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Went to a CA hospital today to pick up meds from the Pharmacy...

2018,2020,and 2022 US Senate Race-Could Democrats regain/retain control of the US Senate in 2023?

In Your Face Maga Deplorables!

Imagine that you show extreme heroism and win the Medal of Honor.

I have MSNBC on right now. Democrats are still pushing the phone

Id love to know if Dump contacted the families of the other 3 killed in Niger.

Abortion: 'Hardship' travel grant for NI women

Trump's shiny tax cut plan has a $1.5 trillion problem

Statement: Gov. Reynolds Provides Only Excuses On Health Care

Once again! We have those who have no clue!!!!

Top senators call for 'immediate review' of decision to bar anti-Putin activist Bill Browder from th

Borowitz Report

Betsy Devos - Fox meets henhouse

Harvey Weinstein allegedly used Project Runway to meet models

Just like Ryazan in 1999, that's where this whole "alternative facts"/"post-truth" can lead us

Trump - Protocol (Luckovich 'toon)

Firm Tied to Trump Dossier Tries to Block House Panel's (Devin Nunez) Subpoena

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Fresh Malloy Show Tonight! Live Uncensored & a new

Trump tax plan gives a bigger tax cut to foreign investors than middle class Americans

Heres the full interview of Myeshia Johnsonone thing thats very clear is shes telling the truth

Top US politicians warn of democratic values at risk

Megyn Kelly blasts Bill OReilly on her NBC morning show

A threat? What threat? Ex-diplomat contradicts Menendez prosecution

Scott Pruitt: True environmentalism is using natural resources that God has blessed us with

Rachel says she has Breaking News

Christie in 2024? Nah, he's not running for anything ever again. But you never know ...

Melania's Anti-Bullying Campaign

John Kelly and Sarah Huckabee Sanders Must Resign The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

The Obsession With White Voters Could Cost Democrats the Virginia Governors Race

Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean snake oil salesman

And now, Bill Clinton will visit New Jersey to back Murphy for governor

Hope pResident Bone Spurs is watching AC 360 tonight!

Murphy: Trump threatens voter rights. I'll massively expand them in New Jersey

They attack where they are weak

Roy Moore is literally the only politician in the US

Solar Wind Creates Electric Charge on Martian Moon Phobos

Guadagno, 'advocate for women,' won't defend their health care

Christie administration and teachers union trade blame as health care costs rise

Pic Of The Moment: This Is An Asshole

General Kelly embodies irony

Eric HOLDER (on Rachel now) should be on the Supreme Court - that is all

Wrongful conviction no surprise to Kansas black community

Hillary Clinton campaigns for New Jersey Democrat in governor race

List of Democratic Governors after the 2018 midterm election.

Damn. Did anyone see that "Impeach" commercial on Monday Night Football?

Armed man arrested after stopping Amtrak train

That fuckin trumpbot on cnn

Who the fuck needs permission from legal counsel to fulfill a promise?????

Lawyers seek to question neo-Nazi website publisher's family

Nicely done Rachel!

Iowa abandons bold attempt to jettison ACA rules

Dallas pharmacy exec admits to selling soldiers unneeded scripts in $50 million kickback fraud

O'Reilly goes from jovial to menacing in an instant when asked about sexual harassment

Iraq rebuffs Tillerson call to disband Iran-backed militias

Prosecutors drop all charges against Rep. Dawnna Dukes: What people are saying

MPT today.....

Mr Khan coming up on Lawrence

Bill Clinton is coming to Paramus to campaign for Phil Murphy

Star chef Besh steps down amid sexual harassment allegations

It's as if they are colluding or something

ACLU asks appeals court to reconsider ruling delaying abortion for undocumented teen

Vintage Halloween music with pro-code, vintage. scary cartoons

Hey Joe

Is this still the calm before the storm?

At Bergdahl hearing, focus on Trump

GAO: Climate change already costing US billions in losses

Texas Democrats take aim at Fort Worth

An Open Letter to President Trump from Don Lemon 10/23/17

Ezekiel Elliott will play against Redskins; judge rejects NFL request

Illinois man under investigation for threatening to lynch Rep. Wilson and hes blaming social me

Trump's $25K check to Gold Star family dated same day as Post report

Al Gore: global warming will cause more Hurricane Harvey's

one ringy dingy (or -- We've come a long way, baby)

Now Sarah Sanders says John Kellys blatant lying isnt wrong because its what he felt

Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis crashes University of Cambridge website

Jake Tapper: Who Loves To Bash Generals? Donald Trump.

Jake Tapper: Who Loves To Bash Generals? Donald Trump.

Tonight's moon...just a few moments ago...

Happy Halloween f*ckers: Virginia students under investigation for dressing like KKK members and g

Lawerence O'Donnell Just Mugged Tucker Carlson

Regulators slam officials of failed South Texas bank

For the love of humanity, do not watch Myeshia Johnson's GMA interview on YouTube

I have some friends and cousins who believe Trump's

Hillary Clinton tells Montreal audience wave of activism can defeat forces trying to destroy democ

So how accurate is the Palmer report?

Has anyone noticed the Fake News robotrolls on FB today?

"Do you have a dog or a cat?"


Nicaragua moves to join Paris climate accord, isolating US, Syria

Low-pitched, rumbling rocks could help predict when earthquakes strike: research says

Low-pitched, rumbling rocks could help predict when earthquakes strike: research says

One Year In, O'Reilly is Already Yelling at God

Seth Meyers! - Trump's Tax Plan, Twitter Insults and Rambling Fox News Interview: A Closer Look

The Daily Show: General Kelly Owes Representative Wilson an Apology

Need to Impeach: Join Us

To combat hunger, Venezuelans in the U.S. ship food to relatives

Trump Called Up For Vietnam Service After Last Of Draft Deferments Expires

Rock dropped from overpass kills passenger in car; teens charged

Colombias establishment candidate investigated for election fraud

Harvey Milk Historical LGBT Poster

I don't come here often, but when I do, it has to be about cats.

Its sad to see foreigners know more than Colombians about the countrys reality

Paramilitaries control 25% of Medellins gangs: report

The Many Pieces of Evidence Suggesting Trump Obstructed Justice

Why does the US have so many child brides?

Supersized Family Farms Are Gobbling Up American Agriculture


The Reality Is That The GOP & Trump Base Are OK W/Trump's Recent Actions On Gold Star Family.

Trump's Last Tweet

You have never seen San Francisco quite like this...

Cherry Hill man gets 70 months in prison for $2.5M Medicaid fraud

Court bid to block Gov. Wolf borrowing, including $1.25B against PLCB profits

MAGA - a new definition....

Sarah Sanders wears a tablecloth and talks about Rep Wilson's hat, ha ha ha...

Philly business yearns for a tax cut to combat a regional slowdown

Special election set to fill anti-abortion lawmaker's seat

In Philadelphia suburbs, personalized white supremacist fliers rile residents

Vandalized Jewish cemetery in Philly restored after donors give $300K

Government report calls on Trump to act on climate change By Eli Watkins, CNN

Enough: CNNs Don Lemon chokes up while reading open letter to Trump....

Feds raid Philly-area Advance Urgent Care centers

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/23/17

EPA kept scientists from speaking about climate change at Rhode Island event

Oregon state senator: Sexual harassment common in Capitol


Government shutdown likely to happen in December.

Penn State creates food packaging material from wood and shells

Penn State creates food packaging material from wood and shells

Religious?? ...............Who Cares??

US Preparing to Put Nuclear Bombers Back on 24-Hour Alert

Teamsters pension plan warns thousands of beneficiaries that the checks may get smaller

Former Global Head Of HSBCs Foreign Exchange Cash-Trading Found Guilty Of Scheme

Owner Of Computer School Sentenced For $2.8 Million Veterans Retraining Fraud

Islamic State threat in Philippines spreads in remote battles

Father-and-Son Executives of Tutoring Companies Sentenced- $11 Million Fraud Scheme

Puerto Rico reopening some schools after hurricane devastation

Astrolabe: Shipwreck find 'earliest navigation tool'

Arnold woman admits to stealing $200,000 from Pittsburgh legal office

They said no to a white nationalist. Now Penn State, Ohio State are being sued.

Small Montana firm lands Puerto Ricos biggest contract to get the power back on

Pennsylvania colleges want larger slice of state budget to grow, survive

So according to Lindsey Graham, the war on terror is global

Liberty to golf

"Oops. Not good."

Former executive admits stealing $218,000 from paper company

Russian trolls impersonated Standing Rock protesters to stir up chaos in US.

List of Democratic US Senators after the 2018 midterm elections

Independent russian radio-host gets knife in throat after Kremlin calls her a US stooge.

Hello, Lounge

Stephen Colbert Takes Bill OReilly to Task Over His $32 Million Sexual-Harassment Settlement

BREAKING: Trump orders Little Rock deli to change name of sandwich named after Obama

I doubt that the irony of Melania'a anti-bullying campaign is lost on her.

New Republic All A-Twitter About Shitstain's New EPA Appointee, Who Doesn't Completely Suck

Delmarva power wants raise electricity, gas rates

Shitstain Wants To Eliminate Federal Dam Safety Planning Program, Even After Oroville, PR, Houston

Nicaragua Will Join Paris Accord, Leaving US & Syria Together In Global Isolation

Flame Retardants, Pesticides - A Whole New Cocktail Of POPs Found In Polar Bears

Massive, Fatal Flooding Makes TX, WV Residents More Skeptical Of Climate, More Certain Of Rapture

PNAS Study: Expect 500-Year Floods In NYC Every Five Years; Oh, And Elevate Everything 3 Feet

OK sis, get over it.

The centurylong quest to save the American Chestnut may soon be over

Why I changed my mind about medicinal cannabis Hugh Hempel TEDxUniversityofNevada

Why I changed my mind about medicinal cannabis Hugh Hempel TEDxUniversityofNevada

Cornell University awakes to anti-Semitic fliers on campus

The Donora Death Fog...

Niger Attack Was Likely a Set-Up by Terrorists, Officials Say

Cover their butts?

EXCLUSIVE. Russian Propaganda Hosted by Man on Staten Island, New York

How the grief of military families crossed into politics

$300m Puerto Rico Recovery Contract Awarded to Tiny Utility Company Linked to Major Trump Donor

Top House Democrat Drops A Truth Bomb: Republicans Are Aiding And Abetting Trump Crimes

Why "The Wall"?-"They needed a trick, a mnemonic device" to make sure Trump talked about immigration

Sen. Corker Blasts Trump on Foreign Policy: 'Leave it to the Professionals for a While'

Rehoboth's $21 million City Hall built on land without a deed

So middle class working slobs.... YOUR tax cut is your 401k or IRA.

trump tweeting/dumping on corker....'couldn't get elected dog catcher in Tennessee'

Trump Once Again Disrupts GOP Legislative Push

Congress On Track for Another Shutdown Showdown

Looks like Russia's biggest Anti-Putin candidate for 2018 has cut a deal with the Kremlin.

Trump Says He Is Only President in History with Courage to Stand Up to War Widows

UPDATED - Trump: Corker 'only negative on anything Trump'

Poll: Most Americans Think Their Own Group Faces Discrimination

Did trump only call one widow?

Bill O'Reilly says he's "mad at God" over sexual misconduct allegations

I refuse to believe the Igglets are good this year

Middletown teen has golden victory at World Gymnastics Championships

Simplest explanation often correct

Cost of justice in prison riot will be huge

Case cracked: Comey reveals secret Twitter account

Gov. Hogan sends Maryland National Guard troops to Virgin Islands to help with hurricane relief

First TV appearance of George Clooney's twins:

Russian media goes full-panic mode over Facebook splitting newsfeed into two sections.

Corker's answer to Orange Satan's a.m. tweet (short & sweet)

Bird feeders might be changing bird beaks

Computer Parts Site Newegg Is Being Sued for Allegedly Engaging in Massive Fraud [Updated]

China's leader elevated to the level of Mao in Communist pantheon

Hogan executive order denies contracts to firms that boycott Israel

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - The Liar in Chief

Dallas pharmacy exec admits to selling soldiers unneeded scripts in $50 million kickback fraud

NYTimes: The Bone-Spur Bozo at the White House

how to celebrate our 1st year of hell

Caught in a deadly ambush, U.S. troops in Niger waited an hour for French air power to arrive

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: GOP and lies

I Guess Massacres Now OK. No Change In Gun Attitudes Per Poll?

24 days ago.

Trump's promises narrow GOP's options on tax bill

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Dying While Defending This Country Is A Lost Cause And A Waste Anymore.

How Trump broke conservatism - By Michael Gerson

Maryland Democrats seek Republican help to examine Jared Kushner's company's apartments

I never thought I'd ever live to see one

Roy Moore is unfit to serve - The Washington Post Editorial Board

Democrats running for governor court teachers' endorsement with big promises

Many Calif. Dems silent on backing Feinstein

Anne Arundel county sheriff's stepson charged with threatening to kill him

WP; Small Montana firm lands Puerto Ricos biggest contract to get the power back on

AGAIN: Fox News Pro-Trump "Retired Navy Seal" a Fake

John McCain Mocks Trumps Draft-Dodging "Bone Spurs"

Senior White House aides plot multi-million-dollar campaign for tax reform

In the Times of London this morning: "Would it kill you to be a bit more complimentary..."

Face coverings

Two toddlers locked in brutal combat.

Sarah's talking about Trump's taint again (Niger is not his Benghazi). SAD!

Im melting.....

Sen. Sanders Facebook LIVE Now:

The Cardinals are bringing back Jose Oquendo as 3rd base coach.

Swastika, Other Vandalism at Woodbridge School, Neighborhood

Florida man with guns, school maps and explosives in home being held for mental evaluation

Corker just took a major dump on trump - cnn interview

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Administration touts success of wall along the Boston-Mexico border.

Man sentenced for killing bald eagle in Virginia

Compassion. I don't know if this has already been posted.

Scandalous treatment for a Gold Star widow - The Boston Globe Editorial Board

So when are Republicans who aren't retiring or facing a serious life threatening illness.....

Pic Of The Moment: Bill O'Reilly Points Finger At Real Culprit

Twitler is on a Twitter Corker leads the case

Are You Better Off Today Than on Janruary 19, 2017??

Federal judge lets stand Schock indictment

GOP senators hold up disaster aid over Puerto Rico concerns

Whitefish Company Tapped to Rebuild Puerto Rico Power Grid

Zinke boosted fortunes of 'scam PAC' operators

My Facebook page/blog, This American Carnage

FIXED THAT FOR YOU: "Isn't it sad....."

'Rough Waters' Report: EPA Cuts Could Jeopardize Montana Waterways


Corker regrets supporting Groper Don the Con

Bob Corker talking now with reporters ripping Trump into tiny little bits.

Will We Have To Have Some Sort Of Nuclear Exchange Before People Wake Up?

Isn't All This Time Mueller Is Taking On This Investigation Giving The....

Re: Mueller - a friend who retired from the IRS just told me that

Anyone use a clay mask for oily skin?

Three Weeks After Las Vegas, Legislation to Ban Bump Stocks Has Stalled Out in Congress

How about some love...

Vicente Fox tweets a new and helpful suggestion for Trump.

Illinois man under investigation for threatening to lynch Rep. Wilson and he's blaming social med

Sears splits from Whirlpool after 100 years

Reid gone from D.C. - but still pulling strings

We al have issues with the republicans, but the only ones who can really stop this madness are a few

Illinois man under investigation for threatening to lynch Rep. Wilson and he's blaming social med

Trump going nuts now:

Roy Moore: Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling Was 'Worse' Than Upholding Slavery In Dred Scott

Government By Internet Message Board

West Texas Refinery Set to Break Ground in November

Corker: I won't support Trump for election again

The kids in Congress are editing Wikipedia like, a lot.

Man under arrest records Fayette Co. deputy texting and driving from back of patrol unit

GOP Goal Is To Drive US Into Insolvency. Tax Plan Does That. Starve Government.

Former AG Holder: 'Our democracy is under attack'

Gay Homecoming King In Texas Trolls His Bullies By Wearing Their Hateful T-Shirt

Gorka: 'Black Africans' Are Shooting Each Other 'By The Bushel' In Chicago

Ellen DeGeneres to give away World Series tickets at the University of Houston

People, people, people. When Trump says "liddle'" with an apostrophe, it's clearly an abbreviation.

Daddy day care is closed today, due the lack of control of the..

Texas Will Run Out Of CHIP Money Sooner Than Expected Because Of Hurricane Harvey

Sarah Sanders: Comparing Niger to Benghazi is 'just a cheap attempt to try to taint this president'

If You Take the Beta-Blocker Atenolol, You Should Be Aware

$300M Puerto Rico Contract Awarded To Tiny Firm Owned By Big Trump Donors

Immigrant Workers in Texas Could Fill Farm Vacancies, but They're Trapped in the Valley

Civil rights leader condemns border wall, calls it symbol of white nationalism

So Sanders is going back to running as an Indy for his senate seat.

Hillary Clinton calls Russian uranium reports 'baloney'

Well, if that ain't funny how that worked out?

Solar panels being installed today

Joy Ann Reid analysis

5 teens to be charged with murder after man killed by thrown rock on I-75 (Clio, MI)

Did Bill O'Reilly ever give a flying fuck whose families he destroyed with his lies

Bob Corker lashes out at Trump in very unbelievably harsh terms that sting (VIDEO)

Joy Behar just said.... God is mad at YOU

Everything Corker said ON CAMERA/RECORD today was jaw-dropping, but one thing really got me...

RIP Kid Rock's Senate Campaign

President Donald Trump and Bob Corker Set for Presumably Very Awkward Lunch Date

An AI god will emerge by 2042 and write its own bible


Scarborough: Historians will look at first lady's anti-bullying initiative as example of Trump's...

Yates: Trump has a 'complete indifference to truth'

How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind

ATT rip off

Per MSNBC, coming up live in the next few minutes - Devin Nunes

Could corker get a censure?

Montana's Teton Pass Ski Resort Not Opening this Season

After Nevada hosts a gun show, California sees sharp rise in gun-related injuries and deaths

Oh my GOD the GOP is looking into the uranium deal.

Company to Require Helmets for Ski Resort Workers After Death

Finally got test confirmation that I have squamous cell skin cancer.

You Cant Hurt Me Anymore

$300M contract to fix power in Puerto Rico given to firm from Sec. Zinke's hometown...

Mapping the devastation from Californias most destructive wildfire

I think Trump actually might have made a deal...

trumps is sniffling bad today!

I saw Chris de Burgh's concert in Calgary last week. He laid into Trump pretty hard.

Biz Leaders sucking up to O Yellar this moring

I saw Chris De Burgh in concert in Calgary last week. He laid into Trump pretty hard.

🎃Reel Transformed: Post a Pic of a Mutant from TV or a Flick🎃

Rough Waters Report: EPA Cuts Could Jeopardize Montana Waterways

Help me get this....

Which post is messing up the page format?

Oh, just eff off, stoopid bush twins. Yer daddy murdered 100's of 1000's for his lies.

Missoula joins ACLU's suit to block Montana's 'bathroom bill'

Missoula joins ACLU's suit to block Montana's 'bathroom bill'

Sackler dynastys ruthless marketing of painkillers has generated millions of addicts

Trump was bragging that his tax cuts are the lowest since 1931.

Conservative apologist Brooks gets profanity-laced tirade launched at him and family.

Dogs Can Tell Whether People Are Selfish Or Generous After Brief Human Exposure

Wait for Trump's science adviser breaks modern-era record

So did Bill Browder also convince that crooked judge to try, convict Sergei Magnitsky posthumously?

Universe shouldnt exist, CERN physicists conclude

I am ready to concede that I'm crazy, but

Democrats on Trump's voter commission say they're in the dark about what it's doing

VIDEO - Russian flags tossed at the Traitor-In-Chief... "Trump is Treason"

They just dragged a guy out of the Capitol screaming Treason

Trump And His Cabinet Will Make $3.5 Billion Off Their Tax Plan

Are there more than 2,000 MS-13 gang members in Virginia's wealthy Fairfax County?

Wow, a man in the US Senate hall just threw Russian flags at Trump and accused him of "Treason!"

Do you agree with Bob Corker that Trump is a horrible role model for children?

IMHO We The PEOPLE, should be yelling at the orange dotard, "THIS IS TREASON!"

"Why are we talking about tax cuts when we should be talking about treason?!!"

Protester calling Trump a traitor as he arrives at the Capitol! Excellent! He is a hero.

***Announcing the Winners*** October Photo contest: DOORS and GATES

Sen. Tillis - (R) NC takes a bag of popcorn in to the meeting with Dump.

The Winners are posted *** October*** DOORS and GATES

Video of Russian flags being thrown at Trump & McConnell while shouting "Trump is Treason"

Bernie Sanders to speak at U of T

I'm sick & tired of Trumpers trying to present themselves as persecuted.

Repug Congress Strikes Again - Dozens Of Crucial Health Initiatives Await Reauthorization.....

Second in a series. Do you agree with Bob Corker that Trump has debased the United States?

My GP doc has announced his retirement on Nov. 6 and I am having problems accepting

Busted, fifteen years ago today:

That was . . . weird.

MSNBC just said protestor is Ryan Clayton from Americans Take Action.

BREAKING on CNN! U.S. Forces Fight Against Counterterrorism!

Catholics - the genius of Satan

Trump's judge picks: 'Not qualified,' prolific bloggers

Die Moritat von Mackie Messer

How was the man who shouted at Trump, able to get into that area, if he had those flags...

Is this funny or what...roflmao

Treason not tax cuts

New Computer stress

Reps. Cummings & Conyers call probe into FBI &DOJ's handling of Clinton emails "a massive diversion"

Survey on RKBA and gun control

House GOP opens probe into DOJ's Clinton investigation

Guys, it's pretty obvious it was Hillary* colluding with the Russians. Consider all the facts:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Uses Seinfeld Logic To Defend Administrations Lies

Happy 71st birthday, Jerry Edmonton.

Yes the grapes are sour. But we don't need the whine.

WATCH: Man screams 'Trump is treason' at president -- and tosses Russian flags at him

Conservatives, GOP, Fake Christians Diseasing The Country Just As Much As Trump & Company/Family.


Ignore . Devin . Nunes

Here is Sen Corker's Email address

Putting Our Bombers On Nuclear Alert Where No Immediate Threat Is Insanely Dangerous.

Shakespeare presages Trump

Saudi Arabia's crown prince promises country will return to 'moderate, open Islam'

Texas dad admits disposing of child's body, affidavit says

In "honor" of Roy Moore

Ricky Gervais Questions Sanity Of Trump Voters: Why Are They Falling For Drain The Swamp?

How Trump Is Crippling Storm Forecasting Just When It's Getting Good

O'Reilly dropped by talent agency amid sexual harassment allegations: report


Trump agrees to deport a guy because it will help his casino buddy Steve wynn.

Trump attorney Michael Cohen meets with House Russia investigators

Kid Rock on Senate Run: 'F--k No'

Fool Me Once - Shame On You - Fool Me Twice - Shame On Me - How Many Times Are We Going To Fall.....

Corker unloads: Trump is 'debasing' the nation

Congress could strip consumers of right to sue banks and credit card companies

Protester Throws Russian Flags At Trump As He Arrives For Capitol Hill Tax Lunch

Americas affordable-housing stock dropped by 60 percent

Trump: 'No one really knows' how much tax plan would generate

Eugene Robinson: Why are we in Niger, and why doesnt Congress know?

If you aren't watching Archer, you're missing quality tv.

We Seem To Be Unable To Stop The Destruction Of Our Country By The GOP.

Congressman's seven siblings post public letter denouncing their brother's racist rant

Arizona's Jeff Flake announces he will not seek re-election to U.S. Senate

Sen. Jeff Flake says he will not seek re-election in 2018, citing the nastiness of Trump-era GOP

Adam Schiff: GOP and Trump have one rule: when all else fails, investigate a Clinton. A coordinated

****BREAKING**** Jeff Flake will not be seeking re-election

DEBASE: Verb/transitive verb...

Well that sucked.

Not a single GOP representative is rushing to defend Myeshia Johnson

GOP Leaders Refusing To Pay For Dana Rohrabacher's Travel Over Russia Fears

Pierce: A Rather Serious Clog in That There Swamp Drain


When you use the phrase "but those" in business correspondence, don't omit the space

Republicans unveil own plan for Obamacare payments

Mask laws and anti-religious bigotry

Please don't pretend that you support our troops if you support the Coward Moron

Strong, dry hot winds worsen in San Diego County.

Third in a series. Do you agree with Jeff Flake that Trump is abnormal and a poor role model?

'Nobody called anyone an ignorant slut': Republican Senator proclaims meeting with Trump a success

Flake handing maggot a grenade

Leftists That Arent Leftist

Why don't these GOP Senators stay and fight against the Trump crazies?

WaPo: Bob Corker sounds like hes making a case for removing Trump from office

Flake is tearing the bark off Trump.

Trump's refugee ban ends, new screening rules coming

RE: fuckface tweetering yet?

Solar Bible - seen laying outside (in the shade) at work

Sen. Jeff Flake will retire, citing direction of GOP under Trump

In the Times of London this morning: (Trump and Myeshia Johnson)

A real profile in courage....

At this point, I'll gladly take Flake retiring from the Senate and going Corker.

Victory has brought the GOP a crisis of conscience...

Bob Corker sounds like he's making a case for removing Trump from office

The GOP is in full meltdown

Republican Jeff Flake condemns Trump as a danger to democracy in stunning Senate speech

Watching Mindhunter. Damn good TV!

If These Republicans Really Want to Screw With Trump-Create New Party and/or Caucus With Democrats

There must be plenty more Trump atrocities in the WH

Sister Grumpy Cat's Travelling Salvation Show is about to begin soon.

Breaking news: Flake announced he is NOT running again!!!!!!

MILO suggests Ellen was complicit in Las Vegas mass murder

Steve Kornacki is such a lightweight. MSNBC should trade him to CNN for Don Lemon.

Federal appeals court clears way for undocumented teen to get abortion

New Charts Show What The Russian Troll @TEN_GOP Account Was Tweeting This Summer

Einsteins theory of happiness sold for $1.5m

Poll: Majority of White Americans Believe They Face Discrimination

What the fuck is the matter with that man?

Jeff Flake earned a little more respect from me, but,,,,,

Fleeing repubs will abandon their states to The Freedom Caucus

Drinking game tonight

BREAKING: Arizona Senator Jeff Flake announces that he will not run for re-election in 2018

I fear that Flake will not be the last

Text of Sen. Jeff Flake's speech:

And we still have the WH press briefing coming up.

the gop motherhumpers are at it again: House Republicans investigating Obama-era uranium deal

KO:John Kelly and Sarah Huckabee Sanders Must Resign--To defend Trump and to criticize a widow, the

KO:John Kelly and Sarah Huckabee Sanders Must Resign--To defend Trump and to criticize a widow, they

Amazing sticker on back window of new white Audi SUV in ultra-rightwing Greenville, SC, today:

Corker shows how Republicans can dump Trump - By Jennifer Rubin

All the times Trump said someone couldn't get elected dog catcher

Why the Doom and Gloom Over Vacant "R" Seats?

Trump to skip key Asia summit in Philippines to go home earlier

The White House decides the best defense is being offensive - By Tom Toles (cartoon)

Colbert Unloads On Bill OReilly, The Scrotum Who Wished To Be A Real Boy

the emperor has no clothes.

Best take I've seen on Kelly...

As Donald Trumps Popularity Dwindles, Bernie Sanders Surges

Republican Jeff Flake condemns Trump as a danger to democracy in stunning Senate speech

flake and corker..both of you will be around at least another year, please make 'his' life miserable

Salsalate drug offers new hope for treating Alzheimer's disease and FTD

List of ALL Repubs in Congress who condemned Trump for attacking Gold Star families &Suporting Nazis

"Trump work hard to unite the country."

Is sara the huckster, constipated?

The firm behind the Trump-Russia dossier is fighting to shield its bank records from Devin Nunes

the swamp draining continues

Introduction to non-classical logics, 2nd edition (Review)

Okay, I'll ask:

Doggie teaching a baby to jump

Congress approves another round of hurricane, wildfire funding

I have never been so ashamed to be an American.

Nobody called anyone an ignorant slut: Republican Senator proclaims meeting with Trump a success

Fuck every Retrumplican that is jumping ship

Sign the petition to draft Mark Kelly to run for Senate

The media is calling Senator Flake a "moderate"

Senator Jeff Flake is a real American

Is it really any wonder that I seem DERANGED???!!

Bill O'Reilly Dropped by Talent Agency After $32M Settlement Reveal (Exclusive)

When I was a kid it wasnt a pub, tavern, or bar it was a

GOP: No Room in the Party for...,,,,

Congressman Green nails Carson in interview

Republicans jumping ship, can't deal with This Administration or Trump.

I've never been for term limits, but Corker is changing my mind.

Corker, Flake, join us in a unity government!

More horrific details emerge about tortured 'gay' child's last days during murder trial

Sorry Millennials, you'll still have to talk to people in restaurants

is Jeff Flake willing to obstruct Trump in the Senate like he did Obama for 8 years?

Montini: Sen. Jeff Flake chickens out

Fox News is morally outraged Hillary Clinton cursed on a late night TV talk show

Spot on drawing of Trump's head with the words, racist, sexist, misogynist, ....

In 277 days Trump has destroyed the GOP

Rick Stengel won't be back on MSNBC anytime soon

Hippo hooray! Cincinnati Zoo's baby hippo Fiona watches as couple gets engaged

Pastor blames secret gay Nazi death squads for Vegas mass shooting

Jeff Flake to be on with Chuck Todd at 5 EDT.

Primordial Fossils of Earth's 1st Trees Reveal Their Bizarre Structure

Jeff Flake is on with CHUCK TODD on msnbc next...

Not until they renouce the GOP and ,,,,,

Just announced Chuckles has Flake on next....crap...I'd rather see him on Lawrence

Robert Guillaume, star of hit sitcom 'Benson,' dies at 89

Social leaders in Colombia continue to be killed at an alarming rate written

The moron is dumber than Nixon

Fake news! Correction of the week:

Steve Schmidt is filleting Trump..

My Facebook friend is right, stop framing Trump as the problem

Charles P. Pierce: Republicans Need a Better Response Besides Quitting

Does Trump Have Any Chance In Hell To Get Tax Reform Now?.....

Bone spur acting up?

ONLY Chuck Fucking Todd can spin today's events as a "win" for Trump

Publicity works: my aunt survived a heart attack

R.I.P. Robert Guillaume

Judge denies bail for 5 teens in deadly I-75 rock-throwing incidentFLINT, MI - The five teenagers ac

Tracee Ellis Ross: Michelle Obama Helped Me Be Myself

Kentucky: He wanted info on Lexington's surveillance cameras. Now the city is suing him.

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 24, 2017

Who will win...Houston or LA?

ONE of those videos, we will never forget...

My "WTF?" of the day Alex Jones division...

As I listen to all the "recently awakened" Republicans and newly offended pundits decry the total

trump is just stupid!!

Flake, Corker are leaving

Question for Maine DUers

Trump asked GOP Senators for Show of Hands on Fed Nominee Choices

Sandy Hook Gunman Chose School Because He Was Pedophile

Looking for a quotation

I told all DUers to stock up

Teacher who told student to 'speak American' returns to work

Plaque declaring Jefferson Davis a 'hero' to be removed


Sen Wicker,,, tow the line, hand over head,,,,,,,,


The Rude Pundit: Regarding Senators Corker and Flake: So Fucking What?

Football: Lazio fans probed over anti-Semitic Anne Frank stickers

The Latest: FBI says Newtown gunman had pedophilic interest

Schiff Blasts GOP For Following Trump's Lead With Two New 'Partisan' Probes

The US Military Has A White Nationalist Problem

You are Fired....

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 26, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: 70s Future Shock

Alaska senators tell Trump they want mountain's name to stay


Trump just changed the name of Mt Denali back to McKinley.

Democrat urges probe of Puerto Rico power contract to Zinke neighbor

Democrat urges probe of Puerto Rico power contract to Zinke neighbor

Dem brings paper towels to House floor to mock Trumps Puerto Rico response

10 Minutes. 12 Gunfire Bursts. 30 Videos. Mapping the Las Vegas Massacre (2017)

Is Trump Laundering Spaceflight Money Through the Air Force?

Sheriff Releases Video of Passed Out Couple With Baby to Show Reality of Opioid Epidemic

Chief Inspector Murphy shows off his new 'uniform'

Your autopilot mode is real now we know how the brain does it

(Washington) State Republicans Run Fake Manka Dhingra Ads to Make Fun of Seattle Liberals

From seeds to skyscrapers, these wooden towers are eating CO2

LOL..someone called trump a ..."Pathological Pustule"

Mexican prosecutors says suspects found with exploding drone

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Mexican prosecutors says suspects found with exploding drone

Not One Penny in Tax Cuts for Millionaires, Billionaires, and Wealthy Corporations

WHO Praises Bolivia's Progress in Health and Social Security

Local TV and radio stations no longer required to have local studios

Local TV and radio stations no longer required to have local studios

Before & After: How the vineyards acted as a firebreak in some areas.

Am I the only one seeing an *AP* logo replacing DU on the front page?

DeVos calls for another delay of rule to protect students from predatory colleges

Any Season Ticket holders out there?

GOP strategist denounces Trump's sewer Republicanism & the sewer conservatives who support him

No place to hide...

DeVos calls for another delay of rule to protect students from predatory colleges

While great a few repubs are speaking truth to power, what do Dems stand for?

Rep. Al Green Questions HUD Secretary Ben Carson and rips him a new one !

The NRA hoped everyone would forget the Las Vegas massacre. It only took 3 weeks.

Sen Roger Wicker discusses "popular misconception that Trump hasn't accomplished much" w/ Chuck Toad

Cartoonists around the world are having a field day covering Trump #3

Trump: "So nice being with Republican Senators today. Multiple standing ovations!"

Trump asked about reversing Obama to rename Denali as Mt. McKinley

Being Asian in America

Ari Melber just echoed a point I made last Friday about police cameras.

Being Asian in Trump's America

Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier

Help, Please?

Flake says "there is no place in this Republican Party" for him...

I still think the "so-called" fighting between Trump and the GOP...

Sometimes I Wonder What Ken Burns is Thinking....

What is WAPO reporting? Clinton, DNC Funded Research that Led to Russia Dossier

Monsanto Faces Blowback Over Cancer Cover-Up (In Germany/Europe only)

Carved pumpkins (and gourds) - Not what you'd expect

Ya think tRump is dying to twitter about Flake??

problem with a certain ad

Curb your enthusiasm: Flake votes w Trump 91.7% of the time.

Hollywood is calling!

Nevada gun shows tied to firearm violence in California: study

Trump's approval rating approaching its lowest point ever.

Bannon may run for president

Senator Flake is a coward. He isn't standing up for what is right, he is running from it.

Hooligans !

Why Do We Have An Economy, for people or for profit? (w/Guest Julio Rivera)