs -

GOP senator: Moore denial not as strong as the allegations

Tom Perez: 'I am not talking about impeachment'

I have a severe case of political whiplash

Star-Spangled Banner: how the anthem became central to the story of American sports

Ex-intel heads Brennan and Clapper smack down Trump for calling them 'political hacks'

Top Democrats stage anti-Trump revolt at Bonn climate summit

Keanu Reeves accused of being nice on dates

McAuliffe, top Democrats dismiss impeachment talk

Most Republican county in Ohio just flipped nine seats blue

Worth a repost: (from Sept 22)

I've been quite shocked with all these revelations

Why I Felt I Had to Go to Bowe Bergdahls Hearing

2018/2020 US Senate Election-Democrats guide to a regaining control of the US Senate.

2018 MS US Senate Race- What are Mike Moore's chances if he runs?

What's the best way to back up a Win 8 Pro partition ? (not usually a Windows user)

Jones takes lead in Alabama

Run Roy! RUN. Stay in the race!

Dem senator on recent election wins: Voters were motivated after GOP tried to take away their health

Conway on Moore: The conduct as described should disqualify anyone from serving in public office

SNLs Michael Che uses Trumps latest tweet to show him as infantile & illogical (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Face The Nation: Sen. Sanders discusses President Trump's comments on Putin

VIDEO: Face The Nation: Sen. Sanders says the Democratic Party needs to make fundamental changes

Senator Ron Johnson joins Roy Moore as a questionable sort when it comes to our youth in this

To Republicans, With Regard to Judge Roy Moore:

Showing someone your dick is rape culture

AL-SEN: Emerson Poll has Moore up by 10 points

I stopped and paid my respects to Mrs Davis today.

We had a good run, America.

The movie, "Last Flag Flying"....I thought it was beautiful....

Did anyone see Brazile on Joy this morning? How was it?

Sen. Bernie Sanders - Face The Nation Nov 12, 2017

"What I Learned From Three Weeks Watching Fox News Nonstop"

What are you reading this week of November 12, 2017?

This is one of the reasons why our founding fathers were some of the wisest men ever.

Poll: 37 percent of Alabama evangelicals more likely to vote for Moore after allegations

Had no idea Jimmy carter and Bob Dylan are good friends

NowThis Twitter Video: We went to Canada with Bernie Sanders ...

Giancarlo Stanton sweepstakes

Poll: 37 percent of Alabama evangelicals more likely to vote for Moore after allegations

Which way will a Free Society evolve?

On Veterans Day Drumpt takes the

Umm, does anyone believe that child molestation is bad enough to change a Republicans mind?

Boycott Keurig was trending all morning on twitter

Spoiler Tennis Fed Cup

#MeAt14 will break your heart.

Walked out of Veterans Day Speech - Daily Kos op'ed

Putin very much prefers not to see Russia's history commemorated. People might get ideas.

We all know a state may not secede from the union,

I don't feel afraid or even pessimistic.

Advertisers Ditch Sean Hannity Over his Coverage of Pedophile Ray Moore

Neil deGrasse Tyson: "I love the smell of the universe in the morning"

Trump is ticking up ever so slightly in Gallup.

Philippines: Did u see O Yellar when he

Agent Orange Returns to Vietnam

I think Roy Moore would "date" this

Face the Nation: more dumb Trump voters

*****ALABAMA SHOCK POLL***** Doug Jones 48% Pedo Moore 44%

One thing I've noticed as I get older (I am in my 60s)

Roy Moore's Ten Commandments:

Senior White House aide: Give Roy Moore more time to defend himself

How credible is the Daily Beast?

Former U.S. intelligence officials: Trump being 'played' by Putin

Conservative Christian Child Molestation - the real Pizzagate

When I started changing my grandneice's diaper, my neice (her aunt) questioned

US 'in peril over president's stance' - BBC News

A sober thought: the voters who will reelect Sanders and Warren will likely reelect GOP Governors...

Unrivaled support: While Colorado cities and universities examine ways to partner, CMU only one

Comedians Didn't Need to Be Such Assholes About the Rumors of Louis C.K.'s masturbation habits

So DO SOMETHING to help Jones beat Moore ...

Even if they move the election date in AL they can't take Pedo Moore off the ballot

Doug Jones takes lead on Roy Moore in new Senate poll


Powerful earthquake strikes near Iraqi city of Halabja

Democrat gets jail, Republican gets Senate...

McConnell Said to Be Willing to Lose Alabama Seat

Headline of the Day

I've been thinking a lot about Roy Moore's statement about asking permission

So where is Mrs Judge Roy Moore?

Gee, that explains it...

37 percent of Alabama evangelicals more likely to vote for Moore after allegations

Today's GOP Is Like the Democratic Party of the 1850s

Lebanese prime minister whose resignation shook the region says he will return very soon

Just Another Day Here On DU...

Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core

"the most disturbing story I have ever reported in 15 years of covering national security"

Lebanese prime minister whose resignation shook the region says he will return very soon

Lawmakers Question Whether Key CIA Nominee Misled Congress

Aerial Images May Unlock Enigma of Ancient Stone Structures in Saudi Arabia

'They'd rather keep a child molester in the Capitol': Conservative blisters GOP's thirst for power'

Philippine police used water cannons and batons on Trump protesters

Friends, How Many Of Us Have Them?

Powerful earthquake strikes near Iraqi city of Halabja

Chelsea Manning: Help veterans by not sending us to kill for 'nationalist fairy tales'

Email issues when sending to out of US recipients.

White House Officials Say Roy Moore Should Step Down

HRC book What Happened? Jim Bakker show answer 'God!!!'

Trump played by Putin, ex intel officials say

Trump voter admits president has done nothing - but he's 'good entertainment on the news'

US: 'Most mass shootings not committed by mentally ill'

Veteran who lost both legs completes 31 marathons in 31 days, runners trailing his every step

Jail overcrowding keeps El Paso County from hosting lucrative ICE detainees

Trump can deliver suburbs

Other Than Gender, What's the Difference Between Roy Moore and Pedophile Priests?

An alternative history of the year since Election Day 2016

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 13 November 2017

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 12, 2017

Colorado election results indicate a progressive monsoon is on the way

Four former employees say Denver oil tycoon groped, harassed or sexually assaulted them

So, on Tuesday, my 79 YO mother is leaving for an educational workshop...


"This is completely inhumane": Longmont prairie dog colony exterminated

Mueller Immediately Closes Investigation After Hearing Putin Proclaim His Innocence

Evangelical schools heretical evangelicals supporting Moore & Republicanism (VIDEO)

2020 US Senate Election-Non White Big City Democratic Mayors running for the US Senate.

Book excerpt: Rachel Jeffs, daughter of a polygamist and prophet, gets news that scatters her family

When Rudolph plays Reindeer Games, he plays for keeps...

Gun Violence just today, so far: 9 dead, 18 injured

Utah's Pando aspen grove is the most massive living thing known on Earth. It may die soon.

Is 70 old?

Trump urges Vietnam to buy US missiles

Instagram post tips off Utah police after teens allegedly broke into school construction site ...

Any gardeners here ever seen this ghastly thing????

I can't stop watching Hannity---

Utah lawmaker hoping to 'recruit Romney,' launches petition urging former presidential hopeful to

McConnell responds to Bannon targeting him: 'I laughed. Ha ha.'

Democratic committee targeting Utah Rep. Mia Love's seat

Chinese business Magnate Jack Ma Slaughters Donald trump For Failing to Understand How Finance works

"Trump country" stories help explain our politics, not the next election

At BYU, speaker says religious right's ties to Republican party spurred secularization

Poppa was a Rolling Stone. Wherever he lay his hat was his home.

If a guy has to display his genitals to prove he's a man---

Utah lawmaker looking to ban smoking at state Capitol

2017 AL US Senate Election- Will a public endorsement from the family of the late Howell Heflin

What are your best President Obama them

GOP rep: Moore disqualified himself from Senate long ago

Is this song rape culture?

Christmas poll

Fight over paid leave heating up in Congress

Candy Man: Ex-senator Phil Griegos path to a sweet $51,389.07 payday could land him in prison

12-year-old suing Sessions over marijuana policy

At least five companies over the weekend said they will be pulling their ads from the show "Hannity"

Jones Takes Lead Over Moore In Alabama Senate Race

Allegations against Roy Moore roil US evangelical ranks

At Least Now We Know Why Roy Moore Volunteered to Wear the High School Mascot Suit (Ferret/ShowerCap

Arizona lawmaker accused of sex remarks loses committee post

Toomey calls on Moore to step aside: 'Accusations have more credibility than the denial'

GOP retreat from Moore intensifies

Trump's new friends

Final televised Albuquerque mayoral debate turns feisty

How can I get DU search to show latest posts first?

Smen and Dried Tarantulas.

The Lineman Got $63 an Hour. The Utility Was Billed $319 an Hour.

Roy Moore quotes

He molested teenagers and the race has tightened up!

State audit blasts University of New Mexico athletics over mismanagement of funds

US, Niger teams visit site to learn about soldiers' ambush

A few minutes ago someone said "you Republican scumbags" on MSNBC. Can anyone

Poll: Nearly half of white Southerners feel like they're under attack

Hand Over Your Weapons

Potent pain creams that sold for up to $28K caused deaths, cost government millions

Reminder: Tuesday is Election Day

I know it is a big If but if Jones wins

Army lifts ban on recruits with mental health history

Sexual assaulter Dumpster is waiting to pass judgment

Consent Is Important To Me

Republican Strategist: Donald Trump Has Made the Democratic Party Great Again

7 shot in Gary during early morning attack, 1 man in custody

I think Mueller should resign...

The most brutal tweet - Trump Un and Moore

What do you do when you start to feel yourself sliding into depression over the world?...

2017 AL US Senate Election- If a guy in AL came out in public and said he had an inappropriate

Democrats should not want Moore to resign for purely political reasons.

Liz Smith, longtime NYC gossip columnist who chronicled Trump divorce, dead at 94

New Microsoft Word attacks infect PCs sans macros

As Trump arrives in Manila, a young victim of Dutertes devastating drug war is mourned

Bobcat Hollow

I have a feeling that something big will come out this week

Dallas City Council to vote on $61M settlement in back pay lawsuits

Five states ask judge to halt Trump's rollback of birth-control mandate

YouTube channel 'encore+' resurrects Canadian TV shows, films for a new generation

VA recount: Live near Stafford? Need your help!

November 12 2017 the night of keurig kristallnacht

Brave Enough to Be Angry

Ludovico Einaudi - "Elegy for the Arctic" - Official Live (Greenpeace)

In tRumps case is there a charge Mueller could come up with to (against tRump)

Tales from Tech Support: Client drives software developer over the edge