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Archives: November 11, 2017

Republicans prey for the masses...........

A scientific poll

People Boycot Jim Beam Over Mila Kunis Planned Parenthood Donations in Pence's Name

"Bible-belt" Christians aren't followers of Jesus Christ !

So...when will Trump ditch Judge Roy?

Trump attacks countries 'cheating' America at Apec summit

Liar Mitch McConnell says he misspoke about no tax increase for middle class

'Contact' and Carl Sagan's faith

Mexico drug cartel's grip on politicians and police revealed in Texas court files

dear tweety. this story isnt STARANGE!!! it's as common as mud.

Mexico drug cartel's grip on politicians and police revealed in Texas court files

Daily Reminder...

KO: This has bothered me all day. Why was @realDonaldTrump wearing @HillaryClintons old suit in Vi

Flynn about to make a statement?

Voter suppression in Virginia

This is why we want to KEEP Moore on the ticket

'If I'm stratum 3, that's who I am': inside Bogot's social stratification system

while we are talking about flynn and turkey,

Right wing blog attacked Oklahoma State Senate candidate for being gay

More than 50% of those on secretive NSW police blacklist are Aboriginal

Farmers move to defy Trump on NAFTA

The pictures of Trump w/Putin today are disgusting. It's so obvious that Putin rules Trump.

Fire trucks to spray Indian capital amid deepening smog emergency

Accusations are scandalous, but evangelical voters may still stand by him

Tax Cut for the Wealthy and Corporations...

Comstock calls on Roy Moore to drop out

Melania's visit to Asia

Bannon is the devil with a terrible human skin tailor

Using scandal to raise funds for Senate race

Why werent charges filed?

Biden/Harris 2020

Here's what Mitch McConnell should do

Roy Moore brother: Roy being persecuted 'just like Jesus Christ was'

Ad in support of Doug Jones

Roy Moore should have lived in Germany

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Grown men dating 14 year old girls is straight out of the Taliban's playbook.

Freepers go full pro-molestation, call Moore's pedophilia part of southern tradition

Roy Moore has raised $100,000 since yesterday

Kagan withdraws from Supreme Court immigration case

Jeopardy Regulars

Austin and San Antonio Promise Lawyer to Residents Facing Deportation

Blasphemous: Prominent evangelist blasts really creepy use of the Bible to justify sexual abuse

Pierce: Roy Moore Is Exactly What the Republican Party Is All About Montana's state capital elected a Liberian refugee as Mayor.

What if God was a singularity?

I'm throwing Doug Jones a couple of shekels ..

Barbara Boxer on All In with Chris Hayes:

Is he trying to save his buddy, or trying to take the stick?

Russian Oligarch in Vietnam with Putin and Trump, questioned about Manafort.

Here's a jolt of optimism to end the week.

To cover for Roy Moore I heard Republicans want to change the state's marketing slogan to

How do you fight this.?.

Alabama poll: Moore and Jones tied following scandal

'Marvel's Inhumans' airs its finale tonight!

The Republican Party does not stand for public service...

Millions Of Puerto Ricans Just Lost Power Again After A Line Repaired By Whitefish Energy Failed

Anderson Cooper just interviewed someone from the GOP over ROy Moore

God Should Sue Roy Moore

Villagers say US soldier in Niger was bound, apparently executed

My brother's wife in Birmingham has several siblings who are Republicans

Dixie Chicks apperication thread

Rich homebuyers already know how to game the tax plan

They keep saying Trump has had no achievements...this is what is happening behind the scenes...

Tweet of the Day

What would be the overall reaction if an older woman did this to young men?

McConnell Joins Ryan in Walking Back False Promise on Tax Bill

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Paradise Found

Mayor-elect Jenny Durkan taps government, housing and transit vets for transition team

I supported Hillary in 2008 until she conceded

Our Ancient Land

You just gotta think...That brave accusers of that slob Moore

From now to December 12, 2017, are we going to see any polls with Jones-D in the lead?

Fox News declares war on Moore's accusers

Captain America


Snag in Media Merger Stirs Tensions Over Trump-CNN Feud

Trump shuts up on China's orders. Hillary Clinton went there in 1995 to speak out on human rights.

How to calculate the human age of a cow.

Hilarious wildlife photo contest

Roy Moore asked if he dated teens while in his 30s: 'Not generally, no'

What song is in your head? "Game of Love" Santana as sung by Michelle Branch

Beware of Scam pretenting it is from Netflix

Alabama's New License Plate

2017/2018 US Senate Election-Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate is 2 scenarios.

Friday Talking Points (461) -- "Berenstain Bear Democrats" Win The Day

A new nonprofit aims to put music back into schools

Emergency Manager Resigns in Puerto Rico; Army Ends Its Mission.

Drive by Truckers - What it Means

Suzan Delbene should run for President!

I hear some good news in New Jersey.

Thank God I'm a Coffee Boy

Something else to make you vomit:

Has anyone heard of "The Standard Creepiness Factor"?

George Takei Accused of Sexually Assaulting Former Model in 1981

Wow! Alabama Political Reporter: There is no bottom for Roy Moore Republicans

So, I guess were done with that whole National Anthem thingee

Symptom of a problem in evangelical circles

Republican hypocrisy - Friday evening edition

TPM - oh oh! "Stephen Miller May Have Some Problems"

Roy Moore has a new campaign song

The best in modern country music....

Democratic super donor jumping in to help Doug Jones.

African Americans can delivery Alabama to Jones, if Democrats are willing to make it happen.

The detestable defense

Don't Forget These 2 Republican Perverts..

Houston hospital won't reopen after flood damage from Harvey

The DNC and Alabama

Republicans have stopped funding Roy Moore's campaign. CTV News n/t

Lilith-Martin Simpson and Jessica Ruby Simpson

Improving City Governance, Urban Quality of Life with Big Data

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore's son is arrested for the ninth time

Theme music for Roy Moore campaign

How do I find out who Ive friended ?????

Rosie ODonnell Opens Up About Donald Trumps Hostility Towards Her

First time in a long while I just can't turn on the News

Wake up and smell the white supremacist theocracy.


Seth Meyers: Trump's Chinese Press Conference, Opera Singer's Record-Breaking Note - Monologue 11/9

Friday Night Moscow Mule Buzz. I love you all...

Alabama governor may move back the election date back

Bannons Senate Minority - WSJ Editorial


If you are a weather geek, consider following this guy on Twitter....

Rosie ODonnell Opens Up About Donald Trumps Hostility Towards Her

Watching the rerun of Chris Hayes' show. Steve Schmidt called for prominent . . . .

Real Time with Bill Maher


FYI to predatory men..(you know who you are)

Virginia refusing to count military absentee ballots

How to Fix the Democratic Party

Daughter says she was abused by polygamous sect leader

Did Trump and Putin have a secret meeting in Vietnam?

Republican party is about to own pedophilia as part of its brand image forever.


Senate Panel Votes to Make Blogger With No Trial Experience a Federal Judge

Grandma and Grandpa Go Uptown Funk to the Movies

Watch the Hannity from tonight...

The common cuckoo is an obligate brood parasite; it lays its eggs in the nests of other birds...

Charges dropped against 3 in Confederate statue toppling

School District Superintendent Says Confederate Flag Shouldnt Have Been at Event (WA)

(Austin TX) Mayor says Confederate soldiers are not US veterans

Roy Moore destroyed himself on Hannity tonight. Even Fox commenters agree.

Mrs. Moore's lawsuit threat is just a bluff.

UNC Communication Department: University Has 'Moral Obligation' to Remove Silent Sam

Confederate streets in Hollywood FL likely to be renamed

Voters rebuked appeals to bigotry

Alabama State Auditor Who Defended Moore Spoke to Racist Group in 2015

Think ahead about what to say about the Alabama special election

Roy Moore response shows GOP deserves to die: contempt for the facts & desire to win at all costs

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 11/10/17

One of the main reasons I watched "The Gong Show"

Do you ever look at stuff and wonder how it got there ?

Blow, Daddy, Blow...

Delaware Stadium to receive long-awaited facelift at cost of $60 million


Prosecutors consider death penalty in prison riot

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/10/17

A fundamental misunderstanding of the relationship between economic and social justice.

I drove all night...

Sanders no-show at UVM, but Rep. Ellison gives students hope & time

🐦 Nov 12 - Sen. Bernie Sanders on Face The Nation

I drove all night...

Trump ally Robert Kraft revealed as longtime owner of offshore firm

Anne Arundel police investigate Confederate Lives Matter harassment of Southern student

Australia citizenship row: Turnbull loses majority as MP resigns

Trump and Putin 'agree to defeat IS in Syria'

Armistice Day: Two minutes' silence to mark remembrance

NEW! Investigators probe Trump knowledge of campaign's Russia dealings: sources

China's 'Singles Day' online shopping spree brings in billions

Remarkable how MEDIA flipped so fast from Gun Murders to Sex Sex Sex..24/7

Ordinarily, a civil rights hero is more electable than a molester

Inhofe Shuts Down Talk Of SASC Succession

'Proud Anti-Semite' bumper sticker a sign of the times, ADL says

Councils buying homeless one-way train tickets

Hogan proposes end to state income taxes on military pensions

Roy Moore now says he doesnt remember if he pursued teen girls in his 30s

Democrats Concerned About Vote Count in Tight Virginia Delegate Race

time to revive "Roy Moore is Coming to Dinner"

Roy Moores shaky defense, annotated

... ABC 33/40 located a man who says he's Corfman's former boyfriend.

Mistrial declared in 1st Twin Peaks shootout trial

Seriously America - when the Senate Judicial Committee can approve

Affidavit alleges McLennan County DA Reyna dismissed cases for friends, campaign donations

Star Baby...

Investigators probe Trump knowledge of campaign's Russia dealings: sources

It was only a matter of time...

4 Laws That Could Stem the Rising Threat of Mass Shootings (Scientific American)

Remaining $1.3 million stolen from Downtown El Paso streetcar project still not recovered

Remember back when you were a tot, riding your motor wheel along the highway?

Trump: Putin again denies meddling in 2016 election

Trump says Putin denied Russian attempts to interfere in the US election. He says he believes Putin

"Well, look at you! And you! And you!"

Sgt. LaDavid Johnson was reportedly bound and executed in Niger

Maybe Roy Moore can bring back stoning

Is Trump's world apology tour

Trump Sides With Putin Over U.S. Intelligence On Election Meddling

Protesters offer $150K to preserve Yellowwood, DNR sells to logging company for less

DOTUS says "he doesn't know enough about Roy Moore situation to comment"

John McDonnell calls on Queen to release financial records amid Paradise Papers leak

"I generally don't ...

Guntown - Good Guys With Guns

George Takei issues twitter messages denying accusations

Al Franken Uses Senate Hearing to Fight Trump on Climate Change

He's in Vietnam bragging on his 'accomplishments'

Polygamist Cult Founders Daughter, Rachel Jeffs, Gives Her First TV Interview - Megyn Kelly TODAY

There is no need for a Mueller investagtion and Roy Moore is vindicated...

As much US news as there has been, I've never had a more relaxing week (with Trump overseas) since

Staging Bird Murders to Save a Species

Journalists locked out of Trump appearance at economic summit

Steve Bannon Demands Mitch McConnell Resign, Says He Will Not Be Majority Leader Next Year

Meet Brett J. Talley, Esq., nominee for the federal judiciary

The Pres of the U.S. takes the word of a murderous despot who attacked American democracy over

Endless Google redirects in Google News - Chrome browser, Linux.

Trump slams former US intel leaders as 'political hacks'

Trump slams former US intel leaders as 'political hacks'

Trump/GOP Turning Us Into Convoluted Dystopia Politically Governmentally.

McConnell 'misspoke' on claim that no one in middle class would get tax increase

Kushner told Time Warner exec CNN should fire a fifth of its staff: report

The Health 202: Four possible explanations for the shocking Obamacare enrollment figures

30 years of hate radio

"You're A Poser, Alabama. & the Bible Belt is down around your knees."

Woman removed from Bannon Citadel speech after interrupting over "locker room talk

Taxes & Timing - will any changes be ready for 2018 filings ?

I'm plumbing the depths of the GOP mind.

Sports shape the success of barrier-breaking West Point first captain Simone Askew

"GOP TRIBALISM" The appalling and entirely predictable GOP reaction to Roy Moores accusers.

AZ county renames a highway for Oregon wildlife refuge occupier

Trump is *colluding* with Putin. He is openly colluding in the cover-up.

Sean Parker unloads on Facebook "exploiting" human psychology

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Grand Old Pedophile Party

Simple question for Roy Moore and his supporters

Weekend toon Roundup 2 - Drumph

Weekend toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Is It Racist to Call Roy Moore Republicans White Trash?

It's always kind of cute when old married couples start dressing like each other.

Attention all democrats running for office, repeat after me.

Legendary Swimmer Diana Nyad Opens Up About Her Sexual Assault - Andrea Mitchell - MSNBC

Was the return of the paper ballot in VA a factor in Tuesday's election or its results?

Why Roy Moore's goose is cooked almost surely cooked.

Malcolm Nance: 45 is "KGB officer's dream, indebted fearful bootlick..."

Trump has no comment on Roy Moore because he doesn't 'watch much TV'

"Everybody's just pretending to get offended!" . . . Please come CAPTION Roy Moore!!!

Just when you think your capacity to be surprised has been exhausted

A question for the Generals

Malcolm Nance: Trump thinks he's dealing with some junior deputy district attorney Stephanie Miller

When Adult Men Target Teenaged Girls,

For Poppy Day:

Trump basically says Putin more truthful than our own FBI, CIA

The democrats are coming and are bringing hell with them

Jarvanka's use of Trump Org. helicopters for vacations unethical, possibly illegal

As Trump attempts a transgender military ban, Germany celebrates its first trans commander

Even Fox News Is Ditching Roy Moore

Im annoyed that joy has white men mansplaining

GOP "Postcard" tax return - what's missing:

Roy Moore hammered at Veterans Day event with 'No Moore' chants and posters calling him a pedophile

Jerry Falwell JR. takes roy moore's word over his Christian.

Putin: Trump did not bring up election meddling..

Can the Senate refuse to confirm Moore?

sounds like bannon wrote moore's speech.

Antidoping Officials Obtain Trove of Russian Lab Data

Daycare center employee raped a 12-year old child in Alabama...Judge finds him not guilty

Putin: Trump did not bring up election meddling

Trump-Linked Data Firm: We Asked Assange For Clinton Emails In June 2016

Veteran's Day Today

What my mother told me about voting.

m$nbc just interviewed a woman who said she was voting for moore because of his Christian beliefs

Jared is so ungrateful

Putin's Trojan horse

I learned something watching AM Joy

No colluding here...nah...none at all

James Comey's response to Twitler's latest smear

Bob Ross's Son - Learned Life lessons from Dad

Lynne Cox - Swimming Through the Sea of Change

Twitter Goes Off Over Trump Comments About Believing Putin: 'Anybody Have a Bridge to Sell?'

Green Tomatoes

The movie Lincoln is on Showtime

Trump's pick for top environmental advisor is embarrassingly clueless (video tweet).

How Flynn -- and the Russia scandal -- landed in the West Wing

Immigrants Fighting Off Deportation Just Got a Huge Boost in These 11 Cities and Counties


Punctuation in thread titles

John Kelly wants mass deportation and given his record, thats no surprise

We need General Patton

"Go to hell and resign"

Site tracking Russian twitter trolls shows they're consistently posting on Syria

help me understand the property loss and medical deduction that the gop wants to go away

I found this tidbit

Even Fox is ditching Roy

9,193,827% devaluation in the Bolivar since Chavismo.

Judge Roy Moore light switches selling fast

Unbuckling the Bible Belt

'What the hell is going on?': Ex-evangelical goes on attack of GOP defending 'child molesting...

State Dept offers buyouts as critics charge Trump administration with destroying diplomatic corps

I have to ask. Is there anything to this Moore's accuser having worked for Hillary?

That'll shut er up.

A Pedophile "Trumps" A Communist In Alabama Don't You Know.

Trump Touts Vietnam as 'One of the Great Miracles of the World'

One of the Worst Man-Made Disasters in History

Did anyone find this picture odd?

Roy Moore supporters defend pedophilia on twitter...

Seeing Trump In Vietnam Praising Them As A "Miracle" Is Just So Insulting.


Anne Navarro, Bill Kristol, George Will, etc...

If Corker Wants To Change THe Law To Prevent 45 From Hitting The Nuke 'Button'

Suspect in 1974 murder of Alice police officer identified

I'd love a slam dunk indictment this week. Maybe rohrbacker or flynn right before Turkey Day

What is the link to look for people licensed in the Florida insurance business?

Putin Vows to Retaliate for US actions Against Russian Media

The Guardian: Cambridge Analytica executive confirms firm asked Wikileaks

MORE fun with Photoshop!

This Day is for Veterans

Lessons From Hurricane Harvey: Houston's Struggle Is America's Tale

Thus, if senator Menendez is found guilty and expelled

As Thanksgiving approaches, I would like to say how thankful I am

Who knows the url for the corporate wiki website?

CNN's Cooper battles GOP lawmaker who said Roy Moore's accusers should be prosecuted

Veterans, thank you very much for your service and sacrifice on behalf of us all.

Trump careens off script on Russia after Putin meeting

Roy Moore promises local GOP 'investigations are going on' to smear women who accused him of assault

Roy Moore cheered, attacks Dems, WAPO, & GOP over pedophilia accusations (VIDEO)

Finest British madness

North Korea Says Trump Scares Americans More Than Kim

No Excuses, People: Get the New Shingles Vaccine.

Trump's Channels to Russia

Why is Russia obsessed with cryptocurrency?

FEMA "not much interest in d offer 2 evacuate 2 mainland"We havent met 1 person whos not interestd

Tweety On Maher: KABOOM!

Murdoch Has Offered to Buy CNN

Gov. Bullock calls special legislative session

CNBC Editor: Slams tax cut scam, points out Deficits fall & wages rise under Dems

New Confederate Flag?

How to help a Republican candidate ?

Let this sink in

CIA Reaffirms Russia Meddled With Election

Moore on sexual misconduct allegations: 'Why now?'

Zinke says Democrats holding Interior nominees 'hostage'

Democrat: Effort to delay Alabama Senate election like a 'dictatorship'

Sally Yates: Trump is 'shamelessly unpatriotic' for Russian election meddling comments

Montana colleges could face $44 million cut if special session fails

And he did this on Veteran's Day

10 Unbelievable Animals That Saved Other Animals

I wonder what it is like when Intelligence officals brief Trump?

How Republicans are trying to stop Roy Moore

Here's my question to America...

GOP fears Roy Moore will cost them a Senate seat

How to help your young adults get good credit

Georgia Democrats pick up three legislative seats in special elections

Anyone remember the Vietnam War?

RT, Russia's English-language propaganda outlet, will register as a "foreign agent"

for god's sake contribute to Doug Jones' campaign

I feel sick...

DU Veterans Roll Call

My unpopular opinion: "Veterans Day" should not have replaced "Armistice Day"

Another Actress Steps Forward Accusing Tom Hanks of Being Nice

There's apparently a name for the generation born in the late '70s and early '80s

Official award for chickenhawks:

What years did we have the "best" music?

Christmas Poll

If you are Russian/GOP/other Troll would you try to denigrate Comey? and if so, WHY?

It's this simple, Trump voters elected a traitor.

Mueller 'questioned Trump's campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis on the extent of Trumps connections

What's the difference between Donald Trump and a bag of Cheetos?

Please block the Motorcraft struts ad

Request from Wisconsin

Women Will Decide the Alabama Senator Election in December

Chinese eCommerce giant strikes $300 million Montana beef deal

Skunk vs. Cougar

McCain rips Trump's Vietnam visit: 'No mention of human rights - Sad'

Moore suffers not from Pedophilia but Ephebophilia

How a Mall Became a Prison and a Symbol of Venezuelas Collapse

University of Wyoming president condemns anti-Semitic flyers on campus


The Alabama reaction to Moore reminds me of this classic Colbert ... video

"Cuban Menu", the new promotion of dog-owners without sausage (Venezuela)

If America was a body, Alabama would be the

Will Mueller Ever Interview Bannon?.....

Charismatic Renewal

State Department to offer early retirement buyouts: report

The Strange Pleasure of Seeing Carter Page Set Himself on Fire

There is no bottom for Roy Moore Republicans

Speculation grows around Flynn and Mueller probe

Orbital ATK Aborts Rocket Launch to Space Station Due to Wayward Plane

Trumps Public Lands Policy Arcs Toward Extraction

From the greatest generation to the millenials, they all have a name except one group.

Trump advisors flipped out when Sean Spicer revealed he was on forbidden floor of Trump Tower: rep

Putin throws Trump under the bus!!!

Trump Advisors "Flip Out" When Sean Spicer Revealed He Was On Forbidden Floor Of Trump Tower

Clover (SC) mayor race decided by 1 vote

How Northam gained in a more polarized Virginia

Imagine This...The White House and Congress is compromised....

U.S. Embassy Hires Security Firm of Former Putin Spy

Roy Moore PickUp Lines Trending (humor)

An actress has come forward to accuse Tom Hanks

Roy Moore, age 30, was young and full of sex drive he could "date" 10 - 17 year old girls

We Need To Stop Making Gay Jokes About Trump And Putin. Casual homophobia yields nothing positive.

Great tweet from Thomas Ricks

GOP - Fourteen is the new twenty

Just an observation.

Strange bug in Twitter on 3 browsers now

Dem: Trump lying about Russia's role in election

GOP governor calls for Moore to step aside: 'Americans are better than this'


Big-name lawyer (Tony Buzbee) apparently sues wrong companies

Momentarily thought I'd been blocked from Trump's Twitter feed

Now This is Funny

Incapacitated CA Man Arrested 2 Days After Suing Cops For Brain-Damage Injuries From Previous Arrest

Can reporters please STOP calling these acts "having sex?"

Joy Reid: "Tea will be spilled!"

Trump's 'America First' looks more and more like America alone

Sale, $100M 'clean coal' project proposed for Two Elk site

I am going to say it. Hillary Rodham Clinton was correct when she said...

What happened to General Flynn?

The Roy Moore scandal once again shows why women fear to report sexual predation.

Tweet by CNN Reporter quoting source: "It was common knowledge that Roy dated high school girls...."

A big shoutout to my wonderful congressman, Dan Kildee (MI-5th District)

As a district attorney in your 30s,

So, here I sit in the heart of God's Own Country, Ky, on 11 Nov...

So, hmmmmm, if Roy Moore were gay, wonder what the GOP would be saying.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 11, 2017

Pope denounces possession of nuclear weapons, changes Church position accepting nuclear deterrence.

CNBC Editor: President's statement makes it clear Putin has something on him (VIDEO)

For those being triggered, a reminder about RAINN, the country's largest organization

OMG Joy Reid and all her guests take down right wing evangelicalism and stomp on it.

Man filmed naked in graveyard while on community service

So Republicans being interviewed in Alabama say Roy Moore is innocent until proven guilty. But HRC

Trump's winning strategy in China and the world. NOT!

Ta-Nehisi Coates explains why white people cant say theN-word

Aquaman is an asshole

Is it possible that some of these accusations are fabricated to help camouflage the legitimate ones?

Trumps America First looks more and more like America alone

Richard Dreyfuss says he behaved inappropriately toward woman in the '80s

Washington post graphics/breakdown of Virginia vote.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement regarding Veterans Day:

Veterans Day Tribute: 12 Strong Americas Horse Soldiers

Motion to dismiss federal case against Bundy, sons denied

Congresswomans delivers blow to Republicans exposing their GOP Tax Cut Scam (VIDEO)

Bwahaha....Perfect tweet of the day!!

Presidents statement makes it clear Putin has something on him (VIDEO)

Charlottesville a factor for many Virginia voters

State Department to offer early retirement buyouts: report

CNN: Trump "believes" Putin's denial of meddling in U.S. election


Trump* is Putin's dimwitted puppet. Stupidly dimwitted puppet.

These are the Brave and Fluffy Cats who Served in WWI

Exit poll results: How different groups of Virginians voted

Former Moore colleague: 'Common knowledge' that he dated high school girl

Puerto Rico emergency director resigns; US military effort winds down

Stafford County, VA is refusing to count the votes from troops overseas and around the country

October 2017 Atmospheric CO2 Content - 403.64 ppm; October 2016 - 401.57; October 2015 - 398.29

My kitteh sat on my keyboard and now my screen is dark

Infant found in Michigan City fire station's baby box

Trump: People will die because of the Russia investigation

2018 US House Election-Districts Democrats should target.

PedoPublicans. Good Ol' Pedos

Devin Kelley, reportedly purchased the animals via Craigslist with the intention of killing them

Joy Reid interviews Donna Brazile Sunday morning 10:00 am ET

Amazing and eerie coincidence during the reading of names at The Wall

If Moore wins...

I just want to get in the face of every tRump voter this Veterans' Day

The 29 most eye-popping lines from Donald Trump's press gaggle in Vietnam

*West Side Story on WETA (CH 26) @ 9 p.m.

We now refer to Moore's supporters as 'Moore-Ons'.

When the other side supports Treason and Pedopilia

Op-EdRoy Moore's alleged pursuit of a young girl is the symptom of a larger problem in evangelical

Iran building a permanent military base in Syria report

Sally Yates should run for Senate in Georgia in 2020 against David Perdue

Are the Democrats Better Off if Roy Moore Wins or Loses

2018 US Senate Election-if Democrats target every Republican held seat.

IS retakes almost all of vital Syria border town

Rep Suzan DelBene shows in 2min 30secs that the new tax plan favors corporations over people

Proposed GOP tax plan