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Twitter: Pathological Liar

Mercers Go After Elizabeth Warren

Check in if you are starting to come down with "24 hour indictment flu".

If the GOP really wants to write a "working class tax cut," this is what it looks like

Why hasn't the media made more of a big deal about Trump's $25 million fraud settlement for Trump U?

THIS comes from a former Reagan Administration official...

LOL: fox news on obama being called for jury duty:

after there indicted i'm hopeful they're

Borowitz: Excited Crowd Outside Muellers Office Awaits First Arrest

That's Right, Fart-Face Fleischer. Steele Used Kremlin Sources...And They're DEAD Now.

"New Gilded Age" Reaches New Heights With World's Billionaires Owning Staggering $6 Trillion

People solidly in the middle class are the ones hurt by Trump's decision on Obamacare

Way to go, Major League Baseball

Bwahaha......Matthew Miller, you Magnificent Bastard!

Watch Canadian Doctor Takedown Ill informed Anti Obamacare Senator

1792 quote from Alexander Hamilton about the Truth is spot on about Don the Con - must see

Nails are already gone and what the hell is going on???

Sen. Lindsey Graham: If we don't pass tax reform, Democrats will take the House and try to impeach

Donald Trump as The Hungry Ghost

Bernie Sanders LIVE with Dr. Danielle Martin - #MedicareForAll

Bernie Sanders LIVE with Dr. Danielle Martin - #MedicareForAll

Billionaire John Kapoor of Insys Therapeutics Arrested in Phoenix on Opioid Charges

Does anyone remember this?

Who really cares about indictments? We want the max penalties that the law allows!

i call a new tRump game THE UNDO (he's undoing everthing Obama did)

Arizona's Democratic Socialists Inspired by Bernie Sanders Seek Political Left Turn

Look at the size of Franken-Philippe - stay safe North-East DUers

**FBI Gives Trump A Heads Up For Monday Morning**

Here's a shocker about the refs who walked off the field Friday night.

I think the euphoria around here is a little too much too early.

Poll: Trump's approval rating drops to new low

White supremacists hold rally in Tennessee

West Virginia police seek escaped inmate

Congresswoman speaks out about alleged sexual harassment in Congress

Next baseball season, I need to make an effort to watch Clayton Kershaw more often.

2 mariners rescued after being adrift in the Pacific for 5 months

Duterte to visit Japan ahead of key regional summits

Myanmar: Thousands march in support of army despite crisis

Colorized Pixs of Men involved in Lincoln Assisination

Anyone else anticipating a MOAD tomorrow?

Hundreds of thousands rally in support of Spanish unity in Barcelona

Bird is eaten by giant fish - Blue Planet II: Episode 1 Preview - BBC One

Daydreaming may mean you're sharper and more creative than your peers

Am seeing a "comedy" series that is shocking me/old-man. "Mom"

Video: A man in a pink tutu fights breast cancer

Is there any software on DU

These baby foods and formulas tested positive for negative chemicals in a study

It's Mueller Eve

Actor: Kevin Spacey Made A Sexual Advance Toward Me When I Was 14

The man who ran for president on his promises that he alone could fix everything

Trichome Or Treat? Parents Urged To Check Candy For Marijuana Edibles This Halloween

Nearly Every Texans Player Kneeled During Todays National Anthem

Trump targets 'sloppy' Michael Moore for Broadway show

**BREAKING**Maryland Attorney General investigating Trump Crime Family member Jared Kushner

Larry Summers blasts Trump tax plan as dishonest

White House economist and former Treasury Secretary spar over Trump tax plan

Feels like five years have passed since this 'story'...

This Mueller Time! Video is Perfect for The Night Before Monday Arrests

Who did this?

This Idiot holding up a flag that says...

WTF is Jared up to?

Guess who will be performing for Trump when he visits Japan next week?

Um, these balls and strikes tonite....

The enticing 401Ks - Sack Cartoon

Mueller don't be late song

What Groper's inner circle is asking tonight

Wheel of Fortune contestant Robert S. Mueller III:

Manafort - money laundering???

TPM - Marshall "Thoughts on What To Expect Tomorrow"

Kevin Spacey is a pedo?? !!

A poem for General Secretary Trump

Everyone should read this tweet from George Takei before tomorrow.


The Economy Cant Grow Without Birth Control

One touchdown apiece

5th game of the series, is more exciting then all the other games so far.....

November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017- IS OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR insurance plans.

Jared Kushner traveled unannounced to Saudi Arabia

GOP lawmaker once held a knife to Boehner's throat

Thousands of Hurricane-Damaged Cars and Trucks Heading Back to Market

WaPo: Home builders association try to smash GOP tax bill

Benjamin Wittes (much trusted source - Brookings Institute/Baby Cannon) says

Looking for good journalists covering the #BundyTrial tomorrow?

Faux News has just called for the arrest and jailing of Hillary Clinton

Salad Dressing Chicken

It was the Night before Mueller

Are pedophiles evil or sick?

Criminalizing Abortions Just As Much About Criminalizing Birth Control As Well.

NJ-GOV: Murphy Leads Guadagno by 16 Points

Slate "Don't Wait for Trump for Fire Mueller.."

Folks, don't get too excited too soon

What does Barbera Ladeen know about Russia and emails?

oNE OF Juju's favorite songs lately

It's Monday on the east coast

Tweet of the Day

Virginia Republican Candidate Says Democrats Are Communists and Crackheads

Kevin Spacey statement posted on Twitter, 15 minutes ago


Bannon promised Trump he'd attack top GOP donor: report

White supremacists picked fight with an interracial couple after Tennessee rally, police say

Houston Texans Players Kneel En Masse After Owner Bob McNair's "Inmates" Comments

I need a dehumidifier. I've never used one. Does anybody have any advice.

If I stay up till midnight NewZealand time

Trump vowed no new foreign deals. His son is about to inaugurate two new projects in India.

Even Boehner know the right-wing is nuts

My Last Thread I will start on Mueller tonight

Trump's Administration Hasn't Drained the Swamp It's Become It

David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia (Official Video)

Barring another leak, we may not know any more tomorrow than we know right now.

'West Wing' Uncensored:

Black On Black Crime Rate Is Far Lower Than White On White Crime

Ride 'em in - Cut 'em out! - Cut 'em out - RIDE 'EM IN!

New $400m army to fight human traffickers and terrorists faces UN moment of truth

Trump, Assange, Bannon, Farage bound together in an unholy alliance

State Supreme Court hears arguments on legality of Medicaid expansion

Court: DES in contempt for failure to appeal for benefits

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 10/29/17

MORE weird stuff happening to the historic art in the White House!

Bob Mueller's Back

Female Artists Pen Letter Against Sexual Harassment

10 Things Most Cat Owners Have Done

Arizona is auditing fewer businesses. Now state revenue is down

With the wallet empty for KidsCare, Ducey quietly pushes for funding for children's health

The media is telling us that there is no idealogical differences between the Trumpers and the

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Floods (HBO)

Proof they all lied: NYT Read the Talking Points Shared With the Kremlin

Me: "80% of the tax cut goes to the top 1%." GOP chairman of the House Rules Com "That's correct."

Court orders Arizona tribe to recognize same-sex marriages

John Boehner: Jordan, Chaffetz are 'a--holes'

Ex-investment adviser faces prison after pleading guilty

Tempe firm's $4M dispute sticks landlords nationwide

Video of Trump & cronies being arrested. Must see!

The wall that will MAGA and safe

Welcome to the 11th Annual The Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Daphne du Maurier

Time to cast your vote for this years's Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Las Vegas trial to begin for rancher Cliven Bundy and sons

It's 5:00 AM. Time for bed.

It's D Day..."The ground you are standing on is a liberated zone, defend it". In Solidarity.

In Boise National Forest, Environmental Groups Sue to Protect Endangered Species

Cyanide bombs: Federal agents in Colorado set coyote traps despite accidents.

Shout out to Pino Donaggio

'We really screwed up,' says Idaho Senate candidate after emails to YMCA members

Yesterday a clown held the door

The FBI show up @ Manafort's yet?

Boise State University Splits Ties With City Over Proposed Stadium

Here are the 6 cities in the U.S. running on 100 percent renewable electricity

The Army is buying a device that can quickly assess traumatic brain injury on the battlefield

Survey: Do you want Arlington National Cemetery to encroach on the Marine Corps War Memorial?

I Am in Awe of Mueller's Epic Troll of The Republicans. It's Like a Reality Show Reveal!!!!

Question - So if the person charged today lied on those important forms

Record surge in atmospheric CO2 seen in 2016

Record surge in atmospheric CO2 seen in 2016

Thousands without power as winds and heavy rains wallop East Coast

Saudi Arabia will allow women to attend sporting events in stadium

Did you hear that - JoeScum said

Where Do The Cable News Networks Have Their Reporters Stationed Today?....

Chris Christie is as a toxic as a NJ Superfund Site

Joy Reid says Trump voters really dont care about the economy: They just want him to crush us





Trump is back on Twitter and whining about Obama, DNC, Fusion GPS


WSJ goes full bats--t, now hosting an op-ed suggesting Trump pardon everyone, including himself

Do we have any idea of what time of day the arrest/ indictment/ whatever are to

76-Ton Airlift of Medicine and Medical Supplies Lands in Puerto Rico

The Jared bubble

Its Manafort!

It's Manafort. CNN just announced. Will surrender.

CNN: Manafort turning himself in today

UPDATED: Manafort, Gates charged with conspiracy against US

CNN reporting Manafort will turn himself in today.

I ADMIRE Trump's focus, that he can still tweet gushing fanboy Fox & Friends praise on Mueller Day.

Manfort AND Gates

****BREAKING NEWS**** Former Trump Crime Family Member, Paul Manafort, To Turn himself In Today

How long before trump denies

Trump's Campaign Manager Will Turn Himself In

Paul. He gave so much, yet asked so little. What a sad, sad, unfair day for America. SAD!


Paul Manafort, Who Once Ran Trump Campaign, Told to Surrender

moron motorcade gets flipped off, thumbs down & mooned

What time you reckon come the Pardons??

Happy Trumpologia Day

Paul Manafort, Who Once Ran Trump Campaign, Told to Surrender

VIDEO: Manafort is perp walked through the front door of the FBI field office

Kevin Spacey Addresses Misconduct Allegation by Coming Out as Gay

Sara Carter on Fox trying to convince sheeple Manafort, as first indicted, is probably biggest fish

Manafort, Trump, Stone go way back to 1980 & Sater to 2002

Trumps Campaign Manager is a Criminal.

Swamp Things: More Than 50% of President Trumps Nominees Have Ties to the Industries Theyre...

Perp (Walk of Shame) Alert

Trump tweets he fired Manafort for secretly working for Hillary

Sean Hannity: "Nobody Should Underestimate How Much Manafort Did to Get Trump Campaign Where It is"

BWAHAHA! this morning, CNN reports on MANAFORT. MSNBC? MANAFORT. Fox? "Hamburger Emojis."


From Russia With Love... (Mueller Time)

For Halloween, Trump & associates whistling past the graveyard

At work powers that be change from CNN to fox

How the Russia Investigation Entangled Manafort Partner, Pro-Russia Lobbyist Rick Gates

Zip a Dee Doo Dah

Louise Mensch‏ is on a friggin' roll

CNN is reporting that Gates continued to work for the trump campaign after Manefort left.

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - ConDon

Monday Toon Roundup 2- ReThuglicans

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

The timing of the Manafort indictment is really bad

trump tweeting about the Obama campaign....Bwahahahahahaaa

These 13 Wire Transfers Are A Focus Of The FBI Probe Into Paul Manafort

What is your favorite short story?

Americans Will March In The Streets In 48 U.S. States If Trump Fires Robert Mueller

Manafort was the second biggest "get" of the Trump Crime Family at this point.

NEVER let anyone tell you they didn't know the "real" Donnie:

Vicente Fox‏ trolls Trump

James Clapper: 'The Russians Succeeded Beyond Their Wildest Expectations'

Fox and Friends, lol, fighting discrimination against Irish Americans

MSNBC reporting there was a Statute of Limitations issue that forced Mueller's hand.

Rick Gates retained central role on Trumps campaign & inaugural committee after Manafort left

NEWT-stradamus: August 2016 Gingrich remark accurately predicted this morning's events.

Catalonia Independence: Spanish State Prosecutor says Catalan Leaders will be charged with rebellion

Happy 78th 🎂 Grace

It's Money Laundering - tens of millions

Manafort, Gates surrender to Mueller, source says- Rick Gates too.

What we should glean from these indictments?

Ty Cobb: Trump's Russia Outburst Not Related To Reports Of Mueller Charges

Frantic Republicans Spin, Spin, Spin About Manafort Indictment

**BREAKING** CNN- Charges Against Manafort And Gates Include Conspiracy Against The United States

THE CHARGES: Whoa, conspiracy against the US?

One Charge per msnbc: Conspiracy against the United States.....

Its a 12 count Indictment including Conspiracy Against US

Read the complete Manafort indictment at this link:

How Did Manafort Wind Up Running Trump's Campaign?....

Sean Hannity Hits Back at John Boehner: 'Were You Sober When You Said This?'

Would be at least 6 months for a trial - Mueller will be around for a while

Hey DU legal scholars: What's the difference between "conspiracy against the US" and "treason"

Venezuela governor nullified by illegal ANC... voters must re-vote for an "approved" candidate.

Paul Manafort will grow old and die behind bars.

I love the smell of indictments in the morning

What is sentence if found guilty of conspiracy against the US Government??

How am I going to make it through another year

With Manafort and Gates out of the picture, how will I launder my roubles?

Trump to Kelly : find the problem and solve it !!!

Unnamed WH source told Jim Acosts that "today has zero to do with the White House"

Where is this indictment going?

Mueller inflicted a mortal wound today....but it is important to watch what happens next

Charges against Manafort include conspiracy against the United States...


Look at all the companies listed in the indictment

Indictment day throwback: Trump to law enforcement..."So I told the cops, don't be so nice."

I hope this is how Manafort and his buddy feel right now

Tad Devine Everyone. TAD DEVINE.

When you are trying to take down a crime family, you don't indict the Don first.

Conway unhinged after indictment: Trump 'focused on other things' and his six Russia tweets prove it

Cartoonists around the world are having a field day covering Trump #9

An Appropriate Toon For This Auspicious Day

Unnamed WH source: "these were bad guys when they started, they were bad guys when they left"

Trump O'Lantern

Odds and Ends...

Concerning the indictment - from a friend who is a lawyer:

I don't have cable tv. What's fox news up to this morning?

Manafort's wife is tied in, too.

Remember Manafort made Pence the VP, they talked regularly during the transition

Reminder from Philip Rucker: Don Jr, Ivanka, Jared & Tom Barrack pushed Manafort as campaign manager

Rump's (still active) campaign sends out e-mail titled "still standing" 1h after manafort indictment

Tailor made

We just had a lost kitty rescued that was up a tree

The New Normal: Badass Justice

Two things to remember about Manafort:

"Conspiracy against the United States"

Rick Gates visited White House and raised money for Trump long after Manafort forced out over Russia

Trump to lunch with Sessions amid Manafort charges

BREAKING NEWS: Fox and Friends awarded Pulitzer Prize for cheeseburger emoji investigative report.

could conspiracy against the USA also

My favorite page of the indictment: "together with others"

Police: 22-year-old driver dead after 12-year-old boy jumped from I-66 overpass onto car

Facebooks 2016 Election Team Gave Advertisers A Blueprint To A Divided US

Facebooks 2016 Election Team Gave Advertisers A Blueprint To A Divided US

Remember this about potential pardons.

An indictment PSA

I'm pretty sure you can't have a conspiracy of one.

My favorite song

Big indictment day


Flynn could be next,

This will be tempting to Trump - no campaign connection on charges

Pic Of The Moment: Conspiracy Against The US... Money Laundering... False Statements...

Halperin fired by NBC:

"$75 million flowed through offshore accounts, $18 million laundered in the U.S."

Don't you love how they are saying there's nothing in the charges about the campaign

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' briefing should be a real laugh-fest this afternoon.

For Posterity...

Why there is nothing campaign related in the indictment

This Spooky Snake Doesn't Need A Costume For Halloween

There Was No Reason To Hire Manafort Except to Collude with Russia

Alan Dershowitz, "lifelong Democrat," has fully moved to the dark side.

Come back to reality, all you cult followers!

Now is not the time to talk about yeah, yeah you know the rest...

Manafort & Gates "knowingly and intentionally conspired to defraud the US, TOGETHER WITH OTHERS"

Drip, Drip:Trump campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopolous has pled guilty to to making...

I hope there are some Congress Critters

The 3 minutes - ハルノウタ [Official Music Video]

Important thing to know about tax evasion charges

Draining The Trump Swamp: Ex-Trump Adviser George Papdopolous Pleads Guilty to Making False....

Maybe it's just me, but if you're Trump and you don't want people associating you with Russia......

GOP lawmaker: We need to continue to support Mueller's investigation

Treason against the U.S. Is big $h!t and a strong poker card....

The 3 minutes - ハルノウタ [Official Music Video]

My, oh my, Trump was right...

new tweets....from don the con

A little blast from the past - Trumps National Security Team!

UPDATED - NBC News says it has terminated Mark Halperin's contract over harassment allegations

Some background on Trump and Manafort, who've known each other for 40 years.

***Breaking:Trump Policy advisor.George Papadopolous charged with making false statements to FBI

Former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos pleads guilty to lying to FBI agents in Mueller probe

Floridas top court stops 1960s band from earning pre-1972 copyright royalties

Let's talk GOP tax bill and budget process!

Kim Wall death: Danish inventor Madsen admits dismembering journalist

Wouldn't it make sense now for Mueller to see how the GOP tax plan

Why does Trump keep insisting there was "NO COLLUSION"?

His Judgement Cometh and that Right Soon.

Typical right-wing responses are: this is it?

Seth Abramson on Twitter - does not preclude more indictments of Manafort/Page

Trump on Manafort indictment: 'This is years ago'

Word of the Day: Schadenfreudelicious

One important fact about the investigation that is not being talked about.

This Shot of a Diving Kingfisher Was 6 Years and 720K Photos in the Making


COLLUSION: Papadopolous Has Flipped-ADMISSIONS OF GUILT-Lying re: connections between RUSSIA & TRUMP

Not a swamp, more like a toxic waste dump

Freepers--Read this. This is HUGH, Trump vindicated!!1!!

CYPRUS! Trump is doomed!

Texas landowner takes down 416-pound feral hog

Texas landowner takes down 416-pound feral hog

My drain-the-swamp theme song for the duration of Mueller Time. A handy 90's classic.

Indictments signal the beginning of Mueller's work, not the end

Legal Analyst: Papadaoulos is likely flipping

Bernie Sanders To Join De Blasio On Subway Ride


The real question for America is why have all the Con's men

Judge Says Trump Comments Do Not Taint Bergdahl Desertion Case

Rick Gates was still making "regular trips" to the White House in June.

Something that just occurred to me

Trump's true legacy

Kitties answer the door on Halloween....

Prediction: Republicans will remain as quiet as possible and if asked defend trump at all costs.

What does news that George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to FBI mean? (Hint: He's flipping)

REMEMBER: Indicted Swamp Drain Man Paul Manafort Said "HE WORKS DIRECTLY FOR THE BOSS" -- TRUMP!

It is rainy and cold in Boulder today but sunny and warm in my heart! nt

Hillary and Mueller Time

Highlights from Mueller indictment of Manafort, Gates

** Informative tweet on Manafort & Gates charges**

Facebook LIVE Video: Bernie Sanders Rides Subway with Mayor De Blasio

Now begins the crisis stage of the Trump presidency

Now know why FBI took pictures of Manaforts suits

3rd indictment: TRUMP foreign policy advisor. (Think he set up Don Jr meeting) Unsealed today:

Jeebus Kringles I effing Hate TicketMaster (LiveNation)

If I was a Lawyer, I'd tell my client to keep his mouth shut at this time...

So the story about the FBI telling Manafort he was going to be indicted makes sense now.

"Why would anyone believe the F.B.I. more than me?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald Trump's tweets from July 27, 2017

Schindler: Papadopoulos case ALONE, w/ its direct effort at collusion with RIS, enough to sink Trump

Joy Reid's Take on Indictment: Russians dangled the bait, the Trump team & advisors came running

When you're not as smart as Homer Simpson

On Halloween Eve, the Witch Hunt becomes Reality.

Get ready for the Russian internet bots to flood websites with anti Democrat propaganda.

this is sort of the script Watergate followed

'It's been a great journey:' After 61 years, Susquehanna Trading Post closes

x-post. Even Homer knew better

When will drumph tweet "No Puppet No puppet"?

Papadopoulos secretly pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI *about HRC's emails*

Trees at Trump Golf courses losing leaves early


Dershowitz: Mueller will pressure Manafort to squeal on Trump

Facebook Video: Bernie Sanders Rides the NYC Subway with Mayor Bill de Blasio

Half of the state of Maine is without power right now

Someone low level has to visit Russia as to not send a signal.

Trump Campaign Collusion with Russia PROVEN!

Venezuelan Mothers Die; Chavismo Blames History

From Russia with Love

FOX NEWS focuses on the issues that matter...

Trump might send 60,000 Hondurans back home - and it could backfire, officials say

It took all of this effort to get one woman.

Sho' Is Strange...

Happy Birthday, Ivanka Trump Kushner!!!!!

I'm not kinky or anything..but...

Trump campaign and admin are FULL of people who have something to hide. Someone

John Boehner says he told Sean Hannity: "You're nuts"

Bharara: Mueller appears to have a cooperating witness, George Papadopoulos. That is significant.

Trump's fucked. Now we wait for the repukes to drain the White House

anyone been to freeperville this morning

A friend of mine was in a film with Kevin Spacey

Mueller cleverly loaded the bases today

Towers Full of Oligarchs and their Dirty Money

Bill O'Reilly sues ex-N.J. politician for Facebook post

BENGHAZI !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emails!!!!!!!!!..

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... Merry Mueller Time everyone

More than 376,000 in Maine lose power; repairs may take days

Sometimes I think this might be the biggest criminal operation in the history of mankind...

Preet Bharara: More charges likely coming in Mueller-Russia probe

If it comes to it

Hey repub SPIN Machine - Hillary Is A Private Citizen Now

"Just $1 to help us": Eric Trump email after Manafort indictment asks for cash

UH OH, Ben Carson is involved with George Papadopolis, his a$$ is exposed.

Could Jill Stein ultimately be pulled into the Mueller inquiry?

JUST IN: Popcorn & booze companies' stocks on the rise

"1922". Good creepy movie.

Any chance that Mueller could get the Mercer family too?

Who? Not familiar with that name...

Wolf Just Said That George Stephanopoulos Was Indicted

the real Christmas gift is Papadopalous

Trump Campaign Adviser Met With Russian to Discuss 'Dirt' on Clinton

Trump Aide George Papadopoulos May Be The Russia Connection 'Deep Throat'

Dale: Papadopoulos described as "proactive cooperator." That sometimes means "wore a wire"

Lots of schaedenfreude here.

Seth Abramson - twitter thread is astounding "today is historic"

john oliver on the trump opiod nonsense

Indictment thread Renato Mariotti


Loud Scream Heard Coming From Whitehouse

Donald Trump Wants to Raise Your Taxes

United Air Lines offers 18 hour flight, longest ever for U.S. airline: USA TODAY

Wow, Robert Mueller plays this game AMAZINGLY well

Twitter Video: I'm with @SenSanders at Fulton Street because it's time for a millionaires tax ...

Wisconsin Right Wing Radio this morning hilarious....Twilight Zone time..

George Papadopoulos Gets Rolled?

Did anyone else watch the end of the Monster series

Okay - who will play Robert Mueller in the movie? n/m

Ryan: Mueller Indictments Won't 'Derail What Were Doing In Congress'

Starved in metropolis, Hooked on necropolis, Addict of metropolis, Do the worm on the accropolis,

Twitter Video: I'm with @SenSanders at Fulton Street because it's time for a millionaires tax ...

Lewandowski Says FBI Should Have Warned Trump Camp About Manafort

#MAGA indeed....prophetic, hopefully!

George "Deepthroat" Papadopulos?

Anyone think Trump might consider resigning?

Conspiring against the United States...

The indictments got me hyped up

When Trump gets hauled off to Leavenworth, will his prison cell become "Prison Cell One"?

Today's HOPE outbreak has me feel like dancing...first one that came to mind (post yours!)

Thoughts On the Papadopolous Plea - Josh Marshall

PAY DIRT!: "It has been approved from our side" -- Papadopoulos, July 14, 2016

Trump's tweets today

So, when will Trump have Mueller fired?

Is Quinnipiac a good poll?


What will come first? Mueller firing or war with NK?

Trump, Allies Brushed Off The Manafort Charges. Then A New Case Dropped.

2 + 2 equals 4 right?

Before the inevitable "George who?" line from the White House...

Papadopoulos arrested July 27. Reince Priebus fired July 28. Do you believe in coincidence?

**** BREAKING A- RATED QUINNIPIAC POLL**** -Northam - 53% (Democrat) Gillepsie - (Trumplican) 36%

FBI investigating Whitefish Energy deal: report

Mueller to Trump: Come in to my parlor said the spider to the fly.

After First Mueller Charges, Senators Warn Of Trump Interference And Pardons

A question I have

MAGA: Many Are Getting Arrested

The FBI is now investigating the Whitefish Lottery

Posting by request: The Women of ENIAC

I am watching FOX News today....

Say Sessions--in order to get back into the Madman's good graces--announces he is unrecusing himself

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah! Zip-A-Dee-A!

Pence: rubbing his hands, with a sly smile on his face. nt

Trump's meltdown in anticipation of indictments is telling

A Democratic surge is about to emerge

Who do you think the Deep Throat is if there is one?

This weekend, I went to a reception for Adam Schiff, Ranking Member of the House Intel Committee

decades in prison

OH BOY! Sarah Press Briefing on deck. Bet she'll be ON FAHR as she deflects every Manafort question

Roland Martins wake up call to Democrats: Republicans ARE NOT imploding (VIDEO)

Tax cuts may cost Republican majorities just as Obamacare did for Democrats (VIDEO)

What is Trump's next move?

Most Trump real estate now sold to secretive buyers

They arrested Papadopolous way back in late July, and got their deal done by Oct. 5.

Robert Mueller Releases Information Showing Trump Campaign Tried to Collude With Russia

trump tweeted "DO SOMETHING". And....Mueller did!

Great link to explanation of Manafort charges

Iran Says Its President Turned Down a Meeting With Trump

What happens when/if Trump is removed

US court bars Trump from changing military policy on service by transgender people

Remember when Jeff B. Successions said this?

AP documents link

Right now it is more important for Mueller to win the news cycle

"Never another season of silence"--can somebody artistically gifted turn this into an image

Sarah Huckabee expectation

Wow! Just Wow!

Wow - Gallup updated - trump at 33 approve, 62 disapprove - how low can he go?

***Pre Indictment and Guilty Pleas Gallup Trump Approval Poll*** 33% approve 62 % Disapprove

Come early for good seats...

"This is years ago, before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign."


Have ANY republicans reacted to the manafort / gates / papadopolous revelations????

Police: Danish Inventor Admits To Dismembering Journalist Kim Wall

The Harvey Effect Takes Down Leon Wieseltier's Magazine (former lit editor new republlic)

Roger Stone Says He Will Bring an Antitrust Case Against Twitter

The Harvey Effect Takes Down Leon Wieseltier's Magazine (former lit editor new republic)

FBI investigating Whitefish deal: report

The Harvey Effect Takes Down Leon Wieseltier's Magazine (former lit editor new republic)

If you can stand it, watch Faux noise......

Tony Podesta has stepped down.....via faux noise via Politico.....

A point about Papadopolous

Sanders Statement on Special Counsel Indictments

Who will be the speaker at the press briefing?

Trailer for today's press conference... George Who?

Whitehouse Briefing Moved Up To

Will indictments shut trump up?

Bannon Declares War on Top GOP Donor

Politico reporting that Tony Podesta has resigned from his lobbying firm


PSA- This movie looks awesome

trump's sleazy lawyer on CNN.... sekulow....

Rachel Platten "Broken Glass"

Trump: I never met George Papadopoulos

Tony Podesta stepping down from lobbying giant amid Mueller probe

Meanwhile, the "pro-life" goons in the House are going with Janet (Kook) Porter's bill...

A smart Press Secretary would say "we can't comment on an ongoing criminal process"...

Flake Considers Independent Senate Run

The Monkey Man: And the Walls Came Down (The Traveling Wilburys)

Dozens Of Octopuses Crawl From The Sea In Wales In 'End Of Days' Beach Scene

Twitter Photos: Bernie Sanders NYC Subway Event with Mayor Bill de Blasio

What time did you hear about manafort

Trumps approval rating is 33%, the lowest yet. Disapproval is 62%, the highest yet.

Bernie Sanders got sucked in to a local dispute between Bill De Blasio and Andrew Cuomo

Bob Mueller

Godless - Official Trailer [HD] - Netflix

Republican Judiciary chairman: Trump should let Mueller do his job

I find myyself smiling a lot today, instead of my usual cursing at the TV

Sarah Sanders on tv now . Here comes the lies and deflection and the Hilary comments

Legal Eagles on DU I have a question.

And the letters of the alphabet are Z, Y, 15...

Read a claim earlier on this board that...

It's National Cat Day!


Where Was the First Woman Condemned for Witchcraft (in colonies)? Not in Salem

Sarah diarrhea mouth

Oh great! Sarah is now a comedian, philosophical teacher?

sarah is now a comedian????? no, she's a smart ass.

What the fuck is Huckelberry Sanders babbling about

Where Was the First Woman Condemned for Witchcraft (in colonies)? Not in Salem

Well, atl least Sarah Slanders admits the beer story is a "silly story"

Where Was the First Woman Condemned for Witchcraft (in colonies)? Not in Salem

Dems Draw a Line

Manafort Allegedly Spent $12M From Foreign Accounts On Personal Luxuries

Backed by UnitedHealth, HHS nominee would now help oversee it

Obama blasts 'politics of division' on return to campaign trail

GOP: "But the pony! The PONY, goddammit!! THE PONY!!!"

Dennis Banks, American Indian Civil Rights Leader, Dies at 80

Don't Believe Russia Collusion Will Bring Down Trump. Reagan/Bush Not Brought Down.

"It doesn't have anything to do with us."

"all I want for christmas is". . . . .

The one casting choice they have to make when this all becomes an HBO movie

She is a greedy, unprincipled person...

Sara Huckabee: Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?

She'll plead the 5th any minute now.


The way Grumpy Cat just said "Have a good day" at the end of the briefing lends me to believe....

Sanders equivocated on whether Trump would fire Mueller. Said there was "no intention or plan"

Trump/Sessions lunch today is wildly inappropriate and possibly illegal.

This morning my 16 year old told me it was my turn to pick up the Roger Stones in the yard

In Choice of Fed Chairman, Trump Downgrades Deregulation.

FREUDIAN SLIP? CNN reporter refers to "the Tramp Campaign."

Dont u lov our Rich Man Justice!!!!!!

Lets not forget Papadopoulos supervisor who responded with "Great work" for his Putin connections ?

What Could Trump Or GOP Do That Would Destroy Them Completely?

Manafort and Gates plead not guilty at their arraignment

Adam Schiff: How today's indictments of Trump campaign officials are directly related to COLLUSION

**Breaking - Federal Judge Blocks White House Policy Barring Transgender Troops

Manafort pleads "Not Guilty"

Sarah Sanders tries in vain to distance the WH from Papadopoulos

We need a GD thread pinned or a special forum for

PFT: Jerry Jones wants "fair shake" for Ezekiel Elliott.

The "other" George P

A wire you say?:

Pop pop fizz fizz!

Is Twitter broken?

How deep are Pence, Ryan and turtleman in this sewer?

Can you be pardoned if you are entering "not guilty" plea?

Excuse me, wasn't Jeff Sessions also a "volunteer" advisor to Trump's campaign?

FYI Trump is having lunch with Jeff Sessions and Pence today, according to the W.H. schedule.

Federal Judge Blocks Enforcement of Trump Ban on Transgender Service Members

Great tweet thread from Rick Wilson

A Ditty Appropriate for the Day . . .

Manafort bail $10,000,000

'How is that not collusion?' Jim Acosta nails Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Papadopoulos and Trump Jr.

Manafort & Gates given Home Confinement & Surrender Passports

TODAY is the reason the GOP establishment tried to get rid of Trump

More than 1 million power outages in the Northeast after blockbuster fall storm

Gingrich/Hannity: Manafort helped Trump's campaign

Trump's Defense Is

Who's breathing a little easier?

Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall...

Manafort and Gates plead Not Guilty.

Did Papadopoulos wear a wire?

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates get home detention after pleading not guilty to charges in Russia probe

In my view, Papadopoulous is the bigger fish

This is a horrifying image. Warning: #GraphicPhoto

A beer story to help you understand trickle-down economics

Trump email after Manafort indictment asks for cash because dad's 'still standing'

Trump Looks Awfully 'Compromised' In This July 2016 Interview

Short Video on Weegee

Unseemly to rejoice about someone's legal troubles

Follow the money...

Scenerio: take out (JAIL)Pence and Ryan, and we get the House, Pelosi could become President

No matter how this ends? Trump will have a black eye from this!

Absent a Constitutional Crisis, I think Jared and Junior are almost certain to be indicted.

Why George Papadopoulos' guilty plea is a much bigger problem for Trump than the Manafort indictment

Update - more than 500,000 lose power in Maine - worst outage in state history

Bothe Manafort and Gates are under house arrent per cnn. I just

Papadopoulos Reported to Sessions in the Campaign

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Guess Who's NOT Getting Indicted!

Robert Muellers Show of Strength: A Quick and Dirty Analysis

Papadopoulos Cooperating Since July And It Wasn't Leaked

Meanwhile, as indictments are announced . . .

Is it possible that Corker and Flake knew what was coming down and wanted

Comey's tweeting again - post Manafort/Papadopoulos/Gates revelations

Mueller "not afraid" to go after major figures, and "has a lot more information than revealed"

Just Think If There Would Have Been A Hillary Administration And Some Of Her People Were Indicted...

Where is Waldo?

Paul Manafort was paid at least $28.5m by Russian oligarchs through Ukraine

How much longer can tRump last?

Happy Birthday Ivanka. Hope it's a good one.

Good news: 'This movement is evil: Religious leaders denounce White Lives Matter rallies

Source close to Bannon say he advocating for more aggressive legal approach short of firing Mueller

Interesting tidbit: Gates had a public defender

Sarah Huckabee Ziegler

Who Is Rick Gates? (Mother Jones)

US District Court for DC has 4 sealed cases in its docket w case #s between Papadopoulos & Manafort

Mueller, Making America Great Again.

Wow. Trump 62% disapproval in Gallup, only 33% approval.

"Do you know who I am?!!!"

Robert Muellers Show of Strength: A Quick and Dirty Analysis


ABA deems another Trump judicial nominee not qualified

Mueller and Gibbs from NCIS

There will be no next season of House of Cards.

Fox News Twitter army already mobilizing against Manafort's DC judge

Monday, Monday ..

Guilty Plea Equals No "Witch Hunt". By Definition

My Song of the Day: Where's Your Head At?--Basement Jaxx.

Seth Abramson with a point-by-point take down of Huckabee-Sanders lies today

Trump, Bannon, Assange, Farage Bound in an . . . UnHoly Alliance

Pierce: Pro Tip: Lying to the FBI Is Never a Good Idea

Malcolm Nance tweet during WH presser

This just in: trump to hire O.J. Simpson as his new chauffeur and wheelman. Film at, well, soon.

BREAKING: FOUR other sealed indictments...(USA Today)

Mueller is peeling that orange piece by piece!

Any help out there for ? about Samsung Galaxy 7..........

Pat Robertson weighs in: Pardon everyone & shut Mueller down.

So, this is what happens when stupid as a used garbage bag

More NBC News: Manafort is one of the unnamed officials in Papadopoulos document

Reinhold Niebuhr: "Mans capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but mans inclination..."

My money says that Man'o'Fart flips on Trump.

And just look who is shitting his undies and scrambling for shade today, DUers:

In FDR Era Fox News Talent & Murdock Would Face Jail Or Firing Squad For Treason.

Democrats Pounce And Introduce Constitutional Amendment Limiting Trumps Pardoning Power

Voting is like driving.

ok just guessing here but

Trump expected to nominate former investment banker Jerome Powell as Federal Reserve chair

White House has no intentions of firing Mueller?

Time for a Trump version of this wanted poster

Ex-Watergate prosecutor guarantees Papadopoulos has been wearing a wire for months and...

Dear GOP: You Gave Ken Starr FOUR YEARS. Kindly STFU About About How Long Mueller Is Taking.

Grassley On Mueller Indictments: 'Good To See' Dept. Of Justice Enforce FARA

Sell a little cocaine...

My advice to the White House staff:

Who was the reporter that Lewindowski assualted in the campaign?

Few in Washington are saying #MeToo. California congresswoman wants to change that.

I'm meeting Howard Dean tomorrow at a campaign event.

Paul Ryan SPEAKS OUT on Manafort indictment: "People deserve tax breaks"

Preview of Coming Indictments

Watch @docdanielle debunk one of President Trump's outrageous single-payer myths:

B. Sanders & E. Warren "Comprehensive Plan" For PR

Roland Martin: At what point will you wake up and realize youre getting screwed? (VIDEO)

TV party tonight!! CNN/MSNBC party tonight!

Re Manafort (at least), Why did it take a special prosecutor?

Has the snowball started down the hill? nt

Did George Papadopoulos wear a wire for Mueller?

So, how much of a tax break is Trump proposing for Manafort?

BIG Stuff in the Papadopolous Plea Deal - Josh Marshall

Do They Have Twitter In Prison?

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 30, 2017

Sarah Sanders -- Charges Against Manafort -- WH News Brief

🐦 Oct 30 - Bernie Sanders - NBC'S 'LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS'

Dangling false, negative information about Hillary Clinton in front of the public is making it even

If you had one wish?

Farmer Equity Act recognizes racial discrimination

Harlem Nocturne 🎷

Are we tired of winning yet?

Its like a Mini Fitzmas

Pat Robertson: Trump Should Issue A Blanket Pardon And Shut Down Mueller Investigation

Fox pathetically trying to argue that "Hillary is worse." "Conspiracy against the US" no big deal.

Does anyone vet the costumes that the kids wear to WH Halloween party?

Former Athletic Trainer Speaks Out About Alleged Sexual Assault by Peyton Manning: 'I Was Scared.

more TPM truth "Indicted Campaign Adviser Remained Closely Tied To Trumpworld Into 2017"

Ben Carson has to be about the dumbest member of Pussy Grabber's Cabinet. . .

It's Not About The Charges...It's About THE LEAKS! Beware This Tired Old Meme...

Slate - "Trump Should Be Scared"

Looking to add a backup desktop hard drive

**Jeffrey Toobin, Associate Iran Contra Prosecutor** - Papadopoulos likely wearing a wire

Newly Unsealed: "U.S. investigating foreign interference/potential collusion-by American citizens"

In other news: Things I Learned on Facebook, Episode 53,294

Anybody know if George Papadopolous is a descendant of Georgios Papadopolous...

RIP Dennis Banks

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 31 October 2017

This is going to take a while. It SHOULD take a while.

Danish inventor admits dismembering body of Swedish journalist

James Comey adds profile pic and bio to his "Reinhold Niebuhr" Twitter account.

Eric Trump email blast...just lookin for one dollar, man, 4 quarters, 100 pennies...pleaassee:

Eric, the most idiot son started a fundraiser

Manafort & Stone -- Tony Podesta -- John Podesta? Questions I have

I think I've heard this song before. "Paul who?"

I love elephants (not the GOP kind)

Trump supporters are literally now saying they trust Russia more than Hillary...

Indiana secretary of state accused of violating federal election laws

Where the money went. Nice interactive chart in this piece.

Mueller's Collusion Pursuit Nets Ex-Trump Aide's Guilty Plea (George Papadopoulos)

Dear Mr Mueller

Remember when Obama pardoned HRC? Sure you do.

I'm Glad To See That The Way Fox "News" Covers Trump Has BECOME NEWS For The REAL News Networks.

Indictment Bingo!

White Black House

Boy, I miss the days of honest people in White House!

When FBI picked lock on Manafort's house-found Ukrainian lobbying records he told DOJ Didn't exist

Mueller's "No knock" raid yielded key evidence against Manafort

Conspiracy Books

This Modern World Toon - Everything Is Terrible

John Kelly Gives Trump His Morning Briefing In The Lincoln Bedroom...

House GOP tax plan would now allow Americans to deduct property taxes

KEY: On or about 3/31/16 defendant Papadopoulos attended Mtg with then-candidate Trump & stated...

Who knew Trump would keep his promise to "DRAIN THE SWAMP" this way???

Only in times of Trump would ANYONE see the House of Cards cancellation as a coincidence.

Remember Der Twitler's greatest projections?

Latest Gallup poll tRump 33% approval 62% disapproval

Collins Lays Out Her Demands for Tax Bill

Meanwhile, in a house in Chappaqua, NY.....

Fox News Has Spent All Day Begging Donald Trump Not to Tweet About the Mueller Indictments

Is Trumps Base Beginning to Fray?

Ad depicts Confederate-flag-waving Gillespie supporter chasing immigrant children

Manafort could face up to 40 years in prison

Apocadopoulos Now!

The USA's popular choice for President will be on the Daily Show Wednesday

Schumer:McConnell is processing in Senate 4 Circuit Ct Judges this week in a hurry.

What pairs best with restored hope for our country?

Anyone else play Euchre?

That moment when far-right 'humor' comes back to bite you in the crotch:

If you did not see the Frontline episode on Putin

I don't always issue indictments...

Paul Manafort, and the Weakness of Trump

Geologists Say Continents May Have Drifted Apart After Emotional Falling-Out

Russian content on Facebook may have reached 126 million users far more than first disclosed, inte

Honestly, the criminal details are so dense and intertwined, my head is already swooning

What grade would you give Robert Mueller so far ?

Trumps personal attorney stops denying collusion with Russia and starts defending it

Mike Luckovich: Whopper is hell.

Remember how cool the cars were in 1973?

Millions Disappointed It Wasnt Jared

Even More Unpopular Than Before

Today was the most satisfying day since Obama was re-elected in 2012

Timeline: Campaign knew Russia had Clinton emails months before Trump 'joke'

Twitter Photo: Bernie and Bill De Blasio have lunch at Katz's

Morford: Why the EPA directors security now costs $2 million

BBC - Ukraine Secret Service Stopped Manafort Investigation After Trump's "Win" (but FBI has files)

Fox News host upset that reporters asked the White House about indictments of former Trump campa

NewYorker Toon: Better than the Bronco Chase

Ha - he didn't finish tweeting no collusion

TPM "Inside The Court Room After The Manafort Indictment Dropped"

Mother may not have to worry about Pence being alone with women (if he's in jail)

Special counsel's office: Papadopoulos 'small part' of 'large scale investigation'

The latest events as they are seen in Europe

whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

My "WTF?" of the day, wacko conspiracy theory department...

I still have the bottle of champagne that I planned to open to celebrate Hillary's victory in Novemb

Special counsel's office says Papadopoulos is a "small part" of a "large-scale ongoing investigation

Facebook estimates 126 million people were served content from Russia-linked pages

Watching CNN - Basically saying, Trump's Campaign people are screwed.

Pat Robertson: Trump "can grant a pardon to everybody involved in this thing if he wants to"

Trump's 2 reasons not to pay campaign staff: avarice and deniability

CNN Breaking : Facebook testimony - 126 million viewed Russian propaganda ads

Being gay is a choice ?

Don't you think Tweety is jealous of Ari ??

Manafort vs the half million ppl in jail cos they can't afford bail

Carter Page is going to be on Chris Hayes tonight

Pissing off the cats

Tom DeLay's lawyer just said the Manafort indictment is an indictment that looks like a conviction

I would like to know who is on Mueller's hit list next?

This was Treason and an Act of War

Small World

Dedicated to Groper Don the Con

Seen today on a bumper in Galveston, TX

RT Is Trolling Everyone With Adverts Joking About Russian Hacking

Have any Republican Senators and Congressional members said anything about today's events?

My foil hat is on. The Russians seemed confident that Trump was the horse to bet on.

Cyclist Is Latest To Give Presidential Motorcade The Middle Finger

Idiots, Anarchists, and Assholes: John Boehner Unloads on Republicans...

If one is true to the concept of the Rule of Law, then one must have a remedy . . . .

Epic Schadenfreude, anyone? Abso-friggin-lutely!

It's finally kind of fun hearing them lying their asses off to save their own skins

Trump, with Melania, hands out candy at White House, tells kids there was no collusion

Halp! "People are saying" that Papadolous may have worn a wire

Tweety is on his game tonight on msnbc:

Like Judgment Day by Michael D'Orso


Should Papadopoulos Be Placed in Protective Custody?.....

Did you notice how Manafort's lawyer's statement to the press

Author Flames Trump/Fox News Talking Points In Just A Few Words

Special counsel's office: Papadopoulos 'small part' of 'large scale investigation'

Fox crying about special prosecutors (look how Bill Clinton was persecuted!). LMFAO

"I am not a crook", "I did not have sex..." , "There was no Collusion"

Trump should resign, Pence names Clinton as his VP, then Pence resigns - that is

This feels like a tipping point, and it is a surprise how fast that happened.

Whose "Interior" is he watching?

I'm getting sick and tired of these "$50 Amazon or Ebay" that I've supposedly won.

Facebook LIVE Now: GOTV rally with Senator Bernie Sanders at Terminal 5.

Mueller's appointment was a fluke, and that freaks me the hell out.

Trump campaign officials suggested getting 'someone low level' to communicate with Russians

"George Papadopoulos" is Greek for "John Dean"

MSNBC-Carter Page is going to be on Chris Hayes tonight

Trump claiming he's "hamstrung" by Mueller -- makes me think Trump is planning to fire Mueller

Neither Hill intel committee has interviewed Papadopoulos

US forces capture second Benghazi suspect in Libya

Glenn Greenwald to discuss Kevin Spacey with S.E. Cupp!

With the exception of Trump, who do you most want to see indicted?

who is that women on Tweety yelling about Hillary the last 5 minutes!

"Tremendous indictments!"

Corals eat plastic because weve made it tasty, study suggests

'We are coming, and we are not playing, and we are not bluffing.' ''

Predicting a sharp drop in frump bumper sticker sightings.

Who Was That Congresswoman On Hardball....

So when is the next rally?

I think these girls might just win Halloween this year:

We really should tell Ivanka happy birthday.

If Tea Leaves Are Showing Trouble Ahead, Why Doesn't Drumpf Fire Mueller Now?

How fast does this progress?

Erin Burnett on CNN during our dinner hour.......

Paul Begala on CNN ...